Carlos and Lupe Garcia Traffic Tactics Videos Reviewed

By | June 16, 2007

UPDATE: This review is now outdated, and I do not make any current claims regarding this product/website. To get the most up-to-date information and recommendations please join my free newsletter.

Edition #129 – 6/16/2007

There’s been a lot of buzz in the internet marketing community (and the usual barrage of emails from the gurus) about Carlos and Lupe Garcia’s new videos showing how they get millions of visitors to their websites.

I saw them speak at Yanik Silver’s Underground seminar a few months ago, and I was very impressed with their paid traffic techniques. Another marketer recently mentioned in an email that Carlos and Lupe sold 30 memberships of a $25,000 coaching program at the seminar. Pretty compelling, eh?

Since everyone at the Underground seminar signed an NDA, I couldn’t talk about it. But now they’ve posted it publicly (including a video of the actual presentation they gave), so it’s open season.

It can be reasonably assumed that Carlos and Lupe’s free videos are a lead-in for a product that they will be selling in the near future.

Unfortunately, the slightly deceptive nature of these videos combined with their track record of pushing the envelope leads me to NOT recommend whatever they are selling (even though they haven’t launched it yet).

The first video starts out with Carlos saying, “Hey it’s Carlos and Lupe, and yeah it’s true, our websites pull in over five million a month online”.

What he should have said is “our websites USED to pull in over five million a month back in 2004”.

Not a good sign when you can’t get past the first sentence without stretching the truth.

During the video he shows the Alexa traffic rating for one of their sites (, and says, “As you can see, this website is getting tons of traffic.”

Alexa traffic from 2004-2005

Hmmm… it looks like they GOT a lot of traffic back in 2004 but in the video their current traffic rank is 2,759,627 (not very good).

In case you’re wondering if I misunderstood his first statement about “getting tons of traffic”, he reiterates it by saying, “As you can see, we’re getting more traffic than Etrade, Mastercard, Pepsi, or Pizza Hut.”

OK, so pushing aside the wrinkle their timeline, let’s take a quick glance at their business model.

They find a high converting product (such as cable descramblers or diet patches) and push as many orders through as fast as they can until they have to shut the business down. In other words, they “get away with it” as long as they can.

In the case of their diet patch business, you can find customer complaints peppering several online fraud-report sites, a lawsuit filed by the Illinois Attorney General, and a report (which I have not confirmed) that the FTC ordered them to shut down their business.

Since they were selling millions of dollars of the product, it’s no surprise that they’d have a bunch of complaints, but at the same time it seems clear that their profitable conversion rate was driven largely by hype and/or false claims.

OK, so pushing aside the timeline, the products, and their alleged lack of business ethics, let’s look at the traffic techniques.

Basically, they BOUGHT traffic in bulk from high level traffic brokers such as Yahoo. Their main form of traffic was banner ads.

Their video mentions doing a $163,000 deal with, a $370,000 deal with Fastclick, and a $300,000 Yahoo. They said they negotiated those deals on credit, most likely paying some money up front and covering the rest with profits made as a result of that traffic.

They took a well-calculated risk, having already tested the conversion rate of their product, and optimizing their offer.

They were playing in a league unknown to most internet marketers, where the big dogs dictate the majority all paid traffic on the web. And when you play with big numbers like this, you can make (or lose) huge amounts of money.

In case you want to watch the videos without having to go through a squeeze page, here they are:

(Links removed – site no longer available)

I am NOT using any affiliate link. Also they posted the videos on Google video, so I could just embed them here but I figured I’d do the Garcia’s the courtesy of letting you check out the site for yourself since I’m not recommending the product.

So this one thing I will say: the method is REAL and the opportunity still exists, although I suspect it has changed in the years that have passed since the Garcia’s were playing at that level.

The question is whether or not this technique is applicable to your business. The answer is that it will only work if your product has true MASS market appeal.

Beyond that, you need to MASTER your conversion rate and backend monetization and be a slave to the numbers before you risk your shirt in the big game.

I have not personally used this method, but I’d be open to trying it if I found the perfect offer. However, I’d probably start small and learn from trial-and-error (or try to find someone who is currently active in the game), rather than giving my money to someone who is trying to make a killing selling information about how they played it two years ago.

Let me know what you think. Am I overreacting?

As always, you may leave your comments here on the blog.

Have a great day!

176 thoughts on “Carlos and Lupe Garcia Traffic Tactics Videos Reviewed

  1. Lance

    I’ve purchased nearly every popular adsense and traffic offer out there. Until recently, it was a necessary part of my business so that I could maintain a knowledge base for my clients. All of these offers and the track they follow is cut and paste. They offer lots of text, lots of advice, some good some bad, but mostly what you are sure to get is that call from someone who starts out asking “So what are your financial goals.” They are quickly identifying if you have the credit line or cash to “partner” with them in promoting their products. The use OPM (other people’s money) to run these megga pushes from yahoo, Google, etc, and risk nothing of their own. Nothing. I’ve had the same conversation with a “training consultant” for several years. It is making them filthy rich and leaving tens of thousands of well meaning entrepreneurs holding the credit card bill bag.

  2. Lance


    Let Mr. Vernon above know that his investment in ebook writing info has a way of really paying off…and not in the way advertised.

    I’ve revived some clients and made lots of new ones by mentoring them through the writing process to write their own ebooks. It is quite amazing when you take that ebook writing info and turn it around, using it to obtain and serve clients by interviewing them for hours, having the interview transcribed, the editing and polishing it for them. You can promise to have them published in 90 days and using even provide them with a hard copy!

    How do you sell it? Copy on the web is king. Find a potential client or existing client and let them know the way to better traffic and professional credibility is to publish. Then let them know you will guide them every step of the way. For some reason, we are much better at staying on someone else’s a## to get things done, even if we can’t follow through ourselves! Then post some of the text to his website and watch the traffic increase with the great content.

    So for Mr. Vernon and the rest of you that have purchased lots of get rich info and feel you are sitting on garbage…take a second look at it and flip it on its ear to see how you can use it as a catalyst to bolster someone elses business, with you being the consultant/mentor.

    That way, not all is lost!

    Lance Orndorff
    Charlotte NC

  3. Cheryl Gonzalez

    Over-Reacting? Telling the truth as you see it…has been appreciated by all.

    That’s why you still come into my inbox …you give a refreshing change to all the promoters out there.

    Thanks…keep it up!


  4. Bob Stovall


    You are The Amazing Randi ( of the internet marketing world. You are doing The Lord’s work in exposing these charlatans for who and what they are. Don’t Ever Stop.

    Warmest regards,

    Bob Stovall

  5. Gary Y.


    It’s good to know that I wasn’t the only one that had a funny feeling about that offer!
    I think you were right on the money with it. There were different things that just weren’t adding up. Aside from a poorly scripted presentation where the dialog was repeated over & over, the years that were being displayed also stood out like neon. It wasn’t anything that was CURRENT. Again, good catch and thanks for looking out for the flock.


  6. James F.

    Thanks for the tip Eric. There are too many products of dubious value being pushed on the internet.

  7. Faye

    Thanks Eric. I knew something looked strange with the tall, short-lived peak on the chart. I couldn’t read the numbers below, so had no idea of the time frame. It was a bell curve that died, and that only meant to me that they would hit big on something and then go to another product to sell.

    It’s always interesting to see the different things that people do, but “the next big thing” gets a bit tiresome. Finding out that people are charging big money (or will soon) for the next big thing that is long past, isn’t surprising, but it is disturbing nevertheless.

    Thanks again for calling it as you see it. I get off a lot of the email lists because they’re all about the money and not about the truth.

  8. Mada

    Hi Eric,

    You’re not overreacting, but confirming the “gut” feel I got when I watched the videos…

    First, yes the traffic stats shown – to me it was a no brainer that looking at old stats and the curve suddenly dropping – stop red flag! Why are they not showing up to date traffic stats?

    Second, you’re buying traffic on credit – you still have to have a product that converts in order to make the sales and then be able to pay for those ads!

    Using OPM to make money is good i.e for me if I use the bank’s money to buy tangible goods like property for my investment to grow, but this?…. MUCH TOO RISKY!

    If you really want to follow this route, rather start small with your own tests and budget and work upwards from there. I’m not saying that all the information they give will not work as I believe there is a lesson to be learn from each person I come across, but rather use caution and your own gut feel to before making your final decision on this.

    Just my thoughts on this…


  9. Webmaestro

    Hi Eric,

    Spot on as usual. I took one look at the huge spike on their chart showing how they had more traffic than Pepsi et al and thought “yeah but at least the big guys are maintaining an excellent average traffic rate and not spiking then disappearing into the ether all in a matter of a few months. I also did some “due diligence” research on the web about the main product they were discussing (checkout the videos and you’ll see it).

    There are DOZENS of major complaints about them not returning calls, emails, money; charging automatically for stuff that was supposed to be free (but had small print that let them charge after the initial amount) etc. etc. Guys, do your own research on these people and you’ll soon see that Eric is being anything but unfair or unreasonable in his review. I’d personally go way further and say unequivocally – “use the longest bargepole you can find and stay away from these people”

    I think when one sees stuff like this then the old adage absolutely holds true “If it looks too good to be true ….. IT IS …. walk on by”

    Best regards Bob L.

  10. Jeff Mills


    There are two sides of every story….

    There is Carlos’s and Lupe’s TRUE STORY – It did happen to them, they did make the money, generate the traffic and get all the head and heart ache from it. They did find a system to do what they did, even though, their product was not too popular with government officials, MANY people bought their products. And I suppose MANY people liked them, while many did not like them too.

    So, many of you will not like them, cause you don’t like the product they represented, and that can be very important in deciding if you want to make company with them.

    It would be nice to see Carolos, Lupe or Brian make a post or comment here, but I suppose that would lead to a fighting match. I am sure they can counter every complaint.

    All I can say is Eric, good work for looking into this. Yes, there are concerns here for sure. I did promote this to my list… maybe I was too hasty? Maybe I was out for the AFF Commish… and I should pull back the offer?

    But also, if there is valuable information on media buying on large portal websites, that exists and can help a person generate leads… that convert into sales, and profits are made, that’s just good free market capitalism. If they know how to do this and can teach people very straight up techniques that work, and are honest and ethical, let them have their pitch.

    It would be nice to contact the 30 or so people, already in their coaching club and see how well they were able to recreate the system for their products and sites and see if they had a happy customer experience, or if they simply wasted their money.

    Didn’t Ryan Diess have a product or course he sold at some large IM Seminars on Buying media, banners, etc? Anyone buy that one care to report on it’s success in teaching how this can be a viable system?

    Again, there are two sides of the story. There are hundred of opinions and feelings shared her about how people felt watching the video and how they feel about people cause they had some grief with their questionable product.

    I would like to see how Carlos and Lupe respond as more and more people sniff out the deal and it smells like S#it or it smells like Roses.

    Any Coaching members dare come out of the closet to post a positve or negative opinion?

  11. Travis


    Nice work. Perhaps you could do a follow up share how they responded to this review.

    You are doing a great job!


  12. charles

    Nice review. I also predict those video will leading to launch a product with a thousand $ price.These a new trend with series of videos way back like: awords tycoons,traffic greyser,pipeline profit,ect.
    I agree to start small,focus and take action with current online business. There are plenty of “shark”
    ready to burn our pocket if we not carefull enough.


  13. Sue

    I heard the price tag on their info was going to be $15,000.00. Is that true? What has everyone else heard?
    Thanks Eric for all you do!!

  14. Kris

    Hi Guys! First of all hats off to Eric! From a vendor/marketer stand point this is just some more hyped up garbage from the “gurus” and anyone that got Mike Filsaimes email pumping up this garbage will agree. Mike also mentions how he hates all this anit-guru stuff going around the internet, Well Mike everyone is sick of making you and your buddies rich by buying into your “it worked in 2001” tactics!

    I know thier hype and sales approach is so attractive I mean dont get me wrong I got sucked into the videos to but what every single one of you needs to realize is that NOBODY is going to sell you information or a blueprint that is making them 5 mil a month and is still a profitable tactic. Period.

    These 2 con artists obviously had no problem selling garbage products to people and comfortably putting 5 mill in their back pocket why in the hell wont they happily double or triple thier money selling this info to everyone 3 years later when this technique no longer works? They will and with a greedy ass smile on their face

  15. focus


    Can always count on you to give us all the “straight skinny” as they say….thanks for putting this out there. I saw the exact same thing when I watched their first vid….in fact, I paused the vid to check on dates etc…..and saw the 2004 date and heard the same as you mentioned, and said to myself, “well that was in 2004…”

    Well, there are always those out there doing the “con” and getting away with it. Hopefully more people than not, have caught onto these two, but the thing that gets me….and confirm we really can’t trust anyone out there…meaning the so called “gurus” sending us all these things is that they have promoted these nut cases…so, it confirms to me the “so-called gurus” our all out for our hard earned money…..BAD BAD people!

    cya at the Top……

  16. Marketing Products

    Thanks for the insightful post. We too noted the outdated models they were using and recognized the peril in this type of business – it’s much like commodities trading. There are always success stories, but 50% of the market still loses. If you don’t come up with a winning product that isn’t scammy, you’ll definitely lose your shirt at this level. The idea of doing banner advertising using Yahoo mail is intriguing, however, as I’m sure are other methods they’ve used.

  17. David W Shoup

    Hi Eric,

    Your non-recommendation, combined with allowing your readers to see and decide for themselves is one of the reasons that though I am on numerous lists, your newsletter is one of the few that I actually read.
    I agree that they may have had “tons of traffic” in the past, but it doesn’t look to busy now does it? The main problem I see with trying to conduct business over the internet is there are too many people out for a fast buck with no ethics.
    Hats off to you for having the ethics to mention this shortcoming in their presentation. Let’s call it like we see it.

  18. Herison

    Hi, eric

    Good info.
    I agree with you as well Eric.
    Yes every day everything change. Past not now. Now not future. So we can’t tell the old story to make it run now.
    We need new info, new strategy and new practice. If not we will lose.

    Cheers Herison.

  19. CG

    …”Not a good sign when you can’t get past the first sentence without stretching the truth.”…

    WOW! What a breath of fresh air you are! Speaking the truth in internet marketing? Not endorsing a making a fast buck with questionable ethical practices?

    My friend, you are in a very small, select circle.

    As the Aussies say, “Gd’ onyer, Mate!”

  20. James

    Excellent Eric’s comments, I’m in one hand with you. After viewing their videos, I concluded this: create scrapy website, buy traffic for 50-80 grands, get 1M impressions and sell even dead dogs from your website…

  21. Ron

    Funny. I just finished sending an e-mail to some Internet Marketing friends telling them I wouldn’t touch this program with a 5-kilometer pole as either a buyer or an affiliate because it didn’t pass the smell test. And more than a few of the gurus have lost a large measure of credibility with me for promoting it. [I do believe my inbox will be much less cluttered in the near future as I unsubscribe from their lists.]

    What no one has pointed out is that what the Garcia’s are advocating — pledging the same collateral multiple times simultaneously — is fraud. All is well as long as you generate the cash to pay your bills on time in that your creditors (most likely) won’t check. But one slip up and the whole house of cards will come crashing down around you, possibly landing you in jail in addition to bankruptcy court. Unfortunately, judging by their comments to Justin, Carlo & Lupe appear to be quite comfortable with unethical business practices.

    Kuddos to Dan Thies for jumping in on this discussion on the side of the “white hats”.

  22. Gerry


    When I first watched their video I understood they were paying for incoming clicks (visitors to their sites) and not for impressions and I thought their business model was fantastic…

    What worried me at the time was to see then pleading to the assistance. “We need your help to launch the buddy system… we need you to help finance our project… ” etc)

    At that time they stated that 25K per head – for helping them – was the price as they decided to give back to the community.

    Doing the math it’s 25K x 30 persons = 750K … far from their needs.

    So what’s the next step?

    Doing several groups of 30 people? Hiking the price to 50K? Doubling to 60 people per week-end?

    When you get a few million dollars credit for advertising, you should have a few people able to fund you five-million dollar project.

    Watching the videos I recognized a lot of clichés as “We need your help” and “We watch to give back” and a few other that Carlos was reading on his paper,

    I wouldn’t buy their course at $25. Simple.

  23. Paul Dodd

    Why does everybody slag off the gurus, are all of them just trying to get richer off of internet marketing newbies? Is all of the information they peddle useless, or just stuff you can pick up yourself over time with a little bit of trial and error? I mean Mike Filsaime has just launched my viral ads, and they pop-up on my computer all the time after leaving a website, and I imagine they are generating sales for people. And it’s free to join the program. So I would like to know if all the gurus don’t want you to suceed, or if they just want you to buy into thier programs. I am fairly new to internet marketing, and although it excites me it also scares me, as there is a lot of decieptfulness and false advertising going on. A lot of the same information just gets re-packaged with new things added, and you buy the same info again and again. I’ll probably get sued for writing that. I agree with the comments of the other people on here, hard work , determination, the right mindset, and also doing things the right way you’ll get there. Anything in life worth having does’nt come easily, and you appreciate it more when you do get it.

  24. Gary

    I had an epiphany a few yrs ago while working at a big-name dotcom. The ceo
    acknowledged among a few of us employees that his pitch to get a membership fee was
    plainly deceptive. Then, in a way of rationalizing it, he said, “But is just
    makes us SOOOO much money.”. It upped the monthly membership revenue from about
    $50k/month to about $1mm/month.

    I suspect that if many of us would “accidently” come into such an
    opportunity, we would see ourselves becoming a little more like the Internet
    Marketing Hypester Lying Scumbags that we so despise.

    Just a little more like them. Not completely. Some things, we honest folks just won’t do.

  25. Koorosh Vahabi

    Hi Eric,

    I think the video pop in is a great idea and an amazing product.

    I wanted to know if you would ever put an affiliate program up for it.

    I would love to promote it.


  26. Bryan

    I dont mind spending money to make money but I got to make some first. I confess to having been scammed and tricked a few times. Enough to be very gunshy of anything anybody says online and that can be bad. Thanks for the honest appraisal that sheds some light on this type of thing.

  27. Roby

    Hi Eric,

    I found the method Traffictactics is hypnotic. Anyone wish to get millions of traffic and sell, sell, sell…
    May be it worket for Carlos and Lupe but does it work for anyone and for any product ???

    I tried many methods about traffic and evrytime I got ZERO as results even if my products PARIS eGUIDES which offers a leading trip inside Paris to discover the beautiful quarters from home or using any MP3 player, iPod, iPhone, Mobile phone… The product have a package of 18 MP3 and video tracks with an eBook and maps describing the discovery trip inside the best area of Paris with a music background as you are inside.
    There are millions of PARIS LOVERS. So I added an affiliate program with ClickBank from my site but until now the traffic is not good…

    So if you know a good method to generate really high traffic for the iPod, iPhone and MP3 plays… you are welcome.

    I look also for high traffic site to insert the affiliate ClickBank which generate 20% of sales.

    Wish good business for all…


    put my web site

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  29. David

    Thank you for having the guts to rise above those who blindly endorse any big ticket IM product that offers a fat commission. I’ve even seen this happen with lower ticket items – there are not enough marketers who do their homework before promoting a product or service. It’s not good business to slam an announcement out to your list as soon as you get the JV invitation, without first checking to see whether or not you are recommending something that will provide good value TO THE PEOPLE YOU ARE RECOMMENDING IT TO.

    I hope that this was an innocent but sloppy mistake by Mr. Reese. I have regarded him as a stand-up guy, and would like to think this was a glitch. This is a lesson for the rest of us not to blindly follow anyone.

    Dimesales and megalaunches are designed to stampede the buyer into impulsively buying something they may not need by creating artificial needs, artificial scarcity, and artificial deadlines. You can

    I recently did a hands-on test and balanced review of the new iPhone, and was surprised to see the overwhelming amount of hype from people who may not have actually seen or touched one yet. The fact is that there are some people who will probably enjoy an iPhone, some who have no need to spend $499 or $599 on something that will provide little added value (and force them to switch to a calling plan that may be inappropriate), and others who will be frustrated and disappointed with a device and service that will not meet their needs. It took the better part of a day to do the testing and writing, and Apple isn’t going to pay me any money for my troubles, but anyone who is going to review an IM product or service needs to first see if it is a quality item, and THEN take the extra step of indicating WHO it is APPROPRIATE for and for whom it is worth the money.

    Thanks for standing up and showing diligence and integrity.

  30. Chris M.

    Carlos mentioned that there was software that would automatically check to see what your competitors top banner ads were so you could use them as your control….does anyone know of such a software program??

    Thanks in advance!!

    This is a great forum!

  31. Shabbir Saherwala

    As usual a very good and informative article from you Eric. I had also noticed the date in the video and it showed as 2004. One more over hyped and over marketed IM product pushed down our throat by many guru’s out there. Thanks for guiding us on this one Eric.

    Always looking for updates and advices from you..

  32. Mary

    Hi Guys/Gals,

    Thanks Eric for your blog and sharing your thoughts/concerns with all of us!

    A number of the same concerns that I felt have re-surfaced in the feedback here. Glad that I am not the only one that has been feeling this.

    Something strange happened early yesterday morning and I was curious if anyone else experienced it. I got a phone call at 1:23 AM (Eastern) time and the Caller ID said the call was from “Lupe Mamae”??? I checked the phone number and it was from Anchorage, Alaska!! Well… I didn’t answer the phone that time of the morning… but just wanted to see if any body had a like thing happen. Thanks again, Eric!

  33. Clifton

    The first thing that I realized was, these 2 people are not even intelligent enough to make it out of high school? How in the world would they be able to create such a powerful empire, making millions each and every month? It doesn’t make sense?

    Then I thought who is behind this? Who is paying these 2 front men (woman) to sale this so-called product? I could think of a few that might do this? But, I won’t name, names…

    Please, give this some thought? As the saying goes “There’s a sucker born every minute!”

    Well…, I for one won’t be spending my hard earn money on a snake oil show!

  34. carrie

    I wish I had found your pages sooner Eric. No I did not buy the snake oil but now I know where the tons of spam mail is coming from.

  35. Carol

    Thank you Eric for being so honest (quite rare these days).

    The internet is now a playing field for so many “so-called gurus” who are selling their courses based on techniques that worked well between 2003-2005, but do little to address the realities of today.

    One top marketer told me once that when these programs are packaged and sold it’s because there gurus kicked the hell out of them an are now ready to sell them because they are no longer brining in the type of revenues they were able to get. By the time we buy them, they’ve moved on to the NEXT big money making strategy.

    I know a friend of mine got caught not long ago buying a very expensive learning program by Janet Switzer called Publishing Mavericks Program. When he got it, he realized how underminded the whole thing had been because he got a huge (and very expensive) box filled with stuff that was recorded in 2004 and so much has changed since then. I really don’t know why there needs to be such fraud out there. Really, when you are selling expensive educational products based on techniques that are no longer valid, then you are basically taking the little guys like us for a ride and that’s just not right.

    It’s simply deplorable!

  36. Deb


    Firstly, I’m amazed that Carlos even showed site stats that were YEARS old. That was a HUGE red flag to me that the whole truth was NOT being told. Gads, if anything is working SO well that it’s generating HUNDREDS of THOUDANS of dollars monthly… proof of the fact must be current to date and there should be NO REASON NOT TO SHOW IT… unless, of course, it’s no longer generating the traffic volumes and net income being stated.

    Secondly, I’m even MORE amazed that folks didn’t notice that, or even if the did notice … that it’s not been brought up for discussion elsewhere on the web – namely all the top webmaster and marketing forums.

    As for the notion that perhaps the Garcias showed such outdated stats to protect their sites from being copied, etc… Protecting the name and location of their sites would be easy enough with ‘black out’ techniques for the screen shots – There’s no good reason that they did NOT show current web stats other than they Do Not HAVE current stats to back up their traffic claims.

    Marketers would have to be blind or brain dead NOT to have noticed the sharp traffic falloff and the dates being 2 to 3 years old on the stats screenshots in those videos. And maybe that’s what Carlos was counting on… a bunch of brain dead viewers.

    But do ‘brain dead’ marketers pay $25,000 or even $5000 for a seminar or course? Well, that could be the topic of an entire book right there but,

    Suffice to say that…The Garcias pretty much shot themselves in the foot with those videos, IMO.

    Thanks for posting your thoughts on this, Eric.


  37. Think about it

    How do the largest Companies in the world advertise on the Internet? Where on the Internet do they advertise? What techniques do they use?

    Think about it – and don’t get stuck on things like products or offers here, this is not in the focus here, we are talking about tactics and techniques on getting Traffic and how to buy Traffic.

    Carlos say over and over and over again – Get the 24 hour Outclause – Get the frequency cap 1/ 24 hour, and if your offer convert remove the Frequency cap from 1 to 2 and so on.
    He tells us over and over and over again to Test, Test, Test the ads BEFORE using them.
    They also say you do not have to pay more than $100 with some networks, to test your offer.
    You have do your research, and the most important thing is to optimize your offer – what is going to convert the most – analyze – analyze.

    What I believe is the The Big problem here, is that 90% of the all the Internet Marketers, do not have the balls OR the stamina to do their own ground work – And then I am talking about the carefully carved out step-by-step schedule, and follow that through, every day from step number one to step number ten, and not skipping one single step.
    I believe 90% of all the Marketers do not do their ground work, because It takes hard, very hard work and due diligence and real gut persistency to do all of the detailed so damn boring small and tedious jobs that real testing and analyzing demands from an individual.

    This is also why most of the people on the Internet can fail to succeed, – they get bored, they loose their patience, they do not really want to do it, they want to do it if someone else does 99% of the work FOR them – as in a “Program”, or a coaching course etc. etc., but they do not want to do it themselves – as in they do not want to Think about How to do it.

    All of the information you need for to make it happen you can find on the Internet for free IF you want to find it, and it doesn’t cost you anything. BUT you will never find “A” single program that will do it FOR you – if you really don’t have the PASSION for the mechanisms of the business field yourself, which means, that if you do not really LOVE what you are doing, and want to find every single bit there is to know about your field of work , your line of business.

    You will NEVER make it. It does not matter how many programs you buy or how many ebooks you get and read, or how many opportunities you will get. If you do not Understand it, and do not Love what you are doing, you will never make it.

    You will never make a million dollars if you do not Love what you are doing and you will not make a miollion dollars if you are not working for it. Sure you want to get rich, sure you want to succeed – but do you want to work to make it happen? Do you want to spend hours and hours researching all the nitty gritty boring little details you will need BEFORE you actually can get started?
    Do you want to make a day-by-day plan, a step-by-step detailed schedule, and we are talking about a baby step plan for you to follow Exactly day by day, not leaving one single thing to chance?
    Because this is what it takes to succeed and is what these guys are talking about, if you take notice, instead of getting so blown away by their 5 million a month thing.
    Work their model instead in baby steps, do your thorough research, and I mean thorough.
    Do your optimization again and again. Tiny tiny patient toddler steps. Test, test, test. Refine your ads.

    Think about it –
    How do the largest Companies in the world advertise on the Internet?
    Where on the Internet do they advertise?
    What techniques do they use?

    Maybe you want it fast. Perhaps you do not want to make the research. The testing. The refining. The optimization. – It might be tooooo boring for you, or it might be taking tooooo much time (because you want it Now and you want it right away).

    Think about it – is this whole thing called Marketing really for you after all, or is it just a fantasy you like too nourish – while throwing shit on others. In that case that is a sin it itself – as I have read in many posts here on this forum that talked about greed – I believe another sin is called envy.

  38. who

    Mr think about it?

    Aside from you forgetting your website to promote to us, you also forgot to put your name….

    Granted your post was very compelling but I am wondering are you a millionaire, or are you a monday morning quarterback who works for some corporate company that just understands theoretical marketing but doesn’t know how to execute. There are plenty sucessful marketers that doesn’t do the things you mentioned in the above post. I won’t argue your way wouldn’t make one a sucess, however, it is the hardest way to go about marketing in my view. The problem with your post is if one reads it it would detract them from wanting to be a marketer because it sounds like only a small percentage could do it. Kinda like being an astronaut or knowing physics.

    I am curious to know have you used the Garcias methods on a small or large scale recently or for that matter ever?

    I’d like more details. Looking forward to your reply

  39. RJ

    I’ve been receiving emails/video’s from these folks for a few months now, and what REALLY IRKS me; you can’t send a reply back to them. It’s always

    I mean, come on, at least allow those you are emailing the chance to respond to what you are sending.

    I am a COMLETE NEWBIE to this; don’t even have my first website up yet. Actually I am more interested in Affiliate Marketing, so am looking for that as my first way to make some money online.

    I’ve watched a number of these folks online video’s, and every one went ‘right over my head’.

    And, as someone earlier said, IF they are making 5 million a month, off just one webstie, WHY DO THEY NEED TO CHARGE 25,000.00 to teach this. Why not, like, 29.95 or 49.95; to make it affordable for the ‘newbie’.

    They’ve totally lost me as any possible future customer, and I will be removing myself from their autoresponders TODAY.

    I think it is pretty obvious, they are ONLY interested in ONE THING – FILLING THEIR BANK ACCOUNT, BY ANY MEANS.

    Thank you for this report Eric.

    All the best….RJ

  40. Rusty K.

    I like the sound of 4 billion impressions and 26 million visitors but $25,000.00 fee and a huge credit roll after that …. Whoooooo! It’s out of my league. Unless, I can get 100 of you to come to my seminar but its so right and that is, ‘It takes money to make money’. Something we are all so familiar with.

    Hey Eric, great review and I guess we’ll stick to our adwords campaigns for now. 🙂

    Have a great week.

  41. Ayush Das

    And I don’t think they mentioned the NET profits in the video EVER – not even a hint of that anywhere. As far as I understand the $5mil /month is not the NET profits. That was a huge red-flag for me.

  42. Mike

    I worked for Carlos and Lupe. They are pure and simple scam-artist who were fortunate to hit one grand-slam. The perfect product at the perfect time.They had a diet patch company. They offered you a 7 day supply for free if you gave them a credit card that would be billed $2.95 for shipping and handling. You had 10 days to try their product. If after 10 days you were not satisfied you could call and cancel what was an auto shipment of a 90 day supply for $159.00 plus $20.00 for shipping and handling. That meant that after 10 days they were hitting your credit card for $179.00. Here was the gig. You would have to receive the free sample in 3 days to use the seven day sample within 10 days. While working for the company I ordered (2) free samples. I NEVER received either one of them. After 10 days my crdit card was billed $358.00 for the two 90 supplies. I NEVER received any of those. They were doing massive advertising and the large numbers that they were doing in gross sales was real. What they do not tell you is that they were spending most of that money on advertising. When they were sued by the Illinois Attornney General, dropped them leaving them unable to continue. That one venture was like Haley’s comet … it comes once every 362 years. IF Carlos and Lupe could show you how to make $5 Million per month, why are they selling the plan for $25,000. If I could make $5 Million per month I would be too busy making $5 Million per month to show you anything … unless you were paying me $6 Million per month. The real wealth came from the foolish people who never check their credit card statements until after the 30 day return policy goes by. They have been unable to duplicate what they did in that one short period of time. So they have now turned to selling it like there is some big secret. For most of you it would be the worst $25,000 that you will ever spend.

  43. Rus

    I have a change of heart now that I know who is who and where who is. Carlos and Lupe are NOT scam artist. And I will prove it. Just go to my site and download the report. You’ll see what I’m talking about. Go ahead and click my name. Have a great 2008. Aloha.

  44. John

    This is stupid. Carlos and Lupe are just stupid. Look at their pathetic sites, how could they make $5 million from those sites?

  45. Rob

    I am gobsmacked that most people commenting cannot see the value of what is on offer here. You only have to watch the videos to see that these guys know exactly what they are talking about, even if the approach is not as polished as it could be (who cares!)

    If I had paid the Garcia’s $25,000 and all I got was the content in these free videos and reports, I would have considered that money very well spent. The fact that I got this information for free is fantastic. I picked up five or six ingenious ideas that I can apply in my business this week to add hundreds of thousands of dollars to my online revenues. Here are some of the golden nuggets:

    1. Accelerate split testing by testing headlines and creative on banners, not landing pages – brilliant! That will make me a ton of money this year by multiplying the number of tests we run tenfold (at least).
    2. Voice broadcast immediately to everyone who opts in through your landing page, and close the sale on the spot – absolute genius – why didn’t I think of that!
    3. Use Adservers to optimize your campaign and weed out non-performing publishers – a fantastic way to turn a non-converting campaign into a winner – worth millions because it increased the volume of profitable traffic considerably
    4. Build in a 24-hour out clause to every media buy, so you are never risking more than a few hundred dollars – even on a big deal. Huge traffic without the risk – fantastic!
    5. Leverage your credit line times 100 – easy when you know how!

    …and several other ideas which I can’t remember right now, but which are highlighted in red in my notes.

    It’s Monday morning, and I already have a list of actions for my team to work on based on what I have learned. And believe me, I have already paid my credit card ‘application fee’ to try and get a place at this seminar. I hope I get one – it’s going to cost me a fortune if I don’t.


  46. Ron

    Folks, basic marketing principles are still the same as they were a 100 years ago. The methods and variances of communication have changed and with the IM world, simply change a little more rapidly; alright, sometimes instantly.

    Having scrolled through the comments here, why do people concentrate on the negativity, rather than decipher personal, potential possibilities? Did the Garcia’s personally cost you money?

    I don’t see where the Garcia’s pushed the envelope anymore than much of the ongoing hype in the IM world. If you want to consider a challenge of ethics, just watch the presidential race that is unfolding at this very moment and question why $Hundreds of Millions are being spent to obtain a job that pays $250,000 a year. Or why did OJ walk away from murder, or why some people spend years in jail, while others walk away with a bonus?

    Give me a break, as our country is ran by immoral and unethical people, including the judges and we vote them in.

    Personal ethics are a moral issue and just that, a personal issue that each of us must deal with. How many of you have affiliated, or pushed a piece of junk, that because it was only $10, justified it as being alright? How many of you have found free stuff, repackaged and resold? Now, if it was free to you, what gives it value to someone else, etc.?

    Sure, I caught the hype a long time ago with the Garcias, especially with their attempts at NLP, but screwed up the deliverance and chronological order. An example is why was Lupe breaking piggy banks for grocery money, but a week or two later, took their last $5,000 to attend a seminar?

    So what? I know it, you know it … and it is what it is… hype blended with BS.

    But, regardless of the surrounding negativity, the Garcias know something you don’t. They have also made more money than probably anyone posting here. So, instead of the negativity, glean what you can from the free pdf files they provided, blend with your own personal code of ethics and move on.

    In conclusion, a couple of things remain constant… while we are pecking out responses on these blogs, we are not making any money. While we are extending negativity, we are asking for same in our lives.

    Have a perfect day!


  47. Joe

    I would like to say, I didn’t buy their lies, why? Look at the first video! is this how a millionaire dress up?!!!. I don’t think so!. Look at the public, the man who standing up for them, is he relative to them or what? I am also a web designer. the website that they have is a very cheap one. Is a millionaire can not effort a expensive website ?. All website that they mention has been shut down!. ask yourself why?. if they running tons of money with those website then why they’ve been shut down!. I can make those graphic too. so, should I say that I had a website which had tons of visitor! you just need to work with Adobe Photoshop or let someone else do the work for you!.
    What ever you decide, just don’t spend your save money to prove that their way does not work for you!. This is internet, a lot of crazy idea and crazy people are out there!
    Just put their website on & you will see how many visitors came to visit their website!!!!

    Nobody on internet will tell you the secret to make money for free, always remember that!


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