Niche Video Site Builder by JP Schoeffel Reviewed

By | December 19, 2007

UPDATE: This product is now outdated, and I do not recommend it any longer. Some time after I had written this review, Youtube changed their terms to disallow their videos being embedded on these type of sites. Obviously they wanted to keep the revenues in-house, and avoid paying out AdSense earnings to marketers who were using Youtube videos in this way to get traffic. I still think it’s a cool concept, particularly when integrated into a template that incorporates other forms of content. But I don’t recommend breaking Google’s rules if you’re trying to get traffic from Google. To get the most up-to-date information and recommendations, please join my free newsletter.

Edition #144 – 12/19/2007

It’s been a long time since I’ve recommended any site builders (or any software programs for that matter). Within the past couple of years, several internet marketers have created various site-builder scripts, most of which involved using PLR articles, or syndicated content (in fact I co-developed one of these programs a couple years ago).

In the time since, there have been several variations of those scripts, but I haven’t seen anything really ground-breaking.

So today I am happy to tell you about JP Schoeffel’s Niche Video Site Builder.

Niche Video Site Builder

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a site builder script that uses videos as the content. There are more videos being added to the web each day than any other type of content.

Since videos have become in many ways the freshest and most relevant content of the web, the search engines are frequently favoring video content in their search results.

This creates a good opportunity to get traffic from the search engines, but most of us don’t have time to create and upload new videos every day. That’s where JP’s new tool comes in handy.

You can use this program to quickly create websites containing videos related to any keyword(s) of your choice. It will build the pages of the website automatically, and it can continue to add more videos on autopilot, so you’re site will be updated with fresh content without you having to do anything.

The script also incorporates several web 2.0 social networking/bookmarking elements, and it has a very nice structure. You can instantly monetize these sites simply by plugging your AdSense ID into the script.

If you go to JP’s site and scroll down to Bonus #5, you will see the 10 Templates that he’s including with the package. These are very nice looking sites, and it’s really what tipped the scales into motivating me to write this review.

If they had looked like the spammy AdSense sites of the old-school page generators, I would have passed on it, but these are really sharp looking sites that this script creates. And since it’s template-driven, the sites are fully customizable, which is my other personal requirement.

My only major complaint is that he hasn’t incorporated more video sources. Granted, YouTube alone is plenty to sustain the program (they receive over 36,000 new videos each minute), but it would be nice to have some others like Revver.

For example, if there was an option to embed Revver videos you could actually earn revenue from the videos themselves, rather than just the ads on the page. I haven’t attempted to hack the script to see if it’s possible, but it might be. Either way, hopefully he will add it as an option in the future (he is including lifetime updates).

In conclusion, I’m recommending this script because:

1) It’s a great concept

2) It creates good looking, customizable sites

3) The price is right

If you’re interested in expanding your online empire to include video sites, this could be your ticket. You can check it out at:

Click Here to Visit Niche Video Site Builder

As always you are welcome to leave your comments on here my blog.

Have a great day!

34 thoughts on “Niche Video Site Builder by JP Schoeffel Reviewed

  1. Dave

    Great heads up Eric! My these sites look great and the socializeit tool is golden. My only afterthought is that you are basically promoting someone elses products (what ever they are selling in the video) without compensation.

    While they could be making the big dollars with that you will be making pennies with adsense? All in all though, the linking strategy is tremendous.

    So like you mentioned, if you could use revver, only promote your own videos on various topics, and get the adsense and linking… that would be sweet!

  2. Steve


    Yes this is a great idea and its at a good price point too.

    As mentioned above and else where video is the in thing these days, and this scipt could allow you to use those domains that are not being used.

    thanks eric.


  3. Tony Page

    Yep, I got both versions and have already incorporated it into my website, so far 27 times and counting. I use it for destination videos (tip), though it’s vital to experiment with the keywords. However, I’m not sure what you mean, Eric, by “It will build the pages of the website automatically” as the script uses a single page and inserts videos in it. Although the page will update on an ongoing basis, it only ever comprises one page as far as the search engines are concerned. Or have you discovered some fiendish way to do it differently?!

  4. Paul from SEO Training Live

    I have some concerns with your recomendation for the following reasons:

    1. Number of pages – How it will create a large amount of pages quickly
    2. Googles view of the process- It will alert Google as it will appear like the old directory generator programs.

    I have used a program that pulled info from a datafeed for an affiliate program- withing 3 days all my current listings from Google were removed- It took a long time to recover

    However this program could be used if it was applied this way

    1. used in a subfolder or subdomain link eg: http://www.
    2. Use a robots. txts file to keep google out eg:

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /video/

    If the tool was used for content- (as shown above) not to fool Google it would be fine…..however most of the sales page is pushing the google aspect which is a concern

    Best Regards
    Paul Easton

    Free Gift: A Plan for Free Web Traffic
    Get it Here:
    Skype ID: digitalawol

    Fee free to contact me about this as I would like your feedback

  5. Jesse Vaughn


    I have been reading your blog and newsletter for a long time now, and I have to say I am a bit surprised you would recommend a product that you didn’t even proof read the sales page. A quick skim of the sales page and I found 7 blatant spelling errors and I wasn’t even looking for them, I was just skimming the page. I never even read it word for word.

    Secondly, the problem with this type of site is that they are un-indexable by today’s search engines other than comments, and video titles. So while they do receive traffic when they are promoted in other areas such as MySpace, they do not as J.P. says get indexed, so here again I have ask why are you promoting a product that is basically lying to customers?

    Jesse Vaughn(JV)

  6. Deborah

    thanks for the email tip eric…great software, so easy to use. i just added some videos to my site, went into town for a couple of hours to do some christmas shopping and came home to find the video pages already listed fourth on google for my main key words! couldn’t be easier…

  7. Ken

    The footprint it leaves will be discovered by Google in a few months or less and all
    websites built with it will be useless. TIP: If you want to make money, you can’t be
    lazy. Create your own content and you will always do better.

    Of course Eric is in the affiliate contest for the script so I see his motivation for
    promoting it.

  8. Eric Post author

    Tony- every video can also have its own page

    Hi Paul, as with any site generator, there is the potential for abuse. I think the important thing is to not go crazy and build a bunch of spammy sites. Also everyone should customize their templates before running them through the program. I also like your idea of using it to add a directory to an existing site, rather than building new sites from scratch. To help Google not sandbox any new site you should start small and let it grow at a natural pace.

  9. La Vie Viennoise

    Hello Eric,

    The video site generator was tempting, but as Paul points out it will leave a footprint a mile wide for Google to follow before stomping those sites.

    The other issue is that even on the demo golf site, the videos pulled from YouTube were pitiful and would send any visitor running for the hills.

    But this generator was good enough to make me look at the demo site before passing.

    Build good sites people – about topics in which people are interested in – like Eric’s Tips – if you want to make money.

  10. Soren's Stock Photography

    Yes, this script is amazing and so easy to make use of.

    But I am also worried about the Google reaction even I am trying to make something meaningful for my visitors.

    I have noted Eric’s remark on the need to customize the templates. My problem is that I am not that html clever, and I am always in doubt what and how much to change of a template – just some of the color, or the diminstions of tables or the file names of the graphics or ???

    When you use the script you will have different options on how to let it fit into your web strategy, among others:

    – 1. You can make a (new) video directory, completely general or more targeted. But go straight for well paying keywords.

    – 2. You can make a niche website (what already is in the name of the script) and just use one keyword and keep that in your root.

    – 3. You can stick to a niche website but have an index directory and then add folders, each with their own relevant keywords.

    – 4. You can add a folder with video pages to a ‘traditional’ content site.

    With the short time I have had with the script I have focused on option 3, as you can see at – still just in its making.

    But I will experiment with all different options, to see what will be most beneficial in the long run.

    Anyway any comments and help are appriciated.

    I am sure that much of the success of a new site will depend on how busy and clever we are promoting it. I have mainly started that by writing a free for reprint article as I am quite familiar with that approach and used my own article site as a beginning at

    Soren Breiting

  11. Soren's Stock Photography

    Documentation related to the Google indexing issue.

    Since my last post of December 27th, 2007, I can add that my site is now only indexed by Google by the index page, if you search with

    The story of the site is:

    December 25: Baught the script Niche Video Site Builder

    December 26: Uploaded first version of site (with my own index page as a menu) – later developed further.

    December 27: Circulated my new article (free for reprint) to , etc.

    January 1th, 2008,: Check in Google: 162 pages indexed, but only 4 pages in the active results, the others in the supplementary index.

    January 3: Today Only one page indexed – no pages are mentioned as supplementary.

    Take the risk of banning very serious – include your own original text as much as possible.

    I would have liked to know more about how to make a template so much unique that it is regarded by Google and others as – in fact – unique 🙂

    Happy New Year – and good luck!

    Soren Breiting

    PS: Normally believing most in hard work and focussed activity!

  12. Paul Counts

    I purchased this program and it is extremely simple to use and you can build the websites very rapidly. When used correctly as you also stated above in a response, it can be a powerful tool. The concern for me is with the SEO side of things though because not only does it mass produce large content pages form a server side script, but I also noticed that it adds video pages that are completely unrelated to your main term. I had this on a golf website and than I noticed that it was showing videos for all sorts of things with completely unrelevant title tags. So one solution I did to make money with this method is to put it up on a sub-folder and than I will look for the best videos, and I will submit those to the social websites. Since the ad placement on the pages is great the click-thru rate has been pretty high for me. I agree with the other Paul above though about generating that Robots.txt file to block the search engines form indexing that sub-folder. You can use it to get people to stay on your website though and find relevant content while also use it to generate income from the correct Web 2.0 websites. Thanks for all of your great reviews!

  13. Paul Ritchie Ingersole

    Hi Eric,

    I bought the niche video program on your recommendation and it is a great script.
    I am already incresing adsense revenue and love the software.

    Only issue that I have with you is that I sometimes buy your reccommendations and take weeks to getting round to looking at them, mainly because I value your reccommendations so much I tend to just get the amex out and spend.

    Thanks Eric I digg your stuff


  14. AndyC in U.K.

    Hi Eric

    Nice to make your aquaintance as you will see from one of my sites I have listed here I think the idea of using video on webages is the way to go in 2008!

    I have today ordered my copy of Affiliate Video Brander 2.0 and although I am a bit of a novice compared to you and possibly all who have placed comments on your page here, by the way nice to meet you all!

    I hope to at least utilise all the products I received to the best of my ability but as I am still a learner any help offered would be apreciated!

    As you can see from one of my first attempts at a website here
    I know I have still allot to learn but I have always followed my rule of Nothing-Ventured then Nothing-Gained!

    Well guess I will get back to Affiliate Video Brander 2.0 now and try and follow the instructions and hopefully in time recoup at least my intitial fees LOL:

    At least I have started some promotion using my affiliate link
    Then by the 30th January “08 I should have some of the links in the system in place!

    Looking forward to further tips you send!

    Bye for now AndyC

  15. Rob

    Hey, wheres the video page for this blog???

    Also, there is a lot of potential for web devs to create 3rd party templates to the masses that are purchasing this script. 😉

  16. Bob

    Actually, JP Schoeffel’s Niche Video Site Builder is filling a huge niche for the web-tools that are needed by “Home-Webmaster”.

    JP has had an excellent knack for offering tools or services that are developed to bring a professional result for a non-techie. The fact is that even intermediate or advance webmasters could see an excellent opportunity here to help people develop unique footprints.

    It remains to be seen if JP with further develop this as some of the past projects (AdSpyPro) seem to fall of to the way-side… that’s my only reservation about this product…. Unfortunately you do get what you pay for… but then again enjoy the ride!!!

  17. Schoeffel


    the life of a script is also tied to the contribution of users. For AdSpy Pro we have creat 6 successive versions…adding all features we were asked to add. Well, script is mature and doing his job. So it does not fall off to the way side…

    Same for the Video Site builder. We have released Version 3 3 weeks ago with the tag cloud, automatic installer and pagination. We have also reached a kind of maturity with the concept. We can improve some things such as making it easier to add affiliate links… but we won’t do anything that will make the script less user friendly.

    It’s always a balance between the concept, the service it provides, the added value and what user really wants. We can’t create the universal script that will do everything… I think some also share this strategy: it’s better to have a script doing what it is supposed to do than developing something too far away from its initial purpose.

    Also, there will always be some hysterical assumptions on the net about Google, feed… OK. Just check around and find one site ranking high in SERP not using content from data feeds. Google de-indexes millions of pages every day: Video site builder one because you focus on these ones…as well as millions of others. there’s simply not correlation between those facts. NVSB is not asking for Google to de-index sites.

    that’s just how things go…and you can’t do anything. Just remember, that webmasters who spend their last 5 years manually creating their websites also get de-indexed…It’s a numbers game at the end.


  18. PDF eBook Creator

    Yes, video marketing is very powerful. I’d tried posting video to a couple of sites under a specific keywords and they all appeared on search result in less than 24 hrs. I think with the Niche Video Site Builder, it can really help building good traffic Adsense Site.

  19. Mike

    How in the world did you guys get it to work? It does not work for me. Everytime you click on a link on my website I get error 404 page not found.

  20. Micah


    This possibility can be greatly diminished simply by customizing your templates before running them through the program.

  21. Eric Post author

    in my experience his customer support has been good, but at times it can be slow, particularly after his product launches.

  22. wariya


    I was on the fence whether to buy this software. I made dcision to buy after reading your review.


  23. Harry

    Software not working for long time and support is not available, they do not answer any tickets.

  24. JT

    thanks to your update. Save me hours not to investing in this product. I’ve sing up to your newsletter. Hope to gain some insights.
    Thanks again.

  25. George Mcmillan

    You associate your self with this scammer,rip off artist.

  26. Micah

    George, did you read the notice above?

    This product is old, and Eric does not recommend it any longer.

    Not sure why you are scrutinizing a blog post from 2007?

  27. Micah

    Hello George,

    Eric typically doesn’t delete what he writes. Instead, he UPDATES pages whenever relevant.

    Eric tries to be as transparent as he can be, rather than deleting his past activity.

    I’m still a little curious as to why you are highly concerned over information from 2007?


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