VISION: Without This, You Cannot Succeed!

By | November 15, 2006

Edition #94 – 11/15/2006

Sounds like a pretty bold claim, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, I’m NOT trying to sell you something today.

If I were, I wouldn’t be making that claim. As many of you know, I do not believe ANY one product is going to make you a successful person. Likewise, I don’t believe that neglecting to buy any particular product will cause you to be a failure.

What I’m talking about today is something intangible, yet it is absolutely vital to your success.

I’m talking about VISION.

What is vision? I’m NOT talking about the ability to see with your eyes. Let’s see if I can explain it…

I would describe it as being able to “see” a clear picture of your fulfilled goals in your mind. First of all, most people don’t even have goals. But even fewer have a clear vision of seeing those goals achieved.

Imagine your life as a very difficult jigsaw puzzle. Your vision would be kind of like looking at the box cover with the finished picture, while putting together the puzzle.

Without that box cover, you could go through long periods of confusion and difficulty before getting the pieces put together properly. If the puzzle was large and difficult enough, you could spend your entire life putting it together. But with the box cover, you have a road map. You know where you’re going, and you can chart your path to get there.

Back when I was in college, I read the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey. Out of the seven habits, “Habit #2” has stuck with me more than any of others. That habit is simply this…

“Begin with the end in mind.”

I can honestly say that virtually every success in my life has come AFTER having a vision for it. I was blessed to learn this lesson at a young age, and as my vision continues to grow, I find myself in new places I wouldn’t have previously imagined.

A decade ago I was still in high school. I was a distance runner. At the beginning of the track season I made a goal to become the 2-mile state champion. But it was much more than just a goal. I had a clear vision of myself crossing the finish line first, and standing on the top of the awards stand.

That vision never faded, and I kept it in my mind almost constantly as I trained. When I won the state championship at the end of the season, it was like a fulfillment of destiny. I had already been there in my mind, and now I was just living it out.

So has every one of my visions in life been fulfilled as I expected them to?

Certainly not, but many of them have. If I hadn’t won that race, it wouldn’t have negated the entire value of the vision. After all, the vision was a large part of what motivated my training. The point is that if I HADN’T had a vision, I wouldn’t have achieved that goal.

The same is completely true of my business life, family life, and other parts of my life. Long before any of my successful product launches, I had a vision of them. Before even starting to create a product, I had a vision of the end result. I could “see” the product, the sales page, and even the amount of profit that I would make from it.

If you’re trying to build your business without a clear vision of where you’re going, it could end in disaster. The Bible also talks about it…

“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” (Proverbs 29:18 KJV)

I’ve heard that 93% of new online businesses fail. I think the biggest cause of those failures is a lack of vision.

Maybe you can’t see past your next mortgage payment or rent payment, and as a result you’re focused on NOW, just trying to get by. Or perhaps you can’t really see yourself quitting your job.

I mean seriously… do you have a clear picture of yourself handing your resignation to your boss? Do you see yourself getting up the next morning and running your business with complete freedom? You need to, if you want it to happen.

And beyond these “micro” visions, what about your “macro” vision? In other words, what is your vision for your LIFE?

Regardless of how young or old you are, you need to start seeing it now, or you will not end up where you want to be.

My personal challenge to you…

I want you to take a moment to tell about me your vision.

It can be a vision for part of your life (like your business, family, or fitness level), or it could be the overall vision you have for your life.

It’s important to write down your vision. So I want you to write it write now and post it to the comments of my blog.

This is YOUR vision, and there is NO wrong answer. Nobody is going to make fun of it. It can be detrimental to share your vision with weak-minded individuals who may try to discourage you. On the other hand, it can be very helpful to share your vision with someone who can encourage you and keep you accountable.

I’m not going to follow up with you or keep you personally accountable, but I want you to post your vision for three reasons.

1) It will cause you to put a little thought into it, and clearly define your vision.

2) We can inspire others, and be inspired. No matter how big or small your vision currently is, someone may be impacted by it.

3) It will give me an overall idea of what kind of things I need to focus on to help my readers achieve their goals.

So go ahead, post your vision below.

Have a great day!

74 thoughts on “VISION: Without This, You Cannot Succeed!

  1. Ian del Carmen

    Hey man!

    I totally agree. But aren’t you going to itemize at least some of the parts of Mike F’s report that you don’t agree about? I’m sure you have some good thoughts on those issues… 🙂

    Ian del Carmen

    PS: I sent you an email…



  3. Kurt

    My personal vision is decrease the amount of ways I try to make money online. Yes, I did say decrease. One important message from Mike’s guide is to concentrate on one thing and become a master at it. And that is what I am going to focus on doing. The majority of my income comes from AdSense but when I look at what I do with my day I waste too much time trying to make money from other methods. If I spent all of that time on my AdSense business I could easily double my income and be financially free. So that is what I am going to do, that is my new vision.


  4. Georjina

    This is a very, very selfish vision I have for my business…I want to help as many people (and it may only be one person) take personal responsibility and make better choices in their own lives. With that said, in the process of doing this I fully expect to generate over $1,000,000 in my multiple little ventures over the next 5 years coaching, writing, researching and speaking. Natural health and personal success are areas that I know well, that’s what my business foundation will be based upon.

  5. Susanne

    Hi Eric :o)

    Thank you so much for all your most helpful newsletters. I think that you have integrity and have a true desire to help people.
    Besides that, I’m also posting my vision, in response to your email today. My ultimate vision is to have a retreat in the country, where families can get help in healing the individuals in the family as well as the family unit. In order to reach that goal, I need to raise the capitol to make that dream come true. To that end, I would like to set up an article exchange site, but can’t think how to generate money with it. I did think about perhaps selling ebooks on the site, but because I’m an absolute newbie, I don’t have a clue as to how best to set up the site, then promote it appropriately. These are things I’m trying to work out. I just don’t know the steps to take and in what order. As you see, I do have a name for the site, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.
    Thank you for this opportunity to post, and for any helpful suggestions that you can offer in future newsletters. I’m thinking that there may be others who also read your newsletter, and also benefit.
    Thanks again for your welsome and helpful newsletter.
    God Bless, Susanne

  6. said hassan

    Dear Eric:
    great day.
    I am not the marketing field but i think that every one can made up his mind to make change in his work,home,car,and his life too.
    mike.f. think and try to change the tools and the method of some things from his vision,then wrote report toled the marketer his opinion frankly and clearly,some peoples agree and the other objected for some points,that is good because the visions sometimes is different from one to another.

  7. Fiona Fell

    My personal vision for the rest of 2006 would have be be this one phrase.

    “Get the site up! ….Then tell everyone about it!”

    I am dedicating my efforts for the rest of the year to actually implimenting all of the half finished sites I have in development. Committed to not getting side-tracked by the next ‘biggest’ thing. Hype or no hype, I need to do something that puts a site and product out there in the market place.

    Then tell everyone I know about it, everywhere I go, online and in the ‘real’ world. Spread the news.

    Simple Mantra: Plan, Build, Yell, Sell

    Fiona Fell

  8. Kerry

    i am sitting on the verandah of my new home overlooking the dandenong ranges. i can just see melbourne in the distance, my son Elias walks out and gives me a hug then tells me that he really lovers this place. I grin at him and he smiles back .
    We decide to go see how dad is doing setting up his studio it i 2 story with a workshop underneath and a massive single room upstairs with windows the whole way around. The veiw is marvellous. I walk over to my partner and for a moment we kiss passionately. i can tell he loves it here too. we breifly talk about how exciting its going to be to visit Peru at the end of the year but then focus again on unpacking. Nick drake is playing softly in the background but not loudly enough to drown out he birds singing. i know i am happy and content where i am.

  9. iconcurr

    Hi Mike,

    I am totally stumped. I have read the report. You wanna know how it made me feel. It made me feel like prey. It made me feel like I need to reevaluate everything I am currently doing, everything i’ve purchased, everybody I listen to, and everybody I purchase from. Being a newbie is a harder title to live up to than being a guru. I am currently thinking of returning a few things that I have purchased over the last three months and asking for refunds because mike’s report and your email made me realize that I am doing this all wrong.

    WHAT! I don’t have vision. Vision is something I have been trying to work on for the last year. But with all the distractions – oto’s, best copywriting secrets, death of this and that, ten thousand dollar coaching programs calling my darn phone, etc. – I have to take a step back and reassess. I have been studying and studying and studying and not doing.

    I know that I want to be a successful infopeneur. However, I just don’t know where to start. I don’t have an action plan. I keep getting side-tracked. However, I can vision myself in that 2500 sq. foot house sitting on an acre in Texas. I can vision myself sitting in my state-of-the-art office with books ten levels high and two walls long. I can see the pool from my office window. I can hear the birds singing and feeding on the half dozen copper feeders. I can hear my mother complaining all the way to the airport on our first trip away together. However, I just can’t seem to get all the nut’s and bolt info from most of what I am buying. I am doing it all wrong.

    I’ve bought some Public Domain stuff. Great stuff but it lacks the how to’s on how to get it going. I mean, I can put up a site, build an ebook, submit articles but even that requires an action plan. The package didn’t have one and I guess I expected it to – shame on me. I purchased some adsense stuff, only to find out that I can’t even get a code from google until I have a site up already. Go figure. They are now collecting dust. I bought ebooks and courses alike. Only to find that some piece is always missing. This sucks.

    I am tired. I am currently on the ledge and about to jump off this IM ship.
    I don’t want to jump but I’ve had three reality slaps (more like kicks in the #%$$) in the last few days and I need to change some things within before I invest in anything else.

    With that said, thank you for helping me make some decisions. Thank you for slapping the mess out of me and reminding me that NONE of what I buy is going to help me unless I have a plan of action. (i’m still unclear about which route I will take to develop this action plan) Perhaps, I even need help with that. (Woe is me.) I have taken a look at the IM game and will look again based on your suggestion. Thanks and thanks again.

    Baldwin, NY

    P.S. I posted a very similar quote on mike f’s forum and he erased it. Not sure if you’ll do the same but if you do, can you please explain why. Don’t just leave me hanging.

  10. Sabrina O'Malone

    Hey Eric,

    Vision…very wise. My vision and focus by necessity are an amalgam of faith, family, ministry and business. It’s my goal to find a way to negotiate without compromise. This is the innate challenge of combining multiple aspects of life. Maybe I’m being a little obtuse. I’ll just put it plainly.

    I envision attending the college graduations of each one of our children, and enthusiastically applauding when their name is called followed by the words “Summa Cum Laude.” I envision holding a grandchild in my arms someday. I envision being in heaven and seeing the people led to the Lord through me and my work. Professionally, I envision having the influence to TELL companies exactly what of coupon wants to distribute -and then having them CREATE it.

    Mostly though, my vision pertains to running this race. Staying true to my calling. Sometimes walking alone, but always walking forward, with Big Dan at my side -helping me and me helping him when the road gets rough.

    Making money has really never held any allure for me,..but then again I’ve never experienced hunger, poverty or extreme fear or been in want for basic necessities. Perhaps that blessing has freed me from worrying about income; and somehow I’ve always been able to generate far more than we need.

    Start with the end in mind….

    In the end, I’d like my children to eulogize me and speak of receiving a depth of love, compassion, disciple and faith because they were in my family. I’d like my friends and even people who only know me through my writing to speak of having their lives changed because of what the Lord did through me.

    I envision seeing the face of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and hearing Him say “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

    I’m guessing that’s vision enough for this post….I never really wrote it out like this until now. Thanks for the opportunity to put it into words Eric.

    In His Service,
    Sabrina O

  11. Brother Paul

    My vision is this:

    To help as many people become financially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually free as I can.

    I’m doing this by several venues now, but I see finding the one that allows me to be financially free, so that I can focus on helping others do the same.

    Brother Paul

  12. Bill Bowen

    Good Evening Eric,
    Your challenge to come up with a vision took me back to my sports days. I was also coached to visulize the outcome of a race, or game. Without that vision, there was nothing to work for.
    I take that with me into the IM Arena. My vision is that of having a fistful of niche sites with killer copy that no one can resist, retiring early, ( I will be 55 ), of shaking my bosses hand and wishing him well, and to begin a new life. I also see myself on top of all 5 High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains. “…. If you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans… “

  13. Eric Post author

    Deb- I’m sure there are a lot (Okay thousands…considering about 40k people have already downloaded the report) of marketers who feel the same way that you do after reading Mike’s report.

    If you feel a little shaken up by it, or if it makes you feel like you’ve been preyed upon, I think that’s a reasonable way to feel. I’m not sure if that’s the exact feeling that Mike was trying to elicit, but even he admits he was knowingly ruffling some feathers.

    The fact is that most of us have been ripped off at some point (inclusing myself), and many of us have been mislead… perhaps through intentional misinformation, but more often through simple ignorance.

    As Mike says in his report, the students are becoming teachers at an alarming rate. The problem is that those new teachers might not have enough experience to be good teachers, which leaves THEIR students even more ignorant. And then when those students become the teachers, just imagine how much more ignorant they will be… and the cycle continues until we now have the blind leading the blind.

    So in that sense, YES you do need to reevaluate who you listen to, and who you purchase from. And YES most of what you buy will not result in any success unless you have a plan of action.

    And it’s even OK if you need help developing your plan of action. That’s largely what coaching is for. If you’ve paid or coaching and they haven’t helped you develop a plan of action then you need to talk to them about it or find a new coach.

    One note about AdSense, which you mentioned. It is possible to get an AdSense account with no website, by opening a free blog at and then applying from within your Blogger account.

    Glad to hear your feedback, as this kind of thing helps me know how to focus my own efforts for this newsletter.


    Sabrina- I know you are a person of great vision.. glad to have given you the opportunity 😉


    For all who have posted their visions so far, thank you! Keep them coming!

  14. Garry

    In my vision I see myself helping many people being productive and achieving their goals. I see myself cashing many checks and creating enough wealth to be able to give assistance to all of my many friends and family who need it. At the same time I see myself working less and enjoying my free time more.

    Thanks for the opportunity to clarify this.

  15. Shankar

    Dear friend Eric,

    Your challenge is simply fantastic. I look at it as a real challenge because I have been listless for several years now, getting involved in all wanted and unwanted things. Most of the things I got involved simply did not work for many reasons. Now, after seeing your challenge, when I look back at it objectively and start analyzing, I feel that it was really because of a lack of clear vision that led to the whole debacle.

    Yes. I agree with you. One must have a clear vision. One must see the end before beginning something new or getting involved in something, in which one does not necessarily have to. (eg. helping other people. You know, this is called vicarious happiness, ie. being happy in seeing other people happy due to one’s efforts or involvement).

    Most of my problems start by trying to get involved in other people’s problems, trying to help them. They tend to think that I get involved seeing some benefit ahead(either financially or otherwise. But the fact is that I do it for the vicarious happiness derived out that. Finally it comes to the level of mistrust and breaking away of friendship. I learned my lessons the hard way.

    I will now try refocus on the vision, as you have stated.

    I do not know if you are aware of yogas and breath control, which will help to a great deal in focusing ones;s thought with single pointed attention. It is not difficult. I have had a great many experiences in this. If you go by the book, thay explain it as a cumbersome process. But for the common man, just about 15 minutes a day, preferably in the morning hours, will do to suffice. The process is quite simple. Take the breath in while in a standing or sitting position with the backbone staright and hold it for as long as you can comfortably without any feeling of choking. Exhale completely, slowly and without break. Do it for about 5 minutes every day. As you get used to it you can count the time for inhaling and exhaling. Exhaling can then be timed to be the double of inhaling. This is a simple and effective way of getting your mind under control in a systematic way. This will also improve your health tremendously. Anybody can do it as long as you keep to the basic level of it. Do not worry about the advanced forms of it, which is good for only those who have dedicated themselves to spirituality. I can write on it endlessly. May be later.

    Thanks for your tip on VISION. This was something I was missing (or skipping for finding short cuts?) for a long time. I will certainly focus on it from right now.

    Warm Regards,


  16. Furqan

    My Vision is really some thing different from others.I really wanna make money and i really wanna spend that on my life, on my parents, on my wife and kids and I really wanna help those people who has no one in this world. I wanna live a good life with my family.I am a workaholic person and I don’t scared to see loads of works…NO..Never.I more you have work the more you enjoy.It doesn’t mean I don’t want to enjoy my life.I want to be a financially strong.i wanna help out those people who are poor and who dont have a single money to eat.Thats All….

  17. Cynthia James

    Hi Eric,
    You have a big heart trying to help people be inspired and live a better life. I liked your comparison of life to a jigsaw puzzle and the vision to the picture on the cover of the box. I have always been dependent on my spoouse for everything and of course he is a wonderful person..but I’ve always had this urge to help peple who are unfortunate and i want to do this on my own. I mean, by first being independent. So my greatest vision now is to be independent in a successful businesss. I see myself running a successful business, giving it my best shot and bringing in more business and making a fortune and I see myself helping all those people I so much wanted to help, bringing joy to their lives, making a difference. Thanks Eric, as I already feel that I have achiieved that push, that encouragement I so badly needed before I started writing this… I know what you meant when you asked us to write about our vision and I do hope and wish that all those whom you inspire with your newsletters, be able to fulfill their vision and liver better lives. Good luck all you wonderful people and God bless you Eric.

  18. loren

    To all the readers at Erics Tips, break your vision down and figure out how to get there. The way to get there is with goals. Vision should be like a story arch in a TV show with each short term goal being an episode that ads to a series (long term goals!) and finally you have a successful TV series.

    Personally, my own vision is becoming more short sighted the harder I work. Maybe I should scoot my monitor back or get a bigger one. If that fails I will marry someone smarter than me and mooch so I don’t have to look at this monitor any more.

  19. Dr. Claude Windenberger


    I thought “why not be daring and put out the message since the universe is presenting me with my first venue to do so”. I realize this is a REALLY BIG VISION that seems impossible to fulfill in the indicated timeframe, but I have this idea about how it could happen and I will continue to write about it and share it, and I invite anyone who supports this to help me develop it, clarify it, add to it. In other words be part of the team I am talking about in this future testimonial.

    Thank you in advance for reading this. I have never done anything like this before on the internet (I was scared and didn’t feel I was ready). But I have been following recent developments in internet marketing, including what Mike Filsaime is writing about, and I have been listening to many speakers at Virtual Seminar Week, and I believe I have a fundamental piece of the solution to creating REAL, TRUE, UNCONDITIONAL FREEDOM which will also help people to easily discover who they are and what they are here for (and after that everyone will know exactly what to do, what programs to get involved with, etc.)


    It is midnight on December 31, 2007, and I am the happiest person on the planet. I am in my new beautiful beachfront luxurious mansion together with the lady of my dreams and a group of friends and business partners I have been working with over the past few months.

    We are all connected to homes and other venues throughout the world via internet and satellite to celebrate the achievements of 2007, the most amazing year in the entire history of the human race.

    The past 13 months have been the most dramatic, exciting, and joyful ride in my entire life. An amazing team of people is now the talk of the entire world and we just heard everyone on this team share their experience and unique contribution.

    This team helped spearhead and catalyze the most profound transformation of the human race and of life on earth that was ever witnessed and reported in all of history—a transformation from what could be termed a world in turmoil to a peaceful world.

    This group started forming in the second half of November 2006, after I started sharing my vision (expressed in this testimonial) with anyone I could think of who would support me in making it happen.

    I started talking to these people after I first wrote this “future testimonial” of mine that I am now sharing with you. This first writing happened on Nov 15, 2006 at my house in Michigan, USA, after I listened to Alex Mandossian’s interview of Bob Proctor on the prior evening of Nov 14, as part of the first ever Virtual Seminar Week.

    I not only started the gathering of that group of pioneers of a new “Age of Conscious Creators”, but I provided a key aspect of the whole process of transformation to that new state of life on earth.

    I provided the simple process to help people create permanent, UNCONDITIONAL freedom from their unwanted negative thoughts and emotions, as well as a simple coaching program to help them to unconditionally create what I called Blue Sky—the experience of only wanted conditions.

    Everyone else on this amazing team provided other essential aspects, without which today’s achievements would not have been possible. Each person involved has already described their unique contribution earlier tonight.

    Today, I am happy to announce that we know that every single human being on planet earth has finally reclaimed and acknowledged their birthright creator status. We have a database filled with testimony to that effect from every known person—written testimonials and audio-visual testimonials. This database is accessible over the internet to anyone with a computer. At least one testimonial from each of the 7 billion or so people on earth in the database says something like this:

    “Hi my name is XXX, I am YYY years young, I live in ZZZZ (city,Country), I am a WWW by occupation. I am happy to report that I finally KNOW beyond a doubt, deep within my heart and soul, that I AM CREATING everything that I experience in my life. I am no longer a victim of circumstances, I am no longer ruled by anything inside or outside of me. In fact there is nothing that is not me. I am now free to create anything I want and set my mind to. Anything is possible in my life. I am free, I am at peace with myself, I know My Self, I am powerful and I am the master of my life. My intention now is to play with my creations. First I intend to create PPPPP.
    Thank you to everyone who contributed to my awakening and helped me regain control of my life. I am particularly thankful to my original freedom sponsor KKKK from HHHH (country) who introduced me to this possibility on DDMM2007 and helped me create my own freedom from all my unwanted conditions that I had been consciously or unconsciously manifesting most of my life before then. Without his generous sharing and unwavering stand for my transformation, and without his coaching and support, I would most probably still be living the way I used to live the first (YYY-5) years of my life, which I am now going to describe so everyone can appreciate the dramatic transformation I went through.
    So here is how life used to be for me prior to DDMM20007 ………………(description of XXX’s life before DDMM20007 )……………………..”

    Amazing, isn’t it?

    I am now going to describe how it all happened, I am going to describe the journey of my own transformation over the past 13 months. I am going to start by describing how my life used to be prior to Nov 15, 2007 and how it evolved over the ensuing months……………………………………………..


  20. Karren Javier

    Hello everyone!

    I would like to see myself graduate from my university next year….I also see myself having my first profitable site by february…. I see myself being very successful and giving some of my blessings to those who are in need.

  21. Ali Qazi

    Dear Sir!
    yes you are right i never thought about end in life that’swhy i got loss in any job or business i want to make money wether it will be online or it will be offline because i have atleast no money even to purchase a domain of my own website.If you will help me then it will be from a heavenly thing which you could do for me.

  22. rose

    hello Eric
    thank you for the great insight.
    Your ideas have given me some food for thought. my vision is to launch my website, engage in internet marketing and tell others about it, therefore making poverty a history in peoples’ lives

  23. Karen

    Hi Everyone,

    I’ve got my vision, after visiting friends in Mozambique and seeing just how hard it is for the children to go to school, I knew I HAD to do something to help them, so I want to pay for as many children in Mozambique to go to school. I’ve sold the house, got the work permit and visas and I’m moving over there in January. Now I just need the money to fulfil my dream. I joined the IM game – very refreshing project. It’s like no site I’ve ever been on before. I have learnt more in the last week than in the last 6 months. Harris, Richard, Nick and co are a real inspiration. They actually know what they’re talking about. I suggest anyone that doesn’t know where to begin to go check this out. Go through Erics link as he’s going to pay your entry fee. This is not another sheep programme where you follow what’s been done to the T and earn from copying. This is a real bonafide build your own business from scratch programme where failure isn’t an option. I now KNOW that I’m going to do this and not just for a few but for the masses. Thinking about it it’s worth logging in just to read the declaration of War on Failure.
    Sorry Eric to go on about the IM game but noticed a few newbies on the blog and thought they could do with a boost, which is exactly what you get from the IM game no BS.
    To all of your successes and may you live your visions

  24. Matt Bean

    I’m exactly like the average online entrepreneur Mike writes about in the Death of IM. I buy a book on affiliate marketing then a week later I buy the one on adsense, then adwords… and it goes on. I haven’t made any money yet either! So my vision is to focus on bringing out a new ebook in a particular niche(not the internet marketing one) every two months. Maybe occasionaly even one a month if I get good!

    Thanks for your help Eric, I loved the videos you did that came with the Instant Adsense Templates! I haven’t used the templates yet due to my lack of vision. I’ve decided to focus on products for the next few months, then I may have a crack at the old adsense game.

  25. Elfje

    Hello Eric,

    The vision I have concerns homeworkers.
    Since it is so difficult to find homework here in Belgium I have decided to become an intermediate between companies that are searching for homeworkers and the workers themselves.

    I wish to promote this style of working so more and more people who need to stay at home can make a fulltime income

    Best regards


  26. Mathias Lebesby

    My visions:
    Marry a wondeful woman of God.
    Make one million dollar, and use that money as a tool to build my business empire that can be a blessing to the world.
    Spread the good news about salvation in Jesus Christ.

  27. Betsy

    I too took Covey’s Habit 2 to heart when I read his book. Although, I’ve never taken the time to write out my vision. I’m easily distracted by all of the ‘noise’ and yes, after being laid off in June, have been more concerned about replacing my income than creating a vision for my life (shame on me). Thanks for the opportunity to write it out: It’s a comfortable summer day in June of 2010. I’m sitting on the porch of my second home with my laptop, looking out over the lake. I’m writing my latest article to describe a state of thought that I call the ‘climate’. My family and I have just returned from our most recent ‘vacation’ to England. We travel to various destinations both in the US and overseas about 1 week out of every two months, for business and to keep in touch with our extended families and close friends. I have developed several income streams, including on-line marketing of various types as well as participate in various investments. My family does not need to worry about finances. When we’re here, my husband and son enjoy fishing on the lake most mornings, while I’m working on the computer. Then we all do something fun together. The three of us are each others best friends. My son has begun to develop his own on-line marketing and has a good foundation for self-sufficiency in the future.
    I’m really enjoying ‘seeing’ this vision unfold in writing – I could go on for much longer – but, I won’t – I need to get back to having fun working toward a goal! Thanks again for providing the opportunity. I can get back to work now with much more focus!

  28. Ida Larson

    It is my VISION to have a website of my own to promote my ebooks which promote my healthy diet and fitness way of life. One that can be done easily by the masses, especially by the disenfranchised, lonely, singles, sitting at their computers looking for a life. I would watch the Today show; then between 10 and noon, groom and keep house; between noon and 4, work the business; 4-6 work out; 6-8 dinnertime (prepare and eat); 8-11 family time. I see my ebooks and their titles in finished form. Problems are: I need more computer skills and live on disability income, so my mind moves much faster than my income allows skills to advance.

  29. Markameron

    Hi, Eric,
    How’s the weather up there? Different, huh? I once knew a Professor Bates at CSU, but he’s probably gone by now.
    Some of my vision was published in my first book, IMAGES, copyright1993MACameron, and here’s some more of it, in brief:
    According to Fact Theory, described at the end of my second book, LAW, copyright2005MACameron;
    To “know”, per se, any fact, all about that fact must be known a priori. (This rather insipidly obvious, if not blatantly platitudinous, observation is surely easily demonstrated in practically any context to any person capable of reasonably logical thought process.) From this, the rational conclusion is simply that in order to know all about any fact, that fact’s relationships to all other facts in the entire universe must be known a priori. The implications and ramifications are perhaps infinite in magnitude and scope, especially in an infinite universe, huh?

  30. Markameron

    My vision tells me that light either ages or does not age, but NOT both, as is promulgated by Big Bang theory’s contention that background microwave radiation is light “cooled off” through eons while Doppler effect EXCLUSIVELY explains starlight red shift, because LIGHT NEVER AGES! ( especially according to Lorentz contraction of time, to zero, at c, huh?) So, it appears to me that Hershel, Hubble, Hawking, et al, are full of some kind of shit, hopefully identifiable according to Shit Theory, originally formulated at the University of Chicago during the sixties, and later improved substantially at Metro State College, in Denver, during the mid-seventies.

  31. Jack


    Create “Living Expense” Scholarships for Students, Artists, Musicians, Retirees…
    Anyone who contributes who volunteers their time to help others…
    Scholarships to pick up trash on the world’s beaches… to volunteer at National Parks
    End World Hunger…… Peace….. End Fear, make it obsolete…..

    I have “The Secret” movie in a how to seminar “Life 101” written by my wife many years ago. It’s time for it to be Gideon-ized and placed in every hotel room in the world.

    I created the proverbial lead into gold device. An Algorithm which when utilized as part of every sale of “101” grants these scholarships. It’s a self-replicating self-generating matrix that is the real perpetual motion machine generating it’s own power creating huge sums to be granted to all…

    This could change capitolism. This could change the way people look at spiritualism and the power of words, the true source of power on earth.

    My problem lies in that I’m unable to webdesign like an expert, write sales copy like an expert, write script or code like an expert, drive traffic to any site like an expert… And why would I? I should be writing books to each of the niches exposed above. I should be testing my algorithm and making it the purest vehicle to change capitolism. I shouldn’t be doing what I don’t understand nor have any real interest in…. This is why so many fail they don’t choose that which makes them only to happy to do. Are you happy?

    So my vision is to have the smartest the brightest experts create the largest BUZZ in the history of modern man starting on the internet……

    So can you help you happy fellow? How do I JV with these scholars with no money down?

  32. Yen

    I’ve been lost for the past few months. I’m a totally newbie in internet business and have no idea where to go and what to build. But your newsletter has opened my eyes! I want to change and focus on my goal.

    I’ve been teaching children for some years and see many unsatisfying conditions about children and family, morality, education, etc. I see and hear about children abuse everywhere all over the world. I see many rich people’s children trapped into criminal world as they grow up.
    My vision is having a website concerning about children. I want children all over the world to live happily. I want everybody realizes that children are God’s gift, not their tools to get power. I want people to LOVE and PROTECT children, not to USE nor ABUSE them. I want everybody to share their experience and beautiful moments with children on my website.
    But in order to do that, firstly I need to earn extra money to build that kind of website and tell people about it. With my poor computer proficiency, lack of knowledge about dynamic programming and internet marketing, I know I need to work extra…extra…extra hard. Right now I can’t even support myself with my salary. Anyway, I’ll keep trying my best.

    Thank you Eric for sharing your nice newsletter with us. And I’ll be very glad if you pray for me and my vision to come true 🙂
    God bless you and children all over the world!

  33. Nicole

    Thank you Eric for this opportunity to share visions. I finally got round to reading Mike F’s report this morning and agree with about 90% of it, though that part also seemed like a no-brainer and nothing new to me, in other words “duh” and no need for all the hoopla around it.
    My vision is to become independently wealthy (starting from broke) within the next 5 years by helping as many people as possible develop a good relationship with nature and their own bodies and subconscious minds, so they can enjoy healthy and fulfilled lives and leave the planet a better, cleaner and greener place for the next generations. I picture myself on a beautiful property of large acreage where I experiment with ways of working with nature to fulfill human needs in a sustainable way. People come from all over the world to learn these methods and spread them back in their own communities. To get started with a very small investment, I’m buiding a series of websites from scratch that address various topics within this wider vision, and as part of an online/offline hybrid business model.

  34. sebastianus adi susanto

    eric i like all your support and vision. All of yours influence me to change my mind become better.
    After i read some of your articles. I try to think what should i do for my future. I must make something different in my life, change the way of my life and develop my capability and enlarge my link.
    Simply, i must improve my life in order to get shining future. How to be involve in all your program? Honestly, i would like to improve mine. Thank you very much. I have been recommended your site to my friends. I hope they can find something meaningful through your vision.

  35. Sharon Condon

    What a wonderful opportunity to create a whole new paradigm for the world–starting with each one of us!
    My vision is a wonder-filled life lived moment by moment. I am totally present in each moment as I
    experience my creation. I have new ideas and fantastic people in my life. I know my life’s purpose
    is being all that I can be. I love who I have been and who I am becoming. I see vibrant colors in the
    sky and all around me in nature. All is accomplished with a light heart and joy. NOW I LIVE MY VISION!!

  36. Chief Ryan

    Thoughts become things. Whatever I think about, whatever I focus on becomes real for me. Whatever I am living right now is real. If I live my vision now and don’t see it as coming to me, it is real for me right now.

    I am successful, happy, at peace with myself and the world. I see beauty all around me. The meaning of my life is to enjoy it.

    I live my vision everyday.


  37. sanjiv Dhiman

    My personal vision is decrease the amount of ways I try to make money online. Yes, I did say decrease. One important message from Mike’s guide is to concentrate on one thing and become a master at it. And that is what I am going to focus on doing. The majority of my income comes from AdSense but when I look at what I do with my day I waste too much time trying to make money from other methods. If I spent all of that time on my AdSense business I could easily double my income and be financially free. So that is what I am going to do, that is my new vision.

  38. Randy Myers

    I have enjoyed reading your tips. Now for my personal vision.

    My name is Randy Myers I own Randy Myers E-Marketing and the WNB Network as well as . My vision is to own the Worlds Most Loved Web TV Network. Creating a place where small buisness
    and individuals can look, sound and enjoy the same national and international acclaim as the, so called, stars and celebrities of Hollywood.
    We’re on our way and flying at 30,000 ft. seeing the “big picture” and it is Beautiful from up here! Oh yeah, your show will be a big hit as you
    help to inspire others on the WNB Network 24 / 7 . Welcome to the future…Your Future!

  39. Veronica

    Hi Eric,
    I realise that this thread is meant to be about vision. However I have a comment to make about Mike’s report. I will start by saying that I have a lot of respect for Mike as a person, and he is obviously a successful marketer as well. Nevertheless I thought it ironical and perhaps poetic justice that he wrote the report. After all, he was one of the guys, if not,THE guy who started the whole mess rolling when he launched his Christmas (or Easter, cant remember which) giveaway a couple of years ago. One didnt have to be too bright to see what was eventually going to happen! The internet was buzzing with people thinking this was a brilliant idea and the concept was copied and copied and copied again and again, so much so that just about everyone was on everyone elses list! Each of my email accounts went from 4 – 5 emails a day to dozens a day and because of the high profile of many of the senders, I would spend hours a day wading through them all. What an enormous amount of time and money I wasted doing that. The positive outcome for me was that I eventually unsubscribed from almost everyone’s list. I thought I’d miss out on knowing what was going on in the internet world by doing that but what with everyone these days having a signup page to get a free report or whatever, one can still keep abreast of the game.
    I know Mike is known for his listbuilding sites and techniques but the giveaway idea was not his better one. May the giveaways be laid to eternal rest.

  40. David Jaeger

    Hi Eric,

    Thank you for providing the impetus to think about what my goal is(and everyone else.) Y’know, I used to be the guy that ran from one oppportunity to the next. Trying to figure out something that would make me money. I hate the concept of working like a dog in school, and then like a dog for a boss.

    I am lucky to be in a community of entrepeneurs, so I know that it can be done. All I need is a service or product that has alot of demand and jump into the market.

    I spent a year or a year and a half just buying the “next product”, yet feeling that I could not do resale rights products and attach my name to it, if I Could not provide the support.

    In the end, I have dedicated myself to 2 things. I love to bridge gaps in information. I like to create solutions that are built simply on bringing the right information to the people who need it. I also love marketing. I love to see results. However, I also like to feel like I am providing a service. It makes me feel good about myself. I hate pushing products that I couldn’t or wouldn’t recommend.

    I also have the “internet a.d.d.”.Actually, I have regular add too. My head is always jumping from one thing to another. I don’t sit on topics for more than 5 minutes. When I have to explain things to people, I run off on tangents that somehow come back to the point. And yet, I have gotten more comfortable in my role.

    Since I am always thinking up of new ways to provide solutions, help groups of people get what they need, I envision myself doing that as a job. I envision a company built around my capabilities. I think of solutions to make something approximately once every two days. Some I forget, some I shelve, and some I start the legwork on, and most I just drop into the pile of “if there is still a need for it in 10 years when I have this company”.

    For example, one of my sites is simply a help forum for those people starting to integrate voip as a house phone option. One of my sites that is in the “if there is still a need for it in 10 years when I have this company” – this one is up for grabs, if someone wants to monetize it they are welcome to, is a cellphone reception site based on a google mashup. There are already sites that have data from consumers who rate the reception for a specific cell company in a specific place.However, none of them ever put it into a visual map that can (independently of the cell comanies themselves) create a “heat map” of cell reception. It can easily be monetized through affiliate programs and partnerships with cell phone plan retailers.

    Anyways, my vision is to be able to take those types of ideas and hand them over to others and be able to look through markets at my own pace, envision the solution, and have somebody else program them.

    I am on the start of my way there. I had 2 people invest in one of my ideas, which has a huge market – the used textbook market (no-no more details!). We just have to see success. At that point I would be alot closer to my goal.

    Right now is really the rocky part of the “plan”. I am not exactly broke. I am working in marketing for someone else in a very fun environment. But I still have not seen a red cent off of my idea. It has been a rocky road, but I would like to get there.

    Thanks Eric again, for a great ezine.

    David Jaeger

  41. Barbara

    You asked for my vision for the future.

    My husband and I were Building Contractors, we had a very successful business but when we had that terrible recession a few years ago we lost everything that we had and when he was diagnosed with cancer we even used up what little superannuation we had too, but he is okay now, and we have moved on.

    My vision is to make enough money to be able to improve our lifestyle. Bruce ,my husband had an accident and wrote off our car last week, so my immediate dream is to get another one, as we are driving around in an awful old Mazda van, well he is anyway.

    I bought Joels templates and when I finally work out how to get them up and running I am sure that I will succeed in acheiving some of my goals . I’m 77 next month and have found the internet a little daunting. I have asked for and received a lot of help. I think the templates are excellent


  42. Laura

    My vision is to use my teaching skills, in conjunction with my marketing and writing skills to continue in the creation of a series of branded ebooks.

    The ebooks will include software and/or videos that go with each concept taught.
    This vision includes empowering people with the knowledge and tools required, at an affordable price.
    This vision also includes providing reasonable access to the author of each book should the reader have questions.
    This vision also includes continuous updates of the ebook content, aided by the students’ questions.

    My plan is reasonably set at one product per month but will also include redesigning and structuring my entire content-heavy website to ‘ground’ the brand.

    Thanks Eric, it helped to write that out! 🙂

    Laura Childs

  43. Mada Hauptfleisch

    Hi Eric,

    My main vision is to be successful in order for me to look after my family and not having to worry about them financially in the future.

    I’m three quarter way there as my product and site just launched (which took 3 years in total for product creation, sweat and a lot of hours). I had to always keep the main vision in order to have been able to get through the difficult parts inbetween to where I’m now.

    Now the second part in accomplishing my main vision is to get the “word” out there, finish a free rebrandable report for my affiliates etc. etc. (all the marketing stuff…) LOL

    I’ve read the posts here and there are a lot of people with such great visions and ways of looking at life!

    Thanks Eric for the opportunity to post our visions!

  44. Penny


    Fifteen years ago I started my own business and my 1st. vision was to beat the statistics that 9 out of 10 businesses failed. I would show the world that you could make it. I did and was successful. I hated corporate USA and wanted to make this work. It took every bit of my knowledge to make my first dime.

    Five years ago I decided to go 100% with Internet marketing. The second vision was by far more difficult. I didn’t have the computer experience needed so I started to learn, read, watch every event, launch and course offered. Information overload was pasted on my forehead. Nothing was working and most of my money was gone. I was not sure that my vision was good until I began working with Adsense. I developed a site and I made $1.02. I was so excited that I knew it was the way to go. Then I got in on HyperVRE and bought IAT from Joel Comm. It is all working now for me. Everything I do now is around adsense. It doesn’t matter what niche because I have many.

    The bottom line looking back is to say Vision is very important. In addition everyone needs to FOCUS on their vision and not be distracted by so many promos. Listen to the pros like Mike, Eric, Joel and many more; learn from them and stay focused.

  45. Deepak Menon

    Vision is a big word. My vision is to see my team with a vision spanning the entire range of discerning visibility. My vision is to see my entire team with the reasoning ability to be able to discern the intrinsic value and the net worth of a customer or a project. My vision envisages a team of highly effective performance oriented who have the vision to read between the lines and be able to detect the vital information of any kind of person or project and have the understanding of the subject not to be diverted from the actual truth by such diversionary tactics like a glittering facade with high ambience which may divert the attention of the person assessing the intrinsic value from the true state of affairs and lead any member of a team or even the entire team down the garden path. In short my vision envisages a person who has the exposure and experience to lead a team at the head – regardless whether he has the requisite paper qualifications or not though his team members may be considered to be more highly qualified by virtue of degrees and certificates – somewhat like the head of a government – Experience is the key to success…

  46. lucy

    hi Erick am too far but i must win am v interested in internet marketing. Vision is a dream the power to see things in advance,to oversee.

  47. Marietta Shaw

    My Vision is to find one so called Guru out there that will tell you the truth. They seem to all have some down luck story how they were down and out and started with nothing and are now millionaries. This is a big joke…..I bet not one of them have ever had it very hard. I’ll give my example. I’ve got Cancer and taking very extensive treatments and I have 11 year old girl, we live on 600.00 a month. I’ve been trying for a long time to make money online, I’ve spent alot a money trying the program out there. Well I put a cry out for help when things have gotten so desperate that I can’t give my little girl Thanksgiving or even Christmas. I wrote to everyone of those so called Guru’s and you too. And to this date I’ve gotten one reply back, and he told me to shut my computer off..I didn’t make enough money monthly to start any type of internet business, then tryied to sell me his program. Go figure!
    So I guess my Vision is now to find all the newbie’s out there that really want a program that will work and not cost you an arm and leg. That will put money in their pockets now and a life time. I stumbled on this trying to find a way to make Christmas money fast. But that was my question or cry for help I needed to know where I could promote it fast and make it work for everyone in need. But I got put down really fast. So I have my vision’s and right now some of them aren’t very nice towards people that don’t help others. I spent my whole life helping others and I just assumed other people did the same thing, I was wrong again. The new people out there need to learn, no one on the internet are going to help you without some type of self gain.
    My Biggest Vision is to wake up one more morning and to find a way to put Thanksgiving Dinner on The Table.

  48. Todd

    My vision is to be able to realize a dream I had since I was in my 20’s that through numerous bad choices and some very wonderful events has slipped away from me. My original vision was to be retired by the age of 50 and to be able to work at something “I” wanted to do. Internet marketing may be part of the answer to that original vision. My vision has always been to open and run my own restaurant, something That every year becomes less of a reality if I don’t change some things.

    I have only been IM’ing and monotization for about 7 months and so far I have been able replace about 1/2 of a weeks income so far. Now that may sound like a strange way to state it, but that’s the way I can track my vision in a way that tells me where I am. To be able to walk away from the J.O.B. would be a tremendous goal to have reached for me, and to be able to be independant from the corporate race would be a dream realized.

    Where the dream comes in, is in having something to be able to pass on to my children besides leftover debt! Live the dream now, it’s waiting for you…

  49. Sue

    I want to be a multi millionaire within the next ten years with all the material quality of life which that brings, and the freedom to be able to give financial help to all the causes dear to my heart.
    But the vision which I hold dearest is a vision around the kind of person I want to be. When I become this person I just know that financial rewards will swiftly follow. So projecting into the future….
    I am feeling serene and comfortanle with who I am. I have let go of the need to prove myself to anyone and I am independent of the good opinion of others. I radiate love and compassion and I am helping huge numbers of people to get the life they love. I attract an abundance of goodwill from others and I am a supremely confident speaker. Money flows to me in ever increasing quantities, on a regular daily basis and I manage it well. I enjoy happiness, health and fitness as do my partner and family and I great each day with excited expectation. I am eternally grateful for my wonderful, successful life.

  50. albright

    To be a world class photographer.thats my vision pls link me 2 photography jobs


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