LESSON #69: List Segmentation

By | May 7, 2010

In the previous lesson we looked at how to build a relationship with your list.

An important part of building the relationship is being relevant, and segmentation is going to help you achieve that objective…

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

  • Segmentation: A process of grouping your list into smaller subgroups based on certain criteria.

  • Prospects vs. Customers

    -If you only divide your list into two segments, this should be it.
    -You need to know who your customers are because they’re your most valuable asset.
    -You need to know who your prospects are so you can keep marketing your product to them.

  • Use Automation Rules to remove paid customers from your prospect list in AWeber.

  • Use Include/Exclude List feature when sending emails.

  • Maintain a seperate customer list for EACH product you sell.

  • Create list segments on the Search Subscriber page in AWeber.

  • Some possible criteria for segmentation…

    -Specific product, price level, etc.
    -Unique information collected during the opt-in. (ie. Dog breed, greatest desire, etc.)
    -Acquisition channel/source (Use unique Ad Tracking ID’s on your web forms).
    -Date added.
    -Geographic location.
    -Email Provider.
    -Opened vs. Not Opened and Clicked vs. Not Clicked.

    Action steps:

    1) Segment your prospects and customers using Automation Rules, or some other method.

    2) Decide what other segments would be helpful in your marketing.

    In the next lesson I’m going to show you how to get your subscribers to open your email and take action.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • 47 thoughts on “LESSON #69: List Segmentation

    1. Travis Campbell


      Another outstanding piece on being relevant to your market. With spam services collaborating with email providers like Yahoo and Gmail measuring email engagement time to determine relevance, your lesson is outstanding for marketers to provide relevant and meaningful email communications.

      Keep it going!


    2. Mark S

      As usual Eric, very sound advice. Keep the lessons coming, I for one am learning loads.
      Looking forward to the next one


    3. Roy Aylmer

      Wow Eric! Another masterpiece; Thank you!
      OK Everything you said is sort of obvious but that is only with hindsight.
      Thinking about it, I have bought a few products from you over the years, and sometimes I have bought from you rather than the Zillion other jerks pushing the same deal; even when their bonuses may appear to be better than yours. This is because you only send me one or two emails pushing the stuff where they may send 10 per day and of course because I Know, Like & Trust You!

    4. Michael

      Another awesome lesson, and probably one of the most valuable ones, is because, if the money is in the relationship with your list, then this info will greatly help improve that relationship and boost your bottom line!!! Thanks Eric

    5. Karen Riedl

      Recently I called AWeber to find out how to email to one of my 50 states. I have a lot more subscribers in certain states then others. They patiently explained it to me and I wrote it specifically down. Being inundated with email myself – to the point it makes me mad. I really see the point of this video. Thank you for adding to my knowledge.

    6. Steve Deerfield

      Hi Eric, WOW, I’ve been using Aweber for almost a year and I didn’t know it’s full capacity until now – what an eye opener and huge leap of understanding in one video. You’re the best Eric and Aweber and the IM community are all the better for your generosity.

    7. Bryan

      Customer list is the most valuable asset for internet marketer and is easy to convince the satisfied customer to buy from you again!

      To your success,
      Bryan Hee

    8. Joan Stewart

      Wow Eric,

      Thank you this is an eye opener, I have battled with the Auto Responder and setting it up correctly for use.

      You have answered so many of my questions that maybe now after having an Auto Responder for a year, I can get to set up and working efficiently.

      Please keep up the good work, I have referred you to a number of South African’s to benefit from these easy to follow videos.

      I look forward to your emails and enjoy looking out for there arrival.

    9. Martyn Boaden

      Eric, I was shown how to use Aweber by a “Guru” on a PAID course but he didn’t explain half as much as you did in this FREE video. Thank you very much for this course.

    10. Petre Tudor

      Hi Eric,

      Your lessons about how to build an opt-in list are about to end and I just created a squeeze page by using your squeezepage template.Some days ago I got a Baby shared hostgator account by using ypour code and I already uploaded my squeeze page and confirm page as well.Now I have some questions to you:
      – Is it enough the uploading my squeeze page?
      I suppouse here is a vicious circle.
      I created my squeeze page to build my opt-in list and on the other hand I still haven’t a list to send my squeeze page.
      – Whom will send my squeeze page? I have no leads.

      Petre Tudor

    11. Eric Post author

      Getting your squeeze page online is just another step in the right direction.

      Now you have to get traffic to your squeeze page and start building your list. I do talk about some of those strategies in lesson #67, but I will be covering web traffic generation in depth in the upcoming lessons (#72-85).

    12. ruth

      MY granddaughter married into a Greek family and it has been so educational and enjoyable
      to witness and be a part of their customs.
      Ruth Miller

    13. meeting people online

      building an opt-in list is worth a lot in internet marketing. It’s all about building relationships, easy to sell products and services after that

    14. burn belly fat and your abs pump

      Hey there everyone. All this information about driving traffic seems a little overwhelming to me and takes a lot of work, but the payoff is beyond words! And yes, building relationships is really what it is all about:)

    15. Sean Breslin

      Eric with you a 100% except for the extra cost of aweber, which fortunately I’ve being able to cut out! Yet still implement list segmentation and ad tracking!

    16. Direct Email Marketing

      Eric, your tips are outstanding!
      I strongly believe that email marketing will be profitable only when you use an opt-in list and it’s segmented.
      Email list segmentation makes it possible to send very targeted emailing campaigns.
      You can segment your email list according to the needs of your potential customers, bearing in mind sex, age and other demographic data about them.
      So it’s the key to success.

    17. Gary

      Hi Eric;
      Your e-mail lesson series is fantastic. Thank You !!!
      But I’m not sure I completely understand segmentaion. I’ll fabricate a scenario to illustrate my confusion – – Let’s say you start an opt-in list on day 1. Everybody on the list gets the same letter. As weeks go by, some people open, some people don’t open, others open but don’t click, others open, click but don’t buy, and others open, click and buy. Assuming other folks opt in over the weeks and assuming you’ve designed your segmentation with enough granularity, then if you started with 20 letters in your series, by week 20 the autoresponder could send out a copy of each of your 20 letters on the same day to people on the same list but targeted to people based on when they joined and what actions they’ve taken since joining – – all automatically.
      A. Do I have that right? If that’s how it works, that’s awesome.
      B. How does Aweber know if people actually buy? If it’s your own product I can see a link back through the download/thank you process. But what if the link they click in your e-mail is to a Clickbank product as an affiliate link?

      Thanks again Eric and Bless you for your generosity and clarity.

    18. Claudia

      Hi Eric, Great information here. In my opinion, list building skills are extremely important skills. Sometimes I think list building is the first thing a new marketer should learn and then second the process of doing a launch , BEFORE learning how to put a site/product together. Without lists, making money online seems a lot harder.

      Lately, I have gotten behind on my lessons and it was refreshing to get back to your training. Your training is just the BEST. I read a lot of other ebooks, courses and reports etc. and your material is just so much clearer and so much more informative. And the idea of “Eric’s Tips” in pretty ingenious too.

      Eric, I am finally working on PBM and also on your Monthly Income Course, too…as I want to create a membership site.

      Question: On a squeeze page do you always use a double opt-in for a membership site? I’ve read if you are just starting to build a list you might be better off not forcing a confirm…because you lose a lot of prospects? What say you?

      Another question would be…How do you get the prospects from the prospect list opt-in on the squeeze page over to the customer list when they purchase? Do you ask them to type their names in again?? Or do you do it with code?

      Claudia Austin

    19. Seattle Piano Lessons

      Hi Eric!

      Great video, its helping a lot where Aweber’s FAQ fails…

      I’m trying to segment my buyers from prospects. When someone buys through 1shoppingcart, how do you get Aweber to make the change? I think that was skipped in the video?

    20. Eric Post author

      1) I always use double opt-in for my lists with Aweber. Even though you lose some prospects, the ones you keep are better anyway.

      2) you could ask them to type their names again, or you could use some advanced programming to do it behind the scenes. I usually just ask them to type it again. I explain this lesson: http://www.ericstips.com/tips/lesson61/

    21. Eric Post author

      If you’ve connected 1Sc with AWeber, then it’s the same process as in the video. When they buy through 1SC they get added to a paid customer list in Aweber, and you use the Automation to remove them from the prospect list.

    22. Eric Post author

      A) Yes and no. The autoresponder messages are not regulated by actions people take. They are sent based on the schedule you specify (each message can be a certain # of days after the previous message, and can optionally be triggered at certain days/times). However, you can use Aweber’s automation to automatically remove people from your prospect list after they buy and join your customer list. So they would no longer receive the prospect follow-up series.

      B) right, if it’s your own product you can track it. But if you’re an affiliate it’s difficult to track. If the vendor is willing to put your Aweber tracking code on their thank-you page that could work, but that’s unlikely. For clickbank, there are a couple of scripts such as CB Bonus Automator which could potentially be used. My understanding is that the script can be used to automatically add buyers (thru your aff link) to an autoresponder list.

    23. Mike finds Jobs for Felons

      Some really good tips. A lot of people who are trying their luck at making money online since they can’t find a job, do not market to their lists effectively. These automation rules will help you make more money as I have used them in the past and have seen results. Really enjoyed this and looking forward to future posts.

    24. Carol Amato

      Hello Eric,

      Thanks for all the help with these tips.

      I ran into a snag. I was trying to follow your suggestions for segmenting those that did NOT open a message (broadcast) and tried three times to no avail. It allows me to do so for follow up messages, but when I clicked on broadcast, then the particular message in question, the search came up empty.

      I sent a support ticket with AWeber so as to get an answer.

      I will implement the tips you gave, however, don’t even have the basic prospect/customer segmentation down yet because all I have promoted thus far has been affiliate products. Will take a look at the CB Bonus Automator, however, will be putting out my own product asap.

      Thanks so much,

    25. Eric Post author

      Carol, I also had this happen for the first time last week, so I think it might be a temporary glitch. Let me know what AWeber says.

    26. Emeka

      Hi Eric
      You have taken a massive weight off my shoulders after seeing this video!. This ought to be most important area in internet marketing and I never knew how to go about it until now. Thank you so much. Keep up the good works.

    27. Nedra

      Common sense that if unknown and not used could negatively impact ones business. As always, great info.


    28. aida c. suarez

      Well erick, segmentatin sounds to me like organizacion. A must! Buy the way how expensive is Aweber? I see you use then and trust them. So you recomend them a lot. what’s the damage? Well, probably is according of how often or how much you use them. So far so good teaching thrugh those videos!
      I am getting better understanding all this IM now… thanks God my helper in my continuaty. When I was learning how to trade commodities with the GBE at the beginning everthing was so overhelming! But once we understand the language of the trade… everthing is smother. It is good to see Amato asking questions here too. I find you thrugh her. Hi! Carol!
      I do not how long will take me to sing victories with this business, but i’ll keep pressing over as long I have teachers like you and Amato, my cheer leaders! Good job! My i think is only for workaholics! Ha! God bless you guys! Silly Aida

    29. dede

      hi Eric, as i understand i can only use segmentation with my own product right?
      i am promoting affiliate products, but i can not put optin page of my own after they buy, so the question is how would i know who bought the product and who did not if ti is not my own?

    30. Micah

      Hello Dede,

      It sounds like you might benefit from using optional tracking IDs whenever possible.

      For instance, at ClickBank, you may include a tracking ID, in addition to your account Nickname.

      You could create separate affiliate links for each list segment you wish to promote to.

      That way, you can gauge which parts of your list are responding to the offer.

    31. Hariata

      Thank you Eric. These lessons are incredible. I decided to watch all the lessons to decide if I really want to be an Internet Marketer. How can I truly commit to something if I don’t know what is involved? You not only make the information (TONS of it) easy to understand, but do it in an engaging way. I have also had many ahha’s about my life experiences as a digital immigrant, and am excited about future possibilities. Bless you and your team!

    32. Scott

      Hey Eric/Micah –
      I’m in the process of segmenting my first subscriber list. I want my customers to be automatically moved to a separate customer list, but I don’t want them to be sent an automated confirmation message when they are moved, since they’ve already confirmed for the first list.

      Do buyers automatically get sent a confirmation email when they are moved to a different list? If so is there a way I can stop this from happening? Also will Aweber retroactively move customers, or does the automation thing only work with future customers once I’ve set up the segmentation command?

      Thanks! (I realize I could move forward and find out, but I don’t want to run the risk of annoying my paid customers with unnecessary emails.)

      1. Eric Post author

        Talked to you about this in person 😉

        There is also a way to segment buyers on your existing list, although it would not add them to the new buyers list. You could add a new “field” to your list. Such as “buyerstatus”. You can then populate those fields manually from within Aweber. For example, you could put “yes” in the “buyerstatus” field of your buyers. Then go to the subscriber view tab. Do a search where buyerstatus = yes, or buyerstatus = no. You can then save that segment of buyers or non-buyers. Then when you send out an email, you can select the appropriate segment from the dropdown.

    33. liz

      I am grateful fro all the lessons. There are a lot but I am getting through them. Been going through a couple lessons a day and finding out things I wasn’t aware of is the best part. I thought knew it all but turns out I didn’t well until now. lol some of the things you cover are not even mentioned in other courses and training that I have PAID for. I should have just gone though these FREE lessons before I bought other courses from other people. i would have saved some money since you cover almost everything in these lessons the paid courses provide. I know for a fact that there are plenty of courses and information products out there that make you pay for this sort of information. Actually not too many will give up this amount of information for free. The lessons are very well informed and not overwhelming at all like some courses I have taken in. You’re clear concise and easy to understand. I look forward to the rest of the lessons. My only regret is that I didn’t start them sooner because I could have avoided some mistakes. Thanks Eric for the free lessons. I will definitely be referring people to your lessons.


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