LESSON #76: Introduction to SEO

By | December 3, 2010

In the previous few lessons we’ve been looking at paid web traffic sources.

Today we’re going to start talking about free web traffic. More specifically, we’re going to cover the basics of Search Engine Optimization…

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

  • Free traffic generally requires more work than paid traffic.

  • Every free web traffic strategy can (and probably should) be outsourced.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – The process of making a website “search engine friendly”, and doing things that will help the website move up in the search results.

  • The top organic search results get a LOT more traffic than the paid advertisements.

  • The top 3 organic results get the lion’s share of web traffic. It’s more important than ever to aim for the top 3.

    (See video for demonstration of how behavioral/personalized search is changing the face of SEO and search results)

    On Page SEO (See Lesson #77)
    Off Page SEO (See Lesson #78)

  • Keyword Research (and Competition Analysis) is foundational to good SEO.

    (See also Lesson #20, #73, #74)

    Objectives of keyword research:

    1) Come up with a list of keywords.

    Free keyword tools:
    Google keyword tool
    Traffic Travis

    Free keyword modifier spreadsheet:
    Eric’s keyword modifiers

    2) How popular is the keyword?

    (See video for explanation of the Long Tail)

    3) How competitive is the keyword?

    -On Page optimization of the top 3 sites for the keyword
    -Google PageRank of those sites
    -Quantity and quality of backlinks to those sites

    UPDATE: Yahoo Site Explorer is no longer in business. Instead, try ahrefs.com or opensiteexplorer.org

    (See video for demonstration of competitive analysis)

    Recommended Keyword Research Tool:

    Click here for Traffic Travis…

    To learn more about SEO, I recommend the Professional SEO Training Course, which is used to train SEO industry professionals around the world.

    Action steps:

    1) Decide if you want to implement SEO on your website.

    2) If yes… Do your keyword research and competitive analysis.

    We’ll be looking at On Page SEO in the next lesson.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • 81 thoughts on “LESSON #76: Introduction to SEO

    1. Jean-Francois

      i notice 2 thing above, first in the main point below you’re talkin about professionnal seo course, are you an affiliate of this course because i cant find one when i look on the site and you’re talkin about the complete guide to traffic, wich one of them do you recommend more wether or not you’re an affiliate, its difficult to find good course, i’m thinking buying one like dominating google by mark dulisse but the professionnal seo course look like they are going deep in the process
      help me plz

    2. Micah

      Hello Jean-Francois,

      We only recommend that you purchase a course that you know you can start using right away, or very soon!

      If you don’t have any websites yet, it may not be the best time to purchase SEO related materials.

      If you are ready to start implementing SEO, and it really interests you, the professional SEO Training Course can really help you to understand how it all works:

    3. Byron

      Hey Eric, i have sites ranking page one positions 4,5,7 (multiple-spots) but i haven’t been able to get a number 1 or 2 spot. Is it based on time or what 🙂 How do i reach that position 1,2?

    4. Eric Post author

      No it’s not based on time, although longevity of your site may be an SEO factor. It’s mostly based on authority, which is largely measured by editorial back-links. In order to beat out the competitors above you, you may need to get more (or better) links than them. I explain this in lesson 78.

    5. Vincent

      HI Eric,

      Thanks for all the great information. I’m VERY frustrated that I’m not getting more traffic. What am I doing wrong.

      Traffic Travis rates my site as an “A” and yet I don’t even seem to be showing up anywhere near the top of search results for my keyword phrase.

      I did a comparison of the the top spot and my site seems to be just as well optimized. In fact, they don’t have ANY BACKLINKS while I have a lot more.

      What am I doing wrong? Really trying hard to get that first sale!


    6. Peter Nilsson

      Hi Eric!
      Thank you for 76 fantastic lessons!
      Your teaching is the best on the web!
      Im “burning” for Internet Marketing.
      Iv study it in about one year now.
      And now im about to start my own business.
      I just silently wonder if you never have problem with “information overload”??
      For me t has been a nig problem in Internet Marketing.and i think stress is one of Internet Marketings biggest problem,
      Regards Peter Nilsson

    7. Marija

      Thank you Eric. Very helpful lesson for me. I had read a lot about SEO before but never quite understood how to do this in practice.

    8. Ken Helmke

      Excellent review and application of keyword research! I have been exposed to keyword research from other “gurus” and yet this lesson has tips that will be very helpful.

    9. Mark

      Thanks again Eric, I have gone over some keyword search for other teachers but nothing like the way you showed it. Good going.


    10. Gary

      Hi Eric
      I have not looked at the other questions so forgive me if you have already covered this.
      I have spent hours looking for good keywords in the “make money” niche. What do you do when you cant find keywords or even long tail keywords that arent overly saturated?


    11. Eric Post author

      Some options…

      1) Get serious about SEO and compete for some competitive keywords.

      2) Find a less competitive niche.

      3) Forget about SEO and focus on other traffic methods.

    12. Mattew Peters

      I am a programmer from San Francisco and have spent my career working for top SEO/ reputation management companies. Through my experience, I have come to discover that SEO companies are unethical with how they present their services. They convince people who aren’t tech savvy that SEO is technologically advanced and should be left in the hands of an expensive professional, but that is not true. Anyone can do SEO easily.
      That is why I chose to branch out and create SearchManipulator.com, based off “do-it-yourself” SEO software. Our mission is to give you the power to manipulate search results in your favor, without having to pay the high prices asked by SEO companies. I’m not trying to make money for myself or my company, I am trying to bring honesty back into this industry. Money means nothing to me, which is why I’m giving away the software for free. All I ask is that you make a generous donation to “The Susan G Komen for the Cure” (ww5.komen.org/Donate/Donate.html) or a similar charity in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, and for my grandmother who is bravely fighting the disease.
      The free SEO software: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hkmomhohdpkpinbmkmckhkofedoohjeh. You have to download “Google Chrome” (www.google.com/chrome), which is a free web browser from Google. It’s faster and more reliable than Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox.

    13. Rayknugget

      This SEO video really makes it a whole lot easier to understand.. nowadays with the information overload on the internet, you really made it easily understandable! thank you!

    14. Chris

      Great Tips I am just wondering if anything has changed with these types of seo tips since the Google updates.

    15. Eric Post author

      The vast majority of what I teach in these lessons still applies. Basically I encouraged white hat strategies, NATURAL link building, good on-page SEO, and not gaming Google. IF anything, thse things are even more important now, as they continue to get better at determining which sites are legit and authoritative. Google+ is also currently a good thing to tie into your overall SEO strategy.

    16. Mauro

      Great tips!!
      It amazing the information I just learned here.
      I have a MAC and Traffic Travis is not comparable. What would you suggest for a MAC?

    17. Kenyon Clarke

      Awesome tips Eric

      thanks for that.

      What would you suggest for someone who is competing against one of the big boys of your local market (I’m in New Zealand) and you really, really want to knock them off the page for that particular search term.

      thanks in advance.

      1. Micah

        Hello Kenyon,

        You might want to focus on some longer tail keywords. We aren’t always going to be able to compete for highly general terms, but we do often win out with longer, more specific ones!

    18. Hermine

      People telling me that search engine optimisation is dead or business is dying,
      do you think Google is trying to stop SEO?
      How to do SEO for Your Website – The latest addition to my weekly read

      1. Micah

        Hello Hermine,

        While Google will continually update their algorithm, they will still look for ways to serve up the best results for searches. SEO might not always follow the same rules, but will still be around.


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