Arbitrage Conspiracy Review

By | December 9, 2008

UPDATE: This review is now outdated, and I do NOT recommend this product any longer. Additionally, the feedback I received from my readers who purchased this product was generally negative. Apparently the sellers did not deliver what was promised. I initially supported this product after attending their live presentation in Vegas, which in my opinion was high quality. I even went so far as to defend it in some of my comments below. But these guys let me down, so I’m sorry I recommended it. I am leaving this review here for informational purposes only. I have removed links to their site from this review.


While we’ve seen a handful of “big” product launches in the Internet Marketing arena in 2008, this one will probably be remembered as the biggest.

It’s got a bigger “hook” ($100k a day) and more gurus promoting it than anything I’ve ever seen.

So before I jump into the nitty gritty, let me make a few things clear…

1) I was at the Vegas “invite only” event, where they unveiled Arbitrage Conspiracy. No I didn’t pay $10k to be there, but I could see why they would have charged that much.

2) There is no way to review the product in its entirety, because it’s going to be a 12 week course. In other words, no one has actually “seen” the product. So I can only base this review upon the content that was presented in Vegas, combined with what they are saying the product is going to be.

3) Everyone at the Vegas event signed an NDA, so I can’t reveal many of the details. However, some of the details have now been made public by the makers of the product, so I can talk about those things. Also, I am certainly able to give you my opinions about the content I received in Vegas, without revealing specifics.

OK, so I’m actually going to start with the bottom line, and then I’m going to go into more depth to justify my opinion…

Bottom line: I am fully recommending the Arbitrage Conspiracy product/program for anyone who understands what it’s about and is interested in scaling their PPC campaigns to high levels.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me tell you the good, the bad, and how I came to my conclusion.

In case you’re not yet familiar with the Arbitrage Conspiracy story, and the characters behind it, let me fill you in…

It’s about a guy named Aymen (last name withheld), who is reportedly making between $50k-$100k per day NET profit using PPC (pay per click). His main method is promoting offers from CPA (cost per action/acquisition) networks which pay per lead generated.

Aymen works with two other guys on this business, one of whom is a partner in the business. They have requested to remain anonymous, but I did meet one of them in Vegas. He was a very nice Christian guy… I wish I could tell you more about him, as he is proof positive that this business can be conducted with integrity.

The guy who is essentially “bringing” the Arbitrage Conspiracy to the world is Brad Fallon, a recognizable name in the Internet Marketing world. You may know him from such things as StomperNet, Free IQ, etc.

The first question a lot of people may have is… is this for real? After all, $100k per day is a lot, right?

And IF it’s real… then why would Aymen be revealing his methods to the world?

To answer the first question, I will say yes it’s real. I’ve seen their commission statements with my own eyes. But more than that, it’s really not as unbelievable as a lot of people may think. There are a lot of people making that much money; there are just not very many who are teaching how to do it.

A couple months ago, a product was launched by a guru who made $2 Million last year from PPC. It was touted as the greatest PPC revelation of all time. Now these guys come along who are making more than that every month. It’s only a matter of time before the next PPC guru comes along and says he’s making over $1M per day. The Internet IS that big, and it will happen.

To answer the second part of the question (why would he teach it?) is a little more complicated. The most frequent answer you’ll likely find is: because he wants to give back.

I’m sure that’s true, as Aymen and his associates are nice guys… but this obviously isn’t merely a philanthropic endeavor. After all, there are plenty of ways to give back to the world, other than revealing your trade secrets to your competitors.

The obvious ulterior motive is to make more money selling the program. And with a launch of this magnitude, plenty of money will be made.

The other ulterior motive (although publicly mentioned by Amen in an interview) may be less obvious: Aymen is starting a CPA network and wants to train an army of super affiliates to promote his offers.

So hopefully that satisfies everyone’s desire for a reason why.

Now, the most important part…

Can they really teach you how to replicate their success?

Yes, I believe they can. When I produced The Next Internet Millionaire, I learned from Kris Jones (founder of PepperJam), that a successful Internet business can be built in three steps:

1) Find something that works. (period)
2) Replicate it. (period)
3) Scale it. (period)

It’s an ancient formula, and it’s been applied by many people to PPC since its inception. For example, Kris made $1M in one year from PPC arbitrage before starting the Pepperjam Network to scale his business to the next level.

So the CONCEPT is not new. All Aymen has done is taken a successful PPC model (developed largely by his own trial and error), replicated it, and scaled it into a $100k/day business.

And generally speaking, the business model is not new either. In fact, PPC arbitrage has been one of the most taught methods in this niche for the past several years. There are countless ebooks on ClickBank teaching it (I was initiated into it by Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash ebook years ago).

So what’s different about this?

It really comes down to the specific combination of tools and techniques that they are using to thrive in today’s market. Research is fundamental to their success.

Aymen and his team are truly on the bleeding edge of technology as it applies to their business. They have formulated a systematic approach to research, PPC implementation, landing pages, conversion, and every other element.

They’ve been able to leverage their system to the point that they only work part time (a few hours a day) in order to achieve the results they are getting. In my opinion, that’s impressive!

Their system is so good that it caused virtually everyone in attendance (including myself) to drop their jaws in awe of what they had presented to us.

OK so now it’s time for me to tell you what I DON’T like…

This is somewhat difficult to say, because I don’t want to tick off my friends who are launching this product. However, if I didn’t say it, this wouldn’t be Eric’s Tips. 🙂 If all I said were the same things as all the other “gurus” then you might was well unsubscribe from my newsletter right now, because you obviously don’t need more of the same hype.

I have a problem with the way they are positioning the course for newbies. For example, these are the top 3 bullet points on their current landing page:

“How he got started with a mere $50!”

“How to get completely set up and open for business in 24 hours!”

“How To Make Massive profits with No Website, No Product and No List”

I understand that a newbie can follow this system, but I do not believe those points are representative of the course as a whole. Although the business is fairly simplistic in nature (buy clicks to earn profits), I think their systems are more complex than they may realize.

Yes, Aymen got started with $50, but he also spent millions of dollars testing and developing his methods. There are also a handful of software and memberships that you will need to buy to implement all the methods.

Yes, you could get a PPC campaign up and running in 24 hours (or 24 minutes for that matter), but that barely scratches the surface of the Arbitrage Conspiracy methods. I consider myself to be an EXPERT, and it would take me a matter of weeks to implement all their techniques.

Yes you could make profits with no website, no product, and no list… but that’s not the emphasis of the program. A lot of their methods use landing pages, and landing pages are part of a website.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that if THOSE are the things that you want to do (start a business with no more than $50 investment, set it up in 24 hours, and make money with no website), then Arbitrage Conspiracy is NOT for you!

You don’t need to invest in a 12-week content-packed course to learn how to do that. You could go buy a $47 ebook on ClickBank and learn the basics of PPC.

So who is this for?

In my opinion, Arbitrage Conspiracy is for anyone who wants to go BEYOND the level I just described above.

It’s for marketers who understand that they have to spend more money on PPC in order to make more profits.

It’s for marketers who are not afraid of embracing new technology and methods.

It’s for marketers who can imagine themselves making $100k a day.

And it’s especially for marketers who already know how to create a profitable PPC campaign. If you fit that description, Arbitrage Conspiracy is a good choice for you, because it will show you how to take those same campaigns and crank them up to the next level, and then to the next level, etc.

Without a doubt, I would say this is the highest level of PPC education ever offered.

Whether you’re an intermediate PPC user, looking to ramp up to the next level, or a Fortune 500 CEO looking to figure out how these Internet geeks are making more money than your entire company… I recommend this course for you.

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments here on the blog.

Have a great day!

346 thoughts on “Arbitrage Conspiracy Review

  1. Rick

    I would rather have Emmanuel doing the presentation than Aymen. Emmanuel does not assume our knowledge as much as Aymen does. Emmanuel is also clearer and not as fast as Aymen. He is also more ordered than Aymen.
    I think the course is improving. Each week seems to be a bit better than the previous. I have the benefit of belonging to a private forum that is dedicated to AC so we do have help from other quarters.
    I will sit through all this course and actually put it into action before I make another comment. I actually really enjoyed this weeks lessons.I will give it a fair test.
    I will leave my comment but I do now believe I was a bit premature.

  2. mark

    Is there anything radically different in this 100k course if someone had already done ppc and the stompernet course? Many ebooks cover the same ground.

  3. Eric Post author

    I’ve never seen it covered in an ebook, and I don’t think it was covered in stomper. The main difference is… other courses tell you how to do PPC, whereas this course tells you how to scale your PPC to a high level.

  4. Dez Futak

    Well, I’ve been doing the course for 5 weeks now, and whilst I can understand how Emmanuel’s presentation & delivery may not appeal to everyone, I *am* impressed with the course in terms of the knowledge & skills it teaching me. Whilst I am quite ‘nerdy’ & am used to doing technical stuff with computers (Google ‘Project Galileo astronomy’ for more info – 1st link), I have learned a huge amount of info on PPC from the course so far. I’m not yet in profit, but I was surprised to find that even with very little effort I managed to generate $75 last month on very few campaigns. I spent nearly $400 on advertising, but I was aware that this would probably be the case & I consider it an investment.

    I have a full-time teaching job so I’m doing the course *very* part-time, and I pesonally enjoy the style of the presentations – though I fully understand how for some people it might ‘grate’.

    I think Emmanuel & Aymen have quite a tough job on their hands too, with some people having little computer experience & others with substantial…plus of course, some people who are already quite experienced PPC/search-engine marketers.

    I’ll keep folks posted with my progress on my website at some point…maybe when my hols come up so I can put more time into the course.

    Although it was a big investment, I fully believe that if I implement everything being taught, I will be able to make some pleasant decisions in 2009 regarding future jobs.

  5. Joe Starrs

    I see there have been no responses from Eric to my previous comments, or from anyone else. Interesting. Why did they stop, with mine as the last submitted Feb 2nd?

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  7. Anna

    Hi Eric,

    I have decided to be a marketer, but sad to say a newbie marketer one. Would it be ok if i’ll ask qns about IM world? I would really appreciate it, once i go along the way.

    God bless…

  8. Anna

    Dez! Newbie here….

    Pls update me of what you learned.
    I need some guides (more like the complete guide, hehe).

    But id appreciate it man.


  9. bev

    It is a load of sh** – the headline states not needing a website or an email list. Guess what they teach in it? How to build an email list and you DO need websites to “ramp up” – yes, a landing page IS a website. It’s to do with the quality score of your adwords.

  10. Eric Post author

    I must not have seen them… I do not check this thread regularly any more.

  11. Eric Post author

    sure thing. I suggest going through my free lessons, then ask questions in the comment area if needed.

  12. Eric Post author

    I agree about the headline, which is why I mentioned it in my review.

  13. Andy, Send Flowers To Singapore

    At the launch of Arbitrage Conspiracy, I seriously considered the course and even bounced the idea off a friend to see if he’d like to split the course fee.

    Good thing he wasn’t hot about it, and I wasn’t 100% comfortable with the entire presentation to be honest. It’s too hyped up with all the building up, that makes me concerned. Everything seemed just ‘too easy’.

    I have alot of respect for Brad Fallon for his work in StomperNet and the free high quality SEO stuffs he has given away. I must say, his image in my mind has somewhat been tainted since AC being the front guy for the launch.

    I had the same qs one other member highlighted earlier, ie, somehow the maths just didn’t seem add up, $100k/day and selling a $2k course consuming so much resources. Had Aymen been more upfront about his CPA plan (which yes, he did mention), it would have helped imho.

  14. Karen

    An AC update – wk 11: they have a forum now, but won’t allow negativity. I’ve spent about $1000 on PPC costs and earned less than $200. They ARE teaching AC like we are all newbies at everything, but their support is non-existent for anything you don’t “get” or individual issues. Mine include a POOR history in my adwords acct (from loosing money trying it years ago) which keeps my impressions low and bid prices high. History affects your quality scores and impacts how affiliate networks treat you too (also being rejected by Hydra and others.)

    Since I didn’t jump on getting a refund before the cutoff, now I have to prove I’ve loaded up 2 offers per day, which is incentive to keep trying. But I guess I was “suckered” with the sales copy myself. I agree that this is NOT 2006 and PPC only pays off today when you find that good offer (accidently) and keep squeezing out/arbitraging over the other suckers trying it too. Not that PPC is dead, but only those with guts and money can succeed at it. I learned from this course and needed to learn the tricks to tracking and bidding, but the odds are against us – unless you make friends with a smart affililate mgr and they give you tips on the best offers BEFORE they get old.

  15. Earl

    I went ahead and invested in Arbitrage Conspiracy, completed the 12 weeks course, following all the instruction they gave. I launched over 170 campaigns and lost $$$. The AC forum survey shows that over 75% of all subscribers lost “alot” of money. Still, AC’s Money Back Guarantee will not apply to most, since the key condition was that students “crank” on average 2 campigns per day for 12 weeks straight, or you cannot apply for the 100% money back Guarantee (#2) + $500 (just for trying…).

    Well, I actually did this, and sent them by e-mail at a .pdf file of my logins. They refuse to respond to my inquiries (7 e-mails and counting within the past week…).

    Do you have any suggestions on how I can get my money back or who I can contact? Unfortunately, AC does not publish an address or phone # (just a P.O. Box in the USA, even though the 2 instructors live in Toronto…).

    Thanks in advance for your (or anyone else’s) advice!


  16. Earl

    Hi Karen,

    See my comment below – it appears they are not planning on honoring the Money Back Guarantee #2 (as I’ve already sent in my proof and they refuse to respond to my multiple e-mails). I tried to post this on the Forum and they did not post it… no surprise.

  17. Sam

    Here are some of my comments. I posted these in another blog.

    Its nothing but recycled material with upsells to buy other products… some that do not even work as advertised. It was not worth the price at all.

    Being told to crank offers all day and the money will come just does not work. I hope others do not fall for the hype down the road.

    Has anyone gotten a refund?

    Another thing worth mentioning is the testimonials request they have ongoing. It’s completely unethical to bribe people for a testimonial which they are doing in this case by offering money, cameras etc.

    I am certain these testimonials will be used in the next release to get people to signup therefore scamming people out of a boatload of money again.

    In this case people were asked to write in or video their best testimonial and they could win a prize if their testimonial was selected as one of the best.

    It does not take a genius to figure out that people will write anything to win the prize. Therefore the testimonials could be bogus.

    I could go on more about why this course is a rip off..

    I would say if we do not hear back about a refund the next step might be to contact the FTC or equivalent consumer protection agency in Canada and file a complaint.

  18. Sam

    Interestingly if you Google Brad and try to go to his site Google has flagged it with “Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!”

    Somewhat ironic given what has happened to most people that followed him about the course.

  19. Goran

    I GOT A REFUND!!!Thanks to my AMEX card. I knew that if I was not satisfied with the course that it would take a miracle to get my money back that’s why I saved the link to their “guarantee” and faxed it over to my credit card company. (AMEX is the best to use for these situations plus it also helps if you charge over 100k on their card annually).
    I bought the course because I wanted to see if there really were any methods unknown to me that these guys used in order to create better PPC campaigns.
    MOST and I mean MOST of the campaigns on PPC networks peddle garbage services and products that CHEAT people out of their money. During the course there were numerous examples where they used “email submits” and how they offer legit rewards for people who give up their emails. I tested one of these out FULLY and IT DOES NOT WORK. They capture or try to capture your info and sell it to the highest bidder. You will have to close your email account because of junk mail and time spent trying to get out of it will not be worth the “$25 gift card” they promise you will get.
    Products like “acai berry” need no introduction especially after some unfavorable press came out based on companies who sell these products and charge customers repeatedly without giving them and option to cancel.
    PPC business can work if you or the company you represent is ethical and legitimate business that doesn’t screw people out of their money. The bottom line is if you promote junk products and set up PPC campaigns Google AdWords will blacklist your account. Since I run several online companies and use Gmail, Google Checkout, etc I DO NOT want to ruin my chances by pedaling garbage and put my legitimate businesses in jeopardy.
    The course does have a few key points and good techniques to use if you are an online marketer but they go about it in the wrong way. It definitely is not worth the 2k they are charging. Even though I had made a few bucks (about $165), the time it took and money spent was not worth it. I honestly don’t feel good taking a $35 commission on a weight loss product that will not help the customer, screw them out of their money, and waste their time. I had about $65 of earned commission with which I DO NOT want and told them they can keep. After the course was done and I was down about $50 and decided to ask for a refund. After waiting a few weeks I finally got their 18 page “verification” form making sure I did all they asked. They wanted access to my accounts like Adwords which shares passwords with my personal email, and checkout information. WOW, this was not happening especially by AC. This prompted me to call AMEX and tell them to do an investigation and refund my money based on bad business practices and failing to meet their guarantee. I got a call last week from AMEX stating that they will be issuing my refund which of course made me happy and saved me from going further and wasting my time trying to get my money from AC.
    I hope this helps and gives you more insight in what AC really is and hopefully you can get your refund if you bought the course. Good luck on that extra $500 they offer as part of their 125% “iron clad” promise.
    Feel free to contact me via linked in and inquire about any specifics. I do have the whole course on my comp that I downloaded as an insurance policy in case they felt like screwing me out of my money.

  20. Sam

    Thanks I just sent you an invite via linkedin.

    I have the huge report they want filled out documenting everything I did after each day etc.. Like you I don’t want to give them my logins to all my accounts.

  21. Rick

    Well I finished the AC course and I have never in my life wasted such a large amount of money. Every week was a pitch fest for software with even some lessons purely dedicated to those who bought the software. Their forum is a laugh. Every comment is moderated so there’s no chance of negativity or even constructive criticism.
    I sent them an email to outline my grievances but this was met with silence.
    I tried to get my money back but to no avail. I now hear they are going to do another course but for less $$. They must be joking. How about giving some of their initial guinea pigs back some of their fees.I am still spitting chips at such a huge loss for such a pile of garbage.
    Spend your money with Gauher. The quality is there not with AC which is a pure joke and I am sure they joked all the way to the bank.
    This is my first and last big ticket item. All the hype from people I trusted got me in, but never again.

  22. RB

    I think it is absolutely ok to monetize your work as long as you’re honest and upfront about what you are doing. Why shouldn’t he benefit from the labour and hardwork put into building a blog like this? I personally saw the lessons too, and I have to say a lot of work and effort must have gone into compiling them, and lord knows what else is to come if they actually to go up to #120. Bottomline – Business is business and nothing is wrong with that. If we are getting a value-packed exchange then why complain or judge?

    I personally have been cheated many times, and must say that Eric is the most honest genuine down to earth internet marketer I have encountered. In his lessons, when he provides his referral links, he makes it clear that they are his and we have the option of using them. Nobody is forced to and that is made clear from the beginning. Will I use those referral links? Of course, because he has earned my trust, and to me that is different from being brainwashed and misled by a lot of the get rich quick garbage that is out there today.

    I know he is a Christian (I’m a Deist by the way), but I don’t get a vibe of him using that to market his stuff. In fact Christians’ reputations are going to mud as we speak because of a lot of the religious scams out there right now. I think it is as he said, he downplays his Christian background, because that is his personal belief, and he knows not everybody that subscribes to him shares those beliefs or background. I think that is fair and reasonable.

    To Eric – don’t mind the cynics; just see with us, because the reality is there are a lot of dishonest people out there and a lot of us are tired of being doublecrossed by them.

    We are not lazy, in fact I am sure that most of us are very hardworking people in the offline world that are tired of not seeing any true benefits for our endless efforts.

    We just don’t like to be cheated out of our hardearned money. I am sure that if marketers/gurus were just honest and straightforward from jump on their sales page about all the hard facts, I am sure (not all) but a good portion of us would still be willing to sign up upon knowing what we are fully getting ourselves into and what will be truly expected of us (provided we have the capital to of course). In fact if these gurus could only see the truth in that, I am sure they would be earning ten times more than they are earning now, and losing less money to refunds or people discrediting them because of their bad experiences.

    I don’t think you should be blamed or held responsible for the quality of any product your provide a review for, because it is not your product, and you try to be very straight forward in your reviews. Even if it is a friend thing, I am sure people who have their blogs or social networks would promote their friends too, so again I don’t see the wrong in this.

    With that said, cheers and all the best in your future pursuits upon leaving the IM world!

  23. RB

    My comments are in reference to Eric as an Internet Marketer not the course being reviewed on this page.

  24. Mike

    I did some research on Brad Fallons site, the central figure behind the launch of AC. Turns out they did 7 million in sales!! Can you believe that!

    The people promoting this course never even looked at it because it did not exist until the course started. Yet they had us all believing it would be great. I have lost all respect for these snake oil sales men and will never buy anything from them again.

  25. Jim

    Arbitrage Conspiracy is the biggest scam in IM history. Pure garbage start to finish. Eric, you should back out of this as gracefully as possible, it makes you look like a complete fool.

  26. Eric Post author

    As mentioned in the review, I reviewed it based on the live presentation that I attended, which was great in my opinion.

    Because of the comments of readers such as yourself, I will not be recommending it again, even though they are doing a re-launch.

  27. cpa ninja

    i would be interested who told you aymen adopted his techniques from gaugher other than gaugher.

  28. Robinbird

    Ok people LISTEN UP
    If you are a Newbie who has between $1000 and $2000 to spend on Pay Per Click instruction, why not do this…. why not find someone who is DOING this successfully, get their help to tutor you, help you get set, etc, with half upfront, half when it pays off?

    Or… instead of jumping into this all upfront $1797 package, get started with books, free online help, etc and see a a smaller cost if the basic work involved is something you are up to, and like enough to put the effort into learning. Eric seems to be way too possitive about this, and admits his “friends” have put out the program…. newbies should not buy this, period. (As a computer tech, I see the learning curve, which even Eric admits is something for the more experienced and funded….not for the broke newbie.

    These kinds of pricey info products (I’ll show you how for a few grand!) ARE get rich quick deals alright… FOR THE SELLERS of the program!
    Steer clear…

    My two cents —

  29. Walt

    I am listening… But I don`t hear a thing.

    And now without kidding. I actually heard of some very solid and positive results of people who knew nothing about net marketing and made it happen for themselves. Thanks to the Arbitrage Conspiracy. What about that then?

    I own the course myself. And, if ANYONE thinks it is anywhere near to easy making $100,000.00 per day whit WHATEVER it is you do you need to go see a doctor.

    The course gives it all to you on a silver platter. Those who never made it started to filter their frustrations by kicking at the system. The system never fails. It was and always is the people giving up on it too early or to easy.

  30. Walt

    That is not a nice thing to say on both occasions. What makes you the expert?

  31. Nicholas Conspirator Mancini

    I have been and AM a member of Arbitrage Conspiracy.

    Yes you need to work and crank campaigns until you get the ones that produce, YES you need to spend (invest) money on PPC, Yes you can fail, Yes you can make good money and I do not mean small change.

    BUT you and only you can make that happen. Capishe? Aymen is not an illiterate like most gurus are (sorry but that is a reality)Aymen offers a system ont a magic button, if you have $500 to $2000 spare money to burn on PPC (plus money to pay for the course GO for it) The course should start in a month and hear that only a few will get in. lat time there were so many frustrated when the doors closed…

    Or forget about it and keep buying Gurus “Crapolla” and be happy because you get what you pay for. Period.

    “What Aymen of Arbitrage Conspiracy is going to announce shortly will be The News of 2009 in Internet Marketing. Nobody has ever come close to what will be unleashed, and many people will be shocked to their very core”

  32. Tim

    Has anyone seen the latest pdf sales copy? It is the most ultra super mega hyped sales copy of megalomaniacal proportions I’ve ever seen. But that’s what we are educated to produce, is it not? Let’s face the reality and be totally honest, it’s all about conning and manipulating people to hand over all their money. The other reality is that you have to spend mega dollars and every waking moment to achieve the desired results, you pay with your freedom and your life. Corruption is not an option if you want to be successful in today’s world, it is a necessity. AC set the benchmark.

  33. rosalind

    Hi Pete,

    You did an excellent job spelling out the trenches most honest hardworking immeers fall into – time frame to get something set up including the costs vary from person to person. I for one will not be able to do so at $50 as I need to outsource it (I am not a techqie), there again, not everyone has deep pockets for upgrades like memberships and software additions. Also many would hesitate to spend more when the first is not showing results yet. Call this conservative but the internet world is a cyber space where crooks lurk.
    Bottom line, to each his own by exercising care and wisdeom when subscrbing to programes. Thank you for allowing me to share.

  34. Daveka

    I was involved in Arbitrage Conspiracy. I put some serious time, effort and money into it but to no avail. The course seemed reasonable enough but I was never able to generate any real results using the techniques taught.

    I abandoned the whole effort and I would not recommend it to others.

  35. Mike

    Arbitrage Conspiracy is the biggest IM rip-off in history. Stay away from this garbage unless you really enjoy throwing a lot of money away.

  36. Sorin

    Thank you for your warning.
    As a beginner in this business and with so much information out there, it’s not easy to find the real information. And when you start in this business and get burnt by something like this, you’re most likely to give up and try to find something else.

  37. Tom Justin

    I’ve enjoyed many of your tips and found you to be generous, not always selling something. But even a casual search about this product shows SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, and you are really blowing it by being associated in any way with this.

  38. Micah

    Here is an earlier comment from Eric:

    “As mentioned in the review, I reviewed it based on the live presentation that I attended, which was great in my opinion.
    Because of the comments of readers such as yourself, I will not be recommending it again, even though they are doing a re-launch.”

  39. John Jack

    I am very disappointed with Aymen, and the whole arbitrage conspiracy crew. I was an original member and honestly this guy is so out of integrity that its ridiculous. Not only does the site not work any more but people who bought the middle man system got the same garbage system from before. Seriously he talked a lot of good game but at the end of the day what he did was wrong.

    Not impressed and someone who rips people off will get what he deserves in the end. That is all i have to say.

  40. Sher

    Hi Eric,
    Thank you for your time and information. Where would you suggest the newbies go to get a quick start and start earning money on line? It doesn’t have to be a lot of money but there are people in need. They are trying to save their homes from foreclosure and trying to support their families. Some are retireds that don’t earn enough on SS to even get by so they are looking for a way to earn an income with out hitting the streets and punching a clock again. It’s not fair to assume they are lazy as supposed by some. Many have lost their jobs through no fault of their own and are seriously looking for income. Ok, you seem like a guy with a heart so where do they start? I’ve found if you supply the needs of others your needs will be supplied as well.
    I do realize this is not the case with all that want to do internet marketing. Some have plenty of money and just want more and more but I chose to remember the people in need and there are many out there now. Will you direct us all to a good starting place?

  41. Micah

    Hello Sher,

    We recommend that you hang in there with Eric’s free video lessons here at Eric’s lessons have helped many people to go from beginners, to successful online business owners!

    If you’re interested in marketing, you might also want to take part in Eric’s coaching club:

    Eric, Paul, and Jeff are expert marketers. They will be a great resource for you!


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