If you want to put audio on your website…you need a microphone!

By | March 14, 2006

Edition #29 – 3/15/2006

Ok I guess it should go without saying, that you need a microphone if you want to put your voice on your website. However, after launching my special firesale yesterday I realized I might have put the cart before the horse.

The sale contains several items involving audio, but after thinking about it, I decided that a lot of people probably don’t have a microphone yet. In fact I’m sure of it, because just a few weeks ago I didn’t even have one!

The good news is, it’s easier than ever to get a microphone and start using it. The one I’ve got is the Logitech Digital USB Desktop Voice Chat Microphone. It’s literally plug and play. I took it out of the package, plugged it into a USB slot and started recording immediately. I think Windows automatically installed a driver, but there was no software to install or anything.

I paid about $30 for mine, but I see you can pick it up right now for $17.99 at Buy.com with free shipping.

If you’re planning on using your microphone for gaming or phone (VOIP) then you might want to go with a headset model instead. I’ve already got a headset for my phone, so I went with the Logitech upright model because it was simple and looked cool. I’ve been very happy with it, and I would recommend it if you want to start recording your voice to use on your websites.

2 thoughts on “If you want to put audio on your website…you need a microphone!

  1. Gaida

    Hi Eric,
    We have Logitech Premium USB Headset 350. The microphone can be easily slid up out of way if you are only wanting to listen to music.

    Just plug USB connector into USB port and it will launch Add New Hardware. We also have a 4 USB port which plugs into back of computer and sits in front so you can easily plug in your microphone or other equipment without having to drag anything out every time you need to plug something in.

  2. Jim

    You made the right decision on a USB input mic (as opposed to mics that input into the eighth inch input directly om your sound card.) Now, let’s get going with some video too!


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