Eric’s Wisdom Tooth Marketing Sale

By | March 13, 2006

Edition #28 – 3/13/2006

I just got back from having my four wisdom teeth removed, and I’m having a special “members only” firesale to celebrate the occasion (and to help pay my surgery bills).

An announcement was just sent out to the members of “Eric’s Tips” along with the URL to this private sale. Only the first 50 people will be able to take advantage of this offer, so if you’re a member of Eric’s Tips, go check your email and then act fast!

If you’re not a member of Eric’s Tips, then you should join now so that you don’t miss out on these type of opportunities in the future!

OK, I’m going to lay on the couch now, and for once NO I will not be on my laptop working…

One thought on “Eric’s Wisdom Tooth Marketing Sale

  1. Edna Jones

    Hi Eric: I would like ro receive the free Writing Cash Program. I am in the process of having my website developed. I already have a microphone.


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