Belize Mission Trip Update

By | June 25, 2010

I just returned from a mission trip to Belize, and I’m happy to report that it went well.

First I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who contributed toward the trip either through donations, or by supporting my recent product launch. In addition to paying for this trip, we have now given over $42,700 to missionaries as a result of these online fundraisers.

It was my third trip to work with LOL Ministry in Belize. You can read about the 1st trip and 2nd trip on my blog if you’re interested.

Here’s some of what the trip entailed…

We had the privilege of removing 1600 tree “braces” and concrete forms which were used while constructing the 2nd floor of the orphanage building. (Below is my brother-in-law Micah, whom you may know from Push Button Marketer, or from my helpdesk)


Here’s me pouring sand into a mixer as we made concrete for a flight of stairs. Doing this in the sweltering heat and humidity pretty much kicked my butt and I was sick with heat exhaustion for awhile that night.


It takes a long time to build something like this in the jungle. The building is coming along nicely…


Two of the first orphans taken in by the ministry. We’re doing this for them!


We also hiked into one of the most remote villages in southern Belize. There is no road to it, and it is a long muddy hike to get there. We brought 20 fishing rod/reel combos with us, and gave them to the men of the village, along with putting on a fishing clinic.


Most of them had not seen modern fishing gear before. They really appreciated it, and there was much smiling and laughter as they learned how to fish. It was a great thing to see in a village that has often been marked by hopelessness.


It was a good opportunity to interact with the villagers. It was my 2nd trip to this village, and the fishing clinic proved to be a successful relationship building tool for the ministry we were working with.


Only a couple people caught fish during the clinic, but this guy caught 11 of them! Some people are just born fishermen, like me 😉


My favorite picture: the fisherman’s son holding the afternoon’s catch…


I got to catch a few fish too!


A soccer game with the villagers. A little taller grass than we were accustomed to playing on, but it was a blast.


We ate our meals in the chairman of the village’s house…


The chairman’s wife and one of his daughters…


Our group along with the chairman’s family in front of his house…


Again, thanks to all who helped make this happen!

I will be in the mountains this weekend with my wife, celebrating our 11th anniversary. But please feel free to leave comments, and I will read them when I return.

Have a great day!

126 thoughts on “Belize Mission Trip Update

  1. Henry Katongole

    Thanks for the good job. This looks awesome. I’m praying for the day you will come to Africa.Really You and your group are an inspiration to us all. The world would be a better place if more people where like you.




    Your information is always impressive. The fact that you are reaching out like this on mission work is true sign of your giving “nature”.

    I had a friend just return from there a few months ago.

    You’re obviously a great guy.

    Thanks for all you do.

    I’d love to talk with you a bout JVing on something and putting our heads together in a way that we’d give a portion of the sales proceeds to your mission work.

    Just shoot me a note if you feel like it.

    Take care.


  3. Murray J Greene

    Fantastic Eric! I spent 12 years in Papua New Guinea doing exactly what you did in Belize, and I can really share in your excitement and joy in doing for and sharing with the indigenous people of these out of reach places. They most certainly have a lifestyle we can only dream about and they teach us not to want so much and have a lifestyle based on need rather than want. Your pictures brought back many happy memories for me. Thanks for sharing. Incidently I hope to do more of this myself once my IM is up and running. That is my goal!

  4. Wilf

    great job Eric, it is people like yourself and members of your ministry that help and motivate others to strive for and achieve great and meaningful accomplishments in their lives.

    thanks, keep up the awesome work.

  5. Wilf

    Oh, i love Eric’s tips as well and i look forward to your every email.
    thanks Again

  6. paul robin

    Hi eric,
    You did a great job for the society. Really it’s required towards needy.God bless you & uor industry. Better life ,Better world.

  7. Daniel Vlad

    Eric, great to read about your wonderful report in Belize. I just got to read it today. Keep up the good work, you are a true inspiration to many. When and where is your next trip? God’s blessings on you and your wonderful family. Take care…

  8. Dee Dreyer

    Eric, what a wonderful thing you are doing here! You have a dear heart and may good things always be on your side!

  9. Ken Lengel


    It’s great to see someone else doing missionary work is in Internet Marketing. I am busy with missions and helping our church build a new building. With credit tough these days, churches need 50% of a loan to start building.

    I have a question about your Miracle Bot Strategy and wasn’t sure where to post it. Please contact me via my email address if you could. I need your help. Thanks, God Bless!

  10. Eric Post author

    Thanks Ken. Please submit a ticket at my helpdesk and we’ll do our best to answer your question. Reference this blog post.

  11. sanyaolu

    Assurely,i am impressed with your missionary work.However i pray God will continue his blessing on your life, and mine too.Truely,it’s a good experience in one’s life.

  12. Belize Trip

    Excellent pictures as you can see the expression of happiness of those people, particularly children who will have a hard life my congratulations for their aid projects and many blessings and we hope to go forward with these activiadades that people are much needed

  13. Steve Troutman

    Hi Eric,

    I have a question I hope you can answer for me. I go to a church here in Whitesboro, New York. The pastor has been preaching lately about serving two masters and that if I have dreams of a better life and goals outside serving God I am doing wrong. He says you can’t serve two masters. I want to serve God and do the right thing, but I also want a better life for myself and my family. I really want to have a thriving internet business and serve God too. What are your thoughts on this subject?

    Thanks fo the help.

    Take Care,

  14. Eric Post author

    Good question. First I would say that desiring a “better” life, building a business, and serving God are not mutually exclusive.

    John 10:10 says Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Does that abundance mean a lot of money? Not necessarily. “Life” in this context refers to spiritual life. But your desire to have a more abundant life may very well be a God given desire. So I would start by realizing that you already have the “best” life if you know God, and you can find satisfaction in him.

    Next, there is nothing inherently wrong with building a business and making money. The Bible has many good examples of people who did so successfully.

    The Bible also instructs us to be good stewards, and for me- Internet marketing has been the most prosperous thing I’ve set my hand to. I’ve lost money on many various investments, but I’ve virtually always increased my money with Internet marketing.

    God is not against us making money. What God cares about is our hearts. If we are serving him with our hearts and lives, then making lots of money is not a problem.

    You need to make God the master, and give him ownership of all of your money by honoring him through Biblical tithing and offerings. In this way, you are serving him WITH your money, and advancing the work of his kingdom as a result of your business.

    That having been said, running a successful internet business can be a minefield for a Christian. As the Bible says, the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil- and those sorts of evil WILL come knocking. It seems that virtually all highly successful business people have to face greed, lust, deceit, and pride. It is a battle, and the ungrounded Christian can easily fall. The internet seems to only accentuate these temptations!

    So walk humbly (Mic 6:8), and seek FIRST the kingdom of God (Matt 6:33). Be faithful in small things (Luke 16:10), and God may entrust you with more.

    To answer your question, YES it is possible to serve God and have a profitable online business at the same time.

  15. Claude

    Hello Eric.

    May you be blessed tenfold for all you are giving to those less fortunate than we are. Being a Christian myself I have enjoyed God being my best friend and the One I lean on whenever I need help. I was in the football stadium of the University of Notre Dame when I really felt God’s presence and that He was here to be my best friend. I was 14 yrs old. Since then I have been trying hard to share that same message with others. I feel very honored That He came to me that day and now once again He has blessed me in guiding me to you. Because of the fact that I need a second income to enhance the meager disability check I receive each month, I truly believe that this is God’s wish. That you will help me by giving me the resources I need to make money on-line. God bless you Eric


    Timmins, Ont.Canada

  16. pauline

    wow these people are finaly getting feed they do not bath thats disgaraceful i will do some thing about it my husband is 20 and i am to we both were born on the same day and my husband is the president of the usvi and we wiil shirely send some cloyhing for u all love and live very good


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