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By | May 28, 2011

Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. In fact it’s been well over a month since I sent out a broadcast email to Eric’s Tips subscribers, and a few months since I’ve posted a video lesson– if you’re a subscriber you’ll know that’s uncharacteristic of me.

Yesterday I received an email from a friend asking if I was OK. So in case you were curious too; I am mostly OK, and I’ll try to post an update in the near future with a bit more info about what I’ve been up to (or not) lately 🙂

Today I’m pleased to announce a new coaching club that I’m launching, along with my partners Jeff Wellman and Paul Counts.

Introducing the Real Coaching Club

It’s no exaggeration to say that people have been asking me for coaching for years. And for years I’ve refrained from offering coaching, for a few reasons.

For one, I have a successful online business, and make enough money already. To be a good steward of my time, I’d have to charge a lot of money for it.

Then, even if I charged a high price for my time, I still wouldn’t be able to allocate much time to the coaching. With a wife, 4 kids (5 soon), and other God-given ambitions in life, there just isn’t any “extra” time.

I considered doing what I’ve seen other successful marketers do– outsource the coaching.

In theory, it’s the perfect solution. I’m a big believer in outsourcing, and I think most elements of an online business can and should be outsourced.

But I just couldn’t do it in this situation. As a customer of many marketing-related products, I’ve been solicited to join coaching programs in the past.

I’ve received phone calls from so-called coaches, who used high-pressure sales tactics in an effort to get me to join. The prices seemed high, ranging from thousands of dollars all the way into the 5-figure zone. It seemed clear to me that these “coaches” were much more interested in getting my money, then they were in helping me make money.

As a successful marketer and product vendor, I’ve also been solicited by the coaching companies who want me to integrate their services into my business. It’s an attractive offer. All I would have to do is give them my customer lists, and they do all the work and send me a check for 40% of what they bring in!

They position it as a value-added service for my customers. It’s also private label, which means the coaches would appear to be my personal representatives. On paper, it’s a great deal. But I’ve not been willing to stake my reputation on any of the coaching companies that I’ve encountered.

I’m not willing to let them use their high pressure tactics on my customers, and charge exorbitant prices on my behalf.

A better solution would probably be to hire my own in-house coaches and personally train them. I’m not really interested in doing that, but even if I did… it brings up yet another sticking point:

Who would you rather be coached by…

A) Someone who has merely been trained to be a coach and makes an hourly wage for their coaching?

B) Someone who has successfully achieved what you are trying to achieve (and knows how to teach/coach it)?

It’s important to note here that we’re talking about building a profitable online business, which is a fairly specialized endeavor. There are some types of coaching in which this type of specialized knowledge is not needed.

For example, you might gain a lot of benefit from the motivation and accountability of a “life coach”. But no amount of motivation and accountability will result in a profitable online business if you don’t know how to build one.

So if you want to be coached in your effort to build a successful online business, I recommend being coached by someone who has built a successful online business.

Finally, I’ve found an ideal solution.

After partnering with Jeff and Paul on a recent product launch, the three of us came to the conclusion that we could utilize our partnership to create a group coaching program for our customers.

Since it’s group coaching (not one-on-one), we can leverage our own time to help more people simultaneously. And since there are three of us sharing the responsibilities, we can create a sustainable program in which we are personally doing the coaching.

Unlike outsourced coaches (who might not have your best interest at heart), and unlike in-house coaches (who may lack specialized knowledge), Paul and Jeff are both successful Internet marketers and excellent teachers who care about your success. I am 100% confident about putting my customers into their hands.

Paul and Jeff are known in this industry for being marketers with integrity, and I feel that they are a natural extension of my own values.

Likewise, the methods they teach and coach are an extension of the things I teach. This is the “official” coaching program of Eric’s Tips.

By the way, the Real Coaching Club is more than just a coaching program. It’s also a community, where you can network with like-minded people, and help each other along the way to reaching your financial goals.

For more information, please go here:

The Real Coaching Club

Right now we’re offering a special one-month trial, so you can try our coaching club for only $17, with a risk-free money-back guarantee. If you want to save yourself some time and sign up without watching the 20-minute video on the page above, just click here to sign up.

Thanks for checking it out, and I hope to see you on our next coaching webinar.

As always, you are welcome to leave your questions and comments below.

Have a great day!

83 thoughts on “New Coaching Club

  1. jaco

    hey eric.

    thank you for the greaat service you provide. i so look up to you, you HELP so much people, and at the same time doing BUSINESS. i am a very long way from coaching the way you do, but strive everyday towards it. my problem is that i do so much research, but dont take action, and there is so much info on the net, its driving me crazy, but as long as it keeps to be busy,there is a way to make money in it.

    thanks again for your everything and all the best with the new product.

  2. Anatoly Terekhov

    Hi Eric.
    I am glad to see you again. I think your decision progressively.
    Marketing plays the important role in the Internet Business. As the programmer I have created Program System for conducting hundred thousand items on the websites, but would like to study marketing.
    I have spent these months for studying of new directions – to begin the Internet Service Provider (Wireless ISP). This business demands knowledge engineering means of communication, system programs, billing systems, a permanent job with clients. I have carried out tests wireless solution on basis MikroTik equipment and 3G Internet Access Point.
    But for development of marketing it is necessary much steps dialogue process.
    Best regards, Anatoly

  3. martin

    good to see you eric and we need you.. help its all to much hope all is well its like being back att school well i never went lolo but you come over well
    all the best


    Hi Eric,

    thank you for being noticed. I would be interested in coaching is well, but I run my own business too. I have to have time for my customers at very unusual times. Here is my question: Will there be a second chance for a coaching webinar I have missed?

    And will you make a recording of the coaching webinars?
    This would be very interesting for me to know.

    Best regards to you and your family, Siegmar

  5. David

    Hi Eric, I’m glad you are back. The issue with online business here in Nigeria is that Clickbank and Paypal has no provision for us and some of us who don’t like using the back door are left guessing on what could be the way out for this dilema. Will your couching program privide us with an affordable option out of this quackmire? There are other challenges for the non-US residents,but if you are ready to offer sort of customized solutions, then you will have a large market (approx.140 million citizens). I will not only be willing to join the couching program but also be happy affiliate.
    Talk soon.

  6. Chas

    Thank you Eric for your encouragement to keep my eyes on Him. Reflecting on Eph 6:12 I realize that keeping my eyes on Him, and not my circumstances will get me through this time. Blessings to you and yours.

  7. Michaela

    I listen carefully the Video, and I decided to get in mainly because I need some discipline on what I am doing, the info overload sometimes interrupts my flow of work, and I am still week on driving traffic. So I’ll concentrate in the club activities, hoping to correct my weaknesses.
    By the way, in addition to great value you guys offer and overdeliver, what I like the most is the community via Forum.
    Thanks Eric, I’ll be the real club member, I promise…

  8. Mark

    The prospect of a mentor that I can actually trust is exciting. I have bought several of your products in the last couple of years and actually felt you exceeded my expectations. In which you under promise and over deliver is a good thing. Knowing that your a christian, and I believe you are walking it not just talking it, that is extremely important at least to me.
    I’m mid 50’s and was downsized 2 years ago, I was already looking at IM when that happened. I now work at a mini-mart making about a fourth of what I used too. I haven’t made a dime in IM so far. But I know that I’m much closer now than I was 2 years ago so it’s all good. I can afford the 17 dollars for the first month, but the second month and beyond will be rough, unless rapid success. I hope and pray I can get something up and running with your help within a month, making something. My wife thinks this is all a waste of time, because several people she knows tried IM and gave up. I’ve tried to explain to her that I can feel how close I am to making this work. It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle I can see all the pieces just not quite sure how they go yet. I have also told her that if you DO NOT EVER give up, you cannot be defeated by something. I know through Christ all things are possible! With the the help of you 3 as mentors well we’ll just “Git er Done”. May God Bless us all in this endeavor!

  9. Eric Post author

    We are doing two webinars each month. If you can’t make it to the webinar, you can ask your questions ahead of time. We make the recordings of each webinar available to all members so you can watch it on your own time.



    Morning Eric
    I subscribe to your lessons as I’m attempting to find an alternate income to me and my wife’s social security incomes. Have experience many scams and it’s to a point you don’t know who you can trust anymore, so it makes the pain of finding someone that’s willing to GIVE BACK a little and in return God will always, always reward the individual who gives.
    To be truthful I haven open many of your lessons but I have most if not all saved and I promise to go back and review the lessons. Surprising enough the reason I even saved your lessons is because I got an overpowering feeling to do so, as my spirituality let me to you for what I was asking for. All the others, well let’s just put them in the “don’t get involved file”
    I just read your post and was sad to read about the medical condition your experiencing. Since as I mention earlier I had this over powering to get involve with you and your lessons I now feel this energy to let you know there may be an alternate path that may help eliminate your health condition.
    As you may or may not know all things are made of energy it’s just God gave us eyes not to see it, just like you can’t see the energy turn on a light, etc. So is the body made of energy and with corrections emotions and physical pain can be addressed and eliminated. I share this with you because I practice these energy corrections on myself and family but I’m not a practitioner. I got involve because my sister had many illnesses and her doctors were just filling her up with all kinds of pills to where she was taken 29 a day, and for me to believe the body can adjust to that and all the side effects was out of the realm of believability. So I read books and study several types of energy healing. Found two I now work with but the one I like to share with you is the one below I like you to open and review dealing with EFT Tapping. The Chinese have use this form of principle for thousands of years but as time moves on needles have been replaced in the western world of Tapping the Meridian points to overcome just about anything .Open the below site review it and I suggest get a practitioner near you and call and see how they may help you. You can even down load the manual it’s free. I’m confident enough to shear this with you as like yourself I enjoy helping people including my family.
    My Best Wishes and Prays will be with you and Family
    A Student
    Rick Rodino

  11. Renee

    Hi Eric,
    I’ve been a subscriber for nearly 3 years, and this is the first time I am asking for your legal advice. I am recently being bullied by GettyImages to pay them $780 for unlicensed use of one of their images.

    Honestly, before this happened, I was totally unaware that I was illegally using an image on my site, as I had captured it from another site (in fact several sites use this image).

    This was a small new site I had made to temporarily try out a new marketing tactic, and that site probably made no more than $75 total over the last year. In fact, I had already taken the site down for the last 3 months before ever receiving their letter. What should I do?

  12. Eric Post author

    I’m sorry to hear about that. First I must say I am NOT qualified to give legal advice, so this is not legal advice in any way.

    Getty has been known to do this, and if you do a search you can find hundreds of similar stories. My understanding is they use a high tech software to crawl the web and identify their images.

    The sad part is that most infringers are not aware that they were doing anything wrong. They likely outsourced their web design to someone overseas, or got a template, etc.

    It seems evident that this is a part of Getty’s business strategy. Mike Filsaime had a similar experience with Getty which he wrote about several years ago, and he ended up paying them a lot of money.

    While Getty is acting within their legal right, the way they are going after small-time webmasters and marketers is akin to blackmail according to many who have felt threatened and bullied by them.

    In order to get legal advice (let alone legal representation), you’d need to hire a lawyer. But a lawyer would probably cost you in the $500 range just for good advice, and more for representation.

    Therefore hiring a lawyer and fighting it doesn’t make financial sense; it would be better to just pay the settlement.

    So you’ve got a couple options. According to some people who have been accused by Getty, they had good results by ignoring the emails. The idea is that if you reply, you’re on the hook, but if you ignore… maybe they’ll decide it’s not worth their time to pursue you. In such cases, I’ve read some examples where Getty just went away, and others where the person ended up with a collection agency coming after them (and on their credit report). If you were outside the USA, my guess is you’d have a better chance of this working. But in the USA my (completely speculative) guess is that the collection agency route would be more likely.

    Another option is to get in touch with them and try to bargain. For example, you could let them know that you got the image from a source that you trusted (and did NOT rip it off from their site). Let them know that the image has been removed, and has been for months. Let them know that you only made $75 from the site.

    I read one testimony from someone who says if you call Getty on the phone you will have the best chance of an immediate reduced settlement. But only call them if you’re ready to pay what they demand (which may be close to or as much as their original demand).

    If it were me… because of the fact that I have a profitable and reputable business to uphold, I would probably try to go the reduced settlement route rather than risk dodging the bullet.

  13. Irv

    Hi Eric,

    I am a newby who believes there is a huge future in mobile marketing, given the growing stats of people buying more and more using their cell phones, smart phones or ipads. Will your coaching club be a good choice for someone wanting to develop a business marketing to users of mobile devices?

  14. Micah

    Hello Irv,

    The future is definitely very bright for mobile marketing. When you are a member of the coaching club, just send in your mobile questions, and they’ll do their best to help you!

  15. Stephen

    I attempted to sign up for this coaching club at the $17 price, but something went wrong and now it won’t let me sign up for that.

  16. Kay

    Congratulations for the new born, she is really beautiful. Great to see you back; lesson 81, was awesome!
    Regarding Google+, I tried to join, but unfortunately, it is not open to the public yet!?
    Apparently the only way to join now is only when someone with an account invites you… If it’s the case, would you please send me an invite to join?
    Thank you for all your help,
    God bless.


  17. Mary Culshaw

    Hi Eic wonderful congratulations to you both, Tarza is beautiful:-)
    It is good to hear you sounding so much better.
    Dear Eric this is off topic but I don’t know who else might be able to help me. I recently purchased a copy of:
    Mass Profit Formula from Nigel Richards however, when I was sent the download instructions they didn’t work, after trying several times I tried copy and pasting in their instructions which didn’t work. I then sent off several emails, and have had no reply.
    I do find except for a few people such as yourself, it is impossible to make contact with IT Marketers. All I want now is to claim my money back and move on. You did say way back at Erics Tips 1 there really was no need to buy other products, I should have listened. I am wondering if you know how I make contact except through the offered
    If it is not too much trouble could you, or one of your staff send me an email with your reply please? My email is the one noted above.

    Thank you
    Warm Regards
    Mary Culshaw
    Sydney, Australia 05.08.2011 10.18.a.m

  18. Previous

    Hi Eric!

    Thanks Eric. If i may ask, there are 2 products rocking the market at the moment which are:
    1. Commission Domination
    2. Traffic Empire

    What is your honest review of these 2 products, you know what happens with newbies like me is that i cannot make a detailed analysis because of lack of experience.

    If i remember well you made a review of Cash Renegade of which one of the product developers is Andrew X, the same name also appears on Commission Domination developers. So i became really skeptical of the product after this discovery.

    On the same note i do not know about Richard Mantle.

    So kindly send me your personal review of these 2 products;
    Commission Domination and Traffic Empires



  19. sabiti

    eric your tips are amazing they keep on inspiring me again and agian plis say hey to your child and your beautifull wife.
    god bless you

  20. Micah

    Hello Mary,

    We’re sorry to hear about your difficulty with getting support. We recommend that you email him from another address, as it may be that he accidentally marked your initial email as spam, and hasn’t received your follow up emails.

    If you paid via ClickBank, PayPal, or other payment processor, you can apply for a refund directly from them, provided you are still within the refund availability period.

  21. Micah

    Hello Previe,

    Thanks for pointing out the products. We haven’t had a chance to look at either of them yet.

    If Eric feels that it would benefit his readers at this stage, he’ll be sure to do a review.

  22. Adrian Castro

    Hey Eric. I hear you have been struggling with health issues. Sorry to hear about that.

    Look, I am not trying to pitch you and your blog readers anything but if you are sick and tired of being SICK and it is time for a change, send me a private message.

    I have something really GROUNDBREAKING and revolutionary.

  23. Mike G

    I am really one of the thousand others who is looking forward to be coached by You guys!

    This is great!

    Mike G.

  24. Julius Orias

    Hi Eric, I’ve just following your blog for two weeks I guess and I learn so much already. Receiving free e-books and stuff you are really a great IM or mentor here. By the way, I am a believer also myself a christian who inspired by God who created this whole world that we live in. Anyway, I am excited I found your website and your coaching club and I can’t wait to get started.

    Much bless,
    Julius Orias

  25. Barrie Armstrong

    You shine like a light to me,I am one who has been ripped off by a guy who says you can make money ‘while you sleep’ and then ignores one.. chasing more bucks elsewhere.
    Can I please join your group with the Coaching club and get started making money?
    I am an Aussie, 76, quite coherent, operated on for Bladder Cancer and still trying to work out the meaning of life at my age!You guys rock and must be my only REAL chance for progress.
    Lets get positive!!




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