Day Job Killer – Is it Hype or Help?

UPDATE: This product is now outdated, and I do not recommend it any longer. Additionally, I have removed the links from this article. To get the most up-to-date information and recommendations, please join my free newsletter.

Edition #110 – 2/4/2007

If you’re subscribed to very many marketing newsletters, your inbox is about to be totally clogged with hyped up promotions for the “latest and greatest” ebook: Day Job Killer by Chris McNeeney.

That’s why I decided to get this out right away, and hopefully it will reach you before the onslaught so that I can help you cut through the hype and make an informed decision based on the facts.

I think the first thing worth mentioning is that Chris was the author of the much publicized Affiliate Project X, which was released last year. For those of you who read my review, you may recall that I was quite harsh on it.

To summarize that review, I paid for my own copy of Affiliate Project X, and found that it did not live up to the claims of the overly hyped sales letter.

Essentially the sales letter promised the moon, and the ebook was a scant 50 pages, much of which was filled with introductory statements and affiliate marketing basics, instead of the killer content I was expecting.

So it’s actually a little funny that I was invited as a JV partner, after having severely criticized his previous project. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a fair shot and see if the new product is any better than the last one.

I’ve seen both the sales page and the product, which is being launched on Tuesday, February 6th at 3PM EST.

Unfortunately, I have to say the sales page is once again a hype-filled masterpiece that will pull orders all day long based on its emotional appeal.

I really think his style and verbiage is distasteful and somewhat insulting to our entire industry. He paints a picture that makes successful affiliate marketing sound like some deep dark method of “stealing” money.

He criticizes other marketing teachers, insinuating that everyone other than himself must be lying to you. And once again he’s pumped it full of income claims (remember the huge list of income claims I listed in my review of Affiliate Project X?).

Okay, so leaving the sales letter aside, let’s talk about the product. After all, that’s what you want to know about, right?

I did receive a pre-release copy of the ebook, and I’m somewhat surprised to report that it’s pretty good. It’s still a bit slim at 60 pages (although it looks like he might be adding more before the release version), but those pages contain a lot more content than the previous ebook.

Whereas Affiliate Project X was full of a lot of basic information, Day Job Killer gets right to the point and jumps into the techniques after just a one-page introduction.

Whereas Affiliate Project X didn’t contain any techniques that I wasn’t aware of, Day Job Killer contains two techniques that I now see in a different light. They are things that I will be implementing, and it will likely result in tens of thousands of extra dollars for my business this year.

If you think I’m just saying that, think again. Remember in my review of the Landing Page System I mentioned that I’m hiring someone to help with my PPC marketing. PPC has been one of the bread-and-butter components of my business for a long time, and I’m taking it to the next level.

Interestingly, Chris McNeeney gives major props to the other Chris of the PPC world, Chris Carpenter of Google Cash fame.

It just so happens that Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash ebook was the catalyst that got me into PPC marketing, and I’ve been making money with PPC since the very day I first read that ebook.

In fact, if you’re looking for a true education in PPC marketing, I suggest getting Google Cash BEFORE Day Job Killer. As I mentioned, Day Job Killer skips all the foundational stuff and gets right into the techniques (which I was glad about), but you need to know the basics of PPC marketing before you would know how to implement those techniques.

Google Cash (3rd edition, was updated this month Feb 2007!) is a solid 201 pages of everything you need to know about PPC marketing with Google AdWords.

In Day Job Killer, McNeeney says, “Google Cash is back,” but I’d say that it never really went away. It did take a blow from the Google slap, but the method has never completely disintegrated.

I do understand what he’s saying though. In some ways, the Google Cash method has had to be reinvented, and that’s what he reveals in Day Job Killer. In my opinion, this revelation alone makes the price of admission well worth it for PPC marketers.

Right now during pre-launch, Chris has posted a 22 minute video giving a lengthy overview of his ClickBank income (over $1 Million per year), and he also reveals a couple of specific niches he’s using.

There’s an interesting attitude that I’ve seen before, and I think is happening in this case. Someone makes a ton of money, and suddenly they’re willing to reveal their “real“ methods because they’ve become quite comfortable.

Not only does Chris make a ton of money from affiliate marketing, but he also made a ton of money from Affiliate Project X (it’s been publicly said that he sold over 8000 copies, you do the math). He also knows he’s gonna make a bunch of money from Day Job Killer.

Consequently, I think he’s really “lifting the lid” this time. Where he merely dabbled with it in Affiliate Project X, he’s really showing his current techniques in this new edition. When you watch the video, you’ll see what I mean. It seems he is quite proud of the amount of money he’s making, and doesn’t care about exposing his techniques.

I guess that’s good news for us, right?

My advice: skip the sales letter. Decide right now if you want to invest a reasonable amount of money to discover some potentially profitable affiliate marketing techniques. If you want to do it, save yourself the rollercoaster ride and go straight for the order button (unless you’re like me and truly want to analyze the copywriting). As I mentioned, I’ve personally read the ebook and I feel it’s a worthy investment for anyone in the affiliate marketing business.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to invest in learning something new about PPC marketing, then just avoid it altogether. If you go to the sales page and get sucked into it, you’ll probably end up buying it, so if you don’t want to buy anything just don’t even go there.

I’m not trying to be a smart-aleck… I’m smart enough to know that it’s not for everybody. If that’s you then you know who you are, and you might as well save your money 🙂

As always, I welcome your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

64 comments on “Day Job Killer – Is it Hype or Help?

  1. Edward Kelley


    Once again your insights are greatly appreciated. I often refer back to your reviews when I am considering purchasing a prodcut.

  2. Alexi

    Hi Eric,

    I think you are right in that anyone seeing the sales page will get sucked in to buy it whether or not the product is right for them. I know that I will be buying it out of sheer curiosity!

    Even if you never plan on using any of the techniques, it is useful to be able to recognise what is going on when you see them being used as I’m sure they will be everywhere.

    Interestingly, the ratings and reviews I have seen on RatingsHub – – (reviews by real buyers and users not affiliates selling the product) for Affiliate Project X have ranged from 0 – 5 stars and all inbetween so there is a huge difference in people’s opinion of that product at least. It will be interesting to see how Day Job Killer is rated in the next few weeks.


  3. Mike Russell

    Thanks for the use of your X-ray vision once again Eric. I don’t use PPC (as yet) and this probably wouldn’t be right for me at this stage. At least I’ll know exactly what I’m missing out on, but more importantly why that needn’t bother me. You’ve just shaved a huge chunk off my daily email reading chores!

  4. Father Dave

    Thanks mate. Once again you’ve published exactly what I needed to hear. 🙂

  5. Kang

    Hi Eric,
    I remember reading your APX review and
    being surprised that you were so harsh
    about it.

    You mentioned that there was alot of “basic”
    information in it, whereas I thought it was
    the most no-fluff ebook about affiliate
    marketing I’ve read.

    I’m no guru, but not a newbie either, and
    surprisingly, I’ve only heard of others
    say APX is “too advanced”, and yours
    was the first that called it “too basic”.

    But yeah, I’ve learnt to trust your insights
    through your blog, and all I can conclude
    is that different people, different opinions 😉

    I’ve decided to buy DJK already, but I found
    your post refreshing and insightful

  6. Veronica

    PPC has always scared the daylights out of me because of the horror stories I’ve read online about marketers losing substantial amounts of money in fees to the big G. I purchased Chris McNeeny’s Adwords Miracle and Project X but never used the info through fear that it might still lead me down the drain financially. I’ve been receiving his newletters over the past month+ leading up to the launch, and I know I need the information his report will contain, but I can no longer afford to be buying products I don’t use. From my poor financial returns from my online endeavours to date, I probably can’t afford to not use PPC. So I’m in a dilemma. Re the price of DJK.
    I’ve often thought we need to form a club in which members form groups of 3 members who split the cost of a product 3 ways and all share a copy of it. I know the promoters wouldn’t be too thrilled, but they only have themselves to blame really for charging outlandish prices for most of the products being marketed on the net. Pick any product that has launched over the past 3 months, and compare the price they charge for an e product which has minimal costs to produce, to purchasing from a bookstore the same product which has cost thousands to produce. There is an extremely high profile online “guru” who used to charge from $97 to $197 for a few of his products. Now they sell on Amazon for $14.95!
    I seem to have got off the subject here, but there is some relevancy. Chris said in one of his updates that he was considering charging a 4 figure price for DKJ but has decided against doing that. Thank God for that inspiration! But I believe that price is still going to be pretty high. Why? A colleague of mine has recently had a book published which reveals her personally developed techniques for making a fortune trading Forex. It’s about to hit the major booksellers shelves here in Aus. It is going to sell for $37.95. It has 167 pages plus glossy colourful covers and cost the publisher a huge amount of money to produce. Compare that price to what some “guru” would charge for the same info online which would cost him zilch to produce. All of this indicates that there is something immoral in the prices being charged for online stuff, with the hypey, emotionally charged sales letters, that exploit people desperate for help to make a few bob online.
    All of this is leading me to say to you Eric that your reviews of launches provides a less emotive response in people when they get to confront that sales page. Thanks for doing this.

  7. Rens

    Hello Eric,

    Well, I guess I have to explain that one ;). I’ve considered asking you what you thought would be the best product to begin with affiliate marketing and dive right in. I know that now, so that’s the “finally” about. I also know a product for the advanced techniques, “day job killer”.
    However, if you don’t mind, could you please give some more products you really recommend for affiliate marketing?

    Thanks for the objective opinion.
    It’s really valuable.

    Rens Baggermans

  8. Rens

    I’m sorry if I asked a stupid question in my last post about some more recommendations, but I haven’t really been on your list for that long so I don’t know my way around really well yet. You may have given dozens of recommedations I don’t even know about.

    Maybe that says something about the trust you build with your customers, because i’ve not been around on your list for long and I already value and trust your opinion :).

    Thanks again!
    Rens Baggermans

  9. Steve Renner

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for your insights. Your opinions as always seem genuine .

    Steve Renner

  10. Jeremy

    As far as the first ebook being fluff and a whole lot of nothing… I think that is a negative consequence of having so many online marketers marketing to other aspiring online marketers.

    The message is that “anyone can be an online marketer and anyone can write an e-book”. That may be true, but not anyone can write an ebook on online marketing! The message seems to be that everyone should be an online marketer and when all of those people try, you end up with quite a few books that are “fluff and a whole lot of nothing”.

  11. AkiliKumasi

    I watched the video. It is inspiring. Everything he says makes sense. The bottom line is if I can pick up one or two techniques from each thing that I read or watch then I have profited from it.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  12. Victor King

    Thanks for the review Eric. As you stated, this is not a product for everyone, and I don’t see this fitting into my plans at this stage of developement of my business.

  13. Leon

    Thanks again for another straight forward review. I did get sucked in with the Project X launch and promised myself never again. One question I have after watching this video is what’s the advantage or purpose of having so many Clickbank ID’s? I can see the point of having maybe 2 accounts but dozens of them I don’t understand. Hope you can shed some light on this for me. Thanks, Leon

  14. flwong

    Hi Eric,

    As always you are a great and honest IM marketer that always gives your honest reviews on a new product in the market. Salute!!

    As a newbie in this IM world, i we need people like you who can guide us to the next level. You have the expertise to evaluate which new products is suitable for which target group.

    Many thanks for your time for all the review. I fell great to be one of your subcribers.

    Have a great day.


  15. Bruce

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for your review. I agree with Veronica above.
    Is the price of admission for two enhanced PPC methods worth what he’s asking?
    I couldn’t say offhandedly but like Veronica said in so many words; it may be best if two or three of us got together to split the cost of a copy and then share it. I’m getting to the point where I think people should keep their ideas to themselves or release them to the public at a fair price. $60-167 is way out of line for most online products-especially when there’s no guarantee of making a penny.
    Just my two-cents: Bruce . Dotcomology ebook is Free and it’s great for beginners and intermediates!

  16. Jack Hadley

    Project X sucks. I would never purchase anything from Chris again. I don’t trust him. I bet a lot of people feel the same way as I do. Eric, I should have listened to you in the first place.

  17. Kenneth Washington

    Thanks Eric for being one of the few marketers online to address the issues.

    I’m contacted everyday by people who are completely new to Internet marketing and want some sort of direction on how to get started making money online.

    First I tell them not to sign up for any JV Giveaway offers, for your Inbox will be flooded with promotions for the so called newest, greatest can’t miss $197 to $2,000 product… And you’re not ready at all to consider buying it.

    Learn the fundamentals of marketing first, before investing your money in anything. This involves reading respected marketers Blogs like your own and devoting your time to consuming all the knowledge and wisdom offered in a good E-zine.

    I’m helping so called “Newbies” everyday understand the basics of marketing through my Free High Impact Marketing reports. No overblown claims, no promotions… Just weekly lessons focused on making you a more informed marketer.

    Keep up the great work Eric.

  18. Karen Cook

    Hi Eric!

    Thanks again for the time you take with your writing.
    Since I can’t afford to engage in PPC marketing, you’ve
    saved me money. Affiliate Project X confirmed my
    views on article writing, even when this “old workhorse”
    doesn’t think she can continue. I learned a few other
    things I hadn’t come across before. Because I’m inexperienced.
    It saved me time in coming across the info on my own.

    Overall, I agree with what you say about Project X. For
    those who have been marketing any length of time…
    well, no surprises. (reading the sales letter gave me
    an instant buzz) I really thought it would be the answer
    to my prayers. Alas!

    Thanks again for your newsletter, Eric. And, I liked
    your vacation pics!


  19. Jen C

    Really useful info – I too was disappointed with Affiliate Project X, but am interested to read your thoughts on Google Cash – so might give it a go.


  20. Gary

    Thanks Eric,
    I will go buy a copy of GOOGLE CASH. Once again you have saved me time and cash!

  21. Billy Bristol

    I bought Google Cash when it was fairly new in early 2005. And true, it lost a lot with the Google Slap. Just recently, however, Chris Carpenter sent out the newest version to all original buyers. It is packed with new stuff now, so I’m really happy with this…estpecially since I didn’t have to pay again.



  23. Valentin

    Eric, now You done it again !

    Is no surprise peoples sometimes open them email accounts wishing to see “Eric’s Tips” on unread email list …

    I only can thing to a small “reward” for Your way to be. And my “release” is :

    – Make a small list of really-need-to-be-flowed-with-some-even-small-cash nongovt orgs who really are usefull to humans. Enviorement or something. Your choice.
    – Open a paypal account in “Eric’s Tips community”`s name.
    – Set an “all income message deleted” email adress associated to that paypal account
    – Add to Your emails signature a “donate here” button.
    – Set that button to take ONE CENT. No more, 1 (one) cent only.
    – As NOT-compulsory, any of us, our readers, feel one of Your tips was REALLY helpfull, can use the “donate” button.

    Actually, seems is not quite a reward for You .. well, up to my way to see things, while the “button page” would be able to be inserted (together with a ‘join Eric`s tips newsletter community’ form) in any of us websites ….

    I hope what I write above have sense and none feel insulted …

  24. Jan

    Hi Eric,
    Once again I eagerly looked forward to your email for another no BS, straight to the point review of a product. I personally don’t like those long winded sales pages that try to get to my emotional conscience – it doesn’t work for me. I learned that the more hype there is on a product – on the internet and in the real world, the less likely it will deliver the promised goods. For me to see a long winded sales page is like information overkill – I much prefer straight to the point, no nonsense, bulleted list of contents type of info. I write ebooks myself and I also produce the book covers myself, and I know it takes a lot of time and energy for each project. So for one of the responders to say it costs nothing to create an ebook is totally wrong. On the other hand it is outrageous what some of these creators charge per book.

    Thank you again for your insights and much help you give to so many people Eric. I look forward to the next lesson from you :o)

  25. Mike L.

    Hi Eric,
    I received your email and I was going to comment but when I got to your blog I would have been the second comment, so I waited. I wanted to read some other comments first.

    I’ve always considered your comments fair but this time, eventhough they are still fair, something is missing. a caveat.

    If there is anyone in your readership who don’t believe in the following statement, then I’m not speaking to you.

    “There will always be a price to pay for your education”.

    Consider this, we willingly spend 4-5 years and $100-200,000 on college expenses only to graduate into a $35,000 a year job. We do it all the time without question, and we teach our children that this is the way to go!

    So, we start looking for another way. We choose Internet Marketing and embark on our journey.

    Then something like DJK comes along costing way lot less but having way MORE potential to actually improve our lifestyle and what do we do? Bitch and moan. Shoot, I spent hundreds of dollars on 3 Art History credits and could not tell you in two seconds what I learned in that class that’s gonna propel me unto the highway to prosperity! On the otherhand, I bought an link cloaker application for $20 dollars that is already saving me a couple of hundred a year. Did I know it was the answer to my problem for sure? No. Did I care? I just needed a solution.

    Do you have a problem that Internet Marketing can solve?

    I don’t know about you, but I do know that my college education didn’t guarantee me anything and yet I willingly paid gazoogles of cash for it. Now that I have a chance at actually bettering my lifestyle I’m not focusing on the negative. I’m using the same abandon I used when I signed up for my “higher education”. I know that there is no magic bullet or one master plan that will make me rich.

    I’m just willing to pay for my education. Let’s say I spend $4,000 per year on programs like this, after four years that equals $12,000, or less than 10% of what I paid for my 4 year degree. During that time I learned one or two methods from each course (you even said that there a couple of things you’re going to be implementing),and I started putting together 6 figure businesses, did I win or was that $12,000 a loss?

    Be willing to pay for your education and if you absolutely cannot learn one thing from something you purchase, ask for a refund.

  26. Mike L.

    To All.

    Forgive my poor math skills in the previous post. I meant to check it before posting but forgot. It should have been $16,000 or about 13%.

  27. William Buckley

    Interesting review, as usual you at least make the effort to give a even review (which in itself is great marketing). I have chosen to stay on the “Heavy Hitters” mailing lists just to watch what they are promoting and stay away from it. I too like to read reviews like yours and a few others, but unlike most you have maintained your honest opinion.

    Sadly, I have watched others succomb to the money. Even to the point of promoting a slightly altered version of the shareware as camstudio pro for $19.97. I also like to see what others are saying at

    I am pretty active online in a completely different area but have started to take interest in website real estate owning about 80+ domain names. I am curious about building sites that use adsense, amazon and clickbank. (yes I have been to the sales page). I suppose I need to get out there and get Google Cash and probably Day Job Killer too.

    Looking forward to your next review.


    p.s. thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

  28. Marie


    I am glad I am not the only one who feels that Project X was just one yet of those over-hyped ebooks. But it helped me in an unexpected way. Besides the hype I was surprised with the lack of quality in the writing. Not counting the lack of real cutting edge techniques that one like you and me expected from it, just the way it was written almost compelled me to rewrite it. It made me say to myself if this guy can write this way and able to sell tons of this stuff, I think I am not waiting anymore to publish my financial literacy books and courses, that I kept trying to perfect and perfect and prefect. Also, I was suprised that in the end he confirmed doing the low risk but more sure way to make money – that is, article writing. I thought the book was supposed to be one on revealing and providing these killer techniques on being able to do better in affiliate marketing and the like. I also agree with your observation on his less desirable attitude. I really do not go along with his saying/doing things to sort of remain mysterious. The smart ones among us of course know it is part of his MO and wouldn’t be suck in by it. Many guru and non-guru out there are making more money than just a milliion or two a year without castigating the industry he is sucking money from. As well, PPC is fine but still if I were new and just starting and finding the best way to build a profitable internet business, my main foundation would not be built on anything that is mainly dependent on the whims of the 800 lb gorilla of the advertising industry, like google whom you will always have to chase,study and please..PPC is not for everyone, and even those in PPC you’d be smart to take Eric to heart when he says the this lastest from Chris is not for everyone. ERic, thanks for your very honest candid perspective on things. We need more people like you in this internet world to balance the tons and tons of hype out there. Again, zillion thanks. For those asking help for other resources for affilaite marketing, you may want to search Ewen Chia, once referred and known as the King of Affiliate Marketing. Would be intersteting to ask Eric his thoughts on him. He is my main resource in this part of my income stream. Sorry if I digressed ….. couldn’t help to share my two cents worth …


  29. wilko

    Hi Eric

    The funny thing is that you have a following but you use the exact same techniques here to promote affiliate stuff that is taught in Afilliate X book.

    Give an ‘honest’ review then point to an affiliate link.

    I must have seen this a million times now and ALWAYS it points to an affiliate link
    Quite frankly fed up with it


  30. Rajesh

    Hi Eric,

    As usual, thanks a lot for your time in reviewing and giving honest opinion about – Day Job Killer by Chris McNeeney.

    I had read Google Cash a long time back and found it full with a lot of good PPC tactics. Didn’t try it as PPC tactics are generally not advised to be used by New comers in Affiliate marketing field.



    No Hard Search Engine tactics, Use Tested & Proven – Online Videos Power to draw visitors consistently to your site. Why Not Check it Out? Its not crap and requires your 5-10 minutes only. I am sure You will be glad to do so –

  31. Alex Goad

    Hey Eric,

    I too was surprised to see how harsh you were on APX. As another pre-launch copy owner, I can say you’ve really hit the nail on the head with your review.

  32. Tiffany

    Hi Eric,

    I really enjoy reading and learning from
    your tips.

    I bought Project X myself and I have to
    admit, it was not what I expected it to be
    (I was expecting a lot more content).

    Nevertheless, it has helped me a great deal
    with my own projects.

    For myself, I will probably buy Day Job Killer.


  33. Eric Post author

    wilko – fed up with it? Then why read any reviews? I’m an affiliate marketer, if I wasn’t practicing what I preach then why should anyone listen to me? In this case I ended up recommending the product itself, so of course I’m going to link to it. I spent the better part of a day reviewing the product and writing this article, so if someone found it to be helpful I think it’s more than fair if they were to choose to buy through my link 🙂

    Sure, I could write all my articles without any links in them… but then I’d have to charge a subscription fee for Eric’s Tips. I’d rather keep it as a free service and use some affiliate links to pay for my time. And that’s the honest truth

  34. Steve

    Interesting that nobody has asked the $64,000 question – who writes Chris’s sales copy?
    Anyone got any ideas?

    It’s obviously not Chris himself – just compare the sales letter writing style and competence with the ebook.
    (BTW Chris – now you are rich, you really should stump up for an editor!)

    Because if I knew who writes such sales letters, I wouldn’t need APX, DJK or any other ebook to make a mint in IM – just make the copywriter a JV offer he couldn’t refuse and then load up the autoresponder with ice and start mailing Eskimos. Easy peasy with a sales letter that NOBODY can resist.

    BTW – I raise my glass to Eric’s neck – as he shamelessly employs Chris’ “Leech” technique in marketing both APX and DJK himself !! For example – in my mailbox today:

    “Is this million dollar technique (DJK) fact or fiction?”

    Answer = minor objections to establish credibility followed with endorsement that product contains useful ideas worth more than the purchase price. Well, well, well – who’d have guessed that?

  35. Eric Post author

    Hi Steve- That is a good question. And yeah, you could call it the “leech” technique… but I personally think my method is set apart from the way he describes it in the book. My #1 objective (at least for this blog) is to provide a good review and #2 is to make money. And if I hadn’t liked the product, I wouldn’t have recommended it…so don’t think for a moment I only recommend anything just to make $$. In the case of APX, my objections were much more than “minor”…

    But again, I am an affiliate marketer and as I’ve said before; if I’m not employing the techniques I recommend, then why should anyone listen to me?

  36. John James

    I do not have a web site at this time Eric as I got a message kinda wrong and found my niche’ selling e books of line.
    it is going very well too . I am useless at computor programing and like many other newbies I have spent much cash on so called gurus training ebooks most to no avail, however I am not blaming anyone , but I am learning.
    As a person seeking for guidance , let me tell you that from my point of view itsa jungle out there but ya know what? somehow that enhances the magic, guess I need a shrink lol well anyway its good to have your little light to help me on my way, keep up the good work regards john james.

  37. Brian

    Hi Eric :

    This time you have really peaked my interest in your blog
    by reviewing Chris McNeeney’s new product launch of
    Day Job Killer. My opinion of Chris McNeeney is that he
    should be praised for his willingness to allow others to
    participate in his work by selling it in an ebook and it
    moreso makes me wonder how many Millionaires are
    out there hiding their knowledge , all the while , they have
    a stash that will not ever even be spent. Think about that !

    While Affiliate Project X may not have been good for some
    people , it did earn money for others , hense the point of the
    creation. The intent behind most ebooks is to improve the
    lives of others and it works , just as the fact that the products
    themselves are marketed , thereby allowing all of us to have
    an opportunity to be informed. That is not to even mention
    being able to watch a video of someone’s bank accounts
    which have alot of money in them as a direct result.

    I don’t see many blogs getting specific as to how much
    money was made on any particular product , no less to
    show the applicable bank accounts. In retrospect , their
    is alot to be said about Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash ,
    especially seeing as one blogger mentioned how he had
    the update and didn’t pay for it. Maybe it’s time for the
    people who have made money to get more specific like
    Chris McNeeney has.

    As far as the money back guarantees go , for the most
    part , I think they are part of the tools used to market
    aggressively. On that note , without getting too political
    or evasive I want to share a bit of my own experience
    as a business owner when it comes to flogging any
    information in regards to bank accounts.

    I am a business owner and I have been since 2001 ,
    but I wasn’t always an owner , I have been an employee
    for upwards of 25 years. I started working when I was
    16. Yes , I have been getting up at 5am to go to work
    since 1978 and finally put together my own company
    in 2001. Not the makings of a very successful blog at
    all , wouldn’t you say?

    Here’s the point , banks are far worse than any other
    business we know of , and here’s why. Like I said ,
    I put together a company in 2001 and along with that
    comes my pay. Suddenly , when the bank notices that
    I am depositing and operating an account that is a little
    more than any other average bank account they start to
    get anal retentive about my activity. Suddenly , it is
    apparent that my business has to be “Registered”.
    Suddenly , my company has to fit into certain rules ,
    within the tax system and the operational aspects with
    regards to expenditures and alike at my bank.

    So , I hire a lawyer to completely scan my company
    and report the findings to the business registration
    office. Why ? Because my bank demanded that I
    produce , not only proof of my ownership but any
    registration to continue to do banking at their branch.

    If I didn’t provide this proof , the bank would not be
    able to allow me to operate any account at all. They
    felt it was illegal. So, I was pushed into opening a
    “Business Account” and I was aggressively forced
    to adhere to policies created by the bank itself.

    This is a fine example of flogging , forcing , pushing ,
    coercing and downright demanding. In other words ,
    I could starve or die if I didn’t provide the many techno
    geek documents required to operate a business. That
    includes the documentation of a “Business Account”.
    Did you get the part where I couldn’t operate a bank
    account? Did you get the part where that would mean
    I didn’t have any money , or ever would have , ANYWHERE !

    So we are getting to the HITTING part here. Let’s recap :
    but I have to conform to what the bank wants.

    This is both advertising and aggressive marketing at it’s
    best , why ? because it threatened to void my pay.
    Pure and simple , no fluff , just alot of buzz.

    Now . I received a packet from my lawyer which took 10
    days after I got a little hot at my first lawyer who was
    supposed to transfer the business I bought into my name
    but had not for months. The packet was 100% complete
    and exceeded the requirements of the bank in that it
    included what is called a microphishe , which is a very
    small microscopic picture of my corporation’s documents.
    In fact , there were 3 copies of the microphishe made , one
    was filed at the business registration office , one was given
    to the bank , and the other I kept.

    Bear in mind that the microphishe being microscopic in size
    has all of the supporting documentation of my company on
    one tiny microfilm negative measuring about 1/2 inch square.
    Also bear in mind that the bank had threatened , not violently ,
    but very aggressively , to disregard or revoke my banking
    operations of any kind , if I failed to comply with their demands.

    But here’s the part that pertains to ebooks and selling online ,
    or any other business that would earn money regardless of
    the nature of the endeavour , eventually involving a bank of
    any kind :

    Do ebooks or any online selling require a Business License?
    Do ebooks or any online selling require a Business Registration?
    Do ebooks or any online selling cause the banks to enquire?
    Do ebooks or any online selling always use a Registration Number?
    Do ebooks use ISBN’s ( International Standard Book Numbers ) ?
    Do ebooks require copyright registrations?


    This is a double standard within the internet industry to promote
    one’s self. Sure , you can earn a Million dollars without any such
    registrations or requirements of any sort . ACCORDING TO WHO.
    Our governments , our planning department ?

    The internet then , ebooks and online selling of any kind , has been
    given the green light as it were , to manipulate commerce and in so
    doing , to allow the acquisition of federal reserve documents , such
    as money , in this case , without so much as a spoof of registration to
    our federal government agencies or their ensigns.

    Update : So , there are a select group of wealthy businessmen , in
    co-operation with our federal governments , who have been given
    the green light to pound the public with whatever they deem fit ,
    under their own direction and discretion through the promotion of
    a communication network , we call the internet.

    This is their answer for having our governments ban both tobacco
    and alcohol advertising. This is also something that has created
    the avenue by which most of these wealthy businessmen and
    government employees and alike , can acquire properties to both
    house and operate businesses of any sort .

    A second example of this type of overly aggressive co-operation
    from our federal reserve is this :

    A carpenter or contractor can build , own and operate any kind of
    service which caters to the plans of our government , as related to
    the advent of the internet and what it can potentially provide.
    Without any record of registration , no record of commercial tax
    forms , no record of commercial use whatsoever , whoever our
    government chooses , can operate an unlimited banking process
    through the internet or otherwise.

    Provided these employees or illegal companies assist in the kind
    of BUSINESS that provides a service to the inception called the
    internet , no requirements will be bestowed upon them whatsoever.
    Moreover , it has been decided and put into practice , the advent of
    using these illegal businesses to avoid payment or taxation of any
    sort with regards to the expenses involved.

    An illegal company which operates under the premise of an employee
    and company relationship can deduct expenses to provide the said
    services , with both the approval and permission of our government.
    As a direct result , there are now employees claiming business
    expenses mainly within the construction industry , which are being
    intentionally overlooked to promote illegal activities within the laws
    governing such procurements.

    While you may be reading this and starting to get the true picture of
    what are in ebooks , or on the internet as a whole , you have to come
    to this realization.


    You can run a very small business out of your car or pick-up truck ,
    with their approval and supervision of accounts and claim you are :

    >NOT A BUSINESS.*********************************************
    OR FROM WORK ( expenses deducted on taxes ).
    EMPLOYER. (annual government employee forms).
    AT ANY BANK ********************…………..

    But YOU DO own , operate or run a business on a daily
    basis which generates income and is deposited at the
    B A N K .

    The bank missed the fact that the microphishe proves my
    business registrations are not only real and sealed into
    the records , but they are records of an existing business
    having been transferred as a result of my purchasing the
    corporation. That meant alot , as the business was also
    detailed before I ever had any knowledge of it . That
    meant there could be Millions of dollars worth of real
    documentation available on that company. It can’t be
    changed that the corporation could very well have been
    involved in some extremely huge projects , thereby they
    would have been noterized throughout the federal reserve
    money involved. In other words , traceable. Microphishe
    traceable. Even I am not entitled to see what money was
    involved in any prior microphishe transfers that may have
    taken place with any of the previous owners where money
    is involved. Only names of people or companies.

    So , very well , my corporation could have been recorded
    for business purposes as a partner company to multi-
    million dollar transacted businesses , like entire warehouses,
    the ownership of them , the loans , the mortgages , the real
    huge corporate giants who have built our infrastructures , and
    even government contracts. The bank is not entitled to know
    what I would be entitled to know about the history of the
    corporation I bought. Like any other corporate title search.
    Mine was a transferred title , not a created title. I was the
    only named director as well. Nobody but me was entitled
    to go into the government records to find out who owned
    the company prior to the transfer other than authorities.

    Imagine finding microphishes where a search ended up
    opening huge transaction records for corporate giants ,
    entire city contracts and things like that ? Suddenly
    nobody is saying a word about it , but they are very, very
    upset. And here I am showing them my fists. When all
    they really are is a bunch of drunken philanderers , foo
    foo fighters from way back , who like the newest wood
    furnishings and flooring in the new homes. A bunch of
    willing occupants , nothing more. Real child’s play , for
    sure , messing up where nobody could mess up but

    So , for the purposes of banking , taxation or registrations of
    any sort , these people are employed by employers , but they
    are acting like businesses. Nobody ever claimed they needed
    to be a registered business and nobody ever threatened to
    refuse to allow their banking activities to effect their lives ,
    in any way , shape or form. Hmmmm is this a pattern?

    In fact , this illegal activity is so blatant that I personally have
    neighbours who have been operating a business , which
    has been providing their income (paying their bills) , for more
    than 20 years without incident of any sort. Moreover , they are
    even of retirement age , but had , or never have been treated
    like a criminal because they are building or operating a real
    business. Is something burning?

    Something to bear in mind when considering buying anything
    online , is to be aware that the choice is up to you , and what
    you do with it is also up to you.

    Consequently , we are now living with the fact that our very
    own governments have corrupted themselves through the
    advent of the internet. We have proof that our government’s
    employees , and that’s all that they are , ( employees ) , are
    criminals. Many of them in fact , if you do any research , are
    x criminals who used their own suggestion or participation in
    programs which led them to their current jobs. Doctors ,
    lawyers , judges , politicians , teachers , CEO’s , supervisors ,
    accountants, policemen, and a myriad of other professions
    are in fact hiding employee’s true informations , with the
    protection of our courts , the same way I have described
    (literally de-scribed through MICROPHISHE) the way our
    banking system is both a partner and benefactor of illegal

    Now , knowing this , if you aren’t ready to buy Day Job
    Killer , to see if it can provide you with a means of getting
    more money into your own bank account , or any other
    ebook , I’m afraid you are simply destined to be dealing
    with the unwanted dregs of our society who dabble in
    claims on paper from a very different perspective ,
    usually fueling their own fires ONLY !

    I know this took me some time but I think I have shared
    something of benefit to the people who buy and read
    ebooks. They can be a benefit and you have to be
    willing to invest both time and money in them to find out
    if you can profit. There are no alternatives. That’s not
    just my opinion , as the bank I was involved with and
    many others aren’t thinking their plans were so smart
    right about now , as they are faced with the fact that
    there is a 2 Million dollar liability suit in place on their
    activities within my bank account .

    In fact , it is even going to JURY TRIAL.

    Excuse me , did somebody say something about an
    ebook that was called DAY JOB KILLER ?

    Till next time ( Ooops bad word )

    See ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Esti StraightArrowAllina

    I am just beginning to learn about affiliate marketing so I appreciate all of your comments in this blog. Eric, I appreciate your integrity and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with earning money while providing a service. You are becoming a trusted resource for me as I try to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    No. 1 marketing ploy I hate: free offer, followed up by a ‘one-time-only, this-page-will-self-destruct-if-you-click-away-from-it’ offer. Btw, one can usually bookmark the ‘one-time-offer’ page – which most of you astute people probably already knew.

    I agree with the writer who wrote about the cost of an education. He is absolutely right about what he said – and it’s not the first time I’ve come across that viewpoint. My very astute and experienced business coach points it out early in a coaching partnership.
    I would be very interested in joining a coop of affiliate marketers to combine funds for products.
    It does somewhat defeat the purpose of affiliate marketing, though, doesn’t it. On the other hand, I am also financially tapped out – so what’s an aspiring, tapped out, potential affiliate marketer to do? 😉

    So what is the definitive guide for someone just starting out in affiliate marketing?
    Thanking you all in advance for constructive answers to this question.
    Esti, Netanya, Israel

  39. Max

    Thanks for your ‘more honest than most’ review on Affiliate Project X – based on your comments on that and other sources: eg I am very sceptical about ‘Day Job Killer’ too, being from the same author and all….. As for Googlecash – I bought that when it first came out (never got a free update though?) and while it was okay it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know already; I thought Perry Marshall’s stuff was way better in that regard – you can now buy his book (Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords) on for $16 by the way, cheaper than all these overhyped ebooks! I have been making a full-time living from affiliate marketing for the past 7 years and most of what you need to know is just common sense – you don’t need no ‘guru’! Fair enough, if you are a beginner there are a few books and ebooks which may help, but all this info is in the public domain anyway… Don’t believe the hype! 🙂

  40. Sam Meilach

    Thanks Eric for your review. I purchased Affiliate Project X last year and wasn’t impressed. I asked for a refund and got it. I don’t like this guy’s writing style. And, what more can he say about affiliate marketing that hasn’t already been said? And whatever he’s saying that he thinks is new, I’m sure it will come out eventually. And, furthermore, if suddenly thousands upon thousands all start using this “new” method, it will lose it’s impact. I witnessed this in some of the Google ads. eg: “Have you been scammed by xxx? Read my review before you buy”. Then you click there and find that this is a sales pitch and not a review or a scam; it was simply a way to get you to their sales page.

    Mark my words: now this so-called “new” technique (whatever that is) will be overly used by everyone and then what? It loses it’s effectiveness. And that’s when Chris will come out with another ebook like “Mega Job Killer” .

    On that basis, I won’t be purchasing this product.

    Sam Meilach

    PS – Someone was making a comment here of how real physical books are much cheaper than these ebooks. Yup! They sure are. Before you buy any online ebooks, head over to Amazon and check out some marketing ebooks. There’s lots out there. Even one from Perry Marshall on Adwords.

    Some of the that I recommend:
    1) Web Marketing For Dummies – Jan Zimmerman (brand new 2007)
    2) Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords – Perry Marshall (haven’t read this yet, but anything from Perry is bound to be good)
    3) Winning Results with Google AdWords by Andrew Goodman (Excellent reference to Adwords)

    ..and to stay motivated, I recommend:
    1) Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude: How to Find, Build and Keep a YES! Attitude for a Lifetime of SUCCESS – Jeffrey Gitomer;
    2) What Rich People Know & Desperately Want to Keep Secret – Brian Sher
    3) The New Think & Grow Rich: An Unauthorized Re-Presentation of Napoleon Hill’s Success Classic – Ted Ciuba;

  41. Chris

    Hi Eric,

    It’s always a pleasure to read your reviews, regardless of whether they are supportive of the product(s) in question, not being supportive, or even somewhere in between. They aid viewing the product(s) from various angles; much better for me when trying to determine hype from facts.

    But this time round, I think I would pass. With temptations all round, I could lose focus…(not to mention busting my budget), and get sidetracked.

    Thanks for the review.


  42. Marte

    You know, I suspect there’s a huge market out there for a “public library” for all these various moneymaking offers. Someplace where potential buyers could have access to the materials for a limited time, read-only. That way, people could read through the material for themselves and make an informed decision on whether to buy or not. That’d do away with the perennial problem of overhyped sales pages leading people to products that simply don’t live up to the hype.

    Of course, the person who set this up would have to have tons of money to spend on $97 or $77 or $197 or whatever products, and would have to be able to put them in the “library” in some kind of protected format. Oh, and be ready to fight the hype-masters in court, of course. Some of them would be furious at the prospect of someone seeing what they’re hyping “naked” as it were. (We should all be very, very thankful that the public library was invented so long ago–just think of the flames and fury today if someone took issue with the fact that people could read their books and watch their videos any time they wanted, for free!)

    But if there were a click-through at the end of each package that allowed the reader to buy the materials at whatever the going rate was, I suspect the people who put out the genuinely good stuff would be greatly enriched.

    I flat-out don’t have money to risk on these things, no matter how good the sales letters make them seem. I have ventured a few bucks on some of them in the past and have so far always been disappointed. As the saying goes, once burned, twice shy. But if I could read through the materials first I could then make an informed decision on whether to risk my few available dollars. Bookstores and public libraries let you try before you buy. Why not the same policy for these moneymaking methods as well?

    Eric, you seem to be able to get your hands on these things (and I have found your newsletters and blog far more valuable than anyone else’s). Maybe you could start a lending library? Charge a small but reasonable subscription fee for it to pay the marketers. Make the fee just a little larger and pay the person who suggested the idea. That way I’ll have the wherewithal to buy stuff that looks like it’ll work. 🙂

  43. Chonise

    Hi Eric,
    I thank you for saving my time figuring out Chris’s ebook. On a different note, I haven’t heard you talking about Rich Schrefren. A lot of top internet marketers are promoting for his free video seminar this weekend. To balance it out, don’t you think we should pay attention to the big guru, and not always to the so-so ones? What’s your take on this? Regards, Chonise

  44. Peter Finch

    Hi Eric and everyone,

    Eric thanks for an honest and genuine review….did anyone see the Rich Jerk’s review? Love him or hate him, you have got to love the email he sent out promoting DJK…..and as he rightly wrote:

    The book is a clickbank product, so you have a full 60 days to review it and implement what he says, which is fair enough. And if you think it’s a crock of ****, then you press the refund button.

    Personally I am looking forward to buying it…..Chris does make a ton of money from CB…..and if he really does spill his guts on how he does it, then the content should be excellent.


  45. Dr. Mike

    Eric —

    Great review as usual. I appreciate the candid comments — it’s a breath of fresh air for the internet marketing community.

    Dr. Mike

  46. Denise


    It’s a long road when trying to figure out who is real and who is just selling you bait, isn’t it? I’ve been where you are. As a side note, I did buy DJK this morning and read it, twice. It was pretty good, it had some items of interest that I didn’t know, but mostly it confirmed what I have learned over the past 3 months at Wealthyaffiliate. I’m not sorry I bought the book, it will come in handy to sell as an affiliate! 🙂

    “So what is the definitive guide for someone just starting out in affiliate marketing?”
    Good question! I would defintily recommend Wealthy Affiliate for anyone who is just starting out the IM business. It’s a diverse community full of very knowledgable individuals who have been there and done that. It’s a place where you can obtain the information you need to become a very successful Affiliate for any product you choose. It is a place that will teach you how to “find” the right product or program to promote. Not only that, but you are highly advised to seek 1 on 1 coaching from the owners of the site. I’ve recently been working with Carson on an Adwords campaign and in the first week, I’ve seen my CTR go from 0.10% to 33% and my position getting to the 1-3 spot. That is HUGE for me especially since I am a comlete ADWORDS dummy!

    I 100% recommend WealthyAffiliate to anyone who is looking to figure out this whole AM or IM thing! And just another FYI, there is a wealth counter for members of WA, when I first joined it was at 690,000. Just this past week it rolled over to 1,000,000. WOW! My first Clickbank check was the kicker to roll it over too. I’m so proud!


    Oh ya, Check it out for yourself!
    And if you join, come see me in the forum. My forum name is INFOADDICT I’ll give ya some goodies to help get you started. 🙂

  47. Suzanna

    Thanks Again Eric! Yes, the flooding has started, with receiveing the information and recommendation from at least 5 Guru’s on Project X . Went right into my trash, since I don’t really have the time or desire to look at one (1) more thing that distracts me from my goals. I too continue to recommend Google Cash. Keep the good Reviews and Tips coming!
    Cheers and God Bless!

  48. Chris

    Good comments….I shall not buy Day Job Killer by Chris McNeeney.
    …..same feelings for the afffillliatessss XXXX …..bought some time ago….

  49. Jon

    Thanks once again for the honest review Eric. I also bought Affiliate Project X and subsequently asked for (and received) a refund. I have two points that I would like to make on this one. First of all, I’m with Veronica in the sense that I believe that if he (or anybody else) was REALLY interested in helping people he wouldn’t be charging what he is for his product. I realize there is inherent value in the content, but at the same time who can afford $200 for a BOOK when you’re struggling to make ends meet? The other issue I have with this is that of his sales approach and his techniques. There’s another guru online who is using the same type of selling approach, and I find them both to be completely dishonest and out of integrity, and for that reason alone I wouldn’t buy either product. Especially if as Chris says, he is stealing and cheating other affiliates through the use of the techniques he is offering in his book. I found it surprising that you would support this considering your level of honesty and integrity, and I am curious as to how you came to your conclusion that it’s OK to do this? Could it be because he was clever and brought the “enemy” on board his ship? You would be far less likely to oppose a product you had a stake in than if you didn’t.. am I right?
    All the best,
    Jon Michael

  50. Jill

    Dear Eric
    How right you were. It is enough to make one “unsubscribe” from all newsletters as they are only “me,me, pay me” screams for attention. I’m getting pretty quick on the delete button – though I keep yours because they seem unhurried and more balanced.


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