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By | January 28, 2007

Edition #109 – 01/28/2007

I’m back from vacation…

I took my wife, kids, and sister-in-law (our favorite babysitter) to Cancun for 10 days and it was really fun. I ate a lot of great food, played on the beach, snorkeled, boogie boarded, windsurfed, ate lots of food, built sand sculptures, fished, and oh… did I mention eating lots of great food?

A great time was had by all, and I’m back refreshed and ready to rock. And no… I didn’t take my work with me. In fact–as I mentioned in the last newsletter–I didn’t even check my email once.

Here’s a few snapshots from the trip…

Cancun 1
The resort where we stayed was all-inclusive and I definitely DO recommend going that route. It saves so much time so you can enjoy more of your vacation.

Cancun 2
A nice 4-foot barracuda that I caught.

Cancun 3
Wife and baby on the beach.

Cancun 4
With my little princess.

Cancun 5
The happy family.

It’s amazing how going on a vacation can change your perspective. Problems that seemed so big while you were working on them just fade away. Your biggest worry of the day becomes, “hmmm, should I get the Filet Mignon or the Shrimp Scampi?”

You remember that work is not the most important thing, and you can refocus your energy.

I’m not telling you about all this to brag. Again, I just wanted to let you know that it is possible to set up your business to run on autopilot and then take a vacation. In fact, we’ve already begun planning our next trip!

After all, if I’m not DOING these types of things, why should you listen to my advice about building your online business?

As I mentioned, I didn’t do a lick of work while on vacation. And yet… I made money every day!

How is that possible? I have systems in place that make money for me on the internet.

Tomorrow a new product is being launched that I believe can help you do the same thing.

If you can use this new system, you can set up a stream of revenue that can bring income to you any day, anywhere in the world, and even while you’re sleeping.

The product is called the Landing Page System, and this is not just another sales pitch. I happened to have a hand in the development of this product, so I know exactly what it does and how powerful it can be.

I’ve made it no secret that pay-per-click (PPC) marketing has been a very important component of my business. While free traffic strategies are great, and you should get as much free traffic as you can, I believe that PPC is an effective means of advertising for most internet marketers, and those who aren’t utilizing it properly are leaving a lot of income on the table.

In the past year or so, there have been several changes in PPC marketing (particularly with Google AdWords), which has made it much more important to utilize an effective strategy in order to be successful.

That’s where the Landing Page System comes in. I’m not going to explain all of the details here, because the sales page is incredibly informational. It covers exactly what the system is and HOW it works.

In fact, in some ways it’s more like a tutorial than a sales page (you’ll see what I mean). It reveals the exact strategy, and shows you how the product can help you implement that strategy more effectively.

(Link removed – this product is now outdated)

As always, you may leave your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

33 thoughts on “The Landing Page System Revealed

  1. John

    Hi Eric,

    In reference to your new product.

    Will it be any better that the last one you launched, Motivated Marketing System. I heard it still doesn’t work right and development and support has stopped.

    Can you elaborate on this?



  2. Bruce Bell

    I can’t wait til I get to that point! You lucky dog! Of course I know that luck does not have much to do with it, but a lot of hard work and prep. Cheers and don’t work too hard. Also, if you get a chance, check out my upcoming project at
    Bruce Bell

  3. Terry Terreteta

    That looks like fun.You left us here with all the snow in Colorado.Thats not nice.

  4. Steve McKay


    Great post, and great pics! – I live in New York City, which is a really great place to live despite what many will say. I love it here, but we all need that “get away” to re- focuse, and re- generate! It does wonders for us all, and is sort of like sleep, sometimes we wish we didn’t need it, but after a good night, we are thankful it was there! I took my mom, and my wife to Europe for 16 days last Coctober, and was a new man when we got home.

    Glad you and your Fam. had a great time!

    By the way, I’m an investment banker who reads you, and subsribes to your news letter. Haven’t bought much through you yet, but find you very interesting, and honest.

  5. Eric Post author

    John- MMS always worked for me, and I know a lot of people who use it successfully. I actually saw it recently on a ballot for best internet marketing product of 2006. That said, I know some people have had issues with it too. I passed the rights of MMS on to my partner shortly after it was launched, and I know he did continue to develop and support it for some time. I also know an update was released recently (I think last month)… Beyond that, I don’t know much of the current status.

    That said.. yes I think LPS is a better program largely due to the fact it is structurally simpler and I think will have much less chance of having any glitches. I am using it, and I plan on using it for many PPC campaigns.

  6. Valentin

    Welcome back, Eric. I`v read that you had a good time but .. you have not eat anything during this vacation ? :-))

    As about the landing page … I will patientlly wait to see what is about.

  7. Kenneth E Wheeler Sr


    I’m glad you had a really good time on vacation and hope your able take many more!

    Now, I have a real problem and would like to know if any one knows of an ebook on setting up website that has all them bells and what nots. I gave up on programing back when windows 95 came out. I got through C++ and have learned HTTP and CSS. But have no idea of whats ment with a real website. As you can see I do have a WS account and now want to try a real website. At 69 years old i’m not about to pay someone else for what I can teach myself.

    God bless

  8. April Dennis

    Hey Eric!
    I can’t wait til I can take a vacation with everything on autopilot! I just started the ebay affiliate program which is pretty easy. I have a free misspelled keyword software that has resell rights. You can make a lot of money buying misspelled listings and reselling them with the correct spelling.
    Cancun sure is a change from CO! Especially with the blizzard!
    See ya!

  9. flwong

    Hi Eric,

    Welcome back, Eric.

    You have a good time with your family. Looking at the pictures you have a great family ya.

    Your 3 kids are cute…


  10. Bruce Walls

    Glad you enjoyed the holiday, sorry vacation (I’m British) and nice to see the pics. I live close to the beach in Phuket Thailand and so enjoy a similar life style every day, can’t beat it.
    I enjoy your honest reviews and look forward to reading your posts in the future.
    All the best for 2007.

  11. Eric Post author

    Bruce- it’s a PHP based program and essentially you can use it in conjunction with any website or template.

  12. Andy Burton

    Looks like you had a great time Eric, back to the grindstone until the next trip, we want more great idea’s from you.
    regards Andy

  13. Bill Hely

    I stayed at Cancun in 2001 on my way back from Cuba to Australia. I really liked the place and intended to go back, but haven’t made it yet. I guess there’s about a zillion new properties there since then?

    Eric Said:
    > it’s a PHP based program and essentially you can
    > use it in conjunction with any website or template.

    *IF* it is pure PHP and doesn’t contain any calls to Linux.

    High on my wish list is that all PHP developers would include a statement that there are/are not any Linux/Unix calls used, and that they would also state the required PHP version.

    There are a lot of people, developers included, who think that since Windows can run PHP, then PHP scripts will run on Windows servers.

    The answer is: They might.

    It’s very irritating for people hosted on Windows servers to have to write and ask, or buy first then seek a refund.

    PHP developers, you’ll sell more of your scripts if you include that information in your sales material.

    Best regards,
    – Bill Hely
    – Author: “The Hacker’s Nightmare”
    – “How to keep hackers, worms & other germs out of your PC”

  14. Selvan

    Wow ! beautiful pictures,you have a cute family.It is really good to see…



  15. Nick


    As they say one man’s poison is another’s antidote. I live in Malaysia, tropical islands all around and your vacation pics are just like what i have in front of my house. But trouble is, I’m too busy making a living to really enjoy it.

    So, I wanna be like u, having passive income and the freedom to finally live life.

    Cant wait for your landing page system to be available.



    P/s: I also miss the snow in Canada..go figure…

  16. Beverly

    Beautiful family Eric!!
    can’t wait for Landing Page System…………..

  17. Steve Renner

    Great shots of Cancun. You have a beautiful family. Seeing this made me long for the beach, can’t wait until I can get out on a vacation again.

    All the best!


  18. John


    Ok, I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but MMS still doesn’t work correctly (check the forum, but posting has slowed down for lack of support). Also, Glen has not been responding to support requests (again, check the forum).

    I for one would be leary to buy this new software, in light of past experience.

    No hard feelings, but it is what it is.


  19. Eric Post author

    Dennis- I have no idea what happened, but it looks like the link is back up now. Probably was getting a lot of traffic.

    John- Understood. I think when you and others see the nature of LPS you will see that its a simple tool that will save time and the cost is very minimal (even less than we charged for MMS)

  20. said hassan


  21. Alexander A

    Hi Eric,

    Great time huh, and a very beautiful family. I bet you guys pray a lot together that is why you stick together so beautifully. Thank God for your lives and may He continue to protect you and prosper all your efforts.
    Yeah, nice product (LPS) and more so with a manual and video tutorials inclusive for such a no brainer start-up price. I’ve read the sales letter which in itself is a tutorial and I’m hopping on it.
    As always, thanks Bro. for sharing and stay Blessed.
    Love to your wife and kids.
    Gaithersburg, MD.

  22. Brian

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the nice pics, glad to see you’re a strong family man. Not a lot of us left, I’m sorry to say. Looks like you had a great time on your well-deserved vacation.

    I did check out your new Landing Page System, and it looks good. I’m just wondering if you are familiar with Mark Widawer’s “Landing Page Cash Machine”, and if so, how does your product differ from (or is the same as) Mark’s? Obviously there would be some overlap, but could you elaborate?

    Best Regards,


  23. Gary

    Hi Eric,

    You have a beautiful family! You have to do more of what you are doing when your children are at that wonderful age. My baby is 34 years old now but it seems like only yesterday that we were doing vacations at that age and we still talk about them!
    Now, it’s even better with the Granbabies!

    The above website is something I just discovered and signed onto today. I think it is going to be big as the price is right. Yes, it is free, but I don’t understand just how everone is going to be paid. Would you check it out and give your opinion?


    Gary H

  24. Leslie Ann Doire

    Hi Eric,

    Welcome back.

    Glad you were able to get away for a while.

    Eric, I have a question for you.

    But first, I already purchased a copy of the LPS.

    And no, I haven’t yet installed/uploaded it to my server.
    But I sense it will be just as fantastic as other products
    you produced.

    But here is my question.

    When the MMS was first published, I also got myself
    a copy, but again, never used it. But only because I
    have read in a number of different blogs that the software
    was quite “buggy.”

    I have the MMS_105 version. And having read your
    response to a question earlier on in this blog, I feel I would
    like to go ahead and set up the system.


    1. Eric, is my version indicated above the newest version?

    2. Since your Partner now owns the product, do you think
    he would still provide upgrades for the original purchasers
    of the system? Free of cost or for a small fee?

    3. How can I connect with MMS’ new owner?

    Thank you for taking the time to respond, Eric.

    And once again, welcome home.

    Leslie Ann Doire

    P.S. Also, thanks a million on your review and comments
    regarding the Launching of the “Day Job Killer.”

    I, too, was gearing up to get my hands on it; even if I
    couldn’t afford it. Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!

    Eric, you saved me from myself. Great job!

  25. Eric Post author

    Leslie Ann- I’m not sure if 1.05 is the latest version of MMS or not. I’d say that support for MMS would probably be limited at best, as Glen has also moved onto other projects such as LPS. But you can get in touch with him at and I’m sure he’ll help you if he is able.

  26. Winston Lennon

    Your system seems perfectly suited for Commission Junction affiliate pages, but your system seems a bit out of date. Nowadays, there’s LPGen and others but they’re too expensive for me to try. The response link on the order page doesn’t work either. Are you really selling the program for $197 when PPC Riches is selling for $297? I’d really like to try your product.


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