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By | February 8, 2007

Edition #111 – 2/8/2007

Amidst a lot of positive feedback on my last blog entry, I also got a bit of flack from a few of you who thought I was trying to sneakily implement one of the techniques taught in Affiliate Project X (the “leech” method), and expounded upon in Day Job Killer (the “leech part 2”).

Coincidentally, I wasn’t TRYING to follow anything from either of those books when I wrote my review, but it did kind of end up that way. As usual, I was simply trying to write as straight-up a review as possible… but as I look back at it now, it’s really almost a textbook approach to the leech method.

Please understand that I meant what I wrote, I wrote what I meant, and I will NEVER use sneaky tactics to try to sell something to my Eric’s Tips readers. Nevertheless, it is a very effective technique that can be used in PPC and other areas of advertising.

By inadvertently incorporating some elements of the leech method into my last newsletter, I probably increased my revenue by over 50% while at the same time helping people by pointing them to a product that I feel is superior in some ways to the one I was reviewing.

Now I want to discuss one of the reasons why Chris was able to sell over 8,000 copies of DJK in two days, and how YOU can sell more of virtually anything online.

The answer is copywriting.

Certainly there are several other factors essential to the success of DJK (a rabid group of affiliates, good timing, etc…), but without the skillfully crafted sales letter it wouldn’t have had anywhere near the impact that it did.

Okay, now you’re probably thinking I’m really screwed up, because in my review of DJK I told you NOT to read the sales letter!

Well yeah, that’s because in some ways it’s “too good”. It’s the kind of sales letter that reaches out and grabs your wallet. It gets you to buy a product that you weren’t even in the market for. It was also overly hyped, which is somewhat of a deceptive form of advertising in my opinion.

So don’t make the mistake of thinking that I’m saying hype equals good copywriting. It is possible to have hype-filled copywriting that is very effective (like DJK), but it is also possible to have good copywriting without all the hype.

There’s a fine line in copywriting that spans the border between good salesmanship and pure manipulation. As a marketer, it’s often hard to know where to draw the line, and many don’t even attempt to draw the line.

In case you didn’t know, I do almost all my own copywriting, and I happen to think that it IS possible to SELL products and services in a way that is ethical. And when I say “sell” I don’t mean listing them in a catalog. I mean consciously selling something to someone who is in the market for it.

Sure, you can make a lot of money (for awhile) selling things in an unethical manner, but that’s not my style and I hope it’s not yours.

You don’t have to be sleazy to be a good copywriter, and if you’re a good copywriter you can sell virtually anything.

Unfortunately, copywriting is not a skill that comes naturally for most people. That’s why copywriters are able to charge so much for their services.

If I offered my services as a copywriter, I’d be charging $10k+ for a sales letter. But I’m not even offering to do that, because it’s more profitable to write for myself.

You see, a good copywriter holds the power to create wealth on demand.

Is that something you would like to be able to do?

Do you sell something? Regardless of what it is… better copywriting can almost assuredly increase your sales.

I’m gonna be honest with you. I don’t think everyone is cut out to be a copywriter. If you want to sell with your words then you need to be fluent with the language, and you need to at least know how to express yourself clearly.

But here’s the good news. You DON’T need a Master’s degree in English to be a good copywriter. In fact, you don’t even have to be a “great” writer.

If you’re a decent writer, I believe you can learn the skill of copywriting. I still don’t think everyone has the potential to be a *superstar* copywriter, but I do think everyone with half-decent writing ability has the potential to dramatically increase the profitability of their business by improving their copywriting skills.

Not only are sales letters important, but also ads, emails, JV invitations and requests… even this newsletter is a form of copywriting because to an extent it’s the publicly seen front-end of my business.

When it comes to writing a good ad or sales letter, there are rules that simply need to be followed to maximize your chances of success.

Decades of writing and testing have shown us what works, and human nature isn’t going to change any time soon.

What you need to do is get hooked up with the right source to discover the secrets of how to become a better copywriter. And as you can imagine, the BEST source would be a highly successful copywriter.

That’s why I’m happy to recommend my good friend Ray Edwards to you. You may have heard the name before because he’s one of the six members of my mastermind group. He’s also one of the best copywriters in the market today.

He’s written for marketers like Alex Mondossian, Frank Kern, Mark Victor Hansen, Joel Comm, and many others. I don’t like to be a name dropper, but I just want you to understand that he’s a veteran copywriter with a great reputation in the industry.

He’s also NOT one of those hypnotic, manipulative guys. He upholds high moral and ethical standards, and yet writes killer copy that sells.

Again that’s part of what makes Ray unique. If there were anyone that I would want you to learn copywriting from, it would be Ray.

Right now, Ray is offering three free videos that show you how to increase your profits with better copywriting. You can check out the videos here…

(Link removed – offer no longer available. But I do have some lessons about copywriting)

And as always you can post your comments on the blog.

Have a great day!

28 thoughts on “How to sell more of ANYTHING online

  1. Yuan

    I follow and read your newsletter, including your last post.
    (though, I am really sorry for not buying from your links, since
    I am interested in the bonus offer of other marketer).

    I am an indonesian whose english is not even my second langguage.
    It’s hard to write a good copy ……

    I can really see the different between good copy and the bad one from my sales stats.

    For example, I bought your MMS reseller rights and I can sell even when the traffic is low ..

    compare to my original products where I write the copy by my self

    So I think for a non english speaker, It’s better to buy a PLR or a reseller rights,
    we dont have to write the sales letter by our self …. 🙂

    Good luck


    I write

  2. Jill

    Dear Eric
    I must tell you, just in case others feel likewise, that when I am told that “the price will increase really soon” it is the biggest turn-off and a sign to me of a phoney offer. Because it is a ploy so frequently used by a desperate salesperson, I also find it rather amusing if pathetic.
    Maybe you don’t want to hear this???

  3. Eric Post author

    Hi Jill- I don’t mind hearing your comments… Chris is the one raising the price,not me. I don’t think he’s desperate, because he just sold over 8,000 copies in the last 2 days. In general I don’t like hearing it either. But then again I am also guilty of it sometimes because quite frankly it works. It’s used all the time online and offline on everything from cars to books to hamburgers to real estate… But I should also make another distinction… you are correct in that a lot of times online marketers create a false urgency by saying the price will raise “very soon” when in their mind soon could be sometime next year. However, there are other cases where there is a specific deadline (in the case of DJK it’s Noon EST today), which is what I would consider to be real urgency. It’s also often accompanied by hype, and it’s usually not a reason in itself to buy a product immediately, but in general I don’t see anything wrong with marketers doing “limited time” sales. But then again a lot of marketers have given the public good reason to be jaded toward these types of sales because they say it’s “limited time”, but then they come back and do it again week after week or month after month, sometimes at an even lower price…

  4. Esti StraightArrowAllina

    Based on the integrity expressed in your writing, you are my number one source for marketing info and products. I just purchased, through your links, Google Cash and DJK – cuz that’s what Eric says to do. I’m totally new to affiliate marketing – not the concept, but new to being active. The light bulb finally went on for me. I am in network marketing and tired of chasing leads and decided there was a better way to spend my time and emotional energy. Eric, I’m putting my trust in you and will be looking to you for support in building my affiliate marketing businesses. This is a huge responsibility and trust you are up to the task.

    I also get at once hyped up and turned off (I know that sounds weird) when I read sales letters. I resent the fake urgent ploys and the ‘you’ll only see this offer once’ high-pressure tactics. I will learn to write good sales copy in a way that does not betray my business ethics and treats my potential customers with respect. As a result of the blog entry I’m responding to, I will be counting on you for guidance in this area as well.

    Health & prosperity,
    Esti StraightArrow Allina

  5. flwong

    Hi Eric,

    As usual you are a great marketer that i have ever known and respect. You provide honest opinions and reviews on product. You never hype anything. If the product is not up to the expectation you will just say it out without any hidden comments.

    What i can remarks you is only one word “”Respect””

    Keep it up.


  6. Haydn

    Hi Eric,

    You probably won’t publish this, but Chris is a ‘rip-off’ merchant. He was promoting a large number of betting related systems via clickbank, and used very underhanded techniques to get affiliates to drive visitors to his site, where he then used every trick in the book to bypass clickbank by putting up alternative payment methods (where commissions from the sales were not paid), and also when subscribers joined his free newsletter he was then sending them to a page that did not have clickbank payment links on it at all! AND followed up vigorously to get people diverted to these non-clickbank pages.

    I am pleased to say that he did alter his ways after constant hounding, but it did take a very long time and he made alot of money at the expense of affiliates.

    After affiliates tried to cloak pages, etc – he even then had the nerve to release a product that used these cloaking methods we used to actually make himself more money by making them known.

    I would personally never buy a product he was associated with. The guy is a con-artist! I would believe nothing of what he says personally, and I would expect that anything in any of his publications are either lies, or the idea has been ripped off from other publishers and changed.

  7. Tom

    Hey Eric,

    With 8000 copies of this thing sold now in just two days, are these techniques going to even be useful at all for any real length of time going forward from here. Not knowing what is in the book at this point other then reading elsewhere the author did not use a full version of Adobe PDF since apparently the links inside the book are not clickable, I have to ask myself if these techniques will be “used and abused” for lack of a better term to the point where they really won’t work for very long at all.

    As a complete newbie here with no list whatsoever, and no website (yet), what can I expect to really get out of this book and will these techniques still be relevant six month’s from now? I realize the book is only $77 at this point so the $ are not really the issue but with 8000 already out in just two days my skeptical side of my over indulged brain is wondering what a newbie like me can really get out of this thing?

    Would love to hear your thoughts!

    Thanks and all the best.

    Best Regards,

  8. Dan Krueger

    Dan here from Germany.
    Usually I don’t post on forums, blogs etc., (my fault ;~)), but Erics blog appears sympathetic somehow to me, in contrast to the huge crap and hype collections out there.
    A matter of taste, obviously …
    In October 2006 I decided to try out the IM Game. Now after 4 months of reading I’m right in the middle of nowhere, with >1GB of downloads and tons of information in my inbox, hundreds of PERFECT SALESLETTERS.
    This does not make me money at all, of course. But I have to find some answers, maybe I’ll find one of them here?
    Most “Products” offered by the “GURUS” are Systems or Programs or just Means, that should make the buyer millions of $$$. Well, my question here is, why to sell this stuff, when it really is that good?? I would keep the “Secret Weappons” and make money, basta. Logical, right? Or not? What, if these “Products” are worth nothing at all? Is the Product here not the Product, but the Copywriting and Salesletter ONLY? Sell information about, how to sell information about informations, that nobody want or need? Like: “I was to the Indy 500 and I loved it, only these stupid racecars bothered me.”
    So I will not read this DJK salesletter and will definitely not buy this stuff, have enough of that kind stored on my hard drive, making Gurus (and affiliates) rich.
    Have to think about reading salesletters at all in the future, better delete all my inbox in the morning and concentrate on my business. (Or go and pick bananas instead ;~))
    Maybe somebody is interested in THIS point of view: (Not my pamphlet)
    If you don’t want to sign up (and prefer to stay brainwashed), here is the link for a pdf file anyway, that will show you the backstage of this show called IM:
    Here is a shy attempt of a salespage written by myself all alone only:
    Any suggestions? Something between terrible and terrific, I guess?
    I’ll find out …
    PS: BTW: Sorry for my lousy German-English, hope you got the points?
    PPS: I’m so pissed off because of stolen or ruined referral links, that I developed a double cloaking method hosted on 2 different servers, with tracking.
    Just testing, if it works, as it should:
    Do you find my affiliate ID here?

  9. Steve Renner

    Hi Eric,
    I was compelled to comment here. I agree that good copyrighting is essential to the sales process. It is probably the Key (most important) ingredient. For those whom english is a second language, can write their copy, and have someone else translate it for them at a reasonable fee, say at

    I am impressed by the whole DJK promotion, especially with the notion that Chris is only 24 years old and has been online for only a year. If these things are true or not, I can’t say, but regardless, the promotion was brilliant. I read the book and it was really quite good. But in my humble opinion the real value here is in the overall promotion. There is a lesson to be learned here, in the Art of Promotion.

    Just for fun I put out a promo letter to my list with the headline “Day Job Killer Stinks Like Garbage”. I got a great response and sales from it. You can see my entire letter at my site.

    It’s always a pleasure to read your Tips.

    All The Best!

    Steve Renner
    Marketing Expert
    Best Selling Author

  10. Leslie

    I thought the same thing as Jill when I read “the price will go up at noon”. It made me mad and I thought “oh here we go again”. While it’s true that using a time limitation is standard in selling these days, I guess it’s more noticeable on the web when it’s done like this example. I get the same feeling of distrust when a web site states that there’s only xx number of copies left of an ebook.

  11. Ms.CiCi

    Mr. Eric:
    Just a word, I hope, of “encouragement” to you. I am an internet “newbie” walking this “learning curve journey” alone. I have no choice: I don’t have the $$ to spend for a mentor.

    I stumbled across your newsletter a few months ago. Since, I’ve been an avid reader as the ‘clear ringing bell’ that I’ve always heard in your writings has always sounded loud and clear: TRUTH IS SPEAKING – READERS TAKE HEED – YOU ARE READING VALUABLE INFORMATION, RARELY FOUND IN TODAY’S WORLD, SO FILLED WITH DECEPTION AND GREED!

    Your information is valuable. As a “newbie” I’ve learned a lot from you. For that I ‘THANK YOU!’

  12. Anthony


    I have bought into several programs, some were good and some were bad but the hyped up sales letters are a real turn off.

    I really feel a lot of people exaggerate or inflate the income they make online and the hours put in but as you real a cunning sales letter like DJK you still get sucked in and get that warm fuzzy feeling.

    I make a very good income with my core online business (which I won’t name here) but my goal is to move things to a more hands off, more passive income stream.

    For myself I see some what of a circle, I know what to do, I have the ability to do it (write the copy, create the website, etc) but that’s where I get stuck. I follow your blog and get good ideas from you and your programs. I have several sites up for adsense but I really want to take the knowledge I have of SEO, selling and marketing on eBay, website design and internet marketing (7 years worth) and put it into something I can sell to help others. (I just think this has been done to death so why kick a dead horse)

    Maybe it’s just a “focus factor” or maybe I just need to do it…I’m not really sure.

  13. Clay

    Hi Eric,
    Have really enjoyed all of the back and forth on DJK. And I really appreciated your recommendation of GoogleCash. I think I’ll buy it. Here’s a copywriting tip for you, though. I’d never start a sentence with, “I’m gonna be honest with you…”. This lead-in implies subconsciously that you haven’t been honest with us previously. This is unfortunate because I think honesty is really one of your USPs, e.g. you were the only affiliate “reviewing” DJK that actually panned it (bad reviews make for lower sales). Ha. Your honesty is why I appreciate your opinion and open your emails more than most. Ditch the “I’m gonna be honest with you…”. and other similiar leadins like, “Frankly…”, and “Truth be told…” You’re selling internet marketing integrity (maybe, oxymoronic,?, ha), not used cars.

  14. Eric Post author

    Tom- I do think that PPC is experiencing a resurgence of popularity among affiliate marketers, and thus it will become more difficult to achieve high ROI’s if you’re promoting the products that everyone knows about (like the best-sellers on Clickbank). However, there are literally 10’s of thousands of products to promote across dozens of affiliate networks, so I think that there will continue to be plenty of opportunity for anyone who digs beneath the surface. You also have to consider the fact that 95%+ of those 8,000 buyers will never do anything with it, so overall I’d say there’s definitely ample opportunity.

    There are also ways of creating your own “blue ocean” in PPC, which I am going to write more about some time in the next month or so.

  15. Eric Post author

    Dan – I am familiar with the guruscam ebook, and have read it fully. I am not recommending my readers to sign up because I don’t know who the guy is or what his end-game is. There is some truth in the ebook, and you’d find that I’ve mentioned many of the same things on my blog from time to time. But at the same time he exaggerates a couple of things and point blank misses the mark on others. It’s also hard to tell whether the whole thing is just a ploy in itself (my gut tells me it IS… this guy is building a list and he has a plan… he’s not acting as some goodwill ambassador to the internet marketing world). It’s become hip lately to become anti-guru. I also don’t want to jump on the anti-guru bandwagon, because there are a lot of genuine gurus out there who honestly help thousands of people become more successful. As Mike Filsaime has pointed out before, “Guru” is another word for TEACHER, and obviously the world needs teachers.

    As for your copywriting- I think it looks pretty good 🙂

  16. Eric Post author

    Clay- that’s a good point, I’ll try to keep it in mind 🙂

    PS- what would you do with this line from today’s newsletter? “I’m gonna be honest with you. I don’t think everyone is cut out to be a copywriter.”

    Because I’m trying to imply that I’m being “brutally” honest, in other words… saying something that you might not want to hear. Ideas?

  17. workingpinoy

    Hi Eric,

    I’ve been reading your newsletter for quite sometime and you seem to be legit. I have been searching for a way or ways on how I can earn online since 2000 but so far my quest brought me a lot of misery (financial mostly).

    I joined countless groups and bought a lot of ebooks only to find out that for me to earn I need to do MLM, have a PayPal account and a Clickbank account. My country is not listed in Clickbank and has a limited send only feature in PayPal.

    I need your advice ASAP because I need to earn at least $2,000 by May this year. I still consider myself a newbie since I haven’t earned anything online. DJK seems promising but I can’t afford it right now. Is there a way for me to start earning, have at least $2,000 by May, without a PayPal or Clickbank account, a credit card and a budget of $50 maximum?

    I know this can be quite a challenge for you but I need help ASAP.

  18. Mike

    Hi Eric,

    I can count on one hand the number of folks I listen to, you being one of them. I appreciate your honesty in a sea of endless, blownup hype. I have owned my own business since I was 23. I’m 47 now. The truth of the matter is these guys frenzy feed on unrealized dreams that the majority will go to their grave not fullfilling. 1 out of 100 will make it. The rest are gravy in their pockets. Who made more money in 1848 California? The miners who came from every state in the union or the merchants selling them every solution under the sun plus 3 pair’s of Levi’s. These guys could have the best sure thing can’t lose idea in the world and still 99 out of 100 people who purchased it would fail. Not because it is a bad idea, because their personality is not cut out to run a business. It is a business when you boil it down. More cash needs to come in than go out. In the latest case, $600,000 came in within 2 days minus commish. My hats off to Chris, I never grossed $300,000 in a day, doubt I ever will and have absolutely no desire to gross $300,000 in one day. I have grossed $10K+ in one day and it does feel good, very good, can’t imagine what 300K in one day feels like, must be great. That said, don’t watch the right hand showing you the shiny object, watch the left hand doing the manipulating. Study what is being done, not the latest shiny object being sold.

    I gave up a long time ago trying to figure out why someone would prefer working at a job than running their own business. I think 99% of the people really do prefer a whipmaster and would be totally lost on their own. It’s the elusive dream that is being preyed upon. In reality most do not have the common sense and deep burning desire it takes to run their own business. This is not a putdown, just a fact.

    I had a friend a long time ago try to sign me up for Amway. I went to one of his regional get togethers with other associates and the Diamond upline. During the pre-show buzz and after show buzz I stood outside in the hall with a calculator and a notepad. After an estimated $70,000 in mainly cash sales of books and tapes I stopped counting. From that day forward I learned the magic is not up front but out back.

    Keep up the good work and all the best,


  19. Franck Silvestre


    You are right. Yesterday I was stuck in Chris’s newsletter. He is good at copywriting! There is one course that I heard only good about: Yanik Silvers’s Copywriting home study course.

    Copywriting is dangerous, and it makes million of dollars for people who master that fan.

  20. Dale

    Hi Eric,

    I’ve been reading your emails/blog for a couple of months now, my wife steered me to you, perhaps through Joel Comm. I’ve recently decided to use IM to make a solution to having to work my job the rest of my life. I’ve been working around computers since 1969, but I’m a real newbie in this.

    Frankly, I’ve been trying to figure out how to make IM work for me because I know so little about all the forms, techniques, etc. Then I got your email about DJK. I’ve learned to believe you because you do come across as an honest helpful person.

    I want to thank you for that post about DJK because in it you mentioned that Google Cash would probably be a better choice for a newbie. I thought, “That’s me!”

    I did some other checking (reviews, etc.) and found supporting information so I came back to your blog and went to the link and bought the ebook.

    I’m writing to say thanks because I have been impressed with the package. I’ve been a professional writer for years and this one is actually well written! I have written a lot of procedural books, and this one gives me useful, understandable, step-by-step information that I really need!

    Eric, I don’t have to make a million a year to retire from my day job. I think that you have helped me get started on a doable plan by pointing me to the right book (for now). I can come back and get DJK when I know enough that I can make it profitable to use it. If the price goes up…so what? If I’m coming back to get it I’ll already be making money from my new business and my business will pay the extra charges! I think that’s how it’s supposed to work.

    Again, thanks for your efforts in helping all of us. I’m glad it pays you well, that means you’ll be for us later when we need you again!

    God Bless.

  21. Edward

    WOW! 8,000 copies sold in two days. It will be interesting to see what the outcome will be with 7,000+ “leeches” stealing, copying and “nuking” each other in this new PPC ad war that’s coming.
    I purchased the ebook and Chris says not everyone will apply the techniques. He was right on that point. I don’t think I could go that low!

  22. Warren Portsmouth

    Come on Eric
    Don’t defend your position. You used black hat to make money from me and others with Day Job Killer. Incidentally, ewan Chia sent a similar email to his lists.

    Eric, how can we trust you to be honorable and credible any more? We bought the ebook based
    on what was a supposed honest opinion only to find the technique described therein. If you can honestly say you mean every word you wrote, how do you expect anyone to belkieve you, now or in the future.

    You have shown you are interested in dollars and don’t give a “rats” about us. I for one can never believe you again, especially as you have said basically “No, no you are all wrong, I told you the truth”. Man your blog establishes that you are a stranger to the truth.

    I for one am using the refund policy to get my money back. The sale was based on a lie. I strongly urge anyone else to do the same. We can not allow internet marketers to make money from us by LYING TO US and then saying they are honest people.

    eric you have chosen greed over integrity. SHAME ON YOU>

  23. damian

    Hi, Eric…I know this comment doesn’t have anything 2 do with DJK or Affiliate Marketing but I figured I could try asking u here. I purchased the IAT package and I’m using one of the templates, the Scams one. When u get a chance could u please take a look at my site and tell me why on the right side of my page the Google Ads and Navigation menu don’t appear all of a sudden? I’ve tried everything 2 correct the problem and I have no clue what happened. I know I didn’t do any modifications on the home page 2 make my Google Ads and Navigation on the far right dissappear all of a sudden. I even tried reinstalling the original index file from the cd again 2 see if me modifying some of the text was the cause but I still have the same problem. The page loads just fine but it doesn’t load all the way, i get a message at the bottom that says “transferring data from pagead2.googlesyndication” and that’s it. The strange thing is that most of the other pages are just fine as in the Google Ads and Navigation Bar appear but on maybe 2 more pages I have the same problem with the Google Ads and Navigation Bar dissappearing. So anyways I would appreciate feedback on this. Thanks

  24. Alexander O. Asante

    Hello Eric,

    This is a comment regarding something you may be loosing sight on but as a friend and a good observer I’ll like to draw your attention to it so that you start doing it subsequently. I’ve read this entire publication regarding the topic How to Sell More of Anything and as always I did read the comments from other readers posted. I’ve noticed that you promptly respond to a comment when someone has a different opinion from your views but you don’t comment or respond to constructive comments. A case in point is a comment Esti StraightArrowAllina wrote. He said based on the trust he’s developed in you he went ahead and bought the 2 books you recommended thus Google Cash and DJK and that he was looking up to you for guidance. I think this kind of things need to be commmented on or respond to because I believe you do understand the word TRUST and more so in this present world of online business. For someone to follow your lead and add such kind words I believe a simple Thank You in response will do. You know I have always loved you for your guide and your honest opinions about things and to tell you the least, you are one of the few people I believe I can trust online and therefore I believe it is meet when I cover your back where I see a mistake somewhere. After all as the old saying goes “Wisdom is not in the mind of one person” so that is a thought.

    Alexander O. Asante (MD)

  25. Eric Post author

    Warren- I think you don’t understand the meaning of black hat, but I am sorry you felt slighted. I think you must have misinterpreted something in my blog somewhere because I’m not sure where you even got the idea that I was lying. Even the small minority who thought I was trying to be sneaky are not accusing me of giving a dishonest review.

  26. Eric Post author

    damian – i haven’t done a full analysis but at first glance it looks like there is an HMTL tag open somewhere. Maybe someone else can find it…

  27. Eric Post author

    Alexander – thats a good point worth consideration… I normally don’t repond to compliments and those who agree to me, because I don’t want to make it seem like I’m gloating or tooting my own horn. And I often do reply to criticisms because I feel it’s my duty to defend my position on my own blog. That’s a valid point though, and I suppose you can never say “thank you” too many times….

  28. Boundsy

    Hi Eric.

    I have been enjoying your honest, no nonsense tips for a while now so I was interested when you started promoting DJK as the real thing, like several others in the industry.

    I guess my main question relates to the feeling I get from reading the sales letter plus comments by a few people that suggest this product uses unethical approaches to earning a living on-line. Sure there are quite a few guys out there using some perhaps “dirty” tactics to grind honest affiliates into the dust, but does this mean the rest of us should stoop to such levels? One advantage I do see from DJK is that it at least tells you what you are up against.

    I am probably way off base here, but I wanted to get your opinion about DJK and if people wanting to make a living in a purely honest fashion should even consider purchasing this product. In other words, can people who respect their fellow marketers go to sleep at night if they use the techniques detailed in DJK?

    Thanks mate.

    Look forward to further tips.

    Kind Regards


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