Day Job Killer – Is it Hype or Help?

By | February 4, 2007

UPDATE: This product is now outdated, and I do not recommend it any longer. Additionally, I have removed the links from this article. To get the most up-to-date information and recommendations, please join my free newsletter.

Edition #110 – 2/4/2007

If you’re subscribed to very many marketing newsletters, your inbox is about to be totally clogged with hyped up promotions for the “latest and greatest” ebook: Day Job Killer by Chris McNeeney.

That’s why I decided to get this out right away, and hopefully it will reach you before the onslaught so that I can help you cut through the hype and make an informed decision based on the facts.

I think the first thing worth mentioning is that Chris was the author of the much publicized Affiliate Project X, which was released last year. For those of you who read my review, you may recall that I was quite harsh on it.

To summarize that review, I paid for my own copy of Affiliate Project X, and found that it did not live up to the claims of the overly hyped sales letter.

Essentially the sales letter promised the moon, and the ebook was a scant 50 pages, much of which was filled with introductory statements and affiliate marketing basics, instead of the killer content I was expecting.

So it’s actually a little funny that I was invited as a JV partner, after having severely criticized his previous project. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a fair shot and see if the new product is any better than the last one.

I’ve seen both the sales page and the product, which is being launched on Tuesday, February 6th at 3PM EST.

Unfortunately, I have to say the sales page is once again a hype-filled masterpiece that will pull orders all day long based on its emotional appeal.

I really think his style and verbiage is distasteful and somewhat insulting to our entire industry. He paints a picture that makes successful affiliate marketing sound like some deep dark method of “stealing” money.

He criticizes other marketing teachers, insinuating that everyone other than himself must be lying to you. And once again he’s pumped it full of income claims (remember the huge list of income claims I listed in my review of Affiliate Project X?).

Okay, so leaving the sales letter aside, let’s talk about the product. After all, that’s what you want to know about, right?

I did receive a pre-release copy of the ebook, and I’m somewhat surprised to report that it’s pretty good. It’s still a bit slim at 60 pages (although it looks like he might be adding more before the release version), but those pages contain a lot more content than the previous ebook.

Whereas Affiliate Project X was full of a lot of basic information, Day Job Killer gets right to the point and jumps into the techniques after just a one-page introduction.

Whereas Affiliate Project X didn’t contain any techniques that I wasn’t aware of, Day Job Killer contains two techniques that I now see in a different light. They are things that I will be implementing, and it will likely result in tens of thousands of extra dollars for my business this year.

If you think I’m just saying that, think again. Remember in my review of the Landing Page System I mentioned that I’m hiring someone to help with my PPC marketing. PPC has been one of the bread-and-butter components of my business for a long time, and I’m taking it to the next level.

Interestingly, Chris McNeeney gives major props to the other Chris of the PPC world, Chris Carpenter of Google Cash fame.

It just so happens that Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash ebook was the catalyst that got me into PPC marketing, and I’ve been making money with PPC since the very day I first read that ebook.

In fact, if you’re looking for a true education in PPC marketing, I suggest getting Google Cash BEFORE Day Job Killer. As I mentioned, Day Job Killer skips all the foundational stuff and gets right into the techniques (which I was glad about), but you need to know the basics of PPC marketing before you would know how to implement those techniques.

Google Cash (3rd edition, was updated this month Feb 2007!) is a solid 201 pages of everything you need to know about PPC marketing with Google AdWords.

In Day Job Killer, McNeeney says, “Google Cash is back,” but I’d say that it never really went away. It did take a blow from the Google slap, but the method has never completely disintegrated.

I do understand what he’s saying though. In some ways, the Google Cash method has had to be reinvented, and that’s what he reveals in Day Job Killer. In my opinion, this revelation alone makes the price of admission well worth it for PPC marketers.

Right now during pre-launch, Chris has posted a 22 minute video giving a lengthy overview of his ClickBank income (over $1 Million per year), and he also reveals a couple of specific niches he’s using.

There’s an interesting attitude that I’ve seen before, and I think is happening in this case. Someone makes a ton of money, and suddenly they’re willing to reveal their “real“ methods because they’ve become quite comfortable.

Not only does Chris make a ton of money from affiliate marketing, but he also made a ton of money from Affiliate Project X (it’s been publicly said that he sold over 8000 copies, you do the math). He also knows he’s gonna make a bunch of money from Day Job Killer.

Consequently, I think he’s really “lifting the lid” this time. Where he merely dabbled with it in Affiliate Project X, he’s really showing his current techniques in this new edition. When you watch the video, you’ll see what I mean. It seems he is quite proud of the amount of money he’s making, and doesn’t care about exposing his techniques.

I guess that’s good news for us, right?

My advice: skip the sales letter. Decide right now if you want to invest a reasonable amount of money to discover some potentially profitable affiliate marketing techniques. If you want to do it, save yourself the rollercoaster ride and go straight for the order button (unless you’re like me and truly want to analyze the copywriting). As I mentioned, I’ve personally read the ebook and I feel it’s a worthy investment for anyone in the affiliate marketing business.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to invest in learning something new about PPC marketing, then just avoid it altogether. If you go to the sales page and get sucked into it, you’ll probably end up buying it, so if you don’t want to buy anything just don’t even go there.

I’m not trying to be a smart-aleck… I’m smart enough to know that it’s not for everybody. If that’s you then you know who you are, and you might as well save your money 🙂

As always, I welcome your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

64 thoughts on “Day Job Killer – Is it Hype or Help?

  1. Quincey

    Hey Eric
    jus read you post , a bit late but that’s ok, I already purchased the affiliate project X and DJK , being an intermediate internet marketer I agree with some of the stuff you posted about Affiliate project X that he rehashed some things an average internet marketer already knows, but digging into the DJK he does go into some interesting concepts. So to me even though he makes loads of cash from sending this stuff to JVs etc and while they do the bulk of the selling, I see it as a minor investment in the ladder to get where I am going!! The sales copy is very hyped up and it does play on emotions,a bit misleading to the average newbie, it is definitely interesting to see how all the internet marketers rush out to get the emails out to their lists so that they dont get cut out of the profit!! But again Eric thanks for the heads up and because of this little post I am definitely going to pay much more attention to your stuff, being a new subsciber to you newsletter and having soo much emails from loads of internet marketers its definitely easy to see how hard it is to sift through everything. But I like your straight shoooting mentality and I appreciate it, thanks a million!!
    Quincey, UK

  2. Mary

    Thanks for the review. I trust your opinion. I purchased Dominating ClickBank @ $97 only to see it being sold for $67 less than one month later. I even believe I have recently seen it offered as a freebie bonus since then. I still haven’t finished that one so before I get another ClickBank product, I took your advice and ordered Google Cash. I decided to first focus on the essentials of what I need to know about Google (which can be applied to other search engines) before I concentrate on ClickBank. I already have too many projects trying to get completed. I am rather certain that I will see Day Job Killer again, for less. It really takes experience when learning how to buy affiliate marketing products. The Internet moves fast. The secret seems to be not to overload with the ‘…this chance only…’ products, and instead, focus more specifically on one aspect; get good at it; then, see if you need to update your product – which seems necessary often enough. By the way, I just placed a banner ad for your Product Launch on my website which I will be advertising at the end of this month.

  3. Franck Silvestre

    It seems to be a good PPC product, I am going to buy it as well. Thank you for your honest review as always.

    I own adwords miracle, and it’s a good book for anyone playing the PPC game.

  4. Danny

    Hi Eric,
    I recently purchased Keyword elite and was very pleasedwith the product. So when Brad Callen recommended DJK I went ahead and purchased and am now sorry I did.
    The report opens with “how to affiliate” information which is commonly available.
    It then goes on to outline how to find successful ads and copy them – (I already have this info via Keywords Elite (and the tools to do it!)
    The next section explains that if you use the same destination url in your add and outbid them the other add will disapear – not really ground breaking news!
    It continues – How to Avoid The Google Slap – get a new domain and copy the campaign mmmm
    I’ve read that before
    Then some good info on useing mainstrem media – I’m glad to see you recommend not to read the salesletter – while there definetly is some good information in the report it does not live up to the hype on the salespage –
    worth the $77 – not really – I’m considering asking for a refund
    geez,the line about selling it cheap to get back at the gurus should have rung the alarm bells!
    In my opinion this is just another report aimed at fleecing the gullible newbies (I’m guilty,chuckle)


  5. Eric Post author

    Thanks for the opionions…

    Danny- certainly appreciate your comments, but I do disagree on a couple points…. I am also an owner of Keyword Elite, and I haven’t seen any “sneaky” PPC tactics taught in it. Also, I really don’t think it’s aimed at fleecing newbies (maybe project X was, but not DJK). In fact, it’s not even really targeted for newbies in my opinion (although I’m sure a big % of buyers are newbies who get caught up in the hype)…

  6. Chris

    I think it’s very difficult to work out what the truth is with a huge product release such as DJK because so many gurus have a finger in the JV pie, and they are going to be promoting it to you, even if they appear NOT to be, as in Eric’s review. I am sure people would like to find out what ‘ordinary’ people really think about this, and other IM products, but the opinions of ordinary people are on little websites that are lucky to make page 10 of Google for this product’s keywords! I can suggest that you go to which is a completely ad-free site dedicated to reviewing IM products, including DJK. The people posting there have no alterior motives and nothing to gain. If you want unbiased, sales-free reviews, go to now and check it out. DJK will be on there somewhere, and there are well over 1000 reviews of other IM products and services on there. Basically, gurus – beware!

  7. Ryan


    I’m surprised you were so easy on this one. I hated this book (and I liked APX). It might have to do with the fact that you’ve been doing this for several years and I only first heard about it several months ago. But I’ve been trying to have a go at it, and APX was the first book that taught me anything that I made money with. I guess I have to ask, though: I found the techniques in DJK to be mostly incomprehensible. The direct linking method seemed to me like a legitimate technique, but I can’t imagine anyone going to the bother of implementing it. Is your experience helping you to read between the lines and find out what this book is really trying to say? Because I found the information in it either too poorly written, too poorly explained, or just too seemingly stupid. (E.g., the thing about press releases, or disguising a sales letter as an article and getting it published. I mean, there are a people who can’t get legitimate articles published, and affiliates who are probably mostly inexperienced writers are supposed to fire off a publishable article for every product they want to promote?) I’d appreciate it if you could shed a little light on the specifics of why you think this e-book is good, perhaps analyzing all the techniques and explaining them so that the middle-of-the-road affiliates can understand and implement them? I’d be willing to pay a few bucks for such a report.

  8. Marian

    Day Job Killer is showing the sales made with Affiliate Project X, while Affiliate Project X is showing the sales made with AdWords Miracle. So, think yourself ……………

  9. Christoph

    The people complaining here need to know one thing. Nobody, and I mean nobody will hand you the keys to the castle. DJK is a great book as it gives you a great hint where the keys are, but you need to do your own piece to get the key and become successful. It is still hard work no matter how many “secrets” you find out about. But all these ebooks have one thing in common – they give you hints. They gives you clues. They give you pieces to the puzzle. It is up to you to put all those pieces together and make them look like a pretty picture.

    I agree on APX and that it was it was over-hyped. DJK is better in my opinion. I have not read Google Cash (latest version yet). Not sure if it helps me at this point in my PPC and affiliate marketing career. Does it help me from making 10% from affiliate marketing via Adwords to make 100% or more?


  10. dave

    I bought DJK and now I’d like to get a refund.
    Trouble is I’m not sure exactly how I go about it.
    Detailed advice would be much appreciated.

  11. Eric Post author

    dave- Just contact Chris and he’ll refund it. I think his email address should be in your clickbank receipt, or on the download page if you still have it. If he doesn’t reply after a few days then contact Clickbank and they’ll refund it. But contact Chris first…

  12. Repent

    I’d like to thank a couple of people especially Ryan and Danny who had the gonads to spill some DJK info, I had a real funny feeling about what the techniques were actually about, you saved me from buying DJK and then getting a refund…the methods to “rob” from other affiliates was actually given to me months before DJK was released… its no suprise now that every one of these “gurus” is comming out with a “Rob” and “Kill the Guru” theme….Oh yeah as a side note, people don’t get hosed with this new wave of WEB 2.0 marketing BULLsh*t, its only a new shiney carrot dangled in front of you to empty out your wallets..

    BTW DAVE to get a refund go through clickbank directly, fill out their customer support form and you will get a refund…


  13. DayJobKiller Review

    Hi I’m Shawna. I’ve been researching DayJobKiller and I am kind of sceptical now, because I see all these ads that tell me that DJK is a scam or don’g get DJK get something else. I’ve been excited about DJK after I read it and thought that I should check out other sites to see if it is good of it is a scam and know I am a little confused. So, do you recommend getting DJK?

  14. Money maker

    Hello everyone. Is it possible to make money at home by using adsense?
    I have already gogle adsense account but I fail to setting up this profitable program…


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