Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets Reviewed

By | December 31, 2006

UPDATE: This review is now outdated. I am leaving it here for informational purposes only. For the most up-to-date information and recommendations, please join my free newsletter.

Edition #105 – 12/31/2006

It’s been an awesome year, and I have a LOT to be thankful for.

I want to personally thank you for being a part of my online business. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do if it weren’t for my customers and subscribers, and I hope I can return the blessing by continuing to provide quality information about internet marketing.

As you may know, I’ve been reviewing Russell Brunson’s new DotComSecrets home study course over the past couple of days.

DotComSecrets by Russell Brunson

I’m happy to report that it’s an excellent collection worthy of your consideration. The course will be released to the public on January 2nd, and I think Russell picked the ideal time to launch it, because it’s a perfect way to get your business off to a great start for 2007.

I haven’t seen the sales page yet, so I don’t know whether it covers this, but there’s an interesting story behind the course that I wanted to mention.

Russell’s dad actually asked Russell to put on a comprehensive private seminar exclusively for Russell’s brothers and other family members. He wanted them to learn how Russell had built such a successful business, so they could do the same.

As you can imagine, Russell held nothing back in preparing for the seminar, as he wanted to give his family members the best education possible. He put so much into it, that it turned into a jam-packed full three day seminar.

As sort of an afterthought, he decided to allow a handful of his customers to attend this private event, but they had to pay $10,000.00 each, not including transportation or lodging!

To make a long story short, it was such a life-changing event that he decided to turn it into the DotComSecrets home study course.

What you’ll get are the DVD’s covering the actual 3-day $10,000.00 seminar. Not only that, but you also get the audio CD’s of the entire seminar so you can listen to it anywhere.

If you think about it, it’s a pretty cool because not only do you NOT have to pay $10,000.00, but you also don’t have to leave home for 3 or more days, and you don’t have to buy a plane ticket or a hotel room.

If you’ve been unable to attend an internet marketing seminar because you’re unable to take the time off of work, THIS is for you! You can watch the DVD’s in the evening when you get home from work, or listen to the CD’s in the car while you’re commuting.

I’ve watched some of the DVD’s so far, and what I’ve seen has been excellent. I really feel that he is not holding back any information about how he built his business. Keep in mind that he originally created the seminar for his own family, so it makes sense that he wouldn’t hold back any secrets.

In keeping with my policy of presenting a balanced review, I’ll say my only complaint is that the workbook is not really a “workbook”. It’s really just an overview of the course, and a transcript.

Fortunately, the DVD’s and CD’s are what really make this course a winner. If you want get your business started with a bang in 2007, I recommend you check it out.

Why spend half the year trying to figure out what you need to do? Get this now and use it as your roadmap starting from the very beginning of the year.

As always you can post your comments here in my blog.

Have a great day, and a happy New Year!

17 thoughts on “Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets Reviewed

  1. Walter Gavurnik

    Not sure if you mentioned the $10,000.00 enough Eric! Sounds like a plug to me!
    Funny thing, if my family asks me about how I did something, they know it before
    anyone else ever does. Russell’s farther request is an obvious marketing ploy.

    This has to be the most ridiculous form of marketing I could imagine! Drawing your
    family into it in order to prove it’s worth! THAT is despicable! This quote is terrible:

    As you can imagine, Russell held nothing back in preparing for the seminar, as he wanted to give his family members the best education possible. He put so much into it, that it turned into a jam-packed full three day seminar.

    If it IS your family, wouldn’t you already tell them before launching your product?
    I follow your blog and trust you Eric. This one is over the top! If you would hide something from your family
    which would make their lifes better, WOULD YOU DO IT?

    Very poor taste of post my friend! You should have thought a little before adding this.
    Just my honest opinion!
    Walter Gavurnik

  2. Richard Schieck

    Eric, I have been hearing about CPA’s. Could you help me understand what that is and why it sounds important?

  3. John

    I can’t believe someone paying $10,000 to listen to someone bull shit them about making money on the internet. And to top it all off, this guy is now selling the same thing, probably with a $100 coupon it will cost you about $495. He then can give the money he makes on this to his family, who probably won’t make much at all.

    It seems to me that some people got screwed by another guru. They should have waited a few weeks and saved a lot of money. I wonder how they feel now?

    If you haven’t notice, all these gurus do the same thing.

    If you want my advise, don’t go to any semiures, just wait. Save yourself a bundle. Of course you won’t meet all the bull shit artists.

    I have some of these big gurus want me to lie on how much I make using their products. I will not bull shirt my list.

  4. Franck S

    Hey Eric,

    You are always on the go! I was checking my emails and I just recived your in my inbox. I want to thank you to let us know about opportunity before every body else.

    By the way, thanks for the Motivated Marketing System and the butterfly marketing. I got also a bunch of PLR from you and it made my article marketing strategy easier.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Eric Post author

    Walter- First of all you need to either get out of this business or learn what marketing means. Yeah it’s a plug- I’m promoting this product because I found it to be excellent.

    Second, you are making an incorrect asumption that Russell made up the story about his father and family as a marketing ploy. I happen to know him and he wouldn’t do that.

    Third, I think you are utterly confused. He DID give the info to his family before releasing this product. The seminar was last year.

    You’ve posted negative comments on my blog before… also without merit. I typically approve most comments, but I won’t approve continued ignorance…

  6. Eric Post author

    John- as I mentioned to Walter above, I do approve most comments, but I’m not a fan of ignorance, intentional trashing, or just plain rudeness. Your comment is ignorant and gives poor advice. If you want to be a successful internet marketer, one of the best things you can do is go to a reputable seminar. Sure you can save some money by buying a seminar on DVD, but that does not make up for the networking opportunities, face-to-face time, and not to mention just pure motivational experience. I’m sure the $10k that the attendees paid was well worth it. Likewise, the $1k he’s charging for the home study course is well worth it. So don’t come on here and acuse people of being BS artists or of screwing people out of their money unless you’ve bought into it yourself and can speak from personal experience.

  7. Walter Gavurnik

    I must appologize Eric for my perceived ignorance and apparant poor choice of words.
    No, I do not beleive Russell made up the stuff about his family. My perception was either
    ignorant or the wording could be changed to prevent the same perception from others.

    The comments were not intended to disparage you or Russell. As I have stated previously
    and will continue to state, “in Eric I trust”!

    As for Russell Brunson, he is a fantastic marketer with rock solid ideas and techniques.
    Were I able, I would deffinately purchase his course. (Maybe shortly the funds will be there!)

    I did not realize I had been negative before. If so, again I appologize. My posts are only what
    my perception is to the topic at hand. My TRUE thoughts as I have learned from you.

    Should my passion ever die, I will get out of the business. However, since my passion increases
    on a daily basis, you will be seeing me online for some time my friend. GOD willing.

    Last but not least, I totally endorse Russell Brunson’s course. Everything I have seen, read and
    investigated says it can do nothing but help you with your marketing business. If you are able to
    afford it, then GET IT! Remember, as with any product, only if it will not hurt you or your family.

    Walter Gavurnik


    To Mr.

    Russell Brunson

    From Tatjana Drvosanova

    Dear Russell, with whose promision your operative deduct from my account every month on 3th the sum of 39,97 USD, I think that is a mistake ,I do not ask that.Please If you can return my monney back and do not deducting any longer.

    Yours Tatjana

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  10. Brad

    When you paid the delivery fee you also paid for a free trial for a monthly forum. If you do not cancel the trial to the forum after a set period, you will then have to pay a monthly fee in subscription.

  11. Barry

    Oops! Right! So that answers my puzzlement too!

    Next question: where do I get back to the webpage which allows me to unsubscribe from the forum?

    I am desperate to do that as I have already paid $US49.97 twice in March! Just how that works, I don’t figure!

  12. Dave Owen

    I just got double billed by these crooks.

    I have put in a support ticket and sent emails to them and they will not even answer me.

  13. Eric Post author

    They are not crooks, I’m sure they will take care of it. If you still didn’t receive a reply from them I suggest calling them on the phone.

  14. Joe Walker

    This is what I received for $5,000.00
    (this website is not a joke, it is the real thing)

    You should probably include me in Dumb & ignorant column for buying something without a money back guarantee.

    I think what you may not understand is that no matter how great you are that every once in a while you screw something up.

    At dotcomsecrets they do not care and they are right no matter what happens. If you do make a mistake once in your life time then admit it.
    Man up to your actions.

    By no means is this to be a bashing because I left out the details.

    I feel that Russel Brunson has grown too big too fast and has forgotten the people like me that helped get to where he is today.

  15. Eric Post author

    Hmmm… I was not aware that he was selling websites in such a manner. I know it wasn’t a part of the package that I recommended above.

  16. Jimmy Craig Hesser

    Hi guys,

    The only thing I can point at is that the product that is being advertised is the No. 1 seller for alternative energy on ClickBank – that has to be worth something, but I agree, certainly not $5k – maybe 500 Japanese yen?

    But if someone thinks the site is worth USD5000, please contact me and I will personally build one (or more) for you like this one but with original content, and for a real bargain rate! đŸ˜€

  17. Steve Goodwin

    I beleive he has now up dated this program. I know he presented at a London Conference with Paul Lynch from searchdotcom in around October last year and was very good.


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