Pipeline Profits – My preliminary viewpoint

By | December 29, 2006

Edition #104 – 12/29/2006

It’s quite the winter wonderland here in Colorado, and I’ve got nothing better to do than sit here snugly in my warm office and write this newsletter.

I just want to say a quick word about the new Pipeline Profits program that is bombarding your inboxes today. What blew me away was the sheer number of guru’s using the same pre-written hyped up email. I received about 15 emails for it, so I figure I better at least mention it.

First of all, what is it? Bottom line; it’s about using co-registration leads to build massive lists and to market products to those leads in a systematic approach.

Co-reg is a very common technique used by marketers and even major corporations. When you sign up for something online, and there’s a bunch of boxes that you can check for more information–that’s co-registration. If you want to see an example, go sign up for Hotmail.

Does it work? Yes and no. If you’ve seen the Pipeline Profits video, you’ll see that these guys grossed over $1 Million in 90 days. So obviously it works.

On the other hand, it has some serious problems. In my opinion, most emails that get sent to co-registration leads are spam or at least “spammy”. And even if you’re not sending spam, you WILL be accused of it. I wrote a review back in May about my bad experience with co-reg leads.

But don’t write me off as just another jaded marketer who’s been burned by co-reg. I know it works for some people, I know there are different ways of doing it, and I know that there is a vastly wide range of quality when it comes to the leads themselves.

Nevertheless, I think there is inherent risk involved for anyone using co-reg (including the guys making millions). Consider how it works. You get a bunch of names and email addresses (and IP addresses which supposedly makes it legal). You’ve never met these people, and they’ve never heard of you. You load them into an email program and blast off your message.

The guys from the Pipeline Profits video say they are getting 10,000-100,000 new leads a day. Hmmm… do you suppose any of those people will click the “report as spam” button when they receive the first message? You better believe it.

I also look at the fact that my email management company, Aweber, strictly prohibits the use of purchased leads, including co-registration. There’s a reason they don’t allow those types of leads to be imported, and it’s closely tied to the fact that Aweber is one of the most reputable email managers in the industry with the highest delivery rate.

I was invited to the closed-door JV program for this product, but I am not promoting it…EVEN though they have proof that it will sell like crazy.

I am NOT saying that it doesn’t work. But this is a technique that I personally would not use, and therefore I am not going to recommend that you use it either. If co-reg is something that you’re planning on doing anyway, then maybe you would benefit from the program by learning from their experience. But if you’re just trying to build your online business, I feel there are some better home study courses (I’ll be reviewing two of them in the next 30 days) that will give you a more balanced education instead of focusing on one tactic.

As always, you are welcome to post your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

42 thoughts on “Pipeline Profits – My preliminary viewpoint

  1. Danella Rutherford

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for those timely tips, as usual!

    your emails and blog help me in many diiferent ways, and this one is particularly good I believe.
    Thanks for being up front about these ways of doing things and the possible problems which could possibly happen.


  2. Dale

    Thanks for tthe honest opinion on the ‘pipeline’. Many of us ‘newbies’ are still a bit overwhelmed when we see top names (at the same time) promote a specific product with no real guidance. I commend your decision to not JV and to explain to the masses why. I understand Aweber is strict and so it should be to preserve their (and ultimately our) integrity. So thanks again for the ‘tip’ and we will take up a community collection for a bigger snowthrower if you like. Good luck and Happy New Year.
    (no link, just gratitude)

  3. Brian

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for cutting through the clutter and giving us your honest assessment of this program. Everytime I get one of these super-hyped promos for a “new” program, I always wonder what the underlying strategy is and if it works as great as promised. I know I can count on you with your considerable knowledge to give us all the heads-up on these things.

    Most of us only have a limited knowledge about these different strategies and programs, and we do appreciate when you give us the scoop before we, too, get caught up in the hype. But yes, I do agree with you, it does sound like there could potentially be some major pitfalls with this program, even though it could be quite profitable in the short run. It does not sound like a long-term sustainable business model. I’m glad that you don’t just automatically push the latest “hot” program without analyzing it beforehand.

    Thanks again,


  4. Robert Keating

    I am a current member of the pipeline profits program. I got in as a pre-launch member through stompernet. The way Buck and Brock teach you to use co-reg is different from other co-reg options I have come across in the past. Normally you would purchase a list that would have people on it that opted-in more than a week or even longer ago. By the time you send them an email they have forgotten where they opted in.

    The way I see it the method taught by the pipeline profit guys will work and is legit. I am about to launch my first campaign in a week or so. After that I will have real hands on experience to talk about. I can’t really give away the actual methods used so people will have to join to learn more. I will try to report back here after actually implementing the pipeline profit system.

  5. Steen

    Hi Eric

    Thanks for taking an ethical standpoint here. I am incredible scared of tactics like that myself because i really consider those actions spam. I have to warn against it if anyone wants to be taken seriously.

    Have a blast of a New Year…

  6. Patty Higuera

    Erics Tips; glad you send out notes to what is going on that helps a lot . hope things are better with your house . thanks for the info.

  7. Rafiq


    I like your frank review about this product. Keep us posted on your review for Russell’s course.


  8. Henry G.

    I hope you are enjoying the winter wonderland there Eric. Here in Minnesota, the land of 10,000,000 snowmobiles, we have nothing but rain and a couple dirty piles of snow on the road edges from the 1 1/2 in’s we received a couple days before Christmas. My wife’s mom and sister live there in the Denver area and are “not” enjoying it at all. 😉

    Thanks for posting about Co-Reg programs. I tried one of these early last year as I was just getting started online. I had about 800 on my non-responsive list that never paid one penny for the several good products that I let them know about. I tried taking the K-L-T approach with them before I tried to sell them… but not a one even responded to me. Most were from parts of the world that I didn’t even think had Internet access.

    I had an account back then with Aweber and really liked how they were setup. I did read over their TOS but did not really understand terms like co-registration and such so… I setup a newsletter with Aweber to share some “really great information” with my list. Then, I did an import of my list into Aweber. For about 10-12 days I would log into my Aweber account to see what the open rate and stats looked like. (I did have some traffic from a couple other sources that were being added to Aweber via a signup form on a web pages.)

    I was shocked to see some of the AOL addresses reporting me as a spammer from the imported mailing list from my co-reg site. So, I called Aweber support to discuss what I should do about this. The guy at support was very helpful giving me good info until I made a comment about where most of my list came from. SLAM! Within 60 seconds he shut down my account and would not even talk to me. I asked him about my list of others that were not part of the imported list to no avail. He told me I was out of business with them and would have no access to any of my list.


    If folks want to try this, use a different email, name, and find an AR that you know will not SLAM the door on you. Just don’t ever try to import those folks to your regular online business.

    That is one of the points that I will be teaching on as part of my Internet Marketing Technology Workshop. http://www.mrnobodyinternetmarketer.com I don’t want others to have the “heart pounding” experience of getting their accounts shut down or perhaps their domains blacklisted because of something like this.

    Well, that’s just my “burned by co-reg” story to add to the list.

    Have a Happy and Blessed New Year Eric. Thanks for all you do to help others.

    Mr. Nobody Internet Marketer
    in brown (Elk River) Minnesota

  9. Rosemary Hossenlopp

    Thank you for your honest statements about the pro’s and con’s of this potential opportunity. I think you get the “Fair and Balanced” award for 2006! Best Wishes for the new year.

  10. Jacques Beaudoin

    Hi Eric
    This a very interesting view point on this co reg list stuff. I agree that it is a tool full of spam abuse potential. I gave Co reg
    a try a few months back as I have a list of over 100,000 generic
    co reg subscribers. What happened on my test run was that I was getting more reverse marketing spam emails than I was getting subscribers, so I gave it up

    Any traffic generating methods that you have to spend a $1,000
    a day to make $2,000 had better be fully targeted or you will lose
    your shirt quickly. I do not doubt these guys are genuine and
    getting great results but unless you have a lot of start up capital, there are cheaper and better ways to get traffic. I am referring for example to Web2.0 Video Marketing with Social Networking
    sites that get twice the traffic that google gets. They can bring a flood of targeted traffic to your website or squeeze page for free
    or pennies on the dollar if done correctly. So I said, “Buyer beware, this Co reg traffic method is not for the faint of heart”.

  11. Walter Gavurnik

    You hit it on the head again my friend!
    15 emails? Every “GURU” from A-Z has sent me the exact same email!
    I posted about this on my blog http://internet-marketology.com/marketology/what-another-one
    a short time ago. Funny thing about these guys, since I started writing honest opinion about
    IM, they do not allow my comments on their blogs….. 🙁

    I viewed the video and thought it was well put together as well as intriguing. Brock made a
    very sound case for using their program. Again, I posted a comment on their blog and as of
    this morning, it still did not appear. BANNED AGAIN?!? 😉

    I too use Aweber. I have an opt-in list of around 10K. I asked about importing them and they
    told me I could, so long as I could provide information on when and how the info was collected.
    IE: date, site collected from, ad for reason to join my list, etc…. My reason for purchasing an
    Aweber account was simple, 10k was too many emails to continue sending through my server!
    Rather than risk losing Aweber, I chose to send in smaller lots per day. Prob is it takes several days
    before my entire mailing list receives the info. Solution….send an opt in email to list with a link to
    your Aweber account.

    Thank you for your honest opinions Eric. I have come to trust 2 marketers online, you and Dr. Mani.
    You are the ONLY people I have found who continue to give an honest evaluation of “NEW PRODUCTS”!

    GOD’s blessings to you and yours in 2007.
    May the new year bring you happiness and contentment in all that you do!


  12. Kenneth E Wheeler Sr

    Hello Eric,

    Well once again you have lit a fire under the rear of the many Guru’s out there.

    Now, me on the other hand have a problem with the word “SPAM”! I know no one likes receiving emails about things or programs their not intrested in, but in a free society spam comes at every person daily. You get spamed on TV, Radio, Newpapers, Magazines, and your phone. The above is only some, but remember you and I pay through the nose for trhe above.

    When we gave in to government controlls we have given up on every being able to police the internet ourselfs.


  13. Bruce K Inouye


    I have been on your newsletter list for about 4 months now and I found your opinions and viewpoints “right on.” I am a very successful businessman offline..grossed over 1M last year just from doing business the old fashioned way….getting, contacting, and keeping customers myself! I believe in guerilla marketing techniques…ala Jay Conrad Levinson, and you come the closest to the real way to do business online, the whitelist way!

    So when I found your recent post about the co-reg program being promoted, which I received 5 emails from all the “gurus” too, I was very suspicious…sounded too good to be true. Although I am a 6 month “newbie” in internet based business, I believe in planning and executing a rock solid online presence by building it, one valuable customer at a time. I think we all need to be persistent and patient, all at the same time….and success will come.

    Keep up the good work on letting us all know about the legitimate ways of improving our online businesses.


  14. DA Palumbo


    Thanks for taking a stand on this. Many of us who frequent this blog know this isn’t the first time you’ve come out with an unpopular opinion on a product, and I just want to say “thanks”. I feel bad for all those folks who are just getting into Internet Marketing….it’s so easy to get duped unless you’ve been around the block….or, unless you have someone mentoring you who will tell you the truth. I’m thankful that you’re that person for so many.

    And just so everyone knows…Eric is consistently one of the top affiliates in the world for nearly every product he decides to get behind and promote…rivaling the biggest marketers you’ve heard of…so listen to him, folks…he’s one of the good guys.

    And one more thing about this particular product….

    I don’t know Brock or Buck, and I confess I’ve never heard of either of them until my inbox was flooded with all the offers yesterday… but in just doing a little “competitive intelligence” on these guys, it wasn’t too hard to uncover some troubling things posted from others on the Internet about their business practices. And I’m being nice here, speaking in generalities and such… Trust me folks, stay far away from these guys…

    – DA

  15. flwong

    Hi Eric,

    Firstly, i wish a Happy New Year 2007. Hope the Year 2007 brings you and family many joy!!

    As usual you are such a honest IM marketer that always give your honest opions in any of product review. As a newbie, we need marketer like you to guide us along the way, as Dale said “still a bit overwhelmed when we see top names (at the same time) promote a specific product with no real guidance”

    Thanks for your time and effort in providing us all your opinon.

    Happy New Year to you.

    Best Regards,

  16. Sarah

    Hi Eric,

    I have recently unsubscribed from many lists due to the huge number of similar emails endorsing the same products. As you see from me being here, I am still with you as I truly value your opinions as you certainly do tell it like it is.

    Keep up the good work and have a very happy and prosperous 2007.

    Kind regards,

  17. Neil Shearing

    Thanks for the fair and balanced newsletter, Eric. It made a refreshing change from the “bombardment” of promo emails for the product. I’ll be linking to your blog post from my blog. 🙂
    Neil Shearing.

  18. Billy Bristol

    Once again I turn to Eric’s Tips to get the real story aout truth and honesty in this crazy business. Thank you.

    I desperately want to become wealthy from my work on the internet, but at the same time, if something is too good to be true, it probably has some snags. Me personally…I think I’d rather stay poor than partake in some of the questionable tactics I see. The potential gains to my wallet are just not worth the risk to my well-being.

    Thanks again for setting us straight,

  19. Michelle B. Williams

    Hey Eric,

    Have some of the internet “Fat Cats” become lazy and now take their lists for granted?

    A former boss of mine always told me the greatest danger is letting your early success get you lazy.
    So lazy that you stop doing the basics that brought you that success in the 1st place.

    When you start building your list and you have your 1st hundred or two subscribers it’s intoxicating, you actually treasure these people who have finally “proved” to you that this list building stuff really works.

    Somewhere along the line when that lists crosses the 5K mark, a degree of insensitivity can step in, when you lose sight that there are real live people out there getting your message and acting on your advice.

    I mean if you really cared about your list would you send them every request that came down the pipe?

    No, you would at least shield them from the obvious garbage AND give them some advice with regards to how this new “miracle product” will fit in with their overall online business.

    Thanks Eric, you’re a class act.
    All the best in 2007.

    Michelle B. Williams

  20. Salathe

    Hi Eric great post and some really interesting comments afterwards, will really look forward to the post from Mr Keating ref his early signup and his practical experience of this . How many of the Gurus actually really try these BEFORE pushing them. In my other life I am a Veterinary Surgeon and would never recommend anything unless I was 100% sure it worked and was safe, these facts are just NOT released in these promotions in most cases. Keep up the good work,

  21. Kevin Koop

    Hey Eric,

    I just wanted to let you know that one of the best things I’ve done in the last month is to Unsubscribe from a huge amount of lists that I’ve been on! That being said, however, yours is NOT one of them!

    Thanks for having the integrity and courage it takes to go against the flow!

    Have a Blessed New Year and stay bundled up,

    Kevin Koop

  22. eBay Design Guru


    I also got these emails but this time I didn’t fall for it, after seeing the “canned” letter and watching the first video I realized it was just the “stomper” ploy, a lot of over priced hype.

    True, there are a lot of good points in both stomper and pipeline but when it all boils to it NOBODY is going to give you anything for free.

    I wonder if the pipeline program will also cost close to $10,000 like the stomper program did?

    Needless to say, I’m not impress nor am I buying into it.

    I think it’s sad that people try to prey on the new website owners and the ones that are struggling.

    Thanks for always being straight forward!

  23. Franck S

    Thanks Eric,

    I was wondering what the heck is the all thing about. What surprised me is that Brad Fallon himself was there saying that it has nothing to do with SEO.

    But man, Brad is good in business!

  24. Hamant

    Hello Eric.
    Thanks for that insight into Co Reg – I went back and read the post about BuildYourList with JP Advertising. It really opened my eyes.
    I was also looking at their list at one point in the past and decided to go against it and just build my list slowly.
    Am I glad.

    I do however do business with A1Ebiz and Doc phelps and he is a great Guy. I only use my responder for my own opt in lists.

    Thanks again
    Happy New Year To You and Your Family

    Takce Care

  25. Kristina

    Hi Eric,

    I’ve never commented on your blog before, but I do appreciate your tips. I watched the 3 co-reg videos and listened to the podcast, but none of it really wowed me.

    I was interested in your “bad experience with co-reg” so I clicked back to that post. I have to say that if I ever inquired about something being advertised and got replies that were so full of spelling and grammar mistakes as the replies you received from Jane, I would have steered way clear of whatever was being sold. An occasional typo is inevitable, but anyone who would send a potential customer messages like that is seriously lame, as well as disrespectful of his/her potential customer.

    Weren’t you put off by the careless way Jane sought to entice you to buy her product?

    Keep your great tips coming!



  26. John

    Hi Eric
    I too have been receiving emails about Pipeline Profits It sounds like an expensive program Im a newbie to internet marketing.And I’ve been trying to look for honest answer’s for making money online I found your blog by searching google on keyword pipeline for profits. Found your blog sounds like your an honest. Guy and I would like for you to post on my forum a review about bad and good products that your are aware of, sure do appreciate your comments.


  27. David

    Hi Eric,

    Love your site and emails.. great stuff, keep em comin…

    Regarding Pipeline Profits, I’m betting that these two guys (Buck and Brock) started a co-reg company with in-house autoresponder. What better way to cash in after all the hoopla?

  28. Steve

    Thanks for the info. I have been trying to cut through all of the hype on this and your information seems well balanced and fair. Thanks again. I wasn’t sure if this pipeline profits system would be good for our business at http://www.carmellajewell.com or not. Your advice is certainly good to read.

    Thanks again,

  29. Frustrated Marketer

    On Interesting comment. Did you how the $600k screenshots were all from 2005. In the Internet World that is ancient. I’d like to see a decent marketer tell us how to make money today, with the overinflated traffic prices everyone is charging. That I beleive is the real secret to IM success.

  30. Florian

    I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog 🙂
    Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day 🙂

  31. mike


    Took them 3-4 days to activate accounts, no support in the forum, no support from support tickets. Changed return policy from 1 year to 30 days after everyone completed their purchase.

    If you posted anything questioning their system they terminate your account with out notice of any sort!

    They also offered a 3 pay option of $685, and then proceeded to charge $735. This has been the worst launch and by far my worst purchasing decision ever! 3 hours of video is not worth over 2 grand, especially when it is so incomplete, and the lead prices they promise? Well, they are still negotiating to get those types of deals, it is not in there rolodex yet! So STAY AWAY!

  32. Janet

    I would like to ask Mike if he has been successful in getting a refund.

  33. John

    Hi Eric
    What do you think of affiliate Project X and the new program Day Job Killer
    thats coming out this tuesday did you get invited or have some kind of news

  34. James H barton

    Pipeline videos are BS in all means. Believe me I lost whole money and got my butt kicked by AR , let me advise you.. plz stay away…
    Why can’t you try far simpler options like info end resources at http://www.infoend.com?affl-id=5644 Here’s How You Can Quickly And Discover How You Can Quickly and Easily Attract A  potent bunch of 3,00,00,00 buyers! I don’t think it is bad as only to spend 22 bucks and 4 long weeks to test that.with complete money back guarantee.. for next 4 weeks. Just try and lemme know

  35. John

    Shameless plug James.

    As for Pipeline Profits. I have mentioned it before and I will mention it again, the membership is pure crap. They really underdelivered and had way too many problems with their launch for me to ever consider giving this coreg deal a try.

    Andy Jenkins lost alot of my trust as well for shamelessly plugging the hell out of the crappy, underdelivered product. Shame on you Andy……your unsubscribe link has found its way to my clicker!

  36. Linda

    I just came across this site while collecting information on Buck and Brock.

    I’ve sent several emails, asking for a refund. I have not been able to find any phone number, other than the one for Brad Fallon that was on my VISA statement.

    Can anyone give me advice on placing a chargeback? I’ve read your email elsewhere Mike. Thanks


  37. IN

    Go to my link for additional info on PipelineProfits. Read my review “Review: A Numbers Game…” on that webpage, and see what you think – and please do not delete this comment…

  38. Randy


    I stumbled across your article while researching ListOpt, a purchased leads company. And I found out, after signing up, that Aweber doesn’t allow these leads, but only leads which sign up through your website form.

    I am wondering if you may have considered using a different autoresponder for these “purchased leads”, just for the purpose of weeding out bad subscribers. The 2nd autoresponder company would be used to send a message such as “You recently requested to be included in our mailing list. But we want to be absolutely, positivily sure that you really want to subscribe. So, we’re asking that you go to our website, read about our newsletter, then subscribe through the form on our website.”

    Then a similar “reminder” email would be send a couple of days later. The main autoresponder would pick up these subscribers, while the 2nd autoresponder company would be used to simply weed out the bad.

    Do you think this would be a smart move? If so, do you think it would be worth it?

    I’ll be looking through your archives & subscribing…looks like some good info from you.

    Much Thanx!

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