Fanny Packs, Halloween, and the Death of Google AdWords

By | October 31, 2007

Edition #141

Today is Halloween.

Not my favorite holiday, but at least it can be a fun day. I don’t really “celebrate” Halloween, but I don’t have a problem with wearing funny costumes and eating some candy.

Tonight I’ll be taking my family to the Harvest Party at our church. It’s pretty much a big indoor carnival with lots of fun games and candy.

My wife and kids are VERY excited that we are going to dress up as the “Fanny Pack Bandits”. Yup, all of us including our little one-year-old girl will be sporting some awesome 80’s attire and a super-cool fanny pack.

Of course you’re probably wondering what IS a Fanny Pack Bandit?

Interestingly, it’s based on a YouTube video that was created by some guys in our church. My wife showed it to our kids one day, and they’ve been hooked ever since.

I happen to think it’s pretty funny, but my wife and kids seem to think it’s the funniest thing to ever hit the planet. Watch it and see for yourself:

Anyway, that’s what I’ll be doing tonight!

OK, now on to business.

Today my friend Simon Leung released an important report called The Death of Google AdWords.

I happen to spend a considerable amount of my marketing budget on PPC (pay-per-click), most of which is spent on Google AdWords. I’m guessing that many of you are also PPC users.

Simon used to work for Google in the AdWords department, so he’s the closest thing to a Google “insider” that you’ll find in our industry.

Needless to say, he’s the “go-to” guy when it comes to AdWords. Since I spend a lot of time and money on my PPC campaigns, Simon’s advice is like solid gold.

In this report, he talks about some major changes that he’s predicting in the AdWords system. If you use AdWords, you owe it to yourself to download this report.

If you could look into the future to see what obstacles your business would be facing in the coming months, don’t you think you would do it so you could plan and react accordingly?

Well of course you can’t see the future, but this is the closest thing you’ll get.

My advice: Acquire this wisdom.

(Link removed as this offer is no longer available)

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments here on the blog.

Have a great day, and if you’re the trick-or-treating type… please have a safe night!

41 thoughts on “Fanny Packs, Halloween, and the Death of Google AdWords

  1. John McCabe

    Eric, check your link. I tried to buy this report and got a “Incorrect affiliate link” error from Paydotcom.

    Don’t you think it’s at least a little ironic that the guy who made his name spilling the “insider secrets” of using Adwords for lead generation is now pushing a “Death of Adwrords” report?

  2. Eric Post author

    John- hmmm, please try again and let me know if you get the error. As you may guess, the “death” is partly a marketing tactic… but there’s some deadly serious changes coming that are crucial for PPC spenders like me. You’ll see in the report…

    Robert- it’s $2 to download it. Sorry I didn’t make that clear. BTW- its a no brainer IMO (I spend that much on one click sometimes!)

  3. Ian Douglas


    Thanks for the latest edition of Erics Tips but are you aware the word “fanny” is slang for a woman’s vagina here in England? You mentioned this word several times in your newsletter (and in the link) so don’t be surprised if your emails to English subscribers get blocked by their computer’s security / child protection software who assume your newsletter is about pornography.

    It is frustrating that I have had to submit this comment on your public blog as I would have preferred to have emailed you personally but had my email bounced back:


    Best wishes.

  4. Roger

    Hi Eric

    I’m very miffed with this Death of Google Adwords email you’ve sent, it all looks good stuff on the website including a nice looking book complete with cover for $2.00 so I thought way not and paid up.

    All I got was another offer to part with $37.00 for the same book that I thought I’d just bought, there was no useful information, no e-book or download just a con.

    I know it’s just $2.00, but it’s like stealing a sweet from a shop it’s the principle.


  5. Eric Post author

    Ian- thanks for the heads up. I had no idea about the word fanny!! and thanks for the heads up about the broken link in the autoresponse.

  6. Roger

    Hi Eric,

    Many thanks for the quick reply. Yes I did miss the download link right at the bottom of the page, I obviously don’t feel so miffed now!

    Regards Roger

  7. kannan


    I am a regular reader of your Erictips newsletter.It is really giving me some useful tips and ideas in internet marketing.
    Keep up it up!


  8. Mark

    That’s a pretty funny video, pretty sad but I got a giggle out of it. By the way the word Fanny also applies here in Australia Eric.

    Besides that, keep up the fantastic work mate, I’m fast becoming a fan or your newletters, very helpful.

    Thanks a lot.

  9. Mark

    Sorry to spam you Eric, I have just purchased the $2, 34 page version of the ebook and have been taken to the link but am not getting anything. I think it has something to do with Windows Vista and Adobe external handler not playing nice. Is there anywhere I can send my receipt/proof of purcahse and be emailed a copy ?¿?¿?

  10. Mark

    Hi Eric, thanks for a great newsletter I am fast becoming a fan and find it very helpful. Anyway I have just purchased the $2, 34 page version of the ebook and have been taken to the link but am not getting anything. I think it has something to do with Windows Vista and Adobe external handler not playing nice. Is there anywhere I can send my receipt/proof of purcahse and be emailed a copy ?¿?¿?

  11. Steve McKay

    Eric! (this time with an excamation point, because I couldn’t agree with you more)!
    Holloween is a fun time for kids (as long as their parents explain that this is all it is, A fun time, and not the Pagan Holliday that many percieve it to be). Let them go out, be spooky and scarry, as long as they know that when they get home, their Mom and Dad are there, and everything else, well, it’s just for fun!
    All the best old boy, you really do seem to have a good handle on things, as I see it, and I always love reading you, even when I disagree (Not tonight though) BOOO!
    Thanks Eric!


  12. Mada

    Hey Eric

    I thought is was a spelling error when I saw the word “fanny” as the word also applies here in South Africa (as explained by Ian Douglas). So to me the video is very suggestive and might offend some of your readers.

    The only thing catching about the video was the tune (because it’s stuck in my head now 🙂

    Sorry to say, but I did not buy the book -even if it is only $2 – as it’s definately a marketing tactic by Simon Leung. As Google is a 6 billion dollar company (May 2007) and growing, I can’t see that Adsense will “die” soon. There might be changes yes, but marketers will just have to be aware of these. I’m not saying that there will not be valuable info in Simon’s book – I’m sure there is, but not for me at this stage.

    Thanks anyway for your regular updates Eric – keep up the good work.


  13. Michaela

    Well I have read some comments and I have had as much fun as I had on Holloween.
    Keep up the good work, about the perfectionists, you cannot please everybody! Don’t even try!
    I enjoy yout Tip’s.


  14. Chuck W

    Based on the title, I purchased the $2.00 report, but it really isn’t about the “Death of Adwords”, just about keeping up with the changes. There was nothing new in there for me – I kinda feel cheated out of my two lousy bucks. The title is misleading hype.

  15. Grumpy Old Chef

    I wouldn’t worry too much about offending anyone, if you are an American.

    It’s a well known fact that they don’t speak or write any language known to anyone else on the planet.

    Excellent tips, though. LOL

    The Grumpy Old Chef

  16. Martin

    Hi Eric,
    Many many thanks for the great tip as usual.
    On a more humourous note just as well it was an email and not an Adwords Campaign.
    Now that would have been really Fanny… sorry Funny if you had included all
    English speaking countries. Just imagine the clickthru rate!
    Maybe Google ad dept would not have passed it in their wisdom. Haha:)


  17. Mark Sandquist


    We learn something new everyday, eh?

    This situation is hilarious!

    Being of mostly English decent (and my Nana came to Canada from England only after WW2) I’m just as surprised to learn what fanny means in England. My Nana uses the word in the same context as the rest of North America. It is just a slang for “bottom”, or “bum” (or “ass” as we say in Canada). Did you know that the four letter “C” word for Vagina (that ends in “unt”) is thrown around as loosely in English pubs as “jerk” is here? (A friend of mine recently from England who visits family there regularly filled me in on this). Needless to say, he gets some “looks that could kill” from Canadian women whenever he uses it. Someone should develop a software appy, pre-loaded with such international faux pas for checking our emails. Hmmm…



  18. Carma

    That is so funny. Looking back I can see how that might be misconstrued. Personally, I call them butt bags. 😉

  19. Gordon Sheppard

    He he he… I just got your follow up email appologising for any offence.

    No offence taken, but here in Scotland if I were to say to someone in the pub, “you’re just a fanny”, I’d probably end up in a scrap! So, yes in certain parts of the world it is a peculiar turn of phase to use in an email 🙂

    BTW, and for future world peace (well especially in Scotland) , avoid the word “fud” (it kinda means the same as “fanny”), although to call someone a “fud” is actually quite funny when you hear it in a Scottish accent. So no emails about Elmer Fudd, or the Mexican brand of tinned beef in the future at anytime ; )

    Keep the tips coming!


  20. Myron

    Dear Eric,
    I guess you really got yourself into some hot water over the fanny issue. Not to mention the fact that it is slang in the US and Canada for your butt that you sit on.
    I did not buy the $2.00 Death of Google Adwords simply because I did not agree with the purchase agreement. Did you read it? The seller sure lays out some heavy ramifications for legal issues. The biggest issue I did not agree with was the fact that if you purchased from the seller you were bound by the purchase agreement. Next, even after if you decide to unsubscribe from the seller’s mailing list, if the seller felt there were damages that the seller incurred because of the purchaser’s involvement, you are still obligated to be notified by the seller about any legal issues.
    So make sure you check out all legal information about something before you buy. If you do not agree with something you have the choice not to buy.
    Yes, I also agree with others that this definitely is another marketing tactic to sell his products, which is his perogative as a seller of goods.

    If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?
    later Eric,


  21. Graham in U.K.

    Hi Eric
    I was amused to read the comments on your blog about the slang word ‘fanny’ and what it means here in the U.K.
    I was not amused at the video which I thought was childish and frankly quite stupid.
    I also didn’t bother with yet another google slap special ‘must have’ report ( yawn ohhhhh )
    Graham in UK

  22. Anthony Harris

    Hello Eric,

    As it happens, in Victorian England, (that is, during the 19th century), ‘Fanny’ was a popular girls’ name. I imagine its use as a euphemism for a woman’s lower reproductive apparatus emanates from that period.

    Oddly, the ‘c’ word mentioned by Mark Sandquist is exclusively used here in the UK as a swearword (or what you might call a ‘cuss’) between men…as an insult. In the US, an angry man might call a woman a ‘c’, but not a man (you might enlighten me about that if American men use it to insult each other too).

    Now here’s something really fanny…er, funny. My paternal grandmother’s name was Fanny (originally Fanny Lippschitz). She was a rather vulgar woman with bleached blonde hair who loved dog racing, and managed to lose most of the family fortune at the track, where she was affectionately known by the bookmakers as ‘blonde Fanny’. I used to wonder if they had secret knowledge.

    Anyway, as her language was often rather crude, I devised my own name for her by a deft manipulation of ‘Lippschitz’. I’ll leave you and the other readers to work it out.

  23. Larry

    I feel for you Eric about the fanny word. It is virtually impossible to know what word and pharases are offensive in anotuer country or culture. It would be a full-time job to ferret those out. I teach cultural diversity and it is difficult to know all the nuances and more’s associated with each culture. What would be useful, especialy to writers, publishers and speakers, would be a thesaurus that would alert us of the differing cultural meanings of words and phrases. Then we could decide if we wanted to use those or substitute words.

    If I or anyone comes up with helpful sources, please share. Thanks

    Great blog by the way.

  24. Anthony Harris

    Hello again Eric,

    My son just pointed out the YouTube video showing young men wearing ‘fanny packs’ mostly at the front, like sporrans. Over in the UK, they’re usually worn by women, but round the back, just above the buttocks. They’re called ‘bum-bags’ (and that’s just the women…okay, I’m just joking about the women!). Anyway,

    As I understand it, ‘bum’ in the US means ‘hobo’; but in the UK, we say ‘tramp’ (i.e. a homeless person who tramps the streets)…but for you a ‘tramp’ is…er…oh dear, I’d better not go there or I’ll get into real trouble…

  25. Jim

    Watched the video, but sorry I wasted my time. More inane than entertaining.
    Your tips are generally very good. Passed on the special as I would like to see some
    dimunitation of the the proliferation of ads. Seems too many sites are concerned
    with overbearing ads than quality content.

  26. TOP

    Well howdy, we must all be really board to be blogging about fannies, c#@$s, fuds, or who knows what else. It is very hard to use language cross-culturally without a degree in the other country’s linguistics. What you can say here, you can’t say there. What you can say there, you can’t say here. Then throw in all the slang that goes along with the correct language, and it really does become impossible. We have a local college football team where I lived called the Gamecocks (a fighting rooster in case you didn’t know). Now drop the ‘game’ off that one, which a lot of people do to shorten the mascott, and a lot of folks will go nuts (oops, guess I shouldn’t say that either), crazy in other places, because that’s slang for a male body part. What I am trying to say (I think) is that we all need to take a breath when we see something like that and make sure we aren’t overracting before bombarding the world with emails ’cause we got offened. It is usually pretty easy to tell if the person is trying to be rude or vulgar, or in this case, is simply an instance of cross-cultural difference. It doesn’t hurt to make the sender aware of the issue, but be nice about it. Thanks for the tips Eric and rave on. I never have been politically correct and have no intention of starting now. Tell it like it is. Call ’em like you see ’em.

  27. Michelle Bartels

    lol Eric, thats so good! In oz land their bum bags!! Retailers love ’em when the power goes off! I was going to write you an aussie slang script but hey, that would cause a ripple. Good report even better price 2 bucks um’ sorry dollars!!

  28. Kevin Riley

    LOL, cultural differences are so much fun. I’ve always thought of a fanny as a tush or behind. However, in the Kawachi area of Osaka, a bobo is the equivalent to the Brits use of fanny, so I guess Bobo the Clown would have a very hard time here.

    The other day, I was in a conference with Brit, Aussie, and Yank marketers, when one of the Aussies said he was “going to smoke a fag”, which had the American spluttering at his end — big difference in meaning.

  29. Steve

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the latest tips, yes that word is i guess a rude word for a certain anatomy of a woman.

    And in this country a homeless person is also called a tramp, or derro, as in like a slang sort of thing.

    It funny how many words have different meanings in other countries.

    And here we do call them “bum Bags”


  30. Bill

    Do not fret about it, In the Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy this term is used to describe a container for carrying milk.
    All The Best

  31. Pete in UK

    Death of Google Adwords:

    No information contained a complete waste of money, time & paper. I know Google Ads cost more than they did a few years ago as more people advertise, the solution I feel is to save money by not purchasing hyped up crappy fluff and save the money for your adwords campaigns!

    And yes I also fell for the usless upgrade that I too thought was for Google Adwords but only contained more fluff of remixed obvious marketing gumph… my advise save ya money for ya campaigns and stop buying crappy marketing rubbish, listen to the real experts like Perry and Co…

    Did you read this before you promoted this? I have fluff on my beak!

  32. Myriam

    Hello Eric,

    I’m in Belgium. I bought my first “fanny pack” way back in 1991. We are used to wearing them at the front, the way the men in the video do. Wearing one round your back would in my opinion make you quite vulnerable to pickpockets in large crowds. Using a fanny pack is precisely to *avoid* that!

    Anyway, I like your blog!


  33. Eric Post author

    Pete- sorry you didn’t like it 🙁 Yes I read it and I stand by my assessment. I think it’s important info for anyone using AdWords as part of their marketing strategy. And yes Perry is definitely a leading AdWords expert (probably the best known), and I would recommend him as well as Chris Carpenter, but I’d say Simon is of that same caliber…

  34. Pete in UK

    Hi Eric, Thanks for the reply, but can you please explain what information was supplied as I am flummoxed? I am not having a pop, I respect your usual no nonsense advise and feel you only promote articles/information you think will help others. I just found absolutely no content or information at all? Adwords costs more money than it did, but so do houses! You don’t have to publish this and I respect you for leaving the last comments in but I am just intrigued what information you feel was provided.

    Thanks Eric.

  35. Joe

    Pete in UK … You are 100% correct. It’s nothing but an upsell and from what I’ve discovered, the upsell products will be another upsell. This guy doesn’t come up with anything! I got a refund.


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