Charles Trippy and Jaime Luchuck are the Final Two

By | November 7, 2007

Edition #142 – 11/7/2007

I recently flew from Denver to Toronto, then to Tampa, then back to Denver… all within two days. Why the whirlwind trip?

I was filming the surprising second half of episode 12 of The Next Internet Millionaire.

After eleven episodes… eleven Internet marketing teachers… ten eliminations… and a lot of drama…

We’re down to TWO contestants competing for the title of “The Next Internet Millionaire”!

And not only are they competing for a title, but also for a $25,000 cash prize and a joint venture with Joel Comm!

Charles Trippy and Jaime Luchuck face off in episode 12 of the world’s first competitive Internet reality show at:

Click Here to Watch Episode 12

Special guest teacher Rich Schefren joins the action for this exciting episode, as Joel throws a TWIST at the contestants in an unexpected finale!

After watching the episode, please visit Charles and Jaime’s new sites, and “vote” for the winner.

Charles Trippy’s site: Click here to visit Viral Video Fever

Jaime Luchuck’s site: Click here to visit Cubicle Slave to the Next Internet Millionaire

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments here on the blog.

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16 thoughts on “Charles Trippy and Jaime Luchuck are the Final Two

  1. Rick


    I wonder who reads these comments – if anyone. Just in case anyone does, here’s my 2 cents worth.
    Do any of you marketing wizards realize just how many offers we “subscribers” are inundated with day in and day out? Do you realize that if we bought into every “great new offer” we might be spending a thousand dollars a day? Do you realize that most of us already have a huge collection of ebooks and tutorials that we have read and didn’t get enough of real value out of them to do much good? Do you realize there are hundreds, maybe thousands of people selling marketing “success secrets” or whatever they decide to call the next one?
    I have opted into and opted out of many “lists” I opted in either because I was curious whether there might be something of real value to be learned…or, in many cases, I simply wanted a free offer and to some marketing “genius”, that constituted “subscribing”.
    If all these so-called gurus and marketing experts would just send informative emails or be willing to talk back and forth with their subscribers, instead of just “at” their subscribers, would that help their overall business? I think so. I, for one, am very tired of the daily “pitch this, pitch that” autoresponder approach in the current marketing mindset. It is almost like telemarketing in email form. It sucks. It is overdone. I am to the point that I almost automatically delete all marketing related emails without reading them. I read this current one from you, and sure enough, there is the suggestion once again “go look at this and I recommend it highly, you should buy it”.
    Thanks for yet another offer, but I prefer to keep at least some of my money for other things. One thing I have learned over the past 6 months is that no one can spend their way to making big bucks. An awful lot of people just haven’t found that out yet…but the day is probably going to come when all the marketing geniuses will be looked at as pariahs.
    Promote, promote, promote, hype, hype, hype, sell, sell, sell. That’s what it seems to be all about.
    I’m tired of being on the receiving end of it and I’m NOT about to do it to other people to get their money.

  2. Henk from Delft

    Hi Eric,
    You in Toronto and Florida, I was in Delft and Rotterdam. Yes we both know what teaching involves. Traveling around with your thoughts untill understanding hit earth.
    Thanks for the awsome NextInternetMillionair broadcasting!
    Have a thoughtful day!


  3. Paul Easton

    Hi Eric,
    Have enjoyed the next internet millionaire program. I took is watching how people react in situations. And yes every day there are product promotions going on. Its comes down to buying a product – getting “one” piece of useful information out of and then taking action.

    Then consistantly improving what you did. ebooks on a hard wont make you money- providing value will create weath- if you help enough people get what they want- what ever the subject/market…..


  4. Alsa from Patton Road

    Whoa there Rick,

    You have a right to be frustrated about a lot of what goes on the the internet marketing world; but don’t throw up on Eric.

    Maybe you missed something along the way, but Eric offers lots of freebies and he doesn’t over saturate us with offers. In fact that’s why I always open his stuff.

    I mean really, if you cared to take the time and check out his “personal site” (link is at the top right side of here….) you would find info about Eric and you would see other things he is in to. Among his “freebies” are some gems that if applied, could help people earn money without having paid him one dime.

    Maybe your rant is justified for many of the other IMers out there, but don’t be hating on Eric. Don’t group him in with “those others!”

    Man, you seriously need to take a chill pill. You sound like one of those frustrated, about to go postal-types. You’re worth more than that. Don’t let everyday stuff get to you this bad. The tension in your post flies right off the page and smacks us readers upside the head.

    Dude, someone in your life loves you a lot, so take care of yourself for them. You’re working yourself into a heart attack. Life’s too short….stop and smell the flowers. Take stock in what really matters. Listen to whatever music always changes your mood (into a good mood) and remember to appreciate even the little things. Take care now, okay…..

    And Eric, you’re doing great. I love your work on The Next Internet Millionaire….You are one skilled and creative person!!! And I thought the fXXXy pack video was a hoot….so much so that I shared it and many people have (taken it as you meant it) and cracked completely up. Plus the words are so catchy that my daughter knows them by heart already and is a fan of the “Group.”

    Best Regards, Alsa

  5. Catherine

    My 1st grade daughter and I have really enjoyed the whole series except of course the R rated one. (she didn’t see that, Thanks to God) It really distracted from the content. I saw both launches yesterday. Will the final sales determine the winner? I have not watched the last half hour yet. It didn’t want to buffer last night past the start of Rich’s talk so I downloaded it. I know its frustrating, Rick. I even lost my entire desktop harddrive a couple months ago and backups were lost/corrupted including Motivated Marketing Sysstem. So everything I purchased was lost. Maybe you can do some forward marketing, Rick and get your income to be passive. Look at it as promote the product either before or sometimes after as an affiliate. Eric’s Tips are awesome. BTW, you could have stopped in Indiana halfway between them.

  6. MIke

    While Rick went on a bit of a tirade, I have to agree – most people are tired of being ‘recommended to’. One thing that came out of episode 12, for me at any rate, was that the two, current joint winner; Charles Trippy and Jaime Luchuck were both trying to make money. Anyone on this site wouldn’t be here unless they had some interest in doing this… Jaime’s product is more conventional, but what strikes me is that it is general in its objective, i.e., to help you beome financially free. Charles’ product is more focused; it attempts to teach you specifically how to essentially produce multimedia presentations in the vernacular ‘web 2.0’ format and its presentaiton is oriented to that group. I think Eric & Joel have attempted to demystify and ‘add flavouring’ to internet marketing with this video series, which can’t be a bad thing. Thanks Eric – still a good newsletter and blog, just don’t get seduced by your success..

  7. BillyA

    Rick makes some good points, but I have a word of advice for him:

    Stop reading what the guru’s are doing (or telling you what to do) and start doing something for yourself. No offense Eric, but you know that the only way to really make money online is to innovate. Following the crowd never made anyone rich.

    I used to be in Rick’s shoes. I subscribed to Filsaime, Perry Marshall, Moya, et al., and never made a dime until I started to think for myself. You can listen to their ideas, but to really make significant money, you have to take those ideas and come up with a new idea, angle, or application. Better yet, come up with your own product.

    Although I believe Eric has the best of intentions to try to educate his readers, he does not work so hard for the good feelings it brings him. No, he works hard for money – because that is what this is all about. Please don’t expect to make the kind of money that Eric makes without thinking for yourself.

  8. Steve


    I haven’t followed this entire series(The Next Internet Millionaire), but looking at the sites they both seem worthy, and could even be most likely even used hand in hand.

    Video is the way to go though, i mean i have spent so much time today on youtube watching videos so they are addictive.

    Best of luck to them both!


  9. Wordpress Templates

    I’ve just been reading an article on relationship marketing and thought aboutb that in the context of this post from Eric and all of your comments. I’ve also bought and followed numerous guru’s and their recommendations and they always seem to end up with a product pitch. But then so does every other recommendation from the real world. Magazines, bookstores, tv ads – everything encourages us to spend money. So i don’t think we can blame IM’s for doing the same. But just because they are pummeling us with offers doesn’t mean we have to buy and the point that BillyA makes is quite valid.

    People usually buy something that will take away a problem and if we can find a way to do that we will end up with customers who will come back for more if the first problem solver we offered got the job done.


  10. humbledave

    Kudos to all, the teachers and the students! I got your email on Viral Video and wondering how 2 powerhouses like Joel and Eric dont have an affiliate program in place for me to sign on with Trippy.

  11. Christopher Raine

    Hi Eric

    I’ve read pretty much all the replys to your post, and “yes” it is true to say that there are a large amount of product launches these days, but it should be remembered that this is within the realms of Internet marketing and should be expected. Any one new to Internet Marketing needs to be aware of two things in my mind, firstly the sales page is there to be persuasive, and the provider of the product should not make any apologies for this, they are trying to make a living. Secondly, you need to learn to be discerning on what you purchase. Although there is a lot of junk out there from time to time, there are also plenty of good quality products designed to assist in your success.

    The thing that you need to know is when or if at all a product is going to benefit you, I could sound off and be angry because I personally have made plenty of buying mistakes, but have had to take it on the chin and learn from my mistakes.

    If you think about it the reason so many comments exist regarding Erics post is because we all want to be where Charles and Jaime are at present, I say good luck to them, they both had the nerve to go through the Next Internet Millionaire process and have had to work hard at it.

    For my part although the products are vastly different they both have appeal, and although there may be similarities in some ways with what has gone before I still think they have maintained their own USP, Charles because video is the future and his delivery I feel is both entertaining and engaging and Jaime seems to be very analytical and I truely believe that she will have nurtured every last bit of information from the top line marketers she has come into company with, and I still believe I can make a name for myself and hence I’m compelled to have the utmost belief in them because they represent hope for all of us.

    I hope these comments provide a well balanced view for any one who reads them

    All The Best To Everyone Who Has Been Involved in This Process!

    Kind Regards

    Chris Raine

  12. Mathias

    I almost bought that video thing.

    This is off topic:
    A while back (a year or something?) I received an email from Eric about his computer being infected with viruses and he got some help from some geniouses.
    I need those geniouses now.
    Can anyoune point me in the right direction?


  13. Data Backup

    Everybody’ s is ripping at Rick, but he is right. Whatever happened to ethical marketing. people don’t like to be “sold” the same rehashed stuff over and over again. All the make money membership sites basically have content from the same sources. they are charging you money every month for gathering info in one place. i’d rather do my search on the intermnet and get that info for free.

    And what’s with Alsa lecturing Rick on “taking life easy”. One has to speak the truth even if it’s bitter.
    IM pitches ar egetting out of hand and some “guru” better start thhinking of another way to market now.

    Article Marketing

  14. Terri Shearer

    Eric, you and your crew did fantastic video production work! I really enjoyed the reality show, although some of the tasks were a little disjointed versus what they would do in the real world. I chose to get the Trippy video. Perhaps I know too much about video but I found it to be lacking in ‘meat’. Lots of entertainment but not a lot of instruction. Maybe you should take the bait and do some serious video classes – now THAT would be worth the $100.


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