It’s Your Independence Day!

By | July 4, 2007

Edition #132

If you’re here in the good ole’ USA, chances are that you’ll be spending the day with your loved ones participating in activities such as…

playing or watching sports…
watching a parade…
playing in a lake, pool, or other body of water…
watching or lighting off fireworks!

And if you’re not in the USA, it may be just another day at work… but it can still be your independence day too.

The fact that you’re able to choose how to spend your time (whether it be at work or play) proves that you have freedom.

You have the freedom to run your own business, and to a great extent you can create your own destiny (and I’m not talking about the “Secret” manifestation mumbo jumbo).

Here’s my challenge to you:

Do something today to celebrate your freedom. And if you’re not yet living the independent lifestyle that you desire, do something today to move closer to it.

I am humbled by and greatly admire all who have fought for the freedom of this nation, and other nations around the world.

If you have served our country in the armed forces – THANK YOU.

Freedom is worth fighting for, I would serve my country if I were called to do so.

I believe that financial independence is also worth fighting for, and I’ve had to work very hard to achieve this type of freedom in my life. Although we often talk about how “easy” internet marketing is, and we see the 20-something year olds who make enough to retire in one year… it does not happen that way for most people.

It takes hard work to be successful, and it can be a sacrifice at times.

For me it means working for the first half of this holiday, even though I do have the freedom to spend the entire day with my family.

I could spend the entire year with my family…

But I have not yet arrived at the level of financial freedom to carry out those things which I believe I am called to do in this life.

HOWEVER… I am absolutely committed to NOT being one of those people who are never satisfied, and who work their life away… never realizing what was most important.

I foresee a time when Eric’s Tips will not exist (or maybe you’ll take over it for me), because I’ll move on to the next phase of my life.

I am sharing this with you, because I want you to have a glimpse of my vision… just enough to understand where I’m coming from and where I’m going.

If you’re going to take the time to read my marketing advice, I think its important for you to know where I’m going with it… wouldn’t you agree?

While it seems like most people are working hard each day with no clear vision of where it will eventually bring them… I DO see a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not very far off.

My objective is to get there as FAST as possible, and that’s why I chose internet marketing.

This business truly provides an opportunity like none other. I’ve never heard of another business where the barrier of entry is so low (all you need is an internet connection) and the playing field is so level.

It may not seem like a level playing field when you first step onto it, but it is. There are people in impoverished nations living like kings because they figured out how to leverage the power of the internet to elevate themselves above their surroundings.

You have the freedom to do everything in your power to succeed.

I don’t want ANY Eric’s Tips readers to have a victim mentality about the internet marketing game.

Saying the “gurus” are keeping all the secrets to themselves and oppressing you into failure is not a legitimate excuse in my book.

If you don’t like the gurus, get off their lists. If you don’t think I have anything helpful to offer, get off my list. It’s OK.

But keep in mind… you are in charge of your actions, not the gurus. To this extent, you control your own destiny, and if you have been oppressed by anyone or anything (on the internet or otherwise) it is up to you to rise above it.

So if you have been blaming others for your lack of success on the internet, perhaps your act of freedom for today can be this:

Choose to not allow any other person to dictate whether you will be successful.

Declare your independence from those who would try to bring you down.

I believe that this will be a day of freedom for someone out there.

Honestly I am not sure if this message applies to many of you or only a handful, but I have seen this attitude creeping into the internet marketing world lately, and just decided this would be a good day to say something about it.

I’d love to hear if you have any thoughts (good or bad) about my freedom rant.

As always you can post your comments here on the blog.

Have a great day!

11 thoughts on “It’s Your Independence Day!

  1. ken

    Hi Eric,

    Just bought your video Brander – easy to use it looks great.

    I am using it to rebrand videos from Evolution Day (a new casual gaming business about to be launched on 15th July).

    Don and Nancy Failla are already involved – check it out at the website



  2. Robert Vernon

    Mr. Eric,

    I just bought Micheal and your Affiliate Video Brander and completed what I thought was the process, reentered again and it said I am registered. but I did not get any cue to go and download the ebooks. The special was a total of 67 usd and I paid by paypal.

    I tried to buy your video pop in last week by your clickbank rejected my credit card and echeck.

    I know that your clickbank does accept my paypal and I have transferred funds from that same CC account to my paypal and in the next few days I will have the funds on line in paypal to buy you video pop in, that is if it is still on sale, also, it had other gifts in that package, will they be still available, as I am new to this business, and I would like to obtain as much info as I can digest. My main idea now is to do affiliate work and begin a small income stream to my paypal account and later, I will try to write my on ebooks and set them up for marketing online alone with some of you resale rights products.

    But, back to the reason of this message is to ask you about how I may download my affiliate Video branders package I bought today. I am stuck.

    Robert Vernon

  3. Eric Post author

    Ken and Robert- thanks for getting AVB! Robert, I’ll email you the download link. Just submit a helpdesk ticket if you need anything else.


  4. Sara Howard

    Hi, Eric! HAPPY 4th of July! My family is 3rd Generation U.S. Marine Corps. My husband is a Vietnam Vet, his dad is a veteran of Iwo Jima and Korea (he is still alive and is 83 years young).
    Our son is currently serving and is a Marine Corps Aviator. His unit returned from Iraq in 2004.
    I am so proud of my Marines! Semper Fi! to any Marines reading this. Our family has given the “last full measure of devotion” to our country. Our FREEDOMS must never be taken for granted. All American military families really know what sacrifice is.
    I want to thank ALL Americans for your support and love for our military. You have made a terrible situation into one of pure faith. Your prayers and thoughts are felt by every military man, woman and their families in this our newest but not last conflict. We all wish this war had never started but we hope this will be over soon so our loved ones can come home. But then knowing humanity, there will be more wars. In order for this country to remain free there will always be our faithful Military on “standby” to protect us all. They must never be forgotton.

    God Bless America and God Bless you!
    A military wife, mother and daughter-in-law,

    Sara Howard (

  5. Luvdog57

    Hi Eric.

    As always you have love in your words.Read the words and you read the person.
    Most human’s are afraid to leave the comfort zone,so sad for they will never reach the promise land.

    Charles James House.

  6. Anthony

    Hey Eric,

    I have two brothers who served in the armed forces. One even guarded the “Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier”.

    I am gratiful for their putting it on the line, however, my path ran differently. I have always been into business and marketing,
    so I feel the same way about independence, especially if you are running your own business.

    I am currently working as marketing director for a car dealership while building a new website on my own – mostly affiliate links, a blog and self-improvement articles.

    Anyway, I like your clear-headedness about business and I could use some advice on a marketing video for the dealership I made – I hope it goes viral.

    Here is the YouTube link:

    I would appreciate any comments (good or bad) you may have about.


    Anthony Whyms

  7. Valentin

    Yo, Eric.

    Before everything, You must know I was this close to register to a certain site to check your background.

    Why ? Becouse .. check this link :

    Now, do I want to get lost my email from some mailing list ?
    Sure yes.

    Is your mailing list in that pack ?
    Sure no !

    Advices for Eric :
    – DO NOT register to peopleized dot com site. I watch it closely and when I`ll find you there, A set of 11 questions are long time ready for you. Not to mention you`ll be probably top interviewed there.
    – DO NOT let anybody to go to

    register for free in 1 minute and vote your this blog as Best Marketing Blog. You don`t want the prize, despite some of your readers would think is a nice small reward for your shared knowledge.
    – DO NOT go to

    do not read, do not click on bottom link, do not allow anyone see that article.
    – Finaly, DO NOT never forget from where you start. You didn`t, it`s obviously from your posts here. Stay so, be yourself.

    Shine on, Eric !

    @ Sara Howard
    God bless american soldiers. American soldiers won the second world war, side by side with american middle class from home who made US economy to shine those days such way to support war in Atlantic, Pacific, Europe, Africa, Asia and also support UK and USSR war efforts. If you, Sara, read this lines, contact me to connect you with somebody with a very similar family history, with ancestors as Hoopers and Rutledge.

  8. the Dragon

    Hi Eric,

    Maybe July 7th is Independence Day. I will go into that in a minute. I did purchase the Video Brander, and will spend the weekend getting my arms around it.

    Why July 7th? I am posting in this thread because I don’t yet see comments for the 07-07-07 hyped stuff.

    I have purchased stuff from alot of the major players, where the info seemed to fit my needs. Thus I am on a number of lists. Well, over the last couple of days I have received literally several hundred e-mails.

    It ALL has me wondering if this track is worth it. At the point that 3/5/6/8 e-mails from each and every affiliate in a 36/48 hour window. Alot of thinking to be done.

    Just finished unsubscribing from 10 or so lists, including Mike Filsaime.

    Sorry for the rant, yet 3-8 e-mails from 1 list too much, magnified by many…maybe you get the picture.

    Solution, from now on, If/When I decide to purchase, after download, I will immediately unsubscribe from any list to nip this pestilance in the bud.


  9. Eric Larson

    Hello Eric

    looks like a good product, as always I read and look at your reviews.

    I am surprised that you have not reviewed Mike Filsaimes The 7 Figure Code??? Anyway I just bought last friday the 13th, I have never received an auto responder ‘thank you’ from Mike. Nothing. The only thing I have is a paypal receipt. Also have not received any info from Gary Ambrose on his affiliate bonuses after I deleted all cookies, internet files and history then bought through his affiliate link.

    I have emailed them three times with details receipts etc… however I hear nothing. I have sent a support ticket to Mike however no response to that???

    Can you tell me is this normal on a big launch, and what else can I do to get a response from them???

    Thanks for taking the time out to respond to this request, I also saw your videao on his promotion page so I am sure you really like his launch…

    can you tell me if he limited his JV partners on this launch, I did not receive the crazy emails from everybody and his brother on this launch?


    Eric Larson


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