Hype or No Hype?

By | October 10, 2007

Yesterday I sent out a newsletter announcing a bonus for purchasing a product through my affiliate link.

Apparently my intentional use of hype offended some people. One guy said he quit my newsletter just because of it. Other people were turned off by it and decided not to participate in the bonus, even though they wanted the products!

So if I offended you, I’m sorry.

I’m not making any apologies for the bonus itself though, because I think Joel and I have put together a bonus that has good value for you as an internet marketer.

I got a door-hanger on my front door this morning that reminded me why hype is not always the best way to market something. It was printed all in black text on white paper. One font. No exclamation points. It was made to look like a notice from the city or something.

It basically said this: “We have received complaints from your neighborhood about the high cost of cable. Therefore we will be in your area doing free installations for satellite TV until October 15th… call this number to schedule your installation.”

How many times have I received colorful junk mail and door hangers for satellite TV? Dozens, maybe hundreds. And every one of those ads has ended up in the trash without a second glance. But the no-hype way of marketing got my attention and I read it in detail to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

You could argue that the no-hype way of marketing is more deceptive than hype marketing, because at least when there’s hype you know you’re being sold something. Either way, it’s something to think about.

So I took another look at my bonus page, and decided that perhaps it IS too “hypey” for the average person. And I made a new bonus page, with zero hype, so you can see exactly what we’re offering without feeling like you’re being hyped into anything.

Please check it out at:

(Link removed- this offer is no longer available)

Then let me know what you think of the approach by posting your comments here on my blog.

Have a great day!

69 thoughts on “Hype or No Hype?

  1. Betty

    Eric, I have taken your challenge and looked at both sites. No you did not offend me at all with the hype. I found the one with all the hype easier to read, they both said the same thing. The same thing as a lot of the other “hyped up” offers that the internet is full of. With the bogus time limits, the useless (to most of us) free stuff. There is always a price to pay somewhere. Then no matter how low the cost to start is or the money back guarantee, there is the cost of advertising, yeah I know there is free adverting all over the net, but most of that free adverting never gets to your target group (or takes hours and hour to find and post) as the majority are not interested in most of these products or services. I have been looking on line for a way to make extra money, at home, even a lot of money for my future so I can stop wasting all of my time working for other people for tiny wages. I have no money to invest in advertising or start up fees, nor an interest in talking people out of there hard earned money getting there hopes up just to disappoint them when they find out they really can’t make much money without spending a lot up-front. I’m sure there is some truth to some of all of the ads and offers out there, as well as some that have made it big. But I fear most have not. However just when I was about to give up on it all and unplug my internet connection and get a second full time job. I saw an ad for the “Law of Attraction” http://www.prosperable.com/?e=m_umscheid@yahoo.com just $7 bucks, ok I could afford to lose that! Well that got me thinking better and in a more positive way, I decided I would keep the PC connected to the net and keep reading my “paid inbox dollar” ads (for a little extra cash) and came across a real find! I challenge you Eric (as well as anyone reading this) to look at My New Web site no hype no FEES ever and everyone can have their own site for free also and it is something virtually everyone can use, so you can advertise anywhere and everywhere in every way you can possibly think of, free or paid. All the tools you could need are free plus unlimited coaching also free. Millions of products lots of something for everyone. Plus it’s a feel good biz helping people, helping our planet helping ourselves. I will never be sorry for helping people succeed, helping people that need help or helping to save our planet! I invite all to go to My Wed Site and get all the facts of this Business that will change many lives and the world! My best to everyone! … Betty

  2. Irritated Consumer

    Since the 90’s marketing has exploded and the ones who got in on the dot com era profited massively. One person to be exact was Mark Ruben, who become a billionaire, but the simple fact is without visitors to your site or paying someone to link your site to theres your going no where fast.

    I tried many things for 2 years and couldn’t even generate a income to put diapers on my child. I bought into the scriptdojo.com deal and it will slowly drain my pocket like all the rest have done. With out traffic websites are usless and I guess the online industry just isn’t my cup of tea.

    I’ve bought targeted traffic to get no where there as well. It’s just time to move on I suppose cause i’m not paying another dime to anyone and making them rich when I can’t make a meager $100.00 a month. I guess some folks fall for fooolish things hoping things would turn for the best but all I seem to be doing is wasting money I work hard for to get absolutely nothing in return.

    I bought article system before eric sold that on ebay and that got me no where. I bought the article directory and that got hacked . they made the money off of me and I got left with disaster, thanks to erics supposed friend Glenn.

    Appreciate buying garbage cause as far as i’m concerned it’s all hype and the only one to get a return is the ones who first sold the program.

  3. Charles

    Eric, under normal conditions, I really enjoy your Tips. The design format is attractive and inviting and suggests ‘added value’ to the information provided.
    However, hype is a real brake and kills the communication and the message. Hype is even more of a turn-off than recurring payments. Hate them both.
    Your non-hype version is great.
    Keep up the good work. Long may you stick to facts!

  4. Michael Murphy

    Eric – Why are you involved with anything having to do with Vincent James? Does he explain on the MP-3 that he had to give back all the money under an FTC order? Does he mention that he spent time in jail for his “marketing” methods? Does he explain that he made his money spamming people for penis enlargers and diet pills?

  5. lee nugent

    hi Eric i feel a bit pissed off i never came to you first,i payed russell Brunson for the 12 month internet millionaire course and of course i never got any bonus and we all like a bonus,so i really dont know what all the fuss is about,i thought your bonus page was ok ive seen plenty of bad one,s in my time,in facked i was woundering if you would like to do a JV with me i have a product called how to make 30K a month my web site sevilaypublications.com is not ready yet ,soon i hope let me know,PS maybe you can have a word with your friend russell Brunson and tell him to send me a bonus,only joking, best regards lee nugent.

  6. Jim Parsons

    Hype is only hype if you bother with it. This particular millionaire program has been promoted for some time. I am not interested. As soon as I see a reference to it, the communication is consigned to oblivion. So much for any other message the document may be delivering. I that sense, the writer loses the opportunity to capitalize on the fact that he/she has found a way in to my email box.

    Time is too precious to waste on this sort of thing, or on sales pages that go on and on and on, a sure sign that they are promoting a very expensive item. That, also, is hype to me. I tap my End key, check out the price – and more times than not – toss the email and move on to the next.

    Am I offended – not a bit. As an old timer in the door to door sales business once said to me – “I have been sworn at, been tossed bodily off property, had water tossed on me, and been chased off by the family dog – but – offended. Never!

    Why – because the very next communication could be a real gem. Eric, your communications are gems and the laddie who opted out for something as silly as this issue is the loser. Keep up the good work – and, if I don’t choose to read it – I won’t.

    There is no way in the world you will please everyone. There is no point in even trying. Find your middle ground, that which best fits your own philosophy, and go with it.

    Jim Parsons – Canada

  7. Jan

    I have to agree with Veronica. Although I was not offended I was very dissapointed.
    However, it makes my email inbox much lighter because everytime a product that is overhyped
    is pushed, I opt out and become very skeptical about that marketer.

  8. Graham in U.K.

    Hi Eric
    Well I didn’t find the hyped up offer offensive, but I did find it garish, untidy and a little hard to read. But I had to laugh when you did the second unhyped version which frankly was too plain and totaly boring…..if it had come from anyone else but you – I would not have bothered to read it! …I guess a happy medium is in order.
    But what concerns me most about this offer from Russel is that OK … this guy has made $80 – 100 million in 2 years, the audio tapes are $37 and is 6 hours long, if people buy then listen to this, do they seriously think that they will do the same and achieve multi millionaire status? I think not. The offer also does not tell you enough about the “how you to” can work this programme, and what the programme entails, lots of hype with no explanation, and yes I did read the IM report and basicaly this went on about offline marketing as an addition to your online business. Not much good to an experienced newbie like me who is still trying to get their online business up and running!
    What we really need is more explanation of the product, how easy it will be to use, and how we can benefit from buying it.
    Lastly, regarding the bonuses – I agree with Gene that it is sneaky to offer a 1cent or whatever, introductory price to a monthly subscription. There seems to be a lot of this lately and I think its underhand and will not fall for this under any circumstances.
    Lets get back to tell it how it is Eric, and I’m sure the results will lead to more sales.
    Graham in U.K.

  9. Catherine W

    Hey Eric (and Joel).
    It was between your bonuses and one other of my favorite marketer’s. I was very attracted to the hype and didn’t associate it with your review style blog. Before I even saw the sales page I said to myself I should buy thru your link as well. The funny thing is that after I saw the actual sales page it was like it was too hard to imagine that it was what I really “had to have” I decided my money would be best spent else where. Then I asked myself, should I buy it just for the bonus?

  10. Kristina Lim

    Offended, no, ANNOYED, yes. I think the simple text from the non-hype page in an easier to read format (bullet points, large or bold headings, etc.) with a graphic or two for interest would be the ideal middle ground. Btw, I got the same notice on my door a couple months ago and it caught my attention too.

  11. Brad

    Personally, I do not care if it is a hype or not. I only care if the product is legit for what it claims to be. I just found this link http://www.guruscamforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=24 and I do not have anything against people with the past but it worries me that wery well known marketers promote the product that imay not be in their best interests. You be the judge:

    “…I did some further research. He asked the court to let him sell a ‘new’ manuscript. The court turned him down. There is a 5 year ban on him conducting mail-order business of any kind and on anyone else working with him to do so. That ban is still in force…”

    If this is true ban is still in force, it is very hard to ignore it.

  12. Hugh down under

    No offence taken mate.

    Your ‘no hype’ well it’s as flat as a tack, yawn, move on…. there needs to be something in the middle

    I believe the next big winner will be a balance of hype and a new style. After a while one gets sick of the same old roll outs, with pop ups, pop unders, peel aways et al… so I find myself looking for someone coming up with something new and really creative to grab my attention.

    One of the reasons you are still on my white list is because of the quality and conciseness of much of your material, I am not wading through pages of overinflated BS, but then it’s different strokes for different folks, we tend to be more lay back ‘down under’ and personally I tend to get sick of the over the top stuff. I certainly find it excruciating to try and write it, it really does not sit well.

    Oh to find those who lead the pack with clever material, because I find that is what really grabs my attention. Think of the brilliant advertising one liners you never forget. A famous one a friend of mine wrote years ago for peanuts was “Nibble Nobby’s Nuts”…. It was around for years, and is still remembered by those of us who were alive in the 70s.

    I would love to see new style balanced with clever sales messages, because who ever comes up with it will sure grab many by ‘the Nuts’

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Jillian

    I like the hype it at least makes it interesting to look at. You made a great offer dont let a few people make you think it wasnt great. anyways the no hype memo was boring..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  14. Ray

    am only interested in the **END** product (e.g. is this product right for me or no?). Therefore, HYPE or not HYPE it doesn’t really matter to me.

  15. Sharon

    Hi everyone– Has anyone else bought “secret money miracle?” I am very disappointed with this product – to follow this process you are encouraged to keep buying resources and access to the coaching sessions are monthly- in order to receive the next months course you have to renew your membership!!! Anyone got any comments?


  16. Gabriel

    Hi Eric, I am Gabriel

    My answer to your question is:

    Non, you never offend me with your terms or hypes in your 1st or 2nd valued bonus added to the great offer of “12 Month Internet Millionaire”?

    I like to declare that until today -with all your internet writes I just receive from you and Joel a best offers, which give me knowledge and good learn and I appreciate it.

    Proceedings write are clear too. Thank you to be like you are.

    Receive warm regards,


  17. andrea

    hey eric…

    im not offended n ur offer…is jst that..i didnt read it..

  18. Lee nugent

    Hello Eric i would like you to take a look at your blogg october 11th 2007 and tell me what was
    wrong with my message to you i gave you a JV offer i said nothing bad about you or your site.
    So why call my site HYPE OR NO HYPE and high light SevilayPublications.com in yellow
    30K A MONTH is a genuine product that i have a licence to and i think i was being bloody decent to offer you a JV on my product is this the way you treat people who sign up to your blogg,i would like to
    see your responce to this matter.
    regards lee nugent


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