The IM Myth

By | October 2, 2007

Edition #137 – 10/2/2007

Back in 1981, a guy named Michael Gerber wrote a book called “The E-Myth” which completely revolutionized the way entrepreneurs treated their businesses.

Gerber was able to verbalize WHY most small businesses fail, and has successfully helped thousands of entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses.

Today, a similar revelation has occured in our own industry.

Instead of the “E-Myth”, it’s the “IM Myth”.

This new report explains why most internet marketers fail to build sustainable businesses.

Here’s the thesis of the whole thing: Internet Marketing is NOT a business.


It’s true, and when you read this report you’ll understand why.

If you’ve never read the “E-Myth”, you can (and should) pick up the revised version at a bookstore for about $12. It’s worth it’s weight in gold. But the “IM Myth” is a deal like none other. You can download the entire 44-page report right now for FREE 🙂

Grab it here:

(Link removed- this report is no longer available)

As always, please post your comments here on my blog and let me know what you think about it.

18 thoughts on “The IM Myth

  1. isabell

    thank very much for your support- i want to say your approach is unique and works better for me i do appreciate the way you do your thing. most sites i have visited are just after money and talk a lot of rubbish and vaery daunting

    so well done you and do keep us informed- will ya

  2. Alex Goad

    Hey Eric,

    I was dutifully going to ignore this until I read your post. You changed my mind on it and I’m glad I did. That report rocks!


  3. Jerry Holliday

    Hey Eric
    This is powerful stuff. I’ve always loved offline information publishing and really rate Russell’s good to see him spilling more beans..:)

  4. Dan

    What a concept! This report maybe interesting, but this way to sell a membership is impressing.
    To pay $1 for just showing an OTO, and then get that $1 straight back for a CD (+shipping $7,95 ;~)) is smart. And then with this CD order BTW comes the core product, charging your credit card $39,97 per month, wowwow!

    And then all these “free” bonuses, that are top notch, but rather expensive at the end!
    After studying such a launch I get an idea, why you guys are millionairs and I am not, huhu.
    The email samples for the affiliate program seem poor to me. The reason, why you wrote your own listmail? I wrote to my list in the style of your email to me, thanks!
    Oh, over all this fascinating hype I forgot about this report, must be in my download files, have a look on it someday, maybe …

  5. Amy Steelman

    Eric: I am looking forward to this report. Great to see you in my in box, hope everything is going well for you! Just this morning, as I was stuck in the south Jersey morning rush, I was thinking about my IM efforts and how I can step it up a bit. I can always count on you for some great recommendations. Take care! Amy

  6. La Vie Viennoise

    Hello Eric,

    I was unable to login and download the report after signing in.

    If somebody could send me the report at im-myth at, I’d be very grateful and will be back later to share my thoughts.

    Eric, that’s great that you are finally recommending high quality low cost hardcopy products (i.e. books).
    The E-Myth series is very good – it’s where Rich Schefren got most of his $400/month ideas on business management/growth. The one I’ve read and liked was The E-Myth Revisited which is done as a case study/series of conversations.

  7. Eric Post author

    Dan- you are correct. Russell is willing to pay out commission on a free download because he knows he will make it back many times over on the back end. And yes strategies like this is why he’s making millions. You are smart to watch the process to see how its being done. That’s one of the best and cheapest ways to discover the ‘secrets’ of the gurus.

    And yes I typically always write my own emails. For one thing, I just so happen to be a decent writer. And for another, I like to keep this newsletter as personal and in my own voice as possible.

  8. Eric Post author

    Amy -thanks very much!

    La Vie- Yes the E-myth is very good and I hope to find time to recommend some more books (not to mention finding time to read them!)

    Haha, thanks… yes I’m still happily married.

  9. John Geraghty

    Dear Eric,

    Enjoyed the pdf, but much of it should be common sense. Too few people incorporate off-line marketing into their strategies and as for non-buyers on your list, delete them; they cost money!

  10. Craig K

    I have some concerns that they were asking for paypal info on an http: and not an https: site so I stopped there/

  11. Eric Post author

    hey Craig- Yeah you can’t be too careful these days. But in this case it’s ok. I often ask for Paypal from my non-https sites, because Paypal has https built in. If you were to buy the offer, you would be transferred to Paypal’s https server to make the payment.

  12. Richard

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for all the information, it’s great to see that their is someone out there who is willing to put the time and the effort into responding to comments on thier blog. That does show how you care about others who have taken the time out to comment on your blog. Which is a good indication of the kind of customer service that anyone who buys products from you will recieve.

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Leo

    “If you were to buy the offer, you would be transferred to Paypal’s https server to make the payment.”

    Not exactly. When he asks for your Name and Email address in the very beginning, he asks for your PayPal address right there too. There is no logging in. It’s not the safest thing to do. Aside from that, it is very interesting to see how he does things.

    I ignored this offer from other marketers until I saw it in YOUR email.

  14. JohnD

    Hi Eric,
    Your a very compelling writer and maybe this is worth having, but I am concerned.
    Does this mean you are virtualy selling your list for $1 ?

    I’m puzzled !

    All the best, John.

  15. Richard Afisi

    Hello Eric Holmlund I really appreaciate your caring and understanding.

  16. jl

    That report is nothing but a pre-sell letter for 12 Month IM.

    Roped so many suckers…oops…people in.

    Now if Russell Brunson would actually take care of his customers after they drop a lot of dough on his hyped products.

    The $300+ version of this still hasn’t reached many who ordered after almost a month (I think there is a law against billing people and not shipping within that time frame).

    “Customer Service Number” is a recording telling you to go to a website.

    Maybe he learned too much from Vince James…….(or Vince Passafiume, his real name. Do a search on that and see what you get….)


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