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By | July 4, 2006

UPDATE: This product is now outdated, and is no longer available. Additionally, I have removed the links from this article. At the time that we released this product, it was a great shortcut for building content-based websites. While some critics argued that it was spammy, it’s important to note that we ALWAYS taught that it was essential to create websites based on your own high-value content. These were merely templates, and the customers were responsible for adding content to them. There were some changes in Google’s policy that occurred well AFTER we released this product, which rendered portions of it in non-compliance with Google AdSense policy (particularly the use of pictures in conjunction with the ad blocks.) Of course we notified our customers of these changes, and gave instructions to bring them back into compliance. While we stopped selling the templates years ago, I’ve seen our templates in use to this very day by successful marketers who used them as building blocks for building very profitable websites.

Edition #63 – 07/04/2006

Today the USA is celebrating its Independence Day, but…

TOMORROW another group of people will be celebrating their newfound freedom when they get their hands on Joel Comm’s Instant AdSense Templates.

As you may know, I’ve been working on a project with Joel (the AdSense guru) for the past few months, and the time to unveil it has finally arrived.

Here’s the problem.

Our project turned into a BIG product, and it has attracted the attention of dozens of internet marketing guru’s around the world.

They realize that our product is such a phenomenal value, that they all want to make sure “their” followers are the first ones in the door.

So what’s the problem?

I don’t think there’s going to be enough copies available to go around. You see, Joel and I decided early on that we would limit this product to a select group of people.

Now I’m a little worried, because I want to make sure that every Eric’s Tips member who wants a copy can get one. However, in fairness to our partners, you’ll have the same opportunity as everyone else.

That means you better get there right on time, and not a moment later.

I’m really going to feel bad if I find out you missed out on this product after I’ve spent months of hard work creating it for YOU.

The launch is July 5th at 12:00 Noon EST.

We’re expecting a flood of visitors, so please be patient if the site is slow (or even totally inaccessible).

I’d suggest getting there a few minutes early. Just don’t hit “refresh” too many times, or you’ll just be contributing to the hits on the server.

The site is:

(Link removed – product no longer available)

I’m pretty much occupied with the launch for awhile, so I won’t be able to respond to any replies, but as always you can leave comments here in the blog and I’ll catch up on them later.

Have a great day!

11 thoughts on “Instant AdSense Templates Launch

  1. Ken Little

    Thanks for the warning Eric.

    I hope all goes well with the launch.

    Success Belongs To You
    Ken Little

  2. Veronica

    Thanks from me too for warning us. I suspected as much because I have already received advance notices of the launch from 3 marketers whose products I have purchased at some time. The launch time of IAT will be about 3am in my State in Australia, but as I have been counting down the days for the release of this product for weeks now, I’ll stay up to make sure I get it. (You don’t know just how much of a compliment that previous sentence is to you Eric, LOL, as I love my sleep with a passion!!!)

    To your well deserved success

  3. K. Brennan

    This might not be the place to do this but……….
    I decided some time ago that I would like to have something EXTRA in the way of income and, as there are always offers online through Emails I finally took the plunge and bought THE AFFILIATES HANDBOOK
    I read through it and started to look at several affiliation programs. Since then I have:
    1. received constant offers to join more programs which have ranged from ,say; £25/$40 up to £1000s/$1700s. what do/should I buy? I HAVE bought some, I have a plethora of Ebooks and programs.What I STILL do not have is an online, working, viable website/s. I have joined hosting programs, have had enormous trouble with FTPs and, at present; cannot re-access the building site for the web I was getting toward setting up.
    I often feel that I have started on a road to hell but, as I have put money, time & effort (well at least some!) into all this I need to continue.
    Your tips help, though we have to admit that there are still the ‘offers’ to be considered!
    What I really need is;
    A. Help with my site
    B. some kind of assistance to sort out what I DO need & what will only be of little to NO use
    C. some time, to really look at the whole and be confident as to how to move on.

    IF this is the wrong place to put this moan, apologies to all



  4. Kathe Lucas

    Good Luck on the launch!

    Hopefully your servers will hold up…and “we” can get in 😉

    Looking forward to it!


  5. Veronica

    Hi K. Brennan,
    I have taken the liberty of replying to your posting, not because I am an expert but because I can relate to your pain and frustration. I have walked the same path for 18 months now and have spent an enormous amount of money doing what you are doing, and seemingly getting nowhere. However I finally had the awareness that doing the same things over and over will go on producing the same results i.e. getting nowhere! In brief, these are the decisions I made.
    Pick a maximum of 2 ways to make money online and dont deviate. In my case it is Adsense and affiliate marketing with Clickbank. Determine what software and information is needed to work those 2 options and purchase it or search for freebies. You need a good web editor (I purchased CBNiche for Clickbank affiliate marketing) and I believe Instant Adsense Templates has a sofware component in it for building adsense sites. You also need an image editor(I use a freebie, Irfanware) and a good keyword research tool. (I use Keyword Analyser as freebies may not cut it these days) and a “mentor” for each type of business. By a mentor I mean someone who is very successful in their area, then buy their info and stick to their system. I have finally realised that many internet marketers are only interested in making money for themselves and therefore use very persuasive copy to get we minions to buy their gear which is usually useless to newbies. Then there are the genuine marketers, the ones who want to help and truly share their talents….Thank God for them. Eric Holmlund definitely falls into this category.

    Then DELETE all other emails WITHOUT OPENING THEM!

    It hurts for a couple of times but believe me it gets very easy to do and it is very liberating. The confidence one gets in oneself by deleting unread emails from the “Big Guns” is powerful and empowering!
    Unsubscribe from all newsletters and “reports” except those from your “mentors” . Having said this,I also subscribe to one other newsletter because in my opinion it is one of the best online, even though the author specialises in another area of marketing. The info he gives though is very beneficial for whatever type of marketing one is involved with.
    Join Forums related to your marketing choices and put a good “signature” on your postings. Post everyday if possible (it’s good practice for writing articles) and read only RELEVANT other postings, otherwise you’ll be there all day and lose focus.
    The above things are the decisions and changes I made for me, and they are working for me. I finally can see where I’m going and am determined to stick to my 2 choices, Adsense sites and Clickbank marketing, until I’m bringing in a regular income of $5000 a month. Once that happens, I will either continue to do more of the same or I might add another stream of income. Who knows LOL!
    I hope my ramblings help you.

  6. Suzanna

    Extremely Great advise Veronica! I too found it hard at first to follow my own advise for deleting emails from certain people, Ouch! I also understand KB’s frustration as I too have have much difficulty with my server at times for my web site. I ventured into internet marketing about 5 months ago realizing, yes it will take time to actually make money in this field, but I do know it will be worth it. The hardest thing is not to get discouraged and continue on. Thank you for your suggestions on the Freebies also, you are right most people starting up do not have a lot of money to put into their new business. I am very glad I found Eric as I too feel he cares about his subscribers and newbies.
    Cheers and God Bless

  7. Catherine alias oz123

    The computer with the cookie set on downloading the prereport wouldn’t connect this morning…So I got to the site direct from Joel’s message on a different computer.
    K Brennan, Veronica had great advice. I am in affiliate marketing as well as promote some clickbank. I use an MLM webhost and my sponsor has created a site for nearly everyone in her downline for free. You even get step by step instructions and help. Contact me at my new website for more info.

  8. Harry

    Veronica, I agree with you 100 %

    I have recently reached the exact same conclusion, and have started to do precisely the same things that you recommended. Like you, I have been looking for something for almost 2 years, doing the same thing and getting the same results. (Wow, what a concept) And like you, I have chosen Adsense and Affiliate Mktg Programs! But I had also signed up for every forum and Zine, even remotely related to “Home Business”. Most of the emails I have gotten from these “guru’s” is everything from books and tapes to lotions & potions to complete “Ready to go – Businesses in an Email” type dribble, thinly veiled as advice.

    Unlike you(I hope) I have saved all those emails in the hopes of having the time to read them. Well, I finally did. At last count I have over 8100 emails left to read, and that was after I culled more than 2700. I also agree with you that it is a little empowering to make the decision to not to listen to people about stuff that, at this point, does not interest me!! Me likeeee!

    I strongly suggest that anyone that is interested in possibly opening a business on the web to use Veronica’s advice as a primer.

    Any more advice??? I will watch for more!


    Eric, please contact privately. I have a really interesting question about “Instant AdSense Templates Launch” A S A P!!!

    Thanks in advance Eric

  9. Veronica

    Hey there Suzanna, Catherine and Harry,
    Wow! I didn’t think anyone would be so interested in my little entry. Thank you very much for your kind comments. I hope you all do well online and prosper as you deserve! Harry, I did keep heaps of emails LOL, some read but most unread (just in case they might come in handy…) I even opened extra email accounts just to cope with the load, would you believe! Well a few weeks ago I diced them all and without opening them. Probably most of the info in them was obsolete by now anyway. Windows loads much faster now too (hee hee.)
    A major contributor to the email situation is joining up for the “fire” sales that many marketers have periodically. The more contributors there are to the “fire” sale package, the more lists we subscribers will be put on. So “fire” sales have definitely been thrown out my window. They are a blight on the newbie, and of course it’s the newbies the marketers are usually targeting, because, believe it or not, Harry, Suzanna, Catherine and Veronica are not the only newbies who buy lots of products in their search for the “Holy Grail” of internet success.
    One last thing I should have mentioned in my original posting was how difficult it was for me to become organised. It’s tough to prioritise when there’s a million things to do and only 24 hours in a day. Someone really should do something about that. I can see the headline now

    Have you ever wondered how you could get more time to do all the things you need to do in a day?
    Well, here’s the answer.
    Our exclusive software will allow you to……..etc. etc.

    Oh boy! It’s like a disease isn’t it! Anyway, the importance of organisation is essential in order to become focused. Focus is impossible when ones mind is thinking of the heaps of things still waiting to be done. And without focus, nothing will be done anyway, either online or offline. I still have to tell myself that every day, many times a day. My mantra is…fo-cus .
    Thanks again for your thoughts and comments. That mantra above is calling!
    Kindest regards to you all,

  10. Manuel

    Congratulations to Eric and Joel on a very successful product launch. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to get a piece of that action. Oh well, next time. And Veronica, I’m bowing my head to that wonderful advice.


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