Internet Marketer Burnout: What should we do about it?

By | August 12, 2006

Edition #75 – 8/12/2006

Lately I’ve been experiencing what I would consider to be “moments” of burnout.

My self-diagnosis is basically that I’ve been working extremely hard this year with too little rest.

Do you know the feeling?

It’s not that I’m on the verge on a nervous breakdown or anything like that (yet)…

It’s just that I’m starting to lose a bit of an edge… I’m becoming more easily distracted and slightly less efficient in my work. For example, I’ll sit down to do a task, and before I know it, I’ve spent nearly an hour watching funny videos on

Then what inevitably happens is I just stay up later finishing the work that I should have gotten done during the day, which in turn compounds my lack of sleep 😉

I think I need a vacation, but maybe I just need to get into a better sleep/exercise routine… what do you think?

Stress relief

During one of my momentary brain drains earlier this week, I tried something that seemed to help. I went out and did some good old fashioned yard work to my overly neglected yard, and worked up a nice sweat. I focused on the task at hand (pulling up saplings that were invading my yard) and forgot about marketing for a little while. After that I was able to focus better for the rest of the day.

I’d like to hear your ideas…

What do you do to keep your mind fresh? And what’s the best cure for Internet Marketer Burnout?

I want YOU to be the teacher of this lesson… there’s no tip from me today. I want YOUR tips, so we can ALL learn from them…

As always, you can leave your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

115 thoughts on “Internet Marketer Burnout: What should we do about it?

  1. Lisa Preston

    Hi, Sunshine!
    Sabrina O’Malone hit the nail on the head.
    I was always one to push myself to the brink of exhaustion in my attempts to “just finish this one last thing…” and always ended up falling short of my goals.
    Then my pastor reminded me to allow God to help.
    Whenever I get distracted with online videos, games, etc., I click on my personal homepage where I have a link to my “religious” website. Here I read a scripture, and comment in my blog about what this scripture means to me. This servs to focus my mind on something uplifting at the same time as removing my “work” from my head completely for a time.
    Afterwards, I always feel good and am ready to refocus again.
    Hope that helps!
    Warmest regards,
    Lisa Preston

  2. Lee

    Without trying to be unkind let me say that I had a little smile at Trish’s answer. With a new baby in the house and a bunch of kinds besides, a good woman and a lot of loving is probably NOT the best plan at the moment.

    Eric, the first thing is to take care of your health. This is not a sob story, everyone though my husband was a healthy man and he literally dropped dead last June 24. He just turned 60. If you smoke quit immediately.

    Vacations aren’t cheap and like most people you probably live at the level at which you produce.
    Families and housing is expensive so you have to devise a sensible daily routine that you can live with and make money.

    A little self discipline is called for – If you start work at seven thirty in the a.m. grab a coffe (beverage) at ten and take five. Be sure to get lunch and repeat a break in the p.m. At 6 p.m.
    get up from the computer and enjoy dinner and the evening with the family. Take Sunday off and
    treat it like the seventh day – remember, He rested.

    It’s way too easy to forget that what Eric Holmlund does is just a job – not a life sentence. Take time to play with the kids, take your wife out for dinner and a show. Get back into a regular routine. If you don’t know what’s outside your office door, then open it and get some inspiration from what you have around you.

    Many of your friends have made sensible suggestions but so many have been just for Eric. Go fishing/golfing but take the kids, maybe wife would like a break away from them.

    Hey, the sun is shining get out into it, get your daily dose of Vitamin d, and remember you’ll be dusting off the snow blower soon!!

  3. Andrew Smith

    Hi Eric,
    The Computer Blues are easily corrected, you take the sweetest tranquil music, you can find, from your collection.

    Place them on your ipod and then go into your private place and relax.
    Laydown close your eyes, concentrate on the music, allow your breathing to equalise and slow with the highs and lows of the selected music.
    Centre yourself and let your mind relax and watch the colours in your mind begin to dissapate away from muggy colours into bright light bluey to white haze.

    Now that you have reached this level, stay awhile and let your mind absorb the refreshing colours, which by now will have allowed your muscles to also relax.

    Many people who practise this type of meditation, will fall asleep, thats ok as well because your system as allowed the sleep to take over from the body’s natural relaxation function.

    I always thought that this was purial funk, but some years ago I found that I was going down hill fast. This little sequence of relaxation as given me new found strength and better health.

    Good luck and may your God go with you.
    Andrew Smith UK
    Oneway 4 Marketing

  4. Sharyn Proctor

    ” Stop chasing Butterflies” Eric!
    You have your “Motivation” with your own product.
    If something gets hard it means your energy is not flowing with you.
    Think back to the time when you were passionate about what you were doing and go back there.
    The definition of success is to “reach a pre conceived goal”
    Being an affiliate is a lot of preassure, the motivation is purely for financial gain or fullfilling some one elses expectation of you.
    Life is yours, do what you love and it will all come to you:)
    Kindest Regards
    PS try finding the Butterflies in your own garden.


    DEAR ERIC; my best advise to you is that your mental capacity is getting overloaded and when that happens you get burn out just like a electrical short. So what you mind is trying to say is that is needs a change from what you are doing and a change is a needed break,do something different and relaxing and enjoyable for a while and see how that works and rejubinates your mind and thought process , my best caddilacman

  6. Tim

    Hi Eric,

    Reading over everyone’s responses it seems the common theme is to take some time out – some time away from ‘work’ – time to stop and smell the roses. (There are a lot of responses – hope you don’t suffer burnout reading them all!! 🙂

    I fully agree with that – our minds and bodies need time out from the daily activities to recharge.

    One thing that hasn’t been mentioned much is the importance of sleep. I’d certainly recommend Kacper Postawski’s Powerful Sleep ( – this is a really clear and insightful work on how sleep works, and how to maximise the benefits that you get from sleeping correctly.

    To my understanding, it takes good sleep habits, good eating habits, and good exercise habits to fully realise our potential.

    All the best, Tim

  7. George

    Hey Eric,

    I know exactly how you feel. Mine is sort of the opposite. I have a regular job and by the time I get home, get dinner done, clean up, and just try to unwind a little it’s already 8 or 9 in the evening. Then my soon-to-be-ex girlfried starts bugging me about stuff. So I wait till she goes to bed which is about 10 or 11. I signed for some of this stuff but had to cancel cause I couldn’t ever focus on what I was doing. I was waisting money. So I have the same problem you do and the only thing I can suggest is try and step back from it once in a while. Doing the yard thing is a good idea or take your new baby for a stroll. I know from being in the Air Force for 20 years that when things get hairy and you cant seem to figure out the problem just step away and forget about it and the solution will come to you. I think one of the things that might be effecting you is that you’ve been pretty successful and money isn’t really an issue so you tend to slack off a little. Plus you have a new baby and want to spend more time being a new dad and all. I’m a divorced twice father of 3 beautiful girls myself so I know what its like. This is another good thing to do—when your watching tv in the recliner make sure your baby is with you. They love it and it forms an unexplainable bond between the two of you. When they get older they will still want to get up there with you and watch tv. It’s fun and a great way to bond with your child. I should now because now I don’t have that anymore—-so don’t lose what I did.
    I hope this helps and sorry for the length of this. Glad to be of help.

  8. s

    In my last episode of webmaster, i.t. guy, concept administrator, marketing director, acountant, shipping department supervisor, and customer care representitive BURNOUT, I decided to install Vista, Office 07, and Microsoft Expression Web Designer (frontpage 07) betas on all of my systems at the same time.
    I would not recomend this as a burnout cure.

  9. Veronica

    Hullo Eric,
    My sympathy to you for what you are feeling. Burnout can occur to people in any walk of life and appears to be related to any of the following. 1)Too much time spent at the “job” which creates imbalance in one’s life. 2) Disillusionment with ones work causing stress, tiredness, impatience and other nasties. 3)Some other factor enters ones life which has more appeal than does the “job”. Any of these situations leaves one feeling unmotivated to get down to work again. Looking at my first point. Over the past months, consider the amount of time that went into IATemplates. I wonder, did that task alone cover the 2 of the 3 points I mention above? Look back through your ETips archive and see how many other tasks you have carried out for members just over the past 3 months. That will also cover 2 of the points. Let alone the time you have spent maintaining your existing online businesses. Finally, little Isabelle has arrived. Possibly covers point 3, but sometimes a parent needs to escape from the demands of having a new baby plus the needs of 2 other young children as well.
    From personal experience I know that forcing oneself to keep working is not the answer. Switch off the computer for a couple of weeks. If it makes you feel easier, let all your members know first that you will be offline for at few weeks and will be in touch when you return. (Believe me this is a short time that you will be offline compared to what will happen if you ignore the problem!) Go and do the other things you love doing. First of all go and have a health checkup. Being a man, you will probably tell the doctor there is nothing wrong with you, so get in touch with your feminine side and tell him/her exactly how you are feeling. Do as he suggests. Then, get a babysittter and start dating Melissa again., just the two of you. Go out too as a family. Read books. Spend time in the gardern…great place to be at peace and talk to God too. Go for very long walks that make you so tired you will sleep soundly at night. Find things that make you laugh long and hard. Reconnect with friends…go out for coffee or a drink with them. After you start feeling refreshed, (if it hasnt happened in 2 weeks then you need more time…take it!), try writing a book on something that interests you. (Dont write it on the computer…it is switched off!) I suspect that once you start writing you will begin to feel the motivation to be back online. Ignore it, because it isn’t strong enough to be sustainable. Keep tossing ideas for the book over in your mind. Keep jotting points down. In time, ideas for developing online tools will occur and the motivation will be overwhelming and then it may be time to flick the switch back on. Above all, be patient with yourself. Wrapup in cottonwool for awhile but dont stick it down with adhesive.
    Look forward to hearing from you again in 2,or 3, weeks or however long it takes.
    Love, prayers and respect,

  10. Clara

    Hey, you did the right thing. Nothing beats a get away from the computor for awhile. My favorite pass time when I really want to relive stress and burnout, is to go to my sewing maching and create. Yard work is similiar. When you get tired of doing that, just take a vacation get away. Your family will loveit.

  11. Patrick Patten

    Hi Eric:

    Sounds like ol’ home week here. Burnout is the bane of many good marketers, and has destroyed more than one good career.

    First off, I would really commend the folks that have responded here. It shows a very real concern and empathy for your situation, and some very concrete advise.

    I would like to have you seriously think about a couple of things, however, that you will need to answer, for any solution to have lasting value for you.

    1. You are concerned about the fast pace of things moving online, and your place in keeping up with them. Knowledge is power, and you can not retain your place in the internet business world, if you do not keep up. Things are moving at such rapid rate, new SEO tactics, SpyNet, Google redux on spidering, automated and organizational systems, etc, that most of us may miss the fact that these are “new” each and every month now. How much of it is actually essential to your business? About 7%. Sorry if that deflates anyones idea of “keeping up”, but since you can’t, most of this will be out-dated by the time you learn it. Stick with the essentials first, all the rest is pure entertainment and fluff for the heavy hitters.

    2. You have asked your readers to help with possible solutions to something you are becoming very concerned about. I not only admire that, but you obviously are to be commended for exposing this part of your life to the “public”. I understand that this is not an easy thing for anyone because we would rather see things as a “weakness” instead of the problem it is. You are certainly responsible for your readership, and that is the kind of respect that does not come out of a “how to” manual.

    3. As alusive and intangible as it may seem, you once had a life before Internet. It may be difficult to remember that after 18 hours at the keyboard, but it happened. When you were younger, did you see yourself as “slaving” away at the computer to become “free”? Did you see yourself spending hard earned dollors to give everything away? Did you want to give up your yard and garden for keeping up on the latest SEO? Was it your intention as a child, to drive away your friends and companions, your family, because you were at a point on your new site where you just could not stop until it was complete?

    Not what we envision Eric, we just progressively fall into these things. They are part of the price we pay for our “freedom”.

    Now the real question. Please take the time to seriously think about this as it has a lot to do with your future, and your future with us:

    If you are not at your optimum in health and mental clarity, what is the result that will occur when you are doing business? Is it really serving the better interest of your online adventures, if you are tired and fatigued? Or is it simply taking more hours and stress to produce second-rate results? We have time, if you wish to do those things for yourself that produce the best results in YOU, you are doing those things which will produce the best results in, and for, US. Take a flight of fancy, choose I, or 10 things from this list, and do them.

    If you worked every day for someone else, until your death, you would die owned. If you worked every day for yourself, just a few hours, you will die free. Cory R. did not think about dying, none of us actually have time for such matters, but he did leave us with a legacy that will live forever in Internet Marketing. I have been personally referred to as a very good “bad example” in life (inherited, for the most part :o). When I go, I would like to think that my best mark here, was that I left a legacy that others could follow, and benefit from. Until then, we are RESPONSIBLE for doing those things which keep us at our optimum, functioning at our best, so that we may be the best for those we serve.

    Eric, be well, serve well,

  12. Mark

    I’d second the vote for Kasper’s Powerful Sleep system. It’s more to do with getting better quality sleep rather than more sleep, which is great for us busy IMers. It involves a combination of different things (e.g exercise, diet), and all I can say is that it really worked for me!

    Here’s my splash page for it, if you’re interested:

    I can also recommend the Peaceful Mind Wizard ( that Kasper sells. I’ve tried other similar products, but they didn’t work anything like as well as this one does.

    Best wishes,


  13. Mary

    Eric: I know this may sound rediculous, but I have been using two things, something called:

    Brain Entrainment found at

    Now you might laugh, but I was totally facinated with this stuff. Not only did it clear up my brain fog, but allowes me to sleep better, longer, deeper, than I have ever slept before. And, coupled with a few memory enhancing cd’s that I play from time to time, I now get more done than most people in one day.

    I have gone from writting interesting articles, to writing fabulous articles about subjects that I am no expert at, but, after you read the articles, I certainly sound like an expert.

    And lastly, get a hold of some Maca from a health food store. You will be amazed at what it offers, and, you might even find a reason to go to bed early from time to time. Maca is one herbal product that offers just about every vitamin and mineral needed by man/woman including zinc and iron, and, it also balances your hormones. If your overworked, you have a greater chance of crashing your thyroid and maca will balance your hormones enough to prevent that from happening during busier times of your life.

    Hope you give them a try. Both are really good for you and, both come with a money back guarantee so what have you got to loose?


  14. Jim

    Hey Eric –

    Thanks for you tips and making the effort to educate us. I do a short, but intense workout every day when I wake up. I used a book called Combat Conditioning for the exercises and it normally only takes about 15 minutes a session to achieve beneficial results. The author is Matt Furey in case you decide to google it. When I am at home I also try and eat small , lower carb meals to combat blood sugar spikes and crashes that can cause you to feel tired. A good book, with a ton of research references, that describes how this works is “Natural Hormonal Enhancement” by Rob Faigan. I find that when I can muster the self discipline to combine the two, I have more energy, lose weight, get stronger and am able to think more clearly and faster. Works for me, you might want to check it out.

    best regards,


  15. Micheal Savoie

    When I get that way, I find that just getting away from the computer is the best. I have been spending more time with my daughters, and doing work around the house as well. Not only do I feel better about myself for having accomplished something, but I found that my brainstorming really came back with a vengeance. I was setting up a couple of websites for some new members, and as I was registering the domains, a sudden idea shot into my brain, like a whisper from God. And suddenly it was clear, I was focused like never before, and I had registered a brand new domain and already had most of the plan for it on paper. I am thinking this will be the NEXT BIG THING. I wish I could tell you about it, but right now I just have to find the dozen JV partners that I will need to make it happen. My plan is to launch on October 1st, but I may change that depending on how quickly I can find the right partners.
    Just imagine a new method of motivation. Inspiration. All in a membership site that will give you more tools to help you build a team, a friendship, a family! Relationship building gone viral!!!
    If you know any great motivators, let me know, because I want to talk to them. I am excited! But then again, you probably couldn’t tell, eh?
    All I can tell you is I am going to do more yard work, so that my brain can get clearer yet!
    Have an amazing day!
    Micheal Savoie

  16. John Grafflin

    Permit me if you will Eric, since I’ve already posted once. I could not sleep for this running through my head.

    In addition to having a house full of cats, I’m also a volunteer fireman and First Responder. Whether I’m here at the keyboard, or on my pillow with the wheels still turning trying to catch a few winks, when the call comes in, my mind is instantly cleared of internet thoughts of any kind. Whether it be a fire, automobile accident, drowning or someone having a heart attack, when the bell sounds, the adrenaline starts flowing and I’m on my way.

    So, if you want something to take the edge off (or maybe replace it with another), why not volunteer, be it your local volunteer fire department if you have one, or perhaps the American Red Cross, your local homeless shelter, the SPCA, etc.

    Why do I volunteer? When someone reaches out for help, I want to make sure someone is there to help them.

    Peace be with you.

  17. Larry Brantley

    I have a small vegetable garden. Weeding, watering, pruning, harvesting, all of these provide a different thing to focus on that isn’t so stressful. Trying NOT to think about something is a sure way to thinking about it, but focusing on something that requires your attention naturally shifts your focus away from the grind.

    You have a new baby, get one of those child carriers that you wear in front of you, then you and your wife go for a walk and YOU carry the baby. Great bonding experience and just having that tiny body against you will help you relax.

    Go fishing, nothing elaborate or that becomes stressful, just a simple rod and reel light tackle. You can even catch and release if you don’t want to hassle with cleaning them, though in conjunction with that small garden it is a stress reliever, exercise, and provides a healthy diet.


  18. flwong

    HI Eric,

    I think you need a so call a good time management between work and leisure. Spend some quality time with your loves one and make your biz auto pilot for a short period and go out to the world to explore the freshness of air.

    Like Chinese proverd said “Take a break is because you need to go a longer road ahead in your life”.

    Hope that will help you in a way.


  19. Mary

    How can you get any sleep with a new baby? and two other children? You probably have financial anxiety – like the rest of us. First, put that new baby in bed between you and your wife and share feeding times. Then feel your blessings. Get your exercise by working in the yard. Design one project at a time so that when you complete it, you can see the success of your exercise program. Finally, chunk your internet work. Try to prioritize building block projects. Sometimes it is best to spread out and gather all sorts of new and interesting ideas. Then work on one at a time until you have completed your new project. Tonight I hope to complete putting you on my website. Later I hope to buy more from you. Good luck!

  20. Barry


    Try some crazy antics, you can do cartwheels and sommersaults in your front or backyard until your head spins. Then drop yourself silly on the lawn and guzzle on some beer cans. If thats fun, mow the yard, and then repeat.

    When everything’s done, head for the swimming pool or the beach.

    Getting back home, check up with your freelance marketer, whom you engaged to stand in for you, for such moments of near burnt-out.

    This half-day vacation may just quickly put you back up to speed again 🙂

  21. Michael Gaumer


    I thought you were talking about me…sounds just like me. I bet you even have “piles here, and piles there” on your desk(s). Boy, my wife(the organizer) hates to come in my office and see that, knowing she had better not touch my piles. When she does ‘try to help’,
    I can’t find anything. I also like to head to the yard/garden and do some work…or better still, go fishing, which I seldom do anymore. I guess we just need to keep God more in the forefront.
    take care,

  22. Christine

    I rarely leave comments here, but I thought for this one, I would. As a freelance writer, I go through this myself, a lot. Here’s what I do. Take a “mental” vacation. I’m not saying that this will work for everyone, but this is what works for me.

    Put on your headphones with whatever music you enjoy listening to and sit back and let your mind wander to whatever destination you’ve always wanted to visit. If you’ve always wanted to go to Jamaica, try slipping a nature tape or cd into the player and visit the islands in your mind. Visualize the ocean just barely lapping over your toes as you and your wife lie in the sand together. Mentally smell the aromas that surround you in your mind and just allow yourself to let all other things slip away for a short while.

    Hope this helps in some small way.

  23. Mel

    Mate, I’m not sure whether you’re pulling my leg. Nonetheless I shall ride with it. Why don’t you face yourself in the mirror and laugh at yourself real silly. And, as someone says, “dance like no one’s watching”. Phhhleaaaassse don’t take yourself too seriously.

  24. Seth

    My man,

    Take a flight over to Malaysia like Saiful said, then eat all you want and relax!

    lol, it’s a heaven of food over here.

    As for me, every evening I go to either:

    1. Gym, or
    2. Lake Park for jogging.

    At least for that 1-2 hours, then have dinner, get back to work.

    All in all, a big go away vacation should do it. ; )

    If you’re excited, have a party and invite people to your house — the few beers with close pals always makes the day.

    Keep rockin,


  25. Geoff Dodd


    I was losing focus too.. getting tired and sore eyes, and disappointing wifie… she complains of “always doing computer.. ”

    I realized I had to re-balance every aspect of my life and do things ‘in proportion’ and ‘in moderation’ – – we really are Internet Marketing ADDICTS…. computer-addicted.

    I restarted exercise – 30 minutes a day, mostly fast-walking, enjoying the endorphins. Natural world of fun chemicals inside.

    I restarted meditation using the “Holosync Solution”… it works FAST. Reference is now made to the Holosync on my site:-

    Thanks for the opportunity to share this, Eric.

    Geoff Dodd
    Western Australia

  26. Genevieve

    Hi Eric

    They say that if you injure yourself eg your back, you should rest for 3 days, and then return to work albeit gradually because the human body responds and starts its own healing process. I imagine that the rest of you would respond similarly (the human body being a reflection of your soul & spirit). So where does it go from here? I suggest you take a break – by that I mean a rest and not a holiday that requires planning and more work not to mention the added unnecessary excitement. I would rest for a period and then slowly get done only what has to be done (let the other things go). You would have to seriously sift out everything except the absolutely essential tasks. And what if the essential tasks are mountainous? Ever been in a work situation when someone comes around to collect a contribution for an empoyee who’s leaving; and you wonder that anything decent can be bought at all because the amounts donated are pittance. But, surprisingly, at the end of the day those small amounts added up. Well, that’s how I tackle the seemingly impossible. Make one contribution each day. And as the days go by they add up and soon each new day you face becomes easier because half the burden is gone. Well anyway, that’s my bit for you.

  27. Jerry Rodgers (M.D.)

    Hey Eric,

    Sounds like you body’s trying to tell you something is not in balance.

    Some people with the symptoms you describe are simply “in a rut”. If that’s the case, you can reverse it by changing your routine–aerobic exercise(walk, cycle, or swim) ~ 30 – 45 min /d, play( with your wife, your kids, your dog, your neighbors), laugh( not just chuckle, but a deep belly laugh) multiple times per day.

    If getting out of the rut doesn’t work, some of the symptoms you describe could be very early signs of depression. Depression, as you probably know, is a chemical imbalance which is hereditary. It doesn’t have to follow a loss or any bad thing happening.

    Earliest clues for depression:
    1) Early awakening–falling asleep okay but waking up early and being unable to easily go back to sleep,
    2) Finding yourself unable to have fun–you can fake it at times, but do not actually enjoy yourself like you used to.
    3) Problems staying focused
    4) Being more irritable than is normal for you–little things that never bothered you seem much more important and are very annoying to you
    5) Other sx include: being sad, crying easily, loosing or gaining wt for no reason, oversleeping
    6) Later signs, and of course more serious: thoughts of death, dying or of hurting yourself.

    If you meet these criteria for depression–it’s easily treated, but requires medication(which is safe and not habit-forming)

    I love your “Eric’s Tips” and hope you find these “tips” helpful.

    Keep up your great work,

    Dr. Jerry Is Online

  28. Lia Mestvirishvili

    Dear Eric
    I have the same feeling as you have. Your brain is overtired and it needs some rest. you’d better go to the mountains or to the sea and not think about your business for a wile and enjoy your life. As our life is very short. And we all are born to be very happy. I have a school and have many financial problems and work hard and try to improve it, than’s why I became interested in homebased business, but I feel that if i don’t rest I will die so I am going to the seaside for a weak or so. Do the same.

  29. Alex

    Eric, we are the same. I had the same problem from time to time. Now, I have much less time with this problem. ‘How can you handle the problem?’ you may ask. Be honest, through reading the Bible. From the Bible, I know I unconciously tried to act like God, and tried to control everything in my life. But I am not God. No matter whether I like or not, I have to let many things go. I take time to read the Bible, and pray to God. Many things are not as bad as I imaged. And some things are better than what I expect. I do not try to sell Christianlity to anyone, or to augue with anyone. I just tell you of real life experience of mine since you give me questions. Hopefully, it help you a little bit. And I hope you can enjoy each day no matter whether you work or take rest.



  30. Wendy Roufosse

    Eric I think everyone feels the way you do at one point or another. My suggestion is to take a breather. Go spend some time with your family or friends. You are doing a wonderful service to people that (I’m sure) is totally Expected not Appreciated in some cases. You will be NO good to yourself or anyone for that matter if you keep pushing yourself so hard. You true believers and friends should be telling you it’s time to take care of yourself first. Go away, if there has been something you’ve been putting off and wanted to do for a long time but, never seemed to find the time, well here’s your chance, go enjoy yourself AND LEAVE YOUR WORK AT HOME. Once you have had some time to forget about work and the biggest decision to make will be “What do I want for dinner tonight?” you will be surprised at how fast your mind and body will respond to the change. When you feel 100% and are starting to miss your work, you will find yourself coming up with so many new thoughts and idea’s you will feel like you have died and gone to heaven. Your body and mind are giving you a warning, heed it , we would hate to lose you because of a heart attack or stroke. Listen to your body and let go, we’ll all be here when you return. You health MUST always be your first priority and when your body starts sending warnings signs Listen to them. Only you can make tht decision. Please take this advise from someone who didn’t listen to their body and live with the consequences every day.
    God Bless,

  31. Lina - Malaysia

    Yeah, sometimes I feel burned-out as well.
    I’ve had those crazy working moments where I’d be on the internet from 7.30am – 11pm … sometimes even waking up at 5am to write something or read an ebook…7 days a week for a month non-stop…

    If I’m tired, I’d just walk outside, breathe the fresh air. I think it helps to have an air purifier and an air ionizer by the PC, just to get that ‘fresh air’ sensation…

    At the end of the day, you just have to get your butt off that chair and leave your PC! Go on vacation, jog along the beach, go cycling or rollerblading… stay away from that PC for some time. After a while, when you return, you’ll be fine.

  32. donald vanderlugt

    hi; there are some great ideas there; get about in the great outoors more or something you are totally out of your depth with like flying pigeons etc;gotta go ;god bless

  33. Mike Russell

    Hi Eric,
    Well the mind is supported by the body, so naturally, it is better to take a break from sitting in front of the PC all day. The body loves excercise, plus good, healthy food and as much sleep as it asks you for – if you are listening. Your’e going to think I’m whacky here, or trying to sell something, but I found these CDs actually do work; They can take a week or so, but they work for me. And no, there is no affiliate link, kickback, or whatever!

  34. Ryan Puusaari

    I just read a great book by Dr. Zonnya called “Balanced Living.” I would highly reccommend it. It talks about why you need balance in all areas of your life and how to achieve that balance so you can truely become successful, both personally and professionally.

  35. Floyd

    It seems to me you didn’t build a business….you simply built yourself a job.

    A business is something that wouldn’t need you to run it 24/7/365, it should be able to run by itself for periods of time without you.

    That is why you’re burning out. You are constantly working at ‘your job’ and it’s now starting to drain you down to nothing.

    I’d get away from it for awhile first and take a vacation. Once you are refreshed, you can than take a serious look into transforming this job into a business and keep it that way.

    -Floyd Fisher

  36. Nicole

    Hi Eric,
    I notice you have lots of posts already but I will add my two bits worth! I am no expert in psychology and am not attempting to provide any solutions – just help you get alittle perspective. As one person already mentioned – There Is a New Baby In the House! Sometimes just accepting the reality of the situation – yes even though you may actually feel a little brain dead, is helpful in itself. Labelling your current state of mind as “burnout” is one way to describe it – but I don’t think the situation needs fixing – its not as if something is actually wrong. As overwhelming, and out of whack, as things may seem at the moment, I think it is so perfectly normal. And as a parent of 3 children, its something that I experienced, especially in the early days.

    You dont have to always live up to your own high expectations or the expectations of others, its ok to lower the bar. So what if you dont get quite as much done and the thinking is a little fuzzy- sleep deprivation does that! Enjoy having a new baby in the house and accept the limitations and challenges that she brings. Maybe its time to slow down and appreciate what is happening around you and dont focus as much on the work stuff. Its simply a different phase in life full of joys, frustrations and tiredness. Dont worry, we will be ok without your unending attention for a short while.

  37. Vincent Lin

    Dear Eric,
    Try this – do something you’ve never done before!

    Better if it involves assisting people e.g. dishing out free food in a Salvation Army joint, volunteer time in a autistic child program or even rekindling a long lost friendship by looking up some old friends – they may be feeling the same about you as well!.
    And who knows you may find or learn something about yourself or about humanity that you’ve never known existed.

    Happy hunting Eric and enjoy the trip! God bless you and family.

  38. Sarah

    I do some gardening or physical work or I play with my 2 youngest children or take them for a walk. They are always a delight to be with and their energy and wonder rubs off on me.

    When I go to bed, my brain tends to not want to switch off. So I give myself Reiki, to calm myself down and to have a deep relaxing and recharging sleep. I wake up in the morning refreshed and raring to go.

    Sometimes, I stop what I’m doing, during the day, and give myself Reiki, or I give someone else Reiki either physically or by distance and this does me good too.

    Best wishes to everyone and Bonne Journée,

    Sarah in sunny South West France

  39. Keith Davis

    Hi Eric, Your still a young man, no matter what age

    we all need quality sleep and an exercise routine. If your interrested in PEAK Performance, then this bit of info should facinate you. Most of us over 40 have some ailment that we just deal with, a new discovery for those problems has been long awaited. A man named Christian Drapeau ( 5 years reasearch) has discovered how the natural healing of the body really works. (He had an idea and He was right). When a stem cell leaves the bone marrow to repair the body wherever needed, in the course of 8-10 hours that cell is converted to the cell of the body part that requires reinforcement whether it be knee cartilage, liver, there are testimonies of restored eye sight and hearing. The product is Stem Enhance, it has only been available since February 06. This is the aging stopper we’ve been waiting for.
    2 capsules, 1 gram will stimulate the release of 2.5 million stem cells into the blood stream almost right now.
    This is not neutrition, this restores your body with a flood of stem cells (slowly depleated as we age) 25 – 30% more stem cells right now. Anyone who continues on the Stem Enhance indefinately, can enjoy the Peak Performance, were talking as much as 54- 60% more repairing Stem cells in the blood at all times. The ratio looks like this: 30% neutrition suppliments, 70% Stem Enhance!!

    Over the past 10 years antioxidents sold has become a trillion dollar industry. The prediction is, the product Stem Enhance alone will (((ECLIPSE))) the Antioxident industry!! Those people who become involved today will be extatic when this becomes a household word!! There has never been any subject that I Could get more excited about than Stem Enhance. The Journey may be short but absolutely Fortune Favors the Bold. Opportunity is never lost it’s ALWAYS TAKEN!!

    I wish you better Keeping,

    Keith Davis

  40. Jeff Meyer

    I’ve had those moments and some even bordering on anxiety attacks and the best antidote is about what you did. Get out in Nature. Do something physical while you’re there if it seems needed. Nature has always been the best healer for me.

    Also stay away from the computer for a while and do something “normal”,
    like hang out with friends or family.

  41. razzzz

    For me, I sensed the burnout coming. I raced to clear up all unfinished business and did as much as I could to get myself ahead. I accepted a position at a YMCA kids camp for a full week counseling kids between the ages of 7-17. No cell phones or television. One shared computer and 15 minutes a day to check potententially important email. I put myself in a position that demanded ‘other’ attention and responsibility. Not only did I clean out the congestion clogging my internet marketing life but was rewarded with a very gratifying experience. It worked! And now, I’m back with a vengeance (including catching up with your blog)..Hah!

  42. David


    Be consistent with teh following and you will find that you will renew your energy.

    Find a local nursing home and ask the director of Nursing or the Admissions Director if there is someone in the nursing home that does not get any visitors. They will probably chuckle at your question, because most people in Nursing Homes don’t get visitors.

    Tell them that you would like to have two or thee of there residents that you could visit for an hour or two a week (that’s total time not per person, unless you want). Tell them what your interests are (not internet stuff because most residents don’t understand the internet at all) fishing, football, stock car racing, etc and ask if there is anyone that doesn’t get visitors that they know is interested in the same things.

    Make a friend! Consistency and dependability is really important to the residents, if you say that you are going to visit them next Thursday afternoon, then be there. As time goes on your vists will be the highlight of their week, i kid you not!

    You might ask how does this help my burnout? It helps because it takes your focus off yourself and your needs and focuses it on someone else. Try it you’ll like it!


  43. Les

    Hi Eric,

    I hear ya man, I have been experiencing burnout more regularly over the last year than I have ever before. I have always been a night owl and insomniac and really have never gotten into a good sleep schedule. I have always worked graveyard shifts at jobs and now that I work at home I still can’t seem to go to bed at night. I have a 4, almost 5, year old son that I stay home with so I tend to not get a whole lot done during the day and I am forced to make it up when I should be sleeping.

    I am currently working on a new work/sleep/exercise/everything else schedule to try to correct some of my mental fatigue. I’ll recomend some of the same things as everyone else, do some yard work, exercise, take a day or two to relax and forget about it. Some of my best ideas come to me when I’m not even thinking about work.

    Being a Pureland Buddhist, the one thing that helps me the most is meditation. Whenever I feel like im going in circles or getting easily distracted, I take time out, even for just a few minutes in my computer chair (my couch lol) to close my eyes and meditate. Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated, it is as easy as calming the breath and chanting an afirmation or the Buddha’s name over and over for a few minutes to yourself. Now, I’m not gonna say you should become Buddhist or anything, that’s a personal decision and none of my business. I practice non-religious Buddhism, but even people that aren’t Buddhist can benefit greatly from the meditation techniques. I actually started studying it to see if I could correct some of my insomnia, and it is the only thing that has worked.

    I am working on a website in my spare time, what little of it there is, to teach the techniques and give away free literature and practice tools to those that could use it. It isn’t really even started yet but I should have something together on it in a few days or so. Let me know if you are interested in any of this and i’ll be sure you get some info and the link.

    Thanks for all your insight Eric, you have really helped me in a lot of ways and I always look forward to your next newsletter. Cheers!

    Namo Amitabha!

  44. Goldie


    Take time out by enrolling in a ‘sweat lodge’ it cleanses everything and leaves you clear; clean and refreshed ready to meet the New Day !

  45. Marie

    Hi Eric
    I sure can empathise! Happens me a lot lately, and what works for me is this: Get up from the computer, have a good stretch, go and make a cup of tea (or coffee, whatever you like) go out the back garden and inhale the smells and listen to the sounds of birds singing.

    I find that even on a dull rainy day there’s always something to find uplifting about being in the garden, especially if it’s raining! There’s something really soothing about being in the rain (yes, my friends thing I’m bonkers too!) but it works for me. My idea of bliss is to take a walk in the rain. Get togged up in waterproofs and boots and go. Somehow the peace and tranquility helps put everything in perspective, and you feel so much more refreshed.

    When you’re feeling really bad, you’ve just got to take a complete break away from work. That means NO emails, NO computer work at all. Head off with the family somewhere different to where you would normally go, and enjoy. It’s usually the spirit thats flagging, so I’d recommend a walk along the shore, help the kids build sandcastles and have a few games bith a beach ball.

    If you lived in this part of the world, I’d say go to Rosslare Strand! The beach there is absolutely divine! Take it easy my friend, the work will still be there. Meantime, you need to chill with your loved ones and forget about work for a while. I know we all love getting your letters, but its time for some YOU time. Enjoy it!

  46. Dave

    Dear Eric,

    Remember this?

    It’s a Girl!
    Monday, July 24th, 2006
    Special Edition
    I’m proud to announce the arrival of our third child, Isabelle, a healthy 7 pound 15 ounce baby girl. Mother and baby are both doing great.
    So, is she sleeping throught the night yet? If she’s not, chances are you’re not.
    (been there, done that.) So face it, you’re going to be a little sleep deprived and it’s more difficult to recover from that than you might think.

    Physical exhaustion does impair your ability to concentrate and focus on tasks at hand.

    So, how long has it been since you last had a “real vacation”? No cell phones, no pagers,…….ok, I know you have to have the laptop, but try to check it as infrequently as humanly possible. (The mere fact that you have internet access should provide some comfort : )

    Hire a really good nanny to look after the children, (I know you can afford this,) and take a few days off. I promise the world will still be here when you get back.


  47. Jyothi

    Dear Eric,

    I think that the most important universal truth is God. Everything starts with him and ends with him. I think the saying that “man proposes and God disposes” is the most truthful thing. Well as far as I am concerned I believe that surrendering onto God and asking him to guide us is very important. Spend time with your family.

    I am 44 and do have two sons aged 22 and 19. Like is like a juggle as I do work as a MLS and also have to take care of my niece who is 11 months old from evening to early morning. I have to leave from my sister’s home in the mornings and get back home change and leave for work. So I do understand what you are saying. It is very hectic and I do pray to God to give me the strength to work and have good health.

    I do also know that music can do wonders. Listen to soft soothing music and it can totally relax you and help you gain back your energy.

    I think the strength lies within us…….so go for it…….You are the expert around here, so I am sure you do know about everything a whole lot better than me.

    take care,

  48. DK

    C’mon over to Bangkok, and have a great time here. That will clear you up in more ways than one. Recharge your batteries with a great massage, and try out the various types here. Learn to enjoy all the money that you already earned here, then you will want to go back and make some more!


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