Internet Marketing Giveaways – There’s Just Too Many Of Them!

By | May 31, 2006

Edition #56 – 5/31/2006

Is it just me, or is the number of internet marketing giveaways multiplying weekly?

too many of them

It’s really getting a bit overwhelming, but as they say…

If you can’t beat ’em…join ’em!

That’s just what I did, and it’s working. I’ve been getting many new Eric’s Tips members in the last few days from some of these giveaways. I’d like to give a big welcome to those folks.

Unfortunately, with dozens of giveaways springing up this season, I’ve noticed the quality of these events going down the tubes.

As if it wasn’t enough that these “internet marketing carnivals” were already hype-filled greed-fests, with every marketer vying for the most new subscribers…but NOW we also have to deal with inexperienced marketers who are ill-prepared to pull off this kind of event successfully.

I am actually hoping the result will be that we all become more jaded toward giveaways, and the market will demand a higher level of quality in order to be successful.

I’ve checked out several giveaways in the last couple days, and I’d like to report one that’s worth joining, one “maybe”, and two that are probably not worth your time…

1) The Viral Marketing Giveaway. This one is being held by a fellow Eric’s Tips member, Brett Ingram, so it would be cool for you to take a look at it. This is Brett’s first giveaway event, and I think he did a nice job on it. There’s a nice one-time offer too. The giveaway is only open for 5 days, and if you miss it you’ll have to pay if you want to get in…

(Link removed – outdated)

2) Download Free Gifts. This is a pretty big giveaway being held by Alan Spence. It’s a little weird though because the site says the promotion has started, but his one-time-offer does not seem to be working (so there’s no way to make a commission from it, although the site says there is). So I’d give it low marks for execution, but the content is pretty good for a giveaway…

(Link removed – outdated)

3) The Ultimate JV. This is an interesting giveaway being run by Richard Monssen. Supposedly you can still become a partner and contribute your own product. Unfortunately, I can not recommend it, due to some technical issues. I submitted my own contribution and it was approved, but it still has not appeared in the listings. Also, the affiliate link is weird… sometimes it goes to a blank one-time-offer. It seems like he should have put that part of the site together before going live. Lastly, I got an email from Richard yesterday that said…

Well first i will start with the bad new’s first….we exceeded our bandwidth…all 5 gig’s of it….and was offline for about 12hr’s yesturday….to make sure this doesn’t happen again i have now tripled it…!!

My brother-in-law will attest that I almost fell off my chair laughing when I read that. Moral of story…don’t try to pull off a massive giveaway when you only have 5 GB of bandwidth. I don’t really understand… you can get like 100GB/month for $10 these days. And if you exceeded 5GB, 15GB doesn’t sound like too safe a number considering the heavy promotion hasn’t even hit yet 😉

4) 10 Days of $10. OK so this one’s not exactly a “giveaway” but I’ve seen a good deal of hype about it during the last couple days, so I decided to check it out. Jason DeVelvis seems like a decent marketer, and the site was nice and clean, but I was not impressed with the content at all. Although the sales letter says otherwise, the items seem like the same stuff you can get for free in the giveaways. I know for a fact I’ve seen some of the $10 items for free elsewhere.

I’ve said this before, but keep in mind that the person who benefits the most from these type of giveaways is the person who is running the giveaway. They are able to grow a huge list of members in a matter of days or weeks.

As much as I am starting to resent the overabundance of giveaways, I might just have to do my own giveaway one of these days 😉

As always you can leave comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

49 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Giveaways – There’s Just Too Many Of Them!

  1. Kelly Ifrah

    Just to say I think this is a great article and I agree. My inbox is flooded every day by these JV Promotions and although I have joined a few, some are really not all that. Eric’s tips is the best ezine i have joined so far, please keep up the good work.

  2. Anthony Tomei


    You left out one of the most valuable FREE resell and master
    resell sites ever. It’s called CaterpillarMarketing

    I am the creator of this site. BEST value and very high
    converting OTO! Let me know if you’d like to tell your
    subscribers about my site. EXCELLENT commissions!

  3. Eric Post author

    Hey Anthony, I think you just DID tell them about it 😉

    Readers– you heard the man… he’s an Eric’s Tips subscriber and he’s got a good giveaway for you.

    Anthony of course you do realize you’ll be under scrutiny now, haha. If anyone has any comments about his site feel free to post those as well.


  4. Michael Holdcroft

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on this topic. I wrote about on my blog just yesterday ( It seems everbody is jumping on the bandwagon right now. I have contributed to a couple just recently, which brought me some subscribers.

    A lot of the signups have cancelled the e-mail accounts they supplied since then, but that was to be expected. I will have to make sure that I make a real effort to keep the others though.

  5. Barbara King

    You omitted my newest site: Free Internet Marketing Tools – Free Software, How To Videos, Free Ebooks, Product Reviews.

    This site was coded with Motivated Marketing System, so you should be as proud to acknowledge it as I am.

    The OTO offer page offers 80% commission to anyone wanting to promote it.

  6. Jim Hoffman

    Not only are these giveaway ventures getting out of hand. As a list building technique they are driving even more freebie junkies to your list who are looking for more freebies and never buy or participate in your site and offers. While I love giving stuff to my list and members, I prefer gettings subscribers interested in participation as well as my reviews and freebies.

  7. 59ideas

    None of those names ring a bell at all.
    Maybe I live in another part of the world. Maybe they are all made up. How do we know?

  8. Phill @ ISI System

    Hi Eric,
    Love your tips. Re: Giveaways – As well as the major JV’s, there are dozens of butterfly marketing membership type sites springing up. Same as the JV but just a single contributer. Collectively the value in these sites is definately superior to some of the also ran JV’s and could even give the majors a run for their money! So in keeping in the spirit of things I decided that if I couldn’t beat them I would have to join them – all of them (Nearly 50 so far) I have set up a free downline builder for anybody else that feels the same way – passive income from some of the best one-time-offers on the net plus promote them all from a single page. A cunning plan maybe?

  9. Maureen Stuart

    I’m an Eric’s Tips subscriber because of an ebook from 7 Dollar Software that I found on a giveaway site that had a link to his 195 Adsense site software that I bought.

    Life works in mysterious ways and when you are trying to figure out how this Internet Marketing stuff works–—you take advantage of the opportunities as they come your way. I’ve been involved with Marketing and Design for over 20 years on the computer, but that still doesn’t mean that I know how to build a website or drive traffic to it.

    I appreciate the wealth of materials offered by these promotions. It enables me to learn by doing at my own pace and purchase more products and services once I understand my business’ needs.

    It’s blogs like this where the honesty of the provider really comes through or not. I will stick with those authors who value me as person, not just a dollar sign.

  10. Eric

    Michael – Nice blog, and small world 😉 I see you indeed wrote about it just yesterday

    Barbara – Agreed… great site from an Eric’s Tips reader, and nice implementation of MMS. There will be some changes in V1.05 which I believe will help your site even more, to send the affiliate link to the signup page. Good work

    Jim – good point… that’s something for all of us to keep in mind including myself. Yes giveways are a quick way to build your list, but if you’re after quality subscribers then it may not be the best way…

  11. Gail

    So glad someone else is feeling the pain over this and it’s not just me. All hype and all the copycatters have me unsubscribing like mad. My goal is to get rid of the guys that just keep promoting. There is no other reason to even read their offers anymore. Maybe I can get some work done!

  12. Laura

    Eric, reviews like this (as well as reader insights and additions) are very helpful, thank you.

    Jim – “…driving even more freebie junkies to your list who are looking for more freebies and never buy or participate in your site…” – I couldn’t agree more!

    On a lighter note…

    Has anyone else noticed the striking similarity between Macaulay and Eric?
    Hmmm…perhaps this is why we haven’t seen or heard about Culkin since he’s grown up.

  13. Janet Barrett

    Hi Eric!
    Interesting review you have put together and one that is needed right now for comparison. The huge ‘free giveaways’ sites popping up all over the internet is somewhat a good idea to capture registrants emails to join newsletters and build your list, but the downside is that there are too many of them offering almost the same free content. I have joined a few in the past and ended up downloading maybe just one or two items of any value for myself – the rest look like duplicates from other giveaway promotions. Now it has gotten to the stage that I don’t sign up for these huge, time limited freebies sites anymore. I’m fairly new to all this marketing stuff and still need lots to learn. Your newsletters help me on the road to succeed.

  14. Christi

    Boy, Gail, you said it right there!! It gets so tiresome to sign up and all you get is pitch-fest after pitch-fest from some of them and no “meat.” AND, the same items in many of the giveaways, too. How many copies of it do you need?

    Eric, let me know if you decide to do one (giveaway) and I’ll get my partner on it. lol Excellent post to your blog. Regards, Chris

  15. Eric Post author

    Has anyone else noticed the striking similarity between Macaulay and Eric?
    Hmmm…perhaps this is why we haven’t seen or heard about Culkin since he’s grown up.

    Haha, nice one 🙂

    And to answer a few more questions about the picture…

    -yes I typically do my own graphics
    -yes I realize that “Home Alone” isn’t quite in the public domain yet
    -no I’m not worried about being sued by Macaulay or the movie studio
    -yes I’ll take it down if they ask me to
    -yes I will then replace it with a rightfully “public domain” picture of Macaulay (he’s got a couple mug shots from his arrests, lol)

  16. Jambhala Rinpo

    It certainly seems that there are a lot of giveaways these days, and it certainly is a little overwhelming. Thank you Eric for doing a little review for us. I appreciate it.

    It seems I’ve been downloading so many resell rights products in the past month or two that I don’t have any time to use them, and am not even quite sure what I will do with them all. I figure it’s good to save them all on my harddrive, since I have space, and you never know when they might come in handy. Either give them away to people on one of my lists, or maybe I’ll start my own resell rights page at some point.

    I’m curious though. Does anyone actually try selling these products, and if so, are they making a lot of money? I never feel I should sell something that I got for free, particularly since I know if my customer finds it somewhere else for free, they’ll feel like I’m not giving them a good deal.

    Peace & Prosperity,

    Jambhala –

  17. the Dragon

    Just a comment from a Newbie, although I am not sure I have enough experience yet to enjoy that lofty title.

    I purchased Joel Comm’s Adsense book a week or so ago (hasn’t arrived yet from Amazon) and the gazillion of bonuses. I think that is where I met your work Eric.

    In the past week or 10 days, I have gotten more free stuff than I can shake a stick at. I have also gotten some very useful information.

    One thing I will say for the $10 for 10 days is that there are 2 items on my wish list which will save me some $$$.

    Eric, I enjoy your thoughts and work. I am about to take a 2 week vacation from my e-mail account to sort through what I’ve got and how to apply the useful pieces.

  18. Dumb Old Man

    I’ve tryed almost every thing going, but the only thing that went was my Money!

    I’m just going to faid away, at 68 years old thing move or change to darn fast and cost to darn much money!


  19. Jamie

    I would honestly feel bad about calling you “Dumb Old Man”… So I’ll go with Mr. Man. You don’t have to be smart, in order to make this stuff work. I know that I’m smart and some of this stuff overwhelms me. For example, I have a new site launching and I am still working out the c-panel layout. Freakin confusing.

    I would recommend getting some free products, in the niches you are interested in. Allot of times, the freebie giveaways, DO have valuable content.

    So for starters, just to get you going, and discovering the ways in which you can make money on the internet, perhaps you should join the recommended giveaways, so you can see what is being done, and what has been done, and you can broaden your scope on what works and what doesn’t. And best of all… Do it for FREE!

    Oh, and lest I forget. STAY subscribed to Erics Tips! Excellent content, especially when he provides a forum of what we are all thinking anyways.

    Keep up the good work Eric, we all appreciate it. And I hope that you don’t mind me posting some advice here, and I hope it meets with your standards of quality as well. Also… good one with the bullet points on the Culkin issue;-}.

  20. Robert

    I just want to say that Eric’s Tips is fast becoming one of the emails that I make sure I read as soon as it comes in. It is nice to have someone with so much experience helping sort through all the hype that floods my Inbox every day.
    Thank You,
    Robert Wright

  21. Brian Schaeffer

    Hey Eric,

    ‘Nother Tipster here. True they’re multiplying like rabbits. True many contain the same products. True it can be overwhelming if you let it.

    Also true that an orginal contribution can get you thousands of sign-ups. Gotta be original though. Some leave later, but most stay. Overall it’s a good way to build your list and to market.

    My subscribers (many from give aways) will be getting an original eProduct tomorrow when they open my eZine. Never before published. They’re gonna love it as it comes with master resell rights. Stuff like this that makes them stick around. Gotta be original.

    For those who can’t make it work, try building relationships as well. Sure you’re always going to have some who are upset about something (what else is new?), is that going to stop you? Gotta be original.

    All-in-all, I’m on the other side and say, “More power to the give aways!” Gotta be original.


    P.S. Did I mention that you gotta be original in these give aways?

  22. Eric Post author

    Thanks everyone for the comments…

    Jamie- I would agree that there are some good free gems to be found among the hype

    Robert- Thanks for the support

    Brain- Very good point. That goes for contributors as well as the person who creates the event. For contributers you need to be original to get noticed. For those who create these giveaway sites, you need to do something DIFFERENT. If you try to do it like everyone else, then you will be compared to everyone else. You need an original idea behind your giveaway

  23. Rev. Hal Humphries

    Hi, Eric !

    Just a thought or two on all the giveaways…

    For the beginner on a shoestring budget who may not have found yet “which way is up”,… they’re a “god-send”.

    For marketers trying to sell the same things being given away, they’re more of a bain than a blessing – – producing a lot of freebie seekers and few sales.

    BUT… I believe the smart marketer will learn to use these things to his/her advantage by making these “marketer’s ‘marketing’ products” available for purchase to their “niche lists” who would benefit from that/those particular product(s).

    Also,… to take all these products and put them on one sales page for a ridiculously low price only devalues each product (as well as the bunch), whereas making each or several products at near full price for their niche markets might just generate more income !

    Just some random thoughts, Eric – I welcome any response(s). 🙂

  24. Russell

    Free ebooks are a great sourse for articles to build a website on.

    You just grab a 350 to 600 word article, and there’s a page of text for your website

    Be careful of copyright infringement tho.

  25. Russell

    mmmmmmmmmmm….. now Eric will produce a eBook or course on that.

    Just send the commission my way Eric.

  26. bev

    Eric I am taking part in the 10 days for $10 sale my first attempt at this sort of thing. I was frustrated with some of the previous joint ventures because they were selling the same thing, so I have produced an Adsense website, it is completely new I did it for the purpose, travel guide exclusive photos and articles including some on Disney and the World Cup. Yes I have added in some ebooks which are doing the rounds but they are all relevant to travel.

  27. liz

    Hi All!
    I also noticed the abundance of sites and I have collected many in one place: My Blog.

    Go to

    Email me your giveaway for me to review and post.


    Other Blogs:

  28. Brian Schaeffer

    Hi Again Eric,

    As someone who doesn’t like all these give aways, what would you suggest to make it different AND interesting? Something that someone like you would want to participate in?


  29. Ken

    Hi Eric,

    So far i like what I have read in your newsletter. I do agree that there are to many freebies and my e box has too many emails. I will be optin out of quite a few of the ones that are showing up more than once a week. I think more than once a week is an invasion of my time. Keep up the good work Eric ’cause I’m not optin out of yours.


  30. Julia Reece

    Thank you, Eric! I was beginning to think that I was the only one who thought the giveaways were getting out of hand. I’m a Newbie (thanks to 117 Christmas Gifts) and I’m absolutely overwhelmed. I vowed to not sign up for any more giveaways, but that didn’t last long. However, I’m being very selective. I might sign up for them, but I glance thru, pick out what I don’t think I already have, check my harddrive, and download only if I really don’t find it. It takes a bit longer, but I don’t have 15 copies of the same thing. Now if I can only find time to sort out all the things I already have and get them up on the website I’ll be doing great!

    Thank you for your Tips. They are good and helpful. I hope to never need to unsubscribe from your list as you provide a real service.

  31. edie

    I am fairly new and greatly appreciate your insight. It is a jungle out there and one can become inundated with emails to sift thru what you really need to make it online. :o)

  32. TraderJ

    Hey all,

    Well I can tell you that I delete all the free giveaway emails as soon as they show up and then I filter the email address that it came from. 95% of these are just pure crap trying to build subscribers that they just pitch to endlessly. Day after day of the same old same old. I have in the past joined some of the giveaways due to wanting a script they might have been offering, but the support level of these products is often zero and I’ve run into more than a few of the scripts that don’t even work. I have been installing scripts for years and know what I’m doing. Very few of the people offer the quality of product and support (Motivated Marketing System) that Eric does (shameless plug there) soon as I stopped reading all the hype and joining all those “giveaways” my business increased dramtically. I much prefer these days to buy the products I want so I can ask for and expect support if not I submit a refund request or chargeback and move on to deal with someone that wants my business.

    Just my two cents worth, keep up the good work Eric.

  33. Michael Holdcroft

    TraderJ wrote: wanting a script they might have been offering, but the support level of these products is often zero and I’ve run into more than a few of the scripts that don’t even work.

    I can tell you more than one story about this type of thing. Even some of the so called “big names” are guilty of this.

    I have been running anti-fraud websites for 9 years now and I guess it’s gotten to be a habit to write what I think. That’s why I have annoyed a few people after commenting publically about them.

    The main problem is, everyone is touting to the marketing community and, as a few MMS members have commented, they are mostly only interested in the free gifts. I would say a list of buying customers is a better basis than a list of free gift searchers, but it is harder to achieve.

    I would say that the Giveaways will die down. Sure, if there is an original twist to the offer they will still work, but seeing we are swiftly approaching a saturation level, I think we will see a drop some time soon.

  34. paul

    Hi, I agree with most of you good people. I’m forever collecting digital dust!
    However the one thing you can learn from it is WHY? What is the trigger that made you click on the free offer?
    That, my friends, is a major step to selling online.
    Oh.. I haven’t found it myself yet – still struggling away building lists, learning, absorbing info.
    I will say that Eric’s Tips is definitely one of the best places – could be that he explains things in a way I understand. Which is amazing since I live in rural Surrey in the UK and have been in IT for nearly 30 years!

    Learn and prosper


  35. J.R.

    There’s a new mystery that has developed in my e-mailboxes since I’ve signed up with a few of the gurus and newsletters and participated in some “free giveaways” (one of those redundant terms, like “free gift”, that grates on my editor’s nerves).

    Namely, somehow these guys are getting their multi-multi-repeat-repeat-ditto-ditto messages not just on the addresses I gave them, but on multiple addresses of mine. Granted, most are at the same domain, but I have tried to categorize my e-mail addresses to fit the subject matter of whatever site or individual I give it to. So much for that.

    There is one big-big name marketer who has managed to get onto more than a dozen of my addresses – and, despite clicking the “unsubscribe” button, he won’t go away. But he’s not alone. At least half a dozen others are also continuing to flood me despite “unsubscribe” orders and confirmations.

    So my warning: Be very careful giving anybody, no matter how “big” or popular, any e-mail address you won’t mind killing within a week. So far this year, I’ve killed more than 50. And the spam just keeps on coming – and by that, I mean marketing spam.

    To (correctly) quote the Great Garbo, “I want to be left alone”,

  36. Mike

    A tip for JR. If you cannot unsubscribe, but can log in to change your email address. Then change it to a non-existent one. I managed to stop some persistent emails by this means.

    Yes, there are too many giveaways out there – you need to be really selective and focused about what you pick to avoid being overwhelmed.

    Eric, an impressive and helpful blog. How about creating a running guide to giveaways showing the best products for newbies to pick in the various categories.

  37. Brian Schaeffer

    Hey Readers,

    Here’s the math. If 100 people sign up and 90 of them unsubscribe later, you still have a net gain of 10, and those ten probably want to hear from you or they’d of unsubscribed too!

    Not a whole lot, that’s true, but now you have ten highly targeted subscribers. Will they always buy from you? Probably not, but if even one does that’s one more sale.

    Is that worth it to you?

    How about 1000 sign ups and 900 unsubscribes? Now you have a net gain of 100.

    How about 10000 sign ups and 9000 unsubscribes. Is it worth it to you now?

    If you’ve said “yes” to the 100 or 1000 hardcore subscribers, but “no” to the 10, then you’ve missed the marketing point entirely and may want to re-evaluate your chances of success in this business.

    You see, everything being equal, those “new” ten subscribers are just as likely to be a long-term asset as any other ten on your list.

    Now to the repeats. Give Away after Give Away, the list slowly (or quickly) builds. There’s a real marketing reason why people are creating Give Aways. They work.

    With Give Aways, your list’s growth pace depends highly on two factors.

    1.) Are you being original (have we heard that before?) and offering a unique gift?

    2.) Later on, is your relationship with your subscriber highly valued by them? (What can you do to make it so?)

    I read some of these blog entries and think to myself that there are still a lot of people who don’t understand the function of a Give Away.

    If you’re so ticked off by being flooded with emails, or having to wade through hundreds of stones to find a gem, THEN DON’T SIGN UP!

    If you’ve signed up and you can’t unsubscribe, write the marketer a nice note. If that doesn’t work, file a complaint with their email or autoresponder host. That usually does the trick.

    If you signed up for a gift and you thought that that was the end of it, then you just aren’t thinking. Marketers offer the gift in exchange for a chance to show you what they’ve got! You should at least be polite enough to say a kind, “No, thanks.” before you go corking off.

    Most marketers know they’ll lose 50-80% of the Give Away subscribers. That’s just part of the nature of the beastie. Most don’t take it personally when folks unsubscribe. Such actions just make the smart ones work brighter. And frankly, I prefer to lose the ones who are just lookie-loos or gift-grabbers anyway.

    I work with folks every day. Ones who are serious about building an online business. They’re not just marketers of marketing, but are people who are offering services and products of all kinds. They take advantage of Give Aways. Many are looking for the evidence that someone knows how to help them. Are you that one? Did you show that in your last Give Away participation?

    You help, they stay. And they trust your word about future offers.

    As I said in my previous posting… it’s a relationship.

    If you don’t build it, it ‘aint going to happen.

    Thanks for allowing me to express, Eric!


  38. Eric Post author

    Brian – Good article thanks! That could just about be an entire edition of Eric’s Tips 😉

    One thing I’ll add, in regard to getting too many subscriptions… What I’ve done lately is change all my newsletter subscriptions to a seperate email address used solely for receiving marketing newsletters. I also set up a rule in Outlook fot those newsletters to be filtered into a certain folder.

    This way, I don’t have to look at them every day because I know its not urgent and nobody’s waiting for a reply. But I still have them on file so I can browse through them and keep a pulse on the industry. So some of you might want to do that, except leave Eric’s Tips on your primary email , lol 🙂

  39. Mike

    Brian, thank you for that clear explanation of how “Give Aways” work for the participants.
    A case in point is “Eric’s Tips”. Eric provides a good service here with
    relatively unbiased information, cutting out the hype ( note the “Tag and Ping” blog for example). I subscribed to “Eric’s Tips” through one of the “Give Aways” and will keep my subscription going because of the quality, un-hyped information – rare to find these days.

    Eric should gain and keep a large subscription list from the “Give Aways” . But, sadly, most “Give Away” participants are more interested in selling you something, rather than providing a good service and these people will find it difficult to stop their sign-ups unsubscribing quickly.

  40. Alan Spence

    “2) Download Free Gifts. This is a pretty big giveaway being held by Alan Spence. It’s a little weird though because the site says the promotion has started, but his one-time-offer does not seem to be working (so there’s no way to make a commission from it, although the site says there is). So I’d give it low marks for execution, but the content is pretty good for a giveaway…”

    Hi Eric
    With regards to your comments and estimation of my website.

    If you had received my email which I have sent on numerous occassions, you would have read that I had hired a coder which was building a unique website to offer as a OTO which would have made the JVPartners a lot of money, unfortunately he became ill with a virus and is still not able to complete the project.

    I am sorry that you cannot make any money from the OTO, maybe if I had not bought the website, paid for a coder to do the work over the last 8 Months it has took to build, paid for the resellers hosting account and domain name as well as having to pay for the cash prize competition out of my own pocket due to losing money because I neglected my other websites as all my effort was on getting the DFG ready for you…..Well if I did not have all of that to contend with and a family to support, I would have give you some money too!!

    As for stating visit if you have spare time? Well thanks for that, I have had no spare time for the last 8 Months due to getting this ready.

    I admit that I have had 2 full days away from the website in those 8 months, but I think that with one being my Father getting rushed into Hospital and the other was a week latert when I attended his FUNERAL I could be excused
    Today….sorry, yesterday was my Birthday..My Son wanted to take me out to celebrate, but I couldnt go!
    Why? Because I was at the DFG Most of the day making sure everything was ok, testing the functions, answering email and sending promotional emails to try and get you more subscribers because most JV Partners have not bothered to promote the Give-Away.yet expect to build their list and complain when they dont? …… BTW: You have refered 39 members- 0 Affiliates.

    I agree that there are some Promotions out there that are not worth a toss, but what you have failed to realise is that these websites are only as good as the
    JV Partners!
    It is the JV Partners who contribute the gifts that you are complaining about, it is the JV Partners who (supposed too) promote the website.
    I am only supposed to supply and host the website, yet it is only I and a few others who have took the time to promote it hard to make it the success that it is on course to being. I dont know if you read any of what I wrote on the JV Area or the JV Newspage where I have stated clearly that the DFG was built to gain the reputation as the home of the give away?
    The DFG is not going anywhere and will not be deleted after the promotion ends.
    As soon as it ends the work is starting on the upgrades and bug repairs.

    So I am sorry that my best is not good enough for you, and that I am not a coder and able to complete the OTO, or cannot afford to hire another coder to complete the OTO to make you money… but at least I know for next time the DFG runs a promotion!

    So if you dont mind it is 6.30 in the morning and I have not been to sleep for 2 days due to working on the viral section as well as answer email….so I am going to bed for a few hours.

    PS: I came to ask if your OTO will be the same on the next give away you join as I would love to upgrade the lite but cannot afford to buy the upgrade just now?

    Kindest Regards
    Alan Spence

    ;; Low Marked ;;

  41. Eric Post author

    Hey Alan

    Thanks for your response. Please realize my comments were in no way a personal attack against you. It was just in regards to my perception of your site. I did read the info you posted in the JV area, and the way the site was operated did not seem to line up with your description. Above you even admitted that you had some issues due to your coder.

    Also, keep in mind I did give it a neutral review and not a negative review like I’m doing on so many products lately. And I think you may have misinterpreted my negative perception as being related to whether or not I was gaining subscribers from it. I was really not judging it based on the performance of the other participating JV partners.

    Lastly, I can totally relate to and sympathize with working on a site around the clock. Guys like us need to delegate more tasks and not try to do everything ourselves. Get some rest man, and sure if you want MMS we can always work something out.


  42. Alan Spence

    No problem, I will be buying the MMS a little later today and I have put a OTO in place for the last week…….which I think is a pretty good OTO?

    BTW: There are a few complaints on the MMS forum about lack of updates??

  43. Alan Spence

    Are you in the “everyone can win” (I think thats what its called) Give-Away?
    I was going to have a rest for a while and catch up on some work, but this one looks like a good list builder so I opted into it.

  44. Eric Post author

    Hi Alan, No I didn’t know about it… feel free to post the URL if you want others to check it out…


  45. Alan Spence

    Sorry Eric, I would have posted the URL but I have lost all my info and a lot of ££s of programmes due to a virus which cleaned out my other computer and I am still going through my back up discs trying to find saved info and memberships ! !
    Had to buy a new computer because the other one was so infected :0(

    Such is the fun of Internet Marketing lol :0)
    Anyway Eric, what is the URL of the MMS Forum? I have just searched through Google but cant find it listed anywhere.

    BTW: Any idea when the MMS upgrade will be happening? I still havent tried mine yet….(I had put that on disc :0) lol ) but I should be using it soon.

  46. Dena

    There are so many of these giveaway sites that I barely download anything anymore. There’s just too much to contend with…..


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