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By | June 2, 2006

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Edition #57 – 6/2/2006

Be sure to check out the two free reports I’ve made available for you to download at the end of this edition.

Today was the much ballyhoo’d launch of Sean Wu’s Tag and Ping, which is supposedly the “next generation of blog and ping”.

The buzz about tagging and pinging is becoming almost deafening these days, so I decided I better do a little research and let you know what the fuss is all about.

It’s about social bookmarking.

According to Wikipedia, social bookmarking is:

…a web based service, where shared lists of user-created Internet bookmarks are displayed.

Social bookmarking sites generally organize their content using tags. Social bookmarking sites are an increasingly popular way to locate, classify, rank, and share Internet resources through the practice of tagging and inferences drawn from grouping and analysis of tags.

The most famous social bookmarking site to date is probably del.icio.us, which was acquired by Yahoo for millions of dollars last year.

“Tagging” is essentially using keywords to categorize your web content.

Here’s a page from del.icio.us about using their 3rd-party tagging system: del.icio.us tagging system

Some social bookmark sites, such as Technorati, utilize a self-categorization system. This allows you to tag your own content as it is created.

Here’s a page that explains their system: Technorati tagging system

For example, if I wanted to tag this post at Technorati for the term “ping”, I could include this code:

Does it work?

Yes it works to get back links. In fact I’m going to start “tagging” my posts more frequently. However, let me give you a word of caution before you go start tagging like crazy…

With this newfound method of gaining inbound links, abuse is soon to follow (and has already begun).

When marketers realized they could get inbound links by commenting on other people’s blogs, it was cool for a few days. Then the exploitation turned into blatant spam which changed the way we blog, and caused the search engines to change their algorithms. The same sort of thing may happen with tagging.

There’s a large contingency of marketers and bloggers out there who are saying “blog and tag” will be dead within a month.

I wouldn’t go so far as to make that claim, but I can confidently say that it WILL be abused, and it WILL lose its effectiveness. What’s unknown is how much of its effectiveness will be lost, and how long it will take.

Consider the fact that Google or any search engine can change the authority of social bookmark-related backlinks in a heartbeat.

Should that stop you from jumping on the bandwagon? Absolutely not. If you can get a handful of PR5 backlinks by taking a minute to add a little tag, I’d say that’s a heck of a deal.

BUT please do not think of this as the “holy grail” that some marketers are making it out to be, and do NOT invest your time to the point that it becomes a backbone of your business.

This is simply another “tactic”. Not a foundational business principle. Tactics are good and we should use them, but we should not build our business around them.

If you’d like to learn more about tagging and pinging, you can do what I did and research the internet for half a day, or you could check out some new resources that I’ve listed below. I’ve also got two free reports that you can download right now…


Tagging for Traffic by Lisa Ginger: PDF File

Protect Your AdSense Account by Sean Wu: PDF File


Tagging Secrets: How To Flood Your Sites With Traffic On Demand – by Lisa Ginger

This 83-page ebook was launched last week. Lisa reveals real strategies that she has personally used, and you an pick it up for $47 at:

(Link removed – product no longer available)

Tag and Ping: The Next Generation of Blog and Ping – by Sean Wu

This complete course from Sean Wu includes instructions, strategies, software, plugins, and more. It was launched today, and you can pick it up for $147 at:

(Link removed – product no longer available)

As always, you can leave your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

43 thoughts on “Tag and Ping Hype

  1. Bill Richardson


    I agree with you about tagging. I’ve been researching “social bookmarking” for a while now. The problem with it is that it puts TOO much control in the hands of the individual. There is absolutely nothing to stop someone from doing a site on, say, heartburn, and tagging it as “mesothelioma”. Granted, it wouldn’t make much sense to do that, as the adsense on the site would all be targeted to heartburn, but the point is, there are no controls. Therefore, tags are only as relevant as we make them.

    That said, they are a great way to drive very targeted traffic to a content rich site or blog. And as technorati, delicious, and other social tagging systems grow, this technique WILL become useful – at least until people start abusing the system.

  2. Dan

    Hi Eric,
    As usual you tell the truth. I wasn’t too hyped about this tag and ping being a secret weapon and evidently it really isn’t. What ever happened to having relevant links that really benefited your website and your site visitors? I believe you can honestly gain a top ten ranking with out spending this much money. I’ve read in many reports and SEO that page rank isn’t as important as it’s hyped up to be. It’s important to a degree but RELEVANT links in and out bound are more important. A PR5 from a site selling woman’s underwear does no good for my membership sites for crafters and artisans. Or maybe I am just missing the point about it all? Dan

  3. Gayanna

    Eric, please excuse me for shouting, but THANK YOU!

    For what? For providing a review that is not a sales letter, that’s what!

    My mailbox was flooded this morning with affiliates recommending Sean Wu’s eCourse.

    It’s great to see someone take a less hyped stance for a change.

    I really appreciate it.


  4. Jim Kelley

    As always, Good Job, and thank you for a viewpoint from a PRO, not from just a guru who wants to sell a product. I rely heavily on your analysees and expertise in all these NEW and IMPROVED products. You have taught me one lesson that I am in the process of pounding in my head..
    All the products in the world will not help you at all, UNLESS YOU HAVE A PLAN. (Also, having someone like you who I trust implicently helps)
    Thanks for helping us…

  5. Christi

    Hey, Eric, I think you may have taken the wind out of Sean’s sails with your explanation of the “tag and ping” thing. If that’s the basic info, who needs a whole ebook on it? lol Thanks for the Lisa Ginger ebook, too. Already had Sean’s.

    Appreciate the info.


  6. Kathe

    Hi again Eric!

    I agree with Gayanna!

    Don’t you think people are getting a bit tired of so much overblown b.s. out there?

    Heck, I’ve read some emails and sales letters that border on flat out lies at times …and masked as “selling” (?)

    Ultimately … I still want to be just like you when I grow up!! 😉

    You’re appreciated!


  7. David

    I agree that people will abuse this method of obtaining links. That is just human nature. But as you
    say that with just a little bit of time doing research it is possible to find out about Tag & Ping methods
    without forking out for either of these packages.

    I do notice though that you have affiliate links for each of these new products embedded in this blog.
    It is interesting that you caution against the hype but here you are riding the coat-tails of it in the hope
    of making a buck.

  8. Brad Dixon


    It amazes me sometimes at how quick people are to go after the next great thing that will make them money, not realizing that, as you say, it WILL be abused and WILL change very quickly. You always provide great, honest and true evaluations. Thanks again for the info and I do agree if it works for now use it, just don’t sucked into thinking all your problems will be over. I especially wanted to say I appreciate your testimony and your worship through your personal site. This is one of the things I look forward to doing. Keep up the good work. 🙂 Brad

  9. Alan Rowbotham

    HI Eric,

    Once again, you’re really a voice of reason in the midst of a frenzy of “the next best thing.” Thanks for your continued calm appraisal of the streams of products that are promoted with such far-flung promises of success.

    All the best,


  10. Amy

    Yet…from an entrepreneurial marketing standpoint, you simply cannot fault Sean Wu for developing his course. It’s new and fresh and will sell quite well. Who among us wouldn’t like to have been the creator of such a profitable product?


  11. Prashant

    Hi Eric,

    I’m die hard fan of Eric’s tips – your honest opinions, detailed information on the latest topics. There are about 10 emails I received today from different marketers about ‘Tag and Ping’. I buy anything only if you recommend it.

    Many many thanks for helping us,

  12. Jetlag Pete

    Eric, thank you for sharing and enlightening us and I do appreciate what you passed over from Mike Filsaime i.e. “tactics are good and we should use them, but we should not build our business around them”. Pete

  13. Tony Stai


    Right on. I’ve been amazed at some of the emails I’ve received today. Some even goes as far as justifying why I should pay 147 (through their link of course) for something that is very simple and is readily available on a couple sites just from doing a “tag and ping search”. They’ve even claimed that it would take hours to research – ridiculous. It’s not that hard.

    I’ve gone as far as not to recommend this app publicly to as many as will listen. It’s just not worth the price. And I’m one that does think that this method will be defunct within a month. The SE’s have very likely already identified how to remove the bookmarking sites as non-authority. In a purist view, creating my own bookmark for my site in the hopes of a backlink is no different than creating a link farm of my own and linking back to my site. In essence the bookmarking sites are part of one big link farm and will soon be treated as such. And if you think about their original purpose the bookmarks stored within the sites were never intended to be within the SERP’s. The SE’s really should have closed this loophole a long time ago.


  14. haha

    yeah, i agree with david, why do you have your affiliate links on the things? interesting eh?!?!

  15. Brother Paul


    You have done it again!

    You are quickly becoming the only e-mail I read every time it comes in!

    Thanks for the real info on tagging and pinging! (and the freebies!)

    Make it a great day!

    Brother Paul

  16. Lawrence Bethel

    Hello Eric,
    It really does my heart good to believe that there maybe “One Honest Man”, still left on the internet. As someone who has spent over $3000.00 in the last 6 weeks on various products and packages on the net, believe it or not, my sights were set on the “Tag and Ping” package from Sean Wu.

    But thanks to you being a “Straight Shooter” on the truths of “Tagging and Pinging”, i can honestly say I AM GOING TO SIT THIS ONE OUT and not give in to the “Hype and Frenzy” that is now surrounding this “Old Strategy Twisted New” that will be here today but gone tomorrow.

  17. Dane Morgan

    Hi Eric,

    It’s really interesting. I find myself in a new and unique position the last couple of weeks. I’ve been preaching Social Bookmarking for well over a year now, and all of a sudden, I find myself trying, not to convince people they should try it, but to slow them down and discourage a little of their exhuberance over these “secrets”.

    People. I’ve posted this a dozen times in the last couple of days, and here it goes again. When it comes to blogging and anything related to blogging (tagging, pinging, rss, and the like) THERE ARE NO SECRETS!!!!!

    Plain and simple. Information and knowledge are the currency of bloggers and they love to spend. A secret in the blogging community lasts as long as it takes for the first person to discover it to post it to his blog. Plain and simple. There is nothing in that book that you can not learn in a couple hours at wikipedia and google searching for terms like “social bookmarking”, “social networking sites” and “social software”.

  18. Eric Post author

    David and “haha” – First of all ‘haha’ what’s interesting is the fact that you wish to remain anonymous in your critique…

    Honestly you bring up a good point though, which deserves an honest answer that hopefully you can learn from.

    I used affiliate links to link to the products for two reasons…

    1) I never said not to buy them. I’m not going to hype you into it, or tell you it’s a “no brainer” or that you’d be a fool not to buy them. The fact of the matter is it’s NOT a no-brainer. Unless you’re serious about learning all there is to know about this technique, you can probably glean enough general knowledge about it from the web. BUT if you want to take it to the next level and make sure you’re maximizing the tag and ping strategy in your business, then by all means buy it because it probably WILL be worth the time you save.

    2) I’m in business to make money. I think it’s weak marketing when some people use non-affiliate links just to “prove” that they’re not money hungry. The only time I don’t use affiliate links is if I’m straight up “not” recommending something, or if there’s another reason (like it’s a friend or something). If somebody clicks a link on my site and then buys something, why shouldn’t I make a cut of it? In this case especially since it’s only a halfway recommendation… Why put all the money in those marketers’ pockets when I can put half of it in mine, which supports me and the time I invest in this very newsletter?

  19. Ross

    What I find most dishonest about this sort of rubbish are the fake graphics. I thought most countries now had consumer protection laws against false and misleading advertising.

  20. Eric Post author

    Amy- Agreed. He’s the first one to hit the market with a big product for it. It’s great marketing. When the “Blog and ping” craze started, there were a lot of products released and few people criticized those marketers. I think the critics are coming out a lot earlier this time around because we’re all a little jaded from what’s happened in the past.

    I’d have created it in a heartbeat, had I known about it a few months ago. After all, it’s not like he’s selling snake oil. He’s selling GOOD information, most of which seems to be readily available on the public web. But again, if we examined 99% of all quality information products sold, I think we’d find the same to be true. You can nearly always find the info for free SOMEWHERE. That’s why one of the biggest things I emphasize when I promote info products is the amount of time it will save you in regards to research, trial-and-error, and learning curve. In some cases, I highly recommend a product because it’s obvious it will save days or weeks of your time.

    In this case, it’s questionable that it will save you more time than it costs, because most of this info seems to be readily available. That’s why I didn’t gove it a “high” recommendation.

    On the other hand, it also depends on how much your time is worth. For example if your time is worth $50/hour, then it’s probably worth saving half a day or a full day to figure this stuff out. But if your time is only worth $6/hour, then you’d be better off investing your time and keeping the money in your pocket. Those are just numbers I pulled out of thin air… each individual will need to determine their own opportunity cost.

  21. Eric Post author

    Boy that’s a tough one Ross, if you’re referring to the box cover graphics (and reports, CD covers, etc.). I’ve always been a fan of them as a marketer, because they help sell info products. They help solidify an abstract virtual product in the mind of a customer. Personally, I don’t feel it’s misleading unless the customer actually believes they are going to receive a physical product in the mail. If the site clearly says it will be downloadable, I think that pretty well covers it.

    I’ve sold literally thousands of virtual products, and I think there’s only been two or three times when someone actually thought they were going to receive a physical product in the mail from me. I’m guessing those people would have expected a physical product even if I hadn’t used a box cover graphic.

    To be honest, I think its a much worse problem in the offline world. When we’re dealing with digital products, we’re using cartoonish graphics to help show what they are, which makes sense to me. But a lot of offline marketing companies are outright outlandish in what they represent versus what they deliver. Think of the SUV commercial, where the car comes driving up out of the lake…now I’d like to see a car that can do that!

    I’m not putting the idea down though Ross. Your opionion matters very much to me, as I’m concerned about being perceived as an honest marketer, and I’d be interested if others feel the same way.

  22. Kevin

    Hi Eric
    Thanks for the insight into tag and ping – I always find your comments helpful in weighing up a purchase decision. More on Ross’s observation though.

    The Graphics do add a “Thump Value” to the potential buyer and will influence decision making. – after all that’s why the graphic is included. I think it’s misleading to display a wide array of physical product that is not intended to reach the buyer. Everyone realises that the Ab Machine they buy doesn’t come with the abs – but they do expect the machine. I have begun to walk past offers that are only downloadable but illustrated with baskets of physical product – not just a book cover or cd face – but a plethora of stuff – like Sean’s.

  23. Cindy

    I’ve been subscribing to Eric’s Tips for just a few weeks now and I can say it’s the only one I look forward to. I am already so tired of everyone trying to sell me the “best new thing” and would prefer the “helpful information” they (the marketers) promised me when I signed up for their useless “newsletters”. I have become quite fond of the “Unsubscribe” and “delete” functions..!!!!

    Eric’s Tips stand far out in front of the others, so I will keep reading and appying.

    Thanks Eric.

  24. Eric Post author

    Kevin- I appreciate the comment. I’d like to find out if there’s a majority of people out there who feel this way. It’s good to keep in mind, as I’ll be creating more products of my own before too long 😉

    Cindy- thanks for the compliment!

  25. IAN Del CARMEN

    Re: “haha” – I agree with Eric. If you’re a real businessman, you’ll do the same. There’s nothing wrong and unjust about it anyways. 🙂 So don’t leave money on the table…

    Re: Tag and Ping. Yeah, better do a little research on it on the net for half a day that get a $147 product which is already 7,500 in Philippine pesos enough to feed a whole average family in a month.

    I suggest, try Technorati and other resources which are as effective. This is proven by a lot of bloggers who are really earning money from Adsense because of the backlinks.

    Going back to the affiliate links into the things, it is a proven marketing tool to the reviews as taught by the “unknown” Rich Jerk. You can check out my “other” blog at http://digiBookNetwork.blogspot.com about him. But my main blog is at http://www.ianDelCarmen.com by the way.

    Hey, did I just plug my blogs to have backlinks from Eric’s Tips? Wow! 🙂

    Hey Eric! Wazzup, buddy?

  26. Michael

    The half-life of any IM product seems to be getting so short that today’s “gotta-have-it-grab-it-now” is tomorrow’s freebie on some big JV giveaway.
    If you gotta have it then write down the product name and URL on your calendar 60 days from now, and check back. Most of them will be stale, free or no longer of interest. The ones that “sold out and you missed out” will be mysteriously back reopening for just a few subscribers, or just to sell the returns, or just to sell the extra XX copies we just found behind the bookcase, or just to blow out the ones that have the author’s picture on the cover from before he lost 80 lbs. Bushwa, all.
    As for the ecovers, I agree there’s no problem showing a mythical ebook cover. But if you show me a bunch of CDs and 3-ring binders, I’d better be getting a visit from my friendly postman.

  27. Ian Douglas

    Thanks for providing a download link for Protect_Your_AdSense_Account.pdf. I am finding it’s comment about modifying the C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file to block AdSense Ads is a very useful safety tip (although I can see it will cause a great deal of frustration to AdSense advertisers if this tip becomes widespread so no-one ever sees their ads)!

  28. Barbara Martin

    Hi Eric,

    I agreed with Cindy. Everyone trying to sell, sell, sell and no one remembers that their newletter was suppose to have helpful info in it as well. Of course selling is the name of the game but the info is what will keep us reading the newsletters, emails and etc.

    Also the graphics are a bit much from Sean.

    Thanks Eric we appreciate your honesty.

  29. Mike Russell

    Thanks for cutting through the hype on Tag & Ping, I suspected as much. With regard to Ross’ comments concerning graphics, I have to agree that it is somewhat misleading. One does have to stop and consider, albeit briefly, whether there will be a physical product, so a certain level of of misrepresentation is evident. What I’d suggest is a “More info…” hyperlink right underneath the graphic that leads to an explanation that it is a virtual product and the graphics are only there for illustrative purposes. Alternatively this could occupy the ALT tag text.. Everyone is going to want “more info” and will, I suspect, be favourably disposed to the display of candour.

  30. Michael Holdcroft

    To be honest, the although we all realise that the grafics are only a representation of what you are buying, they are very good. They are clean and attractive. Which does leave a good impression of the product.

    What disturbed me more was the long copy which was spattered with phrases like “successful by adding s_______ b__________ f________.”, which makes it unreadable and unitelligable.

    Let’s face it, who reads “all” of the long copy which is posted on a website like this. I am sure you seriously reduce the ammount of readers more with this sort of tactic.

    Comparing it to Mike Cheney’s recent Adsense website, which is much more primitive in design. I would say that this one will not achieve a better turnover.

  31. Donna

    Eric, I must say that this site has very much impressed me. You were recommended by a friend this morning, and so I came over because I trust her instincts. Of course, I will be signing up for your ezine. 🙂 How refreshing to have a professed “non-guru” marketer who shoots straight and leaves off the mountains of hype, ‘hypnotic’ writing, bovine scatology and other distressing hoopla that wears me out over the course of perusing my inbox. I’d be willing to bet I’m not alone in that one!

    Michael, at 1:12am mirrors the same thoughts that I’ve been thinking for a long time… and it makes me wonder how stupid those ‘big guys’ in marketing really do think that the ‘ordinary’ struggling marketers are. Their silly tactics are as transparent as glass to most of us… but sadly they must work on a few too many because they just keep on doing it, on and on, ad nauseum.

    Being a graphic artist, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy creating graphic images for digital products… BUT… I heartily agree with the comments about “But if you show me a bunch of CDs and 3-ring binders, I’d better be getting a visit from my friendly postman.” If they show me something like that, I expect to see physical delivery of something I can hold in my hands.

    In addition, just my 2-cents: I get upset when some big marketer over-prices his next panacea for wealth and then turns around and asks for nearly $40 in postage. Jeez… don’t you think he could “foot the bill” for that shipping & handling when he is charging you over a month’s mortgage for the product??? (We all know how cheaply one can get physical products created en masse.)

    As far as tagging and pinging products go… it’s on my list of things to research on the net, but I’ll be darned if I’m going to fork out next month’s air conditioning bill to see what’s inside this one! It amazes me – watching pricing change over time, too. One ‘guru’ (I hate that term for internet marketers – it’s wayy too spiritual to relate to what they do) sells something for an outrageous price like $997 and makes a fortune. So, the next guy says.. Wow, I should try that, so he contacts everyone in the “inner circle” and gets them to start a buzz about it.

    Soon, here comes the “next big thing” for a similar high price and people snap it up because they are buying into the big dream of financial freedom. As short as two or three years ago, you rarely saw prices above the $27 – $67 range. Then it jumped to $97 for the “standard” (no vast improvement in quality in many cases, though) and then $147 – $197 and the barriers came down as people proved that they were willing to pay MORE and MORE for information products.

    OK – I’ll hush now, this isn’t an article directory… lol. I appreciated reading every comment and think that you have a great blog here, Eric. Thank you for all your hard work and especially for your honesty. You’re a breath of fresh air.

  32. Eric Post author

    Lots of great comments… I wish I had time to personally respond to all of them.

    Seems the general consensus so far is that cover graphics are OK, but CD’s, binders, and entire “collections” of graphics for a single digital product are overkill. I’m really glad to hear this, because I was not aware that so many people felt this way.

    Donna- Welcome to my site, and thank you for the high regards… you can post your “articles” in my comments any time 😉

  33. Michael Holdcroft

    I don’t know if anyone else got the e-mail, but Ben Shaffer thinks this is the holy grail! Here’s an excerpt:

    I started to blog and ping after it had become popular, but for a few months it was still extremely popular. Unfortunately, by the time that I had started using blog and ping, it was already being abused by thousands of people to create spam blogs and it was already becoming less effective. Although blog and ping can still be used and should be in the arsenal of anyone who is building websites, it has nowhere near the same power that it used to have.

    I promised myself, that next time something with the power of Blog and Ping came about, I would not jump on it after everybody else, but I would be one of the pioneers. Well I waited and waited, but no products out there seemed to offer the same great amounts of traffic that blog and ping did at the beginning.

    And that brings me to tonight and why I am still in my office at 3am in the morning while my wife is sound-asleep in bed. Apart from the adrenaline that is surging through my body, I felt that I had to write my thoughts down so that I could pass them over to you so that you can benefit as I already have started to.

    This afternoon, I received a copy of Tag and Ping from Sean Wu the author of this package. Apart from being beautifully written in a way that anyone can understand, the knowledge contained within was staggering. I KNOW that what was contained within will change the way that internet sites are marketed. They may even change the way that search engines start to work.

    It makes you believe that is you don’t buy this package you will be running behind the others.

    Donna at 1.14pm expresses my feelings entirely on the marketing hype which has been running since BM was released. If I had invested in all of the big packages since then I would have been out of a several thousand dollars!

    Michael at 1.12 am puts it in a nutshell. A lot of the PLR products are hardly on the market and there is somebody who is offering the products for free or for a couple of dollars on ebay. So I am slowly getting to the point where I am considering making my own products.

    The question is which way should I go. Aim for the big one like “tag and ping” or go for the small ones?

  34. Daryl

    Hi Eric,

    Researching before you spend is good advise. Over the last 10 years I have spent thousands of dollars on useless “informational products”. As for tagging and pinging I would suggest that anyone who is new to the terms consider installing an opensource piece of software like WordPress. WordPress will ping for you on autopilot and as you have mentioned, information on “tagging” can be easily found. Many WordPress themes link to the big tagging sites. You can also add a tagging pluggin to WordPress.

    Thanks Eric


  35. Eric Post author

    Michael- yes I received Ben’s email… but I didn’t see it until after I wrote my newsletter, so I wasn’t referring to him specifically in regard to the holy grail comparison. I do think holy grail is too strong a word for him to be using for something that hasn’t stood the test of time. However, I do respect Ben, he’s a good friend and I know he was simply expressing his enthusiasm about the real results he is achieving already with this method.

    Daryl- Agreed. In fact I’m soon going to be truly recommending a WordPress resource in my newsletter 😉

  36. Pingback: Internet Marketing For Free

  37. Linda Starr

    Eric, I am using that “hosts” file thingie…I miss seeing the damn ads though!

    I think I”ll put it back to just the “local host” setting.

    What do you think?

  38. "Techie" Teri

    Great comments by everyone 🙂

    I use wordpress for a few blogs and really like it. Coincadentally, I am also teaching a free class on the subject today (Tues the 6th) at 4PM Pacific in my “Techie” Tuesday Class. I have already covered instaling the script – in about 3 seconds with Fantastico. This week we are covering installing themes and plug-ins.

    (Side note: If you have a good hosting company and cpanel to set up your web site, you most likely have Fantastico -click the smiley button in CPanel you didn’t click before since you didn’t know what it was for and have fun with all he excellent scripts you can install for your web site).

    Come by my blog at http://ebooks-for-ebusiness.com and click the link on the right (Under “Pages”) to get the conference room software and check out the free class at 4PM Pacific. You can also see the previous classes through my site at http://webmaster-insider-training.net

    I hope this helps those of you who want to start using WordPress and the previous poster was right – you can add a lot of ping sites to the list that WordPress will ping everytime you add a post automatically, so maybe this will save you a few bucks too. 🙂

    Eric, thanks for the interesting discussions and honest reviews… I will have to leave comments more often and quit “lurking” around.

    Everyone have a geat day…

    “Techie” Teri Mramer

  39. Ali

    Thanks, Eric. I am new to internet marketing. There is so much hype and outrageous claims by people who do not do what they “teach.” I feel I finally found someone whose advice I can trust.

  40. Linda Starr

    BAD IDEA!!! (Sean Wu’s instructions for changing the hosts file!)
    I didn’t know why The Dowser wouldn’t work. Then I discovered
    that I couldn’t even access the adwords keywords tool directly.
    Oh my God! Did I do something wrong??? Nope–once I undid
    that “hosts file” thingie everything was great! Whew. And I am
    under a deadline for my research too (it’s not for me).

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