Israel Mission Trip Update

Last year my wife and I visited Israel and really loved it. This month we were blessed with the opportunity to go back and bring the entire family; this time on a mission trip with our church.

I normally do some kind of online fundraiser prior to taking missions trips, but I did not this time due to the security-sensitive and controversial nature of the location. While I’m not going to share all the details, I do want to give a quick update and share some pictures.

The trip was a success, and it was great to see a different side of Israel compared to our tourist trip last year. This time we spent more time in Tel Aviv, got to know some people, and were privileged to visit some IDF (military) bases.

Here are some pics…

Tel Aviv

A long exposure experiment – trying to capture a feeling in the air.

We brought a dance team from our church, my wife is the director

Dancing in Israel

My family

The end of Shabbat at the Western Wall

Western Wall Plaza in Jerusalem

I’ve posted more pictures from the trip on my Google+ account: view them here.

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments below.

Have a great day!

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125 comments on “Israel Mission Trip Update

  1. Celeste Durazo

    John, I just think you are prophecy being fulfilled before my very eyes. The Bible does say that in the end times people would be deceived and that even the very elect could be deceived by the lies and deception gearing up towards the new world order. You are in some real trouble. And yes there is a hell. If there was not then why would God Himself step out of eternity and into time pouring Himself into flesh only to die crucified and bare all that filthy sin on His pureness for our remission of sin, if there were nothing awaiting the unsaved souls. He died so we can all live eternally. He died personally for you and each and everyone who was ever created. But if you do not accept Him and the gift of salvation He has for you then He will not force anything on you. It will be your eternal loss. When you die it will be too late to change your heart and mind. You will be doomed for eternity seperated from God. I feel for your pain and confusion. You are a lost soul and do not have to be if you have Jesus come into your heart and life. May God touch you with His Holy Spirit and take the scales from your eyes. May God bless you with wisdom and understanding. He loves you…

  2. Esther

    Hi Eric, could you tell me if you have looked into pinterest to generate money from. Please let me know. We have a ministry in South Africa call H.O.P.E- Houses of Prayer-warriors Everywhere. Teaching people how to pray and reach out to the community with what they have in their hands. We are busy looking into generating income so that my husband can start his own drilling machine company as he is working for someone else at the moment and would like to use these drillings machines to generate income but not only that to drill holes as well. We see the need for water in the rural areas as we cant teach people to plant if there is not water. The water is there but many municipal (goverment) structures are poorly managed in those areas. Please let me know what you think of Pinterest if you have a cash generating program to start business on line.

  3. azeem diwan

    Hi Eric
    Its a shame you have NOT mentioned the ILLEGAL continous construction of Israeli settlements on the Palestinian land as sanctioned by countless UN Resolutions.
    For how long will you and rest of the world turn a blind eye to this ‘daylight robbery’? It is a crying shame.

  4. Andrew

    Some are defensive yes, but most are offensive šŸ™

  5. Andrew

    You should do some research on who funded the nazis! Talking about who’s opinion counts .. Its a shame that in reality its only 1% of people that count. They dont care about your opinion or mine. Germany was a facist state and now so is the US. Dont believe me .. Do some research on who is funding the president .. Past and present .. Follow the money trail .. The whole of the US congress have been bought. Its happening right infront of us but media does a very good job of hiding it. Sorry eric for tramping on your blog. I came here to read some of your ppc tips but reading this blog post and comments and considering 100s of children being injured/killed just next to isreal does not feel right.

  6. Andrew

    Well eastern religions believe that the soul never dies .. Even after death. How else can mediums contact past love ones.

  7. John

    I do see all these things happening, there is going to be great conflict before the return of Christ. Reading of the visions in Daniel and other books of the Bible you can see all these things unfolding. Yes, nations will raise up against nations, kingdoms against kingdoms, etc floods, famines, etc and yes, I am open to what really happened in 9/11 and I feel Obama is going to be worse (I’m not an American but looking on the outside in) Yes, too about Montesanto. We are entering perils times. I totally believe the Bible. Take the money out of all these religions and if they fall they are not of God. Jesus sent his disciples out two by two. Take no thought of themselves eg. money, clothes, etc. This includes women. Jesus didn’t send his disciples to bible college, they were and still are lead by the spirit. This is the true way Christ taught. The only thing what matters is our own salvation. For our time will probably be over before the return of Christ. What is our relationship with God through His Son Jesus

  8. Robyn

    Yes, NWO and all the other things we are entering perils times before the return of Christ. If you take the time to read the Bible, meditate and pray maybe you will too have a getter understanding of the Great tribulation that is ahead for Israel and those that follow Christ. There will never be peace on this earth and if anyone thinks there will be are kidding themselves. Jesus himself said that it will get worse and worse. False prophets will rise to decieve. Diotrephes (3 John v9) is the foundation of the Catholic Church – he loved preminence and receive not the disciples. Those Presidents/Prime Ministers that sayt they are Christain but go to war- false prophets there are many examples out there.

  9. Robyn

    Above is Robyn not John. Anyways it is an individual matter who we serve spiritually and fleshly. We need to work out our own salvation. What we believe in will show forth in our actions and speach and day to day lives. I grateful that Eric here has shown a part of his life to us and feels comfortable to do so. We need to respect that, even if we don’t agree. In my case I don’t have a problem with it.

  10. Robyn

    John I understand your frustration here – there seems so many ways in just about all the religions out there. But which is the right one? In the Christain faith it is those that follow Jesus and teach/live the same way He taught. Study the life of Christ, how He walked, mediate and pray and if you are truly seeking the truth you will find it. How did Jesus send out his disciples? Two by two. two men or two women. How did Jesus go? Lead by the spirit. Did they have a home? No. Money – there was never an example of Christ collecting it. That belongs to the old law. Where did Jesus teach to have fellowship? in the home. Matt 7:14 Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. The way Christ taught will not be one our flesh would like because that means it will have to go across our own human will. Take up your cross and deny yourself.

  11. Robyn

    Annie God loves anyone who is willing to do His Will in their lives. God is no respector of persons, it is us as humans that are respector of persons and we also chose or deny Christ in our lives. It is individual, but I believe God will look after those who love Him through Christ. I now of people that have prayed for the truth in countries that have not it and God has opened away for them to come out, to be able to obtain the Truth for themselves. No one is beyond the love of God – it is us that goes astray.

  12. Pastor. N.John

    Brother Eric and Family in Christ,
    I am pastor N.John writing to you and i and my familysending you New year greetings to you and your family and all your friends in the mighty name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ,
    Brother sorry for my late reply, and fordan me because i am very busy in Gospel work, and i have and taking some works that is I am feeding poor and Orphan children, and poor widows, and my co pastors, for financial needs, brother we are all very very poor pastors. we have no regular support any way from any where, so we are getting so many
    financial problams, brother now i am request you to please come to our place and see my work, and give your helping hand for our Ministry needs, once again i send my our New year greetings to you and your wife and your Childrens, thanking you brother i am waiting for your reply,
    Pastor. N. John,

  13. Pastor. N.John

    Brother Eric in Christ,
    Brother Once again i request you please acccept my request, that i invite you and your wife and your 5 childrens, Welcome your Beloved Family,
    Thank you brother,
    your brother in Christ,
    Pastor. N,.John.

  14. Micah

    Hello Pastor N John,

    Where is your ministry located?

  15. Micah

    Are you in Israel? I know that Eric’s whole family would love to visit again!

  16. Oliver

    Hi Annie
    i really agree with you in your comment and Eric I am sure that she doesn’t mean to hurt your feelings personally,
    Back to you Annie , i feel what you exactly feel about Palestinian people and that is because i am half Egyptian half American so bless you dear

  17. Trent Hamlin

    Hi Eric,

    This looks like it was a great trip. Getting to walk were Jesus was had to be an experience that can’t be put into words. I wanted to see if I could pick you brain a little on how to help my Pastor with some fund raising. I was thinking about doing a sale like you have of info product that all proceeds would go to the Mission fund, but I’m not sure how to do it. Thanks for being real and I’m doing my best to model my business practices after you.

    Thanks again.

  18. Eric Post author

    A sale of infoproducts can be a good fundraiser. In general I’ve found the best way to raise money is simply to run a successful business and make money by selling people something they want/need. While there are tons of generous people, the majority of people looking to buy infoproducts online seem to be primarily interested in helping themselves rather than donating to a cause. So help them, and make money in the process. This is something we can talk about in my coaching club if you wish to go in depth.

  19. Trent

    I would think that would be a good idea. Are you doing the Real Guy’s coaching or do you have one with just you now?


  20. Eric Post author

    Yes it’s the coaching with the real guys… me, Paul and Jeff. I try to get on as many of the webinars as possible, there’s always at least 2 of us on them. Not doing any personal coaching at this time. Thanks

  21. Sergio

    Excellent pictures and you have a beautiful family, congratulations!

  22. Dman

    Hi Eric, you seem like a good guy, and have a wonderful family… I knew you for years via my subscription to your
    news letters, I think that what you’re doing is contributing to an illegal government that is no different than what
    happen during the murders, and pillage of the land in South Africa, that was supported by the U.S. The same spirit
    has moved into this vicious regime called the state of Isreal, aka the Zionest…

    who are in alignment with the Nazi fourth reich, who reside in the U.S. government, nsa, cia, con- gress, ect (see operation paper clip below).. This is what Adolf Hilter wanted to establish for his so called aryan race of people a rulership that would reign for a thousand years…

    We are now seeing some of what his visions are now being played out in the U.S, and the allied countries joining forces. I’ve concluded with my research that all religions are man made nothing more than a myth and was plagiarised, taken from ancient Kement (Egypt).i.e All religions are water down and plagiarized, and modern day mind controlled institutions second to the penal prison institutions set up solely to keep you docile and obediant serps, and low wage laborers(slaves) to the corporate industries and churches, they were all taken from ancient Kemet (Egypt). Case in point .i.e. Osiris=God, the Father, Horus(sun)=Jesus(son), Isis=Mary, as well as Amun=Amen, Apophis=Devil.

    The U.S gives the state of Isreal 4 billion dollars of the American people in the form taxes money stolen.
    What about Palestine? Most People are spell binded to the facts of the Zionest who have taken control of
    the state of Isreal, and most of its people. Stealing land that is not theirs, that the U.N has not authorise
    them to do what they keep doing.

    If you really feel in your heart that you are doing the right thing then so be it. Time will be the teacher here.

    I’ll leave you with this do your due diligence by looking up “operation paper clip” this top secret classified report was open up and release to we the people by way of the freedom of imformation act made this possible.

    You can meditate your heart on what is presented here, and take for what it is, or leave the way it is. It’s still a fact in history for all to read.

    I hope that you are guided in the right direction..and Peace and prosperity…to the family…

    1. Micah

      Hello Dman,

      I appreciate your hunger for the truth. There is definitely a lot to wade through. Have you considered that Satan does not know God’s full plan? I remember 1 Corinthians 2:7-8:
      7But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory: 8Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.

      Satan may have only had bits and pieces of the Word of God, and tried to create counterfeits along the way. Yes, many nations have no moral basis. Even ancient Israel went back and forth, between righteousness and unrighteousness. Even still, I believe God’s ultimate plan will win in the end! The best support we can show at home, and toward nations abroad, is to lift them up in prayer!




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