Israel Mission Trip Update

Last year my wife and I visited Israel and really loved it. This month we were blessed with the opportunity to go back and bring the entire family; this time on a mission trip with our church.

I normally do some kind of online fundraiser prior to taking missions trips, but I did not this time due to the security-sensitive and controversial nature of the location. While I’m not going to share all the details, I do want to give a quick update and share some pictures.

The trip was a success, and it was great to see a different side of Israel compared to our tourist trip last year. This time we spent more time in Tel Aviv, got to know some people, and were privileged to visit some IDF (military) bases.

Here are some pics…

Tel Aviv

A long exposure experiment – trying to capture a feeling in the air.

We brought a dance team from our church, my wife is the director

Dancing in Israel

My family

The end of Shabbat at the Western Wall

Western Wall Plaza in Jerusalem

I’ve posted more pictures from the trip on my Google+ account: view them here.

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments below.

Have a great day!

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125 comments on “Israel Mission Trip Update

  1. sean whelan

    I don’t know you anymore than anyone else on the net.This would be true in most case.However your honesty comes through & forms a trust.No gizmos could ever do this.Here in Valencia,Spain we are having a lot of fires as well.Thanks for sharing the photos.They make you come across as human.

  2. eduardo Alvarez

    Thank you Eric for your beautiful pictures and thank you for sharing a little of your personal life with us. This is what sets you apart from internet marketers that all they see is their own business, I have known that you are a christian and I feel very comfortable with Eric Tips because of your faith.
    Thank you

  3. Joseph Medina

    Hi Eric! Congratulations for such a beautiful family and for your exciting & colorful trip to Israel! I only wish I could do something like it. Welcome back home!

  4. helene

    What a Beautiful family you made! Very inspiring!

    BTW, what was all that in the sky in the long

  5. Ruthella

    Eric; Your are Body (physical, human) mind and spirit. For it is He you gives you the power to have wealth….I see nothing wrong with what you did. You are who you are.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Annie

    Pray for the peace of the Palestinian people who are terrorised daily and nightly outside the city in Gaza and the West Bank. Oh..I’m sorry…is it that your god only loves JEWS? Pathetic.

  7. Eric Post author

    We didn’t go into the Gaza strip, but visited the edge of it along the border. We did not stick around too long because there was violence that day. A Palestinian sniper killed an Israeli civilian farmer who was working in his field. We did also visit the West Bank.

  8. Fyne

    Hi Eric, I admire the way you carry yourself. Do not let critics stop you from being yourself. The pictures were lovely, thank you for sharing them with us. I like your transparency. Keep it up and God bless.

  9. Eric Post author

    I will ignore that this sounds like an anti-semitic comment, and address your misunderstanding of Christianity. Of course God loves the Palestinians, and so do we!

  10. Eric Post author

    Phil, that sounds like an awesome idea. But I’m not at a place where I can take on any more projects right now.

    Pastor N John- Blessings to you. What part of India? I’ve been there twice and hope to go again soon.

  11. Eric Post author

    Blase, in the sky of the long exposure are trails from the city lights. I held the camera steady for most of the exposure, then moved it to create the trails.

  12. sandra

    Hi Eric, greetings those pictures you shared are gorgeous, beautiful and look real adventurous wow!! great keep up the peace.
    thank you

  13. John

    You are running around blindfolded like most – scared to seek the real truth and hiding behind some imaginary legendary stories that supposedly happened 2000 years ago. The “bible” has been rewritten and interpreted 1000 times and is totally contradictory in many aspects and you can see whatever side you want. The real truth behind it is actually not in there and you have to look elsewhere to find out what really happened and why it is hidden. At the bottom you find EVIL! Watch the videos I gave the link to and find out. There is no “right religion” – they are all selfish and one of the causes to wars and violence on this earth. Mohammed, Allah, Jesus or Buddha. Believe in whatever you want. They are not more real than Mickey in Disneyland. You’ve been brainwashed since birth that “Jesus” is something you have to believe in. Hate to tell you it is just a big scam and it is time to wake up! Love and Peace is all what we want. Nobody wants conflicts and war – but that is what happens when one belief is trying to convince another one. It has been going on since Rome when they had people suffer on crosses in masses. Why does the people being brainwashed with Allah since birth have any rights to kill anybody else who don’t believe in what they think is right? They have the right to put airplanes into sky scrapers in New York to convince us? Don’t you guys see how wicked this is? No religion is “right” – they are all WRONG! You are being brainwashed into it since birth. Put a group of children on a desert island together from a shipwreck. They are all from different families with different beliefs. Do you think they have time to argue if Jesus, Mohammed, Allah or Buddha will come and “save them”. They will be busy resolving issues how to survive and if they are smart they work together so they can hunt and eat and get off the island. If they involve and start to practice any rituals you most likely will have segregation and fights immediately. Then some will kill the other ones to get more food etc. There are even TV shows about this! “Lost”, “Hunger games” and whatever else they make up. Business or whatever profession you practice where you produce something whether an item or service (except being a priest as that is not a job but a sucking scam) is just another means of putting food on the table for your family. This is why you should never mix religion or work. Now think about this twice before you fly off the handle and type something in anger! Watch the videos I gave the link to and see if you dare to reevaluate your thinking. Then see if we all can continue and have fun and work together on the web to give good service and possible income for a living.

  14. Mario

    Eric you are probably one of the most genuine people on the web. This, in my opinion, only improves your on-line reputation.

    Keep on doing what you are doing!


    Wellcome back Eric and family! The pictures are great! Keep telling us more about this wonderful trip to Telaviv and other places.
    Glad to hear you’re safe… those fire blazers were danger to many. But God is in control always. The firemen are his terrenal angels. I will check out the July firesale! Thanks! And God bless you all.

  16. steven guy

    Hi eric good to here from you, great pictures hope your having good time with your kids Gods blessing you for your generosity anyway looking forward to sunday be blessed in jesus name.Steve

  17. Micah

    Hello John,

    As a fellow person who hungers for the truth, no matter what paradigms it may upset, I recommend that you take the arguments presented here into your consideration:

    Zeitgeist Refuted Final Cut (Full Movie)



  18. George

    I viewed all Pictures , Great compared to last years visit, Thanks for all the Archives, i lost a lot of your tips when Computre went down
    Keep up the good work,, cheers George

  19. Lis

    Charlie, thank you for taking the time to respond in defense of Eric. In my own defense, though, I must repeat that I never doubted his sincerity or his integrity.
    I simply wanted to point out my own experience with the scams that exist in the online marketing field.
    Anyone who leaves an email address asking for further information, runs the risk of being hounded by scammers. Where else would they have gotten my email address or phone number?
    I now refuse to even speak with anyone whose phone call or message was not solicited by me.
    Thank you for caring.

  20. John

    I feel so sorry for you. You will be so disappointed to find out that there is no “heaven” or “hell” when you die. Wake up before it is too late!

  21. Jeff Barton

    Thanks for the pics Eric. In regards to Christianity,It is interwoven in the fabric of who I am, and as such is a part of and permeates every endeavor of mine.It is just as normal as the religion of any other faith to it’s adherents.I don’t wear it on my sleeve, or as an advertising gimmick.If my normal life, with it’s peace and quiet,brought about by my faith,are not positive evidence of the fruit of my faith,then all the harping on it in the world will have no influence.God said”walk circumspectly”and”try the spirits”. In other words Be Skeptical,Not Hasty.I’ve written this more for your posters than for you Eric. Again, Thanks. Jeff Barton (Independent Baptist Minister)

  22. Abdullah

    My country has no diplomatic relation with Israel.
    First time seeing it. Thanks so much for sharing the photos.

  23. Matta

    I guess the only one sounding completely unprofessional here is John.He’s way outta line.He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.I loved the pictures Eric and it’d be great if you can download some more.Thanks for that dude!!.

  24. Matta

    No religion is right.I agree with that.Which brings the question:Is religion the problem or the solution?.Religion can not solve the world’s troubles and ills.But something bigger than us can.A higher authority.Now to view some great people from history as a scam is a stupid joke.What’s next?.Are you gonna say that Alexander the great was a scam too?.Or perhaps Christopher Columbus??.Perhaps George Washington?.Or even Isaac Newton??.So,everybody who ever lived in the last 2000 years or more are not real to you?.Perhaps the Americas were never colonized by the Europeans…perhaps ancient Egypt never really existed…do you get my point??.I respect your opinion but to deny real facts in history sounds rather ludicrous to me to say the least.

  25. Laurie Mills

    Still love your photos.
    Have you seen anymore of your bears hanging around with the horses? They were great shots!

  26. M

    Hello John,

    – You definately don’t understand much about life & the human motives. Neither are you familiar with the bible or world history or political & economical development.
    – I wonder if you have ever lived in many countries. Since you are very ignorant about what is going on in the human mind. Your conclusion is absolutely wrong. ___Love and Peace is all what we want__Get out of the house and start to learn
    Start with travelling, have friends from different cultures, study the bible extensively, go live outside the US for a while, go to Asian countries. Sign up for university courses, discuss about life with former communist citizens, come back home + give your opinion again.
    You are definately wrong about your quite naive statement. You can mix everything with eachother , so mix religion and work. Modern + conservative society at the same time.Countries that mix everything at one place.

  27. Barb

    As Christian’s we PRAY FOR ALL PEOPLE OF ALL NATIONALITIES. Thank God that He LOVES and FORGIVES everyone. We pray for peace for the whole world as too many people are terrorised each day in many countries.

  28. Barb

    Eric, thank you for sharing your trip and pictures. Boy has your family ever grown. I have been to Isreal myself though it was back in the 70’s and what a wonderful experience it was. Thank you that you share with the world that you are a man of God and are willing to take the brunt of comments because of your faith. God will surely bless you. I wish I could know you in person. God Bless you and your family.

  29. Ian

    Good to hear that you and yours are ok with the fire. You continue to reach at to all in neeed doing God’s work and you will continue to be blessed. You are a true mentor. Thank you for all that you do!

  30. Ian

    Eric, Pay no mind to John. I would think that life must be terrible with the thought that this is it. While I believe that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, I hope John is prepared if he is wrong.

  31. John

    Your assumptions are as bad as you are deluded and brainwashed with the bible and Jesus. Jesus maggots are crawling in your brain. I have been to and lived in at least 20 countries of my life. I have seen many cultures and lived in them. I did not see that anybody survived better because of what they believed in. Study the bible is a complete waste of time and does not produce one iota. You’d be better off watching children’s cartoons or Southpark! With the thousands of diversities whithin “christianity” there is not even a clear message. “Believe in me and you will see the light”! What a bunch of idiocies!

  32. Patricia

    You took great pictures. And you have a lovely family. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, smiles.

  33. Matta

    I agree with you John.Even the Bible testifies that there’s no life after death.Christendom,unfortunately,misunderstood the real message that Jesus came to bring.He never promised Heaven to anybody.But He promised the Kingdom of Heaven to soon come to be set up here forevermore.There’s “Heaven” but is not for humans to go up there when they die.
    There’s “Hell” but it has nothing to do with what you’re thinking.It’s not a burning place at all.People have been misguided throughout the centuries.Don’t be one of them.Do some research.Prove the Bible and then you’ll see that the truth can really set you free!.You’d be amazed at how much you can learn.

  34. KarenB

    Eric, Thanks for sharing the culture of other countries and pictures of your loving family. Its good to see and learn what makes people whole, honest and real. God Bless you and your family and all those individuals in this world that you strive to mentor and give direction toward a brighter path in life. Your blessings shall continue because you care, again thanks.

  35. Janice

    Eric, Thank you for being bold in sharing you faith in Jesus Christ. It would be impossible for someone with your deep comment to God to not share it in your business. We need more of your kind.
    I’d like to suggest to each one here, that we pray fervently for John’s salvation. He wondered what we would do when we found out that Christianity was a scam. I’d like to ask him, “What do WE have to lose if you’re right?”
    And another question, “What do YOU have to lose, if we’re right?” Let’s pray for John. He needs God’s love, protection, blessings, and salvation.

  36. Ayaru

    Yes Eric,I love ur familys picture,may almighty GOD be with U all Amennnnnnnnnnnnnn

  37. Stan

    I hope you feel better! Maybe you should live in 21 countries. At least in America, your freedom of speech was not free. It was founded on principles of Religion if you care to remember American history. Again I do hope you feel better. Remember there is a proper time and place for your discussion. This mans business blog is not it. Contribute in a positive way or not at all.

  38. Stan

    He worked hard, he is proud of his family and accomplishments and has credibility. Due diligence is always the buyers responsibility. Buyer beware. I too am sorry you were taken advantage of. I wish you well.

  39. Matta

    I watched the “zeitgeistmovie”(starting with the 2007 video) and I must say that I’m amazed!.I’m shocked to find out that the documentary is loaded with pure,pure crap!.Crap of the finest quality.It’s all bullshit lies!!.Period.I’m amazed to see that only ignorant people like you would believe in the lies told in that video.They just impregnate people’s thought with lies and then they want them to believe that’s the truth.
    How pathetic!.If I were you I’d be embarrassed of directing people to such worthless,pointless and silly video.What a waste,dude!!.

  40. Clara Leake

    Eric, Thank God that you and your family are safe. So many people lost everything in that aweful fire. Your family picture are very nice. Pretty wife and cute children, blessed. I’m so glad that God love all of us, n matter what we do or say. He hates sin, but loves the sinner. Wonder why some of us can’t be that way? God bless you and yours.

  41. John

    You’d be amazed what you can find if you stop thinking that “the bible” is the “solution” to all the misery on this planet. It’s just a mishmash of interpreted stories that have been altered for 2000 years and just a bunch of hearsay. It only “works” for you because you have been brainwashed to believe in it. If you want to make a lot of money – just start your own church and file for tax exempt. If clapping and clasping your hands and shouting to the sky or mumble and pray to yourself was effective and working, it would probably be a law created against it and enforced by the IRS. No, religion is just a means of making money covertly and getting away with paying taxes. It’s corrupt and you see it with the pope of Rome raping little boys and getting away with it. Drugs, sex, war and religion are the evils of this planet and we are going towards selfdestruction. Sad to see that people think that a perverted script from 2000 years ago will change what is going on daily at Wallstreet and at government level. Blindfolded and brainwashed you will go off the cliffs like lemmings. Wake up!!!

  42. Garry

    Hey Eric, I’m very new to IM and am truely excited about the Fire Sale. I signed on for the the whole enchilada, coaching and all. I have been following your Tips and Lessons lately and am truely inspired by your selfless contributions.

    By the way, you have a beautiful family. Look forward to working with you on NCIS.

  43. madiba ibrahim lapinni

    my dear Eric,how are you and your family may the good lord continue to uphold u & empower you to add values to humanity.for those of us who have been following your growth,i am fully convinced of both your online(ericstip)& offline(prayway) ministries.extend your mentor
    ship to africa and you would save millions of dying souls

  44. John

    Look no further than doing your own research on “NWO” – The New World Order. There are a massive amount of data and evidence available if you dare to look. If you blow it off as “conspiracy” you have shut your eyes again. There are even coded messages on your dollar bills and this has been going on for a long time. Why is it so hard to get the truth out about 9/11? It was staged and manufactured by the US government as a reason to invade Iran and Iraq. “Bin Laden” is a hoax and he never existed.

  45. John

    I can see that you are in total denial and totally deluded. Go ahead and play video games, stay addicted to Starbucks, sleep, work and play with your iPhone 24/7 and continue to be fooled to believe in what the media is brainwashing you with. You probably also belive that “Bin Laden” actually existed and that the US government had nothing to do with the 9/11 attack? You probably have no clue what Montesanto is doing to control and poison us through food control? Go ahead and buy yet another bogus training program from the spam emails coming out now from “Eben Pagan” for $1997 and see how much time you will waste to not even make the money back. Are you also getting emails from “Micheal Rasmussen”, “Paul Ponna”, “Charlie”, “Frank”, “Jeff Alderson” and whatever other names they can come up with? Buy them all and confuse yourself to pieces in a desperate attempt to figure out how to make money on line. I think you need a wake up call between all your spam!

  46. bob

    I want to go there, if i could i d love to see Sechem where Jacobs well is,,and near where Gideon lived…its town surrounded by mountains and is most beautiful town im told in all ISrael, but…just to see Israel must be something to behold …i cant wait to see New Jerusalem btw

  47. Samuel John

    I have suffered Bipolar Disorder for 18 years and have been healed miraculously recently. Would you kindly assist me in learning internet marketing so that I can have a livelihood. I am from India and I too am mission minded like you. I am in need of a livelihood very badly

  48. Micah

    Hello Samuel,

    We recommend that you hang in there with Eric’s free video lessons here at Eric’s Tips. Eric’s lessons have helped many people to go from beginners, to successful online business owners!

    The lessons are presented in a sequence that starts at the very beginning, where the very first things you need to learn about online marketing are shown in the first few lessons!

    If you’re interested to go even more in-depth with marketing, you might also want to take part in Eric’s coaching club:

    Eric, Paul, and Jeff are expert marketers. They will be a great resource for you!

  49. Karen

    Hi Eric, I was so happy to fall upon your site today, probably by God’s intervention. My husband and I have arrived back in Canada after serving for 16 years in northwestern highlands of Guatemala, teaching the Mayan people to read God’s Word in their own language, and to study it for their understanding. My husband and I have been looking for a way to earn money online to enable us to live back here in this very affluent society. I am going to follow all that you have and try to understand how to do this. Thanks for being open about your faith…

  50. Celeste Durazo

    I am very sorry you feel that way. Anyone who prays for Jesus Christ to comeinto their life as their personal Lord and Savior are His people as well as the Jews. We are having all of this happen all because of Issac and ismael.


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