Layoff Your Boss by Jeff Wellman Reviewed

By | May 23, 2007

UPDATE: This review is now outdated, and I am leaving it here for informational purposes only. Additionally, I have removed the links from this article. I still recommend Jeff Wellman. In addition to being a good friend of mine, I know him to be an excellent teacher and he conducts his business with utmost integrity. For the most up-to-date information and recommendations, please join my free newsletter.

Edition#126 – 05/23/2007

When my buddy Keith Wellman told me he was going to be helping his dad quit his job, I thought it sounded like a pretty cool project.

After all, that’s the goal of most aspiring internet marketers, right?

You want to quit your job, gain financial freedom, and create your own destiny. I’ve done that, and while it’s not the answer to all of life’s problems, it really is as good as it sounds.

HOWEVER, I wasn’t about to jump on the band wagon and blindly promote Keith’s dad’s new product without taking a look at it first. Some of you might remember that Keith and I are in a mastermind together (the “Secret Six”). Sure we help each other out, but I have to admit I was a little skeptical about the whole “layoff your boss” angle.

The name itself sounded a bit like a spinoff of “Dayjob Killer”, but most of us already bought that information so we don’t need to buy it again.

Another thing occurred to me; if Jeff Wellman just recently quit his job, how is he already qualified to teach about how to become an internet marketer?

So that’s why I decided to wait until the launch and check it out for myself.

I’m glad to report that he did what I hoped he would do. He used his own expertise and experience to help you go through the process of quitting your job, and he relied on the knowledge of tried and true internet marketing experts to teach you how to become successful online.

In other words, he is qualified to talk about quitting your job and jumping into internet marketing, because he’s done it. But since he hasn’t established himself as an authority in our industry, he pulled in a number of experts to create the product including Harris Fellman, Simon Leung, Keith Wellman (of course), Heather Vale, Frank Sousa, Ken McArthur, Sterling Valentine, and Gary Ambrose.

He also managed to pack a lot of value into it. Check out this digital representation of what comes with the product:

Lay Off Your Boss!

I know there are a few of you who think that the above type of representation for digital products is over-kill (we’ve discussed that before), but my point is that he packed a lot of information and audio recordings into it.

Of course I didn’t know for sure whether I’d be able to recommend this product until I saw the price.

And when I saw the price, I knew I had to tell you about it. After seeing everything that was included, I expected the price to be in the hundreds of dollars. But it’s not even close to that.

I think that Jeff has priced the front-end product super aggressively in effort to build his customer base, and I’m sure he’s also factoring in income from the one-time-offer after the initial purchase. But that’s good news for you, because it means you can pick up the “Layoff Your Boss” package for a fraction of its worth.

After looking at the product itself, I’d say it’s mostly geared toward newbie to intermediate online marketers. In other words, if you’re already making $100k+ online, then you probably already have a grip on this information. But if you’re still getting started, or not making much money yet, this is a great opportunity to discover how to layoff your own boss.

As always, you may leave your comments here on the blog.

Have a great day!

53 thoughts on “Layoff Your Boss by Jeff Wellman Reviewed

    1. Joseph Walter

      A feew weeks ago i ordered no cost income stream . I payd $ 47
      When I tired to cancel, I got am ereer message # 403
      I am still intended to cancel and reqest my money back

  1. Bill Q

    I’m always a bit suspicious of some of these e-market mavens who come out of nowhere, especially when they misuse the English language. “Layoff” is a noun and does not fit into the sentence, “Layoff your boss.” Should read “Lay off your boss,” with a space after “lay.”

    Sorry, it’s the journalist in me.
    P.S. Anybody else as tired as I am of all of these “IM Secrets Revealed” Campaigns?

  2. Keith

    Just curious… why are you posting this with Joel Comm’s affiliate link?

  3. charles

    Thank you for your usefull tips. I will consider to buy it or not. I recently bought several e-books and I am not yet finish to read it. I try to focus on one e-book and take action and move to another one, but off course I really want to learn the latest and the proven e-book to work.


  4. La Vie Viennoise

    At least the price is right this time Eric.

    But it is straight misrepresentation for a digital product.

    Don’t much care for his group of “experts” but I look forward to a more detailed and less interested review.

  5. Paul

    Hi Eric,

    Looks interesting. I’ll check it out as every product you recommend.

  6. Eric Post author

    Patty- Jeff’s product has good advice for getting started. Or better yet, for the same price you can join the Next Internet Millionaire Coaching club and be coached by me and Joel… signup here then look for the offer on the next page.

  7. Eric Post author

    Bill- that was my first thought exactly. But then my spellcheck didn’t have a problem with ‘layoff’. But now I realize that’s because layoff is a noun.

    Don’t like IM secrets revealed campaigns? What if they were free? What would you prefer.. .seriously… let me know what you want from Eric’s Tips… changes are in the works


  8. Teratorn Vulture

    Great Question Keith !
    If Joel gets the commish what did you trade for or aquire from this JV that we can learn from ? ( + how was it better than straight commish ? )

  9. Eric Post author

    Keith- as you may know Joel and I are business partners on multiple projects. So since he was already promoting this, I figured I’d use his link. Seriously thank you for looking out for me though 🙂

  10. Eric Post author

    La Vie – hmm that’s actually a pretty positive comment from you compared to usual. By misrepresentation I’m assuming you are talking about the graphic?

  11. Eric Post author

    Teratorn – I’m glad to see you are a sharp enough affiliate marketer to be asking this question. In our case, its simply a matter of helping each other out. It’s better than straight commiss because being friends with high level marketers will take you places. If you want a bit of an inside look at our latest project (next internet millionaire) you can watch this recent webinar that I did:

  12. La Vie Viennoise

    The “big box” graphic, Eric.

    There’s actually lots of marketing stuff that I like. You can’t grow wrong with Perry Marshall (usually), although he’s put a couple of doozies on his list over the years too.

    Had someone bought this and read through it?

    I’d love to hear a buyer’s reaction…

  13. Mike

    My take on this is good luck to the bloke.

    However after reading various reports about this and Jeff not wanting to take handouts from his son is all very interesting.

    The fact remains that if his son was not Keith Wellman but “Average Joe Blogs” from across the street the Jeff would in the same position as everyone else starting out in this business.

    Without Keiths connections Jeff would be struggling like hell – all a bit to freemasonish for my liking and I would be more impressed if Jeff had indeed done it all alone – I for one will be giving this a miss as I saw a video from Mike Cheney looking at the backend product on the server and I was not impressed.

    Just my 2 cents

    Warm regards

    Mike Russen.

  14. Tim

    HI Eric,

    I am fairly new to the affiliate scene and find it a bit overwealming. I’ve bought many courses and the one thing that seems to be a constant is the many different paths to get to financial freedom. I don’t know about the others who visit your site but my head is spinning from the many different gurus all stating the way to freedom is their way. What words of wisdom do you have with dealing with this overload of information any special strategies that come to mind????????

  15. JerSooz


    Let’s say is amazing having Keith as a Friend … then Keith’s Dad wanting to Quit his Job was an amusing story “Gee 15 Minutes late” The Son In Law acting for Daddy In Law’s Business Jeff nearly 20 Years with the Dream of Retiring there ( The Old never was born with a Silver Spoon or Paris Hilton Heir Complex )… Can We say old memories of us oldies “Johnny Paycheck and Take this Job and Shove It ” … Better yet lets call it Jeff finally seeing the light actually brought on his “Own Self Fulfilling Prophecy” … Like Yeah when Your Ready! … You truly can Succeed

    Though with Today’s Internet and a Will to succeed … Yes it can be done even if Dollar by Dollar Day by Day slow progress as we learn Internet Marketing … those who really Believe can and Will Succeed … though may not be a Spiraling Fireworks to the Sky Success like Keith’s Dad … let’s be honest here … Sure Helps to have a Kid who knows Internet Marketing also to have the Resources such as all the Great People who helped explain it to Jeff

    What more importantly should be taken into account is Yeah even You were skeptical till saw the Goods … Funny isn’t it that We all are Looking at the Put Up! or Shut Up! Show Us what You Got Scenario … the Internet Marketing might seem to change with it’s High Tech Delivery … Though still People will Root for the Under Dog Little Guy/Gal who Succeeds

    Plus in Past Year have seen the Non Guru’s who were willing to Share truly have Succeeded… These Non Guru’s Truly Show how …with a what others Deem a Mistake … How Success with a willingness can come to those willing to change directions even if it is against the stream …

    Jeff with almost 20 Years luckily saw the No Where Job The Lay Off maybe was even going to be called Downsizing his Job was taking him … May he know even Harvard says if Your not willing to say look at a Future with 16 or more Job changes and be able to Change Directions You will Fail

    Jeff like All of Us Others are Creating Our Futures here on the Internet … Called Our Job Our Future

    Way We see it ” We Will Never Retire … To Retire Means Death” … So instead We are Creating Our Future so will always have an active mind or products to share with others … thereby Life goes on plus our ideas our words our good deeds if done right will live on long past when we pass on …

    Yeah as see it Keith and His Dad Jeff working together with all of Us We will always help others to Succeed and Get what God has intended in Our Lives … Skeptical Yes but in Our Evaluation this is a Great Product We ourselves will be Glad to Promote


  16. Richard

    Hi Eric,
    Nice review, I as well have joined your coaching club after going through your webinar with Russell Brunson. Question for you, I need to make some money really fast due to some circumstances, getting laid off and such, I recently got invited to stompernet, don’t have enough money to join right at this second, whats the fastest way to do this for a beginner/intermediate

    I know you talked about having a special one time offer on your thankyou page
    help me to lay off my boss

  17. James F.


    I’m still struggling to make some money and bought the joint program that you and Joel put together for $37 and then found all the OTO’s that I cannot afford to take up because of being sold too many overhyped and overpriced “packages in the last twelve months. If the same applies with Keith’s Layoff your Boss then it is a lead generator for many more IM’s so that they can put even more emails into my email account. Even Google gmail has limits, and I can’t read it all or easily pick the wheat from the chaff without trying it out. I find the biggest challenge is getting into the doing stage because of time pressures. Not being a technical geek I’ve had to learn so many things just to get sites working on Hosting Servers who only communicate in 24/48 hr turnarounds and this is very frustrating.

    I find your tips a good indicator and feel you are being more honest than most IM’s. At present I’m on the $1 trial of Stompernet and have been suitably impressed but I have to make a decision whether to continue today for $800 for a month. While it may seem a lot I would have spent more than that taking up all the OTO’s for the Next Internet Millionaire, and now here is another one.

    I do intend to succeed. I will make the breakthrough.

  18. Michaela

    Hi Eric,

    Thank you for your helpful tips, but I have learned a valuable lesson when it comes to business. ” It Takes Money To Make Money”. Fact is there are so many Internet Gurus out there who are promising their product is the one can bring you financial freedom. Follow their advice and see the money pooring in. Today I am laughing about it cause I’ve been there done that with the result “I lost money”. Who gained was the Internet Gurus. My opinion is you have to have money in order to start a business. Would I quit a job for something that an ebook tells me? Heck no. I would rather start a business aside of my job. If it hits off great, if not I at least still have my job and a secure income coming in. I think misleading people with statements like “Fire your Boss” is simply wrong.


  19. flwong

    Hi Eric,

    Great tips as usual. I like the way you handle the partnership thingy like you were using Joel link to promote this product. I do agreed as partner we need to help each other out. JV is a so call a tool in a way for a success in the IM world. You have done it.

    Salute again.


  20. Eric Post author

    Mike- insightful comment because you are right… Jeff owes it all to Keith in terms of his quick success with this launch. But there are plenty of us who didn’t have a family member in the business and yet we found success. And as I mentioned in the review, I was glad that Jeff utilized well known experts for the product itself.

  21. Eric Post author

    Tim- this is such a common question ,and I wish I had the time to answer it fully, because it is a very good question. You need to focus on one thing at a time. There are MANY ways to make money online, but if you try to do them all at once you will fail at all of them. Find someone who has DONE it already that you can trust, and read their stuff and learn from them. Read a ton but don’t treat anything as the gold standard. If you want affordable advice, get into our Next Internet Millionaire coaching program and ask us your most burning questions each month.

  22. Eric Post author

    Jersooz- thanks for the support and comments!

    Richard- thanks for the comment, and thank you for joining the coaching club–please use it!

    Michaela- In general I would agree that it takes money to make money. But I started my internet business with $40, so it can certainly be done without a lot of money. And thanks for reminding us… seek wisdom and do not quit your job unless you have a plan and you know what you’re doing. Reading an ebook may be the first of several steps toward quitting your job. Agai, . do NOT quit your job if you don’t have a plan. BUT once you’ve gained the knowlege and you have a PLAN and you have a DESIRE quit your job and run your own business, there will come a point where you need to take a leap of faith and do it.

    flwong- thank you for your kind words, as usual!

  23. michelle bartels

    Hi Eric, I’ve been an Internet Marketer for over 12mths now, I’ve done a couple of courses, read a lot of e-books and have now selected what I sell. I’m holding 1st position on google , yahoo and msn for 4 keywords and are in the top 20 for most key phrase I submit, and I don’t use adsense! Any ideas how I should explain my success!


  24. Valentin

    Hi Eric.

    Before anything else, welcome back (to say so 😛 ). During the time you were busy with NIM project, I allmost reach to point to need another (stronger) pair of glasses looking for “Eric’s Tips” between “Claim your prize”, “Mitsubishy lotery”, “Fundazia de Vittorio” and so on .. :-))

    If I haven`t said it before, now is best moment : Have you ever consider to choose a nickname and step into mistery/policier novels industry ? Now really .. you have style .. and I`ll be very surprised if none haven`t said it to you before / none haven`t notice.

    I can choose the luxury to read your letters / posts (as well as some more others) very easy, while I have no intention to buy anything, but to take free whatever looks intersting (well, sure I learn very well to use “select – shift+delete”, I am allready expert 🙂 ) and/or eventually sell.

    Anyway, “the ultimate marketing secret”, “the missing chapter from ..” and stuff, as Bill Q said, become boring stuff …

    Best greetings

  25. Karen

    Congratulations, Michelle!

    Beautiful site you have there. Maybe YOU should write an ebook and
    explain YOUR success.

    I’d like to know how to work a job AND try to get an online business off the ground. I know it’s been done but this IM work is a full time job in itself. Even through the disappointments and hard work, I’m in for the long haul.

    Now if we could rid ourselves of all the sellers who talk about, “a few
    hours a week” or the ones showing their CB reports because it
    “happened in a week”, I’d be saner.

    Why can’t more of them tell the truth? This is HARD WORK and it’s
    not for the faint of heart.

    Best to all,

  26. Lisa Preston

    Hi Eric –

    Another great, thoughtful review, as always.
    I’m also delighted to watch the level of awareness in the comments rising from “unaware, trusting herd” to “healthy skeptic”, and even some who question or challenge your reviews! It shows an incredible growth in your subscribers that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I think it’s a direct result of you being so straight-forward and honest in your sincere wish to help others achieve their online success.
    Your emails are always opened and read – and I always click through to read your blog, as I did today. And I’m never disappointed, even when I don’t agree.
    I just wanted you to know you are appreciated.

    Warmest regards,
    Lisa Preston

    P.S. – I don’t know if you saw Ross Goldberg’s sale (, or if any of your subscribers did, but it’s an incredible value – and purchased through WF, his new product OnlySubmitter is included – an AMAZING value!! His sale is also to help his parents, and I pray others will help as well. For anyone who does get this package, I have created a special of my own to help Ross out – you can see it at my site .

  27. Alexander A

    Eric, as always you’re the right guy to listen to and the fact being you’re my FAITH brother and that Phillipians 4:8 is engrained in your being. HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY, so keep it up and continue to let the JESUS light in you shine. These honest reviews in Eric’s Tips are helping a vast number of the internet marketing population and it reminds me of a saying in the GOOD OLD BOOK whose Author is still alive and I qoute “As you’ve done it to the least of these, you’ve done it for me” unqoute. You’re really touching lives and propagating the agenda of JESUS – including setting those who are in financial captivity free with these hints and reviews as they take action and follow through.

    Love to you and the Family,

    Alexander O. Asante
    Montgomery Village, MD

  28. Anthony Harris

    You can talk about ‘layoff’ as a noun, but when you say that workers have been ‘laid off’, this demonstrates the use of a compound verb.

    The correct use of a compound verb in the title of Jeff Wellman’s course is ‘Lay your boss off’. Okay, so it doesn’t sound so good, but ‘Lay off your boss’ means you should leave him alone. Now lay off!

  29. Eric Post author

    TallOne- its true that he’s selling the business. I have no idea if it’s to avoid a BK.

    Alexander and others- thanks for the nice comments

    Anthony- thanks for the clarification 😉

  30. PV

    Hi Guys,

    I was thinking about my great-grandfather, he is 118 years old and as he sees me marketing online, he says, he wants to do it too, that he has a great idea and he wants to launch his product that is about Internet Marketing using JV partners.

    Do you think some Gurus could help him?

    I know Gurus are very busy these days, but they are always promoting other friend’s products, maybe they give a hand to my great-grandfather even if he is not a friend.

    Could my great-grandfather be successful?

  31. Anthony Harris

    Eric…thank you for thanking me for the above clarification. I’ll be doing the same with regard to ‘dwarfs’ and ‘dwarves’ (as used in a recent blog), but not here.

    If anyone’s interested, I have an ‘A’ grade English Teacher’s qualification and am a former journalist, and I’m working on an e-book identifying many, many marketers’ howlers. In this electronic age, everybody and his brother and sister wants to be a writer (which is no bad thing!), and the object is for all to benefit from a little guidance.

    More than one well-known and highly successful marketer has called my suggested corrections ‘a godsend’, and other things.

    Of course, I shan’t name any names…on that score my blips are sealed. I’m not interested in embarrassing anyone, or subjecting them to humiliation (unless they make a point of asking me…double opt-in required!). In case it’s gone unnoticed, I’m an irrepressible humorist, and the best remembered lessons are those delivered in an entertaining way. URL to be announced.

    Marketers who want a discounted copy can send me an e-mail expressing an interest, via disguisenuts @; I’ll keep a list and contact you all prior to the launch date, though don’t hold your breath (please).

  32. Webmaestro

    Anthony, I wholly support your efforts in correcting bad grammar, but although you have an “A” Grade English Teacher’s Qualification AND are a former journalist, unfortunately you are also guilty of committing one my pet peeves …. ending sentences with a preposition. As a wise man (my english teacher) once told me “A preposition is NOT something one ends a sentence with” (sic).

    The more astute reader will immediately recognise the above as (effectively) a complete non-sequitur, i.e. “with” is a preposition yet it ends the sentence. Hence the sentence (and the statement or rule of grammar) is itself incorrect grammatically on the very point it is trying to make! THAT of course is the whole point of its being used to remind schoolboys (e.g. me – 40-plus years ago) about the rule. The grammatically CORRECT way to say that sentence would be “A preposition is not something WITH WHICH one ends a sentence.

    This is one of the most common faults in both written and spoken English. Even that supposed bastion of “correct” English, the BBC has its newsreaders and announcers continually (many times DAILY!) making the same mistake (as well as frequent use of the singular “is” and ‘s with plurals e.g. “there’s lots of things to see” instead of “there ARE lots of things to see”) now that they no longer have a proper annunciation and English coaching department as they used to. (Hmmm “to” is a preposition, but I just ended a sentence with it! Ah! Yes, but there’s an implied verb – “have” or “do” that follows it to make the ending “used to do” or “used to have” so is it REALLY a preposition or just an uncompleted verb infinitive? Also, because it is “split” does that make it a less famous split-infinitive “cousin” of the infamous Star Trek “To Boldly Go” variety?) Hmmmmm!

    The mistake that Anthony too has made in an effort to both correct and make unambiguous Eric’s (correctly identified) error, is that his amendment ends the sentence with a preposition …. “off” … i.e. Lay your boss off”. Oops! …
    Vernacular … yes, grammatically correct … sadly, no!

    The CORRECT way to say what Eric was actually meaning is, ironically, exactly the way in which Anthony said right at the end … “Lay off your boss”, but he decried this usage since, unfortunately, because this too is vernacular usage, it is also ambiguous, having an alternative meaning attributed to it (quite correctly) by him.

    The whole issue arises from the loss in English (over the centuries) of the declension of nouns due to the evolution of the language from so many different sources – Norse, French, Latin, Teutonic, Arabic et al. It IS something however that is still widely used in other languages such as German where nouns exist in accusative case e.g. Ich lehre dich (“I teach you” or more literally in English “I teach TO you”) where the “To” (preposition) and “You” (noun) are combined into “dich”, a different form of the du (you) used in verbs e.g. Du kannst. In English today there are still remnants of this e.g. Today we might say “we gave them bread” but what we are really saying is “we gave TO them bread”. It sounds strange in the latter form especially as if we WERE to use the word “to” in that statement today it would be more likely as “we gave bread to them” which is effectively (and in strict grammatical meaning) a form of tautology – “we gave bread to TO them”!

    There are better, non-vernacular, less vernacular, or more grammatically correct ways to convey the real meaning of Eric’s headline – “Fire”, “sack”, “demote”, “remove” or even “make your boss redundant!” et al. One can also have a field-day with the synonym permutations involved with just the word sack – rape, pillage, plunder, despoil, ravage(?) …. your boss! How about also … belittle, demean, ignore, despatch (and its own additional synonyms), remove, ridicule (esp. together with mercilessly) or be really intellectual with …. “Your Boss …. reductio ad absurdum”, subordinate or even subsume your boss, silence your boss … forever! etc. etc. I guess you get the picture?

    However, as many, many marketers have said before, and I fully support them, when writing sales copy (on or off-line) one should write in a personal tone, using the vernacular if necessary (but ideally “quoted” to denote speech as opposed to the written word), and as if speaking privately to the person reading.

    However this should not be taken as an excuse for bad grammar and spelling (OR my second biggest grammatical peeve – misuse and ABUSE of the apostrophe). It is incredibly easy to completely confuse an audience used to your own language not tomention those of other tongues who are less well read in vernacular and colloquial terms. Hell, as Churchill said, even Brits and Yanks are “two nations separated by a common language”! A proof point of that was highlighted a couple of years ago with quite a funny TV ad in the UK for a candy/chocolate bar where an english guy is on a southern ranch talking about this chocolate bar to a ranch hand who has a broad southern drawl and the ranch hand keeps saying”What?” (or perhaps that should be “Whaaat?”). Frustrated at the lack of communication and understanding, eventually he shouts at the Brit “Speak English boy!” …. errrr what?

    Come on people, let’s try to act as decent communicators (if not educators) during our marketing and at least TRY to communicate a little more accurately and correctly as far as the written word is concerned. ……. PLEASE!

    Oh! Anthony? With regard to correcting English grammar, lest you wish to have your head shot off (your body), I’d suggest you “keep it below the parapet”, and remember those famous Hill St. Blues words of Sergeant Phil ….”Hey people, let’s be careful out there”.

    Good luck with the e-book since with the number of “howlers” I’ve seen on the web I suspect it’s going to take you some time (and maybe several volumes)!

    How about a competition to see who can spot the greatest number of howlers on a single web page? Or would that be a bit unfair to those who, like myself, do not have English as their mother tongue? – No! I’m NOT English, honest, and my mother tongue has a different alphabet to English too!

    For anyone who really DOES want to understand more and has some spare time on their hands (Wow! You really are living the Internet lifestyle!) then there is some excellent coverage on Wikipedia e.g.

    Best regards (and with no vitriol implied or intended), Bob Lewis. 🙂

    1. Jay Douglas

      Well, if Eric or Jeff won’t say it, I sure as heck will…

      Thank you Webmaestro and Anthony for the eye-rolling and boring rant about the proper use of the English language.

      I guarantee that if either of you spent half as much time and energy actually “doing” something to generate an income for you on the Internet, you would already be well on your way to making a 6 or 7 figure income. And you likely wouldn’t have time to peruse this forum for mistakes in grammar or correcting others.

      This isn’t an English grammar course. Rather this forum and these tips are supposed to be about how to make money online. And Eric and Jeff are being extremely generous and kind enough to spill the beans about what’s worked for them so that we all get the benefit of what has taken them years to learn.

      I don’t remember Eric or Jeff ever saying anything about being successful at internet marketing requires the use of proper grammar. In fact, I happen to personally know that you DO NOT have to use proper grammar in internet marketing and it’s STILL possible to end up literally making tens of millions of dollars!

      I say that with 100% confidence having worked with Mike Filsaime for years producing videos and working various other projects with him. He consistently used, and STILL uses, notoriously bad grammar. Frankly, it used to drive me insane when I wrote video scripts for him.

      Nevertheless, bless his heart, he continues to pull in 7-8 figure yearly incomes and has been doing so for years. Why? Because he focuses his energy not on proper grammar, but on the content of the message. Give the audience a decent message and they’ll forgive bad grammar any day of the week. Send a shallow “buy-my-stuff” message with proper grammar and you’ll never make a dime on the internet.

      Mike never cared less about proper grammar and, as I learned, his customers obviously LOVED his message. And they continue to show their support by buying up damn near everything he and his team cranks out. Go figure…

      So take it for what it’s worth. You can spend your time and energy focused on proper grammar or making money. That’s your call. It really depends on the goals you’ve set for yourself.

      Personally, I’ve chosen to make a truckload of cash on the internet and have done so for years. So, with that said…

      I’ve done my good deed for the day. Now let me get back to activities which I know will generate some more of the green stuff for me.

      Good Luck to both of you!

      Jay Douglas
      Internet Marketing for a living since 2001

  33. Richard

    Hey Eric, are you going to turn this blog into an “English 101” site? lol. Honestly though, I love Jeff’s package and the bonuses Keith threw in too were fabulous. At only 37 bucks I feel I almost stole it. Keep up the good work.

  34. Joeb

    Jeff Wellman does not follow up on the promises in the sales letter.

    Following the free CD which never arrived, I have been charged for monthly membership fees for a site that is now down. THe server no longer works!

    THere is hardly any content on the site, no activity on the forums and hardly any reply to support. The guarantee promise is false as multiple requests for refunds have been ignored.

    Avoid all his products like the plague.

  35. Jeff Wellman

    I love how everyone wants you to do it alone. p prove that you can do it without anyone elses help. I guess you like the self made millionairs? thing is there are none to like because none of them got there by themselves. To many people are trying to do things alone which is going to cause you to be added to the failure statistics. Everyone out there better find a Keith to put in their corner. People can buy my product and ask for my help now that I have proved I am a stayer in the game or they can continue to do things all alone a follow such silly advice.

    Jeff Wellman

  36. Jeff Wellman

    Well would love to respond back to you but unfortunatly you leave no way for me to get in touch. If you sent any support to I guarantee that I answered your support. If you did not recieve a CD like promised it was either because you were like the many that did not give correct address for whatever the reason, or it was during the time we were dealing with a fullfillment house that was not doing their job. As far as site being down I do not know as this site has never been taken down at any point. It may be that your membership was cancelled like requested and you were no longer getting access to the site.

    I am truly sorry for any bad experience you may have had with any of my products. I just did a search in my support desk and I do not see anything from the name Joeb. If I was to ever hear from you I would more than welcome the opportunity to get you your Free CD. I would even be willing t talk to you and see how I can help you out. I will give you a free 1 hour phone support if You were to send in a support to MY support desk
    Hope to get to talk with you someday and help make things right. There are other people that are part this product and I am not going to speak fr them.. But I want you to know where I stand and where I am coming from. I am sure I never heard from you directly or this would not even be an issue and I can guarantee that.

    Jeff Wellman

  37. Adams

    Hi eric,
    btw i had purchase that product. My review for this product that jeff try to open the door for newbie to go an IM.And if newbie like me will not imediatelly earn some cash by buying that product.But the explain jeff step by step is simply and easy to learn. So that i satisfied to purchase jeff product

  38. kianoosh

    Hi Eric and Jeff

    I am curious to know why Jeff’s son Keith quit Internet Marketing?

    I always found his videos interesting

    1. Micah

      Hello Kianoosh,

      I’m not sure, because I’ve never met Keith. But, I do know that even Internet Marketing, with all its perks, isn’t what I’d like to be doing forever. I find great joy on the mission field, and inventing things! But, for the time being, Internet Marketing gives me the freedom to pursue my dreams!

  39. Dorothy Haskins

    Hi. Thanks to you ‘real guys.’ the firesale webinar was great. I’m fighting an eye infection .and want to get parts of the package onto my webpage quick. Got as far as downloading and unzipping. Can you suggest someone who will put parts of the package onto my website for me on a sales page? someone else asked the upload question during the webinar and Micha’s name was brought up as someone who might. Help please. Thanks. -dottie

  40. Indira

    Heya! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any problems with hackers?
    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing several weeks of hard
    work due to no backup. Do you have any methods to protect against hackers?

    1. Micah

      Hello Indira,

      It’s a good idea to update to the latest version of WordPress. WordPress works hard to combat vulnerabilities in their platform.


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