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By | June 5, 2007

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Edition #127 06/05/2007

It’s been a full two weeks since I last wrote an edition of Eric’s Tips.

Product launches have come and gone, and if you missed out on any of them you can blame it on me (or thank me for sparing you the hype).

Truth be told, it’s been an insanely busy season with graduations and other momentous occasions filling the gaps of time between working on the reality show.

I started this morning by taking the kids to swimming lessons (in fact I got in the water and participated in the parent/toddler class). Then I did a bunch of work in the office. Then I headed down to Joel’s office to record some things and work on the show. After that was my mom’s birthday party, followed by many more hours of work in the office.

It’s now 1:30AM and I’d love to crash for the night, but I need to get this out to you NOW, so I’ll try to make this as concise as possible.

My friends Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson are launching the Marketing Main Event 3 this morning at 8:00AM EST.

Last year’s Marketing Main Event 2 was considered to be the “biggest marketing package ever assembled”. That’s why it’s a big deal when I tell you that after reviewing this year’s package, I have say it absolutely dwarves the previous years in terms of total value.

Perhaps that’s why Jeremy and Simon are calling it “The Grand Finale”.

If you’ve got an idea for a website, this package contains a system that will turn your idea into a profit pulling business. Here are just SOME of the businesses that can created with this system:

  • Build An Automated Lead Generating Site
  • Build A Free or Paid Membership Site
  • Build Your Own Article Directory
  • Set Up A Content/Contextual Adsense Site
  • Develop A Training or Serialized Content Site
  • Start A Video Based Site
  • Start An Audio / Music Site
  • Create A Joint Venture Network
  • Create A Business to Business Portal
  • Sell A Single/Multiple Digital Product
  • Sell A Single/Multiple Physical Products
  • Create An Automated Customer Support Desk
  • Sell Ad Space On Your Site
  • Establish A Service or Product Review Site
  • Build A Software Directory

    Again, that’s just a taste of the types of businesses you can create with this system. The possibilities are limitless.

    Just to give you an idea of how powerful this program is, this is what Jeremy has been using for the last few years to run his Surefire Wealth website.

    If you don’t know about Surefire Wealth, it’s one of the few TRULY viral websites in the internet marketing arena. I say “truly” viral because it has stood the test of time and consistently brings in new members on autopilot.

    I met Jeremy a few weeks ago in Atlanta, and I told him, “Jeremy, your website is one of the few that I am truly jealous of. I wish that I had thought of it.”

    By the way, Jeremy definitely one of the “good guys” in our industry, and I was thrilled that he made the trip from Japan just to meet some of his JV partners such as myself.

    They’ve spent over $100,000.00 just IMPROVING this system over the past 12 months. That doesn’t include the initial investments that they made into it over the past few years.

    On top of this system they’ve included several turn-key businesses, and an insane list of bonuses. And I think I’m justified in my use of the word “insane” here, because they’re offering some things that I would say are a bit crazyâ– like their Fast Action Bonus #1, which involves Simon and Jeremy helping you create and/or launch a product.

    Look… I know I’m hyping this one a bit. But I felt that a plain old review just wouldn’t cut it. This is different from all the other “products”, and here’s why…

    Many internet marketing products are gimmicky creations designed solely for the purpose of SELLING IT to unsuspecting newbies. But THIS system was NOT created for the purpose of being sold to you. It was created for the purpose of running some of the most powerful and profitable online businesses in the world.

    It has been used to run those businesses successfully over the past years, and only NOW are they offering their system to a limited number of people.

    When you see what it’s all about, you’ll understand why I’m taking the time to write this even though I can barely keep my eyes open.

    Check it out at:

    (Link removed – product no longer available)

    There’s a total of 20 fast action bonuses, and I suspect that many of them will disappear in the first few minutes and hours of the sale.

    As always, you may leave your comments here on the blog.

    Have a great day!

  • 13 thoughts on “Marketing Main Event 3

    1. flwong

      Hi Eric,

      It has been a while that you are out of action. Great to see you are back again. MME is great event for all IM shouldn’t missed.

      Thanks for the info. Will go there right away.

      Keep it up with your good articles.


    2. Ed

      Morning Eric,
      Well sir it has been over a year, I am glad to hear you and your family are doing well and are Blessed.
      If you have time Please get in touch with me. I will give you my toll free number.
      Lord Bless,

    3. Ed

      Thanks for your honest opinions and hard work looking out for us!

    4. saa edward fillie

      Eric, good, thanks for semding this mail to me and i appreciate strongly and i will add it to my business guide

      Saa Edward Fillie.

    5. Steve Renner

      Hi Eric,
      Glad to hear from you again. I have looked at the MM3
      Package and you are right, it’s simply overwhelming.
      It’s way over the heads of the average Internet Marketer,
      but for the more advanced user it could be a great value.

      All The Best!

      Steve Rennner

    6. Sara

      Eric, while I really enjoy your tips, I am turned off by MM3.
      The reason? It is too much for a newbie and on the sales page I never found the cost. There are thousands of us trying everything that might work to make a decent income. Packages like this are like
      taking several classes in college such as Physics or Mathematics WITHOUT an instructor to answer questions. These “help” desks are NOT helpful at all. By the time they get to you to answer a question, you have moved on and forgotton your confusion. It is really too bad that there is often NOT a person to talk to you on the phone. I have bought several “coaching” programs in the past and they just took my money and departed. Any coaching I received was “one fits all”. Pah! Everyone has a different area they want to concentrate on. I think IM has a long way to go. All these “greatest launches” are mostly hype if you don’t know the basics. I am not happy with the “big” launches at all. I have spent close to $10,000 on IM Products & Coaching. Have I made any money? All of $800.00 on a Google AdWord Campaign in 2005. I am going to call myself an IM GROUCH!
      Thanks, Sara Howard

    7. Jerry Holliday

      This is indeed a fantastic opportunity, the system Jeremy and Simon have created is more than a business in a box, it’s a Internet Business monster machine..!

    8. Cliff Hammock

      Eric, I totally understand that you have to be snowed under right now…well hopefully not literally, but at least figuratively. The Next Internet Millionaire show is a great concept and I am glad that people with such high integrity like you and Joel are producing this history-making event.

      I am working really hard to get into the Top 50 (Round 2) and hope to see you all in Colorado this Summer. If anyone would care to support my bid to make onto the show, check out my video at or my blog at

      Thanks for all you do to keep our world of IM moving in a positive direction.

    9. Steve W

      Hi Eric…

      Simply put, it’s just too much. It’s genuine overkill for the average IM; it’s way over the heads of newcomers to iMarketing; and it’s just too damn much money for most to afford unless they’re *already* successful and have money to burn. True, it’s less than Butterfly or Fantasos, but it’s still priced outside my budget.

      And, yeah… There’s been way too much hype surrounding it. So what else is new?

      You know what slays me? I *might* have been able to afford it were it not for the fact that I’ve blown my wad on the last 10 products that were supposed to have changed the world of IM forever.

      I’m still paying for those!

    10. Lisa Preston

      Hi, Eric!
      I must admit that this software is truly incredible… but way out the league of the average marketer.
      NOT because they couldn’t find a use for it or figure it out, but because it’s so unfocused, and lends itself (I think) to the “information overload” that new and intermediate IMers are overcome with as it is.
      I myself would LOVE to have it!! But the price is a bit steep after BM, JV Formula, etc. and I promised myself I would utilize every aspect of those items before any further big purchases are made.
      Bigger isn’t always better. I don’t NEED a single script that does absolutely everything, as I personally would dislike putting all of my eggs in one basket like that, the learning curve would be time consuming after having learned the others I am comfortable with, and a new release is bound to have bugs – especially one of this size.
      If there’s one thing I have learned from you, Eric, it’s to NOT follow the crowd.

      Sara – You sound disheartened. If there’s any help you need that I can provide, you can contact me through my site… I am not a marketer of Eric’s caliber, but I am certain I can give you some direction in the area of your choice. I’ve been online full time now for a few years.

      God Bless!

      Lisa Preston

    11. shirley

      Eric, for a short time I’m giving away vitamin websites for only $35.00 set up cost. Once a person refers 20, he/she gets paid $1000. How do you like that? Send me email or if you or anyone would like a post or want to advertise the business opportunity that would be great!

    12. Paul Tuttle

      I agree it’s too much for the average newbie.

      I think a person could teach something this complex over time to people in their local area. The pupils would pay as they went and they could get true “over the shoulder” help. This could be an invaluable way to build a small hyper-responsive list of trained customers.

      I can’t count how many times I have tried to install some script that had lousy instructions. I have purchased numerous “products” that had poor grammar or were incomplete. Some of the products had very restrictive resale rights that weren’t listed until after I purchased said product.

      I like this site, Eric. Keep on doin’ it!


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