LESSON #10: Online Business Terms Defined

By | July 10, 2008

You may have noticed that the world of internet marketing has a language of it’s own, full of words that you might not be familiar with.

Since I’m going to be using those words throughout the lessons, it’s important that you have some understanding of what they mean, or at least a resource where you can find accurate definitions.

So today I’m simply going to cover the terms. More specifically, I’m going to cover 247 words that are used in the online business world…

(Watch this video…)

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If you listen real carefully you can hear one of my kids crying in the background upstairs for the first half of the video 🙂 (ah the joys of working at home… don’t worry, their mom was watching them)

Main points:

In the video, I showed the definitons for the following words…

Ad Copy, Ad Tracker, AdSense, AdWords, Affiliate, Affiliate Link, Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Program, Affiliate Program Provider, AIM, Alexa, Anchor text, Applet, Attachment, Arbitrage, Article Marketing, Autoresponder, Avatar, B2B, B2C, Back Button, Back End, Banner ad, Banner exchange, Black Hat SEO, Blog, Bloggers, BMP, Brick and mortar, Branding, Business Plan, Butterfly marketing, Cache, Campaign, Camtasia, ClickBank, Content, Contextual advertising, Conversion Rate, Cookie, Copywriting, Cpanel, CPA, CPC, CPM, Crawler, Cross promotion, CSS, Dedicated hosting/dedicated server, del.icio.us, Digg, Digital delivery product, Direct response, Directory site, Domain Name, Doorway page, Download, Downsell, Double Opt-In, Ebay, E-business, E-book, E-mail, E-mail Marketing Campaigns, Emoticons, EPC, Ezine, FAQ, Fantastico, FFA pages, Firesale, First cookie, Flaming, Flash, Folksonomy, Forums, Forward, Freelancer, Free Reprint Articles, FTP, Fulfillment, Ghost site, GIF, Give Away Rights, Graphic, Guru, Handle, Hardware, Headline, Hits, Home-based business, Hot linking, HTML, Hosting, ICQ, IM, Impression, Inbound link, Incentivization, Infoproduct, Internet, Internet marketing, IRT, ISP, Javascript, JPG, JV, JV Broker, Keyword, Keyword density, Keyword research, Landing Page, Last cookie, Lead, Lead capture page, Left click, Link, Link Bait, Link cloaking, Link exchange, List building, Load time, Log in, Login Name, Mailbot, Master Resale Rights, Membership site, Message Boards, Merchant account, Meta Tags, Minisite, MLM, MSN, Mod, Mouse, MySQL, Navigate, Newbie, Newsletter, Netizen, Niche and Niche marketing, Netiquette, One Time Offer (OTO), Online, offline, Opt-in & Permission-based marketing, Outsource, Page impressions, Password, Payment threshold, PayPal, Payment processor, PDF, Phishing, PHP, Physical product, Plugins, PM, Podcast, Pop in, Pop up, Pop under, Post, PPC advertising, PPL, PPP, Private Label Rights (PLR), PR (page rank), Press Release, Presell, Product launch, Public domain, Publisher, Quarantine, Query, Reciprocal Link, Redirect, Reprint Rights, Resale Rights, Resource box, Right click, RSS, RSS Feeds, Sales Copy, Sales Letter, Script, Search Engines, SEM, SEO, Server, Shared hosting, Signature file, Site/Website, Site builder, Solo Email, Spam, Spam blockers, Spider, Splog, Spyware, Squeeze page, Social bookmarking, Social networking, Software, Source code, SSL, Sub-domain name, Super Affiliate, Tags, Target Market, Telecommute, Teleseminar, Template, Thread, TLD (Top Level Domain), TOS, Traffic, Tracking, Troll, Trojan, Unique visitors (uniques), Upsell, URL, Username/ User ID, USP, Viral, Viral marketing, Virtual Real Estate, Virus, Vlog, WAHM, Web 2.0, Web Designer, Web marketer, Webinar, Webmaster, White Hat SEO, Whois, WIKI, WordPress, www, WYSIWYG, XML, Youtube, Yoyo mode, ZIP file

I’ve also put together a PDF ebook containing the entire dictionary of words listed above, along with their definitions. You may download the ebook for a small fee below…

Online Marketer Dictionary Ebook

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If you need assistance, please open a ticket at the helpdesk

Action steps:

1) Go through the list of terms, and if there are any you aren’t familiar with, take the time to read the definition.

So now you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say FTP and PHP and PPC.

There’s a lot of so-called experts out there trying to tell you how to build your business. The question is, WHO should you listen to and who should you trust? I’ll be answering that question in the next lesson.

As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below.

Have a great day!

189 thoughts on “LESSON #10: Online Business Terms Defined

  1. retwr

    Very grateful for your dictionary. I have always missed this language. Best regards Marija

  2. Mark Lewis

    Thanks, Eric. Now when i hear those terms i will have some knowledge of they mean.



  3. Donald

    Eric, Great resource!! Thanks. All 10 tips have been extremely useful. Keep ’em coming!

  4. lucy t

    Hi eric i just got my computer back,left you on lesson 7, 3 weeks later im back in the game, with a whole lot of catching up to do…may take a while, im sticking to it..but wow, im enjoying reading and doing..downloading-love it, im on lesson 10 at the moment fantastic..Thanks for the ride of a life long dream

  5. Michael

    Thanks for the great information. How is “hot linking,” which seems to be bad, different from just simply “linking” which seems to usually be ok?

  6. Eric Post author

    Hot linking is when you link directly to someone’s downloadable files, or embed them on your website. It’s basically akin to stealing bandwidth if you don’t have their permission, because the file is still hosted by them but they’re not getting any benefit from it. Whereas a typical link would actually take you to the other person’s website.

  7. Olav

    Video #10 – the control with the forward or backward move of the cursor is “un-controlable”.
    So when wanting to read a definition it’s not easy to do. Check ICQ for example!


  8. Micah

    Hello Olav,

    The player will not allow you to move the cursor to a point that has not been buffered yet.

    Also, are you using Google Chrome? I’m having no trouble with navigating the video.

  9. Don Karp

    Hi Eric and Company (the other Guys)–
    Thanks. I was on overwhelm for a month ’till I found you!
    This particular lesson IS overwhelming. Some of the terms are defined with other terms I don’t know. My problem. You offer lots of places to click for more info, but these are inactive for me. Suggestions?
    Also, I submit entries here and get no responses!

  10. Don Karp

    There is an error on “meta-tags”. Google no longer uses them because they are too easy to take advantage of. So groups are teaming up to own one website to combine their lists, get more hits, and go higher up on the Google search list.

  11. Micah

    Hello Don,

    Due to rampant spam attacks, all comments must be manually approved. Please see your other comments for our replies.

  12. Quinn

    Excellent list of terms. I’m not a newbie but found myself stopping several times to get the exact meaning of a term I only vaguely know the meaning off.

  13. Jorge

    Incredible tools that you are provided tanks ones again god bless all Jorge

  14. Bill

    I have another IM Dictionary,so would it work?I have noticed that some of the words that you have are not in the book I have but there are words in the book that you do not mention.So I suppose the question is the book I have be good enough for now. Thank You From Texas

  15. Ed Shuster

    I am coming at this web site and lesson system with a lot of story about virtual space.
    Knowing where you are inside a site and dealing with questions or comments I have discovered as a consumer is one of the most frustrating experiences when it comes to dealing with systems that support conversations several years old while supposedly supporting some form of now time for me. The funny thing is I have had access to your tips for a number of years but your emails were lost in the confusion of managing the fundamentals of lesson #9. It is only in the last couple days that I have had the opportunity to access your site and start at step #1 and work my way through linearly. I notice that in this video which I am pausing and reading, it has what appears to be a link at butterfly marketing which is inactive.
    Now it seems that you have this PDF e-book available as a product with resale rites. Would this PDF contain affiliated links to other products like butterfly marketing? Is it possible to edit content and add to terms and definitions? Since I am now aware that this product is here and I can purchase resell rights to it as part of the machinery I am set to build, I am really quite excited. I am a fan my man. When followed in the proper sequence your lessons have deliberately avoided the use of opportunity windows, scarcity tactics and limited time hype. Kudos. I have already purchased some of your private label rights products and am looking forward to now moving in the proper sequence to being able to unlock their potential value from their confines of my hard drive. I am impressed. Now I am curious how you manage comments and what level of monitoring you have here since there are no time indicators as far as I can tell on any posts.

  16. Leonard

    Hello Eric,
    Very much appreciate your lessons and especially “The Essential Terms” really neat resource.
    One term that I’ve often come across in recent weeks is “back link(s)” not sure what they are…. do they
    relate to any of the other terms mentioned in your list?

    Regards Len

  17. Emma Brunson

    Thanks for your tips, Eric. There’s so much to learn about internet marketing. It makes me realize how ignorant when it comes to that, but I am learning from your tips. Hoping to put it all together and “take action.”

  18. angela

    hi, folks , i recommend anyone this program and so far im impressed and this note is all the way from melbourne australia

  19. Christine

    I am so grateful for your lessons. Thank you so much. This dictionary is absolutely wonderful. There is so many words or phrases that I did ot know and didn’t even know how many until just now. Thanks again. You are awesome!!!!!

  20. Irene Tamblyn

    Hi Eric… Have downloaded Dictionary… very helpful indeed…
    Thank you, so much….

  21. Aurora Valish

    Hi Eric, thanks. I am also using McGraw Hill”s COMPUTER DESKTOP ENCYCLOPEDIA A-Z Computer Reference.

  22. Joseph Cumberbatch

    Once again, thanks for great content! Keep up the great work

  23. Khalid Yusuf Khan

    Hi Eric,
    It was a most valuable knowledge to know terminology of Internet. Your approach is solid professional.
    Thanks .


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