LESSON #11: Who Should You Listen To?

By | July 12, 2008

I’m glad that you’ve chosen to learn from me, but chances are good that you’ve noticed a lot of voices vying for your attention. There are a lot of so-called experts out there trying to tell you how to build your business.

The question is: WHO should you listen to and who should you trust?

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Main points:

1) Learn from real experts, not wannabe’s

2) Look for proof and testimonials (but don’t base your opinion solely on it)

3) Listen to someone you can understand

4) Listen to someone who has failed at times

5) Listen to someone who’s not afraid to tell you what you don’t want to hear

6) Don’t write someone off just because they’re trying to make money off of you (unless they are too manipulative)

7) Trust someone and follow them, but not blindly

8] Learn how to weigh the facts (this is the most important key)

Action steps:

1) Find someone to listen to.

Find someone who has done what you want to do. Someone who is a real expert and not a wannabe. Someone you can trust. That person might be me, or it might be someone else. The important thing is that you find someone you can trust, and then follow them with open eyes and a discerning heart.

We need to cover one final prerequisite before we develop the vision and plan for your online business. It’s sort of a missing piece, and I’ll be revealing it in the next lesson.
As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below.

Have a great day!

332 thoughts on “LESSON #11: Who Should You Listen To?

  1. cathy

    Hi eric thank’s for the tips im struggling to all of this marketing business i cant see anything for free

  2. Elsie

    Eric – I haven’t posted many comments so far, because most of the information has been pretty much standard stuff. Not to say that the content is not valuable and well thought out. But today’s lesson made me want to congratulate you! If anyone listening to these lessons took NOTHING else away with them, the world would be a better place.
    The motto at our kid’s school is ‘Learning to Learn’ and very, very slowly the educators at the school are starting to put that into practice. Actually teaching the kids to be more responsible for their own education. It made shivers run up and down my spine to hear you put it so simply and concisely – EXACTLY what our kids (and all of us) need to hear. WELL DONE!!!
    I’d like to talk to you about using this clip or something similar at our next school assembly. Could you possibly get back to me re this idea?

  3. stacey ann

    ive been looking around for years for someone to guide me in my quest for doing an online business there are a lot of marketers outthere trying to get our attention (newbies) but has ive come to realize u have to choose who you listen to that’s a fact ive found eriics tips so very useful thanks again eric. and for cathy you could try erics product the no cost income stream that gives u step by step instructions has how to do affiliate marketing step by step it would be at cost to purchase the system but the other information you will learn to use will be of no cost to you. check it out good product and its reasonably compare to what you will get

  4. Arthur Phillips

    Eric, Great way of handling these lessons,
    I am learning some things the correct way your simplicity and honesty stands out.
    Make me feel more confident of owing an internet Business.
    Your teaching technique is Great.
    Thank you.

  5. Roberto Camara

    Hey thanks Eric, as usual very simply put across yet very effective.

  6. Barend Groenewald

    I find your lessons to be extremely informative and of immense value. I could not grab Your dictionary for newbies fast enough, a great asset. I immediately purchased your resale rights offer on this product.

    With regard to “who should you listen to” I follow a rule to avoid any offer when there is no facility that comes with it to ask questions about the offer, no email contact info with the offer or, when there is, failure to ever respond to further questions being asked. What I also find extremely strange is the offers received from people who claim that they “have earned millions with the money still rolling in, even when they are asleep” but who despite this wealth are not prepared to put their great wealth where there mouth is. Ask them to do this and its a 100% guarantee that you will not hear from them again. If they are so successful as they claim why are they not prepared to provide a condition free sponsorship for even a limited period of 3 months to prove to a prospective client what they can achieve or to collect their required fees from the proceeds generated?

    I believe there are many persons, young and pensioners alike seeking income opportunities, who just cannot afford the start-up costs for some of these so-called “amazing” offers but who will be quite prepared to work at it and be happy about the cost being recovered from their earnings.

  7. Evie

    Hello Eric,
    I have tried to listen and follow how Online business works, but failed as i came to the point i couldn’t figure it out, and it was the last part, i kept trying and instead i messed things up big time lost files, i finally gave-up trying. I found your way very easy to follow and i am with you all the way, i just want to succeed with my Online business. This is my final try if i don’t succeed then maybe i am not cutup for this Online business and i may as well give-up. I hope and pray this doesn’t happen.
    Warm regards

  8. Christina Mathis

    I’m in it with Eric. I dropped another high priced program tp go with Eric and I also knew I couldn’t do it alone, I’m in his coaching program also, which I have not started, and his and Naveed’s ‘Instant Product Engine”. There is room enough for everyone in info production genre . Learn to use your specific style and voice. I’ve read and detoured to other grand writing sites.(I’m was/am primarily a writer) I look for authenticity and consistancy. & of course that ‘gut’ feeling. One question, Is it necessary to have a blog in addition to website. Appears to be yes. Now that I am focused on Eric method, I write every day, but focus has to be on Eric’s formula. Want to know Eric’s thoughts about blogging.

    1. Micah

      Hello Christina,

      Yes, Eric highly recommends blogging, and using WordPress for your business.

      Here is the link to Eric’s lesson called, Getting Started with WordPress:

      LESSON #33: Getting Started with WordPress

      Here are some additional lessons you may also find helpful:

      WordPress Recommended Settings:

      LESSON #34: WordPress Recommended Settings

      WordPress Themes and Plugins:

      LESSON #35: WordPress Themes and Plugins

      Customizing WordPress:

      LESSON #36: Customizing WordPress

  9. alan suter

    I have to say that this video has really delivers the best and wisest and socially responsible info, I have ever heard from anyone endeavouring to teach this business. I am now determined to continue to follow your teaching steps however hard or long it takes to create and on-line business, However, I am also aware that I have to continue to develop an open and discerning mindset to get at the ” real truth and hard facts” at the same time. Thank-you and God richly Bless all your and your colleagues efforts!!!

  10. nav

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for the information gonna go all the way to 120 lessons.
    If I don’t have a credit card, can i use a visa debit card instead.
    Love & Joy.

    1. Micah

      Hello Nav,

      Yes, debit cards are valid methods of payment, wherever credit cards are accepted online.

  11. Dave Lambert

    Eric, I am looking at affiliated marketing, legit affiliated marketing. And I have come across JVZoo who which you get access to Alibaba so you can sell Chinese goods in the American marketplace at very low prices with free shipping from China. Might you know anything about JVZoo? They advertise themselves as AliExpress.
    Dave Lambert

  12. Raymond

    These tips are simply answering all those questions that I have always wanted to ask, to which nobody is giving me the answer. I am highly impressed

  13. GARRY Woods

    Yes Eric,

    These lessons are very good,and after listening to a lot of guys over the years and not, getting the answers to my questions, So after, listening to the Rest now I’ve found the best to listen too my Brother in Christ, you are He Eric I want to do all these lessons, and learn everything you can teach me about, Affiliate Marketing, Plus how to make my own Products, and Info Products, for our own online Business Thank you.

  14. feriel

    i need to learn all the basic informatic ,sometimes i feel that i understand and another time i feel that i understand no thing.
    i am sure that you are a trusted men ,without any doubt.

  15. Jim

    This product sounds great but as with all the products I have purchased, they require you to get your own traffic. Creating a page on the BigWig site doesn’t help any. I don’t have my own site and search engines don’t put you at the top unless you have good content that changes and you have lots of visitors and have been around a long time.
    AND what is so common with any product you buy, you don’t have someone to ask and take the time to explain whenever you have a question. Unfortunately, I need a mentor who will teach me everything including the “truth” of internet marketing that no one is willing to reveal unless you pay them a bazillion dollars. Kind of like a magician who never reveals his tricks because if he did, you wouldn’t be mesmerized by his slight of hand.

  16. Fred W Lachenman

    Thank you for the great information, I know the person I am listening to, and that is why I joined the coaching program and I know that person is an honest person that will lead me in the right direction, and will be a good mentor.


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