LESSON #11: Who Should You Listen To?

I’m glad that you’ve chosen to learn from me, but chances are good that you’ve noticed a lot of voices vying for your attention. There are a lot of so-called experts out there trying to tell you how to build your business.

The question is: WHO should you listen to and who should you trust?

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Main points:

1) Learn from real experts, not wannabe’s

2) Look for proof and testimonials (but don’t base your opinion solely on it)

3) Listen to someone you can understand

4) Listen to someone who has failed at times

5) Listen to someone who’s not afraid to tell you what you don’t want to hear

6) Don’t write someone off just because they’re trying to make money off of you (unless they are too manipulative)

7) Trust someone and follow them, but not blindly

8] Learn how to weigh the facts (this is the most important key)

Action steps:

1) Find someone to listen to.

Find someone who has done what you want to do. Someone who is a real expert and not a wannabe. Someone you can trust. That person might be me, or it might be someone else. The important thing is that you find someone you can trust, and then follow them with open eyes and a discerning heart.

We need to cover one final prerequisite before we develop the vision and plan for your online business. It’s sort of a missing piece, and I’ll be revealing it in the next lesson.
As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below.

Have a great day!

331 comments on “LESSON #11: Who Should You Listen To?

  1. Gaye

    Thank you Eric,for your tips. I get over 50 email a day from so called gurus trying to sell me their newest instant $1000 a day systems. I admit up to month ago i have bought and returned so many product in the last 6 months that i’m suprise clickbank hasn’t banded me. That being said I wish i had heared about you months ago,it would have saved me alot of stress. Today i’m going to unsubscribe to all the so called gurus who’s products I have returned.

    1. David

      I just wanted to comment on your reply, because I’ve been doing the same thing like you for the past 6-8 months. Haven’t found anything that is making me anything. But not giving up. If nothing else I have learned a heck of a lot since I did this back 2000. Wow has it changed.

  2. Gerty Hattingh

    Hi Eric.
    Firstly I would like to thank you for a great course and tell you how much I appreciate you. I have been trying my hand at some stuff, but not very succesful… Yet 🙁
    That is about to change now! 😉
    I am one of the more lucky wifes that can stay at home, but I also would like to do something greater and I believe that the internet can open new doors for me.
    My vision is to build an online internet business with a real honest product that will help other people improve some areas of their lives. I want to be able to help and teach as many people as I can to also be financially independent and better their lives.
    I want to make enough money to replace my husbands salary so that he can retire and we can do fun stuff together. I want to buy a bus and convert it into a mobile home in which we can travel in our beautiful country South Africa and explore life! I want to make up time and experiences with my future grandchildren which we couldn’t with our children because of work, work, work… And I want to tell everyone I meet The Good News of Jesus Christ.

    1. Kirk

      Gerty that is an awesome plan and sharing the Good News Of our Lord Wow! Good for you. I want to do this as well.

      Bless everyone that is trying to make a living here.


  3. Heather

    I am going into the manufacturing of skin care products and is afraid to seek advise from a person who is very influential although I know he is the right one. You talk about your aspiring business and next you see the person you converse with goes into the same business and your potential plans fall apart. I have plans to sell my products on line too.

  4. Ross

    You are right Eric; listen to a specialist and not an expert!

  5. Mark Lewis

    Good thought once again. Thanks, Eric.


  6. Karen Knudtson

    Hi Eric, im sorry but I never recieved tip #10 I have 9 and 11 but not 10….May I please ask you to send #10..

    Thank You Karen

  7. Gail Law

    Hi Eric
    I’m going to stick with you ,I like your honesty and openess.. Thank You for all you are doing for all us newbies

  8. Beth

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for your refreshing honesty! I am learning so much.


  9. Phil

    Eric you nailed my biggest need so far in almost 6 years of trying to learn enough so I can actually earn my first dollar online. Definitions, plain and simple. I recently found myself 100% ready to jump in and start my business yet still asking questions like “just what exactly is a….” anyone can fill in the blank. NOW there are much fewer blanks. THANKS

  10. Phil

    With lesson 10, instead of guessing or searching for weeks to find out, I can be confident that I know the proper answer. THAT is the way it should be but this industry has it mostly backwards. It puts taking action on top of knowing the answers. Learn as you go and be guessing most of the time hoping you are right or you bought right the program from the right person. No need for understanding just follow along. Eventually get lost and quit or figure it out in the long run by trial and error or osmosis. Getting the right answers first and building a business once you understand is a better way, in fact the only way that makes sense. Then it is trial and error based on SMART decision making, progress will follow that leads to success.

  11. Emmanuel Mba

    Hi Eric, The information keeps getting better and keeps me waiting for the next lessons. I have found you and will continue to listen to you.

  12. ahmer

    nice……information thanks…..learning more from your video….

  13. John

    Eric I have a simly question for you. Is it possible for someone to have online business without having a website? Can someone decides to earn money online without having website? How about clickbank affiliates? When one open an account with clickbank does it mean the person get free website from clickbank?

  14. Donald Thomas

    Hi Eric, thanks for the lesson and yes you are right about who you should listen too. I basically follow 4 “gurus”, including you. One of them turned me on to you and she is one of my coaches as well. Carol Amato, neat lady very nice. I have found, for me, that if I dont get or grasp something by way of either product or info from one I will usually get it from the other. But I have to say I love the step by step approach from you and my other coach as well. Fifty five and I still have to have my hand held. What can I say. Thanks again.

  15. Micah

    Hello John,

    Yes, there are many ways to earn an income online, even without a website.

    Here is the link to Eric’s lesson called, 18 Ways to Make Money Online:

    No, when you promote a ClickBank product or open an account with them, you do not get a free website.

  16. Paul

    Hi Eric. Thank you for the information you’re providing I hope to be setting up my own business soon based (largely) on what you’re teaching us.

    On the question of listening, it’s clear that many of the people commenting on this site are not native speakers and some of them are having trouble following you (no fault of yours, that’s just how it happens in inter-cultural communication). I teach English in Taiwan and I know the importance of keeping it ‘short and simple’ for non-native speakers. Can I suggest that, if you have time, you redo the videos keeping your points in as simple an English as you can, using as few expressions and idioms (e.g.’ wheat from the chaff’. Very appropriate saying but it can confuse foreign listeners) and speaking in short, simple sentences? Reading is not usually so difficult for them but again I would respectfully suggest keeping it as clear as you can if you’re going to print it out..

    Your points are very clear for us English speakers,no problem, but as a business English teacher I’m keenly aware of how difficult it is for those who are learning English to follow English-language presenters

    (Don’t know why my comment is showing slash marks in odd places but I don’t think it obscures what I’m saying.)

  17. Eric Post author

    Thanks, I will keep that in mind for the future!


    I am with you in learning as a student,as you speak plainly. I am now having a web site secured to go forth/w my financial future. Its tough! Are there no short cuts to traffic as a affliate marketer? Still learning, Your student Ralph Petersen.

  19. Bob Wolff

    Thanks again Eric I have been loving the lessons.You are the guy to listen to.

  20. Harvene

    50 emails a day! You got to be kidding. I get that many before 8:00 am and it’s hard sorting through them and keeping what I want.

  21. Serena

    Wow, it is a profound concept, learning how to learn and listening with discernment. I really appreciate your guiding us through these important concepts as a foundation before starting a business as well as running a business.

  22. Olav

    Like Bob Wolff said you are the expert to listen to. I have been a Net user since 1996 and experienced quite some. 🙂 Eric you are one of the best.

  23. Gary Hogan

    Thanks Eric – as you will see my website is empty for now — Gary

  24. charles Iesan

    Hi eric,

    Thank you very much for your teaching. I really enjoy it. I’m a newbie and want to learn more about the internet.

    best regards,

    Charles Iesan.

  25. John

    Thank you very much for these lessons Eric. The videos are valuable and I am surprised they are free.

  26. Emily

    It’s not enough that you have a solution to their problem, not enough that it’s a wonderful produce, not enough even that it’s a wonderful product at a great price. If they are going to buy it, it has to be appetizing, has to appeal to them. You can’t sell a cancer cure to someone who feels obligated to die of cancer.
    So before you launch, test your market by sailing the idea to people you already know.

    If you have sold your product in another venue, even wonderfully well, the same presentation may not create buyers on the web. Starting small and asking questions of its potential buyers is a very wise idea.

  27. Anne

    Thanks for the lessons. The amount of information out there can be overwhelming that you feel like there is no sense of direction. I am now really looking forward to starting my online business with a sense of knowing the path I should follow.

  28. Setsuko

    Hi Eric,
    Thank you for your great marketing tips everyday.
    It’s really helpful!
    I like “Who should I learn” but a problem is I couldn’t get any page from ericstips120lessons.com ?! Let me know how I can get Nico’s forum.

  29. Micah

    Hello Setsuko,

    It looks like Nico’s forum is no longer working. It can take a lot of work maintaining a forum.

    Just fighting spam alone, is a daunting task.

  30. Glenn Fo

    Eric, something you didn’t mention is that the character of the person you are listening to is important. The main reason I first became involved with you is because of your Christian principals and ministry and that your partners were also men of character.

  31. Tom F

    Been stumbling around internet marketing for several years. While I started late on your course, I have already picked up several ideas/thoughts to help me move forward.

    Thanks for your help, your patience and your willingness to support the internet marketing.

    Your Christian Principles are coming through loud and clear. Thank you.

  32. Don Karp

    But please note, that Google does not use meta-tags (see EricsTips #10) anymore to assess websites. Some folks are partnering on the same site to have more traffic for Google to notice them

  33. Mj

    Thank you Eric. You are a “Walk the Walk, with really True Talk” type instructor and I appreciate that so much. Mj

  34. Nick

    I am really enjoying the quality of your website Eric. I am learning “how to learn.” You’re really a breath of fresh air. Thank you.

  35. Moise

    WHO should you listen to and who should you trust? A big and important questions. But tonight you give me the good answer and I believe that I will follow this for my entire business. I will follow but with eyes openes ward. Thalnk you again.

  36. alfred

    Eric ,
    I am a believer and your website came to me when asking Lord for favor. People have deceived me as I trusted them and have lost more money than I could afford. You are teaching with real helping heart. I am looking forward to dreams come true. I desperately need success to pay debt incurred in the past. Please put me in place that I could earn while learn to over come the fear penetrated in me.

  37. Jorge

    Eric tanks for the advise .sincerely yours Jorge best wishes for all

  38. nancy

    Hi Eric , good info so far

  39. Bill

    I enjoy listening and learning from your lessons for many reasons.The question is “If I would like to try to learn from someone closs to where I live how would I go about doing that?The closest person that I know of lives in Frisco,Texas and I live about 150 miles fromhim.I would like to be able to find someone closer that would help me and understand my situation. Thank You From Texas

    1. Eric Post author

      One idea would be to hop onto the warrior forum and start networking and find out who lives near you. There’s a bit of a catch-22 though. You want to learn from someone who is highly successful and has successfully done what you want to do. But those who are actively running a successful business likely won’t make it a priority to sit down with you on a 1-on-1 basis to help you because their time is too valuable. The other tough part about it is that it may be difficult to locate people who are running a successful home-based Internet business, because they have no reason to advertise who they are and where they live. It is easy to find Internet marketing consultants, SEO firms, webmasters, etc… because those people are advertising their services. But they are not necessarily the people you want to learn from because they’re not running the kind of business you want to build. If you live near a major city, I would recommend attending an Internet marketing conference in that city to do some networking.

      1. Kathleen

        Hi Eric, I honestly don’t know how we got connected on the internet, but I can honestly say that it must be seredipity; the universe giving me what I need to move forward. I like the way you present yourself and your information. It is most refreshing and, I believe, heartfelt. Thanks so much for sharing your experience, your thoughts, your insights and your love with us. Kathleen.

  40. Billy Young

    Hello, Eric

    During the following week after watching this lesson, I started paying attention to how many emails I was getting in my inbox EVERYDAY. And it turned out many of those emails involve promoting basically the same systems, over and over again. Emails that I would finally delete after reading them first. So as a result, thanks to the information in your lesson to help me make a decision, I simply started unsubscribing to most of them—which actually started freeing up time that I was wasting by reading all of them to begin with….Though I will admit I did stay subscribed to a few, which are mainly ones whom you and them say you are friends/business partners.

    Your lessons are greatly appreciated, and a big help.

    Thank you

  41. bob

    The part about learning from forums really struck a nerve with me. I can’t count how many internet marketing programs I’ve been a member of that advised me to camp out on their forums to learn about their program. What a waste of time & money. Most forums I’ve dealt with were either dead or full of angry newbies being mislead by wannabe’s.

  42. Humberto

    Thank you again Eric, a valuable lesson once more!!


  43. Sam

    Hi Eric

    Thank you for knowledge you share…nice and easy to understand and its great information.
    All I can say is, what i’ve been learning so far has been more than I expected…

    And the information from the real coaching club, again just fantastic
    So much to learn and understand, however you do make it easy and give good steps to follow…


  44. Darmi

    Hi Eric:
    I was getting so many called Guru’s information floods in to my email. I sometimes read but I do not have much time to listen to every one’s idea. I am trying to go through your video’s and learn as much as I can so I can start at my business as i planned. I made up my mind as you said “DO NOT BUY ANYTHING I DON’T NEED. Good tips…

  45. ron nats

    I am sure glad that you sincere enough to tell the truth. I’ve been around the circuit and do enjoy when someone like you is able to spread your ideas and thinking. I can’t tell you how many times I have burned with these gurus and their software, too many times for sure. Profanity is starting to creep in the emails I get and therefore get deleted and unsubscribe. Keep up the good work and He will bless you for it!
    thanks again

  46. juan

    Thank you Eric,for your tips.

  47. Irene Tamblyn

    Great info… and great advise … thanks Eric..

  48. Dan

    Eric, I have been following closely and went through your no cost plan and just when I start to feel confident, I read something different from what you recommend. My goal is obviously to drive traffic to my website and the no cost plan provides steps to create a squeeze page with the auto responder and free offer. You included a free e-book called Traffic Magnets that shows link wheels for generating traffic. Link Wheels appear to require full blown content websites. Is it more beneficial to create full blown websites and link them to each other? Thanks!

    1. Micah

      Hello Dan,

      It’s possible to generate traffic from link wheels, and link swaps. But, it might hurt your organic search traffic, if Google thinks your links are spammy.


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