LESSON #16: How to Stay Motivated

By | July 25, 2008

In the previous lessons, we’ve talked about getting a vision for your business, setting goals, and creating a business plan.

However, all the effort you’ve put into building the foundation of your business will be for nothing unless you follow through and take action.

So today we’re going to talk about staying motivated…

(Watch this video…)

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Main points:

  • One of the most commonly asked questions… “How do I stay motivated and take action?”

  • What motivates you? And how do you get motivated?

  • We’re all motivated by different things.

  • Short term motivation vs. Long term motivation

    Examples: Losing 5 pounds or getting a new car by a certain date = short term

    Feeling good about yourself or living a certain lifestyle = long term

  • Goals = short term

  • Vision = long term

  • Your primary motivation should to be tied to your vision.

  • Your vision needs to inspire you for the long term.

  • This business requires self motivation.

  • External factors vs. Internal motivation

  • Externally influenced motivation is not a bad thing. It’s a natural part of life… But it’s not enough.

  • You need internal (intrinsic) motivation to keep you going when the going gets tough.

  • Some of my internal motivators include:

    -My faith
    -Family (external factor, but there is also internal side to it)
    -A sense of fulfilling my purpose

  • Figure out what your internal motivators are, and then make sure that they are a part of your vision.

  • Tips and tricks are NOT the solution for why so many people are not motivated. However, they can be helpful for short term daily motivation. Here are a couple of lists for you to check out if you’re interested in those kind of tips…

    Action steps:

    1) Figure out what really motivates you internally

    2) Make sure those things are a part of your vision

    3) Think about whether your vision will motivate you for the long term, and if not, tweak your vision.

    Even if you follow all of my advice from this lesson, there will still be times when you don’t feel motivated. There will be times when you don’t want to complete the steps. It involves a choice, and the choice is yours. I’ll be talking about it in the next lesson.

    As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below. (Feel free to share something that motivates you)

    Have a great day!

  • 200 thoughts on “LESSON #16: How to Stay Motivated

    1. Anonymous

      Hey Eric,

      I also dread to work for people, and I love running my own business. 🙂 Thanks for this great lesson and keep up the good work. Looking forward for your next lesson.I run a business


    2. Mbinu

      Hey Eric,

      You have really helped me to figure out what really motivates me internally, it has really helped my life and business.

      Thanks Man

    3. Mark Lewis

      Yep, motivation is the key to any success that one might have achieved. Thanks for pointing that out, Eric. I really needed to hear this again. Sometimes i lose my motivation for this business and have to jerk myself up. Thanks for helping me stay focus.


    4. Barbara

      For me, it is passion about what I want to achieve that motivates me. I know there will be times when I am tired and may loose some of the passion, but it will always come back. Your concern for us newbies is enough to keep me focused on my passion for the vision ahead of me. Please don’t stop and I will keep following you.

    5. Hani Salameh

      For me my vision is what keeps me working and trying to get things done.
      i have 2 big vision that i want to achieve.
      the first one i think i will be able to do it with the Help i’m getting here in this course from Eric. thank you Eric again.

      but my second vision is a huge one. this one will eventually cost a lot of money… and a lot of work not just from me…

    6. Dan

      Hi Eric I share Elaine’s view when she said she (and I believe quite a number of us does)begin a program/project very strongly but only to fizzle out midway.This can become very frustrating and annoying and the end process is you sometimes end up hating yourself.You blame yourself why this is happening to you and at times the finger(s) tend to point at the opposite direction.

      How do I get out of this rut?Fortunately,I constantly ask myself whether I am happy/satisfied with what I am having or experiencing at the moment.If not,other than my recent failure what else have I done to help me achieve my goals?
      My other solution is to compile a series of strong positive thinking words into a small note book that I carry around with me wherever I am.Such words as:


      certainly helps to brighten up my day.I still commit errors and failures every now and then but at least these and other motivating words help keep me in check to stay on track.To date I have not achieve much but I am not about to throw in the towel.I hope that with Eric’s help and the guidance of this program can help me steer on course for the journey ahead.

    7. Emmanuel Mba

      Thanks Eric and the more I listen to the videos, I realize that motivation is a very important part of building a business. My motivation is to make residual income consistently. I am willing to work as hard as required. Keep up the good work.

    8. Donald Thomas

      Great lesson Eric!!! I need to redo lessons 13 and 14.. This helped to bring clarity to vision and goals, this being the why. Why do I want to do this? I sorta misplaced the why. Thanks for helping me to find it. Appreciate it!

    9. Jaques

      What has always motivated me is my family. Seeing my wife succeed in her ventures and knowing I had a part in it. I am working towards going on a two to three months vacation while making passive income at the same time. Seeing others succeed is a great motivator for me.

    10. Tony Monk

      Residual income of money, and being free from selling my time for money motivates me.

    11. Misty Gates

      Thank you! I have graduated from Business school, read some of the best self help/business guru material out there and by far you are one of the best TEACHERS I have come across. You have a gift to teach. Thank you for doing what you do!

    12. Eric Post author

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂 I hope my tips will be of continued help and encouragement.

    13. Serena

      My short term motivation is to see an increase in my income and have more results with less time and work involved. My long term motivation is to be able to use more free time and flexibility to attend even more to my family, my friends, and my faith. I would ultimately like money issues to become non-stressful in my life by becoming a better money manager as well.

    14. Annalisa Hedberg and Roger Nylen

      These things motivate me:
      1The chance that I can earn money from home, big money
      2To work with the computer in a meaningful way.It’s a challenge to see if I can.
      3To earn enough money to be able to help other friends and my sons family, before I become too old and senile. I want them to have a bright future.
      4 I want to build a whole room for my cats where they can excercise and relax
      5To be able to travel to India and Brazil to see some old friends

    15. mark

      As a man still searching i love music (i sing) and can’t let that go but recognise i need to generate income but it all becomes foggy and directionless at times but i believe good will happen. How that manifests i don’t know.
      So thank you for being part of this process Eric

      1. Sharon Mahon

        I know. I am a music teacher and in ill the school music has taken hard hits.The state is broke. You have the right idea l think. I feel all musicians should have something to fall back on no matter local.lntenet markeing does that for us if we can get onto it.

    16. Heather

      My motivation involves my family, their financial security, and mine ability to provide for myself and leave some security for my future grandchildren, allow my husband to retire and live at the beach enjoying the lifestyle we’ve talked about for years.

    17. Don Karp

      I am really glad you posted these motivators. Too many people have shared their visions about making money. If one were to look at successful people, I doubt that money was their motivation. How can I serve? This is the key to all motivations that last. Thanks again, Eric, for being spot-on!

    18. Jacqueline

      I am motivated when I awake early to meditate and read my favorite book.

    19. Katheryn

      I have already put in many years in a career working for large corporations in sales and marketing. I’m done with that. As one post above, I too am a subscriber to International Living and hope to eventually live part of each year outside of the US. I love writing, working on the computer, sales and marketing. I love learning new things, working hard but in my own way and on my own schedule. I love any type of work that allows me to be creative in some way shape or form. I also want a career that I can take with me anywhere I go. I usually master whatever it is I set my mind to and I have learned much about website building, SEO, etc.; have purchased programs, and other on-line junk, none of which have helped me succeed in a career on-line that actually earns a living. I am not looking for earning millions…just enough to enjoy whatever life I have left comfortably. I just can’t find a niche that is the right fit for me that will be more than an enjoyable hobby that pays money. It is very frustrating because I usually don’t fail at something I decide I’m going to be successful at. Then I get discouraged and have a harder time feeling motivated 🙁 So far I am enjoying your tips and your style of presentation. One of my beliefs when I was in sales, and very successful, was, “you can’t sell something to someone, you can only help them purchase something they need or want”.

    20. Andrea

      Eric, This lesson is so “spot on”! Thanks for throwing me a rope when I needed it most! This has definitely been a “divine” connection for me and I can’t thank you enough! Bless You and All that you do !

    21. Caroline Sabourin

      Wow, this has been the best lesson so far! I’ve often asked myself why it is I couldn’t stay motivated and you made me realize I was asking myself the wrong questions. It’s not the millions in the bank that are important, it’s not the house in the country so much. What I just figured out was that what motivates me to be my own boss is not having to rely on others (ei: job) to buy my groceries and pay my rent. I no longer want to be at the mercy of my boss’s decision as to whether my position will be cut. In midlife, finding a job is not as easy as it used to be and that’s just not working for me anymore. Thanks so much for this lesson, it puts everything in perspective for me. ((hugs))

    22. Jeff Carpenter

      Thank you for this video. My motivation is not as strong as I it should be. I did another course that I spent a lot of money on that did not work, because there were items that were not clear or just were not shared. Struggling with this I it kind of burned me out and now I am trying to pay off what I invested on the other program that did not work for me. I know this business can work, but it may not be right for everyone. Listening to your video’s you have explain items that I had questions on in the past. I know I can do this business, but I may need your coaching along the way. I am valuating what you are saying and trying to build my thoughts around this business. My main goal at this time that motivates me is to understand and build a website business to bring in what my Wife brings in each month. This way she can stop working and focus on keeping her health up. So this brings me to one more item to motivate me. Understand the business, bring in a continual income, and to afford the medical bill and my wife income to make sure she has the care she needs and a happy life.

    23. alfred

      Eric, Great job when you explains it tells how you got here. Is it possible to save your power point. Its a great tool to keep in the course. Please contact or advise me at alfredfranklins4@gmail.com

    24. Micah

      Hello Alfred,

      We don’t have the slides to this video available, but you are welcome to return to this lesson any time you need a refresher!

    25. Jorge

      Eric, my motivation is to wake up every morning and realize that God is with me routing my way in life. From there and the relationship with my family, achieve in my life a love that is infinite that coupled with the desire to learn new things and knowing the Lord put me on your way with your knowledge and teaching my motivation is long lasting with patience, dedication and commitment will achieve my goals in the short and long term. Thanks for your time for sharing your knowledge in this way I can only wish you the best for you and your loved ones and hopefully someday we can meet in person God bless all.

    26. Clinton Xander Labrooy

      Your lessons have always been a great motivation. I’m moving on slowly because I want everything to really sink in as I feel there is no point starting something without actually knowing what we are doing. So each and every lesson from you I replay many times to digest everything which is always very helpful.
      Thank you and God Bless.

    27. C. Solo

      Eric, Your videos and directions have set me on a path that I have wanted to have for a long time. My motivation is to make enough of income to be able to give my family a better life, share it with my church,(to improve the church) and take my grandchildren on those vacations that memories stay for ever.
      Simple enough! I just want to be able to have an income where I am able to give back to everyone that has gave to me.
      I have always been a believer of the old saying ” Pass it on”. My mother use to say that, and made me a believer, if it is only a smile you can afford JUST PASS IT ON, AND A SMILE WILL BE RETURNED!
      Thanks Eric 😉

    28. Vickie

      Eric – your tips and outlook on life are awesome!
      I have no problem staying motivated because I love to learn new things and being in my late 50’s, most of this internet stuff is challenging, fun and creative! I have never felt that I couldn’t learn anything I set my mind to.
      Because God always took care of me when I was young, made some incredibly stupid choices that I had no business surviving and neither knew nor cared that He was there, that He must have had a larger plan for me. He gave me an awesome IQ, but the accompanying ADD makes reaching my goals a challenge. Sometimes, sitting still long enough to finish a project or concentrating on just one goal till it’s done before going on to the next thing are my most difficult challenges.
      Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa and others changed the world with resources inside themselves that I cannot begin to comprehend. I believe that in this world today, the only way that I could make any real positive changes is by using money as a tool. I believe that God has guided me to the internet and shown me the places that I can learn how to use my computer to make some real money and real positive changes.
      Thank you again Eric.

    29. Sharon Mahon

      I tend to get excited about a program or information l have gotten, but then get bored trying to impliment it.l quess I’ve been in school too long Something that has helped me a lot is having another live person to talk about it. She is in a different business in online businesses than l am and l do not want her business, however we can discuss how it is going and what kind of marketing we are trying,what kind of results we are getting. I have found meeting weekly or more helps tremendously. . The online friends are great and u can get great tips, but l have found people in person really help. They have a group that meets every tues. At the library ,..do marketing together on computer, share ideas, then they all go to McDonalds afterwards for coffee and a snack.

    30. Sanjay

      Hi Eric-
      I have been going through your videos one after the other without skipping any. Your step by step elaboration of various aspects for starting and remaining motivated are really great. I feel these factors are if not more but equally important to succeed in starting and growing your business. The causes of failure lies more in these factors than in the actual knowledge of business. One may acquire the knowledge but to act on the knowledge with right Vision, Goal and Motivation can only bring in the desired success.
      Thanks for all that I have so far learnt from your videos and look forward to much more to come.

    31. Grenell Stocks

      I have a drive to succeed. I have lost a lot of money online on various programs. I know that IM can work. I will not give up.. I’m motivated by my strong desire to do something big for our family to be debt free and financially independent.

    32. carl stifter

      I reviewed lesson # 13 again on my ‘vision’. Although , I have written a macro & micro vision, I am not sure that I believe them. I am not sure what mental beliefs or body language will be displayed when a true vision is internalized. I have to keep searching to find the true vision for a long term business

    33. Michael D Gorman

      Excellent lesson, this aspect of working online is often superficially dealt with, because the vast majority of people looking for opportunities in the online space all seem to say “I want money” – but that isn’t the best objective, at all. To build a genuine presence you need to be truly authentic, and if you offer value the rewards will follow. Yes you can have a brief taste of success by launching a product on JVZoo, perhaps, or Clickbank – make 15-20 k over a week in some cases; but unless you follow through with more value, more genuine support for your customers, that will be the end of it. The long-term scope is the most crucial perspective, not short stabs and ‘tricks’ attempting to ‘hack the internet’. This is the main mind-set problem a lot of newbies face – transitioning from a being an opportunistic butterfly, to being a solid business builder. This is a massive topic!

    34. Olufemi Ajibade

      Many thanks Eric for this information.I have a big vision to own the biggest construction company in Africa.Getting started has not been so easy since I am still struggling financially.Focusing on my vision has not really been so easy.I’m working on creating a nich in online corporation.Your tips are refreshing…!

    35. Celyn M.

      I’m a person that needs a step-to-step initially. I can put things together but not my ‘comfort zone’; so, thank you for this & most highly for the reasonable price.

    36. Linda

      I love helping people, but what will motivate me to keep going is to quit my job and be financially free to do what I need to do or want to do !

      Linda 😀

    37. Sharon Mayer

      Thank- you for all of your help. i love doing your step by step instructions it helps me a lot. i look forward to learning more and more . i do your instructions because i want to do it . I sell books online on amazon. If I want to sell any books online then I need to be able to get on the computer to sell them. I look at selling my books as a way of making extra money. If I don’t get self motivated then I feel that I am doing dis-service to people who may want to purchase them but they can’t because it is not listed. so I try to stay motivated with for the example above. I absoulltly love selling books online.

    38. Jacquelynne Myers

      One of my biggest motivators is progress, a feeling of accomplishment, of a job well done. I think that’s internal because it makes me feel good about myself.

    39. Marc M. Demers

      Hey Eric,

      As some of the other student here, my motivation involves my family, their financial security, and my ability to provide for myself and leave some security for my son, allow my wife to retire sooner and live together at home enjoying self-employment.

      This lesson it, by itself, a great motivation.

      Thanks again



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