Frank Kern’s Mass Control Reviewed

By | January 31, 2008

UPDATE: This review is now outdated. It was written prior to the release of the very first Mass Control. I am leaving it here for informational purposes only. For the most up-to-date information and recommendations, please join my free newsletter.

Edition #151 – 01/31/2008

I was hoping to dodge this product entirely, without writing anything about it. However, the hype surrounding the launch of Frank Kern’s Mass Control has turned into such a deafening roar in the internet marketing world that I now feel the need to address it for the many of you who are deciding whether to invest in it tomorrow.

First let me tell you that this is not a “leech” review designed to pull in affiliate commissions for myself (not that there would be anything wrong with that).

I am not an affiliate for Mass Control, and there are no affiliate links in this review. All I would need to do is use an affiliate link and it would result in a 5-figure commission check, but I’ve decided to give you a straight up review instead.

I should also mention that I have not seen the Mass Control course itself, as it’s not out yet. My opinion is based on the videos and other material that Frank has released about the course, combined with my knowledge of how it all works.

So here we go…

To start off with, I will say that I believe Frank Kern to be the “real deal”. He really has orchestrated several very profitable product launches, and he has developed his own unique style of internet marketing that is highly effective.

In addition to having the numbers to back up his claims, he also comes across as a very sincere individual. There is a lesson to be learned right there, and it’s something I learned 9 years ago when I first got into sales and marketing…

People will buy from you if they perceive you to be sincere. Of course the most important ingredient to being a sincere sales person is truly believing in what you’re selling. But I think there is also an “X factor” beyond that, and it is a quality that is possessed by most successful face-to-face sales people.

It’s hard to put my finger on it, but it’s basically a combination of being personable, believable, and having a bit of charm. Some people have it, and some people don’t. A nice thing about the internet is that you don’t have to have it. You can have the personality of a door knob, and still be a successful internet marketer.

BUT… not on video. If you’re going to star in a video campaign to sell a product, then you must possess that offline “X factor” to be effective. That’s why guys like Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins are so good at making those type of videos. They’ve got it.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’ve got the talent, you should use it. I just wanted to mention it because it’s something on the very surface-level that I observed.

Now, to dig a little deeper… the most important thing to be aware of (and I’ll explain why in a moment) is that Frank is USING Mass Control to sell Mass Control. In fact, not only is he using it, but I believe he is exemplifying his own techniques to the extreme because he wants to practice what he’s preaching (because he knows it works).

Of course it’s no secret that he’s using his methods. In fact, one of Frank’s videos is titled “Mass Control EXPOSED – How I Use Mass Control In The Actual Mass Control Sales Letter”

But why is it important to be aware that he’s USING Mass Control on us? No, it’s not because I’m afraid we’re being brainwashed.

It’s important because it gives you a good opportunity to learn something AND gives you insight into the course to help you determine if it’s something you want to invest in.

In other words, he’s going to teach you how to do what he’s doing right now.

It’s easy to see that a foundational block of the Mass Control method is providing LOTS of good content. In fact, there’s an interesting graphic on the “Mafia report” that shows how Mass Control uses multiple forms of media to gain instant trust.

You can read the Mafia Report here:

By the way, the Mafia Report is really a sales letter in disguise, but it provides a lot of great information. I saved a copy of it to my hard drive (you can do the same by going to “File… Save As…”).

By the way, Frank is an insanely good copywriter. But again, you can’t fault him for that. I openly attribute much of my online success to my natural writing ability. It’s just something to keep in mind.

Most of the content that Frank has released about the program has been through videos. I’ve watched most of the videos, and I have to say they are excellent. You can find them on his blog. Actually I don’t like the navigation on his blog, so I’m going to lay it all out for you right here. Here are the ones he’s released so far:

List Getting Video Part 1
List Getting Video Part 2 (includes a downloadable basic squeeze page template)
The 90-Minute Whistleblower Video
Is This Mind Control?
Mass Control PREVIEW
FAQ (mainly if you’re interested in buying the course)
Mass Control EXPOSED

He also includes several case studies:

Case Study 1 (Includes PDF)
Case Study 2 (Includes audio recording)
Case Study 3 (video with my friend Michael Koenigs)
Case Study 4 (Audio interview with Gauher Chaudhry)
Case Study 5 (Audio interview with a non-guru)
Case Study 6 (a post from the Warrior Forum)

Are you seeing how Frank has included many different forms of media as he “builds his case”? I’ve already learned a lot just from watching him roll out this launch, and I will definitely be implementing some of his techniques in the future.

So what about the content of the Mass Control course? Is it legit?

I must say… the mere name Mass Control makes be a bit queezy. After all, nobody wants a bunch of hyped up marketers controlling the minds of the masses. Oh wait, they already do. Ever heard of TV? LOL

But seriously, it is the part of marketing that makes many of us morally conscious folks uneasy. As I’ve mentioned in the past, there’s a fine line between salesmanship and manipulation and I think we all draw our own lines.

If you know me, you know I strive to do business with integrity. At the same time, I understand that tactics such as urgency and scarcity are fundamental components of successful online marketing. I use those tactics and I teach them.

So when it comes to Mass Control, I have no problems with it fundamentally. Like most things, it could be used for good or evil purposes.

Basically… if you have a philosophical problem with SELLING then you should not get this course.

It’s interesting that a lot of what Frank talks about in his videos stems back to offline sales principles that I learned many years ago through various sales training.

As far as the validity and usefulness of the content of the course, I expect that it will be excellent. He has gleaned much of his online marketing theory from Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula, which has proven itself over the past few years.

I too have gleaned a lot of online techniques from Product Launch Formula, as well as Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing techniques.

Similarly, I feel that I have gleaned a lot from the Mass Control methods already. So much so, that I personally don’t feel the need to sit through the course.

But I’m in a different place than most people. In the past year and a half, I’ve had seven 6-figure product launches, and several smaller launches. I can already see ways to implement some Mass Control methods to take my product launches to the next level.

I’ve also been in this business long enough to distinguish the real techniques from the fluff, so it’s easy for me to watch Frank’s videos and discern which techniques will work for MY business.

One more note, in case you’re wondering how Frank turned this into the biggest launch of the season. It’s all about relationships, money, and prizes.

If you want to have a spectacular product launch, the best way I know how is to get a bunch of partners (affiliates) to promote it. And the best way to get partners on board is to build relationships with successful marketers. If you’re new to this business, the best way to accomplish this is probably to go to an internet marketing seminar.

Second, once you’ve got those relationships established you need to motivate them to promote by offering generous commissions. And if you’re doing a short-term launch you should consider bribing your affiliates with prizes to get them into a competitive mode. I’ve seen the prizes that Frank is offering, and it’s no wonder everyone and their grandmother is promoting this thing.

Again, I only point this out so that you can learn and copy his techniques.


If you’re a “newbie” marketer, it really depends on your personal aptitude and attitude. If you’re a quick learner, and you’re 100% committed to becoming an internet marketer (and you’re not afraid of sales tactics) then this could be a good course for you.

If you’re an intermediate marketer with no smash hits yet (you know some stuff but you haven’t made a lot of money yet), this is a good course for you. However, if you already own Product Launch Formula or Butterfly Marketing, then you might be just as well off saving your money and going back to study those courses. Why? Because either of those courses contain enough information for you to have a successful product launch. Continuing to cram your brain with more information is not going to make you a successful marketer.

If you’re an expert marketer, then you can make your own decision. You’ll know that a $2k investment is a small price to pay for this kind of education. A few little lessons learned could boost your income 1%, which more than pays for the course. At the same time, you know that time is your greatest asset and you might be better off investing your time into what is already working for you… without being distracted by a new course.

Bottom line, I think the course will be a good investment for those who buy it and take it seriously.

For those who want to buy the course but can’t afford it: Take heart, because Frank has already given you much of it for free. You should watch the videos and read every scrap of material he’s released. HOWEVER, to get the meat of the course for free (as I feel I have), you need to do more than just watch and read. You need to synthesize what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. Beyond looking for nuggets in the videos themselves, you need to be analyzing the methodology behind the product launch.

Lastly, take Frank’s advice from the Mass Control blog…


Instead, only buy Mass Control if you’re really clear on what it’s about …and if you’re really clear on what it can do for you.

Yes. I know. You’re NEVER supposed to ask your prospects to use logic, right?

Well, I guess I’m kicked out of the “Marketing Club” because I think it’s best for both of us if you ONLY buy after you meet these conditions:

1. You’ve read the Mafia Report and you know what’s being taught in the class.

2. You’ve watched the videos on the blog. Specifically the “Mind Control” video and the “Preview” video. (And maybe the “Naked Dudes” video.)

I think those videos give you a good “feel” for what this is all about.”

I’m sure there’s some Mass Control psychology hidden in his advice too, but heh… you get the idea 🙂

As always you can post your comments here on the blog. Let me know what you think about Mass Control, the hype surrounding it, and if you plan on buying it.

Have a great day!

70 thoughts on “Frank Kern’s Mass Control Reviewed

  1. Robert

    Thanks for great insight. I would like to know what kind of prizes are offered to generate this type of promotion.

  2. Robert

    Hi Eric

    As always a great review. The key thing with any product someone does purchase is to take the time to read, watch or listen to the content and take action. Put aside everything else and concentrate on your new purchase.

    I know I am guilty of buying products, getting excited and before getting to page 20 or video 2 I have lost focus and started with something else.


  3. Dave Starr --- ROI Guy

    Nice summation, Eric. I feel good in that I had already formed my own opinion very similar to yours before this piece came out.

    I won’t be a Mass Control buyer mainly because I am not far enough down the marketing road to take proper advantage. I also will never buy anything with that name … sorry Frank, it’s just too stupid … but I did watch several of Franks videos and I recommend evryone, especailly watch his list bulding part 1 … prat 2 is just a clumsy buy my product demo.

    As I said, I’m pretty untutored in this whole business but one thing I certainly have learned of late iis … it’s not the system, it’s the product, and it’s not the product a smuch as the relationship. I unsubed from two different ‘guru’ letters already this am, because so many guys can’t get the idea they have to take a breath. Fortunately both you and Frank don’t fit in that mold … thanks.

  4. David Huff

    Thanks for the objective perspective and great advice! I’ve talked to a number of people who (like myself) have gotten sucked into too many launches by the hype instead of carefully assessing if it’s right for their business. It easy to go off in too many different directions and get overwhelmed by all of the information.

    You call to be cool headed and think about it first is right on target.

  5. Roy Aylmer

    Hi Eric

    I am so glad you decided not to promote the hype surrounding the launch of Frank Kern’s Mass Control!

    Today; I unsubscribed from the other 30+ “Friendly advice” sites that “Genuinly believe that I must buy this product!”

    Good ridence to them

    It would have been sad to loose you because your comments and advice do give a “warm and friendly feel”

    Keep up the good work

    Many thanks

    Roy Aylmer
    Stratford-on-Avon UK

  6. William Condon

    Yes I already formed an opinion that there is perhaps only one Frank Kern
    and buying his course is not going to make you a Frank Kern
    because to achieve mass control you have to be like Frank
    and have the connections he has got
    and let’s face it he has them because he is good
    now I would be willing to bet that 95% of people who purchase
    will never achieve results like Frank

    Listen to some of the claims about selling products for big money
    most product prices are now $10 that fill my inbox
    you do need a lot of traffic to make a lot of money as an affiliate
    or from affiliate sales at that rate
    regards william condon

  7. Randy T


    I thank you for reviewing the MASS CONTROL method of delivery. I am amazed at how many internet gurus are coming out all over the net these days pedaling similar programs. For the average person who wants to learn, these programs are usually just too much money. The price tag scares me, and I am sure others. If they were smart, they would have programs that go year round that would help the person that has only a little time to learn and apply. The cost could be shrunk to something manageable for a family man / woman.

    As a newer subscriber to your Eric’s Tips has made me aware that you are different than the others. Your heart is there, eager to help anyone willing to listen to excel in internet marketing. I also appreciate the sincerity and thought that goes into your blogs, and messages. Your honesty and sincerity is something rare.

    I look forward towards your future mailings, recommendations, and what you have to offer. Your credibility is one of the best I have seen. Hype you are not!

    Thank you Eric heartfully.

  8. Eric Post author

    Robert- regarding the prizes, I think there’s some sort of unwritten rule about marketers not exposing each others affiliate contests, so i won’t tell you specifically, but I will tell you the kind of prizes I’ve seen lately…

    Laptops, vacations, various electronics. Joel and I have had good luck giving away everything from massage chairs to DVD sets. Cash is always good, but it takes a lot of cash to get the attention of a super affiliate these days. I have used cash successfully though. For a good launch i think 1st place should be minimum of $500. Lately I’ve seen such things as laptops given out DAILY to top affiliates.

  9. Hewitt

    Mass Control seems to be just what I need. However I can not afford the $1,995.00 price tag.

    My business operation funds are usually under $500.00 at a given time. (this includes advertising)
    Additional funds are gotten from depressing the family budget: Then my wife yells.

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  12. steve

    once again Eric a good read and lots of good info. I also see what you mean about every man and his grandmother are promoting that. My email has gone crazy with it.

    But i think i will pass up on this as i have enough stuff to do.


  13. JJ

    I have watched a good portion of the free material and will watch the rest at some point but I DO NOT intend to BUY. I have enough course materials already available.

    If everyone who takes these courses of Frank’s is going to be implementing it, we will all just learn to ‘tune out’ this approach. Only the newbies will be most likely to jump on the products that will be coming along. Some of the people will be viewing the videos just so they can identify when they see this marketing approach coming.

    Kern’s new material basically comes across as intending to manipulate the potential buyer. Marketing is viewed as attempting to manipulate to varying degrees already. Why the need to play mind games to get sales?

    I do not see that this course is going to have continued value. If you need courses to teach you how to market, there are plenty of less expensive ones that teach the concepts.

  14. StomperNet Ex-Member

    Frank Kern is a great natural copywriter and as you said, a natural on video. If Van Cliburn offered you a weekend seminar for $2K to learn to play the piano, would you expect to come out of the weekend able to play concerts? Not going to happen.
    In StomperNet, Frank offered a version of Google Cash for the Beginner’s Fast Track program, meant to quickly generate cash from Adwords campaigns for affiliate products. Frank instructed us carefully and made money. The rest of us collectively lost thousands of dollars doing exactly what he said to do, which worked for him. StomperNet surveyed us and then buried the results.
    I’ll bet less than 2% of the Mass Control purchasers ever make their $2K back, simply because they are not Frank Kern and $2K will not make them Frank Kern.
    Remember, Frank was the Mass Control genius behind the Pipeline Profits launch. A very “successful” launch, except virtually every buyer lost money and gave it up in disgust.

  15. Kyle

    I enjoyed your review of Frank Kerns Mass Control. No doubt his psychology is in this product launch. I do believe if you have not purchased other products that a simuliar, then this will provide some good insight for those that are newer in the internet marketing arena.

    I am curious if you have reviewed the new program called SMARTS put out through Stompernet?


  16. JerryWFranklin

    Thank you, Eric.

    Your example of authenticity is inspirational to me. I really appreciate the spiritual approach you take in
    doing business. It is a sub-culture in a depraved world, unfortunately.

    Thank you for the review.

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  18. Craig C

    I get about 200 emails per day and yours, Eric, is the first to give a middle of the road, unbiased view of Frank Kern’s program.
    I so appreciate that and reckon we are headed for the day of backlash around these super hyped up releases.

    Those of us who look for trends out there see that “transparency” is what people want. Secrecy, cloaked truths,–its all getting to be a bit much and the climate, at least in America, is craving more from people who aren’t afraid to just be authentic, truthful and exposed. I think Europe is much more used to that from politicians and sales forces than we are in the USA. The bottomline is that so much trust has eroded in so many places that populace is just plain getting fed up!

    Anyway, off my soap box.
    I’m fairly new at this IM stuff and wanting to shift my income more to this profession. One of the first things I’m having to learn is what lots of folks have already mentioned: discernment and focus and action is where its at.

    Thanks and keep up the good work. I’m pleased to be on your sub list.



  19. Peter

    I have changed my mind about 10 times today as to buy or not to buy Franks course.

    I am still undecided.

    My heart says “go for it” .. my head says “you probably already know what need to know – it’s just common sense”.

    I’m gunna sleep on it.

    Thanks for you opinions though.


  20. Kathy

    I also want to thank you for your insight. I am glad that you put all of the links to the videos in one place so I can view them again. Thanks!
    I am very impressed with how much information that Frank Kern has given away with this launch. I own Jeff Walker’s course and have used it on one launch so far with some results. I’ll be curious to see what the results of giving so much information will do to his sales success.
    I hope it works in Frank’s favor.
    Thank you for your honesty,

  21. Patricia Hagaman

    Thank you so much Eric for standing for what you believe.
    Everytime I get an email from you it confirms to me that you have INTEGRITY.
    We really need to work while it is still called day…there is coming a time when it is all coming down.
    I am not trying to sound cynical but every, has it’s day to shine.
    Thank you for your blog I really enjoy reading what others are saying also they encourage me to keep going.

  22. Nico Pisani

    Imagine teaching people how to be nice, honest, and passionate and getting 2k per person.
    That’s some sauve stuff from Frank Kern… but if you’ve paid attention to the launch rollout.. the method has been laid out on silver platter… and Mass Control is pretty much the Product Launch Formula with a little added Personality… but Frank has been flawless in his timing in this Campaign… it has been very interesting and educational to watch this rollout… but any more lead in could induce Mass Convulsions… LOL i am glad they launch tomorrow.. i want my inbox back;)

    look forward to seeing you in Orlando next week! Pura Vida! Nico

  23. Lisa Marie Mary

    Thanks, Eric, for this great – and honest – review of Mass Control. I have learned a lot from the launch and all of the materials, and I’ve had a lot of ideas spark up in my mind while watching all of it. I will not be buying the program – I cannot afford it. I am so grateful, however, to have learned so much, just from the launch. It’s been awesome – I’m just kind of bummin’ that he is selling tomorrow – it will get really quiet over there for those of us not buying. 😉 We do have the webinar tonight, though. And like you said, I will be going back through the materials again, for sure!

  24. Kay

    Let me add my thanks Eric,

    I have to admit after seeing the videos my first response was WOW this guy is brilliant (and he is)!! My degree in Marketing goes all the way back to 1979 and in all this time I have yet to see anyone write a sales letter with so much forethought into every sentence, phrase, punctuation, layout, bold emphasis, photos, etc… He literally changed the way I view the written text.

    That being said, I questioned what more I could possibly gain after seeing how he dissected his own sales letter – I understood every nuance of what he was doing and in all honesty never even considered such complexity being used to strategically sale on that magnitude. It was certainly eye opening.

    Will I buy? I have been asking myself that for the last two weeks… I have spent so much of the last month re-learning everything I ever thought I knew about internet marketing (funny we have to relearn again and again – the internet keeps reinventing itself every few months so what worked last year will be obsolete this year) and I finally feel like I have a strong enough grasp on the latest trends and technologies to begin moving forward in my own projects again. I don’t think I will invest more money at this time.

    Of course I will be looking for more marketing and ecommerce education in another 6 months as things once more start changing and the mass control becomes just one more text bombardment that eats away at our most precious commodity – our time. But it sure has been a fun ride and I look forward to the next “big launch” whatever that may be.

    One thing I will say about online marketing – you have to have a passion for learning if you want to remain effective in this industry.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and review. I agree with your valid assessment and I look forward to your continued honest evaluations and feedback.

    Mistress Kay

  25. Amelia

    Thanks for your tips. I too felt the same way. I am a newbie and I am one of the guilty ones who purchased course after course, read part of it and then losr focus. I am not very keen on Mind Control as I feel it is not right.

  26. Wendy

    Thank you Eric
    I am very new to this IM and trying to learn all that I can.
    You and your emails are so quick and easy to read. I just HAD to see what you had to say about Master Control.
    I, too, read the pdf as well as listened to the videos. Lots of GREAT information. Perhaps if I had perfected my new website I would take advantage.
    Thanks again, Wendy

  27. Ed Erickson

    Great indepth thoughts Eric. Thanks for being such a straight-shooter. I appreciate your style.

    I’m with you. I’m just studying the videos and case studies and the PLF application. There is a lot to take note of. His approach is very “social networking-esque” in it’s natural, *transparent* communication style. It certainly fits the new “Interaction Age.”

    Here’s to you being just as successful in 2008 as you were last year.

  28. robert

    Thanks for your opinions on Mass Contol, I alway look for great opnions on new products that come out.

  29. Faye

    Hi Eric,

    I read the piece you wrote on Kern’s Mass Control on your blog and just wanted to say that it was very well written (as are all of your pieces, actually).

    As a writer and editor, sometimes I find the writing of internet marketers to be painfully bad! It seems to be a “thing” with both internet marketers, in general, as well as the “younger” generation, to have poor grammar and spelling, as if it’s “cool” or just doesn’t matter. Seems to me if you can earn $100,000 in a day, you can get someone to edit your materials, rather than perpetuating ignorance.

    Thanks again,
    Faye Levow
    “We Take Care of ALL Your Wordly Desires!”

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  31. Juan Pablo Cangas

    You’re most welcome, Eric.
    Would love to see you here as well 🙂

    By the way… I’m still making up my mind whether I’m buying mass control or not, LOL

  32. John Michael Christian

    Thanks for an objective look at MC Eric. It’s was great reading, and it’s reassuring to know that there are some “gurus” who don’t want to manipulate people. I’m still pretty much a newbie, but as a case in point, I’ve been redesigning my affiliate WIT site to reflect this mindset. I don’t want to be party to pushing people’s hot buttons or trying to manipulating them to buy my products no matter how good they are. I believe that, as you said, sincerity and trust are keywords for the future and it seems to me have been a long time in coming. Thanks again Eric, it’s always a pleasure.
    The Best!

  33. Ken

    First, let me say thanks Eric for not promoting this mad house. I haven’t unsub’ed yet from any who are promoting it but with my mail running almost double what it usually does I may start. Secondly, if I or other newbies could afford to lay out $2K, we probably wouldn’t need the course. We would already have the cash flow we needed or at least be a long way down the road to obtaining it. I viewed this like so many other launches, just another media frenzie to line a few peoples pocket, launches like Butterfly Marketing and a dozen others I have seen in the last year. I view all this as a false feeding frenzie. Get people excited enough with the “new wonderful product that is going to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams” and many will buy, whether they are able to afford it or not, and it most likely will sit on the shelf after the excitement wares off. Little does the marketer care as long as the cash keeps rolling in. It is a valid marketing tool but to me unethical to the max. So enough rant! Thanks again for your honest summary. That is why I stay subscribed to your letter. Hang in there and the best to you. Maybe one day I will make it to your level of expertise.


  34. John Kremer

    Thanks, Eric, for the review. Insightful.

    This month has seen the launch of at least four such big events, all using similar techniques of giving away a lot of content along with great sales letters and lots of affiliates. I bought into one: the SMARTS program from StomperNet. Frank Kern’s fee of $1995 is no burden to me, but I am tired of the excessive promotion, so I decided not to take part in his launch.

    I have bought into a number of other expensive programs planning to carry out some various promotions, but quite honestly, it’s hard to find the time to do everything. I have learned to focus on the most important things.

    John Kremer

  35. Russ

    Hey Eric,

    Bud, you have just confirmed what I have been thinking from almost the beginning of the MC Pre-Launch.

    And… I agree with you and those commentors here, who realize that Frank has actually given away enough information about the program allready, for anyone to be able to increase their online profits accordingly.

    I also want to commend YOU for giving us what, IMHO, has to be one of the best reviews I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.

    Thanks Alot Eric…Keep it coming, Sir;~))



  36. lee

    fun house poem …. I am i .m the info junky into the info junk can;t live with or with out . man atee are so much fun . blobb blubb blub blub … master of self or control kernals what;s you;re song your way, you find out , peace out .

  37. Pierre Chuong

    Thanks, Eric, for the review. Frank Kern Earns himself as that guy with big launches and seems to help the other gurus with massive launches putting millions in their pocket. Marketing is all about Mass Control and if you know the formula, you can write your own ticket… whenever.

    Pierre Chuong
    Internet Marketing Mentor

  38. frank burns

    To Market or Not To Market. We all have to decide who we can trust when it comes to a product launch. In this case the price is extremely high and it does not take into account for the in-experienced Newbie or small business owner. If someone wants to market a product they should allow for marketing within all levels especially for pricing. If 340 million people paid $7.00 for the article imagine how effective & valuable the product would become over time. To include Social Networking and it’s members with affordable costing would set a precedent far beyond real term expectations.
    Mass Control, what is it? What are it’s primary functions and how effective will it reach it’s target goals. Whilst respecting the owner of the product, we must ask ourselves how this article will improve our marketing relationship and does it work through all levels of marketing which will comply to respective guidelines.

  39. Ian Traynor

    Hi Eric

    Today I was going to write in my “Marketing Update” newsletter why I was not promoting “Mass Control”.

    But I’m not going to bother now. Your post says it all, so I’ll just direct my subscribers to your blog!

    And the comments you have received are just as useful as your original post.

    Kind Regards

    Ian Traynor
    Professional Webmaster

  40. Jim Hunt

    Hi Eric,

    Good to meet up with you again. Maybe you wouldn’t mind popping on over to my blog to continue the discussion? You can probably guess by now that the World Wide Web Gurus verdict on this product is – IT SUCKS!

    For our usual in depth analysis of why we say this so bluntly please check out:

  41. Michael D. Walker

    Hi Eric,

    As always, you deliver a clear, no-nonsense, level-headed approach to all the hype and hoopla surrounding a new product launch.

    I, for one, appreciate the honest comments, especially in regard to people who already own Filsaime’s Butterfly product or Jeff’s Product Launch Formula.

    Now, to put you on the spot a little bit: If you were someone who was close to buying Butterfly or Product Launch Formula or Mass Control, which would you
    recommend for the marketer just getting their own business up and running?

    I know that’s putting you on the spot and I don’t expect you to answer here. But, I’d love to hear your take on it.

    Keep up the great work!

    Michael D. Walker

  42. Harry

    Complete and utter waffle, bullsh*t, and so evidently self-serving.
    You are becoming just another pedlar of dreams.

    BTW. When are you going to grow up?



  43. Graham in the U.K.

    Hi Eric
    Another good review – Mass Control
    I like Frank Kern, he has a very easy, relaxed manner that comes across very well, and he makes it look so simple and easy – but of course…….. it’s not. Frank is a very clever guy!
    The last three launches (John Reese, Armand Morin and now Frank’s, Mass Control
    have all cost around $2000 and this puts it way out of reach for most of us.
    I must say that Armand’s course was supposed to be for all – especially newbies and I for one was (even after all the hype) – eager to buy – then we found out the price and I felt dismayed and somewhat cheated!
    Still if you are a Guru and earning $millions each year, who am I to say what’s a fair price?
    But you don’t have to be a Guru to know that he could have sold a lot more had the price
    been more realistic.

    Graham in U.K.

  44. Nick

    Hi, I’m still a newbie in a lot of ways and as much as I can learn from this course, its difficult to keeping finding more money for another “silver bullet” to all our woes.

    He does offer a money back guarantee that is very impressive. Basically, 90 days to earn your money back or he’ll refund it plus an extra $500 if it does not work. (Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself in case I got it wrong)

    This means that you should not lose a CENT.

    My problem is that I don’t need another course to get my head around when I have paid for courses that I need to properly understand. So I’m not doing justice to myself or previous guru’s by starting another course.

    Its a matter of focusing on a direction and not getting distracted again but another latest and greatest.

    However, if I was looking for something, then I’d go for it based on the strenght of the Guarantee’s alone.


  45. Jason Counts

    Nice review Eric, kinda makes me feel a little better about not having the moola at the moment to shell out for Frank’s course. I’ve been following you on and off ever since I purchased the “Motivated Marketing System” from you a few years back. I did learn quite a bit though, just by watching the videos on his blog and observing his launch strategies in the affiliate area. Besides, I’m still digesting all the content from you and Joel’s Secret Classroom DVD’s… you guys really did a hell of a job producing that. I’ve learned a ton of stuff from those DVD’s…. so thanks.

    Personally, I would have promoted Frank’s course.. in a reasonable, non-annoying way… but I’ve just been so overwhelmed with a couple of large scale sites I’ve been developing for a couple of years now… that it would have just been pointless for me to try and attempt promoting it. I wrote up a short blog post explaining why I wasn’t promoting it, but was still recommending people check it out and judge for themselves.

    Anyways… thanks again Eric… I’ll be seeing you around.

    Jason Counts
    aka: The FireStorm Marketer

  46. JIm


    Congratulations on not jumping on the MC bandwagon. I am on lots of lists so that I can learn from the “Gurus” how to promote…but I noticed that many (most) cannot resist throwing the mass controll launch on to the wall (their subscribers) to see if it will stick.

    It shows the SLEAZY side of Guru Incest…many of these marketers who are so concerned with my welfare cannot resist throwing this big ticket item at their lists…then next week it will be back to “let me tell you the real truth about IM” ” I only want to help the little guy or the newbie”

    So far less than 5 marketers have had the honesty to bypass their greed and not recomend or at least caution me about buying MC.

    Eric you are one of them. It is to your credit,

    PS I have been very busy unsubscribing from the promoters of MC


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