Mike Filsaime’s New Product Leaked!

By | August 1, 2006

Special Edition – 8/1/2006

It was bound to happen…

As soon as I heard that Mike Filsaime was hell-bent on keeping his new product a secret until launch day, I knew he was in for trouble.

All it took were a few whispers from his closest JV partners, and the internet marketing dark side’s counterintelligence unit quickly caught wind of it.

From what I’ve heard, Mike was abducted by the Black Hat Marketing Alliance, and he’s currently being held in an undisclosed location as they try to extract the data from his brain.

So far they’ve been unsuccessful at recovering the complete project, but some bits of it have been decoded.

Satellite imagery from my sources has revealed some important information…

Mike Filsaime's brain
The transmission was a little fuzzy on this one, but I think it’s pretty clear that they were able to extract a launch date:

Tuesday August 8th at 12:00 Noon EST

The next one is a little more clear…

Secret ebook

Unfortunately for us, Mike’s captives scrambled the communication at the last minute to encrypt the title of the new product.

Now I need your help. I think we should come up with some creative names for Mike’s new product.

To make it fun, let’s have a contest. The person who posts the most creative name (I’ll be the judge) will win a prize.

I’ll mail to the winner the CD audio interview with Richard Schefren from Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing home study course. This will be the original CD from my personal collection (not a copy).

Richard Schefren
If you’re on any marketing lists, I’m sure you’ve heard about Richard Schefren lately, and how his $5,000 coaching program sold out in like 2 hours.

Needless to say, this CD could be a nice addition to your business library.

Just post your creative product title in the comments. If you DO KNOW the title, please do not post it…your comment will not be approved.

Remember, I’m not looking for the correct title (my undercover field agents are already working on getting that)…I’m looking for creativity.

Get your answers in, because I could pick a winner at any time. It will be no later than a week from today (August 8th- launch day), but maybe earlier. I’ll announce the winner in my newsletter, so be sure you’re signed up.

Stay tuned for another top secret transmission…

74 thoughts on “Mike Filsaime’s New Product Leaked!

  1. dan wong

    Hi Eric,

    I think the title should be ” NBA ” = Next Butterfly Association …. ( winner take all )


  2. Peter

    The Cocoon of Butterfly Marketing

    The Secrets of The Last Butterfly

    The Silence of The Butterfly

    Butterfly Never Dies

    Marketing Like A Butterfly

    Why You Must Be A Butterfly

    Butterfly Never Sleeps

  3. ron law

    Hey Eric,

    Call it ” Buffy The Marketing slayer ”

    What do you think ?

  4. Rajesh

    Hi Everyone,

    Eric-Thanks for starting an interesting contest with an award from your side.

    Well, I could think of these two titles for Mike product –

    Big Shot Marketing
    The Marketing Fox

    Eagerly Waiting for seeing the name of the Winner



  5. Sully

    “The Butterfly MorphArc Project”…
    or “The Frankinstein Butterfly Effect”
    or how about “The Butterfly Re-Animator Approach”..
    Either way it should be interesting..

    Peace & Blessings…

  6. Sully

    Hi Eric,
    I am enjoying your tips, and Filsaime new product if nothing else it will be fun to read about in detail. Sully….

  7. Steve Meade

    It is I-5 and it is a personal coaching program. It costs 1500 to join and 500 a month for the private coaching.

  8. mark

    Hello Eric,

    Here is my guess………………. Ultimate Multi-Bufferfly Machine

    Good Luck Everyone Else

  9. Eric Post author


    There were lots of good titles…

    I liked John’s idea of a prequel, “Caterpillar Marketing”… it would be a great name for a guide for newbies… except one of our Eric’s Tips readers (Anthony Tomei) already has a site by that name 😉

    Pat’s answers made me laugh the hardest, like…

    “Butterfly eats compotishion and flies off with all the cabbages”

    I was like… LOL, WHAT?

    There were a LOT of creative butterfly-related names. Donna get’s bonus points for her graphic: http://affordapixel.com/images/butterfly-marketing-by-bizunlim-sm.jpg

    I even got a chuckle out of a few of the jaded answers, and this tongue-in-cheek title: “More of the Filsaime”.

    I had to deduct a few points from Shawn for practically spamming our contest, but hey–enthusiasm is key! A lot of others seemed to think Shawn was onto something good with the Matrix theme, so he gets bonus points for that.

    In fact, I’m going to send Shawn another Butterfly CD just for the enthusiasm. Let it be a lesson for future contests… you can never put forth too much effort 😉

    In the end, I’ve decided to go with Howie:

    Filsaime……..Michael Filsaime 007 in…….
    “Licence to Kill……..Your Competition”
    You’ll be both Shaken and Stirred

    Howie and Shawn, just give me your addresses in a helpdesk ticket and I’ll send out those CD’s.


  10. Howie

    I know it may sound pathetic to some, but you just made my day brotha Eric! I had no clue that I won that contest until just now and it caught me by surprise. Especially since I never win anything. However, I will win this game of life outside of a suit and tie in some office. I will find my way to make even more money online and hopefully start to reach that next level. The biggest problem that I have and I think a lot of people probably have is that there is so many things out there and its all exciting, new, and interesting, it becomes very difficult to just focus on one thing at a time and make some money. That is one of my personal flaws right now and I need to just slow down. The knowledge and amount of information being marketed everywhere to make money online and different systems, products, and theories always gets my brain kickin with some really great ideas. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for choosing me as the contest winner and I will email you with my address asap. Have a good one!

    Howie J


  11. Stevo

    If we get Mike Filsaime to dress like a butterfly, can we get the bumble-bee girl from the “No Rain” video too?


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