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By | August 1, 2006

UPDATE: This product is now outdated. I am leaving it here for informational purposes only. To get the most up-to-date information and recommendations, please join my free newsletter.

Edition #71 – 8/1/2006

Today my friend Jeff Dedrick launched Secret Page Spy, which is a free membership site with tools to help you “spy” on your competition.

Secret Page Spy graphic

Often when a program is free, it automatically gets the “no brainer” label from myself and internet marketers. In other words, many marketers are willing to say “go ahead and download it”, after all you’ve got nothing to lose, right?

However, with the ever-increasing number of free programs filling the marketplace, I think it’s becoming important to review the free programs side-by-side with their more expensive alternatives.

The reason for this is because for many marketers (including myself), it’s more important to use the RIGHT tool than it is to use the least expensive tool. For example, why would I want to use a free tool if I could pay $100 for something that was 500% more efficient?

In the case of Secret Page Spy, I think it’s a good program that you should check out. It gives you a nice overview of what the top ranking websites are doing from an SEO standpoint.

In the past, I’ve used SEO Elite for most of my SEO “spying”. SEO Elite is a slick $167 program, and it definitely has a lot more functionality that Secret Page Spy; however, Secret Page Spy does some cool things that SEO Elite doesn’t do!

For example, SEO Elite is perfect for looking at all the numbers (like number of links, PageRank, Alexa, etc), but it doesn’t show you the keyword and meta tag information. Secret Page Spy shows you the title, description, and keywords all at a glance.

Of course that’s all free information. You could simply go to Google and do a search for your keyword, and analyze the top ten results yourself. But think about how much time it would take you to go to each of those 10 sites, extract the info into a spreadsheet, do a word count of each page, calculate the keyword density, etc.

By using Secret Page Spy, you save a LOT of time.

As a stand-alone spy tool, I’d say it’s lacking in a few areas where SEO Elite does a great job, but it provides an “at a glance” research function that I haven’t found elsewhere. In conclusion, this is another great freebie that is well worth your time if you’re interested in competing for top search engine rankings.

Join Secret Page Spy For Free Here…

Probably more consequential from a marketing standpoint is what Jeff is doing with the affiliate program. He’s giving the opportunity to make 100% commissions, plus an even more unusal twist… the ability to create your own One Time Offer that will be displayed to your referrals.

At the very least, I’d encourage you to check it out and analyze his marketing techniques.

13 thoughts on “Secret Page Spy from Jeff Dedrick

  1. said hassan


  2. Shawn

    Hi Eric,

    Did you try that program yourself? I did register and try but nothing is working. You put in any url and returned nothing. Please tell your buddy check on his own.

  3. Dennis

    Hi Eric,
    This site must be getting tons of traffic because I got the following message when I tried to register.

    New User Registration
    Registration is temporarily disabled.
    Current members and affiliates will not be able to access
    the site from 2 minutes to up to 2 hours because you will
    have the DNS cached already. So the downtime will depend
    on where you live and how fast change gets to you.

    I’ll try again later.

  4. Eric Post author

    Shawn- Yeah I had pre-launch access so I tested it all out yesterday and it works good. The problem is because of the amount of traffic he’s currently getting.

    Dennis- Yup it’s been getting totally slammed all day. I’d suggest trying tomorrow, the deal will still be there for at least a couple days. He’s offering the 100% commission deal for the first 1000 who get the OTO, but I doubt he’s hit that amount yet…

  5. Edward Han

    Registered but unable to login. Tried the support helpdesk but the Verify Registration image is missing so cannot register. Hope to be able to login soon. Cheers!

  6. Shawn

    Just tried —

    It only returns the number of words counts and not even correct ( only has two words?)

    No other detail return working yet.

    Still traffic? But I login no problem.

    I guess it was redirect to somewhere else to get the result but go stuck because the real source blocking of the hugh traffic. Else, his in-house programs just cann’t handle the heat/hits.

  7. Suzanna

    Thanks for the Great tip on the Freebie Spy Page, excellent idea. I too registered yesterday and found loadtime too long for the Program to Run. However I also understood the site was getting bombbarded and didn’t even try to download anything or do any investigation. I will revisit today or tommarow when the initial Grand Slam slows down a bit. Looks like it will also be fun to play with. For a Free SEO tool, it is a good place for people to start. I did like it well enough to put a brief review and link on my own web site. As always your Honesty is very much appreciated. Cheers and God Bless to you and Your Family!

  8. steve

    i have come across even a similar program entitled, Traffic Travis, available at
    very similar to the program secret spy page.

    How does this program compare to secret spy page, or even Seoelite..

    maybe you could review this program sometime, i like reading your reviews and find them very informative.



  9. Eric Post author

    Steve- I am not familiar with Traffic Travis, but from the sales page it does seem to bear some similarities. If any one else out there can speak from experience, we’d be happy to hear about it.

  10. Bryan

    I love compareing websites with various programs including seo elite. There is alot of interesting info but I got one competitor that defies all logic. LOL their site makes no seo sense at all really. BUT it is huge. pages are huge with tons of internal links and very few links coming in. Ill have to try this program and see if it sheds any light. If anybody wants to take a look pop me an email.


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