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By | April 10, 2007

Special Edition

I’ve been nominated for the Online Marketer of the Year award, which is being sponsored by Russell Brunson and his company.

I normally don’t get too excited about this type of thing, but in this case I have to say it’s an honor, and when you see the other nominees you’ll understand why I feel this way.

There’s a lot of folks on the list who have been marketing a lot longer than me… some of them longer than I’ve been alive 😉

Russell says the competition is going to be sort of like “American Idol” style. I’m going to be competing against 49 other marketers and I need your support so I can win.

Each participant will conduct a “webinar” where they’ll give everything they’ve got to convince you to cast your vote.

If you aren’t familiar with webinars, it’s a really cool technology where you get to not only listen to each participant on the phone, but WATCH them work their magic on the computer screen.

Among the 50 marketers who are going to battle it out are Dan Kennedy, Robert Allen, Mark Joyner, Yanik Silver, Mike Filsaime, Joel Comm, Perry Marshall, Brad Fallon and ME!

The best part is that this “Virtual Seminar” won’t cost you a cent, and you’ll get to “spy” on the computer desktops of ALL of these elite internet marketers.

So head on over to…

(Link removed – no longer available)

…and be prepared to cast your vote for “Online Marketer of the Year!”

As always you are welcome to post your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

46 thoughts on “Online Marketer of the Year

  1. Renate Schedl

    Hi Eric, of course I will vote for you. That a little way to thank you for all your tips and goodies I’m profitting from.

    I’ll press all my thumbs, that you as one of the youngsters will win.

    Warm regards
    Renate Schedl

  2. flwong

    Hi Eric,

    I strongly believe you will be the person as a honest marketers that i have ever known. I cast you for my vote for you.

    Good luck and may god bless you for the award.



    THANKS .

  4. Donawithimoms

    Of course you would be my pick as I find your informative blog the easiest to grasp. Good fortune to you Eric.Thanks for the chance to cast a vote for you and yours..Dona

  5. Chris

    Hey Eric,

    How can you compete with your friends/aliates/coparteners/coaffiliates/etc… ???


  6. Martin D

    Hi Eric,
    I can’t believe I’m the first to leave a comment here, what have you done to the others?

    Congratulations on being nominated for “On-line Marketer of the Year” and quite deservedly so. I’m sure you feel very honoured and priviliged to be regarded as a person to be worthy of the chance to contend for the title. And I’m sure you will come at the top.

    I know you have other marketers of high regard to battle against but you have the edge over most of them in that you devote alot of your time investigating, researching other programs & revealing your verdict to us, your members, guiding us to or away from those programs. You are not only thinking of yourself & trying to stuff your wallet but you are concerned for your members & only pitch what you think is beneficial to us.
    That is why you deserve the title of “On-line Marketer of the Year”

    I have already signed up to this exciting program & you will get my vote! & I’ll get to see over your shoulder, watching your every move on your PC and recording your secrets, Wah Weeeeeh, I can’t wait!

    You don’t need Lady Luck with this, just be your ususal self & you’ll shine through!

  7. rajeev

    Ofcourse you are super star marketer . Only superstar marketer helps others HONESTLY.

  8. Bishop

    Hi Eric,

    Bishop Anders here.

    I was at yanics event, but can’t remember if I had the honor of meeting you there.

    Anyway, I’m going to jump right in and no doubt get some people ticked off, but what the heck, I can handle it 🙂

    Here is the thing….

    It’s official… you are one of ‘them’.

    It is clear that you have fully joined their little circle-jerk and are obviously in full motion.

    You know, it smells like a sell-out to me… and not the good kind.

    It seems that you have lost touch with ‘your people’ even though you still actively participate in relationship marketing.

    Don’t get me wrong, all of us are in this game for the money, but often you gurus get a little to full of yourself and start basically only hob-knobbing with your fellow gurus and using us regular folk as fodder for your wallet.

    I have always enjoyed your communications and will continue to receive them, but now you are going to get moved into the guru folder…. that’s the folder that catches all of the over hyped back scratching bs that gurus do for each other while just sucking money or fame out of their client base (yeah, that’s us).

    Anyway, it was nice ‘knowing’ you while you are among the ranks of real online marketers, and it’s a shame to lose you to the ranks of self serving gurus, but what the heck, you deserve it, you have kissed enough butt, turned your back on enough aspiring marketers in order to appease your fellow gurus and promo their stuff, you have refused to help start out marketers by encouraging your own guru contact list to promote for them….. yes Eric, you deserve this, you have eared it… you are now a full scale guru.

    That’s my two cents.


  9. Saa Edward fillie

    Dear Eric,

    I openly nominate you from my heart as been one of the greatest marketer of the year22007.

    Mr. Saa Edward Fillie
    Freetown- Sierra Leone

  10. Saa Edward fillie


    I Saa Edward Fillie of Freetown-Sierra Leone hereby openly cast my vote for Eric as The marketer of the year 2007. And i thanked all my brothers and sisters around the world who took the pain to cast their votes for a great son of the United States of America for this contest.

    Saa Edward Fillie
    Freetown- Sierra Leone
    00232 076 728 195

  11. Eric Post author

    Bishop- thanks for the input. Am I a guru? I guess that depends on your definition. A guru is a teacher, and anyone who aspires to be an expert in their field should aspire to be a guru. Unfortunately guru’s have gotten a bad rap in our industry (for good reason), which is why I chose long ago to differentiate myself as a non-guru.

    So if you want to accuse me of being a guru, ok I’ll take that.

    But you’re dead wrong about me turning my back on aspiring marketers. In addition ot helping hundreds of them, I have promoted several of them AND even gotten some of my guru friends to promote them as well.

  12. Bishop

    Great reply Eric (I knew you would allow that post, and knew that you would have a great reply!)

    BUT… that doesn’t change a thing. Online gurus have a bad rap because they stick together like the jocks in high-school and snub the nerds in near totality, only letting in the occasional one to pat him on the head for a moment and send him scuttling along his merry little way.

    You refer to yourself as the ‘non-guru’, but who are you trying to fool?… yourself, or your readers.

    If it is your readers, then you might get by with it, but basically you are just teaching them to assign a different name to the same value ‘guru’.

    Do you think that all of the people who go to those events and have the gurus turn their back to them do not realize that they were snubbed, insulted, and overall ignored?… not likely Eric.

    The fact that they smile and stick their thumb in the air and loudly proclaim “Great Event!” really only shows that they felt ripped off but are afraid that others did benefit and that they did something wrong…. in other words, they don’t want to piss off the jocks because they eventually hope to be in that tight little inner-circle.

    You should try sitting down with some of those people who you don’t know, and don’t tell them who you are… just listen to their real conversations…. they are embarrassed, they feel ripped off, and they will keep pumping money into your pockets until something a little better comes along. And honestly, you guys sure keep the bar low in those regards, so its only a matter of time. 🙂

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming you for doing it all, but the fact is, you are now included in that group and you need to accept the harm that you do just as readily as you accept the praise that you get.

    Now, this is sure one-sided, so I’ll tell you something about me that people are free to call ‘bad’ so that I don’t come off sounding like a boy scout in this whole exchange.

    I automate, I mass market, and from time to time I piss people off over it… I happen to like that, but that is beside the point entirely because the fact is, almost every day I get notes from mad web page owners because I slammed a ‘junk,generated,template’ page into the top position under their main keywords, and I simple redirect that traffic to an affiliate page… some people call this search engine spam :-)… I call it pay day.

    I never make excuses for what I do, I take full responsibility for my actions, it doesn’t matter if that action causes a lot of people to make money and I deserve praise and it doesn’t matter if my action knocked some hard working ‘natural/white hat’ web site owner off the charts and caused him to lose his income entirely. I don’t make excuses, I simply play the game how it suits me to play.

    My point — why not just step up Eric. Stop fooling your own people who are loyal to you, openly admit who you are and what you do, the good as well as the bad.

    You aren’t a saint, you are a marketer. Marketers don’t have to be liars. Eric, You don’t have to be a liar either.

    Try this on for size. Openly admit to your readers that you will not likely give them a break into the market other than the affiliate deals that you push for your guru brethren, and tell them that its just the nature of your beast. No shame in that, and at least they know the real deal coming in rather than finding out later and feeling like you made a fool of them.

    Just Saying…


  13. Eric Post author

    Bishop- you are jaded. Just because a lot of people fail, that doesn’t mean everyone will fail, and neither will I stop giving them hope as long as I’m in this business. You also don’t know my future plans. Although my tips are already reaching many, I am only able to personally help a handful of people as you have guessed. But I believe I will soon be leveraging the business I’ve built to reach more aspiring marketers in a more personal and meaningful way.

    You also miss the point of my newsletter if you only look at it on the surface. I’ve written on many occasions that you should not only look at what I’m doing and promoting, but that you should look at HOW I’m doing it, and do the same. Some folks have done it, and if I wanted to name names I could point to a number of newbies AND gurus who have copied things I’ve said or done in this newsletter, and have benefited from it.

    I make no secret about this newsletter being motivated partly by profit, and I’ve also said it in several editions or in response to readers’ comments. I know that my readers are smart enough to realize when I’m trying to sell them something, and I expect the successful ones to learn something from it. While I do sometime talk about my intentions, I don’t think it’s always necessary. Sometimes it may be necessary to explain “what” I’m doing, but other times I think it’s OK to just DO it and let my readers watch me.

  14. Sylvia Pemberton

    Hi, Like many other newbies Im bombarded by help from Experts which I must admit goes into my “Pending” email folder to read at my leisure! Youve got a folder to yourself and I never delete your Tips but read them constantly. Ill cetainly vote for you as you dont seem to be as money grabbing as some. Changing subject everso slightly! At last I have an active domain and hosted website. Please see if there is anything of interest to you or give me your opinion which I would value. best wishes, S

  15. Bishop

    Jaded– Not at all!

    Actually Eric, I was just having a little fun with ya. You have such a light complexion, I know for a fact that I caused you to turn 3-4 shades of darker red.

    I don’t take back anything I said, but I did say it all with a big grin on my face.

    Its good for you to get called to task every once in a while, after all, the net certainly doesnt need another swolen head littering the landscape.

    Relax, you are still loved and adored by millions 🙂

    You know you like it….


  16. Herison

    Nice issue Eric.
    I will support you as i can do Eric.
    One again Eric.
    You properly get the #1 marketer of the years.


  17. Abel

    Hi Eric,
    Know that my vote will be for you. This is because of your favourable tips and goodies, and of couse your degree of honest in dealings as a young online marketer. The other thing is that you are always there for information, updates and advice. Congratulations and good luck!!!

  18. Richard Posner

    I wrote this letter to him, but I am sorry to say that you must be clumped in. Both of you are good guys, but that’s no excuse for this self-aggrandizement, Eric….

    Dear Dave (Lakhani) & Fellow Travelers,
    You happen to be the umpteenth writer of a similar message, so I
    will dump on you. This campaign is pure flatulence and a PR stunt.
    Yes, only one guru will get the nod, but every one of the several dozen
    entered by magic will get a lot of exposure – which is music to the ear
    of a PR man such as yourself! The winner is the one with the largest
    mailing list of happy people.
    All the fraternal hype begins to make all non-gurus and wannabes
    groan and snicker. Buzz, buzz, buzz…how can an honest man separate
    the wheat from the chaff? I can’t trust any of you because you are
    conspiring against the innocent, hungry entrepreneur. I am so
    disappointed that Eric Holmgrund and a host of others choose to
    participate in such a stunt. Where are the purists who provide pure
    opportunity and information of quality?
    Millions of people like myself are overloaded with information. We
    needn’t delve into the computer of gurus, we only need choose one to
    follow and hone in. There are no secrets, only undiscovered truths.
    Anyone who holds back everything as a secret for money and a chance to
    soak each one of us dry, doesn’t believe in the Law of Abundance. They
    believe in the Law of the Jungle. Unwittingly, many gurus have taken
    the Jungle to heart.
    You will not have my assistance in gathering votes for this clever
    charade, Dave, nor will any other marketer sending me this message.

    Yours sincerely,

    Richard Posner

  19. Patty Higuera

    Erics Tips;; how is the weather there . here it is very cold & windy. how do we get started on making money please let us know. for voting good luck

  20. Veronica

    Hi Eric,
    I filled in the form and then read the promotion page. Back to front move, I know. I then unsubscribed!
    I would be delighted to vote for you in a genuine award contest, but this is not one such award. It appears to me to be a new take on Mike Filsaime’s “Easter Giveaway”. This means that we “voters” are going to have our email addresses shared with 50 members of the so called “contest”. Who has the time to read all of these emails? Who has the time to unsubscribe from them? I’ve never been a lover of gimmicks and I fear that this “contest” is just that.
    If I’m way off base Eric please explain.
    Kind wishes always

  21. Helena

    Thanks eric for the chance to profile and sincere congratulations on your nomination for award. I personally have read e-mails or ezines from five of the nominees so there is marketing effectiveness in action, almost to the point of saturation!

    I have yet to set up aweber due to costing – but have a baby blog and promote affliate products from time to time. I live in NZ and am happy to help people if they email me and are prepared to place a fee in my blog paypal donation icon! I can help with a number of general inquiries put simply I can usually work things out with the right monetary incentive. Best of luck for the final.
    My favourite on line for this year remains rosalind gardiner although I still see a huge gap in my customer satisfaction in terms of offers that are valid outside of the USA and canada. I have been introduced to commission juction and ezine marketing etc and all of this has helped me on my journey. The thing about blogging also it that it does help with templating or learning the web site basics and this is often a neccessary base step we should encourage.

    Best, heli

  22. Eric Post author

    Veronica – it’s not one of those giveaways where everyone gets your email address. Only Russell gets it. Others would only get it if you download their unadvertised bonuses and opt into their stuff.

  23. CATE

    Congratulations for your success. I will just vote for you , hope you will make it. Keep up the good work.

  24. Lynn

    Having personally just been “buzzed out” in the regional final of “Britain has Talent” I know exactly how you feel! LOL

    My fingers are crossed for you. I’m sure it will be a great experience either way.

  25. Blessing

    Hellow Eric,
    Congtulations on your nomination as one of the best internet marketers. I am really happy for you. If i had the opportunity to vote, you are my candidate. My constraint is that i am really a novice to all this stuff. I just enjoy receiving mails from you but i don’t do any thing with them.I would love to register, but i don’t know if there will be limited spaces so that i don’t grab the seat of a hot participant.
    Love you and God bless.
    You are made for the top! Go grab it!

  26. krishnamurthy vasudevan

    Dear Eric’s Tips,

    I shall always vote for you…Sure.

    You are Eric’s TIPS.

    You will soon see TOPS…!!!

    I searchd all around …there were no ballot boxes nor the electronic voting system …!

    So, I registered your name in my Heart .

    Now , my heart is beating regularly and strongly .

    Thanking you,

    With Best Regards

    krishnamurthy vasudevan

    krishnamurthy vasudevan

  27. SK

    Congratulations Eric but I am disappotned again you did not approved my earler post about Agloco.

  28. SK

    Eric, I take back my comment. You deserve to have my vote, as you did approved my earlier post and offer your reason. .

  29. Eggy

    U deserve a top ranking vote.
    Judging from ur (your) marketing techniques, psychological insight to lure ur potential targets for feedback, ur personal touch to humanize the Internet tool, plus ur personal virtues i.e. ur charisma, persistence & perseverance in locating ur potential clients with the aid of the current commercial technique including GPS to arouse the awareness of your targets, I envisage that u ‘ve embarked on a positive direction towards ultimate success.
    Ur contribution to E trade is indispensable.

  30. SIMON

    Hi ERIC, congratulation on your normination it’s obvious that you are a fast growing internet marketer of a new age, i am freeked by all this stuff and i wish i can joing the train of money making markerters like you. nevertheless i will always vote for you day or night.

  31. Murthy

    Dear Eric,

    I think the best of your suggestions as an Internet marketer was the idea of agloco and exclusively for that you deserve to be in the first rank. But, let’s hope it isn’t yet another hype and believe me Eric, I have decided to join agloco, just because you recommended. The rest remains to be seen.

  32. Michael

    Hi Eric,
    Normally I really like your approach to things becuase you don’t pull the same stunts as the other guys who sell the “miracle you need to buy this month or you’ll be left out” hype. However, i was really disappointed that your sales pitch for this “nominated for online marketer of the year” is the same sales letter email I received from Filsaime, Brunson, Tellman and all the rest of the gang. I’m guessing Ruseel Brunson started it and the rest of you are just using the template he created for you? Whatever the case, you didn’t distinguish yourself from the rest of the hucksters on this one and that’s why you’re getting more negative feedback than normal.
    Good luck and I hope the new promotion nets you favorable results but next time I hope you distinguish yourself from the other guys. You’re usually a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of these copycats.

  33. Alfonso

    Hi Eric!!

    We are friends and I’ll vote for you!!

    God Blessing you, God is with you.

    Alfonso Ruiz


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