AGLOCO – Get In Now During Prelaunch!

By | April 7, 2007

UPDATE: This review is now outdated. Agloco was an epic FAIL! They really strung everyone along right up until they crashed and burned. It’s not uncommon for new ventures to fail, but honestly, based on the amount of pre-launch hype, media attention, and number of members they generated, I think it’s pathetic that they weren’t able to successfully launch and monetize it. This was my first and last foray into online MLM programs. For the most up-to-date information and recommendations, please join my free newsletter.

Edition #122 – 4/7/2007

I’m heading to church in the morning, and I’ll be spending the rest of the day with family, so I wanted to get this to you now because time is of the essence!

There’s a new company called AGLOCO which is poised to launch a program this week that I predict will spread across the web like wildfire. The good news is that an opportunity exists for you to score big by getting in now during the prelaunch phase.

Before you think I’m trying to sell stock options or something, let me just tell you that it’s nothing like that. It’s totally FREE to join, and you can potentially earn money in two ways:

1) by downloading their viewbar and surfing the web

2) by referring other people to them

They are NOT a spyware company, and it is not a scam. I have done my research on this one, and they are a legitimate company that has come up with an innovative advertising method.

Not only that, but they’re combining their new advertising technology with a multi-tiered viral referral program, which allows you to potentially earn money from your entire downline 5 levels deep.

This is also NOT some MLM scheme. There is an MLM element to it, but all of the money you earn would come directly from the company and not from the people at the bottom of the pyramid. So there is really no way for anyone to lose from it.

OK, and not only is there a potential to make money from it, they are actually giving OWNERSHIP of the company to their members. That’s right, if you sign up and refer some other people, you will own a piece of the company.

Needless to say, I want to build as big of a downline as I can BEFORE they launch later this week. I suggest you do the same, and if it pans out the way I believe it will over the next couple of years, you’ll be thanking me for telling you about it on this blessed Easter weekend.

For anyone who is skeptical about this, I totally understand. I was skeptical too until I researched it, and of course only time will tell if the company grows the way they expect it to.

If you’re not sure if you want to dive in, I suggest watching this 33-minute video in which well-known blogger Robert Scoble interviews two of the top guys from AGLOCO. Scoble gets downright skeptical at times, and he asks the questions you’re probably thinking right now…

As an AGLOCO recruiter, I am not allowed to make any claims as to how much value I think you can earn from the opportunity. However, there is a report that was made, which gives some very compelling numbers. You can check out that report here (Link removed – no longer available).

I look forward to discussing the outcome of their launch throughout the coming months.

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

32 thoughts on “AGLOCO – Get In Now During Prelaunch!

  1. Julio

    This sounds like a great opportunity but Eric, where have you been?
    People have been promoting Agloco since November of 2006!

  2. Lisa Preston

    Hey, Eric –
    Just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a wonderful Easter.
    I too will be gone all morning (our church has a 4 hour service on Easter – very energetic and joyful, we dance in the isles!) but know that you and your family are in my prayers today.

    God Bless,

  3. Edward Blanchard

    We are also in pre-launch. We had almost 5000 members when we hit pre-launch and another 1500 have joined in the first week of the pre-launch. When we launch it will be to 60 countries world wide. This concept is so new to the internet we have a patent pending.
    You should take a look. I think you will be impressed.

  4. Jim Zak

    Hi Eric, I signed up for AGLOCO under you earlier today.
    How can I get something similar to your website info to refer people to like you do and also be able to get the video podcast posted on my website as well so I can refer my prospects to my site and watch the video and hopefully sign up like I did.

    It appears like it’s a great opportunity. Maybe not paying out that much starting out.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a big list to send to. Just getting started with Internet Marketing.
    So will just send out to friends and family.

    Thanks for the referral 🙂

    Jim Zak

  5. ayaba mustafa

    thanks very much for that information,let god blesss you during your ester holday. ialso wanted yuo to help in conecting me tomore freinds in USA and other part of the world,am not married yet so iam also intrested in yahoo dating, you can send for me email adresess of people whom you think are interested in me.
    thanks happy easter

  6. Richard Jensen


    Hello Eric,

    I just signed up under you.
    Thanks for bringing this great
    opportunity to us.

    I’m wondering if you could help
    us sign up ten people under us
    by letting us offer the same
    bonuses you offered us if we
    sign up ten people.

    This could really help those of
    us who don’t have networks of
    people to offer agloco to.

    Best regards,

    Yokohama, Japan

  7. Steve Hards

    I do like the idea of being paid to surf the ‘net.

    The flaw, of course, is that like all chain letter/pyramid/MLM schemes, it depends on the people at the top being able to persuade others to join underneath them and, by doing so, give up part of the money they generate – hence your incentives, Eric. In offering the bonuses you are betting the potential income you might have had from them against your potential income from this scheme. However, if I’m not interested in your incentives, it’s in my interest to sign up at the top of my own AGLOCO ‘pyramid’. But the people I refer are also likely to figure that out, so it is possible that the pyramid effect will never get going. With an extremely flat pyramid, the income I and millions of others could generate from the advertising would be so minimal we may as well not have bothered. Furthermore, advertisers won’t invest for long in a medium where the viewers are paid for seeing them but there is no incentive to click on any adverts to do so.

    At the bottom of every money-making pyramid is someone losing out in one way or another, just as at the bottom of the real pyramids are the bones of the slaves who built them. Still, I guess a lot of people will fall for it along the way.

  8. John

    I like the concept that the participants are also rewarded for being involved rather than making the publisher alone money, he now gets a fair part and the magnitude is too directly proportional to the amount of referral share by which he helps build the community even further. I must have signed up when joel already promoted it 4 months back, i didn’t think they would go this serious LOL

  9. SK

    Dear Eric,

    Of late, I noticed that you have join the herd of offering huge bonus to get people sign up under your offer, product and now Agloco.

    Frankly, I am a little disappointed.


  10. Steve

    Hi Eric…

    I’ve been a member of AGLOCO since November of last year. The first couple of weeks, I received a few update e-mails from them, but haven’t seen a single e-mail since. It’s been months. They seem to have left me standing at the altar. I’m NOT impressed.

    According to the info about the Viewbar in my membership area, it is not currently available for download. It’s in “beta.” It was supposed to be released a long time ago, and, if I’d been receiving their e-mail, I might have found that I could have downloaded it. But, no e-mail (as I just said).

    The focus, at least right now (and since the beginning), seems to be on recruiting and building referrals. They talk about earning potential being based on the size of the referral network you build. Now, you should know as well as I, Eric, that this is always a bad sign. It’s M-L-M.

    Now that you’re involved here, I’m glad I didn’t cancel my membership long ago. I probably would have, if they hadn’t let me forget they exist. That’s right… I completely forgot about them. Their own fault.

    But frankly, I’m a little leery, even with your involvement.

    BTW, your bonuses are all products I already have, in one form or another 🙂

    Good luck,

  11. Franck Silvestre

    Hi Eric,

    I heard about this a long time ago, and I must admit that I don’t like the principle of the surf bar, however, I am going to sign up through your link. I’ll see if I get the 10 refferal + the nice PLR pack.

    It will fit well in my brand new membership site.

  12. Patty Higuera

    Erics Tips;; Happy Easter ;; hope you had a good one. we did we went to Great Falls to my Daughter & Son in Law & Grandbaby house for the weekend it was real nice & we went to the park to watch kids get Easter eggs . then we went to visit friends so we had a good weekend & then we came home had so much fun did not want to come home the weather was so nice.

  13. uzzal

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  14. Jonte

    Hi Eric!

    Is AGLOCO really something new – they have been around for months. Is something changed or what?


  15. Eric Post author

    Jim- you can embed the same video. Just click the “Share” link on the video itself and paste the code on your site. You can also give away the same bonus I am giving away, as it has full giveaway rights.

  16. Eric Post author

    Steve- it is not like typical MLM. There is no benefit of signing up directly at Agloco vs. under someone else. Also, yes the people at the bottom would make less money, but they don’t have to be at the bottom. Anyone is allowed to build a downline, so they are only at the bottom if they choose to be. Also, they CAN potentially still make some money at the bottom, if they choose to use the viewbar for themselves.

  17. Eric Post author

    Cheryl- I googled it and read about the company in various places. I looked at what some of the executives did in the past. I signed up myself and read their material. I watched the video that I posted. Joel personally knows Ray Church, and I also put a lot of weight in Joel’s advice, because he has experience with these type of companies. He promoted a similar company in the past and made a lot of money with them.

    SK – why disappointed? Wouldn’t you rather receive a bonus than nothing? I can understand what you’re saying though if you’re talking about the affiliate bonus wars. I honestly hate it too, and I’ve said so before. It’s one of those things though, where customers vote with their dollars. The guys who offer the biggest bonus war almost ALWAYS win the affiliate contests these days. So customers are basically forcing me to do the same if I want to compete. Hopefully it will just be a phase, and not continue to escalate…

  18. Eric Post author

    Jonte -the site has been live for months, but they have not launched their program yet. It has all been prelaunch to build the network so they can attract advertisers (in which they have succeeded). What has changed is that it’s no longer all speculation. They have publicly announced that the Viewbar will be available for download this week.

  19. Richard


    In the past few months my family and I have experienced some tough ordeals. To add to it, this weekend my 9 year old daughter had an accident on a pogo stick which caused her to land face first on concrete and sufferred some major facial and dental injuries. To say the least, I need something to look forward to, as far as, some extra income in the future. I am blessed that my daughter will be fine, but has a long road to full recovery, but I still have her and my wife and son, so that is a blessing. Thank you for providing me the information on this opportunity. This is good news to me and I needed it.

    Thank you again and have a blessed week,


  20. Fermin


    Agloco has only sent out like two official emails. But, they have kept contact with subscribers via their Blog. The blog has been updated weekly and sometimes more frequent than that.

    I have also started an Agloco blog to give tips on growing your network. You can find a link to the Agloco blog on my blog:

    Like Eric mentioned, Agloco first has to build a big enough network in order to attract advertisers. And they did so far 17 Ad networks and also individual large advertisers.


  21. Murthy

    Dear Eric,

    When you addressed Steve, you had mentioned people at the bottom would earn less. Does it mean, if I joined under you, I would earn less? Also, when it comes to MLM, somebody has to join under somebody else as in your case, you are trying to sponsor us. Where is the question of building a separate downline arise? You had also mentioned “… if they choose to use the viewbar for themselves.”. I don’t get you – in the sense, the viewbar has to be necessarily downloaded by anybody who wishes to join agloco. Isn’t it? Without even downloading, just by recommending others, are there any chances of earning? I don’t understand what you mean. Please clarify. Where the viewbar has to be placed in case of downloading?

  22. Eric Post author

    Murthy- no if you join under me you will not earn less. My point was that those who don’t build their own downline will earn less. The viewbar does not need to be downloaded to join Agloco (at least not at this time). The answer to your next question is unknown at the moment. Some people are saying that you can only get paid by Agloco if you spend some time using the viewbar for yourself. I actually hope this IS the case. Even though I am not personally excited about using the viewbar, making it mandatory means I would make more money from my downline because a higher percentage of people would be more likely to use it.

  23. Mattg

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for yet another useful tip, this is why I keep coming back to your blog!

    I’ve posted a JV request on your support desk too.

    aka “that Lazy Git”

  24. Murthy

    Dear Eric,

    I have joined the program and got the ID number. Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate the place as to where I have to submit my referrals in the ‘referral link’. Nowhere in the site, it’s explained as to what procedure is to be exactly followed as far as recording references are concerned. You had asked for 10 references. But where they have to be recorded? Nothing is clear, though I have mailed to some of my acquaintances to join the program after giving my link. But then how do I get my bonuses? Does it mean only when they join I’ll be eligible for my bonuses? If it’s so time is too short. Does it also mean, automatically, my direct referrals column will get filled as and when people enrol themselves across the globe? Kindly clarify.

    The procedure you detailed seems to be confusing. When I sequentially follow your procedure, how can I claim the bonuses, unless people join the network, which takes a lot of time to read my message and then have to click my link and so on. I completed the procedure only an hour ago. Do I stand to lose the bonuses?

  25. waken

    Hi Eric,
    Hmm….The Agloco site has been down for a few days including today. I’m afraid is not a good deal.

  26. Eli


    Your knowledge of MLM appears to be lacking a bit. I am starting to lose count of the number of internet marketers that join MLM companies and then add some kind of disclaimer that they either don’t like MLM or that what they are promoting is different from a typical MLM. It’s normally not different at all. If you are going to recognize the power of multi-level payments and capitalize on it financially, don’t knock it. At the very least, learn what makes it work.


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