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By | November 2, 2006

Edition #92 – 11/2/2006

Sorry I haven’t written in over a week. I’ve had a lot going on online AND offline lately, such as…

We were in the middle of buying a beautiful home when we discovered that it is heavily contaminated with crystal meth remnants.

(On a side note…what do you think I should do? Walk away from the deal, or take the home for a much lower price which would give me more than enough to pay for the cleanup? Feel free to post in the comments…)

Anyway, that’s NOT the reason I’m writing today. In fact, I’m writing with GOOD news.

Today my mastermind group (the “Secret Six”) has launched our new site, Product Launches Exposed.

But wait…it gets even better.

If you go to our site today, you can claim $688 of fast action bonuses just for checking it out.

Please take a look at it today at:

(Link removed – product no longer available)

It was definitely a team effort, but I’m not afraid to admit that some of my teammates put a lot more into this project than I did. I’m really proud of their efforts, and I think we’ve put together a tremendous educational resource for you.

As always, you can leave your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

46 thoughts on “Product Launches Exposed – Launched Today

  1. Loren

    Just think of all the free Crystal Meth you would get and how much money you would save by buying the house and not cleaning it up. Go for it!

    (I am just kidding, it is impossible to know if the meth is high quality or just stinky street grade stuff, be cautious)

  2. Kenneth E Wheeler Sr

    As to crystal meth :

    Here in Illinois it’s agenst the law to knowingly sell a house that was used to make Meth at. Me I would walk away as the effects from the resadue of meth will never leave. You’ll have to totaly gut the house to make it safe. Didn’t you and your wife just have a new bundle of joy , a baby? You’ll need to think about the babys health as it doesn’t require much exposure to meth fumes to give you baby health problem.

  3. Sabrina O'Malone

    I love the free membership idea. Very, very good. I signed up…like fast.

    Regarding the crystal meth house, lower the offering price, take the difference and get it cleaned up…the devil has had that house long enough.

    Also, make sure you’ve get a decent security system -in case some former suppliers should happen to roll up on your place looking for something…Hmmn…now that I think about it, maybe you should take a pass, or at most “Flip that House” or something.

    I’m curious to see what other people think. If it were me, deep down inside, I’d rather not actually LIVE in a house that drug dealers know inside and out…

    Anyway, wishing you all the best with your PLR launch.

  4. Stuart Halpryn

    Jeez Eric,
    Lucky you! You’ll own a house that has the stigma
    of being a drug house. THat should be worth quite
    a few thou off the price……

    Then there’s the issue of kids. Don’t know if you
    have any, but if you do – then you want to ensure
    that there isn’t even a tiny bit of that garbage
    laying around.
    Eating lead based paint is bad enough, imagine
    what a piece of that would do to a kid.
    It would kill any pets that got a hold of any
    remnants too…..

    I’d not only want a discount, but I’d opt that the
    company that cleans have an insurance policy to
    cover the quality of their work & to ensure that
    they guarantee that they got it all.
    Vacuuming & mopping won’t be enough – it WILL
    be an expensive job….

    Your call, but I’d probably walk away unless the
    deal is way to good to pass up……


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    eric, i would take the house at a lower price, take the deal. i though that i could get that product through since we know each other pretty good. you know i started out with you from the beginning
    and if you would let me download it. and then i can pay you the money i owe you through as the product make me money. you guys said that it will make money. now eric if you don’t want to do that
    just don’t. you’ll get your money. from leon vines to my mentor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Robert bruck

    Hi Eric-
    I am sorry to hear about your new home. As an Architect who has had some experirnmces in these types of issues (mostly mold, water damage,etc) I think it is feasible to clean up the contamination and would be worthwhile pursuing.
    It may well be that a company with mold remediation experirnce might be a good place to start to investigate the possibilities at least, before you give up on the house.

    I hope things work out well, if at all possible under the present circumstances.

    Bob Bruck

  7. Tim Berry MD

    Eric, DO NOT BUY THE HOUSE. There is no way to get rid of the dangerous residues. The value of the house and the property is tarnished for a very long time. I have seen way too many cases where people take advantage of the great “deals” on meth homes and later start having all kinds of strange illnesses (we live in one of the top 3 meth counties in the country and my wife is the state medical spokesperson on the matter). I have yet to hear of anyone moving into one of those homes without problems. You could not give my wife and I a home that ever had meth manufactured in it.

  8. Gene Ilten

    Hey Eric,

    As a former Volunteer Firefighter, I would RUN, not walk away. It was drilled into our heads that anything involving the manufacture of Meth was considered a Hazardous Materials problem and required the involvement of a Haz Mat team. There are residual toxic chemicals that can be around for years and can affect the health of you and your family. I think the only way to be sure would be to tear down the house, dig out and replace the soil and start over. Of course, then you could build exactly the house you wanted.

    You can always find another dream home. You can’t replace your and your family’s health.


  9. Harley

    Eric: NO ands, ifs or buts…… Walk away NOW! That’s tainted money all the way around.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  10. Mike Russell

    Look at Kenneth’s post again. Ask yourself is ANY possibility of harm coming to your child worth it at ANY price? Walk away. Moreover, what if undesirables previously associated decide to visit? There must be lots of other places – the housing market is beginning to collapse in the US, making it soon to become very much a buyer’s market.

  11. Gary Scott

    Hi Eric,

    I’m a real estate appraiser in a meth hot spot and I wouldn’t touch the house with a ten foot coke spoon.

    Even it you can clean the house which I question that you can clean it enough, especially if you have very young children, the house is known as a drug house and you never know who will come knocking on your door at 3am.

    If you decide to buy the house make sure you buy a 12 gauge as well. You might need it some night.

  12. Tari Akpodiete

    Eric, definitely DO NOT BUY that house. even if they gave it to you for free, the long term potential repurcussions would not be worth it. scientists are only just beginning to understand to possible side effects. this stuff gets everywhere, and short of tearing it down and rebuilding on the lot, no cleaning, not even industrial, will ever be able to eradicate everything. and small children are more likely to feel the effects of the exposure.

    the problem, of course, is the lethal chemicals used to make this crap. that would be: “Over-the-counter cold and asthma medications containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine, red phosphorous, hydrochloric acid, drain cleaner, battery acid, lye, lantern fuel, and antifreeze are among the ingredients most commonly used.” authorities BURN the soil that some of these chemicals fall on!!! might as well burn the house too. some of them are KNOWN to cause cancer.

    from here:
    “No clean-up levels exist for many chemicals associated with meth labs. A risk assessment may be necessary to evaluate the potential for exposure on a case-by-case basis. A worst-case exposure scenario would be that of an infant or toddler wearing as little as a diaper being exposed to chemicals by breathing, touching and hand-to-mouth activity.”

    from here:
    “processing methamphetamine is dangerous. Ignitable, corrosive, reactive, and toxic chemicals can cause explosions, fires, toxic fumes, and damage to health and environment.”

    from here:
    “Each pound of meth produced leaves behind five or six pounds of toxic waste. Meth cooks often pour leftover chemicals and byproduct sludge down drains in nearby plumbing, storm drains, or directly onto the ground. Chlorinated solvents and other toxic byproducts used to make meth pose long-term hazards because they can persist in soil and groundwater for years. Clean-up costs are exorbitant because solvent contaminated soil usually must be incinerated.”

    ok, lots and Lots and LOTS of info here:
    Cleaning up Former Methamphetamine Labs

    Methamphetamine Laboratories And Clean-up

    please, Please, PLEASE do not buy this house!!!

  13. Kathe

    Hey Eric,

    Couldn’t resist commenting. Being a 23 year veteran R.E. Broker (finally OUT ;-). I don’t know your area there, obviously, but if it were here (in Tulsa), it would ALWAYS be marked as a “drug house” and YOU will need to disclose that as well (regardless of clean-up) which WILL affect your selling price later. Not having figures, you should weigh that and consider if what you receive now, can also compensate for when you sell later. (not to mention the stigma attached).

    Ok, that was business – from a personal standpoint, with small children, I’m afraid I would have agree with Kenneth & Sabrina above.

    I assume you found this during your inspection period. Consider this: Everything happens for a reason…but then you already know that 😉

    Wishing you all the best…but do let us know your decision.


  14. Loman

    Eric, considering how much I am usually willing to work a deal for a lower price, they could not give that place to me. Real estate is an awesome investment, but this is one you must let go for the sake of your family. Research the issue…it is generally nothing that you will receive a guarantee with after the clean up.

    Be safe !

  15. Edith Leonard

    Hope you like Co. We loved it. We were up in Idaho springs
    That is about 8000 ft up.
    It is before the split on 6 & 40. Just below georgetown and

    I would say No house. There are fantastic houses in co.
    Most houses are for keeps, Eric. Buy the Best you can afford now and in the future. Make it into a homestead to always
    come back too. Don;t leave a trashed and renovated drug house , but a wonderful homestead with fantastic memories
    to those who come after you.
    God Bless

  16. Bill Kelly


    Re: The Meth House.
    If there really is a “heavy contamination” of that stuff it’s going to be in the air ducts, the insulation, the carpet, in the cracks of the hardwood floor and tile, in the attic and possibly it’s even leeched into the framing and sheetrock of the home – everywhere. With your kids and wife (and you) breathing that stuff God knows what ill effects you may have.
    If the lot is really nice offer to purchase the home at lot value less the cost of tearing the home down adn removal of the wreckage. I don’t know much at all about EPA rules but you may even have an issue, if there really is a ton of that stuff left in there, with disposing of the spoils of the wrecked home.
    Best best all around – walk away.
    Keep up the good work.

  17. Gary


    I’ve been buying and selling real estate for over 25 years and I’m currently a mortgage loan consultant. I would advise you to look for another home because how can you know that all of the drug residue has been cleaned up?

    Anyone can tell you that it’s clean but what happens if it isn’t? I wouldn’t take that chance especially with your small children. There are too many homes out there that weren’t Meth labs and you have to know when to walk away from a troubled house.

    Right now it’s a buyers market and there are tons of homes on the market that are great deals. Why take a risk when there are so many other choices.


  18. Johann

    Eric, read about your house deal. Just had some friends out from the UK (we live in South Africa) also just bought a rotten deal house. Only way to get the house cleaned up is to strip it bare and start again. This will cost you a pretty penny. Even if the house seem clean you will always find some residue, and when your children are starting to have health problems it would take months of figuring out if the causes are natural or as result of your purchase. By the way, just stumbled on a deal that seem to good to pass up. Maybe you have heard: Any comments ??

  19. gary barnett

    as a firefighter emt and hamat tech i agree to run away from that as fast as you can. meth is really nasty stuff and pretty much impossible to clean up. the cost to clean it up would probably be almost as much as a new house. we have to get in very high level suits to go into anything with meth and the cleanup bill would be very expensive. another thing to conider is most meth houses i have responded to are booby trapped so you will probably have to fix alot of wiring and plumbing and stuff. bottom line your life aint worth a great deal on a house. if you really want to build a house there call your fire department and let them burn it down and train on it

  20. John

    I suggest you forget that house, there are so many offers now why take the risk of putting your family in danger?
    Do the smart thing and look for another property for the sake of everyone in your family.


  21. Veronica

    Hi Eric,
    There has been some scary stuff about Meth residue revealed in these Comments. Meth is just now becoming an issue here in Australia. Maybe it has been around in the “underground” but it is only recently that the authorities are alerting the public to this menace.
    The only thing that I can contribute to this discussion is to acknowledge from my professional experience, how extremely difficult, if not impossible, it is to totally remove toxic residue in a house or from the soil, left by dangerous substances.
    Crystal amphetamine uses multiple dangerous substances in the manufacturing process and most of them leave permanent residual particles in the dwelling and/or in the soil under and around the building. Permanent means permanent! The effects of these particles on the human body are horrendous and to list them all requires much more space than this posting would allow. But I will mention just one here as I know you have little children and you wouldn’t compromise their health.
    Lead, leached from car batteries, causes brain damage and causes a decline in intellectual ability. It is particularly dangerous for children. Children’s physical, mental and intellectual development can be seriously retarded.
    From the short time I have “known” you, I believe that you would walk away from any circumstance that challenged, adversely, your belief system. Therefore there would be no way that you would buy that house. It challenges the very essence of your life values.
    Anyway, thanks for starting this thread. I have learned a lot from reading these postings.
    Kindest regards to all,

  22. jawed

    I have no money to buy any house ,there fore i can not think ,it is right or wrong!!!!!!!ok.

  23. David Mercer

    Hi Eric,
    You asked my advice on the house. If it were me I would walk away from it. Because you never know who may show up there. Drug dealers always have unscrupolous people around and you never know when one of them might show up for revenge or something.
    This is my opinion the house will be no good to you if you are dead no matter how nice it is. Sorry to be so blunt but that is just the way I am.
    David Mercer

  24. Dexter

    I say drop the house deal.

    You may have other factors in your situation that make it a good deal, but I think you are potentially walking into an unhappy situation.

    I will take my chances with this posting as an open communication:

    Speaking from personal experience.. I had a similar situation appear before me.

    Three things ruined the deal for me.

    1) The drug lab contamination. When house hunting I was offered to look at an ex-meth place. It had supposedly been gone over at a cost about $70,000 to decontaminate it and it still seemed to have issues. Imagine this money had it not needed to decontaminate … been used to fix the place up? Well in my case it was a supposedly decontaminated place, but still a wreck…

    2) The locale. The place made and possibly distributed drugs. The operation is busted, but you never know who is still hanging around that did not get snared by law enforcement.

    3) Spiritual Side. I did not need to know it was a meth place. I was shown it as a place with issues, but first check it out etc. I could feel the unhappy spirit nature of the place practically peeling off the walls. It seemed it was not a happy place to live in to begin with and they went into drug manufacture as a desperation move, but apparently this never fixed the “Problems”. Still unhappy and worse. The Realtor went nuts when I picked up exactly where the center of the drug plant was and what building.

    Had I taken up on the offer. I would probably for my own sanity contributed to the kitty of every local church, houses of worship, meditation center, chant room, shaman, witch doctor, Indian spirit people, ghost buster and the pest exterminator to all come over as a party and do some mass exorcism. I think much like other posts have stated, that you would have to really scrape the place clean and start from scratch.

    A home is place to rest , recuperate, do activities, watch your kids grow up and share good times with friends and neighbors, Lastly a house is a place that you should be able to go bed at night and not worry. We are all imperfect in our lives and carry our own problems. Many houses have “problems” but usually can be worked out. To me a drug lab is a special category and requires much soul searching before jumping in. I bought a new house and found a few specific problems that needed correcting even after almost a year of living in it. But nothing like a drug lab.

    I am selfish. We want Eric to think of cool new ideas for us to network together. I do not want his active brain to be drained working on the ghosts of a drug lab..

    Well okay if they can type in leads.. maybe..

    All the best!

  25. David Fitch


    Many states now require sellers to disclose knowledge of properties that were used for Meth Labs. Your sellers may not have known until now, although that is hard to believe. If you have ever smelled an active Meth Lab or the refuse left by a lab, and I have, you would know that something is radically wrong.

    Assuming that they did not know before, they know now and will have to disclose to future buyers if you walk. You might have an opportunity to take the property for a SIGNIFICANT reduction but recognize that you will have to pay some big bucks to get the place safe to live in. Ask around and you should be able to find a restoration company that has experience with Meth cleanup, get a bid and do the math. You may have an opportunity. Also check to see if your state has a disclosure requirement and whether you would have to disclose even though you rehabbed the house.

    Bottom line if you would have to disclose even after restoring that means that the property title will be permanently tainted and probably the best idea is to move on to another property. If that is not the case then the decision is a math problem and how much you like the property and location.

    Best of luck!

    David Fitch

  26. said hassan


  27. Elizabeth Sinclair


    The Drug Enforcement Agency in California has done extensive field studies on old crystal meth houses. It is impossible to get rid of all of the residue. Families that moved into houses that they thought were decomtaminated got very sick. I know that is some states it is illegal to sell a house that was used to make cyrstal meth. Don’t put yourself or your family in harms way.

  28. flwong

    Hi Eric,

    Great to hear that you are back and sad to sorry to hear that you had a bad deal for your new home.

    My suggestion is move away from that deal, i have experience before what you have now. It will cost you a bit to redo the house, why not search other deal which do not give you so much trouble. Time is money, brother.

    best regards,
    my first blog >>>>

  29. Fikret

    Hay Eric
    no PRICE for small CHILDREN Health .

    do NOT NOT NOT buy this house .
    best of luck
    my first website >>>

  30. Abel

    Dear Eric,

    The House,
    One important thing is first to find out the possibilities of cleaning the house and the cost it may bring. Try to consult the experts over the ‘crystal meth remnats’.
    The location of the house also should be considered, because if its not possible to clean it, then you can just demolish it and slowly build a new one at the same place.
    Do not buy the house just because its cheap. It may be a health harzard to you and your family. Try and check out the issues I have given above, if possible.

  31. Eric

    About the meth house. I am a full time Police Officer a nd have delt with this issue on the other end numerous times as it is a problem of epidemic proportions. I will caution you about purchasing the house to do some serious research on it for your state and how bad the condition of the house is or was. Meth labs use alot of seriously nasty chemicals in its making and as such the end result is usually classified by the epa as HAZARDOUS MATERIAL. You could be in for a serious surprise financially after purchasing the house, like how did you dispose of this hazardous waste material? You could also face after affects down the road should you be buying the property to resell and the new tenants become sick, etc.. Kind of like mold issues. There are companies out there that specialize in this kind of cleanup but it’s very expensive. I’m not saying not to purchase it, just use caution. You know as well as I do that sometimes a deal that seem to good to be true can bite you in the end.

  32. Bob

    I would walk away. Suppose you buy it, clean it up, and move in, then some old heavily armed customers of the drug lord come by and won’t take no for an answer.

    Not worth it at any price.


  33. ST

    I thought I’d throw in my two cents.

    I have been a real estate investor for longer than I care to mention.
    I have seen some seriously ugly houses and made them pretty.

    The investor in me says STEAL this house! Don’t buy it if you can’t
    steal it. Start at the lot value plus utility improvements
    and work your way up. Does a bank own it? It sounds like a tear
    down. Do you like the ‘hood? How much trouble are you willing to
    go through? You may be building a new house for all intents and

    If you have lingering doubts move on. Fixer houses are like trains,
    just wait awhile, another always comes along. Fixer deals are

    I love the smell of cat urine, it smells like money!

    LIke I said, just my two cents.

  34. John

    Hello Eric:

    When opportunity knocks take the challenge. Can you purchase for a lower price and resell before moving in? IF not walk away from the deal, it should have been disclosed.

  35. shirley

    Eric, I would walk away from the house. You want the pride of ownership – something new, something fresh. A fresh start such as I am trying here. Thanks. sj

  36. Roland

    Hi Eric,

    Walk away from that house as soon as you can.
    Do not expose yourself and your family to the consequences that may happen in the future. Your life and the lives of your family are worth a lot more than the price of that house.


  37. Nicola

    Don’t go near that house, don’t even walk through it again. The toxins left behind are lethal and CANNOT be removed through any process. Ignore anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.


  38. Clara


  39. Faye

    Hi Eric,

    I’m a real estate investor and one of my mentors (nationally known) was formerly a cop. He has said to walk away from Crystal Meth houses because the residue never leaves. Very toxic situation. Not a good deal unless you remove the house and start over.
    I’d say go find another house. There’s plenty of houses on the market and plenty of people heading to foreclosure, allowing for a great deal!! Email me if I can assist you in getting through that maze. It’s one of my specialties!

  40. Jerry Moore

    Very impressive audio and video Eric. I give PLE two thumbs up for a job well done. If you are serious about avoiding product launch disaster you positively must join PLE.


    Jerry Moore

  41. Clint

    Good grief ,what a bunch of paranoid hype.
    If the house was harmfull to yourself becuase it was used in this way then your health laws would prevent it from being legally resold.

    Honestly, Methanphetamine is overated as a harmfull drug (ive done some in my younger days)
    A lot of bodybuilders use it as a energy boost (like ephadrine) as well as for weight loss, while i dont advocate its use , it has the same effect as about 12 cups of coffee.
    Commonly known as speed.
    Grow up people.
    On the other hand some of the chemicals used to make it can be harmfull in large quantities.
    My advise use it as leverage to get a better deal on the house , thats it.
    You may want to consider if it will harm the resale value if you intend to sell it in the future.
    After all judging by the other comments people are paranoid by nature.

    Good Luck

  42. said hassan


  43. Anonymous

    Clint, are you sure you’re not STILL smoking meth? i’m a body-builder, and i know of NONE who smoke it for workout reasons. and clearly you have NOT read any of the links that posters have provided, some of which were government websites on the dangers of meth labs, including former ones. time for you to put down the meth pipe and stop the druggie behaviour of denial.


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