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By | October 24, 2006

UPDATE: This review is now outdated, and the product is no longer available. Additionally, I have removed the links from this article. To get the most up-to-date information and recommendations, please join my free newsletter.

Edition #91 – 10/24/2006

Even if you’re not familiar with Jeff Alderson, you’ve likely heard of some of his products.

AdWords Analyzer, Traffic Equalizer, Article Equalizer, Press Equalizer, and RSS Equalizer are just SOME of his successful programs to hit the internet marketing world in recent history.

In addition to using some of his products, I have personally watched his marketing business with keen interest over the past couple of years.

Why have I been watching him?

No I’m not a cyber-stalker.

It’s because I’m interested in HOW he has built his online empire.

He is a great example of someone who entered this industry with virtually NO online business experience, and created a thriving and hugely profitable enterprise from SCRATCH.

And here’s another thing I love about his story. He’s NOT in any way a guru, and he doesn’t even do a marketing newsletter.

Prior to getting into the internet business, Jeff was a professional Disk Jockey (I just realized he has that in common with Joel Comm, LOL). He entered the online world by setting up a website for DJ’s, and writing an ebook of DJ success secrets.

Along with his website came a newfound interest in getting web traffic, and obtaining search engine rankings. That interest turned into a passion for SEO and internet marketing, which then evolved into software development to create tools that would help himself and others.

He is PROOF that someone can come out of nowhere and create an amazing business in very little time.

One of the things that has particularly impressed me about his business has been his ability to BRAND himself, even though I’ve never seen a picture of him on the web, and most of his customers don’t know anything about him.

He’s achieved such good recognition by naming most of his products “Equalizers”, marketing them in similar ways (mostly on ClickBank), and branding them under his umbrella company name: Xybercode.

This goes to show that you don’t have to go the “guru” route to make a name for yourself in the internet marketing community.

Now after creating dozens of successful scripts and software programs, Jeff is making a move that I wouldn’t have predicted.

Well, not exactly anyway. I’ve always thought that once he got enough products going, that he might sell all of Xybercode to a bigger software company. It would seem to make sense, and maybe he’ll still do it someday.

So in essence, I’ve predicted that he’d do something big eventually. I just didn’t think it would be a PUBLIC offering of the rights to his software stockpile. I figured it would be more of a private sale… business-to-business.

But apparently that’s not what he had in mind, because today his is releasing the Xybercode System, which is hands down one of the best private label collections I’ve ever seen.

I guess he’s got a good reason to do it now. With the recent birth of his son, he wants to spend more time with the family. So rather than taking the time to release and market all of these programs that he’s been building, he’s selling them off.

Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t half-baked programs. These are fully developed programs, most of which have not hit the market yet.

In fact, not only are they fully developed, but he’s included fantastic documentation for each of them.

If you like the idea of private label resale rights, but you’re sick of all the low quality junk that keeps getting passed around, this collection is for you.

The quality of the work is superior, and the documentation puts to shame the 1-page user manuals included with most of the “el-cheapo” source code blowouts we see these days.

Watch my 8-minute video as I give a brief overview of the package and show you first hand how nicely put together it is…

(Video no longer available)

Xybercode System
The collection was so big I had to stand on a chair to take this picture.

This is really a lot different than your typical “business in a box” that we see so often these days.

What Jeff is offering, is an unparalleled opportunity to get into the software business with a lot of the work already done for you.

These programs are fully functional and ready to sell or give away as bonuses. But even more important than that, you’ll have the full source code for each of them, and private label rights to turn them into new products.

Let me tell you a great way to make money in this business: INNOVATION.

It’s great if you’re a creative programmer, and you can build your own software programs, but I’ll tell you that innovators can make as much money as inventors.

I’ve personally innovated a few software programs over the past couple of years, and I’ve made a TON of money from those programs. And guess what? I’m not a programmer. All I did was tell a programmer that I wanted a software program or script improved in a certain way, and the rest is history.

But what Jeff is providing is even better than what I started with in those situations. He’s got better code, and better documentation.

You could take any one of these programs and post a project on Elance or Rentacoder. In your bid request, just mention the source code language (Jeff lists each language on the sales page), and explain what you want done.

With the source code and documentation Jeff provides, I’d be willing to bet you could get any of them turned into a new and improved product for $100 or less on one of those sites.

This makes it possible for almost anyone to break into this highly profitable business. It’s a simple fact: people BUY software. If you can provide a new and improved angle to an automated process that people need fulfilled, they will buy it.

I believe some of the scripts would also be suitable for turning into web-based applications. I’ve got friends who have created free membership sites based upon scripts very similar to the ones in this collection. This provides the opportunity to build opt-in lists of tens of thousands of people in a short time by offering a free web-based application.

Okay, as you can tell, I’m pretty excited about the opportunity provided within this package, but what about the potential downside of the software business?

Having been in this business, I can tell you straight up… it’s NOT for everyone.

When it comes to software, there are two big things to be concerned about…

1) Support
2) Updates

First of all, tech support. If you’re selling software, some people will need support. Fortunately, Jeff has already minimized this by providing excellent documentation and user manuals.

Nevertheless, even with a perfect user manual, some people will need help. There are basically two possible solutions for this issue. You can do it yourself, or you can have someone else do it.

If you’re a programmer, and you ENJOY doing tech support, then honestly this should be a no-brainer for you. I’d say stop reading this review right now and go buy the Xybercode System before it sells out.

If you don’t have the technical proficiency, or simply don’t want to do tech support, there’s an easy answer. Get someone else to do it for you. One thing that I’ve done is formed partnerships with programmers. I do the marketing, and they provide the tech support and software updates.

Another option would be to simply outsource it. As you may know, there is extremely low-cost support available from several Asian and European countries, and you can find highly skilled workers pretty easily. And when I say cheap, I mean cheap so don’t let the support issue alone drive you away from the software business.

Not all software programs require updates, but some do, particularly those that rely on external factors that are constantly evolving. An example would be a program that interacts with a website like Google.

Your options for software updates is basically the same as your options for support. You could partner with a programmer and give him/her a cut of the profits, or you could outsource it and get it done cheaply on an as-needed basis.

Because I’ve personally made a lot of money with these type of programs, and because I’ve found Jeff’s to be of excellent quality, I am strongly recommending the Xybercode System.

If you have absolutely no interest in making money selling software and scripts, then you can pass on this opportunity.

But if you DO want to capitalize on this profitable industry, this is as good of an opportunity as I’ve seen. If you’re already selling software, if you want to start now, or if you would like to start sometime in the next 12 months, I recommend getting this package.

It’s not cheap, but the value is tremendous. This package obviously saves you a lot of money (think about how much it would cost to create 37 products from scratch), but it also saves a tremendous amount of time. One thing I’ve learned is that software takes TIME. Whether you’re writing the code yourself, or outsourcing it to a programmer, one of the most frustrating things is the amount of time it can take to bring an idea from conception to the marketplace.

Whether you market the products straight out of the box, or take some time to innovate them into new creations, you’ll be taking a big SHORTCUT by utilizing the huge amount of work that Jeff has already done for you. Instead of months, you can be up and running in days.

You can get all the details here…

(Link removed – no longer available)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review, and maybe you’ve even learned something about the software business.

As always, you can leave your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

15 thoughts on “Jeff Alderson’s Xybercode System

  1. Shawn

    Sounds pretty interesting to me as a programmer point of view.
    What happen if everyone else has the same source code?
    Whoever act faster I guess would be the winner then…

  2. James

    Hi Eric,
    Has been quite sometimeI read your blog. Although I didn’t reply or post any comment so far. I just read quitely whenever I received email notification of your blog updates.

    Ok, back to this review ( very lengthy blog 😛 ), is the Xybercode System open yet?? I look around the site, I think it is not yet open right?? Any idea when would it be open?? …sorry but I didn’t finish reading your blog…

  3. Eric Post author

    Shawn- if you’re gonna sell the program as-is on ClickBank for example, then yeah, it kind of comes down to who acts fastest (and has the best marketing ability). But the potential to innovate as I mentioned, allows everyone equal opportunity to succeed with these types of programs. I’ve made a ton of money by making small innovations to PLR programs that thousands of people already had the source code for.

    James- thanks for reading my blog! Xybercode system is live now.

  4. Micheal Savoie

    I don’t know, Eric…
    I have spent over $2000 on products, but in the end, I still am getting nowhere fast.
    I have been following the Extreme Biz Makeover package and yes, there is a LOT
    of material and all of it is good, but none of it is making my copy any better. My list
    has grown, but if nobody buys, what good is the list?
    I would love to create a product using Ken’s Blueprint, but I cannot justify the HUGE
    price tag. For someone starting from scratch, they aren’t going to have $1500 to
    drop on a home study course.
    I think I am just burned out from all of the big launches lately that I haven’t been able
    to scrape up enough money for.
    I hate sounding negative, so I guess I just need to go to bed. Maybe my attitude will
    improve after a few hours of sleep. Maybe people will reread my last sales letter I
    sent out last week and suddenly I will have enough money to get my hot water heater
    fixed and buy the XyberCode and Infoproduct Blueprint…
    Good night all,
    Micheal Savoie – the grumpy, tired old f@rt…lol

  5. Eric Post author

    Hey Michael- If you can’t afford it, there are cheaper opportunities around the bend. As you may know, I like to review a mix of low price and big ticket products.

    About your sales copy and email promotions… you might be taking the wrong approach. Rarely should you try to sell anything in an email. You should just pique enough curiousity to get your readers to go to the real sales page or other destination. If you’re not a good copywriter, there are ways around it. Look for things to promote that have VERY well written sales pages already. Then all your job is to get them to the page. You could also do what I do and write reviews. You don’t have to be a good copywriter to write an honest review…

  6. Lawrence Bethel

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but a whole spate of those “Internet Guru’s”, have been pricing their products lately
    at over $1000.00 and above. I have been on the net for over 25 years now, (yes before there was graphical based browsers, surfing the www on a 2500 baud modem using commands such as archie, veronica, telnet and finger) and to me some of these offerings are “Way Way Overpriced”.

    I simply “Refuse To Pay”, or be economically taken advantage of. Every Guru says his package is the latest and greatest and if you don’t buy today you won’t make a thin dime on the internet. Well ” I Don’t Believe The Hype”,
    because the net will go on and on and change the way business is done along the way. Oh’, and those so called internet guru’s, will in good time just fade away.

    Lawrence Bethel

  7. James Gleason

    Hi Eric:

    First let me apologize for the length of response re Xybercode and other programs you have covered.

    You young guys are doing a terrific marketing job!. You have adapted every marketing program I have seen over the last 60 years and added today’s technology to the pot. My “How to Start up A Business” special education students over the years at the College of William and Mary couldn’t hold a candle to you “Guru’s” of today.


    I am a WW II and Korea War Marine Combat Corpsman (age 81) who has written and published one Marine book and just re-published another Marine Book that has been selling for $150 on the web while working on 2 more also. With a collection on hand over 12,000 books gathered over the last 55 years I am just looking for a simple way to work with some affiliates to help me sell them before my wife does me in.

    Common sense tells me there must be similar, less expensive,and easier programs out there that would do the same thing as Xybercode’s Synonym Miner, Article Analyzer, Article Indexer, Instant Content Creator. Find and Replace, How to steal Competitors Ads, and PR Ninja Programs.

    Can you help to point this Old Fellow in the right direction? If I can keep it simple I can do other things with those programs to keep my mind active so that I might still be around when you become an old man and are facing the challenges of an even MORE INTELLIGENT generation.

    Semper Fidelis

    Jim (Doc) Gleason
    1st Marine Raider Regiment
    World War II.

  8. Fahredin

    This post doesn’t have to do with the above review. It’s a question to Eric and/or members of this blog.

    What is the best affiliate tracking software out there? What do you use?

    Eric – a suggestion>> Add a forum to this site.


  9. said hassan

    hi Eric.
    good day.
    please dont forget the windows.xp.(2006-2007) as my last message.
    i hope to you all progreessing on your programers and projects.
    see you later.

  10. Markus

    “Membership Is Currently Closed…” That’s what I see on the Xybercode website. Is this for real – or is it a marketing tactic and I’m supposed to start by giving my contact info? Why someone would limit the sale of their product is beyond me. Any response would be great Eric. Cheers. Nice site BTW.

  11. arman

    Hi Eric,

    I have been following (some of) your newsletter for quite some time. Last December (2010) I “believed” in your recommendation about Jeff Alderson’s products (Adword Analyzer and Traffic Equalizer in your Epic Final Firesale).

    Unfortunately, The Adword Analyzer couldn’t be used at all. It simply couldn’t be started, after installation. I did contact the customer service, and his reply (his name is Trey):
    “I have not got this error from other customers. ”

    Not only the software is useless, but the after sales service is not helping at all.

    I also found out that the “regular” price of this software is way too expensive compared to other similar ones.

    This instance not only shows how terrible Jeff Alderson’s products quality, but also ( I’m sorry) degrade my trust towards your future recommendation.

    It’s a pity; I almost recommended your services and tips to my colleagues, but I can not let them fall into the same hole.

    Anyway, thanks for your free tips.
    May God bless and guide you and me, in this world and hereafter. Amin.

  12. arman

    Hi Eric,

    I had already contacted Jeff’s support (named Trey) before I wrote the above comment; as I mentioned above the reply :
    “I have not got this error from other customers. ”

    So, I don’t blame you for his terrible support, but it would be wise “not” to recommend his products on the price of your reputation.

    Maybe Jeff is too busy to deal with his other businesses so that I could not get a solution to his failed software.

    Anyway, thank you for replying my comment.

  13. Micah

    Sorry to hear your problem was not resolved.

    We recommend that you follow up with any additional details you are able to provide. Sometimes, support desks are unable to help until they can determine what the actual problem is.


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