Secret Article Converter is Launched by Jeff Dedrick

By | February 22, 2006


UPDATE: This product is now outdated. While article spinning worked (and often still does) to avoid duplicate content penalties, it just got too spammy. I have removed the review, because I no longer recommend any type of article spinning, and don’t want anyone to be mislead in that regard. I’m leaving the comments though, because it contains some interesting discourse between myself and the owner of another article-related software, regarding my hyped-up ad copy for this affiliate promo, and his supposedly superior product. In retrospect, I’d say he was probably right about his product, but wrong to attack my character. For the most up-to-date information and recommendations, please join my free newsletter.

23 thoughts on “Secret Article Converter is Launched by Jeff Dedrick

  1. Don Harrold

    Dude, you’re kidding, right?

    “Jeff Dedrick has just released a program that solves the issue of duplicate content. This is THE software that I’ve been waiting for. It’s probably the software that you’ve been waiting for too. The Secret Article Converter will actually take an article, and CONVERT IT INTO A NEW ARTICLE!!! That’s right, unique content. ”

    Eric, I thought you were a straight up guy. Well, to that, I must say, “BULLSHIT”.

    Seems your faith has kinda taken a backseat to an affiliate deal.

    I’m just disappointed more than anything else.

  2. Eric Post author

    Don- I tried the software myself and it worked well. I wouldn’t have promoted it if it didn’t work… How about giving my readers some insight into your opinion of the program instead of attacking my “faith”. Like you said, I’ve always been straight up with you, how about you doing the same. I’m always open to hear your views…

  3. Don Harrold

    Here’s my insight: Your ad copy is either ignorant or purposefully deceptive. You write as if Jeff’s program is something new. It’s not. You know it. You and I talked at LENGTH about ArticleBot. You made it clear to me you did not want to work with us because of conflicting customer bases. You know that Jeff’s program isn’t some “new” development. You know that ArticleBot does what Jeff’s does (and has for the last couple years). You know that Jeff’s “amazing” and “unique” program is hyped but neither “amazing” or “unique”.

    Well, the “amazing” part I suppose is quite subjective. The “unique” part is ridiculous.

    I’ve watched a lot of folks jump on the “ripoff ArticleBot and call it unique and amazing” train over the last couple years, but I did not expect to see you punching a ticket.

    Oh well. Like I told you the first time I found out you professed to be a Christian: Everytime someone sticks their faith out in front of their business (and I mean, like everytime), it just seems to come out the other end, not so “Christian”.

    So, my insight can be summed up this way: You said things to me that you’ve apparently changed your mind on (best case). You know that Jeff’s program is not what you say it is. You know that ArticleBot has been around since before Jeff Dedrick decided to jump on the bandwagon. Yet, despite those facts, you write the most hyped ad copy I’ve seen since “Portal Feeder”.

  4. Eric Post author

    Don – the last time we talked about Articlebot you told me about some new technology you were developing, which you told me not to tell ANYONE about. So I haven’t. I also haven’t used your program, so I don’t know what it can do other than what you told me (and told me not to tell anyone). If Articlebot can do the same thing as SAC, and you’re now publicly talking about it, that’s great–and that’s why I asked!

    SAC is the first program I have ever personally seen or used that does what it does. If your claim is that SAC ripped off Articlebot then please feel free to prove it 😉 I’d like nothing better than to expose my readers to the truth… Also, if/when you decide to accept new members again, I’d be happy to check it out and review it for “Eric’s Tips”.

    As far as sticking my faith out in front of my business, I’m not sure what you mean. This isn’t “Christian business tips”…

  5. Don Harrold

    A) The last time we talked is after the first time we talked. During the FIRST conversation I asked you to stop using the keyword, “ArticleBot” and/or “Article Bot” in your Google Adwords campaigns. You knew then exactly what ArticleBot did. You were using our name in your ad campaign.

    B) I’m not sure what you were not supposed to tell anyone. Whatever it was, it’s out now. But, that has nothing to do with ArticleBot. You knew exactly what ArticleBot did. THAT’S HOW YOU DECIDED WE SHOULD NOT WORK TOGETHER. Gee whiz, dude, get your story straight.

    C) I make no claim about SAC ripping us off. My claim is that you are hyping a product under the pretense that it’s “unique” and “amazing” (etc) when you’ve known about ArticleBot for a long time.

    D) I am more than clear that this is not “Christian business tips”. It is, however, very sad to see folks claim Christianity and act in a certain manner.

    Dude, don’t worry about it. Jeff’s “affiliates” are using our name as keywords in their ad campaigns at Google. I’ve emaild Jeff and he’s told me it’s “not him”. He told me he had not heard of ArticleBot, too.

    Funny how that works.

  6. Don Harrold

    Eric, it’s none of my business who or how you do business. My only reason for posting was to say, “I’m disappointed”. But, this “SEO” business just gets less appealing every day. Not surprised, just disappointed.

  7. Don Harrold

    One more thing: If you want to keep your board “clean” and delete my posts, it’s no big deal to me. And, I am not suggesting I have any control over what you do or anything, but… Upon reflection, my opinions here are completely useless. You know the facts. I know the facts. Anyone else won’t care. So, it’s probably (definitely) a complete waste of time that I even posted.

  8. Eric Post author

    Don, in regards to your A-B-C-D post above… Yes we talked about Articlebot, and I knew that it was a unique content generation system, but I didn’t know that it had the ability to rewrite articles. You told me that you were developing new technology that would be able to completely rewrite anything, and not to tell anyone about it. You also said that you weren’t planning on releasing it because you didn’t think it would be right to give people a tool they could use to rewrite other people’s websites.

    You also showed me another development (geneology related), and said not to tell anyone about it either. If you recall, most of our first conversations were spent talking about the evils of Google and not about our products…

    I did not know that you had incorporated the re-writing technology into your program. Yes I’ve known about Articlebot for a long time (several months), and I’ve also known many other programs like Article Miner, Article Equalizer, etc. I had not known any programs to do what SAC does, and I do think its amazing. But once again, I haven’t used your program, so if it already rewrites content I have to claim ignorance. Anyway, like I said I’d be happy to review your program if you think it will set the record straight.

    As far as it being “very sad to see folks claim Christianity and act in a certain manner”… Don I am sorry if I have done anything to offend you. I am sorry to all of my readers if I have done anything to mislead you. And I can only say that I hope your sadness is rooted in a love for God and His people…

  9. Eric Post author

    Just a quick update about the SAC product… Today I received a hand-addressed postcard from the SAC team thanking me for joining (as a customer, not affiliate), and with a URL for some unadvertised bonuses. There have only been a couple of other products where I actually received mail thanking me for the purchase (I think Aweber was another one).

  10. Tony Stai

    Don’t worry about Don, He’s likely to be frustrated as I am with all the publicity that SAC has been getting the last couple of weeks. He is right though that SAC is not unique. I’ve also written an application that does the Synonym replacement stuff and just like Don’s does a lot more that just that. SAC is a good product and Jeff has some good ideas and a nice site too so he deserves to get kudos. But claims to uniqueness are exagerrated.


    You can do similar synonym replacement of text (pc app – don’t have to be online) but you can also then merge that new unique content into web pages for your web site using templates and tags. This is the part the Jeff is missing (for now). He’s only giving you part of the steps. Heck, with PLRI you can even take a web page that was already completed, highligh text and make it unique then paste it back into the existing web page, save and upload – very cool!


  11. Eric Post author

    Looks like you are right Tony. As I get more info about other programs I see that SAC is less “unique” than I first thought. I still think its a great program, so I’m sticking by my recommendation, but perhaps sometime I will do a review/comparison of any similar programs on the market to give my readers a better overview of what’s out there.

  12. Dimmer

    I took a look at Articlebot from Don Harrold. As for me it is piece of ugly sh*t. I know anybody with minimal coding experience could reproduce this program. After all it does nothing. Just inserts two phrases, hahahaha. As for me, Sac people gave their members much more than advertised!

  13. Eric Post author

    Um, from what I know about A-bot, there’s a lot more to the program than that… I think the article rewriting is just one aspect of it. Unfortunately I haven’t tested it, so I couldn’t tell you exactly what it does.

  14. Don Harrold

    Eric, You can test ArticleBot anytime you like. In fact, why not get a free copy? I’ll be happy to see the review you write after you use our tool.

  15. Don Harrold

    Eric, Also, I must admit that it is POSSIBLE that you really did not know what ArticleBot was (even though we’d talked extensively about it). It’s POSSIBLE that you really did think you had stumbled across an “amazing” and “unique” tool with Jeff Dedrick – although we pioneered the genre and are now the most copied software in the SEO world. I’m not boasting, but I am a bit perplexed at how you would miss the facts. But, let me publicly admit that it’s possible I am flat-out wrong about you on this issue. So, if I am wrong, I apologize.

  16. Eric Post author

    Sounds good Don, I’ll get in touch with you sometime about reviewing A-bot.

  17. Jeff T

    Is it possible to see a review with unbiased (/edited) conversions of the same text with different tools, such as,, and (and others you know about)?
    that would be a reasonable and reliable review

    thank you. i would be really interested in reading that out

  18. jan

    Check the latest tool to hit the market. Standalone application from David Watson, creator of WAW.
    check it out at

    more programmers hitting the “unique content” bandwagon, hopefully translates to products with better features 🙂

  19. Michiel

    Short or long discussion, Articlebot is FAR (!) more mature than SAC.

    Articlebot creates articles.
    Article Converter only does some basic find and replace.

  20. sylvan

    As a person who has used both softwares, I can attest to the strength of article bot. As Michiel says article bot actually creates them rather than changing words like article converter does. I sometimes use both at the same time to produce really unique articles.


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