The Writing Cash Program is Launched

By | February 18, 2006

Edition #24 – 2/18/2006

Today I launched a new product that I’ve been working on for awhile. It’s called “The Writing Cash Program”, and it was created primarily as a direct response to all the people who want to learn affiliate/PPC marketing like I do it.

I decided to gear it more towards writers than to the generic “business opportunity seeker” crowd. My reasoning was twofold…

– There are already some similar programs out there touting themselves as “typing” or “data entry” work, but none that I could find targeted for people who consider themselves to be real writers.

– The fact of the matter is, writers will be much more successful at this type of work than some monkey who can enter data by typing on a keyboard. There’s an aspect that all the “data entry” folks have neglected… successful PPC marketing requires some creativity.

And I believe that writers will possess the creativity to be successful at it. There are obviously thousands of writers who are looking for ways to make money from home. Just look at Elance, and you’ll see that they are willing to stoop to low levels just to be able to do what they love to do (write). Hopefully, The Writing Cash program will bring those types of individuals a better return on the investment of their time, and allow them to spend more time writing novels or whatever their true passion is.

(Link removed- this product is currently outdated)

Well that’s all for now! I’ve got more products that need to be developed, launched, marketed…

4 thoughts on “The Writing Cash Program is Launched

  1. Björn Persson

    Damn you, Eric!

    Another product I’m gonna have to buy, I had decided I wouldn’t buy anything for three months, but this seems like another no-brainer 😀

  2. Alex

    I was just curious as to why there is a admin. hold on the site. Not only can’t I purchase the product, I can’t even scroll over the specifics of the course (that would be outlined in a sales page) for contemplation of purchase.

    Clue me in if you will. That’s all for now.

    Alex G.

  3. Eric Post author

    Alex, I’ve decided to re-launch the program on March 1st. I will be sending out an announcement to “Eric’s Tips” list at that time, with an explanation and details. Thanks!

  4. petrisor

    I am a newbie!?.. If it is like at aircraft pilots, I am no more, because I get in 4 month
    more then 1220 active hours online, and I wose 20 years a regular business man. But I have to many fingers to one hand, for how many useful knitted together trainings for a real business, I have seen. You are a TREASURE! Is a shame this, are in same place with all those pompous cheat online poison,(swindlers like Tissa and &),and may be lost betwin among a lot of garbage.

    I am realy greatful to you!



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