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By | April 6, 2007

Edition #121

Yesterday I discovered that part of my helpdesk has been broken since sometime last year!

What it means is that some people’s support tickets never made it to us. Hard to believe the problem went so long undiscovered, isn’t it?

The problem is that while part of the helpdesk was broken, part of it still worked. We were still receiving support tickets every day, so we didn’t know we were missing any.

So if you’ve had any unanswered support tickets, I’m truly sorry. If your request is still relevant, please feel free to open a new ticket.

The good news is that the helpdesk is fixed now, and I’ve also got a nice package of products for you today…

If you’ve been a reader of Eric’s Tips for awhile, you might have read or heard me talk about how I sometimes use Private Label Rights products to help create new products.

On more than one occasion, I have taken just one PLR software product and turned it into tens of thousands of dollars. In one case, it was a simple as giving it a new name. In another case, I hired a programmer to modify the software itself.

Software is a very profitable niche, and probably will be for as long as we have computers. The type of software that I’ve had the most success with, is software that relates directly to marketing. In other words, they are programs that help marketers improve their own business and make it more efficient.

Today I found a tremendous bargain for you. Essentially, it’s an entire library of marketing-related software products, with FULL SOURCE CODE and private label resale rights.

(Link removed – offer no longer available)

You may have seen similar software selling for ten times the price elsewhere, so I think it’s a great deal for anyone who wants a jump start for selling their own products.

As always you are welcome to post your comments here on the blog.

Have a great day!

23 thoughts on “Software Source Code Sale

  1. Richard Killey


    This software package says under each product, “compile them”. What is required on my computer in order to do this “compile” step? Are these done in Visual Basic or something like that?


  2. Greg

    Received your email looks interesting but it really doesn’t tell me what the software actually does?

    What do they do?

  3. Eric Post author

    Richard and Greg- I have now posted the sales pages of the software products themselves, so you can see the details. By compile them, I think it means you’re allowed to bundle with the other products, or turn them into one big piece of software.

  4. charles

    Is it expensive to hire a programmer to modify it..?
    Can we just sell it on Click Bank or in google adwords..

  5. Eric Post author

    Charles- it all depends on what you want to do. You could probably have it rebranded as cheaply as $20 at or you could spend thousands of dollars having new customized programs developed using the existing ones as a base. You can certainly sell it as-is too, and I’ve done so with other programs both on Clickbank and via Adwords.

  6. Dave

    For those of us who are already coders, it would help to know what the various programs are written in.

  7. Ken

    Richard and Eric:

    Although Eric stated “By compile them, I think it means you’re allowed to bundle with the other products, or turn them into one big piece of software.”, I don’t think that’s quite what was meant by “compile them”.

    Even so, you could certainly could “bundle with the other products, or turn them into one big piece of software”, using the pre-compiled (.EXE) version of each application included with the source code, BUT that means NO branding nor any other modification to each of the programs.

    For ANY changes to each application, whether for “branding” or any other purpose, the source code would need to modified to accomplish the branding or other modification desired, and then the altered source code would need to be compiled, again, to create a new .EXE file. The process of compiling means that the source code is used as input to a program called a “compiler”, which would interpret the source code into the necessary instructions to create the executable program (the .EXE file). The source code’s “language”, used to develop the application, is what will dictate the necessary “compiler”, in each individual case.
    (See below for further details on this.)

    (Richard: BTW – Where are you seeing that phrase? It’s not on Eric’s sales page, nor on any of the sales pages for the individual products. So, where are you seeing a reference to compiling them?)

    Dave: In response to “it would help to know what the various programs are written in.”, you are certainly correct. As it turns out, the applications were written in
    various different languages, not just a single programming language.

    Here is the info regarding that subject, quoted from what is contained within the source code package:

    “To compile the source code of the Delphi programs provided, you will need to install the additional packages
    in the “VCL” folder found here. You will also need to install, for specific programs (e.g. the Spam Learner
    Pro), an additional update for your Delphi 7 distribution (it can be found in the “VCL” subdirectory of that
    program’s source code).

    All the Delphi programs were developed under Delphi 7. The Visual Basic programs were developed under
    Visual Basic 6. The Visual C++ programs were developed under Visual C++ .NET 2003.”

    So, depending on which application program you wanted to modify and re-compile, you would need to have
    either Delphi 7, Visual Basic 6, or Visual C++ .NET 2003 installed on your computer.

    Obviously, only those who are already coders would have any of these language compilers already installed on their computers, and only the most serious of coders would be likely to have all three of them installed.

    So, the bottom line is this: if you want to “brand”, or make any modifications to the individual programs, you MUST:

    (1) be a coder, with the language compilers shown above available so you can re-compile the modified source code;
    – or –
    (2) hire a coder, via or, with the appropriate skills for the language involved, to perform the
    modifications and re-compile the modified source code, thus creating the new .EXE application file for you.

    Other than these two approaches, you could only resell the unmodified programs, (with or without the source code), individually, as a bundle, or in combination with some other related products you may have available for resale.

    Even so, for the price asked, it’s definitely worth the money. In fact, it’s worth the money even if you don’t resell them, and just use them in the operation of your OWN online business.

    Hope that helps to clarify things for everybody! 🙂

  8. John

    I purchased this package, but when I tried to use the Viral Toolbar Builder, it wouldn’t work. I could get all the way up to creating the toolbar executable file, but then I got an error message that said ‘file not found’, and the executable was not created. The program is pretty simple to use, so I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong with it. It appears to be a ‘bug’ in the code.

    I’ve found that this particular program was written in Visual Basic 6, which is no longer a ‘current version’ of Visual Basic. In fact, Microsoft has announced that they are going to completely end support for VB 6 next year. There are at least 2 newer versions of Visual Basic that have been released since VB6.

    I understand that this software is being sold very inexpensively, with no support, but I at least expected it to work without having to get into the code and ‘fix it’.

  9. John

    I entered a ticket in Eric’s help desk to see what he would say about the fact that the Viral Toolbar Builder doesn’t work ‘out of the box’.

    The answer was that ‘technical support is not provided’. I understand that. But, to sell a product that doesn’t work, but not warn the customers about this, is simply not right. In fact, it really is ‘false advertising’. There is a big difference between selling a product without technical support, and selling a product that doesn’t work and not warning the customers about this.

    Eric will probably not allow this post to be made public. But at least, he will see it (the person who answered the help desk ticket was not Eric, so I don’t know if Eric even saw my ticket).

    I expect a full refund, since the product is ‘defective’, not working ‘as advertised’.

  10. Randall

    I am with you guys about the viral toolbar builder – I have tried this product on a 98 machine and xp machine and the problem is the same – one error says file not found and the other error on the xp box says source file not found. I don’t need support to use something but the product should work- I have been selling on the Internet for 8 years and I make my living on the Internet in the fitness industry. I probably won’t buy from this group of people again. To sell a product that just doesn’t work shows intent to deceive. I think (not sure) these are the same people that created the simple shareware creator product too, which exhibit the same problems.

  11. Eric Post author

    John & Randall- as you can guess I just picked up the software package and resold it without using the products. Some of the product I may use, but the Viral toolbar builder isn’t one of them, so it’s no surprise that I didn’t test it. Anyway, I’ll try to get in contact with the original seller and see if there’s a fix anywhere. Or John did you manage to fix it? If so I could send people to your fix and you can take credit or do a squeeze page or whatever…

  12. John

    I did not get it fixed. I have done quite a bit of programming in the past (haven’t touched much code for about 6 years or so), and I’ve never worked with VB, but I figured that I could probably figure out the problem, if I had VB6. Problem is, I don’t have VB6 – the last version of VB that I purchased was VB4, and this code won’t work with it. Also, this code isn’t supported in the latest version of VB, basically leaving this code in a bit of an ‘orphan’ state, unless someone who already owns VB6 wants to tackle the problem. I’ve been thinking about purchasing a used copy of VB6, since VB6 is still preferred over the newer versions, but it still goes for quite a bit (for ‘used’ software). If you could get in touch with the original seller and find a fix (or find someone who would sell me their ‘legal’ copy of VB6 at a reasonable price), I would be very interested.

  13. Dave

    And why still no list of which programs are written in which language? As a Delphi programmer, I’m fairly confident that anything in this package written in D7 is either still running strong, or would require a minimum of work to bring current. But without a list I couldn’t possibly justify a purchase.

  14. John

    It turns out that VB6 is very much ‘alive and well’, even though Microsoft is trying to ‘kill it’. There are still many developers using VB6. Anyway, I did obtain VB6, so I will be working on fixing this issue with Viral Toolbar Builder. As soon as I have it running, I’ll make a post here.

  15. John

    As we’ve discussed, Viral Toolbar Builder is in Visual Basic 6.

    The Viral Article Publisher was developed in Visual C++ .NET 2003.

    All of the other programs were developed in Delphi 7.

  16. John

    I did take a look at the code, but I’m not very familiar with VB6 (yet). There was actually code that was ‘remarked out’, disabling certain sections of the program, possibly related to registration of the software and ‘enhanced’ features. It also appears that this program made ‘calls’ to Visual Basic 6, as if this program was an ‘add-on tool’ for use with VB6 in creating toolbars, rather than a ‘standalone’ program for creating toolbars. Since this program makes changes to the Windows registry, I didn’t want to dig too deep into it, since I might easily ‘crash’ my computer. I may set up a separate machine just for working with code like this (where I don’t have a lot of other stuff installed that’s a real ‘pain’ to have to install if I have to wipe the hard drive and start from scratch to reinstall Windows).

    Eric, did you ever find out anything more from the original seller of this software?

  17. John

    I’ve looked at the Viral Toolbar software again. The program definitely makes a ‘call’ to Visual Basic 6, in order to ‘build’ the toolbar. So this program was, evidently, an add-on package to use with VB6, in creating toolbars. As it’s written, there’s no way that it could work without VB6.

    Eric, again, did you ever find out anything from the original seller of this software? I’m trying to help here, but when you ignore my questions, it doesn’t help.

  18. Eric Post author

    John- it seems that the seller is not supporting it. Also i’m not ignoring comments, I just usually don’t look at older posts. Also there is a company out there claiming to own the original rights to the program, which they say was ripped off. I talked to them about it, and I think they are going to release a free working version, but it might not have resale rights…

  19. Shaoun

    Dear Eric,
    Can you help me selling a couple of good software source code. Those are professional. Please let me know if anyone wants to see the product.


  20. Helio Tavares

    Hi Shaoun.
    I am in the market for something like that. Can you send some info to my email address and the pricing please.

  21. Phil Rogers

    The Viral Article Publisher source code compiles ok. However, there is a Help button on the program that launches your browser and loads the help pages from a website. Or rather, it doesn’t because the site no longer exists. There’s no other way of getting help. I’m having to read the program source code to find out how to set up the program properly!
    As a professional programmer, I say “Beware PLR software”. A lot of this type of software links to web help pages which disappeared ages ago. Your customers won’t be happy if they can’t get it to work and you can’t support it.


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