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By | October 2, 2006

UPDATE: This review is now outdated. I’ve removed the links from this page, as I’m no longer recommending it. I will say that based solely on feedback I received from people who paid to join StomperNet, it was overall a good program, albeit the high price of admission. Some internet marketers have credited their success largely to what they learned from StomperNet.

Throughout the past years, StomperNet has received a lot of criticism from customers and even from former employees. From what I’ve seen, most of the criticism was related to poor customer service, poor treatment of affiliates, shady marketing practices, and an allegedly nasty split of StomperNet co-founders Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins.

Just keep in mind that this article was written prior to any of that, and was based entirely on what was presented by Brad and Andy at the time of the original StomperNet launch. This article is not a currently held viewpoint regarding StomperNet or Brad and Andy.

Edition #86 10/2/2006

If you’ve been reading my newsletter for awhile, you’ll know that I’ve been in “silent mode” lately, as I’m right smack dab in the middle of a huge project that is requiring all of my attention.

However, I’m taking a 5-minute break because I have to let you know about a program that is launching tomorrow (Tuesday).

I’ve been talking about Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins and their new program for over a month now in my newsletters. I’ve shown you their “Going Natural” videos, and PDF reports in which they reveal how they are raking in millions–largely through natural SEO.

They’ve provided a ton of info for us, and I have to admit that I’ve learned some things about SEO that I never knew before. If you’ve missed any of the episodes or reports, you can catch up on all the details on their blog:

(Link removed – no longer available)

By the way, if you haven’t watched the 36 (yes 36!) real-life case study videos, go watch them. It is an education that they could be charging for, and you can see them all, linked from the left navigation bar of the blog.

Tomorrow they are launching the full StomperNet program, which I must say is very comprehensive. I’m talking about DVD’s, live seminars, ongoing training, and more. Apparently this thing is bigger and better than what they provided for their $25,000 coaching clients, and they’re not charging nearly that much this time.

So DON’T just assume that it is going to be out of your reach, just because it’s such a huge program. With their payment plan, this is going to be well within reach for a good percentage of online marketers.

Do I need to remind you that these guys are making millions from their websites?

When I first announced Brad and Andy’s “Going Natural” video about how Brad is making over $500,000 a month from ONE website, there was some skepticism in the comments on my blog. Some of you were concerned that they we’re quoting gross sales rather than net profit, and there was much speculation that they must only be making 10-15% profit since it’s an ecommerce site.

To be honest, I really didn’t know how much they were netting, so I erred on the side of caution by saying I’d be shocked if they weren’t making at least 10-15% profit.

Well it just so happens that I met with Brad just a couple weeks after that (about two weeks ago) and that was one of the first things I asked him about. What he told me was nothing less than shocking in my opinion. Do you want to know how much profit he’s making on his websites?

He says he’s making about 63% profit, company-wide. Yes you heard correctly, SIXTY THREE PERCENT.

He’s making an absolute killing on these sites. This guy knows how to sell goods for high profit margins online, and he also knows how to get traffic to his sites.

If you want to learn from the best, I highly recommend Brad and Andy’s StomperNet program.

That’s why I’m doing something that I’ve never done…

(Bonus removed – no longer available)

The program launches at NOON Eastern Standard Time, so be sure to get there right on time, because they have some huge fast-mover bonuses (I already know about one of them worth $2100+).

Since they’re including so many live-training elements, they will only be accepting members for a very LIMITED time, so be sure to check it out right away.

This 5-minute break just turned into a 30-minute break, but that’s OK, I really wanted to let you know about this.

Okay, now I’m getting back to work!

As always you can leave your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

34 thoughts on “StomperNet Bonus

  1. Nate Verhees


    Any bonuses for being first to comment in the blog? It took incredible, precision timing… (Joking…;-). Anyway, thanks for taking a break to give us the heads up. I’ll consider it when the price is revealed. Take care.

    Nate Verhees

  2. Kevin

    Hi Eric
    Your offer of the websites is a generous one – but the chances of being first or second is a slim one and makes the other offers more attractive because everyone gets the bonus.



  3. Bruce LeClerc

    HI Eric,

    I wonder what you mean by a “good percentage” as I have found very few people have been willing to spend $200 one time let alone more than that per month.

    This is just something else that will cause me and others to continue the removal/unsubscribe process that was started with the butterfly and caterpillar sites ad nauseum .

    Sure there will be those that will get the program and I do not care if it was “stolen” from the richjerk or not, it still is somethat the the GREAT majority of internet marketers will not be able to afford no matter how the payment plans are arranged especially considering all their other financial obligations.

    Perhaps there will be a program for the “little guy” soon that will work even better than these.. Who knows, just look at the electic car that goes from 0-60 in 4.6 seconds. There is always something new and improved coming out and hopefully will be unlike the Lotus car and be affordable.

    Most Amercians are basically right now like the frog in the water that is heating up and do not realize that their rights are being deteriorated as seen in this movie by the producer of “Trading Places” with Eddie Murphy and “The Rose” with Bette Midler:

    Bruce LeClerc

  4. Eric Post author

    Kevin- I dont think the chances will be as slim as you think. It’s still a pretty high ticket product, so there’s not gonna be 1000’s of people lined up to buy it. For those who want my bonus, if they order when the site launches they will have a very good chance. And as I always say to my readers… if you’re planning on buying ANYTHING through someone else’s link just because of a bonus, I’d appreciate if you contact me first at the helpdesk and see what I can do better.

    Bruce- Okay “good percentage” might not have been the best words to use because admittedly this product will only be in range for the minority of my readers. I guess it feels like that a good percentage to me because that minority happens to be a pretty big group! Also, you’d be surprised at how many people ARE willing to invest serious money into their business for programs that have the potential to bring them a good ROI. The monthly payment plan on this educational program is far less than you’d spend if you we’re enrolled at the local community college here where I live. But don’t unsubscribe… I’ll have plenty more tips and solutions for the “little guy” as you say…

  5. ron

    Hey Eric….. Can you explain what rich jerk try to do here ? Is he JV with Brad as well ?

    All Hell Breaks Loose Tomorrow at 9am PST

    “If you miss this, then you are a piece of sh*t”

    Dear loser,

    I’ve sent you 7 emails in the past 2 weeks about a couple of
    jack offs who are giving away the meat of my next book for free.

    Some of these emails may have offended you. If so, then get the
    fu*k off of my list. Actually, go ahead and turn off your computer,
    waddle over to your couch, and sit down where you see the biggest
    ass imprint. Then resume shoveling pork rinds into your ugly fu*king
    face, while you watch Oprah change the world. I don’t have time
    for you.

    If you’re still here, then listen up. Things are about to EXPLODE.

    The two cranberries that have been a pain in my ass for the past
    two weeks are Brad Fallon & Andy Jenkins.

    I think I may have caused a uproar on the internet when I called them
    little girls and renamed them “Brandy.” The name has caught on like
    wildfire, just as it should. So feel free to email them and refer to
    them as Brandy. I’m sure they will love it.

    Anyway, I’ve provided you with an arsenal to run these guys out of
    town by giving you access to their private client files, including
    step by step videos on how to COPY these people for free.

    If you missed the videos, go here:


    If you missed the confidential client files, go here:


    Well guess what?

    My personal attack on these guys, combined with the aid of my loyal
    minions (you), has led these pansies to ask for a truce. Can you
    believe that? They GIVE AWAY my secrets for free, and now I’m just
    supposed to forgive and forget?

    Fu*k that.

    The ONLY way to get me off their backs is to PAY ME. And that’s
    exactly what they’ve agreed to do.

    Sucks to be them.

    TOMORROW, Tuesday, October 3rd, these guys are releasing a
    12 month hands-on program, utilizing many of MY STRATEGIES, designed
    to help people build an online business from scratch with ZERO
    experience. This INCLUDES how to easily build a website in ANY category
    and get it listed on the first page of Google’s search results.

    Instead of forcing Brandy to pay me a couple million bucks in cash,
    I decided I wanted a HUGE piece of their business – ESPECIALLY
    since they are teaching MY stuff. And you know if my name is attached
    to something, I’m gonna make sure its fu*king awesome.

    So I’ve agreed to offer my valuable time & resources to make sure
    their program isn’t a piece of sh*t, whether they like it or not.

    Thanks to me, Brandy’s program will NOW include:

    – 14 hours of step by step video tutorials on how to start
    making money online from scratch with NO WEBSITE and NO CLUE.
    This is specifically for people who don’t know sh*t about making
    money online.

    – A pile of DVDs that will break the UPS guy’s back. Take them to a dark
    room in the back of your house, lock the door, turn off your phone,
    and watch these bootleg DVD’s of 2 invite-only seminars (yes I stole
    them, but who cares). People paid $15k to attend these seminars. They
    also include never before seen footage of the late Ken Giddens.

    – Next you get unrestricted access to “StomperNet”. It’s a private
    portal that reserves you a spot in an exclusive high pagerank link
    exchange program. Any dipsh*t knows, having high pagerank sites linking
    to you is the EASIEST way to get top rankings in the search engines.
    Being a part of this exchange practically guarantees you high rankings
    in Google. This link exchange program is worth $10k alone…easy.

    – Also, a bunch of computer nerds who currently live in Brandy’s mom’s
    basement got together after a Star Trek conference and created software
    that tracks the eyes of everyone who visits your website. Don’t ask me
    how this sh*t works. I have no idea, and I don’t care. All I know is that
    seeing where most people focus on my website is GOLD. Because that’s
    where I’m going to put all of my expensive sh*t for them to buy.

    – Oh, yeah…there are also going to be 3 LIVE, in-person events
    throughout your training, where Brandy will hold your hand. Invite-Only.
    And they’re begging me to make an appearance. But I’ve got vacations
    to take and chicks to bang, so what time do I have left? Well, maybe
    I’ll have time to stop by and urinate on the building. Then I’ll leave.
    Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to meet me while I’m taking a piss.

    – And listen up all you con artists – EVEN if you lie and say all
    of this stuff is worthless, you’ll get ALL of your money back and
    you can keep all of the crap anyway. Even if you don’t like the
    color of the DVD cases, you can get your full investment back,
    no hassle. I forced them to offer this policy. You can
    thank me later.

    This exclusive year long program is limited to 1,000 people. And
    the cost is $800/month.

    Do the math. $800/month x 12 months equals $9600 for the year. Multiply
    that times 1,000 people, and that’s almost $10 Million Bucks. And I’m
    going to get a BIG piece of that because these guys FEAR ME… they should.
    Maybe I’ll buy another plane.

    I can guarantee this program will be fu*king awesome because they are
    teaching MY STRATEGIES. And, they’ve already helped a bunch of retards
    get ridiculous rankings in Google using these methods. If you missed
    the proof, download their confidential client files here:


    Nobody else is teaching this stuff. There are currently 50 people in
    the club earning over $50 Million a year. That’s a million bucks a
    year for EACH of these nitwits. Imagine what you could do with this
    program if you actually had a hint of intelligence. You would destroy
    these people.


    Here’s where I come in and change your life forever.

    If you purchase Brandy’s program, I’m going to give you a GOLDEN TICKET.

    Steal a peak at this BONUS (your GOLDEN TICKET) here:


    A Golden Ticket gives you and a friend an ALL ACCESS pass to the set
    of my next 30 minute infomercial. You’ll also get to roll with the
    Rich Jerk. Hang at my mansion, on my yacht, on my plane, wherever we’re
    filming – with TONS of very “friendly” bikini models.

    NOTE: I will only be giving a golden ticket to the FIRST 100 people
    who buy Brandy’s Program.

    BY THE WAY, how would you like to be IN my infomercial? You’ll get to do
    that too……if you’re one of my LUCKY 37.


    How do you become eligble for my LUCKY 37?


    To become eligible for my LUCKY 37 you need to make a FULL commitment
    upfront. No $800/month payments. You pay a one time fee of $8,640.
    Normally, the 12 month program at $800/month would cost you $9,600.
    But if you pay in full up front, you pay only $8,640 – a savings of $960.
    AND, you become eligible for my LUCKY 37 crew.

    I’m going to hand-pick 37 people, and those LUCKY 37 will be VIP all
    the way. They’ll appear in my infomercial, and I’ll pay for everything.
    Airfare, hotel, whatever. The LUCKY 37 also get to attend a HUGE party I’m
    throwing with celebrities and bikini models. And they get to accompany me to
    a ridiculously expensive dinner, again paid for in FULL by me. I may even
    let some of you talk to me if I’m in a good mood.

    As if that weren’t enough, the LUCKY 37 will also get to go with me to a LIVE
    taping of “Deal or No Deal”. You know, the one on NBC with Howie Mandell and
    all those awesome chicks? I’ll even introduce you to some of the girls….
    who I know…..intimately.

    We’re filming my big infomercial in southern California in 2007.
    Its already in pre-production. This infomercial will be unlike anything
    you’ve ever seen before. I guarantee it will go down in history and put
    “Girls Gone Wild” to shame. It may even get me thrown in jail.

    Screw Brandy’s program, you’ll be famous and rolling VIP with the Rich Jerk.
    That is worth ten times the price of their program. It just doesn’t get
    any better than this.

    Brandy’s program goes live at 12:00pm EST (9:00am PST) on Tuesday, October 3rd.
    But if you get on the EARLY NOTIFICATION LIST you will get a FULL HOUR to purchase
    Brandy’s program BEFORE the general public, and you will ALSO be able to claim
    your Golden Ticket. So get on the EARLY NOTIFICATION LIST here:


    Brandy’s program is just $800/month for one full year ($9,600 total),
    or you can pay a one time fee of $8,640 up front, a savings of $960.

    PAY ATTENTION: To be in the running for my LUCKY 37, you MUST pay for
    Brandy’s program in full, up front for $8,640. And don’t forget,
    there is a no question, zero hassle, money back policy.

    This is your ONLY chance to see how I live…..up close and in person.

    Get Brandy’s program, get your golden ticket and let’s party…..


    P.S. Remember, the program goes live on sale at 12:00pm EST (9:00am PST) on
    Tuesday, October 3rd (TOMORROW). Don’t fu*k around here. This program is limited
    to 1,000 people and it WILL SELL OUT – I can guarantee you that. If you miss out,
    after seeing my new infomercial, and the pictures from my party, you will want
    to commit suicide. And in that case, you probably should.

    So get on the EARLY NOTIFICATION LIST NOW so you can purchase a FULL HOUR
    before everyone else:

    P.P.S My LUCKY 37 group may not be right for you. Not just anyone can afford
    to pay $8,640 up front. Those who CAN certainly deserve to roll pimp-style with
    the Rich Jerk for a couple of days.


    P.P.P.S. If you CAN’T afford the program, fu*k off.

    This message was sent by: Rich Jerk, 5205 Avenida Encinas, Ste I, Carlsbad, CA 92008

    Manage your subscription:

  6. Mathias Lebesby

    Hi Eric.

    What do you think about the Rich Jerk’s promotional tactics?
    I find him very entertaining (even though I don’t approve of his foul language).

    Why haven’t you revealed the price? The Rich Jerk has. It’s $800 per month.
    That’s more than I have at the moment.
    However, I’ll try to find a solution.

    How much time will it take before the offer has gone?

    How much will you make if I join through your link?
    If you don’t want to reveal this in your blog, please email me, and I’ll tell you what kind of bonuses I want to join through your link.

    Best regards,

    Mathias Lebesby

  7. pippaposh

    Hi Eric,

    I applaud your hard work. I think I have a sense of de ja vu.

    Bruce LeClerc articulates much of my opinion far better than I.
    Hands up all those who bought the Butterfly Marketing Package
    and are raking in 100.000K per month?

    I live in Africa and the Exchange Rate is 8 – 1USD$!

    Therefore I do not even qualify as the ‘little person’.

    I have gone surfing. It’s fun. Visit us sometime.

    Here’s to your next million!




    ‘Where life means more than money’

  8. Eric Post author

    Wow, it seems that a lot of you are on the Rich Jerk’s list 😉

    OK, here’s the deal…

    1) it is NOT orchestrated with Brad and Andy…they do not know what he’s going to say.


    2) Rich Jerk is one of their JV partners (like me), so obviously they are OK with his tactics.

    What do I think about it?

    First, I think Rich Jerk is vulger and obscene. The Rich Jerk is a real person, whom I’ve seen at a seminar (and I know his real name 😉 ), but his character is a marketing persona. His marketing is genius, and there is plenty to be learned from his tactics, but I think he’s crossed the line this time. He even used the racist N—– word in his last email, which for me was too far even for a publicity stunt.

    He has proven that he is certainly not a family friendly marketer, and due to the fact that most of his persona is a facade, I find it hard to trust that anything he says is said for anything other than his own personal gain.

    That said, he is a brilliant marketer, he has brought a ton of publicity to the StomperNet launch, and there is plenty to be learned from his tactics.

    Just know this, Brad and Andy did NOT steal anything from Rich Jerk, and what you are seeing from Rich Jerk is simply his idea of a marketing campaign.


    Ian- thanks for the bonus!

  9. Vivian

    Eric, you have a sweet deal. But I have very reserved feelings about this stompernet.

    When everyone starts doing the same strategy, no matter how good it is, it is rendered ineffectual just by the sheer numbers. Only so many people can be on page one, and only one can be in position one.

    The reason successful companies like Kentucky Fried Chicken keep at the top is they guard their special strategies fiercely. If every one starts using the same ‘secret recipe’ for dominating the search engines, then it becomes a war of who got their first, and who has the most supporters.

    LSI strategy is great, what Andy & Brad reveal is great, but when 1000 people all do it for the same niche, same keyword, then only 10 of those will be on page 1, and the rest will not.

    Then it will be a matter of whose domain is the oldest and which one has the most backlinks. That is why I believe such a massive number of people following the same strategy will kill the value of employing LSI.

    Just picture 500 LSI-honed websites on the niche weightloss. Will all 500 be in position one? Or even on pages one? Of course not, there are only x positions in that first page.

    There are not enough hot niches for 300000 people that expressed interest in this stomper for all to master the top positions of their respective or wanted niches.

    Also, Andy & Brad have made a monthly killing on niches with high traffic. This would not have the same results with niches that are very limited and have limited searches, even natural. I know because I sold for years in a low niche that even google and overture ppc representatives could not find any decent long tail words to market in, and it was just very limited in financial returns. Andy & Brad don’t even approach that possibility, which happens to a lot of specialty niches.

  10. Eric Post author

    Vivian- You bring up a good point. However, in my opinion you don’t need to worry about market saturation due to StomperNet. This is a high ticket program, so we’re probably talking about hundreds of members (not thousands). I’d imagine there will be some overlap between some members with popular niches, but the techniques learned can be applied to any niche, so you can simply replicate your efforts and go after new niches as desired.

    Also another thing leads me to believe that the internet is big enough to hold a few hundred more SEO experts…

    Brad is not your typical internet marketer. He’s more of the CEO type… and he has BIG long term plans for his business. And one of the things he’s doing right now is BUYING other internet companies. He’s buying companies in totally different niches than the wedding favor business that everyone knows about. I know he wouldn’t be doing this if he wasn’t confident that he could dominate any niche he chooses. Also, he wouldn’t be releasing the StomperNet program if he thought it would have a negative impact on his own personal businesses. In other words, he knows there’s plenty of traffic to go around.

    Andy did answer the question of “what if there are few keywords for my niche?” Basically his answer is that they have ways of getting more keywords. My other answer to your question, would be that “long tail” is only a piece of thier strategy, so if there truly aren’t any other keywords available, then you can still use their primary techniques to dominate your niche.

    Lastly, here is a FAQ that Andy sent out which answers a lot of good questions…


    There have been 16,127 responses to our Ask Database Survey…

    We have received 19,211 Email questions.

    There has been 1,298 Blog Comments…

    And there’s only 2 days to go!

    First, a reminder – StomperNet takes off on Tuesday October 3rd (That’s THIS Tuesday) at NOON Eastern Standard, 9AM Pacific.

    Now, let me answer some of those questions that you have been asking:

    Question 1:

    Do I have to be in the US in order to be in StomperNet?

    NO! As we speak, there are StomperNet members all over the world. There ARE some considerations that you need to make if you’re outside the continental USA…

    First, the schedule of On Going Training is going to be based on Eastern Standard Time. So you might find yourself up very early in the morning for some calls. With that said, it’s NEVER been a problem – WE RECORD EVERYTHING, so you’ll always have access to all of the training materials.

    Question 2:

    What about someone that’s just starting out? Is this right for me?

    Let me give you the facts, and then you decide:

    ** If you know NOTHING about the internet AND you don’t have any Dirt-World Business Experience and you can put in about 2 hours per week…

    — This is not for you. This is NOT a business opportunity or a franchise. This is Best-in-Class Education, Support, and Tools. Everyone should have a chance to succeed, but there’s a limit to how far behind the curve someone can be and still benefit from StomperNet.

    ** You have limited experience on the internet AND you have some Dirt-World Business Experience.

    You’re a good candidate, with this caution – your lack of Internet Experience will require you to spend extra time understanding how the internet works or have access to someone that does and can do some of the grunt work for you

    For example, if you don’t know how to update your web site’s DNS at your registrar to the name servers of your hosting company, you’re going to need to put in extra time learning. That’s all.

    ** You’ve got a growing Dirt-World Business and limited Internet Experience.

    — We have lots of folks in StomperNet that fit this profile. While they didn’t come with much technical knowledge, they understood that they could outsource their technical needs and concentrate on StomperNet Business principles. They have done very well.

    **You’ve got a web site, but you don’t know how to get traffic to it.

    — This is the place for you friend.

    ** You’ve already made a few dollars on-line but want to make more.

    –This is the place for you friend.

    **You don’t have a web site, but you know what you want to do and what kind of site you want.

    –Welcome – while we won’t build the site for you, you’ll know how to build a good site and get lots of traffic to it from StomperNet.

    ** I’m retired, or I’m a “Stay at Home Parent” and I’ve got lots of time to learn all of this.

    — Great, cause we can make all that ‘Free Time” you’ve got turn into “Paid Time”.

    ** I’m really really committed and will do whatever it takes to make this work.

    –That’s the kind of person we want in StomperNet.

    That TRUMPS all.

    Question 3

    Do you need to have an eCommerce web site, or know how to program code, or speak HTML to take advantage of StomperNet?

    No, No, and No. Traffic and Conversion represent about 95% of the cure for ANY non-successful Online Business. StomperNet has and will work with:

    AdSense or YPN Sites
    Affiliate Program
    Info Products
    Services (i.e. Web Hosting, Keynote speaking, etc.)
    Lead Generation Sites
    Name Squeeze Pages
    And of course, eCommerce.

    And I don’t think Brad can even SPELL HTML, and look at him!

    Question 4

    I have an Adult Site, or a Gambling site, or a….

    Look, I’m no angel, not by a fair stretch. And I don’t stand in moral judgment of anyone’s choices or businesses. But those kinds of sites will NOT work in StomperNet, for a variety of reasons.

    No Blood, No Foul, No Grief, but StomperNet is not the place for those kinds of sites.

    Question 5

    How exactly is this going to work?

    On Tuesday, we open the doors at Noon Eastern. Once you’ve placed your order, it goes to our Fulfillment company where they Pick and Pack your Home Study Course (The Internet Business Brain Transplant DVDs) and ship it out to you via UPS.

    A few days later, you’ll receive registration information for the StomperNet Portal. You’ll want to register as SOON as you can. There are already lively discussions, GOBS of Archived Content, and a bunch of Friendly StomperNet Veterans that have been talking all about welcoming the new blood.

    While you’re waiting for your DVD’s to arrive, I’ll be sending you links to Video that will show you how to maximize the use of your home study course, and how to take the MOST advantage of the StomperNet Portal.

    As folks start to digest their DVDs, we’ll create additional threads in the forum specifically for asking questions about the Home Study Course material. Later that week, we’ll have our first Q&A Teleseminar.

    In the past, the first 2 weeks have been used to help StomperNet members get their bearings, decide what aspects of their business need the most attention, establish a base line for their current traffic and conversion effectiveness and for those starting from Ground Zero, help them to decide what they’re going to pursue. That was very effective the last 2 times, so we’ll do that again.

    Also, we’ll introduce you to the incredibly effective content exchange service, and show you what you should be doing to get your sites ready for registration into our system.

    That’s week 3… Moving forward, we’ll be getting StomperNet members ready for the first StomperNet Live Event.

    Now, I don’t want to scare anyone off with all that’s going to happen in the first few weeks – remember, Brad and I and the StomperNet crew have done this before. We’ll get you the right ACTIONABLE information without bogging you down or melting your brain.

    (Actually, not sure about the Brain Melting Part…)

    Question 6

    Do you guys know anything about Pay Per Click Traffic or is this all about Search Engine Optimization?

    2 Parts to your question:

    First – Heh… We know a LOT about Pay Per Click Traffic. More than most people will ever need to know. And we’re happy to show you how to use it as a secondary form of traffic generation. And if you do it right, it can work extremely well.

    FYI – go to MSN Ad Center now and take a look at the cost of MSN traffic vs. Google Ad Words and Yahoo Search Marketing. I wonder why no one is talking about that yet? Hmmm…

    The other part of your question was “Is this all about SEO”. NO! It’s also about building a business one virtual brick at a time. Traffic and Conversion expertise should be the GOALS of any successful business. But there’s a lot between Point A and Point B. And unlike most folks that teach this material, we actually have REAL businesses that we run every single day, so we can cover it all.

    Question 7

    How long before I can quit my job?

    How long is a piece of rope? How high is the sky? How deep is the ocean? How much do I love you?

    I have a little bit of a reputation for being, well… Let’s just say that I don’t waste a lot of time “Framing” words.

    So, here’s it is – This is not a lottery ticket. It’s NOT going to happen overnight. Don’t plan on turning in your resignation next week.

    If you’re employed full time, stop watching TV (Except for LOST, Battlestar Galactica, John Stewart and 24) and spend that time building your business. I like weekends too, but when my business needs it, I work on Saturday and Sunday. Push Button Wealth is a fairy tale that turned into a toad.

    Even if you don’t want to hear it, I’m going to tell it to you straight as long as it’s in your business’ best interests. And that’s the biggest compliment and form of respect that I could EVER pay you.

    So consider this – The ones who have worked the hardest in the last StomperNet program…
    Guess what? They are the most successful.

    Question 8

    Can you give me a little break down of what we’re going to be doing or what we should be doing to prepare?

    Sure – First, I want you to understand our methodology:

    Step 1 is to get you edu-ma-cated about SEO and Conversion. That’s what the Home Study Course is going to do.

    Step 2 is the On Going Training and Support that you’ll find in the StomperNet Portal.

    So once you’ve got the foundation of SEO and Conversion from the HSC, this is how it will roll:

    Define your market – Your web site is going to or already is competing for eyeballs in a specific marketplace. That marketplace is represented by Search Terms.

    We’ll show you how to FIND all of the Search Terms that are related to your marketplace.
    We’ll show you how to determine how effective each one of those search terms will be:

    Meaning, How much effort is it going to take to get ranked for those search terms, and…

    How much traffic will those search terms bring?

    In order to determine how much effort you’ll need to put into a particular search term, we’ll show you how to reverse engineer the marketplace. You’ll learn how to use Tools to peek into your competitors marketing plan, what tactics they’re using, how to spot holes in their plan, and how to position your Site and your Sites’ Marketing at a strategic advantage.

    Then, we’ll start executing the plan.

    It’s all a very systematic.

    Question 9

    What’s the most important thing that I can do to make my business a success while I’m in StomperNet.

    Here’s what I’ve learned about running my own successful Online Business and what I’ve observed by helping hundreds of other people create their own…

    For those of you who are just getting going or are ready to take it to the next level:

    Get RID of your Paralysis by Analysis. Just leave it out behind the shed. The last thing you need is another Good Idea to think about and then do nothing with.

    You need to TAKE ACTION. Plan your Work – Work Your Plan.

    Sure, you’ll make mistakes. So what? In fact, GREAT! Because when you do, you will have just learned something else NOT to do.

    And you can NEVER give up.

    For those of you that have been at this a while…

    Ask yourself why your business has not been as successful as you think it could be.

    This is important.

    You see, anything that can be measured can be IMPROVED.

    But first, you have to know exactly what’s holding you back. This requires guts because you’ve got to be prepared to be honest with yourself. You’ve got to take those measurements no matter how unflattering they are. But if you can determine your business’s main constraint, we’ll show you how to break that bottleneck and clear the path upward.

    And you can NEVER give up.

    Tomorrow is StomperNet Eve! I’ve got some more to tell you, so make sure you’re on the look out for the next post.

    In it, I will talk to you about the “Fast Mover Bonuses”.

    For folks that are ready to take action, we’re going to give some AMAZING Bonuses.

    (There it is! The first time I’ve used ALL CAPS for an Adjective.)

    I’ll go into the details tomorrow.

    Talk Soon!

    Andy Jenkins

  11. Ben Festus

    Hi Eric,

    Great one, I will see what I can do as I am still to understand what the stomper net is all about.

    Actually Mike Filsame had been keeping me uptodate about it for a while now, but each time I visit Stomper site, it is either the video is not playing very well or what they are talking about is not interesting.

    SoI don’t know if you can take time to send me the link to the list of materials on stompernet that you saw and made use of yourself.

  12. Micheal Savoie

    While I would personally love to buy the program, my wife would leave me the second she found out that I committed to $800 per month for anything. (Hmmmmm…..)

    Ok, maybe I will be looking a little harder at this program. I really only need to sell 20 more of my HTML Training Email Courses to be able to pay for it up front. Then I could network at all of the conventions for future JV partnerships, since everyone who will be there will be heavy hitters, if not at the moment definitely in the future.

    Thanks for talking me into it, Eric!

    Have an amazing day!

    Micheal Savoie

  13. Eric Post author

    Ben- All the free materials are linked from the left side navigation bar of the stomper blog at: Also I got your personal note, and I am not taking on any additional JV’s right now. And I did check out that site you mentioned and I had already bought the package earlier 😉

    Michael- Thanks for the comment, you bring up a good point… The live seminars will be a prime place to network because there will be a lot of serious marketers at them.

  14. christine

    Thanks for everything and for all information that you are giving me.I like you and i do apreaciate your company.Now about the bonus of your website i would like to get a share.when am i going to start getting (money)?Otherwise i would like to meet you together with your family.Yes i noticed that you were in a silent mode.How am i going to get information concerning the Occassion?i would have wished to be there with you but i believe that one day we are going to meet.Good day.

  15. Veronica

    Hi All,
    Apart from his ebook, the only other thing for which I am grateful to the Rich Jerk is that he disclosed the price of the StomperNet package. Why Brad and Andy didn’t do this beats me. If they have so many thousands of people interested in the program and everyone tries to purchase all at once, there will be one doozy of a server crash leaving most of the crowd distressed, thinking that they will miss out on the opportunity to buy the package. Now that we all know the price, that should eliminate about 90% of these “many thousands” which means that only those who can afford the package will try to access it, and the rest of us can get on with building our businesses without it.
    I think I must need a gallon of coffee right now because I’m quite stirred up about a couple of issues. The first one is this. Why would anyone who is making many millions of dollars a year (perhaps even a month) from his websites charge a price way beyond the reach of the less successful (for now) internet marketer for knowledge that would help them get out of the average paddock? If the reason is to make heaps more money then they have my sympathy. If the reason is to limit the package sales, then why pre-sell it in such a way that it attracts nearly twenty thousand people who recognise that they need the package, only to find it way out of their financial league. How depressing! It’s a bit like the bank…when you really need a loan they won’t give it to you but when you don’t need it they spent millions of dollars advertising to get you to borrow from them.
    My second issue is with the Rich Jerk. I purchased his book about a year ago after recognising that his rude email was a clever marketing ploy. The info in the book was very helpful for me and I thank him for that. However his “marketing” style has way crossed the boundaries in recent weeks and has become offensive, crude and obscene and even blasphemous, as he sees himself as a (quote)”a God among men”(end quote). His style is not genious or even mildly clever and it certainly can’t be referred to as “marketing”. We hear enough filthy language out in the streets these days and even on TV, and I for one, don’t need to read it in my emails. I recall my primary school teacher telling us as 10 year olds, that using bad language is a sign of an uneducated mind. Hmmm! I unsubscribed from TRJ’s mailing list last week and then sent his previous emails in the same direction that the spam porno emails go….in the trash bin.
    Now I’ll go drink the gallon of coffee!

  16. Eric Post author

    Veronica- In regard to your question about why are they doing this… I think YES it’s to make money, and I think the reason they are marketing it this way is to build the biggest possible pool of potential buyers, AND to build a list. Keep in mind that a list is one of the most valuable assets your business can have. A good example was the AdSense is Dead guy who built a 30k list in under two weeks recently,. He didn’t make any money on the publicity stunt, but he ended up with a prospect list that is worth solid gold to him.

    About RJ- way to go Veronica 😉 I’d unsubscribe too in a heartbeat if it weren’t for the fact that I like to keep up with who’s doing what in the IM community.

  17. Alexander

    Rich Jerk have made a very good advertising for Brad & Andy.
    But boy, I really can’t afford eight hundred bucks per month.
    Maybe it is good program, who knows.

  18. Mike Gates

    Okay, I have read the above comments and had to put in my two cents worth. Two cents is about all I have since I have gone into debt buying too many of these great products, and then getting layed off from my full time job.

    Even though I have some harsh things to say here, I want you to know that I believe Eric is one of the good guys. I have met Eric, we go to the same church, and he is one of the few that tells it like it is.

    Veronica, regarding your comment below:
    “Why would anyone who is making many millions of dollars a year (perhaps even a month) from his websites charge a price way beyond the reach of the less successful (for now) internet marketer for knowledge that would help them get out of the average paddock? ”

    Because the real goal is not to help those average paddocks like us, the real goal is to make money. And I don’t really have a problem with that. If the market will bear it they can charge whatever they want.

    What really disappoints me is the email from Andy Jenkins:
    “Here’s the deal – to join StomperNet tomorrow, you’re NOT going to
    need $25,000.

    You’re NOT going to need $10,000

    You’re NOT going to need $5,000.

    Heck, you won’t even have to pay $1,000.00 tomorrow so PLEASE STOP

    I actually thought I might be able to take a chance and risk what I thought might be a one time $997 investment. I thought maybe this would get me over the top and I could work from home and say goodbye to the corporate world (if I still had a job).

    But, $800 a month is a whole lot of money for most people, not much more than my house payment. So again, the average paddock is priced out of the game. Those marketers who can afford it are probably already successful and will become more successful.

    So where does that leave us who are trying to make it? I don’t know, but I am becoming more skeptical of all internet marketers (except for Eric and one other I respect) and internet marketing in general.

    I think we are fighting a losing battle if we are trying to compete in the IM arena. You don’t get invited to be a JV partner, as Eric was with this launch, unless you have made a “name” for yourself.

    It’s becoming more and difficult to make a name for yourself as there is more competition. We are also told that you really need to get some big JV partners to launch your products. But in most cases the big guys won’t work with you since you don’t have a name.

    Wow, I can’t believe I wrote this. I’m generally optimistic, believe in people and love internet marketing. Guess the disappointment of this launch (and a little stress) got to me and I just needed to vent.

    Perhaps we average paddocks need to band together and see if we can help each other.

    Eric, please believe that this NOT directed at you, but the IM community in general. You are a breath of fresh air. You are truly one of the good guys in a sometimes devious business. Keep up the good work.

  19. Emanuel

    Anyone know what is going on with the stomperNet website? did they crash?


  20. Eric Post author

    I don’t think they crashed, but apparently they weren’t 100% ready because there’s no way they intended to delay it this long.

  21. Emanuel

    This is what I want when I launch a site in the future. I want people to kick down the doors to buy my products 🙂 Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon are geniuses. Eric Thank you for informing us throughout the week because it kept me focus on investing bigtime in my business. I am totally commited to Success. Anyone out there if you really want to be successful in your business on the internet you have to sacrifice and invest in yourself to achieve the ultimate financial freedom. Today I took that step and I hope you do the same. God bless you all.


  22. Eric Post author

    The websites have been claimed. Congratulations to all who have made it into the Stompernet program so far, and to the winners of the sites! I am also offering an unadvertised bonus to anyone who joins through my link, so if you join through my link be sure to paste your receipt to my helpdesk and I’ll let you know what it is.

  23. Shawn

    Maybe I should keep my little pocket for Eric’s next Adsense template? Yet $797/month you have the whole built-in system ready for, but if you couldn’t afford that like me, just keep going through the rest good/bad seo info and figure on your own, or maybe with help from Eric’s tips. :))

  24. Veronica

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for your comments to me about my post above. I had thought that after the caffeine from the coffee (lol) and a good night’s sleep I would see things differently, but I don’t.
    Now put yout hands over your eyes Eric for a few minutes as I dont want you to get a swelled head.
    Mike, I agree with you 100% that Eric is one of the good guys. I have the greatest respect for him as a person, even though I’ve never met him, and I respect his postings enormously. Mike I’d like to comment on the following extract from my post and your reply to it. Please dont be offended because I’m not having a go at you or anyone else. I think that there’s a principle here that we might give a bit of thought to. Quote below…
    Veronica, regarding your comment below:
    “Why would anyone who is making many millions of dollars a year (perhaps even a month) from his websites charge a price way beyond the reach of the less successful (for now) internet marketer for knowledge that would help them get out of the average paddock? ”

    Because the real goal is not to help those average paddocks like us, the real goal is to make money. And I don’t really have a problem with that. If the market will bear it they can charge whatever they want.
    End Quote.
    I’m sure you are right Mike when you say the real goal is to make money. Please know that I’m definitely not against making money!
    But I am against greed.
    Using the current program release as an example, it seems to me that the price of it embraces greed. (Harsh comment I know, but I think it’s true. ) These guys are multi millionaires and are still making multi millions every year from their sites. I congratulate them for achieving this as they have worked hard and consistently to do so, and deserve the monetary rewards they have made.
    But, doesn’t there come a point when we should give back. Shouldn’t there be a time when we say “Hey! I have more money than I know what to do with….I’ll now help others by sharing the info on how I achieved a lot of my wealth and I’ll make it affordable for everyone who wants the knowledge”.
    Eric is a good example of giving back to his subscribers. (Have just read your “appreciation” offer on the next blog) Mike, have you read Paul Marek’s posting on that page?
    Kindest regards to all

  25. Eric Post author

    StomperNet is now sold out! A big congratulations to all who made it on board. A sincere thanks to all who joined through my link, and thank you also to those who have expressed their opinions about the program and the marketing of it.

  26. Jm Allen III

    Eric said it all in his reply to Veronca above :


    Veronica- In regard to your question about why are they doing this… I think YES it’s to make money, and I think the reason they are marketing it this way is to build the biggest possible pool of potential buyers, AND to build a list. Keep in mind that a list is one of the most valuable assets your business can have.

    End Quote:

    For everyone wishing they could have taken advantage of the Stomper thing or some of the other super great packages coming out. Save your money Build a List then Buy a package when you have someone to market to. Till then pay attention, learn, ask questions and always be suspicious of the greedy. (RJ and others) It’s a game to them. Someday listen in on a midnight millionaire call. These guys laugh all the wayto the bank because they have Big Lists and don’t really care, because it’s about bragging rights.


  27. ron

    Check this out from rich jerk…..

    He own a piece of their business. That’s a fact. Brad Fallon
    & Andy Jenkins gave him a big piece of Stompernet

    And I wonder why ??????

    Subj: Rich Jerk Invites you to the Playboy Mansion

    In May 2007, I will be celebrating my birthday at
    the Playboy Mansion.

    Want to join me? Read on…..

    OK. The whole “Brandy” thing is over. And I’m
    glad becacuse I’m sick of it.

    People keep asking me if the whole controversy
    was “made up”. Or if I was really an “affiliate”
    of theirs. The answer is NO. I own a piece of
    their business. That’s a fact. Brad Fallon
    & Andy Jenkins gave me a big piece of Stompernet
    for reasons I can no longer “legally” discuss.

    That being said, since I own a large part of
    Stompernet, OF COURSE I’m going to encourage
    you to buy it. That’s a no brainer. And, as part
    of the agreement, the more people I refer, the
    more of the company I will own. So OF COURSE
    I’m going to use a “tracking” link to see how
    many people I get in the door. That’s called
    smart business. And I’m also going to make sure
    it’s a bad-ass program since my name is attached.

    Hundreds of you have already purchased Stompernet
    through my link. And you will soon be given your
    “Golden Ticket” which gives you access to the set
    of my upcoming wild, sex-crazed infomercial. You
    will also get to hang out with me at my mansion,
    or on my private jet, or wherever we’re filming.

    If you weren’t able to get in on the Stompernet
    deal in time, there is still hope. They’ve received
    over 6,000 emails from people who missed out because
    the Stompernet website couldn’t handle the load at
    launch time.

    So, they’ve decided to open up a few more slots for
    Stompernet. If you missed out, this is your last
    chance to get in.

    There is currently a waiting list and the people
    on it are being contacted individually. Those who
    are serious and reply quickly can still secure
    one of the few remaining spots.

    You can get on the waiting list here:

    As an added bonus, I previously said that if you
    paid for Stompernet IN FULL you would get to appear
    in my next big infomercial, and that you’d also get
    to accompany me to dinner and roll VIP to a big
    Hollywood party.

    What I DIDN’t tell you was that the party will be
    AT THE PLAYBOY MANSION in Beverly Hills. We’re talking
    Hugh Hefner, dozens of playmates, and 300 of my closest

    Yes, you read that right. I’m taking over the Playboy
    Mansion for a weekend. And the playmates will be out
    in full force. I just got back from a party there
    last weekend and it was…well…everything you
    can imagine…and then some. In May 2007, you could
    experience it too.

    The Playboy mansion parties are legendary.
    Hollywood’s hottest celebrities kill to get invited.
    What’s so special about the Playboy Mansion? If you
    have to ask, you’re clearly too stupid for words.

    During my last visit I got “cozy” with some super
    hot naked chicks who were “painted” to look like
    they were wearing lingerie. But they clearly had
    NOTHING on. I’ll show you some pictures of them
    at the end of this email.

    My guests are going to get a PRIVATE tour of the
    Playboy mansion estate, the zoo, game room,
    sex rooms (yes there are sex rooms)…a lavish estate
    with 5 acres of sprawling grounds just off of Sunset
    Boulevard in the heart of Beverly Hills (the property
    is worth over $40 million). And last but not least
    you will see the massive swimming pool,
    with the INFAMOUS grotto.

    Don’t know what the grotto is?

    Well, just open any edition of Playboy magazine
    and you’ll see dozens of naked babes frollicking
    in a huge cave with wall-to-wall jacuzzis built right
    into the cave floor. And where the water ends, the
    plush lounging area begins. Then walk through a waterfall
    and you’re back outside in the main pool.

    You’ll NEVER want to leave this place…..ever.

    They usually have the grotto blocked off, only
    accessible to SPECIAL guests. But if you’re rolling
    with me, you’ll have an ALL ACCESS PASS. And what
    happens in the grotto stays in the grotto. The playmates
    and guests are free to do “anything” inside. And every
    time I’ve visited, lots of people have gotten “frisky”.

    So leave your swimsuit at home. Most of the VIP guests
    like to soak “au naturale”. But if you’re the shy type,
    you can just go swimming in the main pool or hang out and
    watch…..and take pictures if you want… freakin’

    Not a bad way to celebrate your upcoming year of
    internet success with Stompernet.

    Just think how envious all of your friends will
    be when you drop the bomb on them.

    “Hey guys, guess where I get to go next
    weekend…the Playboy Mansion Bitches!”

    They’ve filmed tons of movies and TV shows there,
    most recently “Entourage” on HBO.

    And GET THIS:

    IN FULL to come to the Playboy Mansion with me.
    All you need to do is join Stompernet through my link
    below for $800, and stick with it for at least 6 months.
    That’s it. You get a kick-ass money making program,
    AND you get to come to my infomercial set, AND you
    get to come to my birthday party at the Playboy Mansion.
    Hef and tons of playmates will be there. Will you?

    Get on the Stompernet waiting list here:

    Once you’re on the waiting list you will be
    contacted about the remaining spots. When you are
    contacted, you better be ready to order. Because
    there are a limited number of spots left and we’re
    not playing games. We’re busy working with
    current customers, so we don’t have time to go back
    and forth with you by email. You need to be READY.

    How many chances in your life will you ever have
    to go to a party at the Playboy Mansion? Most
    likely ZERO. Some day when you’re old and arthritic,
    in adult diapers, and you can’t close your mouth
    in time to stop the perpetual drool, you can think
    back on this experience with fond memories.

    You may have seen some Stompernet “affiliates”
    offering bonuses for buying the program through
    their link. They’ve offered things such as a used ATV,
    a bunch of DVD’s, tickets to some seminar, or even an
    “evaluation” of your business. BIG DEAL. None of
    these things gets you into the Playboy Mansion.
    Would you rather sit in a conference room listening
    to some snorefest seminar, or party at Playboy?

  28. Eric Post author

    Ron- I honestly think it’s another of RJ’s ploys…and I don’t think they actually gave him ownership in the business. I think he’s just saying it in a manner of speaking, since he’s making so much money from their business.

    But what disturbs me more is that these guys are now bringing sex-marketing into mainstream internet marketing. RJ is promoting his Playboy party and has pics of semi-nude Playboy models on his site. Now Cody Moya and Mike Long (Mike is the other real Stomper partner with Brad and Andy) are throwing a Playboy-style party as well. And they’re using this to sell an internet marketing product.

    As they say, “sex sells”… it’s just too bad because from what I’ve seen, most of the people trying to get started in this business are family-oriented type of people who are just trying to make a better living from home and create more freedom for their families.

    I’m kind of fired up about it… maybe I’ll write a newsletter about it soon


  29. ron

    Hey Eric,

    If RJ try to mislead people ….. Why don’t Andy and Brad speak out and file legal matter against him… I just feel little
    fishy about the whole show..someone will get rip off for sure

    Thanks again…


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