Subscriber Appreciation $5 Sale

By | October 3, 2006

Edition #87 – 10/3/2006

I’ve had a few complaints lately that I’ve been promoting too highly-priced products and programs, which are out of financial reach for many people.

For anyone who feels that way, I am sorry. I do want to help make the online income opportunity possible for EVERYONE. However, there are certain products and services that I feel would bring a good return on investment to those who buy them, and those are the ones I recommend.

It just so happens that some of those products and services cost several hundred or several thousand dollars. But the fact that they are not affordable for some people does not make them any less valuable to those who can afford it. It is my goal to help those people too!

Unfortunately, it seems that a few people have been disheartened lately by their inability to afford many products.

Some people are even getting tired of this whole internet marketing thing.

I want to tell you…

Don’t be discouraged!

There are always opportunities that cost little or no money to get started.

I had no money when I got into internet marketing as a hobby back in 1999. I didn’t buy any seminars, or coaching, or $1000 info products.

And yet I built my business from the ground up, starting with almost nothing.

I’m still gonna promote the GOOD high ticket programs, because I know that if I had had something like StomperNet when I got started 7 years ago, it would have cut my learning curve and put me on the track to financial freedom years earlier.

But if you can’t afford it…

It’s okay!

You’re not going to be a failure because of it.

And if you’ve been feeling discouraged about not being able to afford anything lately, I’ve got just the thing for you…

I’m NOT saying that this is in any way comparable to any high ticket programs or anything, or that this is a life-changing product.

It’s just a fun PLR package that you can resell or do whatever you want with.

Best of all… it’s only $5 for you… for my subscribers only… for 72 hours 🙂

Buying something cheap and getting a good deal on it usually makes me feel better, so if you’re like I am, check it out here:

(Link removed – no longer available)

As always, you can leave your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

48 thoughts on “Subscriber Appreciation $5 Sale

  1. Mike

    Hi Eric – I wanted to comment on the Stompernet $797 monthly fee. This is about 4 times what I was expecting (hoping?!)… but if Andy and Brad can get buyers, more power to ’em!

    I’d like to hear from other folks about their price expectations for quality SEO advice, and any good options out there.

  2. Sarah

    Hi Eric,
    No complaints here about what you are promoting…Just a healthy dose of jealousy for those who can afford that niceties!!! I’m hopeful that in a couple of years, or 10…that I’ll be able to just whip out the credit card and buy things.

    Anyhow, thanks for the appreciation sale. It’s nice to be thought of once in a while.

  3. Jim Kelley

    Thanks for the GREAT buy. On days when guru’s make their splash to sell products for $797/per month or $2000+ dollars, it seems as if all the other guru’s latch on and give bonuses to get people to buy thru them. Most marketers struggling to just make a small income and with lists that are very small just cannot afford that kind of expense. I am sure all of us would like to, but we have to grow to that. In this one today, I was appalled that the foul-mouthed RJ was involved and even if I could have afforded it, I would not have purchased it.
    Anyway, thank you for attempting to help out the little guy.

  4. Lou Dalo

    The Stomper launch was one of the most perfectly timed, perfectly executed launch sequences I’ve witnessed to date. I learned more from watching the sequence, monitoring the emails, watching the timing of the giveaways, looking at how they hammered home the social proof, and promoted the stats about the thousands, then tens of thousands of people who saw the video (implying they’d all be elbowing me out of the way as they rush to buy the product), the fast action bonuses, the affiliation with only the biggest of the big names for JV partners…wow, flawless and brilliant.

    I still believe they are in cahoots with the RJ to create more buzz, but it’s only my speculation. It’s the old “put a XXX Parents Advisory” on the CD so teens will consume it voraciously.

    You know the thing that struck me the most? This whole things was done without (or with a minimal) SEO component in the marketing strategy. 😉

    I think I saved each of my clients (who were salivating to buy in) each $9,600 grand a year today. I bet a few of them are going to pay off their cars or buy down their mortgage instead…and keep focused on THEIR goals, THEIR plans, THEIR strategies, not on the latest and greatest “be all and end all” product launched with a brilliant launch sequence.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with the Stomper Net – for those who can afford it, will learn it, apply it, and have a clear understanding of how they’re going to monetize and residualize all that new found traffic and have a plan for creating a 10x return on that investment — bravo! — SN might be a great investment. Otherwise, might be good to look at another place to apply that 10 grand/yr.


  5. Shawn

    Hey Eric,

    Since Andy and Brad are Rich Schefren’s student, I’ve seen they exactly follow his path to lauch their product. And the price was easily to predicate as well — Rich charges $397/mo for his system, and two of his students…

    I just wonder even with their 12-months long program, can we get to the top 1 or 2 search result page for highly competitive keywords? Only about 20 out of thousand their members can show their cases, which mostly in their own niches.

  6. Paul Marek

    Hey All;

    First, to Eric: As I said to your earlier today, I sincerely thank you for your personal attention. I hope I am not offending you with this post, it is merely meant to inform (rather than hype), and possibly to bring help to all those who thought $800 / month was utterly ridiculous. …I don’t even charge large corporations what they’re charging those poor people…. and I get paid very well.

    To the readers…

    This whole internet marketing HYPE thing has me right pissed off. Enough so that I am going to share the secrets of SEO with you, now. For free.

    I am a professional internet marketer. No, I don’t mean I’m an internet marketing guru, I mean I run a professional business charging large companies for SEO, as well as internet marketing consultation and services.

    Here’s what I tell them ALL: SEO is simple. It’s just certain basic on-page elements that require keywords in them. The rest is getting links to your site. Those are the ONLY two ingredients in SEO. Pages, and links. Think there’s more? There’s not. I know what I’m talking about….

    Here’s my proof: Do a search for ‘wine cabinets’, ‘wine cooling units’, ‘cedar wine racks’, etc… Rosehill Wine Cellars is my client – that’s a link to my site at the bottom of their home page. Now search: ‘home inspections Toronto’, ‘home inspections Montreal’, or ‘home inspections’ + any Canadian city, etc… is my client. Now search: ‘contractors’, ‘home additions, ‘remodeling contractors’, etc… is my client. Plus, there are a lot more examples….

    So, do you want to know how Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon are going to “Stomp the Internet”?

    They’re going to show all those people who are paying almost $10,000 – what I can show you right now. Here’s (what they even admit) is their “unfair advantage”: remember now, this is going to cost you $0….

    Once they’ve shown all those people how to properly optimize their sites (which is simple), THEY ARE ALL GOING TO LINK TOGETHER in some randomized fashion amongst the members (maybe even by relevence) – in a way that is not detectable (they hope) by the search engines. The more sites they can get linked together, the higher up the search engines they’ll all rank. (To the search engines, links are like votes for your website). That mass linking scheme is called ‘Google Bombing’ – do a search on google for it. It’s how Google returns George Bush’s web page when you search for ‘miserable failure’.

    The Stompers are also going to ‘trade their content’. You see, that’s the first part of the equation – pages. Content is stuff like an article, or simply ‘a body of text about a specific topic’. They are simply going to regurgitate content on each other’s sites, with a few changes as not to seem to duplicate it.

    Oh, here’s the on-page optimization part…

    Put your keywords in your;
    – description meta tag
    – keyword meta tag
    – title tag
    – h1 tag
    – body content
    – links on the page
    – image alt tags

    Now, your first question should be: ‘How many keywords in each element?’ Answer: DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT. Just write a page that is very descriptive about a VERY SPECIFIC TOPIC, that reads well to a normal human user. Google has the technology to figure out if a page was written naturally, or with too high a saturation of keywords. The more specific your topic can be, the better chance Google has of determining the EXACT topic of your page, and ranking you higher. Example: ‘widgets’ vs. ‘blue curved rubber widgets’. There’s millions of ‘widgets’ pages out there, but very few ‘blue curved rubber widgets’ pages. Chances are, if your page is built properly and you have some links to it, you’ll rank high. Here’s a better example. ‘widgets Washington’, widgets Miami’, ‘widgets New York’…. get my drift? Each page is unique, but it’s about widgets. Do your competitors have localized pages? (See ‘home inspections’ example in my proof above.)

    Here’s how to optimize your pages, right from Google:

    Here’s an article I did on linking, should give you some good ideas.

    If you are at all interested in what I’ve said here, contact me, (if there’s enough interest) I’ll try to organize a proper link network among us, like the Stompers, but free. Together, we can make a very powerful link exchange (not reciprocal) 🙂

    PS: I may even put together a content exchange too.

  7. Ray

    Hi Eric,
    I tried to buy your package but for about the millionth time I had a problem with Paypal recognizing my credit card. Now I have to wait three days to have them put two deposits in my account. Maybe it’s me but I have had nothing but miserable experiences with Paypal.
    I just wanted to let you know in case other people have had the same problem. I have purchased your products in the past and it’s very frustrating to not be able to conduct a clean transaction without running into problems. I enjoy your newsletter and wish you and your family well. Congradulations to you and your wife on the birth of your new child.

  8. John Kirk

    Hi Eric

    I took a look at SN – I have a lot of respect for the guys running it because I’ve watched them doing it for quite some time. And what a huge mountain of stuff you get for your money – millions (ok dozens) of hours of DVD content plus all the rest. But my first thought was………

    How much time is it going to take to wade all through that stuff? Will my brain take it or will it just FRY? Will I have time to do anything else other than read, watch, listen etc. Then I have to take time out for the teleseminars (and being in UK that probably means no sleep!). Man, I felt totally exhausted just thinking about the huge responsibility of making sure I get full value from that kind of money. But will I ever have time to apply it? I did some sums………… nope, at my age I don’t have enough time left. Thank God for that!

    At least I can go back to being the lazy ba*@$&d that brought me into Internet Marketing in the first place.

    For those rich enough and young enough to tackle it, Good Fortune to you – but it’s going to be real hard work spending all the dough you make if it all works. I mean, just how many houses can you live in at once – I find it tiring enough with just two. How many cars can you drive at once? And the yachts, just finding which marina you last parked (sorry, berthed) them in can be a challenge, especially after a few bottles of Krug …. Just ask the RJ !

    Having made the decision to pass, I shall still have time to read your blog! Keep up the good work mate.



  9. Cher

    Hi Eric,
    I have been reading all the emails and hype over StomperNet. I have had my very small home based business for a couple of years and have not done much with it on the internet. Due to some health problems I had to give up my full time “job” last February. I am now doing much better and in the last several months have been trying to learn as much as possible about internet marketing. I started searching for work at home information and have gotten caught up in the “info products”. My email is filled with more and more offers to sell me info products that will help me make a great income online! LOL
    I realize I am a complete novice at all of this and I have paid for too many programs that I have not understood or been able to put into practice. I was a little excited thinking that finally I would get a good education on how to build a business on the web. WOW, imagine my dismay at the price tag! I am fast approaching retirement and even worse my spouse happens to work for the auto industry and is losing his job in Jan. 2007. I hope the people that can afford that much a month will benefit from it but for this little old lady it is way out of my league.
    You say don’t get discouraged…. I am trying not to but I also wish that right this minute every penny I had spent buying info products I had put into my bank account and paid off bills.
    I had a friend that set up my website but he is no longer around and I know nothing about website building or SEO. I can’t afford to hire someone to build a good site and maintain it so what does a person do?
    Sorry Eric and everyone, I am not a negative person but today has been rough on me seeing that people are actually able to afford to pay $800 a month for a program like that when I am worried about just being able to pay my $800 a month mortgage!

    Good Heavens can someone just tell me how to build a site that I can sell all of these “Resell Rights packages that I already have? How do I put the packages on a website so that when I sell them people can download them? ROFLMAO at myself…see what I mean? Sometimes maybe people like me shouldn’t be on the internet at all!
    Now ask me how to make a great t-shirt, mousepad, coffee mug….I can tell you and to blow my own horn I am damn good at making those things, just not selling them!


  10. Colin Wolfenden

    Hi All
    Thanks to Eric for remaining a genuine guy in the marketing scene where it’s far too scarce.
    Also thanks heaps to Paul for his insightful post on SEO as well, great stuff.

    Just like to also list my observations re the Stomper Launch as well. I find it interesting that these top end marketers
    tend to “conveniently” omit details or use a littlr creativity during pre-launch promo’s. An example of this for Stomper
    is one email (and blog post) answers a question regarding the price in which the answer was little gems along the
    lines of “we have made this so it is affordable” and “you wont need to pay this $ blah blah you won’t even need $1000 to get it”.
    They say the devil is in the detail and the little detail here is that they were refering to the monthly payment not the total cost.
    In one video they even respond to an email saying they were the same as other scams by saying “I know how you feel when you buy this and that and still don’t make money”. Well lets do the math. If they understand that people have purchased this and that and are still making no money, where do they think the $10,000 for their program is magically going to appear from??? And while they may claim it is affordable, Bill gates might think a 50 million dollar mansion is “affordable” too but not for the rest of us. But let me guess the next tactic, put down and belittle anyone who can’t afford it or says that the program is too expensive perhaps.

    In reply to Lou’s post about his belief that Stomper and RJ are in cahoots. I’ll give you some detail that would lead a 5 year old to draw the same conclusion.
    Initially like many others I wondered if this RJ v Stomper thing was for real or just hype but as they say “in time all will be revealed”.
    Two little things proved to me that it was the most carefully orchestrated hype generator I’ve seen.
    1. I found out how much the Stomper package was hours before it’s launch.
    2. In the same email I received confirmation that the whole RJ thing was for hype.

    Because ** dramatic pause ** I am on RJ’s mailing list and in the one email that came out hours before the launch he not only revealed the price but how much he would make when ** next dramatic pause ** You buy from his affiliate link included in the email :o)

    But perhaps I’m being way too skeptical here. Everyone who accuses people of stealing their ideas gets on board their affiliate program don’t they??? :o)


  11. Eric Post author

    Thanks for the comments folks, yes including Pauls 😉

    I agree with some of the points, and respectfully disagree with others. One thing I will mention is I 100% stick by my recommendation of the StomperNet program, and those who joined are going to get the education of a lifetime. Heck, just hanging out with Brad and Andy at one seminar and gleaning some knowledge from them would be worth the price. I hung out with Brad for awhile at the seminar and I learned like 20 things….

    I do happen to know that Paul has some serious clients though , and I look forward to hearing how he’s getting traffic to their sites.

    For the rest of you… don’t worry, I will continue to look for good affordable business opportinites.

    Cher–I think I know exactly what you’re looking for, and I’m hoping to have it available in late October.

  12. Veronica

    To Eric and Paul,
    Eric, thank you for your appreciation sale. It’s very kind of you to make this available.
    Paul, Thank you so much for your posting. The information you gave will be helpful to all of us. However, I suspect that Brad and Andy have some secrets that will be given away in the SN program, secrets that other SEO experts are unaware of. Brad Callen (SEO Elite) who is pretty cluey about SEO said he thought he knew all there was to know about SEO, but admitted that he learned so many new techniques just from talking to Brad and Andy.
    Nevertheless, those of us who havent purchased SN can still make a very comfortable living on the Internet, maybe we’ll just have to be content with 1 or 2 million a year instead of 16 mill. lol.
    Kindest regards to all,

  13. Kammy

    First, I have to say of all the emails I got promoting the Stomper program, yours was the only one I bothered to read this week Eric because I know I will appreciate your approach even if I’m not interested in the product (I watched the first set of their videos and saw nothing new under the sun).

    I’m with Paul, it drives me nuts to see hype on traffic and ranking ‘secrets’. Although I do this for a living too (SEO and development) I will fully disclose to all my clients there are no secrets to getting ranked. If you want it, its a plain and simple process. Anyone can learn the process, but not everyone wants to take the time. Just like we all could easily change our own oil in our cars, most of us still shell out upwards of $50 for someone else to change it for us. I think that’s what people want, a perceived ‘easy’ way out . I think its easy enough already. Time is my biggest factor, juggling too much to bother most the time.

    I’ve seen Paul’s special link exchange program used very effectively(one of my clients has to compete with someone using this strategy so I evaluate what they are doing and how well it works). Count me in, I’ll be working on ranking for several sites this fall that could help increase relevance for someone else.

  14. Kammy

    p.s. Just wanted to add that I am not trying to say that I think what Brad & Andy are trying to teach isn’t worth learning– learning new things is always important — I just tire of the hype of ‘secrets’. Learn and implement the foundation techniques first, spend a little time every week or month DOING instead of all that time spent SEEKING the answer, and you will see continually improved results.

  15. Vivian

    Veronica, I feel otherwise. That is where Brad and Andy get you…that doubt factor, that unknown, that you must get their product, or you are definitely missing out on that secret recipe.

    Now this may get me some angry responses, but I bought into the late Corey Rudyl’s Internet Marketing package that came in a huge ring binder. After holding off for a couple years, I caved into his sales pitch that the great secrets were there.

    Well, imagine my shock when I found not one new thing inside of all those pages, not one single itty bitty thing that I did not already know.

    And then on top of that, I found services and tools Corey’s course was suggesting that did not exist anymore. And his customer services never responded to my emails about those products, what to use as a substitute.

    So I do bet that Andy and Brad probably don’t have anything that would be new to Paul’s eyes, but they have just worked out this really nifty packaging of their whole presentation, nice, new glitzy looking DVDs, and high energy teleseminars and conferences, oh my! They will have their members heads spinning with go-go-go pep talks that it will be months before they come down from their high and realize they are no better off than when they started, and now missing all that money.

    Oh sure a few will actually do superb, as in any internet marketing membership, but I am pretty certain many of them will be at the same square one they were before they started, as far as internet income is concerned.

    Paul, I really appreciate your vengeance information sharing! Yay!!! The Little Man is still empowered, thanks to you Paul. That would be a super idea about setting up a free network, a definitely in your face to those doing it at $797 a month!

    Eric, I really respect how you do not censor posts to only reflect your goals. That is why yours is the only blog I regularly read.


  16. Paul Marek

    Hey Veronica;

    Thanks, I also suspect that there are others in the SEO world who have secrets too – I’m one of them. Andy and Brad are not the end-all, be-all – they had to learn from someone too. They just chose to sell SEO to the masses…
    There are many who know WAY more than they do – and either do it for corporations, or themselves. Who wants to be a hype whore?

    Veronica, truly… I mean TRULY… there ARE NO MORE SEO SECRETS. It’s as basic as I mentioned above. Andy and Brad may know a little more about link networking (because they’ve had the opportunity to test it), because that is the ONLY thing that will get you ranked higher. LINKS. And they are all going to link to each other in some random fashion that Andy and Brad have researched that works, AND, they are going to share content – and the articles will have links back to the author’s site. Again, links.

    OK, now send me $8000….

    #1 for ‘SEO expert’ – BFD!!!!!

    PAH – LEASE!!!!

    Do this search on Google: – this shows who links to Brad’s site.
    THE ONLY WAY HE GOT TO #1 FOR ‘SEO EXPERT’ WAS FROM OTHERS LINKING TO HIM WITH THE TERM ‘SEO EXPERT’, or some variation of that. Look who links to him… a lot are just bunch of people who claim he IS the seo expert. No REAL SEO experts link to him. None would. Just links from other internet marketing ‘gurus’.

    Here’s an example, as mentioned in my last post: Since there are lots of links to JBjr with ‘miserable failure’, and he’s #1 for that term, does that make him a miserable failure…?

    OK, bad example… Here’s a better one: If all of you link to me with the text ‘God’, and I rank #1, does that make me God?

    If so – SHAZAM!!!!! You’re all rich now!


    Here’s some other free info they jacked people for:

    – eye tracking:

    What does this tell you? PUT YOUR ADSENSE IN THE LEFT COLUMN, WHERE NAVIGATION USUALLY IS. We did, our click-thru rate TRIPLED.

    This is supported by Google: – where to put adsense on your pages:


    People, I am just like you. I have paid $1000’s for internet marketing info from these ‘gurus’ (heck, I’ve even bought Eric’s and Joel’s stuff) – BUT – I use this as intellegence gathering info, and compile it, and test it, and retest it – then I sell it for huge bucks to corporations. I don’t need to lie to you, I will gain nothing from it. I do however want to share this info and put a stop to all this SEO hype and guru crap.

    Several of you have contacted me already, (Eric too), and have been inspiring me to put something great together – even if you have no money. I hope to have something concrete within a week or two.

    Thanks and Regards,


  17. Paul Marek

    PS: Some of you may notice that my site is missing some content – it’s because we are too busy dealing with client projects, and we are turning people away (we launched a few months ago thinking we’d have some spare time to fill in the blanks – but nada!!). In fact, over the last few months, I have even referred people who couldn’t afford my services to Andy and Brad’s – what a mistake!!! I will be contacting you back!!

  18. Christopher

    I decided to pass on SN and put the money into AdWords where I can be certain I’ll get traffic and I can track conversion at the keyword level.

    Everything you need to know about SEO is available free all over the web. If you’re just starting out then know this, building an AdWords campaign will force you to get together most everything you need to do your SEO (i.e. the right keywords). AdWords will also then get you real-time feedback on searches for those keywords. This ultimately creates a feedback loop that will get you exactly where you want to be – profitable.

    If your new to AdWords just Google Perry Marshall and go from there. You may also want to check out Google Cash depending on your objectives.

  19. Paul Marek

    More proof:

    If you do this search on Google: allinanchor:seo expert – this reveals ALL the sites (in Google) that have ‘seo expert’ in the link text pointing to their site. The site with the most links using that text is at the top.

    Any guesses who’s there before you do the search??

    Also notice that he has his chosen keywords ‘seo expert’ in his title tag – as I mentioned above.

    Oh, PLEASE link to me with the text: GOD. I want to show Brad who his maker is….


    Just kidding…, just because I’d be in the #1 position, doesn’t mean it’s REAL.


  20. Michael

    Here’s the thing about StomperNet and all these high priced products: It’s great if those guys can get that kind of dough from people who keep getting sold the magical fix product of the year, every year. But quite honestly, if I had an extra $797 a month to toss around, I wouldn’t need StomperNet because an extra $797 a month equals nearly $10,000 a year in part time internet income. An extra $797 a month invested into high paying dividend stocks and/or securities would net you a lot of passive income for a lot less time and effort than internet marketing requires.

    But more power to them if they can get people to shell it out every month with no guaranteed monthly ROI.


  21. Harry H.


    I just wanted to thank you for doing something for the “little guy”. I looked at SN, and was blown away by the price. For $800/month I would expect them to RUN my business FOR ME!! This is what so often annoys me about the “high-ticket” products being pitched all the time– the only people who can afford to buy them are people with a lot of money, which means they’re probably already successful…

    So what you did today was EXACTLY the RIGHT thing to do at the RIGHT TIME!!

    Thanks again!!


  22. Richard Posner

    I have found you to be an honest broker who doesn’t hype, but doesn’t shy away from a good ROI. The trouble is that many marketers on the Internet are marketing products to other default marketers.
    What I mean by default is that most people come to the Internet with an idea to sell Japanese koi, for example. And while they are figuring out how to do the excrutiatingly difficult task of learning to be a techie, every techie and wannabe guru begins filling their email box with endless offers for watered-down software and half-baked systems to make a quick buck online.
    So the aspiring koi website owner becomes an opportunity yoyo and loses focus and perhaps thousands of dollars as a penalty for this inattention. It is so easy and almost inevitable to become spaced out and burned out by chasing rainbows.
    I, for one, have messages coming from every snakeoil salesman/lady in the world because I am endlessly curious and determined to win at this Internet game. And that’s what it is. To play on the Internet you need to understand the rules of the game and execute with uncanny precision. But I have found that piecemealing information together in order to monetize my online efforts is a deadend. I need help.
    Every damn hypster says that he has the secret. Every damn hypster uses the butterfly marketing system (with the OTO)and the take-away. Every damn hypster gives a morsel and tries to turn you into an information junkie-member with that guru as the center of your universe. Every damn hypster claims he’s made it and he can turn you into a Bill Gates billionaire with his “never before revealed” system. Brad is great. Mike is fantabulous. John is dynamite. Alex is smooth as silk. Armand is out of this world. Frank is a dude gizzilionaire. Joe is a spiritually-grounded mammon collector.
    Hey. They are all really dynamic and accomplished. But they aren’t teaching economic socialism, which is the true value of the WWW. They become rich and then form clubs of rich, connected, good ole boy networks – and they are mostly boys! – in virtual cigar rooms. Every day they spend time developing new ways to pull our chains and leave us the worse for wear.
    We can make a difference in this world by teaching people to feed themselves economically through the Internet. By building a stronger, mom-and-pop community with do-able, affordable tools and training to build an online presence, the Internet can create a level playing field over time. And when more people have money in the bank, the chances are that we will all prosper exponentially.
    So this is my challenge to myself and to you Eric: don’t be a pimp for the rich and the powerful. Don’t participate in these over-priced and under-performing product launches which are quickly lost in the dust of time. Don’t call every marketer your friend; that cheapens friendship.
    As Jim Edwards would say, that ends my spankdown. I’m disgusted that most of these so-called Internet Gods will do anything and everything to get you to buy a product which will – in 90% of the cases – end up in the cyber museum of never read programs. Better that each of us stop receiving any messages other than those from our carefully selected coach. And our carefully selected coach should be paid the same way that a personal physician should be: for economic health of the client, not for his economic woes.


    Richard Posner

  23. Andy

    Hi Eric
    Firstly I am new to ‘Internet Marketing’ but subscribe to loads of lists and you are one of the very few marketers that I feel can be trusted to provide an impartial and balanced view of a product or service. Most of them just seem to rave about products so that they can earn the money on their affiliate links, although there are exceptions.

    I make sure that I read your emails because you seem like a genuine person who wants to help others who are in the postion you were in years earlier. You come across as being humble and gracious and that is why I appreciate your efforts to help the little fish.

    By the way, Paul’s post was about right – Google’s Algo is ‘top secret’ so not even Andy and Brad have a chance of knowing the detail but they can draw conclusions on what has worked for them so I can’t argue about that. I thought the videos about conversion were good and I have been applying some of the principles, but good SEO is all about good ‘on page content’ and good ‘off page’ optimisation.

    I currently rank at No.1 for several of my key phrases on Google UK and on the first page for a lot of other terms and I can’t say that I have discovered a secret formula that I could sell to the masses other than following Google’s guidelines and building up some quality reciprocal links and by ensuring that good ‘keyword enriched’ content is continued throughout my site.

    There are no short cuts to good SEO – just spend time writing about your product or service and build quality themed links into your website.

    Once again Eric, thanks for your adivce and the little $5 package that you have put together for us which I have just snapped up. If only STOMP was $5 then I could have seen what all the fuss was about.


  24. Martin Luxton

    Hi Eric

    Thanks again for your posting and tips. In the long term, for many of us, your blog is probably going to help us more than something like Stompernet. And you seem to have found a new niche – helping out the little guy or gal who feels left out in the cold by Butterfly Marketing and co.
    So many things to comment on so sorry for using numbered points.

    1. Paul. Thanks very much for the advice. I’m up for what you suggest – I will definitely contact you.
    2. Cher. Wish I was as creative as you. Maybe you need to find a JV partner or use eBay. Hopefully, as Eric says, he
    will have the ideal thing for you at the end of October.
    3. Colin. I felt a bit scammed too. All the “we care about you” and there will be an affordable payment option. As far
    as I could see the affordable option was getting a discount by paying 3 months or a year in advance.
    4. Ray. At one stage I thought Paypal was persecuting me. I had payments refused and bounced. Then I discovered
    two things. My credit card company has a security policy that only allows a maximum of 3 online purchases a day.
    Secondly, I thought the Paypal limit of $500 before you become a verified member was a rolling limit that went
    back to zero as you paid it off. It is a global limit. Once you have spent that amount over the lifetime of your account
    you have to become a verified member.
    5. Kammy. DOING. Yes, the good thing about the disappointingly high price tag is that it has cured me of chasing
    rainbows, fingers crossed :-). I know what to do I am just NOT DOING it. Most of the stuff on the converlinks videos
    was not new or “secret”, I just wasn’t applying it.
    6. Vivian. Like you I really respect Eric for posting uncensored. I have said a few things here that might have been
    seen as critical of Eric but, up they went!
    Oops! Too long – time to go.

  25. Anonymous

    There is no secret for white hat SEO, proly they using some kind of black hat techniques

  26. paul

    hi Eric, many thanks for a great and unbiased blog. I also thank Paul M for his generous offer….great stuff. I am relatively new to marketing and have been learning the ropes for :PLR and affiliate sites and would be very interested Eric in your new product you hinted at for end of october. Thanks again for thinking of us little guys and keep up the great work,,,

  27. Gleb Esman

    Stomper’s videos are just amazing! Very convincing and impressive.
    These guys had a chance to became a prime internet enterprise offering high quality SEO services to small to medium size businesses.
    Too bad they blew it.
    I think their greedy $797 /mo fee will end up getting them 50%+ refunds requests in a month. And now they can’t backup from this price point. Their techniques (although not secretive at all) are available on internet for free or fraction of a cost.
    And it will keep the door opened for more players in this field.
    By all means – it was great to learn from them!


  28. Justin

    I ordered the packages you have 72 hours last night from pay pal, but have not gotten a link for them. did i miss it or do you need to send it to me. thanks. Justin

  29. Nick Bulka

    Just wanted to say thanks to Paul for his excellent post. I’m becoming increasingly disappointed with the direction of internet marketing recently. Apparently ethics has gone completely out the window and we’re moving towards an “anything goes as long as it makes me money” attitude on the part of most of the “gurus”. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Rich Jerk and the Stompers are in cahoots. Over hyping a product is no longer enough. Now they’ve gone to using outright lies. Any person purchasing this product is adding to the problem by validating these underhanded methods.

    Paul, that’s a very generous offer about the link network. I’m definitey on board with that!

  30. Dennis

    At the expense of drawing heat faster than standing behind a turbine engine at full throttle, I’m going to say my piece.

    I’m one of those people that did buy into StomperNet (monthly). I’m not employed (by choice), not rich (subjective term), have a morgage, car payment and, other bills just like most people.

    I’m absolutely new to Internet Marketing (haven’t made a dime yet), spent a significant amount of money on “secrets”, “exposed”, “ultimate”, and any other term used to entice people to buy. But guess what. That’s marketing! Whether on- or offline anyone trying to sell a product or service uses similar tactics regardless of industry. They are there to sell. The decision to buy is our choice.

    But. I’ve always learned with each free report, email mini-course, and product purchase at least one thing. One tidbit of information that I could use for my overall education. Whether it be how to do something, how not to do something, who is adept at marketing (process, copywriting, persuasion, etc.), or who’s peddling junk for the quick buck; you know, those regurgitated e-books and software packages with PLR/MRR that at best take up bits on the hard drive or great for starting a warm fire.

    I’d much rather put my money into something that at least has the potential to return my investment. I’d much rather keep an open mind to the possibilities of success with a product or service instead of finding fault in something I know nothing about. If I’ve never read a particular book how can I judge its contents? How can I draw any conclusion or make any comparison? I can’t. All I can do is form conjectures.

    Is this membership worth it? I don’t know. But I certainly will be in a position to draw my own conclusion by being part of it instead of condeming it out of pure jealousy and a have-not mind set.

    The way I see it, since it was offered at a monthly cost the most I’d be out is maybe 2 months worth of membership fees if Brad and Andy don’t deliver. This is assuming I apply myself, which I will. I’m more than optimistic this won’t happen. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong and I move on. Big deal. At least I will know first hand. Personally, I think if anyone fails with this it isn’t going to be Brad and Andy’s fault. It will be the individual. In which case they only have themselves to blame for not heeding the warnings or not applying themselves.

    Between the emails and the sales page speaking about who is and who is not ready for this based on experience, technical skill, willingness to learn rapidly, contribute, etc., we were all provided a lot of information to help in our decision. Even Rich Shefran’s (I’m on his list) and a few others were clear about making sure you made a strategic decision. Perhaps you’re not on those lists but it makes no difference. This was clearly a business decision, not a get-rich-quick or sit-back-and-watch-the-money-roll-in-without-doing-anything proposition.

    I’m not familiar with the SEO/SEM experts here, but I am very familiar with Dan Theis through his website, newsletter and course material. Wtih him involved as a consultant to StompeNet I feel very confident about this one piece of the program. His reputation precedes him.

    I read a lot about money, money, money. Instead of condeming the price how about for one month cutting out the theater, DVD rentals, meals out, fuel costs for boating, and any other “expenses” you don’t need. This could very well have provided the means to participate if you’d wanted it bad enough. You would have been able to see for yourself, instead of all the negative statements based on zero, nada, none, no… facts.

    I learned a long time ago that in order to make money, you have to spend money. In order to keep money, you have to give money. If you don’t, it will stop circulating in your life as rapidly as a fighter-jet on take off. Money is a symbol. Abundance is a mind set.

    I also learned a valuable lesson in the use of the subconcious mind. Think negative, get negative. Even if that negativity is toward others it is exaclty what you will reap as it is what you’ve sown.

    Abundance and prosperity to all!

  31. Eric Post author

    Justin- if you still need to download link, contact my helpdesk

    Dennis- I don’t know off hand whether you were one of the folks who joined through my link, but I stand by your decision. Part of this business is taking risks, and that’s what you’re doing. You’re stepping out on a limb and going for it. You will always be hit with negativity and skepticism when you dare to do what others only dream of. And like you said, if it’s a flop then you put it behind you and move on. Let us know how in a few months how its going…

  32. Peter Jordaan

    In the 1st video they showed a website that’s making millions:, it was built in 2004 and now it still has a pagerank 0. (my Google Toolbar says so) I find that hard to believe.


  33. Paul Marek

    Dennis: I couldn’t agree with you more – it’s how I’ve learned what I’ve learned. But I think you are missing the point here… we are ALL sure that there is some value and nuggets of gold in what Andy in Brad are offering… And if anyone just followed most of what they were ever told, they WOULD succeed – but human nature (& life’s little happenings) supercedes that. What has got people here upset is HOW they did it. I felt outright SCAMMED and LIED to.

    Is THIS the ‘secret conversion technique’ they’re going to teach?? Lie to people? – hype them out? – mislead? – vampirize?? – if so, count me and all these other ethical people here – out – even if it’s only $8. Yeah, they tried to tell us that this was only for ‘special people’ – but THAT WAS JUST MORE HYPE. GIVING THE PRICE WOULD HAVE BEEN 1000 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE AT ‘CULLING THE HERD’. I even sent Andy a link yesterday (with a few “F” words) to a site that someone on his blog owns:

    Good luck, Dennis.

    I also wanted to commend Eric on his ethics… Although, there has been a few times when the tempting dark side of the force has you walking the line – we still have deep respect for you!! Eric is one of the few people in this community that I have respect for because he IS straight. And he is there when you ask for him. And it’s giving people like us a forum to voice our opinions about our collective experiences and share help that makes this whole pursuit worthwhile.

    Thanks Eric.

    One last rant – you’ll notice above I said ‘community’ instead of ‘business’… you can’t call it a real business – because it’s more like a cir***-j**k – see Richard Posner’s post above – it’s dead on – sorry Eric.

    If I see another mile-long-full-of-hype-one-page-sales-letter, I’m gonna puke.

    Do REAL businesses sell their products like that? Some, in infomercials – yes. Make me puke. (But I do buy the stuff!!)

  34. Billy Bristol

    If Stompernet would have been offered at about 1/3 the cost of what it is, I would be a member now. I thank God(no, not Paul 🙂 that it was as outrageously expensive as it was.

    I have spent about $3000 this year alone on various “stuff”. Although that’s apparently “peanuts” to some new SN members, it’s a great deal to me. I probably get good use out of about 10% of my purchases, at best. The sad thing is, I probably spend a total of about 30 minutes each day just deleting the crap from my email so it doesn’t hit its limit.(I happily receive and read Eric’s newsletter ever day, when I can find it among the garbage.)

    All I personally am looking for is the chance to be able to work from home and not have to commute to a job every day. I don’t need to be rich. I need to make just enough to pay my bills and enjoy a few things in life without working for the MAN. I think if you did a survey, you’d find a lot more people like me than the ones who need the new Mercedes and the fancy vacation houses. And you’d probably find out that we are willing to work a lot harder for those simple things that the ones looking for the pie in the sky.

    I also believe that the future of income recipients will be dominated by people like me, who have a work ethic that will blow these scam artists out of the water eventually.

    Paul M, by the way….count me waaaaaay in on anything you want to get together. That was the most refreshing thing I’ve read and the most promising bit of information I’ve seen since my little website went live for the first time a year and a half ago. That’s real stuff that matters to real people trying to make it in this internet world.

    Eric, I too think that most people just want someone honest they can cling to….someone they can trust who really likes to see people succeed through their direction. I think you have that, and would definitely like to see whatever you think will get us there. In the meantime, I think with that honest approach, you will actually make more money than any of these so-called gurus. And you will sleep better doing it.

    Thanks to all of you for your comments on this. It makes a little guy feel good to see there’s others like him.

  35. Veronica

    Hey Vivian and Paul,
    I love your comments resulting from my post where I said that I suspected B&A have some “secrets” tucked away in Stompernet. I also hate the word “secrets” Vivian, and am generally quite cynical when I read a sales letter that includes that word. Whether or not there are any in the SN package, I truly cannot believe they would be worth nearly $10,000 to find them out! You have both (as have other members who posted here) expressed thoughts and feelings, especially frustration, that most of us feel at the methods which are frequently used to market to the masses. So many of the wellknown Internet Marketers even sell ebooks promoting the use of these tactics. And the tactics work because we all want to be like the people who are making heaps of money and when they tell us that all we have to do is buy their book or software etc in order to be rich in 5 minutes, gosh of course we’ll buy it. That is….until we get burned a few times and wake up to what’s going on.
    So, that is why I appreciate what you have all posted here. Paul, I will be contacting you to get involved with whatever you come up with re SEO and hope to meet up there with the rest of the people who have posted on this thread.
    The top of the morning to all,

  36. Richard Posner

    Certainly follow your heart. You wanted the Stomper program because it promises a shortcut to the top. We all want shortcuts and have thrown money at many online gurus who promise remarkable results by implementing their systems.
    No, they are not all liars. They are producing results. They tell you that they can save you grief and money by simply applying from cover-to-cover whatever their given formula or mindset is. We who read such advertising email and buy such programs are, I’m afraid, harboring a crapshoot mentality. We say to ourselves, “What the hell. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” No wonder the lottery is such a popular international phenomenon.
    What they(gurus) don’t usually tell you is that their program, if it is to work, will take endless trials and errors. Those trials and errors may cost you a pretty penny, of course, but they reassure you that with persistance you can reach your economic goals. They often offer a risk-reversal, moneyback guarantee which they know few of the failures will demand.
    Now, if you are new to the online marketing crowd and to their(guru) very slick “come ons,” then it is easy to fall prey to them. I am convinced that quite a few of the online marketers carry with them the offline MLM motto: Some will, some won’t, so” That attitude was what grated me when I was actively involved in MLM and I sniff that dog in the Internet park of 2006.
    Being skeptical is an essential. But that doesn’t mean that the whole group of so-called mavens are all frauds or lack sincerity. Other than Eric – who encourages an open forum – there are several other marketers whom, after listening to what they say and watching what they do, strike me as honest brokers who will not screw you. If anyone wishes to know who I have indexed as straight shooters worth getting high-priced coaching from based on thousands of hours of researching them and indexing their qualities, I’ll be glad to share that with you.
    We all are searching for success and we must be vigilant in sussing out frauds and over-pricing manipulators. Together we can build a strong union of concerned Netizens wishing to promulgate true opportunity for the greatest number of people. Keep guard against collusive groupings(JVs) which are really just a “closed, No dogs or Jews allowed club” of scoundrels looking to corner the exponential marketplace.
    The future of the net depends on keeping the Internet on the level. Black hatters and manipulators who sell dust for $700 must be tarred and feathered before they get to powerful.
    Many high profile marketers say “It’s the list, dummy, it’s the list.” I say it’s the content and the character behind the content that will insure the openess and the opportunity for future generations online. Do not let marketers who market to marketers pull you in without a fight. Marketing for marketers is a tough nut to crack, but that’s what many of these people are selling to us. Is that what your dream or mine is, to market to marketers? Somehow I think not.
    Let’s be smart. We all want money and many of us want a lot. We don’t know how to get it, so we throw ourselves to the wolves. Occasionally, a good wolf like Eric appears on the horizon. We are reading Eric’s material because he speaks our language. Why drift off to people and systems which violate who you are and what you stand for just because that guru is fabulously wealthy? If we all take a balanced approach and show patience to background these people we shower with our hard-earned cash, our choice of spending $790 dollars a month would not seem foolish at all.
    My reflections are complete for now.

    Yours sincerely,

    Richard Posner

  37. Saundra

    As a person who has learn to operate from a state of abundance, I purchased the SN package. Eric, I didn’t see your email and purchased thru John Reese. Now I have another coach.

    I do not have $800 dollars in discretionary funds every month. This was a real investment in my online future. In business it really is who you know and not what you know. I truly believe that this purchase will make a tremendous change in my business.

    I to was sick of all the hype and over prices offers that were constantly be sent out. All the “gurus” had for a network among themselves and they were the only ones it seem making any money. So I decide to pray for a change. After getting laid off from a job of almost 20 years and 11 days before Christmas and within 30 days of that my son dies, I needed to find something to do from home.

    Thus enter the Internet. Right now I barely make enough to pay by bills. After going to TIMME 2, I have a different thought pattern for my Internet business. Now I personally know Eric and Joel. I have an alliance with Andy and Brad, I actually met Brad at TIMME 2, being coached by Stephen Pierce as well as Deb and JP. and John Reese I now know that the sky is not my limit, I have no limit. I have 12 months with Andy and Brad.

    I believe I have a strategic position not to fail. So if it is to be it is up to me. And with the help of the Holy Spirit we will make it happen.

    Cher: If you would like me to help you, I am available at no charge to give you one hour a day. Contact me at

    Eric, thank you. It is because of you I meet Brad and Joel on a one on one. I am sure that we will be doing some JVs soon. I will keep you up to date on my progress.

    To those who already know SEO, good for you, your millions are on the way.

    For those who really wanted to purchase SN but did not have enough faith in themselves, you will find that you will continue to spend money or you will quit.

    I was very discouraged until I went to TIMME 2. Everyone should attend at least one Internet seminar. You won’t believe how relationships are started and new deals are created.

    Don’t begrude the ones who purchased, wish them the best so that the channels of opportunity will remain open to you. Remember as a man thinketh so is he. Just remember if no one is selling everything stops. So just like seedtime and harvest, selling and buying will allways exist. We may not like it but… How many people complain about Microsoft products, that didn’t stop Bill Gates from becoming a billionaire. Didn’t stop millions from buying PCs instead of MACS. Enough said. May the blessings of Abraham be upon all.

  38. Mark

    Paul Marek,

    I saw in my log files that I had a link from this webiste, thanks for the link!

    I read this thread and I have to say, I think that the biggest hurdle for anyone of us who did not get into StomperNet was likely the money. If you stayed “in the loop” for the whole time to get to the last email/post you likely really wanted what they had to offer, bad [really two weeks of sales letters and retaining that kind of interest is pure genious;-)]. If you are like me when you saw the price you probably did what I did; laughed out loud in front of my peers at the office and then cried because there was no way I could afford this opportunity.

    The solution is not to complain about it; rather observe those that did get in and see how they are doing. Work hard between now and the next release, I’m guessing 12-18 months, to have the cash flow to be able to invest into a business marketing tool like StomperNet.

    Perhaps in the process we might stumble across a view SEO tricks ourselves and actually make a living on the net. Half the fun is the journey if you let yourself go along for the ride.

    Anyway 🙂 -Regards, Mark

  39. Cliff Hammock

    Eric, thanks for this great thread. I particularly liked Paul’s initial comment on links and on-page stuff. I am pretty much a newbie to both SEO and affiliate marketing. I got in Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliate Cloning Program on Eric’s recommendation and in six weeks I have already gotten much of my investment back. I was bold enough to ask Ewen to let me host his SACP memberhsip portal and he let me.

    Here is a situation that can serve as a testament to Paul’s comment on SEO and links. It would be nice if Paul and others could provide some feedback on what is going on here, because I don’t understand it.

    Do a search for ‘membership portals’ without quotes. I believe that community, civic and business organizations will all use membership portal websites in the future. So I am building a vertical-market oriented business towards that end.

    You will see (HSP) at number 1 and (TFN) at number 3. I am not sure about the #2 site, as they have a Google PR0, but they are an edu with lots of links. Here is what is going on with these sites.

    HSP – When I link to this site from the Google search I see a PR5 and when I type in the domain name in my browser I see a PR5 on the Google Toolbar.

    TFN – When I link to this site from the Google search I see a PR6 BUT when I type in the domain name in my browser I see a PR2 on the Google Toolbar. WHY? Do others see this?

    Neither of these sites are optimized at all. (Bad me) No keywords or H1 tags, etc. I am using DotNetNuke, which happens to be just below my sites in the search with a PR8.

    At the end of August, TFN had a PR2 and I found a way to get one-way linked to a few sites, some of which were PR6. So TFN went from a PR2 to PR6 in the last few weeks since Google’s recent update last week. Is this normal? Is it that valuable to have a high PR?

    My first Adsense site at went from a PR0 to PR2 during the same time with just a few links.

    Thanks for any ideas or analysis on this…and if you get a chance check out My Super Affiliate Journey ( ) website where I am tracking my involvment in Ewen’s SACP.

  40. Emerald Gold

    Hi Eric, here again we have good reason to read your blogs regularly, not only for your own guiding and informative input but also for the comments left by my/our fellow readers.

    I was interested in Paul Marek’s comment (Oct 3rd, 2006 at 5:36 pm) in which he stands up to these so called SEO experts and rightfully feels peed off with this type of hyped up, over-priced marketing. It’s not surprising that people give up on their internet marketing dreams of wealth when these “experts” drain the wallets of the innocent new-starts.

    To Paul, I say “good on you fella” for telling it like it is!
    To quote you Paul, “Together, we can make a very powerful link exchange” So how do I contact you Paul? Is it through your website contact-us page?

    Emerald Gold

  41. Toni

    Ok, Ok, I have to catch my breath…. give me a second…

    Ok, that’s better. I just got done reading the extreamly “insightful” review by Paul at

    Wait,,,, I have to catch my breath again. Everytime I read it, or even think about it I just start laughing again all over!

    Paul, you are dead on on everything you said…. But to think that you can sit there an proclaim that you actually know
    what’s really going on in the stompernet is a hugh laugh.

    The only reason you know what you know about the stomper net and your online bashing is WHAT THEY TOLD EVERYONE durng the launch! LOL Ohhh big secrets there buddy. You did a lot to “Pull back the curtin on that one!” LOL!

    You are totally clueless about it and to say you know, when you don’t know (and will never know because you aren’t in it)
    is totally misleading. Here’s just another example of someone trying to make a name for themselves by bashing someone who REALLY is a big name.

    You should be ashamed.

  42. Jeff

    There is a huge market for trading content in a seo friendly way. Most entreprenuers would be willing to pay $20 – $50 per month for a good service. I sure hope you would consider this opportunuty. I would be the first to join!!!

  43. Dennis


    You asked me to check back in with my results from Stomernet, albeit in a “few” months. Well, it’s been 13 and in terms of the Internet I suppose this still qualifies.

    Right up front I’ll say wrong, wrong, wrong… most comments were quite negative here and all I can say is people should have paid more attention to my reasoning behind my decision to join. It was, and continues to be, simply awesome! So much so that I’ve continued into my second year.

    Stompernet is not about trading links, Stompernet is not about black-hat, Stompernet is not about being scammed or lied to. These guys not only delivered, they OVER delivered!

    Stompernet has grown by leaps and bounds over the last year with the addition of staff and faculty that are in “top-of-class” in their particular fields and compliment the skills and knowledge of Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins. Names like Dan Thies, Jerry West, Sherman Hu, Leslie Rhode (of OptiSpider and OptiLink fame… great tools!), Don Crowther, Ed Dale (of 30 day challenge and Dominiche fame) and the list goes on. Add to that, members that were already highly successful, yet willing to offer assistance even for those in the same markets, and you have one heck of a community!

    The addition of well taught programs chalk-full of details I’ve not found anywhere else, or of this caliber for SEO, eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing, Social Networking, Link Building, Article Marketing, Adwords and other PPC tricks, tips and hacks, tools for every imaginable effort you have under way, etc., etc., etc., and in short, Stompernet IS a one-stop shop for damn near everything. And if something is missing, it won’t be for long.

    Add into the mix the most professionally, well executed and informational seminars I’ve ever attended (4 at no charge!), the deep discounts we receive on tons of tools like OptiSpider, OptiLink, SEO Elite and Keyword Elite to name a few of the most known (the others I’ll keep secret, but rest assured they rock), the acquisition and assimilation of software and services companies in whole and then discounted for us, and the fact that they keep adding more and more value on a continual basis, and it quickly becomes apparent that this is worth every single dollar spent. In fact, those of us that stayed the course of the first year now get Business Coaching from some of the best in the business… for FREE. And this is only one of many added loyalty bonuses and benefits we receive for year two! Brad and Andy actually care about their members and have proven time and again by pumping the membership revenue back into the community at an astronomical rate.

    So how did Stompernet helped me?… Simple. I started with nothing except a hard drive full of crap from every junk IM product out there, pushed by every Internet Marketer with only one objective in mind… their own wallet. Well let me tell you, this is not the case with Stompernet. By concentrating on only Stompernet training I’ve been able to launch 3 physical product stores in 12 months, kicked the crap out of some older, big competitors in my markets, commanded attention in the SERPS and saved tons in PPC while using it like crazy, and… I’m on dead-on-track to making the income I’ve only dreamed of in the past. Not bad for 13 months if I may say so myself.

    A comment was made on this blog pertaining to an individual, with self-proclaimed expertise, that he could teach what Stomper is teaching and at a much lower cost. Wrong. I would dare that person to try. Stompernet is made up of a collective of very experienced individuals. What they have achieved is NOT possible by any single individual or two. At least not to reach the caliber of Stompernet.

    Does it sound like I’m a Stompernet fanatic? You bet! It rocks, it works, it’s worth every penny. I feel sorry for any that didn’t at least take advantage for 30 days to try it out. After all, it was ONLY $797.00. But, should a spot or two become available grab your opportunity (retention is very high so I can’t be the only one with this opinion).

    I only have one regret. I should have bought in through a different affiliate… even you Eric. The marketer I used is very well known, but unfortunately never came through with the bonus. And it was a nice bonus… had the person kept the promise and followed thorough. What’s really unfortunate is this jerk (no not that Jerk) continues to collect on my membership. Just like some of those other Internet Marketers I hinted at earlier, this person has a tarnished reputation in my eyes and is only in the game to fill that personal wallet. No class, no ethics, no conscience… a bum that will steal from you while you’re watching. I can only hope that the attention this may get in the near future will tarnish that reputation beyond repair. In any case, I will certainly distance myself from any Marketer that gets involved with this person for any reason. (I can’t mention names as legal action is pending.)


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