Happy Thanksgiving 2008

By | November 27, 2008

(In case you saw the original title of this post “Happy Thanksgiving 2009”, there’s a simple explanation. I had just finished Thanksgiving dinner and sat down on the couch to hurriedly type this post. Apparently all that turkey tryptophan got to my brain, because I forgot what year it was and didn’t realize it until the comments started coming in 😉 )

I try to avoid making the cliché “holiday blog posts”. After all, do you really need to read ANOTHER sappy “I’m so thankful for…” article?

And in the Internet marketing world the way it usually works is the marketer says… Happy thanksgiving, now go buy this.

The fact is, I am incredibly grateful for my life and the people in it. But I’ll spare you the stereotypical thanksgiving “stuffing”, because I want to do something a little different.

First, I want everyone who reads this newsletter to know that I’m thankful for YOU. Without you, Eric’s Tips wouldn’t exist.

Here’s a FREE small gift as a token of my appreciation. It’s an ebook called Firesale Profits Revealed. I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars from quick little firesales, so this ebook talks about how to do it (Note: I didn’t write it… it was ghost written)…

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Second, instead of making a huge list of things I’m thankful for, I want to know what YOU are thankful for. Please post in the comments below what you are thankful for.


Thank you so much to every one who posted a comment below. Many of them brought tears to my eyes. I’m sure the comments have touched and inspired hundreds of people who have read through them.

I honestly did not know what to expect. I knew I would get some comments, but the depth and sincerity of them really surprised me, particularly in light of the difficult time the world is currently going through.

Thank you for reminding me that the difficult times reveal to us what we have to be thankful for.

There were so many great comments… honorable mentions include Michael Robinson, Keith, Michaela, Ron, Simon W Rosenberg DMD, Ray, Pete Bass, Glenn Hughes, Carol Huskison, and too many others to mention them all.

My “runner up” would be Scott, whose website is Ask the Wealth Squad, who said:

I am thankful for

The pain I sometimes wake up to make me enjoy the freedom of pain.

My divorce for making me realize what was missing in my life – a strong relationship with God and his son Jesus

My recent layoff from work which gave me time to think about what I wanted to do with my life when I grow up (Currently age 40 but not wanting to grow up just yet)

The recent drop in the stock market as it created the realization that invested in ourselves in the best stock to buy.

The courts for granting me custody of my wonderful son 13 years ago.

My parents for feeding me while I am laid off

My years of plenty and God’s wisdom to store some wealth so that I can live for a bit without worry.

The worry that comes from that time I can live on my savings which gives me courage to do something new.

My friends and family for doubting me when I was young as it gave me the strength to succeed.

My dogs who love me no matter what the world does.

The USA and the opportunities it brings to anyone who is willing to work and sacrifice.

Our soldiers who have died protecting those rights.

The 2nd Amendment which protects us from our government reaching too far.

The Constitution and the brilliance it brings to our lives.

Austrian economics to understand business cycles and realize that this too shall pass.

Your website and the generosity you show – and the realization that you can be focused on doing good in the world and making a profit at it.

The interest and the ease of access to information to see how the world really works.

My travels overseas to fully understand how different our country is.

For my website which is still a work in progress – so this post has to stir me to action to finish it 🙂

For God sending his son to suffer and die for me.

For every breath
For every step
For every tear
For every pain
For every fear
For every doubter

For without struggle how can we say we have overcome? How can we know victory without knowing loss?

We fail not when we fall but when we don’t get up.


For the “winning” comment, I am choosing Kathryn Duerst, whose comment embodies the spirit of thankfulness. Thank you for reminding me to take a second look to see the divine.

Kathryn said,

Gratefulness is the ability to see the good in every circumstance, as even the hard times and trials are intended by God to shape us into His beautiful image and build our character. This is what I have heard all my life, but it does not come naturally without the practice of seeing as He sees. At first glance, I see the human side only, and it takes a second look to see the divine.

At first glance, I see the folks I care for at my jobs, elderly and handicapped people, and I think how difficult it must be for them to live in a body that does not perform as one wishes it could. Then I recall my training, that these people are gifted and special, and I am to come alongside as a friend, enjoying them and the value they contribute to my life. They do not want pity.

Seeing the one who has his feeding through a tube, I am grateful I can taste food and feel it going down my throat. Seeing the one who depends on me to be his eyes, I relish the many beautiful colors, shapes, lights, and bright eyes I can see. Seeing those who must move slowly in a wheelchair or with a cane, I exult in my bouncing steps down the hallway to answer the next call. These people make me know how good I have it.

And I wonder, if I was in their situation, would I be as pleasant? The blind man is so full of stories, memories from almost a century of life. He is one of my favorite people.

The one who gets a tube feeding every morning is so sweet and cooperative as I brush his teeth, lift him to his bath, and pour rinse water over his head; he trusts me completely. What faith! He seems grateful to have me there to help. I get to feel very needed and useful.
Then I think how much we all depend on each other. I depend on people like Eric to teach me everything about Internet marketing; without a mentor, I would be very handicapped online. I am so grateful there are people with a spirit of giving, to help me see hope in my circumstances. They breathe the divine viewpoint into my perspective.

So I am not just a struggling laborer, working for ten dollars an hour, 60 hours a week, a single parent of seven, wondering when I will get my lucky break. I am part of a divine drama in which God has me and others doing whatever most demonstrates His love to one another each moment.

I am grateful I can serve and help the people I care for, and I am grateful I have some time left over after all the hours I put in at work to pay the bills, so I can be with my family a little while, and I can work online, too, for the day my online business will free me to be wherever I am needed most, just because I want to be.

This evening, I am spending the time with my family and the family of my daughter’s fiancé, and I have a few days off before the wedding to prepare for it. I feel incredibly blessed to enjoy this special time and relish it, because in a few days, the happy couple will be moving 2000 miles away, and I will be working hard to be able to afford to visit them whenever I want to. Gratefulness makes the most of what I have now, and it sees the potential in the future. I am grateful for these blessings.

Kathryn from Minnesota

I will be mailing Kathryn the Traffic Stampede course as a prize.

Although the contest is over, it’s not too late to post your comment of thankfulness. I know I will return to this page for inspiration when I’m feeling discouraged. You might want to bookmark it and do the same.

Have a great day and a happy Thanksgiving!

441 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving 2008

  1. Pete Moring

    I’m very grateful for having a large family (8 kids). They are very supportive and I think my ‘MS’ journey would’ve been SO hard without them.

    We take our health for granted, then mother nature kicks you up the Butt without warning.

    I Don’t know how people get by ‘without’ a family. I feel blessed 🙂


  2. Eisen

    Hi Mr Marshall, you have deeply touch my heart. Life is indeed short. Happiness is the most valuable asset in the World. Wishing you all the best on Thanksgiving from the other side of the Globe.

    Eisen @ Shanghai

  3. Thomas Martin

    i am thankful for my health and happiness and people i have as friends. i will turn 70 soon and life is good to me. i am thankful all my family is in good health. Happy Thanksgiving

  4. ironteeth

    Thank you Eric! Nice piece of download. Your advice is always useful. Cheerz!

  5. Peter

    Hi Eric,

    I am grateful for my wife who is a strong and giving person.
    I am grateful to have four children who never cease to inspire me.
    I am grateful to be given opportunities everday.
    I am grateful for the richness the people in life bring to me.
    I am grateful to be able to make a contribution.
    Peace and Blessings

  6. Kwame

    I am great for my family and our born baby, Joel.
    The doctors said there is a possibility of Down Syndrome (DS) but thank God for giving a bouncing baby boy with no DS.
    I am thankful for my business, Kwame Ofori-Atta, LLC. Even though it has just taking off, we have big dreams.
    I am thankful for Eric for searching so generously with us. God bless you.

  7. Fatimah

    Thanks for the free download.

    I’m thankful that I am alive, in good health, physically fit and complete and have a sound mind.


  8. Chen Jingyang

    Given all the chaos and fighting recently, Im just thankful Im alive to do what I want for me, my family and friends…

  9. Reed

    Hi Eric,

    This is Reed, from India.

    We don’t have Thanksgiving on our celebrations calendar here, but I really find this an exceptionally different occassion, and so, as a global citizen, would like to participate.

    But it seems that all that I could have offered in Thanks to anyone, has already been expressed by the wonderful people here.



    You’ve announced that you would give out only one prize, for the comment that you find best embodies the “spirit of thankfulness”. INSTEAD, I WOULD REQUEST YOU TO MAKE 14 COPIES AND SEND ONE EACH TO THE FOLLOWING CONTRIBUTORS –

    1) At 2008.11.28 00:47, Jeff

    2) At 2008.11.27 23:26, Kamrul

    3) At 2008.11.27 23:24, Linda

    4) At 2008.11.27 23:08, barney

    5) At 2008.11.27 22:16, Anonymous, (if you can
    track him)

    6) At 2008.11.27 21:37, billy martin

    7) At 2008.11.27 21:33, Charles

    8) At 2008.11.27 21:32, Djordje Ajdukovic

    9) At 2008.11.27 20:59, Ron

    10)At 2008.11.27 20:59, Ron

    11)At 2008.11.27 18:35, Michael Robinson

    12)At 2008.11.27 18:15, Mel

    13)At 2008.11.27 18:13, Douglas Goodey

    14)At 2008.11.27 18:00, Cat

    I feel they deserve it more than anyone else. This is not to take away anything from the other people who have posted to this column; in fact everyone who has chipped in has been BEYOND WONDERFUL, BEYOND EXCELLENT!

    Think I’m saying this out of feelings of sympathy or something similar? DON’T EXPECT A THANKLESS PERSON LIKE ME TO DO THAT. In fact, I’m saying this out of PURE SELFISHNESS!

    These persons have braved storms, and have been survivors themselves, or witnesses to some major ones. Survival always endows its children with strength beyond imagination, and makes them large-hearted and wise. Consequently, when any knowledge makes its way to them, they share it with the entire humanity, either by words, or through action. And, when people, caught in the swirling eddies of distress, stretch their hands out for help, they are always the first ones to invest their entire ability to pull them up and out to their feet.

    And, even I, might be one of their beneficiaries one day! SEE HOW SELFISH I AM?

    Eric, the reason I’m confidently asking for fourteen slices from your Thanksgiving Cake, is that I know you have a very big one – your heart! And you have proved that! Everytime! With all the wonderful things that you have done for us, and given to us!

    However, this request of mine might become financially overbearing for you, with all the postage costs involved, and in case that happens, I might suggest that you make copies of this course available for these members on your website, and they can download it whenever they want.

    Finally, please allow this thankless person at least one opportunity to rid himself of his sins of ingratitude; by wishing you, and everyone here, a wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

    God bless – all of you!

    Thank you,

    Reed Hummer.

  10. eyal

    I am thankful that there is still few people out there that not losing hope and still can thankful for their things in such a cruel world.

  11. Angelo

    Hey Eric,
    I’m thankful for my dad who had just passed away of cancer. He left me life’s lessons on how it is to be patient with all people you meet, a good work ethic as he drove a truck in Chicago for 28 years providing for his family.
    I’m also thankful for the love he had for my mom who passed a few years back, he was her care giver in her last days and was married 58 years and still spoke of his missing her till his death, which left me with the example of how marriage is to be and how we are to care for our loved ones as I was his care giver till he passed.
    And lastly I thankful for the peace that God gives in times as these as my mom and dad were open to the gospel of Christ which gave me the peace to know that I will see them again, ‘absent from the body, present with the Lord’

  12. Anonymous

    Dear Eric,
    I am most thankful for my family and
    friends God has brought into my life,and hopefully I can give a little back!
    Love Larry

  13. Hank Bohenstengel

    I am 70 years old and have won battles over cancer and heart problems. I have also been in the US Army for eight years and I am extremely thankful for all our young heros who ar still willing to sacrifice for us and our country. They and their families are enduring very difficult times as we head into the holidays and all I can say is God Bless and Keep you safe and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patriotism. I am thankful for all of you!

  14. carmen

    I have to say…truly, I am Highly blessed to know that God hears and honors the prayer of the righteous man…thank you for sharing that miracle with us.

  15. carmen

    Evidence that when you place your trust in God, He is faithful to His Word. Our experiences becomes a tool of wisdom for others. I remember going through the homeless shelter system with my family and when we placed our trust in God He blessed us tremendously! Not to mention the strength, peace and joy He gave us to go through that time in our life.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. CLAUDE

    I’m very thankfully for the very basic things in life my familys health food on the table good friends,and to be able to stop from time to time and take a look around
    at nature and enjoy the basic things in life, not message by the things we own, and my GOD bless you and your family by the way thank you for the gift. claude

  17. Luca - Reach Success Online

    Hey Jim,
    I live in Canada and am thankful to all you Veterans (Canadian and Amereicans and Allies) that fought and fight for our freedoms.

    I’m thankful and proud to have America as neighbours

    I can’t imagine what you guys went through – so thank you.

    I’m thankful for my family beacuse without family nothing matters,

    I’m thankful for my heath

    I’m also thankful that I live in a Country that is tolerant to many different cultures, religions, races and yes even Sexual preference.

    Thank God (whoever he may be) for the ability to be kind and compasionate.

  18. Carol Moore

    I am so thankful to God for letting me live to see seventy wonderful years. Like George Burns quoted “If I had known I would live this long, I would had taken better care of myself”. I want to add to that “I would had spent more time treating internet marketing like a business and not a hobby”. It’s still not to late (Your next Internet Millionaire).

    Be Blessed Everyone!

  19. Elizabeth Brewer

    I am thankful for the earth and it’s bountiful gifts.
    I am thankful for the power of self-healing and the gift of being able to share it with others.
    I am grateful for the relationships I have developed and will continue to develop during my lifetime.
    I am especially thankful for the election of an intelligent U.S. President.
    I am grateful for many peacemakers and givers of light in the universe.
    Thank you Eric!

  20. John B

    I am thankful for having my wonderful daughter back and for my wife who never gave up.

    My daughter came down with an illness that left her just about totally devastated. She could not
    even brush her teeth and lost all of the beauty and joy that she gave to the world.

    This went on for 5 years. My wife, an RN, never gave up. We took her to every great hospital on the east coast, from Boston to Florida but they weren’t able to help us.

    Then we found a doctor 60 miles from where we live and he had our daughter back to us in only three weeks and without medications.

    Yes I am very thankful and not everyone gets an answer. I guess what I am saying is no matter what you are involved with, even trying to make it on the internet do not give up to quickly. There are good people (like Eric) who will help you take the next step.
    Peace To All!

  21. Anonymous

    There is nothing so great in thankgiving than appreciating the effort of those who made available to others their creative works.I am thanking you for letting me know so much in a brief period

  22. Isaac A Idakwo

    There is nothing so great in thanksgiving than appreciating the effort of those who made available to others their creative works.I am thanking you for letting me know so much in a brief period

  23. Carol Huskison

    In all honesty, my gratitude was a little challenged this year because God chose to take my husband in January of this year. He was the love of my life for 42 years, and I’ve been trying to learn to cope and keep my head above water for all of these months since.

    What I’ve learned is that you always think that you know how horrendous a loss like this would be, and how much you would miss those that you’ve lost, but the truth is that you don’t have a clue of how devastating it actually is because your life is ripped apart in ways you never thought possible.

    As a result, I am grateful that my Faith in God is stronger than it was before, even though I do not understand God’s reason for allowing it to happen.

    I am also grateful for the many people in my life that God gave me to help support me through this devastating time in my life when my Faith was challanged.

    I am grateful that God brought someone as wonderful as my husband into my life at all and then blessed me with 42 wonderful years with him.

    Most of all, I am incredibly grateful to God for giving us a son that has done what he could to help me through this, all the while stuggling himself to deal with such a terrible loss.

    And finally, I am grateful that I have this opportunity to tell others how incredibly important it is to be grateful for the people that God has put into your life, and to love and cherish them every single minute of every single day, because Life is short and Time is fleeting.

    In every way you can and every time you can, tell those you love how much they mean to you and how glad you are that they are in your life.

    Don’t take for granted the Blessing that God gave you when he gave you very special people to love, and people who love you right back.

    God Bless all of you. Thank you Eric for this opportunity.

  24. Bill

    Hi Eric and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Thank you for your kind gift and I am thankful for having a mentor teach us the right way to have our own business online and not get caught up in the scams.

    Not everyone will tell you not to buy anything until you understand what you are doing and what you may need it for.

    I am especially thankful for the progress being made in the treatment of, I believe the worse disease for any family to have to deal with, and that of course is cancer.

    I have lost a wife , daughter, brother and close friend all to this nasty disease however, I am very thankful for the time God granted me to have with these dear loved ones.

    My daughter-in-law is in stage four cancer and has been granted more life than we thought would be possible due to the increased knowledge of how to treat cancer and especially through the power of prayer.

    Thank you again, Eric.

  25. R.

    Thankful my son has good days — a silly sing-along in the car on Thanksgiving — that offsets his not so great days.

  26. Art

    Thank You for the gift. I am most thankful that my son and his fellow soldiers of the #173 rd Airborne Brigade made it home from a 15 month tour serving in Afghanistan in the US Army.

  27. Charles Hill

    I am Thankful for all the young men and women who have returned home from the war overseas and all the ones fighting still, and I am Thankful to be alive after by-pass surgery to see and enjoy all 16 grandchildren and the 17th is on the way, with oldest being 8 yrs old, and 5 out of 6 children.
    but I wish all Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

  28. Roberta

    I am thankful for being on this beautiful planet and having old friends and new friends not yet known to me. I am very thankful to be in this time and place with all that surrounds me and all of us. Thank God, spirit, universe that we are all here and doing what we need to do at this time.

  29. Rahimah Sultan

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the gift and the “no hype” to buy.

    I’m thankful and grateful for being alive at this time in history–part of my morning pre-rising mantra/ritual acknowledgment to Creator for years. As one of the older generation, I’m glad to have some computer savvy to be able to keep up with technology as I learn my way around the web and try to build my business. I’m realizing how I can use good free materials like yours to help in that endeavor.

    Many blessings to you and yours,

    Rahimah Sultan

  30. sunceria

    First of all Blessings to you and your family. I can”t just choose one thing because there are so many,this one is on my mind all the time.I’m thankful for my Grandaughter Ali. she has a heart of gold and she is only 6. You see on her b-day which is in march She said she didn’t want any gifts she asked if everone could bring a cute little animal instead, we asked her why. she said so she can bring them to the hospital and wants to give them to the kids there this way they can get better.Then when she seen me (gramma) she asked me if i had some change,I said yes i think so why she said i’m saving all my change in my piggy bank and giving a little bit to each sick person in the hospital and maybe that will help them get better
    Don’t we all wish life was that easy/ In her small heart made of gold she really does believe this will happen and everyone will get better.
    I asked her one day where did she get the idea from she said Gramma i just thought of it all by myself. Amen.

  31. Cheryl

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for the great Thanksgiving gift! I

    I am thankful that I am lucky enough to have a roof over my head, 4 wonderful children, a job (though I’d dearly love to be able to stay home and earn my living online). I am also thankful I live in a great country that is not torn apart with wars and conflict.

    Hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving!


  32. Jeri

    Thank you to everyone that has posted on Erics Blog. By sharing your stories, you have filled my heart with warmth and love.
    And even though I am not where I would like to be this Thanksgiving. I know I have at least started my journey and that I am truly blessed.
    Thank you, Eric, you really are terrific. And hopefully, one day, our paths will cross.

    Sending You Joyous Tidings,

  33. Cindy

    I am thankful for everyday I wake up in Oregon. A great place to live, but mostly I am thankful for ever finding Eric’s tips. For someone fairly new marketing on the internet, there is a lot to learn, and Eric has taken a huge chunk out of the learning curve, the frustration out of the “what do I do now’s” and has allowed me to really move forward in a step by step way to getting things off the ground. thanks Eric
    very thankful

  34. Melissa

    I just wanted to say that I am thankful that God sent His only Son to die for ME. I am nobody but Jesus thinks that I am Somebody Special and in His eyes, I am. Without Jesus shedding His blood for me and you, none of this would be possible. God could have easily destroyed Adam and Eve when they sinned, but He did not. He wanted us to live and Jesus made this possible. Thank You, Jesus!

  35. carmen

    I am thankful for God, Because of His love and mercy I have been able once again be thankful one more year. I have read every comment and I do have to say… In His infinite wisdom we are able to even share all these testimonies, they are evidence of the Love of God. I am also thankful for:
    1. My Huband – who believes in my ideas, who supports me in my endeavors and who reminds me that we are not perfect and deserve second chances.
    2. My children – who reminds me that they are all grown up and not 2 years old anymore ( I have six ages 17-24). For they teach me how to deal with certain personalities.
    3. My Family – Who make me who I am and remind me of my roots as well as traditions.
    4. My Friends – Who always have opinions for me to hear and in return I filter what I really need to hear to then act upon those wise opinions.
    5. And last but not least – The internet – Where we are given ALL the opportunity to explore, experiment and prosper from it.

    May you have a wonderful Holiday Eric and thank you for allowing me to have some “nugget of wisdom” to look forward to every time I check in here. God bless you and yours,

  36. Andy L

    I am thankful that I am blessed with the wisdom to better see the meaning of life.

    When I turned 40, (2 months ago) my life changed from an “inward” focused life (focused on me) to an “outward” focused life (focused on others).

    My inner voice now hears hourly wisdom from God. I listen to the wisdom of my Guardian Angels and I listen to what my body is telling me.

    I am most thankful that I am understanding that all of my talents and skills are beginning to hone themselves into my current business and personal endeavors.

  37. Destiny711

    I am thankful for people like you who give gifts that are greatly appreciated to those of us who have no money left to buy yet another “latest must have tool”. I am thankful for my family, my husband who supports my every endeavor whether I make money or not; my son with autism who is now a sophomore in college; my other son who almost flunked out of high school but has now graduated college and is doing better than most his age. I am thankful for anyone who has ever done a kind thing for me and I hope to be able to do a kind thing for those who cannot pay me back. I am thankful that I still have good enough health to enjoy all the blessings that have come my way and I pray for those who are not as fortunate…


  38. Michaela

    Thanks Gary, can you be so kind and comment on the Blog, I just started and some comment activity counts. I’ll return the favor when you set up your blog. Wait until Eric will give us a lesson about setting up a blog on our domain using Fantastico on cPanel. It realy is so easy to do it and with Eric’s talent as a teacher it will look even easier.

  39. Karen Bernard

    I am thankful for all the days I am given to enjoy this wonderful gift we call life.

  40. Julie

    I am thankful to God for the gift of this beautiful life, my sweet children, and loving husband. I am very thankful that I live in a country that I can worship God freely without fear and I can have choices like starting a business,choosing my own career, or staying home with my babies. I am so thankful that I can choose to school my children how my husband and I choose. I am thankful for many things but these are the few that come to mind!

  41. Matt Erickson

    I’m just thankful and blessed that I’m still here after all the self destruction I’ve put myself through over the years. I realize that God has never left my side even though I’ve pushed him away as far as the east is from the west. God Bless you all

  42. Donovan

    Erick, I was recently informed, by my employer, that I would be laid off of my job on 12-22-08. I have been employed with this company for the past 10 years. Of the 116 employees that will be affected, I don’t know of any who have a prospect of finding a job right away. I am thankful to God that my employer was gracious enough to give us notice of the lay off ahead of time. Especially when so many folks are released from a job without any notice or warning. I am thankful to the Lord, that in an economy such as we have today, He has provided folks like you, who are willing to share feely and teach others, like myself, how to get back on our feet. I know that you don’t do this just to build a list, but that it is a ministry to others, some folks might not understand that. I can say that I truly thank the Lord for what you are doing, because it has given me hope, at a time when many in the same situation as I am currently in, have no idea what they are going to do. The news media is telling them everyday, how bad everything is and how many jobs are been lost. They don’t see any jobs opening up and their bills are starting to pile up. I am thankful that, with the guidance I am receiving from yourself and others I can do this business and provide for my family. And finally, I am thankful for Gods promise: “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” Psalm 37:24-26

  43. Gail Gleason

    I am thankful for friends and family and this wonderful country we live in where we have peaceful transitions of our leaders and multiple opportunities to succeed.

    Thank you also, Eric for your blog site.

  44. edward

    i am thankful for every day that i wake up, it may be just another day filled with the same old stuff, but it is another day that god has given me to love my family and friends.

  45. Luis

    I Thank God for me my familys and friends wealth. Thanks for the good new friends in the Internet that help newbies like me. Thanks for your honest opinions about others marketers systems preventing us from wasting our money and time. Thank Eric


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