The Future of Eric’s Tips

Edition #167

As I mentioned in an email last week, I’ve been analyzing the 700+ responses from my Eric’s Tips reader survey, and formulating the future direction of this newsletter.

There were a LOT of questions, but fortunately most of them were centered around similar themes. In other words, most of you are want to learn the same things.

Within the next week or so, I will give you a more in-depth overview of what we’ll be covering, but to summarize:

I’m going to teach you how to build an internet business from A to Z.

I’ll start at the very beginning and take you through the entire process, paying careful attention to EACH step along the way (I’ll be teaching most of it through screen-capture videos, so you can SEE how to do it).

Essentially, this will be a course that I could sell for $2000+, but you will be getting the entire thing just for being a reader of my newsletter.

As I’ve created an outline for myself, it appears that there will be approximately 120 100 lessons.

I really want to teach this as quickly as possible, so that you can have a profitable business up and running soon (or make your current business more profitable). Therefore, I will do my best to accelerate the process by releasing the lessons as frequently as I can.

At times, I might be able to release a lesson every day during the week. There will be some gaps though, as I have some vacations planned this summer. My goal is to finish teaching you the 120 (plus or minus) lessons by the end of October.

As I’ve mentioned a couple times recently, I’ll be cutting back on product promotions.

I only have a handful of promotions that I’ll be doing for some of our readers over the next couple months. Beyond those, I’m only promoting ONE product launch in June (it’s on June 5th), and then I do not have any more promotions lined up for the next several months.

I’m dedicating Eric’s Tips to teaching you exactly what you’ve been asking to learn. I only ask that you get involved by posting your comments and questions after each lesson, so I can make it the best interactive learning experience that I can.

I’ll be in touch soon with some more information about HOW and WHY I’m doing this, as well as info about the very important launch I’m promoting on June 5th.

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments here on the blog.

Have a great day!

98 comments on “The Future of Eric’s Tips

  1. Larry

    Sounds great. I look forward to learning from you.

  2. Linchi

    I am excited that you are going to do this for those of us who are still struggling to figure out this puzzle. Everyone says it is easy and you don’t need a lot of money. Well, they have taken a lot of mine so far and I am still not where I want to be.

    I know your lessons will be very informative and we can count on you to be honest with us and not try to “sell” us something we already have in a new “coat” or something we don’t need or will never use.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. James Addington


    I really enjoy reading your newsletters. Always packed FULL of great information, and I recommend any online entrepreneur who wants to learn about ebiz to sign up for your newsletters. Great Job Eric, look forward to the next one.

    James Addington

  4. john henry

    How refreshing it is to have a real expert giving information to people for free.
    Please continue with your dedicated work.
    May god continue to bless you.

  5. Shirley

    Dear Eric,
    I am so excited about what you are doing! I’ve been muddling along for so long now, and as you can see, I don’t even have a website I can offer you! I thought I did, but all I have are affiliate sites, that I can do nothing with, nor do I even know how to get them going!
    I think it is absolutely awesome that you are willing to take your time to do this!
    Bravo, Eric!
    I’ll be reading!

  6. Robert

    Hi Eric

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I also had conducted a survey going out to my list and found the same thing as you. There are a lot of people that just need the basics.

    I also read a lot of comments on Joel’s blog and the results from Michael Cheney’s survey he did a month or so ago. Same deal.

    As over the years I have taught many people in my day to day job the basics about computers and the internet I thought that it would be a good area to persue.

    I first had this idea back in Feb and registered my domain and started planning my site. Life got in the way and it got delayed.

    I am now getting closer to having the site up and running…then you come along with the same idea. grrr. 🙂

    It will be interesting.

    Story of my life I had the same idea as facebook back in 1998. The thing that stopped me then was getting access to photos of the staff at the place I worked to include in a facebook type site on the intranet.

    Oh well life goes on.



  7. Eric Post author

    Thanks for the comments, keem them coming 🙂

    Robert- don’t let me discourage you from it. There will always be PLENTY of newbies looking to get started in internet marketing. So you should be fine, especially if you can pull in subscribers from outside my normal sphere of influence.

  8. CHOY

    Hi Eric!

    It’s nice of you to quickly reply to my queries. I’m looking forward to the 120 (more or less) lessons. I’m itching to start an affiliate marketing business asap.

    If you could insert a tip or two on how to have a cheap but good website (I do need a site for this marketing, right?) then that’ll be swell…and thanks lots in advance.

    Also, please note that I’m coming from the Philippines–no clickbank here yet.

    Hey, thanks again!

  9. Learn Guitar Chords Online


    120 lessons for free? That is extremely generous of you and judging by your past content, I’m sure they will be good. I look forward to seeing the lessons and look forward to the HOW and WHY you’re doing this too.


  10. Angela

    This sounds like a great opportunity. I am really looking foward to getting some solid information. Thank you for providing such an awesome resource!

  11. Doug

    In the end it is the quality that counts and I am sure we will get that from Eric

  12. Alberto

    Dear Eric:
    Are you serious? it is not that i do not trust your word, it is that I am really surprised that there is a willing person out there offering to teach secrets to internet marketing for free, when there are lots of such called “GURU’ selling it and most of the time keeping for them the true secrets, I am sure there are lot of peoples like me out there who has spend lot of money and are still strugling…
    Even if your plans is selling something to us in the future, devoting your time to teach us those secrets for free, make it truthworthy to buy from you…
    Hope to learn as much as possible from your teaching keep up the good work on your newsletter 🙂
    Greeting :

  13. Mike Webber

    Hey Eric,

    Thank you for taking the high road. It is very good to know that the commitment you have made to your customers is real. Too often folks in business will only go as far as profitability will stretch when it comes to creating value for the client. I see that you actually do value the quality of your contribution to this community.

    With great Respect

  14. Jane

    Thanks so much Eric. I’ve bought from you in the past and followed you through your newsletters…but I’ve never mentioned to you that I’m from Fort Collins.

    I just got my Instant Website Templates the other day and am still struggling with how to present them all…so I’m looking forward to all the expertise you can offer in this great gift you’re giving us all.

    I hope we are able to meet in “The Fort” someday. Out of the hundreds of e-mails I get every day, yours is one of the ones I always open because I sense your willingness to help others. It’s obvious you’ve been successful and you want to pass that on to your customers.

    I appreciate what you’ve done so far and look forward to all you’ll be giving us in the future.

    GO RAMS!!!

  15. Celeste

    Thanks Eric!! I’ve just put up my first money site and just made my first sale, so I’m still struggling with all those “newbie” problems. It will be wonderful to follow your program to build my business, since I went into this without much of a plan. Curious to see what follows your lessons as well.

  16. Michaela

    I am a long time Eric’s Tips reader. I bought Instant AdSense Templats and I followed your instructions on videos and I know how well you can explain details, I am still using them. If you look at my website you will recognize one of your templates.
    Eric, this is excellent, I am interested.
    To drop comments after each lesson is perfect, you will have the chanse to tune your “course” with real needs of people, and at the end of those 120 lessons you will have a priceless material to publish. I hope the lessons will be hands on, very practicle and all of us will benefit.
    Count on me, since then…
    All the best

  17. tim brown

    Thz Eric. Looking forward to learning….


    Thanks Eric; I will most certainly be taking this course.

    I posted a long time ago that my mother in law was very ill. Update: she has returned to good health except for her 30% usage of her heart. She is 95 years of age and is a great pinnocle player or at any card game. She does beat us most of the time so you know that her mind is not only functioning well but is still quick as silver.

    My mother, age 90, became ill with cellulitis and passed away April 22, 2008. She was ill for 2 1/2 weeks.

    It shows us that when it is time for God to take us home, it doesn’t matter what age we are or what sickness we have, we will leave this earth for a better place.

    Today is my husband’s 69th birthday. He is such a good person and I love him dearly. We will soon be married 47 years in September.

    How is your brother doing? Either I haven’t read any more blogs about him or have missed them. Still keeping him in prayer.

    Your friend,
    Tobey Anne Craft

  19. Joan Hackathorn

    Hea Eric,

    I am thrilled about what you are doing! I’ve been muddling along for so long now, and as you can see, I have a website I can offer you! but I don’t have anything on it but an autoresponder. do you think,I I can do anything with it or do I need a new one.,
    I think it is absolutely awesome that you are willing to take your time to do this! I mlove the HyperVer you did with Joel Comm.

    I’ll be reading!

    Joan Hackathorn

  20. Jeff

    Sounds great Eric. Can’t wait for it to start. I am sure it will be a lot of work for you. Thanks. Jeff

  21. Gordon Walker

    Hi Eric,

    After reading your email and the comments above, I must say like the other readers we all appreciate what you are doing for people starting out in their Online Venture. It should never be taken lightly when someone is willing to spend their OWN Time and Money to teach another what they know, unfortunately in this world if things are given for free in many cases it is not valued. However when it hurts the wallet, people sit up in most cases and use the information, because it is an investment. The funny thing is that Time is also an investment, that we can never get back so I for one really appreciate what you are doing and I look forward to hearing from you and applying what you are willing to teach!

    Have an Awesome Day!

    Gordon Walker

  22. Ivan

    Look forward to the lessons and many thanks in advance.

    I’m also certain that your “investment” in us will pay of for you well in many ways. Life just works that way.

    Again, many thanks amigo….

  23. Jon Ogren

    This seems like a major undertaking on your part. I want to thank you in advance. There is nothing (really) more precious than a person’s time.You can never get it back (like you can with more and things). You are investing your time and it should save us our time. That’s a better gift than $1000. Thank you. Jon

  24. Patricia

    Just what I’ve been waiting for yahoo! count me in

  25. Claudia

    Hi Eric, My computer is trying to drive me crazy and it’s working, I was printing out your Writing Cash Program and doing as I was reading and all of a sudden I lost the link and only got the first 5 parts printed, can u tell me where the other 5 are hiding. Oh and Please hurry with those lessons, I need them badly. Thanks for all the good info

  26. Raymond Kinsaul

    Hi Eric!
    I am excited to hear that you are going to help us out with the teaching series. I have gotten overwhelmed several times trying to read through and comprehend all of the material. I have gotten my website up with google ads, but haven’t gotten the steps down to get the appropriate keywords.

    Thanks for all your help and the free bonuses.


  27. Wyman

    I’m sure I can use your instructions related to building an online business, most of us will benefit.

    Thank you for taking time out of your obviously busy schedule to help others “keep the faith.”


  28. Sabrina O'Malone

    Hey Eric,

    I applaud you for reaching this conclusion and coming up with this idea. You must realize you’ve just exponentially expanded your circle of influence.

    Even I have people asking me to teach them how to work online. But sadly, I lack the time, technical knowledge and patience to really teach anybody…now thanks to you, I have somewhere TRUSTWORTHY to send them…

    Side note, I also think it’s very wise to cut back on product launches, particularly while you’re in the midst of an educational series like this.

    Experience has taught me that if you hard sell products to people coming to you to learn, they’ll inevitably question your motives. “Do I really need this to get ahead or should I concentrate on learning what he’s teaching?” By staying out of the product promotion “fray” you save your readers a whole lot of angst, and they’ll come to trust you even more when you do have something to sell.

    Unrelated yet important sidenote: Did that physical therapist ever get the conversion van for the disabled little boy? I know a lot of us contributed to it. Maybe a little update would be nice…

    Nevetheless, Bravo! You’ll never go wrong by identifying a need and meeting it. Mark my words, if you do this right, it’ll pay huge long-term dividends for you AND your readers. A whole lot of people (including me) will be paying close attention to this. Show us what you can do Eric.

    In His Service,

  29. Jonathan


    It is truly refreshing to see someone who has had a degree of success giving freely to those who have aided that success through purchasing programs which you have recommended.

    I for one am anxious to see if finally someone will reveal every tiny detail of each step necessary to acheive true success online.

    To make your effort worthwhile, I am making a challenge to all that receive your instruction.
    Following the launch, each person should create a business based soley on your guidance, then commit to donating 10% of profits from that business to your favorite charity. I believe that would bind us to each other for the benefit of all.

    What do you think? Are you fellow readers of Eric’s newsletter up for this challenge? Do you have any novel ideas of your own?

    Let’s do this…!!

  30. Leron


    I think this is a great thing you are doing. I’m looking forward to getting started.



  31. mike

    Thanks Eric, cant wait to get started. I have been following you for a long time now and am ready to learn!

  32. Corey Bornmann

    Balls up Eric! I’ve been quiet until now, just reading your letters but i’m glad to participate in such a selfless act.

    Good job and i’m stoked to see your videos.

  33. Charles Rester

    Brovo Eric,

    I have to say thank you for your decision. I know I will learn and benefit from your lessons. The wait will be worth it.

    I “Salute” You.

  34. Vernon

    I’m overwhelmed with what you’re doing. I have no idea how or why I got your mail but it has to be God sent…..

  35. Akili Kumasi

    Thanks Eric.

    I am looking forward to it. Is this part of a Product Launch Formula? If so, you should do well with it in October, God willing.

  36. Sujit Singhamahapatra

    I am so so on learning it , many many thanks to you, I regalarly read your Tips, In India I have your’s tips to lot of my friends, hope more helps from you for building a good business,

  37. Alexander Asante

    Thanks Brother Eric in advance for this thought and generosity. The Good LORD will surely continue to bless you abundantly and also keep you in good health and Peace to live long and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    As always, it is more blessed to give than to receive, and also the measure that you give, good measure, press down and shaken together shall GOD cause men to give to your bossom.

    The book of Proverbs says there is one who withholdeth and yet is made barren but the one who giveth freely shall be made fat (increase exponentially) – Eric, so shall it be unto you by increasing exponentially in your wealth and solace in Jesus Blessed Name – AMEN and AMEN.

  38. Loraine

    I have an idea and a dream but not sure how to make them a reality. I hope you can help. You’ve got an eager student here. Thanks, Eric.

  39. RonB

    Sounds like a great deal in the making. I am wondering however, should we be posting this to our lists or just keep it a secret?

  40. Kat Durling

    Eric – You Rock!
    Just as others have described; I’m done emptying my pockets trying to start an ebiz.
    As a freshly underemployed cancer patient, I’m DETERMINED to leave a financial legacy for my children, and time is of the essence.
    I feel like a deer caught in headlights thanks to the information overload I’m coping with online right now. Yet all this information still leaves me STUCK at crucial points. (My blogsite listed above is a classic example: I just got it rolling when WordPress did an upgrade & now I can’t get pictures uploaded – crucial for winery site!)
    A single daily course from someone trustworthy is just what I need right now; and I’m going to get rid of other info sources that are merely a distraction.
    And, Eric – I realize that at SOME point you need to have your generous course offering pay off for you. You’ll be investing a lot of your precious time preparing these lessons. I hope you have a plan down the line where we can ALL become financially secure together.

    Grapevine, Texas

  41. Valerie

    Wow, this is awesome! Looking forward to your training series! You are the coolest! Thank you!

  42. chris

    goody!goody!goody!I cant wait!

  43. Jørgen Carlsen - Denmark

    That’s great – I am looking forward to learn more and more and, hopefully, earn more and more money.

  44. karl

    120 lessons in building an Internet business is some undertaking Eric. As an avid reader of your blog I look forward to your course, as I am sure the lessons will be packed with great information.

  45. Julie

    Very cool Eric, I will be looking forward to your lessons with much anticipation. Julie

  46. mohd ariff

    Hi Eric,
    Good heart may you live 100 yrs. We believe you have done alots & even today, you have shown a different tactics of how & why you are doing this. We believe you as many people upthere, they too needed your help on how you generate money as Online businesses.

    Befriends of your sincere & honest bisiness.
    Best Regards
    Mohd Singapore


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