The Future of Eric’s Tips

By | May 29, 2008

Edition #167

As I mentioned in an email last week, I’ve been analyzing the 700+ responses from my Eric’s Tips reader survey, and formulating the future direction of this newsletter.

There were a LOT of questions, but fortunately most of them were centered around similar themes. In other words, most of you are want to learn the same things.

Within the next week or so, I will give you a more in-depth overview of what we’ll be covering, but to summarize:

I’m going to teach you how to build an internet business from A to Z.

I’ll start at the very beginning and take you through the entire process, paying careful attention to EACH step along the way (I’ll be teaching most of it through screen-capture videos, so you can SEE how to do it).

Essentially, this will be a course that I could sell for $2000+, but you will be getting the entire thing just for being a reader of my newsletter.

As I’ve created an outline for myself, it appears that there will be approximately 120 100 lessons.

I really want to teach this as quickly as possible, so that you can have a profitable business up and running soon (or make your current business more profitable). Therefore, I will do my best to accelerate the process by releasing the lessons as frequently as I can.

At times, I might be able to release a lesson every day during the week. There will be some gaps though, as I have some vacations planned this summer. My goal is to finish teaching you the 120 (plus or minus) lessons by the end of October.

As I’ve mentioned a couple times recently, I’ll be cutting back on product promotions.

I only have a handful of promotions that I’ll be doing for some of our readers over the next couple months. Beyond those, I’m only promoting ONE product launch in June (it’s on June 5th), and then I do not have any more promotions lined up for the next several months.

I’m dedicating Eric’s Tips to teaching you exactly what you’ve been asking to learn. I only ask that you get involved by posting your comments and questions after each lesson, so I can make it the best interactive learning experience that I can.

I’ll be in touch soon with some more information about HOW and WHY I’m doing this, as well as info about the very important launch I’m promoting on June 5th.

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments here on the blog.

Have a great day!

98 thoughts on “The Future of Eric’s Tips

  1. Shehzeb aka Cricfan

    Wow! Way to go Eric! Talk about adding MASSIVE value!!! Thanks for being so genuine & generous!!!

  2. Derrick Dissel

    Hi Eric,
    I am constantly amazed at your generosity both material and of spirit. Producing such a mammoth task takes a hege amount of effort and valuable time. As someone who is new to the internet marketing business and is battling to get it right, I reall appreciate what you are donig and look forward to the course. I hope that your rewards will be subtantial

  3. Sue

    Ditto linchi, except I want to know why Heaven decided to lend you to us 🙂
    So look forward to all.

  4. Victor

    Eric, I think everyone else has said what we collectively feel individually. As most of the others I have spent a small fortune on IM and the sad part is that a good bit of it was “junk”. What you are doing because your heart tells you too will bring untold blessings because you and your family will always be in our prayers.

    God Bless,


  5. Nicky

    This is great news!I am looking forward to learning all you have to teach. I only recently subcribed to your tips and already it’s one I look forward to the most. Thank you!

  6. Bob


    Cool, you have a great presence and attitude that comes across very well on your blog/email.

    Take care,

    Virginia Beach, VA

  7. john k

    Looking forward to participating and completing your course.

  8. Tracey Peapell

    Hi Eric,

    I’ve got one word to say ‘sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!’ That’s awesome. I’ve been trying to figure out this internet marketing puzzle for a few months now and I’ve got lots of ideas but it’s the basics holding me back. I’ve totally maxed out both credit cards (I’m talking thousands lol)and my partner (who has been very patient) just wonders when we will make something to show for all the effort and moolah I’ve been putting in.
    Just yesterday I unsubscribed from what seemed like hundreds of email lists just so I wouldn’t fall for another of their ‘kaching’ ‘must haves’. I knew I kept Eric’s Tips for a reason, you’re awesome and I love your style. getting an email from you is like getting an email from a mate who’s giving you great advice, very down to earth.
    Thanks Eric, you really are the best, I’m very grateful and I can’t wait to get started.

  9. Gary

    That sound GREAT! You are the best. I look forward to getting started.

  10. Tina

    Information Overload… there are so many info marketing, blogs, niche sites, that all the info is overloaded. They are cross marketing and its confusing. I just cleaned out my email by unsubscribing from all of them Except the emails that give me good information. I do have to say Eric, you are a Godsend. A Star in all this darkness of information. We need more quality information, not all these sells letters. I am looking forward to your courses and will gladly check my emails daily, not letting them pile up. You know how high that junk mail pile can get?……. not anymore. When I finally get my own web site up I will gladly link yours to mine. True quality… Thank you

  11. Ryan Kaufman


    This is excellent news! I have always enjoyed your e-mails (even when they are promotional)and am really looking forward to seeing where your are taking your business next.

    Best Wishes

  12. Denise

    Eric, I’ve always enjoyed your newsletter and all the advice you give. Thank you much! Looking forward to the lessons as I know they will be as good all you’ve already given. I’m still a newbie, I had my site built some time ago by a webmaster. I’m looking forward to building another site myself.
    God Bless You.

  13. Bob

    WOW 120 lessons. Everyone should benefit from this. Looks like you will be missing nothing.

    Thanks you

  14. Gail


    Really sounds great! I always love reading your emails and look forward to the new direction you are taking. Thank you.

  15. Doug Gillies

    Eric, I think this is extremely generous of you to put the time and effort into whqat will be a huge series of lessons. I look forward to seeing them, following along, and learning from each one.

  16. Ken.

    Your THE Man Eric.
    Really looking forward to learning from the master.
    Now where do I get hold of that Filsaime bloke 😉

    Ken from Wales.

  17. Ed

    Hi Eric,
    Awesome! This outpouring of blessings upon you
    by every member of your list,reflects our sincere gratitude. What you do with an open heart will return to you tenfold.
    Thanks Eric…Thanks much Ed from NY

  18. Will Buckley


    You are one of the few email s I open. It shall be interesting to see what you share.

    My problem is not the “information” it is the taking action.

    Good luck to everyone, I hope you pay attention cause Eric is a gem. Better yet follow his step by step and take action and you WILL be successful.

  19. Greg the Writer

    Hi Eric, know your busy so I will keep this short.

    I just re-started reading your newsletter and very excited for the lessons. I am currently backpacking across America and always on the lookout for new experiences. I have a blog ( and I was wondering if I couldn’t drop by your house and interview you on your successes with internet marketing.

    If yes, let me know, if no, please respond with cool places to see CO while on my adventure!

    -Greg the Writer

  20. Hale

    This is, quite honestly, fantastic, and I cannot wait to get started. Also, I’m kinda like Tina above. I’ve unsubscribed to almost everyone except you, Reese, Kern, and Avis. I am really glad I stayed on your list.

  21. Ray M.

    Hi Eric; First Thank you for your very generous offer to teach building an internet business. I’m 83 years old. That’s so you understand what I’m about to say is based on a bit of experience. Eric, you or anyone else for that matter, Can never “give anything away”. You will reap much good. Also, you will learn so much by doing this. May God walk along with You upon your Path. Ray

  22. Mg Page

    Hi Eric,
    I always enjoy reading your newsletter, and I say “Halleujah” to your decision to reduce the number of products you will be promoting. Quite frankly I have unsubscribed from no less than 20 lists this week because of the constant barrage of emails I receive promoting product launches. I can see how affiliates/JV’s spread the word, but the barrage of emails is just rediculous and takes up way too much of my time reading, which means I’m not working on my business.

    You’ll be happy to know this is one list I stay subscribed to! I like your no nonsense, “keep the hype to a minumum” style.

  23. Nicky

    This is very generous of you, and thank you. I’ll bookmark your blog. I’ve only recently subscribed to your tips newsletter and already I look forward to it, it’s genuinely helpful stuff.

    It’s so refreshing not have yet another “guru” selling yet another “secret” that has been “underground until now.” I’m sure your course will be a blast and i’m looking forward to it immensely.

  24. fruit smoothies

    I’m always looking forward to your email. Your tips greatly helped me since i cannot afford to buy some info over the net, I’m glad your tips are free. Thank you so much

  25. Shirley Bass

    Thanks Eric! I am looking forward to learning everything I can from you. What a pleasure it will be.

    Thank you again for such a terrific offer.

    Shirley from New Mexico

  26. Petre Tudor

    Hi Eric,

    I already have an and accounts.I learned a lot of skills but no to earn online money yet.
    Also I received and read all your newsletters so far.I do appreciate your good intention to teach me how to build an internet business from A to Z.
    I’, so excited that you are going to do this,for free, for those of us who are still struggling to earn some online money.
    I’d be interested how to create a screen-capture videos (like yours),how to create my own opt-in list,how to promote a product,an affiliate product or a PLR product effectivelly.
    I hope you’ll answer me all my questions that can appear after I’ll rewad each your lesson.

    I look forward to seeing the 120 (more or less) lessons.

    Petre Tudor

  27. Robert

    I am so pleased Eric – that you are going to show us the A-Z of setting up an internet business.
    I have been reading a lot from all sources, but i am still baffalled by it all. I am lacking confidencwe and would benefit from being told
    ” each step to make ” to get my business up and running.
    I say a big thanks for giving us your expertisees and i am sure everyone of us shall benefit enormously from your vast experience.
    Good on you.
    Robert J D.

  28. Mike

    Like so many things these days your promise sounds too good to be true. I hope that’s not the case.
    Consumers are often asked to put their trust in on-line marketers without much more than that marketer’s word that he/she can provide the tools necessary to “unlock the secrets of successful internet marketing”.
    It would be refreshing to see a marketer trust the consumer enough to put forth the product/training and only after the consumer has had a chance to use it, ask for payment.
    I Know it sounds crazy but I believe that so many people would be trying it out that you couldn’t avoid making big bucks even if only 50% of them actually paid for that product/service.
    I guess we’ll see just how committed you are!

  29. Jose

    I’ll take you on your journey, not because it is free, but because I need reliable guidance and I think you can provide that, so I’ll be waiting for the schedule and content listing to see if I’ll be able to make it. Thank you.
    [I don’t have a website up yet]

  30. Heela

    Hi Eric,

    I have never posted on any blog but thought I would this time… I agree with the posts above (except that I don’t think the internet marketers are at fault – it’s my choice whom to listen to or to buy from or to subscribe to and I respect their rights to promote).

    True, there’s no shortage of info for the more savvy ones. There is close to none for the newbies, as most ‘how tos’ assume that the baby can walk, while in fact – he & she don’t even know where they are…

    Having said that, remember, if I may ask, that once one makes a baby step in IM, there is always the next question to be answered, and it is always: “Now what?”
    If you could answer with a “Do this”, “Do that”, which doesn’t pose another problem to solve, rather – answers with another baby step; and if you could factor in the multiple techniques IM offers, and make sure one understands the logic of HOW to choose WHICH tool and WHEN – you’d become The Chosen One :-)).

    Thanks for the good will!!!!!


  31. sunceria

    Ive just purchased your video brander. Now your going to show us what to do step by step. Cant wait. i have been so scared.
    Thanks so Much and Have A Good Day.

  32. Moises

    Thanks Eric,

    I am a newbie to internet marketing and having someone dedicate themselves to showing people the nuts and bolts of a business that can change the direction of ones life , is greatly appreciated.


  33. Dave

    Your post is music to my ears. I believe that is exactly what I need. I have tried Writing Cash which has excellent step by step instructions with some but not enough success. I can’t wait to see your new program.

  34. Sherif Elsisi

    Hi Eric

    I read your webhosting report and think you did an amazing job in detailing every step in the process.

    I look forward to your next report.


  35. trine

    hi eric,
    just read you blog,i like the no nonsense style,and what youve said about changing priorities,absolutely,theres more than money to life….infact where does money reallyfit in/is a real question:and one im working on currently..its important with economics being,in a state!
    having retired early and faced lots of challenges.iv enow decied to follow the footsteps of younger internet entreprenneurs like yourself,and learning,form your experiences.
    so you 100 will be great ,thanks.

  36. Joe Tedesco

    This is what I consider my “homepage” for now. It is what passes for what is going on in my world. There are other lenses that I have made, and the url’s are all there if any are interested. Much to see, and many topics covered. Please enjoy!

  37. Enrique Aguayo

    Eric’s tips has the marketing quality success reassuring we beginners need in this rat race full of hype. Eric’s tips are not only effectiva, wise, positive but human, kind and Christian.Sorry for my English, it’s not my native tongue. Rick

  38. Enrique Aguayo

    Eric, your cause is my cause I will certaily help it, must find a way to transfer cash to your side. Western Union is no good when it comes to small amounts. I also belog to a Foundation which focus on Street Dwellers, Single Mothers and Senior Citizens. We are based in Colombia, South America, Pereira-Risralda. Rick

  39. Cullen Chambers

    Eric I have followed some of your great tips and have always wondered why I did not follow them all, the answer was I must not have really wanted to be successful, that was then. Now that I have been following them all I have seen a measurable leap in my business and profits. Thanks for not giving up on me and continuing to supply us all with your wealth of knowledge and experience. I can not wait to go to Holmlund University on a daily basis.I will be a millionaire by years end. Thank you 1 million times. Bless you!

  40. Mark

    Hi Eric

    Thankyou for the excellent lessons. I have just completed lesson7 and I must say that your simple easy manner of presentation really is excellent. You are way ahead of many other sites that offer courses and leave many of the essentials out so one is always kept hanging. May you have the best year this year 2010. Cheers, Mark

  41. Greg Samuels


    This is so good it’s almost criminal. Many of your competitors shhot frm the hip. You shoot from the heart, and your words cannot miss.

    Thanks so much.


  42. Greg Samuels

    See what happens when you don’t proofread? I know you’ll cover that very soon, but meanwhile I’ll just be covered with shame. 🙂


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