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By | November 29, 2006

Edition #98 – 11/29/2006

Today the Traffic Geyser was released by Frank Sousa, Mike Koenigs, and Rocket Helstrom.

My friend Joel Comm has been beta testing the system for the past few weeks and has been raving about it, so I figured I better check it out and let you know if it’s the real deal or not.

The concept is simple. It automates the process of submitting videos to free video hosting sites (like Youtube and many others).

The intended result is that your video on those sites will obtain high search engine results rankings for your targeted keywords (typically the title of the video).

It is interesting to note that this system is somewhat similar in nature to other automated advertising programs like the one that I criticized in my last newsletter. I predict that we will see a huge increase in video spam over the next year, and video hosting sites will have to implement new measures to help combat it.

I do think that this is different though, as it does not pose as much of an imminent threat to online small businesses, and there is much less potential for abuse due to the fact that it requires making a video rather than just blasting off an advertisement. I would say I am comfortable with using this technique as a white hat traffic generation system.

In their tests, the Traffic Geyser creators were able to achieve some very impressive results… basically grabbing top 10 spots on Google within 24 hours of using the Traffic Geyser system. And in his test, Joel Comm was even able to get ALL 10 of the front page results on Google!

With the evidence they’ve shown, I think we can pretty well take their word for it, but I’d like to take it one step further and put it to the test myself.

Earlier today Mike Filsaime sent out a newsletter explaining what he believes are the two absolute most important skills in internet marketing: traffic, and conversion.

Without traffic, conversion doesn’t matter…so you need traffic.

As you will see from my tests, this tool isn’t the “magic bullet” that will end the quest for traffic, but it is a very useful tool to add to your traffic arsenal…


(Video no longer available)

PART 2 OF TEST (After 48 Hours):

As you will see, my video did not achieve any top 10 rankings on Google within the first 48 hours. However, I did achieve a top 20 ranking on Google, and the video is #1 on Google Video for my targeted keyword.

(Video no longer available)

I think I underestimated the competitiveness of this keyword, but also I think we need to give it some more time because most of the video sites I submitted to via Traffic Geyser do not even have my video indexed by Google yet.

So let’s give it a little more time, and in while we’re waiting, I’ll do another test with a less competitive keyword…

PART 3 OF TEST (After 7 Days):

(Video no longer available)

In this final video you will see that I still didn’t achieve a top 10 listing for the keyword. However, I did achieve a top 5 listing for the keyword in quotation marks.

Additionally, you will see that I did a test with a less competitive keyword. For that test, I achieved the top two spots on Google. For that keyword in quotes, I achieved all ten spots on the front page of Google.

In summary, these were the results:

competitive keyword (no quotes): No top 10 listing.
competitive keyword (with quotes): #5 on Google

non-competitive keyword (no quotes): #1 and #2 on Google
non-competitive keyword (with quotes): Every top 10 listing on Google (entire front page)

In conclusion, I say that this is a great strategy for capturing less competitive keywords. In the long tail of virtually any niche you will find an keywords that have not been fully tapped into. This technique allows you to grab the top listings for sucn keywords almost overnight.

For more information or to join Traffic Geyser, please go to:

Traffic Geyser

As always, you can leave your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

65 thoughts on “Traffic Geyser Review

  1. Jesse

    I have been using, trying to use traffic g. for a month now. up late with tech support not as easy at is shows. it does take time to get everything in place. I hope to have this finish to see how it will produce. if it does get me the hits don’t have a problem with the price.

  2. Noa Noa

    Thanks for your frank review on Traffic Geyser. I was considering purchasing this software. However for the time being I think I will stick to using manual submission – will be back to have a look at some of your other reviews

  3. Bob Prichard

    Your audio and Traffic Geyser audio are running simultaneously so I can’t understand what you are saying.

    Can you correct this?

  4. Eric Post author

    Hmmm… I must have embedded an affiliate link or something. But it’s not happening for me. Which page is having the problem for you?

  5. David

    if traffic geyser was a one off payment i would use it because $100 a month is to much.

    There are cheaper and free sites that do the exact same thing which i use and get good results. and are just as good but cheaper.

    Maybe traffic geyser will lower their prices then i may consider trying them.

  6. andrew

    you can’t enjoy the video because the sales video from Traffic Geyser is playing simultaneously. i appreciate the effort, but can’t hear what you have to say.

  7. Steve, In Houston

    I have found the concept here to be solid and the system to work. When my workload increases I will definitely use this or a similar product. Right now I am still learning, and working on only a few sites, so the automation will have to wait. But for those who want to know

    “Does it work?”
    Yes, it positively does work, at least as far as ranking your videos. Spot number 1, maybe not.

    “Is it worth it?”

    As mentioned above, it is if you spend 100 dollars worth of your time uploading videos a month, it is a no brainer.

  8. Beau Steed

    This is incredible!! Eric still has the #1 spot on the video search engine for his test in video 3; this system is working for him as far as video results go and for him to be ranking that high 4 years later I find that rather incredible!

  9. Damian Bana

    So your conclusion is basically it is a time factor thing? If you spend $100 worth of time uploading videos, you may as well buy Traffic Geyser?

  10. Matt

    How many videos per month do you recommend posting. Plus I am trying to get local traffic in Atlanta. How do I phrase the titles to get more local traffic? Just add the city to my title?

  11. Eric Post author

    Yes I would add the city, and other related terms that people may be searching for locally… whether it be a neighborhood, a county, etc. Mix it up, and use those modifiers at the beginning of the title, and sometimes at the end. Do some long-tail keyword research.

  12. Mediashack

    Found this very useful. I am based in Northern Ireland and have some old video content on CD and DVD which I would like to distribute. Although duplication of content is a worry if you use a few different sites like this. A friend based in Scotland uses this site and is quite please with the results. Getting local interest would be high on my priority in Belfast and Dublin perhaps so yes I think adding city specific titles is the best way of getting results but avoid replication of keywords etc as this is frowned on by google.

  13. David Remenowsky

    Interested in something like Traffic Geyer and seen your post. Can you direct or help me thz David


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