A Low Cost High Impact Viral Marketing Technique

By | February 16, 2007

Edition #113 – 2/16/2007

As I expected, my last newsletter incited some strong opinions.

One of the recurring comments on my blog was that the price of the home study course was out of reach. In response, they have now added a payment plan, so if you’re interested be sure to check that out.

Today I’m going to share with you a very low cost marketing technique that is working like crazy–

There’s no expensive systems to buy, nothing complicated to learn– it’s just a simple formula that is creating tremendous results for online marketers.

This is something that’s working right now, that you can put into action by the end of the day. Be sure to read to the end because I’m also going to give you the chance to have your product featured in this newsletter.

It’s a new spin on an old technique.

As you may know, one of the easiest ways to get started in this business is by selling a low-cost information product, such as an ebook.

If you were to look back at every edition of Eric’s Tips, you’d find that MANY times I have sold a product between $5 and $10.

Why do I do that? Because it’s effective. Any time I sell a product in that price range, I am virtually guaranteed to put money in my pocket.

My friend Jon Leger (mentioned in edition #17, 34 and 72) has come up with an easy way to combine low-cost ebooks with viral list building.

He’s used this technique to build a list of thousands of buyers (we’re talking about genuine buyers, not free opt-ins) in a matter of days. If you know anything about list building, you’ll know that a fresh list of paid customers is the most profitable type.

In respect of his new ebook, I’m not going to reveal the entire system here on my blog, but essentially it involves a PHP script he wrote that allows you to set up a viral referral program.

His ebook talks about how to set up your low-cost information product, explains a few important things you need to know, and most importantly–

It includes the script he created!

It’s called $7 Secrets and you can pick it up here:

Click here for the $7 Secrets ebook and script

He’s used this technique to make many thousands of dollars, but you can get his $7 Secrets ebook and script for–you guessed it– only $7!

I’ve already installed the $7 Secrets script on a site, and I plan on installing it on many more. By the way, you don’t have to sell your product for exactly $7 to use this script. You can set any price, although $7 is really an ideal number in many situations (the book explains why).

For example, I just set up the script to sell this new YouTube Traffic secrets ebook for only $5:

Real life example: (Link removed – no longer available)

By the way there are some nice tips in that ebook too;)

Okay, now here’s the real kicker–

We’re going to help you get some VISITORS to your new low-cost ebook too!

To showcase all the products that are using the new $7 secrets system, Jon set up a site called: $7 Offers

If you purchase his $7 Secrets script and set up your own product with it, you can then ADD YOUR PRODUCT to his $7 Offers site.

As always, I welcome your comments here in the blog.

Have a great day!

39 thoughts on “A Low Cost High Impact Viral Marketing Technique

  1. Katarina

    This is great offer and opportunity for everyone, I just have few questions.
    1.Does that include people who have received $7 book for being on the call with Jon and Joel?
    2.Can we offer affiliate product?
    Thank you

  2. Eric Post author

    Katarina- I suppose I will offer the bonus also if you purchased through Joel… You can only feature a product that is set up with the $7 Secrets script on your own site.

  3. Rezbi

    Hi Eric,

    I wasn’t going to go for this even though the price is low. Actually it’s because the price os so low that I wasn’t considering it. I may just give it a try now.

    Have a good one,

  4. Tom

    Does this offer include those that bought Jonathan’s book through Jonathan and not through you or Joel?

  5. Eric Post author

    Tom- ah well what the heck, OK 🙂 I can see this is going to be a common request, so OK if you bought the script through anyone you can participate in the bonus. But please do not publicize it, as this is for current Eric’s Tips subscribers only, and of course the other condition is that you must have the script running on your site.

  6. Nuno

    I would have bought from your affiliate link, but I bought it days ago. I was going to setup a new book for this, but I have to travel after tomorrow… maybe next week.
    Thank you for the offer!

  7. Jason Lee

    Dear Eric,

    I have a lot of professional fun while reading your newsletters.

    Please, keep sending them. They are all useful.

    Best regards,

    Jason Lee.

  8. Michaela

    Hello Eric,
    I have a small eBook (22 pages), the name is “How to use Skype to benefit your business” and has his own domain, $7 will be just fine for it!
    I shall try to submit to you until 22, I just want to do some cosmetic changes to it + add the script.
    I look to the page Jon created, the eBook website will be add it automaticaly in that website! If yes, I think “Business” will be the right category, I prefer “eBay” but this category don’t exist.
    I enjoy your blog, news, opportunities and ideas.

  9. Ted Osborne

    Hi Eric,

    thanks for you’r newsletter it is always interesting and informative and a special thankyou
    for the help with traffic.


  10. gyaneshwar

    this is gyaneshwar,i dont have monitor at my home,wat ever ur sending the mails to my mail address im not getting u,wat i have to sell and from whom to sell,how the money will come to me just give me the details pls,

  11. Dan Farrell

    Hi Eric,

    1. Can we post links to our products not made with $7 script?

    2. Your last newsletter…why most fail at IM.

    I agree that to succeed on the net you have to think like a salesperson. It is why most people trying to sell online fail to consider who they are talking to and how to talk with them.

    But the web is different from offline sales in that it is impersonal (even telemarketing is more personal with a ‘live’ voice). So to break down the ‘I don’t trust’ barrier you need to know simple but highly effective tactics or strategies.

    But if you don’t have the right attitude…’what can I do for you’ rather than the ole familiar radio station, WIIFM, (what’s in it for me) you will be doomed in your home business.

  12. Eric Post author

    Dan- this offer is only for posting a link to product set up on the $7 script. Thanks!

  13. Franck Silvestre

    I bought the $7 script when it launched, and I have already sold many so far. It’s an amazing viral marketing strategy.

    It works like gangbusters.

  14. Petre Tudor

    Hi Eric,

    I am promoting your Writing Cash program as affiliate by PPC Google AdWords system but it charge me each month without to get Clickbank commissions because all minim bid offers are $5-$10 only and I can’t afford.

    But tomorrow I’m going to buy Jon’s “$7 Secrets” script to try to use a viral site.But I have some questions as follows:

    I haven’t my own product (ebook) and nor haven’t in process now.How can I use Jon’s “$7 Script”?
    How can I use resale rights?
    I am going to write a book in the future.
    Can I write an ebook until Feb/22?

    I wait your answer then I’ll decide to buy $7 Script.

    Petre Tudor

  15. Lavonda


    This sounds great but I was wondering if we could offer more than one product?

    Continued Success
    Lavonda Thigpen

  16. Mel Kahler

    Hi Eric,
    I’m still in the process of setting up my new website and completing my information product. I won’t be finished by the 22nd February unfortunately but would still like to purchase the product from you. I presume that after that date it will be too late to have my ebook featured on your site?

  17. Raúl Benítez Alvarado

    ¡ Hi Eric ! I am trying to do my best like a marketer, to learn fast. But some times I feel lost and can’t make any money. Thank you for de tip’s in this blog, I’ll be looking for new things to come.

  18. Kim

    Hi Eric,
    As always telling the truth sets us free.. Thanks for all that you offer!.. I just bought the
    $7 Secrets and I will be trying to set everything up before the 22nd . I am hoping
    that it works for any type of ebook..not just ebooks on marketing. 😉

    Kim Snyder

  19. Reginald Sinevet


    I think you have a wonderful site here. I’ve been reading your posts over the past few days and you definitely give great opinions and advice.

    I do have a resell product that I’m basically giving away for free in order to build my list. I believe using the scripts from Jon’s site will help me get the word out on this free course and help me build my list quickly.



  20. Reginald Sinevet


    what’s the email address to your helpdesk?

    I just purcahsed the ebook and am in the process of setting up and
    need your address to send the payment verification.


  21. said hassan


  22. Micheal Savoie

    I purchased the $7 secret script from someone else, so I don’t qualify… but if you click on my name you can see the script in action.
    I think Jonathan has put a lot of work on his script. The latest update has made a big difference.
    Have an amazing day!
    Micheal Savoie

  23. Michaela

    It is Michaela again, I am not ready because some complications of having the my e-book created with SSM and the ebook is already live in Clickbank etc, and the help desk of Jon was impposible to get today. I wish Jon will extend the end with 2-3 days!
    You have any idea! let me know.


  24. Kiya

    Hi Eric,

    did I miss something? I read the salesletter for the $ 7.- report before but could not find anything interesting. To me it seemed like just another cheap ebook with resell rights. Now you tell me something of a (viral?) script that comes with it. Did I miss the description what this script does? It seems neither you nor Jonathan or anyone else who was promoting this report explained this hype to me…??? All I understand by now through comments in this blog is that if I run this script on my website (what does it do? WIIFM?) then I can advertise in – yet another – directory and participate in – yet another – affiliate program. I bet there’s more to it… Can anyone help me out?

  25. Eric Post author

    Kiya- It comes with the script… it’s really simple and there’s not much more to it. It’s just another tool, and it’s pretty cool


  26. Michael

    Hi Eric,I’m building a new site and would like to add some of your tips to my site,and include your links,would that be alright, Thanks….Michael

  27. Ulla


    I read all post to learn me from all of you that have made it.. I am new and more or less exhausted from all ebooks I have bought an try to read and read and read. And now I am in the beginning to make me a website of my own. Have been studing the internet market for severel month now and “start” to understand it, just to find out that it is not vailued any longer and that it is new roles for opt-in pages and that there are a need to have more content on them. So here I am start it all over again. I am grateful for Eric´s newsletter or blog that one can learn from. Thanks a lot.



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